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Jan 27, 2018
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@Crimson Ice this is the thread for it.

First and foremost regular Escanor is boring. Dayscanor is the interesting part and Sunshine being Mael’s grace diminished the intrigue. And speaking of Sunshine, it’s repetitive. The man is basically walking plot convenience. You know he’s going to win because somehow every fight he’s ever had happens at exactly the right time based on his opponent. The morning (50,000)was just above Galand’s Critical Over PL(40,000) and every subsequent fight will take place right around noon. Except the one fight where he somehow transforms at nighttime because Merlin is the sun. And now I can jump to Merlin because that’s why I called him weird in the first place. His love for Merlin is based on the fact that he was saved by a woman who looked like her. And even if I’m willing to let that slide given that he’s taken the time to get to know Merlin (And I’m not) it doesn’t change that I think his love for Merlin stems from something completely unrelated to her. I’m almost positive that it didn’t have to be Merlin. Had anyone else shown up and looked like Rosa I’m willing to bet it would be the same result. He basically fell in love with her at first sight so her personality wasn’t quite a factor. And let’s not forget that he’s jealous of what’s essentially Merlin’s kid. This 40 year old man has forced himself into some sort of awkward love triangle with a child.

I don’t see it with Escanor. The manga has actually done very little to develop him past obsessing over Merlin and being around at about 11.Thats pretty much his entire character. They show that he cares for his friends but the amount of time we see that pales in comparison to all the Merlin and being a breathing Deus Ex Machina. I can see the Argument for Ban or Meliodas but Escanor’s not all that great. And I like Escanor it’s just the truth.
1. Sunshine as a grace truely ruined his character, not just because it wasn't his own power, but because Nakaba has never went any further and explained anything about the possible reasons behind it. Shitty writing tbh. Everything about Mael and Escanor has been so shrouded in mysteries that has passed the borders of bs by now.

2. Your second complaint is not very accurate. The exact timing is simply because there is no way he can fight whenever he wants. He needs that fierce personality and brute force which both are the side effects of the grace. Even postnoon Mael is too afraid to participate in the war against a stronger opponent. As far as Escanor only steps in the battlefield when he is in his strong mode and runs from it when in night form, the exact timing would be easily justified.

3. Is his love really that weird to you? Or do you expect every single character from a work of fiction to be unrealistic in every aspect? He was a child and evryone including his parents wanted him dead, and his very life was saved by Rosa. Don't you expect him to like Rosa and whoever resembles her? Is Ban and Mel's love based on a deep understanding of Elaine and Eli's personality? Not at all. They both fell in love at first sight too. At least Escanor has a reason for loving Merlin, and his reason is fully natural and justifiable even if the only reason is a mere resemblance. However, the resemblance was not mentioned in the manga, so better avoid strawmaning when his love is also supported by other reasons as mentioned by @Seven777 too.
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