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May 26, 2016
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Yes you are! Remember to support my campaign for Rindou in the 2018 Waifu Wars when that comes around later this year :kappa #ShamelessPlug
I dare not shame Red hair Master Race...not even once
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I will say it thousands of times...it's Kobayashi Rindou and no matter how precious Nakiri Erina/Alice and Tadokoro Megumin are I'll still choose Rindou always and forever...

I simply adore her entire existence.

My Love for Red hair started because of Stella Vermillion(Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan/Cavalry) and I unconditionally Love her always and forever and the colour "RED" has become my Kryptonite. I love Stella and Rindou equally and unconditionally.

If I could jump into the Shokugeki no Soma Universe, I'd literally praise and honour Rindou's charms and beauty with...Fuck it, I just Love her existence.

RED HAIR...(Finish it for me you absolute sweetheart...)

And I fucking agree.