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Nov 7, 2013
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OK, since the current chapter is out and more focuses on Eishi's further background, of course along with Rindou's, apparently this chapter further showing that Eishi did have his own frustration . But that besides the point, because in this discussion, we're going to talk about woes of the cooking geniuses such Eishi and even Saiba in regards of their peers' view, especially considering their "definition" about chef's greetness.

Lets start with Eishi. Prior to his alliance with Eishi and the Central, both him and Rindou were actually made to the top but thw problem was because of this, his cooking skill only recognizable by his status, if his clentching teeth and fists didn't remind you how frustrated he was back then. That eventually led to both his and Rindou's first meeting with Azami, the only patron who seemly "appreciating" his skill than the "pigs" he strongly belittled which somewhat brought the dark light to him.

That brings out none other than the legendary Saiba whose woes did led to his struggle against his inner demons: In his case, unlike Eishi, he was the Second Seat in his generation but his prowess in cooking was unrivaled to anyone in his time, which led to him winning multiple awards. Despite this however, all his peers (with the exception of Doujima) viewed him as am instant genius without even acknowledging his hard work was made what he was, meaning his sadistic solo curbstomp battle during the RDC was more like rant about. Unfortunately, this has led to his breaking point as he now losing his way of cooking, and it took some decades times of his "exile"-under old man Sen's instruction-finally open his eyes to the world while binging his mojo back. Azami however, as the reader assume, misunderstood Saiba's exile to the loint he blamed and loathed the world for it and his meeting with Eishi might have implications about how he ensured his senpai's tragedy never happen again, albeit the wrong way...

So how do you view their woes?
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