Grey is.... By dee Juusan

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Sep 8, 2015
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Manga title: Grey is...
Author: dee Juusan or Diana Alabbadi

Official Website:


"Betrayed by the ones he cherished most, and after graduating from high school with a series of heart-breaks; Black left his home and lived away with a friend of his dad’s. In the greyscale life he lived, he longed for nothing but the end of his life, until a a person from the past crashes out of nowhere to re-add the contrast Black needs." Source

This is a really well done manga. The art, the writing, the characters, are all very good and the author obviously have put great efforts into creating her manga.
She is also one of the very few comic artists in the Arab world.
I hope many people would check out her manga as it is available for free on her website. You can also buy hard copies of the volumes and other items, mainly original art by the author.

(I was not sure where to post this thread, as this comic is in Japanese manga style but is written and drawn by a Middle Eastern author, so I thought the International Comics section might be the best place to post the thread.)
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