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Nov 9, 2019
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Konomi seems to be reusing characters (and maybe even development) a lot these days.

There are some similarities from the characters that I think are interesting.

1. Oni/Kintarou - Red hair, "wild" playstyle, TnK... It is almost as if Kintarou is mini-Oni.

2. Byoudoin/Tachibana - Remember Tachibana when his hair was bleached? He played exactly like Byoudoin would (hitting opponents). It'd be great to see Tachibana develop to be a prominent character in the form of MS Byoudoin. Having Kintarou vs Tachibana just like Oni vs Byoudoin in the tiebreak match would be nice.

3. Tokugawa/Yukimura - The recurring "divine" (Divine path of Asura, Child of God) theme between these characters is very telling.

We haven't see much of Tachibana lately. He has a lot of plot potential (given the backstory and him "holding back" after hitting Chitose). The story of him rising to top of MSers and challanging Kintarou is a very compelling and something I want to see unfold.