Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (149)

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 149 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Call of Duty

This Week's Chapter of Neverland picks things up right where we left off with Emma and Ray making their way towards Norman,while on their way Emma kept thinking about how they have to stop Norman at all costs before it's too late while passing demon corpses and destroyed buildings with the explosions all over the city not ceasing in the slightest. They reach one of the Castle's Towers and attempt to enter it but to their surprise all the gates have been locked,we remember that this is Vincent's doing as he took care of the Security for the Capital with his Squad, Ray wants to continue looking for another way in but is stopped by Emma who has spotted a small window above the gates to enter. He recalls the blueprints of the Castle that he saw back at their Hideout and realizes that through this window they could still reach the upper floors,the only downside is that it's a bit too high up for both to reach ,Ray makes a foothold for Emma with his hands with the latter making quickly for the window. She will stop Norman,everybody will have to hang tough but she will definitely stop him for all their sakes and his own. The scene cuts back to the Royal Chambers where only Queen Legravalima and Lord Ivelk remain of the Nobles after House Gilan's previous attacks,Ivelk thinks to himself how impressive said display has been given that these deteriorating Demons managed to take out even Lord Dozza who used to be House Gilan's War Chief with battle prowess only second to the Queen's own in a single strike.

What has Ivelk on his toes even more is that said attack hasn't been executed by Lord Gilan himself but one of his servants,he concludes that all 10 of the servants surrounding Gilan are some sort of Elite Force equal to or above Lord Dozza in ability, he is simply impressed by House Gilan and their Leader. However,Ivelk can't help but feel like something is strange since so far the Nobles assumed that it was Gilan and his Clan that were raiding and destroying the farms and while at it they consumed all the meat from them but when they arrived their shape resembled those of Demons living in the wild meaning the raids and even the attack on the Capital have been planned and executed by someone else entirely but who? As Ivelk tries to gather his thoughts and strength in the face of Gilan and his servants he is ordered to back down by the Queen, one of Gilan's servants thinks how she just made a wise move by doing so since Ivelk can be considered the cornerstone of the crown who handles all the practical affairs within the Capital and as we remember he also was the one to forge the original promise with Julius hundreds of years ago. They will deal with him once the Queen and Norman have been eaten by Gilan and he's become the new King,right now they need to defeat the Queen first though. As the Elite servants attempt to attack the Queen she calls them a bunch of fools and decapitates 3 of them with a single swing of her claws only to mow down several more of Gilan's men in an instant.

As his comrades lifelessly fall to the ground with shattered and cut through masks one of the Elites reminiscinces about the path they had to walk on only to get back here and take back what is theirs,they will not waste this chance. Some of the Servants disagreed with the Queen and Nobles judgement of Lord Gilan and protested against them only to be exiled alongside their Leader,Gilan and his Wife wanted them to stop their protests and live their lifes merrily but they rather wanted to live a Life in which Gilan is King and rules them. As things had to come Gilan alongside his servants and Wife were exiled and tied to trees in a forest outside the Capital and left to the wild without any food to eat,something that moved some of his servants that followed his wishes and didn't protest so much that they offered him to eat their bodies so he can resume a somewhat human like form again and escape his decided fate. The Life and Freedom they had was given to them by their comrades sacrifices making it their duty to prove the righteousness of their cause, they did not devour another and endure their exile all this time to lose and die to these arrogant and cruel nobles but to achieve Victory. The Queen continues to kill and injure more of Gilan's Warriors only to almost fall victim to a surprise attack from the Servant that killed Dozza before, she dodges his swing in the last second and cuts half of his head off instead and praises him as his attack was the closest anyone will get today.

The servants knew all the time that none of them would be able to match or defeat a Royal in battle,but they didn't just come here to try and die they came to make Gilan the new King of the Demons. With the last amounts of their energy the servants get up a final time, to reveal that they tied explosives to their bodies ready to set off whenever they want, the Queen realizes this and attempts to get away but is surrounded by the servants all simultaneously lighting their explosives: "Long Live Lord Gilan!" is all that echoes through the halls before a huge blast sets off engulfing the Queen. With her retainers and Ivelk in utter shock...

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter a 9 out of 10.

Interesting Chapter,cleared a few things up for me and proved some thoughts i had about the situation and the Demons Knowledge as correct. At least to some extent i guess, not surprised by the Queen's power and skill since she is Lewis Sister after all. Like Brother like Sister they say...It was interesting to see and learn more about Gilan's past and early exile,the devotion and faith his followers have and had into him to the extent of letting him and his Elites eat them to sustain some of their intellect and form was incredible to witness and pretty emotional i found. It now makes sense why it was Ivelk that forged the promise and held the negotiations with Julius back then given his position within the Demon Kingdom, he is technically the advisor to the Royal Family thanks to his sharp intellect and knowledge and it seems like losing him would cost more than the actual Queen dying since as long as Ivelk is around the system and power remains within their hands and someone else can rise to power. It seems as long as their results and efforts get acknowledged even Commoners can rise into the Ranks of Royalty/Nobility,but we don't know enough about that just yet. I feel like that's the case though. Now i'm just wondering if and where Musica and Song Juu will appear and if Emma will get to Norman without anyone getting into her way,looking forward to it like always! Till next time everybody!

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