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Sep 7, 2009
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Hello ToG community!

I revised this thread, deleted entries I deemed unnecessary, linked topics to the ToG wiki rather than filling up this thread. The content of this thread was put together as the whim took me. I didn’t follow any strict criteria. However, I welcome every PM with suggestions.

The ToG Wiki adds every blog post to the chapter it belongs: ToG Wiki - List of Chapters

Click on the name for detailed information.

#1Phantaminum (inative)RiddleUnknownIrregular
#2Enryu (inative)Red TowerSpear BearerIrregular
#3Zahard (inative)King of the TowerFishermanKing of the Tower
#4Urek Mazino (active)Ray BarracudaFishermanIrregular and co-founder of Wolhaiksong
#5Arie Hon (active)White Sword/OarFishermanHead of the Arie Family and 100th Floor Ruler
#6Koon Eduan (active)Marlin; Blue ThunderclapSpear Bearer, Fisherman, JeonsulsaHead of the Koon Family
#7Adori Zahard (active)Killer WhaleFishermanZahard Princess, Head of the Royal Guard and owner of the Golden November
#7Eurasia Enne Zahard (sealed)Great White SharkFishermanZahard Princess and owner of the Colourless December
#9Baek Ryun (active)NoneWave ControllerCo-founder of Wolhaiksong
#10Ha Yurin (active)Snake HeadScout, FishermanHead of the Ha Family
#11Tu Perie Tperie (active)God's EyeLight BearerHead of the Tu Perie Family
#12Molic One P. GR (active)Molic OneUnclassifiedEldest of the Three Lords
#13Eurasia Blossom (active)Flower ShrimpWave ControllerHead of the Eurasia Family
#14Po Bidau Gustang (active)Lonely WaveWave ControllerHead of the Bidau Family
#15Grace Mirchea Luslec (active)Heretic; Tiger FishFishermanLeader of FUG
#16Hendo Lok Bloodmadder (active)Long-Life TurtleDefenderHead of the Hendo Family
#17Yeon Hana (active)CichlidFisherman, Wave ControllerHead of the Yeon Family

Information regarding the 10 Great Families: ToG Wiki - 10 Great Families

Click on the name for detailed information.

Ari FamilyAri Han
Arie FamilyArie Hon
Bidau FamilyPo Bidau Gustang
Eurasia FamilyEurasia Blossom
Ha FamilyHa Yurin
Hendo FamilyHendo Lok Bloodmadder
Koon FamilyKoon Eduan
Lo Po Bia FamilyUnrevealed Family Head
Tu Perie FamilyTu Perie Tperie
Yeon FamilyYeon Hana

More information regarding Zahard's Princesses: ToG Wiki - Zahard's Princesses

Click on the name for detailed information.

Adori ZahardCaptain of Zahard’s Royal Guards, owner of the Golden November, High Ranker (#7)
Alphid ZahardOwner of the Luminous June, Ranker
An ZahardOwner of the Silver January, Ranker
Anak Zahard (Original)Deceased, former owner of the Green April, (Ranker)
Anak Zahard (Demi-Princess)Regular
Androssi ZahardRegular, informal Princess
Arie Hagipherione ZahardMember of the Arie Family, owner of the Red October, High Ranker (#36)
Arie Horn ZahardMissing, first Princess
Eurasia Enne ZahardSealed, member of the Eurasia Family, owner of the Colourless December, (High Ranker #7)
Garam ZahardOwner of he Blue August and Indigo July, High Ranker
Ha Yuri ZahardMember of the Ha Family, owner of the Black March and Green April, High Ranker (#~500)
Heice ZahardHigh Ranker, turned down 13 Month Series
Jaina Repellista ZahardInformal Princess, owner of an Opera
Koon Maria ZahardMember of the Koon Family
Koon Maschenny ZahardMember of the Koon Family (daughter of Eduan), owner of the Yellow May, High Ranker (Top 100)
Lo Po Bia Lilial ZahardRegular, informal Princess
Lo Po Bia Shilial ZahardRegular, informal Princess
Pondo ZahardHigh Ranker
Rebecca Pon ZahardDeceased, (Ranker), murdered by Eurasia Enne Zahard
Yulia ZahardMember of one of the 10 Great Families
Yunie ZahardDeceased, murdered by Eurasia Enne Zahard, (Ranker)
Yuram ZahardDeceased, former owner of the Indigo July, murdered by Garam Zahard, (Ranker)

For more Information: ToG Wiki - 13 Month Series

SIU attended the Frankfurt Book Fair (Germany), which took place in 2013. Fans received a sample of Tower of God in book format containing several chapters. Furthermore, SIU signed those books and even drew a character of the fans choice. Fortunately, niichan and my humble self managed to visit the Book Fair/SIU (well, I was there just because of SIU, don’t know about niichan). There is a thread where we posted a lot of pictures and shared our (funny) experiences, impressions and other stuff with the community. There are a lot of goodies in this thread, so don’t make the mistake to miss/avoid it:
Franfurt Book Fair 2013 - Thread

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Feb 18, 2019
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Every blog post from chapter 1 to present. Can't guarantee they're all labeled correctly, but they'll only be off by a chapter or 2.

Hello, it's me, SIU

It's been some time since I wrote something on my blog.
At last the first chapter of Tower of God is on Naver.

I didn't really feel anything until the teaser, but now with the first chapter up..
It makes me kinda nervous.^^;
I try to work with the thought that I just have to do better if the reactions not good,
But I still hope there are positive reactions.

Honestly speaking I had a lot of trouble with the first chapter until I finished it.
I modified it like three times after finishing^^;;
I wanted to show a better chapter one now that im a pro. I'm just sorry that I annoyed the person in charge, haha.
In the case of quantity, I tried to show a bit more in the first chapter,
But I did not think that it was good to mess it up with too much greed,
So I made the first chapter long and short enough.

Btw the next chapter has some more stuff^^;;
I'm working all over on the thing, so it'll be hard to go too fast,
But there'll be more than when I was in best challenge

Lastly, please refrain from spoiling.

I re-drew all scenes of Yuri because her hair style looked a bit weird.
This chapter is long, isn't it?
I was surprised too, after I finished working on it.
It was about 140 cuts, go and count it if you are curious. ^^;
The next one and the chapter after that would have to go about 70 cuts, though.
Please know that the length are decided by story directing, not on my easiness. ^^:
Yuri's hair looks cooler.
Yuri and Baam are the two hardest characters to draw in Tower of God, to be honest.
Her hair is what makes Yuri difficult.
Baam is hard to draw and I have to show his thoughts.
His setting is, after all, 'A Boy who clings to a Girl to a point over normal'
So when Baam shows up, I would have to throw normal story line up to the space.(...)
And I have to retry drawing his cuts over and over.
But that is his best part, too.
Something that is lost from adults.
Even though I have forgotten, I must have been like that when I fell in love for the first time like most men do.
(Of course what Baam feels for Rachel is somewhat different from love.)
1F is like a tutorial for the Tower, so it may be hard to understand and you may feel lost.
But it has secrets hinting to the rest of the story. Maybe you can find some. ^^

Just as I expected.
Headon's haters population rocketed.
Strange being, Headon is.
It is hard to know what is in it's mind.
[RWF Note: I am using 'it' for Headon because SIU has not made clear if Guardians have genders at all.]
Sometimes it is like an angel, sometimes like a devil.
That is why I like this character so much.
Next chapter will be the end of 1st Floor, with about 90 cuts, and 2nd Floor will begin the chapter after that.
Something new will be added, hope you don't miss it.^^

1F has ended.
I had planned to end this Floor quickly, so I am happy that I managed to finish it.
The reason Tower of God is longer than most Webtoons is because of its story directing, and it began only a few weeks ago.
Fantasies that are so far from normal life, like the Tower of God would need a firm beginning so that the readers understand the story later.
(It will be shorter from 2F on, though I will lengthen it when I feel it is needed.)
Personally I don't think that length of work isn't equal to the quality of work.
Each comic has it's own length.
Next chapter Rak and Khun will finally show up.
Sorry to those who already did read Tower of God before, but 2F will undergo many changes. ^^
Khun is here at last.
A smart guy, he is.
Every word and action of his must be watched carefully.
Well.. to be frank, he can be described as a dark-hearted one.(...) [RWF note: Meaning he is greedy.]
His family is great by the way, high class in the Tower.
2F story will go slower than it went last time. [RWF notes: Meaning before Webtoon release.]
Fast path story was interesting but it ruined the general flow of the story.
I want the full picture rather than parts.
[RWF notes: Some say SIU used wrong Korean grammar on purpose.]

Rak appears.
I love Rak.
He is so fun and full of energy.
When most of the characters in Tower of God hide their pain and past,
Rak shows himself as he is openly.
So I feel happy when I'm drawing him.
As I said, there will be differences made in the 2F story.
Yu Hang Sung will appear sooner, Crown Game will be pushed a bit behind.
will try to give you the best story I can come with, so be prepared. ^^

This chapter has lots of battle scenes.
Anak and Hatsu have a top-level among the Regulars around,
So I wanted to give them a good impact, but it was not easy.
The basics are important. Practice makes perfect.
What you have to notice.
-What Anak wears is NOT Hanbok. [RWF note: Korean traditional clothing]
The design is based on it, but it is not exactly it because of many differences.
It is a hybrid of both Eastern and Western... but there is no deep meaning into that.
All characters will NOT have the exact appearance of any particular countries' clothes.
-The guy in loose clothes is actually an important character. [RWF note: Leader Leesoo!]
-Khun is named after the football player indeed, there are few more with such pattern for their names.
-The beginning of Season 1 is meant to be lighter than later on.
- I tried to draw lines thicker for battle scenes.

There was lots of change in the story, wasn't there ?
From now on a completely new story that was not shown in Best Challenge will be drawn.
In Best Challenge I went straight to the Crown Game in fear of the story being loose.
But I feel there will be more time to spare in Webtoon, so I am going to put things I cut out before.
I will try my best. ^^;
Many people want to see the Crown Game, that will be shown about 5~6 chapters form now on.
Rules will go through some changes, and the gameplay will change too.
Those who already found foreshadowings that I began to put in, you are geniuses.
P.S. Black March was retrieved by Rak right before the teleporting.
I had some bad conditions this week, so my finished work does not look good enough to me.
I will have to pay more attention to art from now on.
This chapter and the chapter before had some trouble getting finished because of personal matters.
But I already made plans for chapters to be a bit longer.
And school begins next week, which will make me even busier... [RWF note: Not sure university or private school. Probably graduate?]
I often saw in author's comments in comic books the will to get body copies, I feel that way too.
This chapter, with all those disappointments, had lots of changes.
So I resent my work for the last minute changes, twice. Sorry to Naver managers TT [RWF note: Probably Webtoon editors?]
But still it is not good enough.....
Well, that can't be helped.
This chapter is totally different from Best Challenge, it may feel a bit boring without battles.
But if you read carefully, this will be the most interesting chapter so far. ^^
P.S. Lero-ro went through some image changes to fit his character better.

I spent two days trying to fix school problems.
I had some money problems that took a day.
Then I had a motorcycle that went running into my car. [RWF note: Seems he was driving the car.]
I had to go to the police station for the accident, and I had to go to the hospital.
And I was already late for the Friday deadline.
So I had no food, no sleep, in order to finish it on Sunday.
Such weeks can happen.
I will be busy next week too, hope I have time to breath.
If those things happened while I was amateur, I would simply Have given up.
But becoming a pro changed me to somehow do it. ^^;;
I like working with some spare time,
So I dislike work done in a hurry.
This week's chapter, did not met neither the art quality nor the length I wanted...
I hope it won't be too bad for reading.
I had a thought, 'Well, this week is such a week.' when the motorcycle hit the car.
This must be why people believe in religions.
I would follow 'Deadline-ism' if it existed. ^^;;
[RWF note : Some stuff about a 2nd Fan Cafe for ToG. It is different from the Official Cafe, and has been closed.]

Chapters 10 and 11 are mixed up somewhat, so it will be hard to read.
But it felt so unfinished after doing chapter 10...
Perhaps I will ask for the chapters to be changed in order.
Webtoon version will be more detailed, more focused on personal emotions and situations, than Best Challenge versions.
After this, next will be the Crown Game.
The story of the Khun Family is important.
So it will be revealed little by little as the story goes.
Season 1 is mostly about the 'innocent protagonist' confused by a new world,
So there are some parts that are hard to understand and to follow.
I know it, but it is hard for a newbie author like me.
The experience is what matters in directing a comic's story. ^^
Now will be the turn for a game using brains.
I would ask all of you to read carefully and slowly. ^^
This week I worked somewhat overtime, so my wrist and eyes hurt a bit.
Gotta give my body some rest...
Luckily next chapter won't be very long. Yay!
As I said before, Yu Hang Sung's clothes are not Hanbok, it is something based on it.
I am thankful for all comments, messages and mails.
Thanks for backing and cheering me, and sorry for not being able to answer each of you.
This chapter is twice as hilarious when you read it carefully....

This test is actually made for telling Khun's story. ^^;
I felt it would be needed before the Crown Game, so I put it in.
This is not really important, so it will be over by the next chapter.
Chuseok is next week, so I already did next week's work already. Uhaha.
The rest is not really resting.. Haha;;

Khun is a character I am personally attached to somewhat.
Out of the 3 main characters, perhaps he is the most human.
He acts cool and tough, but he actually sways a lot and he is sensitive.
There has been lots of questions about Khun's bloodline,
As seen in this chapter, he is a son of the Khun Family, one of the 10 Great Families.
Agnis is his mother's family name.
This family has lots of sons, so not much political for them.
But of course, the royal bloodline gives him a good power in both body and mind compared to others.
Choosing Princesses, and political fights between Great Families will be spoken in later Floors.
Since this Floor is more about Regulars' tests..

Tower of God is a story in which I use 'tests' and 'games' for the bigger storyline.
Finally it is time for the Crown Game.
It will need lots of preparations, maybe resting a chapter will be needed.
My wrist would need a checkup too.
Well that is not a problem I can choose by myself, so it will be decided after my wrist is checked.
Tower of God will be a long run.
So I am not going to hurry too much.
Hope you readers can wait week by week, until the end together.
It is getting hot in Season 1 at last.
Crown Game would need at least 10 chapters full of battle scenes.
It makes my head hurt. Haha.
Many seems to not recognize that the hair tied boy at the 12th chapter's beginning was Khun.
It is him, Khun Aguero Agnis.
Between family members they refer to each others with given names, outside the family name.

Yu Hang Sung's test was like resting before the Crown Game.
Time to get familiar and attached to the characters.. ^^
I try to refrain from saying 'This is an answer" in comics.
So I had a lot of thinking about it.
I took 4 hours for Yu Han Sung's last line alone.
Many people seem to think that characters in comics are all reflecting the author's voice,
but most of the times it is just the thoughts of the character and it has nothing much to do with the author.
(Of course in some cases authors talk through their characters, but in this case you will know right away due to the comic's background.)

Chuseok had to rest for some days, that made the focus on my work harder.
I will need to hold myself.
Please stay tuned for next week's Crown Game.

More battle scenes, more editing, more wrist pain.
But I want to do well on this...
It feels like I am studying human body drawing again.
I hope someone would come and model for me....

The Crown game does not need much posting to talk about. Haha.
Please enjoy.
PS. Some said this chapter is short... I hope you are joking.

The Crown Game's first half is coming to an end.
The main characters' team will come out now.
I had some problem with Hatsu's action scenes. Drawing battles with weapons is hard.
It looked good when I did the first draft in black/white, but colouring was hard. It came out good enough, though.
I'm kind of disappointed that no one seems to be talking about actions but that everybody is interested in the length of the manhwa...
Serena Rinnen's sword was changed from left to right hand. It seemed more natural.
Laure should go back to sleep...

The Crown game is getting more interesting. Now we're about midway through.
Anak's identity will be revealed soon, too.
By the way, there are many other Ignition weapons apart from the 13 Month Series.
Many Rankers use Ignition weapons as their main choice.
And the 13 Month Series are good, but they are not the best.
Yuri herself uses better weapons than Black March.
But the Series do have important meaning to them.
Seems I am having bad conditions these days...

Former half was Anak team's turn, latter half Baam team's.
This test seems to be the least changed.
After all, I made efforts to carry it the same as possible since many people loved this in Best Challenge.
The only big difference will be that the reason Anak wanted to have Black March is not told, but it stays the same, just put off for later story.
[RWF Note: It is about the one who collects them all can have Zahard's child. Which doesn't seem to work well with Anak's revenge of killing Zahard...]

Some stuff about Korean grammar.

The Crown Game will be over within 25 chapters.
I am trying to put more efforts into cutting length, but it is hard.
And those who keep on commenting 'Spoilers', there are many changes so most of them are not true anymore. So please stop.
Also, I have been asked about my personal info and such.
I hope those things won't come anymore, for I believe the ID of the author must be protected.
By the way, I got some mails in English.
I don't know how you guys are reading, but thank you.
[RWF Note: He later writes he won't say anything about scans of ToG in other countries.]
The chapter's upload was late.
After I woke up, I could see people gave few stars for that.
And many meaningless spoilers in comment area.
Well, not much use for an afterword today.

Personally I have many troubles. And bad conditions.
Briefly after posting, I will go silent for a week.
So many spoiler comments.
Those are EMP, taking away the willpower of authors. And now mana is gone away.
Ananarasumara was a little joke.
Webtoon joke seemed like more fun and consistent.

Newbie authors like me haven't even got a chance to talk with great senior authors such as Ha Ill Guan.
I hope that day would come though. I respect him a lot.
[RWF Note: He is talking about the 'spell' Khun used with Manbarondenna, his magic bag.]
[RWF Note: Ha Il Guan has been a famous manhwa author since 2006, when the concept of paid Webtoons just began. Ananrasumara was his Webtoon about a magician living in an abandoned amusement park, a poor girl living without parents and a boy who is expected to always be the top in class.]
I will be resting from many things except Webtoon.

This chapter was for catching up with the hints that have be thrown away so far.
I was praising myself for the absence of grammar mistakes, but some people were kind enough to point out some. I should work harder on vocabulary.
Hints were given away since the beginning of 2F, but many seem to be surprised today.
I try to draw so the story will go after foreshadowing. Sudden surprise is not my type...
Crown game will be over 2 chapters later with the climax next week.
Then it is the turn for behind stories of characters and the main story.

Khun's speed boost is due to letting go of people inside Manbarondenna.
The weight changed, so he has been carrying the weight of more then three people with one hand all along.
It is a common trait of the children from the 10 Great Families.
P.S. 2
Khun's willingness to help Baam is mainly due to his past with 'women', which will be revealed later on.

My sleep pattern is getting messed up recently, due to the waiting for Tower of God uploads.
The Crown game will be over next week.
Now it is the turn for the story about Baam.

Since this manhwa is based on the Shōnen genre, it will have Baam's internal and external growth in the spotlight. Baam will realize his powers and advance farther as he climbs the Tower.
That is the main attraction of Shōnen. ^^
But unlike Shōnen, Baam does not push his 'justice' and 'friendship' on others.
His powers are not used for something like that. (Like my other comics' main characters)
So it will be safe to say Tower of God's story and philosophy stands somewhere between Shōnen and Seinen.

P.S. Androssi and the girl who talked to Baam is a different person;;
Finally Crown Game is over.
I had worries about directing this chapter, it feels somewhat cut off in the middle.
This was made to give tension and urgency, hope it worked.
And next chapter looks harder to direct. Fixing it for fifth time now.
Season 1 of Tower of God has a large cast, and it tells many stories at once, so one wrong chapter makes the whole story ruined.
I won't choose something like this for my next webtoon;;
About Yuri.
She is really social for a Zahard Princess.
Wingtree is something like anti government, yet she has close relationship with its members.

From next chapter on it will be the latter part of Season 1.
Looks like 70-80 chapters will be Season 1 in this pace.

About setting release, I am still undecided about how to do it, Cafe or Blog. They will be uploaded after I get them in order.

2010.12.14 Notes from the Cafe

Some Tower of God settings are going to be un view-able for a while.
Twitter - I have been avoiding it for fear of me speaking nonsense. With my fans supporting it, sometimes it went a bit too far.
Sometimes harsh criticism would work better. ^^;;
Assistants will be nice. Maybe some real good artists from Best Challenge… But I can't promise good pay…

To talk about Best Challenge.
I actually did not aim to be an author.
Just drew to tell what I wanted to tell.
But as chapters went on I got attention and could not stop, then one day I became a real Webtoon author.
To be honest, I never learned how to draw comics well.
Even though I became a Webtoon author, the work has not changed much.
I get paid, and attract much more attention, but that is about it.
People tend to envy others' position, only to learn why he/she could not get it after sitting on it.
That is how I feel about being Webtoon author, sitting in gigantic chair my feet won't touch the floor when I sit.

But now I became Webtoon author, I will do my best.
To the authors who are in Best Challenges, I am cheering you on!
Today's points.
Yu Hang Sung is dark inside.
Tights (Hwa Ryun) is the most beautiful (among the 2nd Floor Regulars).
And the main character blinded one eye of that girl.
Urek Mazino is a popular guy.
Rachel is here, but the main character is sleeping.
Soon the Position pick will begin and the last test of 2F too.
The really fun part of Tower of God is about to come.
Liverpool vs Everton 2 : 2

Oh, right, after post.
My condition is not really good since the Tower of God Webtoon release.
I had some time to spare after finishing this chapter.
But I made a regular list after popular demands, using up my free time...
I was worrying about forgetting some characters, I thought up some names in one second, overlapping names
Many readers believe I have made perfect setting for Tower of God, but I am actually making them quite shallower than you think;; (But of course I am doing my best to not make mistakes.)
Now the tests per positions will begin. Wouldn't it be fun to guess who will succeed in which position?

P.S. I wanna draw a football manhwa...
about a Korean author that died, which he ends with this afterword:

First Manga I ever bought was Dragon Ball.

My parents were against me buying manga, so I had to use complicated war plan to do that.

I had bought without knowing anything about it.

I kept it secret and read it like few hundred times.

These days I can read comic books far more easily, but that feeling can't come. Pity.
It is easy to see in which chapters I had to work with a bad health.
But no one is in good health the entire year, so I have to get the work done in any situation.
And next week is the new Lunar Year, so I would have less time since I have to visit my family.
From now on it is about the story of Androssi and Anak.
Some characters will have their story like this, while position test are going on.
Then Baam's story will begin leading to the climax of season 1.
I expect this to take like 50 chapters.
On this chapter done with sacrifice of my New Lunar Year rest, we have Zahard Princesses story.
The Princesses are very closely connected to the whole story, so it would be good to get them early on.
Real Princesses will show up in about Season 2 and later, but some scenes about them will be in the ending part of 2F tests.

Anak and Androssi...
Anak is the niece of Androssi but Anak is older.
In the Tower age is a meaningless number, actually.
Years lived are considered less important then body's age and racial's trait.
Power and position come before age in most case.
(Yuri, Khun and Androssi talk informally to most people since they are from Great Families, while Anak speaks in a formal tone to most people.)
Sometimes learning to use Shinsoo stops the body from aging.
Then this person will be usually treated as a child even after living a long time.
So normally in the Tower, body and mind are considered to be of the same age. [RWF note: One's body age will be determined by the mind age.]
Of course some exceptions occur due to birthplaces and families.

Anak and Androssi relation was planned to be shown later, putting test first, but I changed it for Zahard's family setting coming up quick.
The dialogues felt so screwed up as I wrote them.
But screwed up is Zahard's family.
This chapter was not something that should be in one chapter..
But I drew it..
This is apart from the tests, so I had to cut some parts to stop it from taking over too much length.
It feels somewhat unfinished, but it is good enough hints for Zahard Princesses story.

I wasn't planning to draw a sad mood, but it ended up like that since Anak's past was so.
Next chapter will have Baam back as the main character.
I am not used to drawing fluffy.
But this chapter was so fluffed that it hurt while drawing.
Baam's concept is 'Crystal of Pureness' so I have trouble when he is showing up. Characters like Khun and Leesoo, who are a bit more dark, are easier to draw.
Androssi is troublesome too.
Her concept is 'Normal modern girl'
Taking great care at her looks, stressed at weight, wanting to hear she is pretty while she is acting confident. A girl who is yet to mature fully.
But I am a man who already had two years of army... So it is very hard.
So this chapter was about two characters I find hard to draw.
I kind of let it go halfway.
Guess this is part of learning how to work.
From next chapter on it will be a team test of Position, paced faster than now.
It's Hide-and-Seek, the last of the Position Test.

Now the real test will start again.
This test will have a bit simpler rules than the Crown Game, and the testees' roles are divided by Positions, so I think it'll be better if you pay attention to it when you read.
Well, the Regulars don't have the enough skills that their Positions require, so I don't think I can show you the proper battles by Positions.

I posted supplementary explanations about the Shinsoo manipulation.
It's quite complicated so it may be hard for you to understand.... But it doesn't really matter if you don't anyway.

Then please look forward to the Hide-and-seek test that starts from next chapter.
Note - the 'it' of this exam is the Ranker.
Fun facts for this game.
In the Tower, the Light Bearer position is very important.
One good Light Bearer is better then two decent Fisherman of the team.
Of course if the Fisherman is Level cheated like Yuri, that Fisherman takes any position.
Each Light Bearer has different limits on how many Lighthouses they can control and the area they can be controlled in.
Inexperienced as Khun is right now he can only use 1 Lighthouse, 2 if 1 is stationary.
Team vs one is very hard for the one to win regardless of experience, though.
Hope you can see why battles are based on positions.
By the way Gator passed early by winning the bonus game. He will show up at the final test.
After some hard work, my wrist is in pain. I would have to take better care of it.
Because this game is focused more on Team B than Team A,
Team A test will end shortly.
The original plan was that it will end in 1 or 2 chapters
But there was too much information revealed, so it would be too messy.
I've decided to be less selfish.
Please understand me.
The truth is... I won't give away too much ^^;
Because I am greedy, after all.

흑린 (Heuk-rin) technique that was revealed in this chapter is...
... Shinsoo technique that the Scouts (탐색꾼) use to block the Lighthouse's light (등대).
Using Shinsoo, the light is temporarily blocked.
It is an advantage for them because of the Scouts (탐색꾼) like darkness. Thus this technique is used often.
(Heuk-rin's name means that like a waving black feather, it blocks out the light.)
Of course, the Light Bearers (등대지기) can use reverse technique to block the blocking spell.

Reel Inventory is the Fisherman's armament.
It's like a real fisherman's equipment, a reel. It can analyse the shinsoo and control its movement
Also, it can shoot throw hooks and nee (니)
Translator's note: I don't know what nee is. (Maybe a short version of needles?)

The Fisherman's main offensive pattern is
Conquer high grounds (physically high) → Use Reel Inventory to inhibit the opponent's movement → The Spear Bearer finishes the opponent.
Thus, Reel Inventory is a Fisherman's main weapon of choice. ^^
This test has the capturing of the marker as a priority, so pure firepower is not as much important.
Quant is a Scout as his main position. So his abilities in hiding and escaping will prove very troublesome.
Scouts are usually the person with the fittest body.
And in the cases that the enemy's Light Bearer is more inexperienced,the Scout has the upper hand.
And Spear Bearers would have serious trouble at close range against Scouts.
But if the good Light Bearer and Spear Bearer spot the Enemy Scout, the Scout is in danger.
If they are Rankers, the combo can throw Spears dozens of kilometres away.
(Lighthouses have Spear targeting and angle fixing effects.)
So the Fisherman position is very balanced.
At long distance they can use the Reel, at short distance they can use the Needle.
But this multi skill is a very rare gift.
Anak and Androssi are the only two that can use Reel among those
Reel control depends a lot on natural talent like Shinsoo control, so it would be very hard to be Fisherman position.
Hmm... In the case of the A team's story: The resulting story is an experiment of ways to dynamically and enjoyable explain the position battles and property compositions. And because of it, I'm slightly worrying if it wasn't too contrived.
To be honest, I expected that there would be people asking me how the pulleys were configured in the Androssi and Baam's food exchange scene, but it seems there wasn't any (...OTL) Thinking about it, since it is a comic after all, I think everyone just understood it and let it pass.
But I'm still shoving the answer in like this. haha;;
Recently, I feel like the story's becoming too much about set-ups that from next week, I plan to go at it more simply.
From the start, the plan was that if A team was a lecture, B team is an actual fight... That was the plan. ^^;
B Team's start may begin next week, but
there will be an upset in the next chapter as well. So, I hope you're all anticipating for it.
Khun's hidden card was shown today.
He really is a dangerous guy. ^^;
His background will be revealed throughout the story.

I am quite bad with good complex plans,
So I had some troubles drawing this chapter.
Maybe the next chapter would go easier.
Thanks to our main character appearing, it will be fun anyway. ^^;;
Now with the centre of the story moving over to Baam, the main story is beginning.

About the Rankers whispering about What would be in Khun Eduan's storehouse.
A-rank items are extremely rare in the Tower.
Rankers usually don't have any, High Rankers may have one or two.
Black March is in Rank B~A. (The number rank within each class will be uploaded later.)
Of course even in A-rank, a Pocket will be less valuable than the Black March.
Great Blue Spear is Khun Eduan's throwing spear.
11 of them are made, and it can be ignited, which is rare for throwing weapons.
When ignited, instead of flying to the target, it destroys everything along in its way.
It is yet to be confirmed since Eduan has not thrown it yet.
When ignited it is B-Rank
Vagnil is a spear used like an arrow. Ignitable. B-rank when ignited.
Carrier is an Inventory that combines functions of Pocket, Lighthouse, and Casket all into one, allowing a Fisherman to take on any position. Only 10 are made, 3 of them A-Rank, 7 B-Rank. It is quite ineffective in battle though, but still very interesting. Adori Zahard uses one.
It was a chapter to catch our breath after the A team test.
I was unsure about putting this chapter or not,
But without it, the pace looked too fast for a good story.
As I publish my work,
I feel I am losing and gaining both thanks to aiming for entertainment.
I'd wish to give something better than lame jokes.
Making a comic that is fun to read is really hard.
Unlike the A team, B team looks shaky from the beginning.
It would be fun to compare their tests.
To be honest, even though A team looks as if they executed their plan well, they are actually all cheated by Khun.
So it is hard to say A team is better than B team, as each individual is trying to save themselves.
From next chapter on, lots of fighting scenes.
So I have lengthened today's chapter since it has more talk and emotions.
And this chapter's plan was about 120 cuts.
When I woke up, I wondered if yesterday's me was crazy.
Split personality?
Well, I did finish them by sacrificing my sleep.
So maybe not.
I was watching soccer and baseball today, so that I almost forgot to upload the blog post.
And sleeping.
And drawing the comic.
As I have said before,
the hardest thing when drawing is
not working for hours.
Not skipping sleep.
Not reading bad comments.
When my ideas lack of what I should draw.
Body is resting, head hurts, must draw.
No idea, scene mangle...
[Some rant about his baseball team, Hanhwa keep losing.]
Enough ranting
So this chapter was how to survive by Androssi?
It's getting hard to change a very warm and fuzzy feeling ToG to a ToG of betrayals and scheming...
Somehow there's a 'feel' of Carnival in ToG now..
[RWF Note: Carnival was his 'main' story comic. Apparently Tower of God was sort of a side project of it. I don't know the details, either. Probably it was another TUS story.]

Well, the person that's participating in the exam least now is Baam,
not like the Spear Bearers, Androssi and Ho, who wants to go up the Tower even if it means betrayal, or like Hatsu, who wants the team to win with his sacrifice, Baam hasn't chosen what to do in this test.

Well... he's the main character, so let's give him some time to think,
but Hatsu is dying while you think... 'crying' ; _ ;

Personally I think Baam and Hatsu goes pretty well together,,
I sometimes think the two as a package.
They have lots of common things...
but of course Hatsu looks more natural fighting with Anak.
Hatsu could probably think in this chapter, "Damn.. lizards were better than humans..."
Something I wrote after having a drink outside.

1. Androssi knows that Baam knows Michelle is Rachel. There's a lot of people that are confused about this.
Androssi knows that Baam knows Michelle is Rachel because she saw Baam write Rachel's name on the friend's list. (Because you can only write the names of Regulars right now.)
Also, the reason Baam showed Androssi the list is to indirectly tell that he knows Michelle is Rachel.
What Androssi was saying when she said 'should I tell' means 'should I tell Rachel that Baam knows who you are.'
So, Baam doesn't act like Michelle is Rachel because he thinks that Rachel doesn't like him following her, and Androssi is frustrated because she knows that.
In Androssi's case, she's very straightforward.

2. Hong Chunhwa is a character that was there in the black and white version.
The characters that came out in that version are
Baam, Yuri, Evan, Khun, Rak, Ho, Hong Chunhwa and Sunwoo Nare
(in Rachel's case she wasn't even mentioned)
I still remember the scene where Hong Chunhwa tried to do ignition to get rid of the riddle monster
and getting stuck...
Even then Hong Chunhwa and Sunwoo Nare stuck together...

3. There's a training rally thing so I'm saving up the drawings...
I'm trying to go without having to miss a week, but don't know if it will be possible...
I'm busy nowadays because I have a lot of stuff to attend... haha
Let's hope that I won't have to miss a week^^;
P.S. Oh, Anak also was in the black and white version^^
I remember that at that time, she was a human, not a lizard...
I was thinking 'Wow, Quant is looking awesome'.
He is actually on a totally different level from the Regulars, but at the moment he is 'Shinsoo-less'.

The hardest part was Baam's dialogue.
A guy with the heart of a newborn baby, wanting to be with the one he holds the most dear. But she wants to climb the Tower, a place where people hurt each others, is something he can't understand.
I could not imagine what that person would say.
So even with the story all written, it was hard to draw.
And the end product feels incomplete, due to my lack of skills and work time. ^^;;
If the test so far was chaotic,
it will be solving that chaos from next chapter on.

Ho and Rachel aren't over the safety line, so Quant may act against them.
So this chapter had Ho shouting how unfair the world can be.
It's been a long time since Baam was the real focus of the chapter.
And I was thinking 'I gotta make him do something big' too ^^;;
Some may feel happy at Baam showing off his potential,
some would feel turned down by it.
And I am drawn thinking 'Do feel turned down' to some degree.
Scenes like this will occur some more.
The former is for fun side of the Shōnen genre.
Latter, more serious side, is to show Baam and Rachel's gap between potential and dreams.
It is up to you readers to take on what side.
Since I am busy I am going to make this short.
Next chapter we will catch up with most of the foreshadowing shown in this game, like why Androssi would try to fail the other Fishermen.
But some hints are for later on.
Next chapter's battle would be the best part of this game.
So stay tuned. ^^
After weeks and weeks of work, I can feel my health getting worse by being tired.
But I managed to get to the 50th chapter.

The reason Baam was climbing the Tower, changed from simply following Rachel, so I have put a more in dialogue than in battle scenes.
That was more important, so I feel it was done right.
Even though some readers would feel it is too slow. ^^;

Next chapter would be the end of this test.
And the test after this would be the last of this Season.
Something I am personally excited about drawing.
Hope all of you can come together until the end of Season 1.
I got nosebleed while working for this chapter. For real.
Not going to be this crazy never again. Haha.
Thankfully from next chapter on and on it will be shorter...

I had lots of troubles and yet ended up disliking it...
This time I am going for both emotion and battle!
Looks like I got KO.
Would have more trying, but this was a bad result.
I am really self-refracting.
But the quality I'm aiming at is still far away...
Well I gave it a go, so no regret.
But the result was bad so I wish it got better.
[RWF Note: Can't understand if he is saying regretting or not here...]

If Baam and Androssi went against Shinsoo-less Quant fighting really seriously, it is of course Quant who would win.
The victory was thanks to Androssi who tricked with the game rules.
Quant seems to make Rankers look bad... so maybe I would draw Ranker versus Ranker.
1st anniversary of Tower of God becoming a Webtoon.
Can't think of anything special to do though.
Not much to write except the return of the Gator.
The mood seems gloomy in recent chapters,
So next the few would be a bit brighter.
Hope it would be enough to change the mood.
Of course, me being me, I can't write a hopeful and bright story.
The Gator's mini form was shown early in Best Challenge, right after the Crown Game, but it was later on Webtoon.
This is easier to draw for me. Hahah.
Maybe he will get more scenes...

P.S. Not 1st anniversary yet!
As you gaze into the heat-inducing fur of Yuga, Yu Hansung tells him to shave and cool off, It’s summer.
But Yuga rebels, saying that the sideburns must be kept.
But as Yuga is distracted, Yu Hansung quickly razes it with a buzzer and the moment he realizes that his sideburns were pitifully cut,
the teenage Yuga, going through sensetive times, says that he can’t go to school like this and runs away from home…
To make the run-away Yuga return home, Yu Hansung collects his sorry feelings and sends a text:
I’m so Sorry
But I Love you.
All Lies
I realize now
Ah Boring
This chapter was explaining what happened in the last test.
I was wondering whether I should put it or not,
For many people seem to skip walls of text, so it might not be worth it. So why not skip Khun's explanation?
But thinking in opposite, those few who will read carefully would notice some things are missing an explanation.
So I thought 'Well, either I do it, or I die trying!!'
And had to rewrite it 4 times...
When I think about it in another way,
Perhaps it is my lack of skill while making those scenes.
I had to self reflect once more, like after I drew the Hide and Seek test.

So much left to go.
Wonder if I can get a car.
Or a bicycle, at least.
A bit late this week, I was busy. ^^;;

Many have been wanting the fight of Yu Hang Sung against Ren.
Please wait a bit more, a Ranker versus Ranker battle is soon to come up.
I want to answer back to all mails/letters/messages I check,
That just takes too much time^^;
But I am very glad for all your support.
Thank you.

Now story's focus will be moving from all of the Regulars to Baam and those near him.
So it might take some time.
And scale will grow a bit too.
I am considering story explanation instead of a chapter.
But I am thinking that there will be fewer people who would want theory than those who want a chapter.
For some opinion on that the story feels unexplained a bit,
I decided to put Yu Hang Sung and Lero-Ro talk for that after some consideration.
So that is why the dialogue is a bit long.
There would be some who would have thought "Oh I know it from blog" though.
There was a scene of Lero Ro and Yuri's flash back,
but it got cut out since it looked out of place.
I'll put it up if many want it, though.
[Note, the pic where younger Yuri and dot-less Lero-Ro meets is probably this one.]

Translation: “Lero-Ro and Yuri were in the same class as Regulars..
During that time, Lero-Ro and Yuri became the only two Rankers. ^^;”[1]
Next chapter will be long, so I may have to cut it half way.
I want to do it in one go, because it is important chapter, though...
#57 This one had something I'd never heard before.
This chapter was one of the hardest to work on.
Not only it is long, but it also had dialogue.
I seem to have worked intently unlike I usually do, since I managed to do it.

Many people are talking about the length of Tower of God.
I myself believe 50~70 cuts are about right for most Webtoons, putting content's uniqueness and such.
But since Tower of God was aiming for book's form then Webtoon's,
I am overdoing on Tower of God's length.
So please do not post length comparison with other Webtoons.
I was so sorry after hearing it from other authors.

Next chapter will be the beginning of the last test of this Floor.
Both scale and hardness will be incomparable to the test we had so far, which mostly went around Khun's plan.
It will be full of battle scenes and Baam's story.
And I am going to have some focus on good quality, so scenes will be cut under 90. No certification though...
30~40 chapter and it will be end of Season 1. ^^
What I was planning for was a way to make people anticipate for next test.
So I thought up with this idea.
Lets show preparation without sound quickly and put fear with unknown yell at the very last scene.
It was not easy.
I and
I was quite sick yesterday, throwing up what I ate and all.
Sleep made me feel better, but still I can't sit down for long.
With not being able to work, next week is truly a crisis.
The test looks hard, but actually it is simply protecting the Net Dolphins.
As I said last time, I'm not feeling well.
The doctor told me I have some stomach gastritis and ulcers.
That scared me.
So I have to go to the hospital regularly now.
Along with my wrist that was hurting getting treated.
To talk about captor, Leesoo is one of my personal favourites.
I like characters with wit.
It is nice to have characters like this as an author.
Anak & Androssi is a pair I am personally going for(...)
But they seem to not get along much. Haha.
The strongest pair [between Regulars]
is Androssi & Baam.
Cheating level body power with Shinsoo control makes it the best.
If one only cares about personal skills, Androssi & Anak is the best.
But as you can see this duo is...
Check how they fare next week!
Not much development, so I don't have much to write about.
This chapter is mostly about Princesses fighting against each other;;
The main part of the test is yet to begin...
So perhaps from next chapter, the plot will go faster.
It was perhaps somewhat different from what you people are expecting. Haha.
I did say I will control the length of the comic because of my body condition, but 'maybe' next chapter would be a bit longer.
I keep thinking I should take care, but I am too greedy to draw shortly.
I would have to from the next chapter and on;;
Like some might have guessed, the Bull was a fake.
While I was drawing Yuga, I kept getting hungry for some reason...
I had been not eating well because I felt sick,
So I began to make a list of 'what I want to eat'
Now with my stomach becoming better I want to check this list...
And Chuseok is coming, so I will eat between holidays to fatten up a bit.
This chapter was 64 cuts.
Planned to be the shortest chapter so far in Tower of God.
I am a human being too.
So I wanted to rest about it in Chosuk without drawing to much.
And there are some real hard to draw moments waiting in some chapters later.
So I sent the finished chapter and began working on the next chapter,
But the short amount kept nagging me.
So I redid the first parts again.
Sorry to never compensate management people for making you work twice. (Sorry again.)
Perhaps it is fun to compare the two versions if you can.

It is very hard to finish a chapter with holidays between.
So please do not say it is a 'nature' thing and abuse other authors who are taking short break.
Took Audio Drama Cafe's address from Webtoon.
It became a totally different place since I went there last time.
And they won't respond to my messages...
So I took it out.
If anything becomes confirmed, I will tell.
Lizard in danger.
+ Main character who would be useful at clearing snow.
Since the next chapter would require lots of work, I took it a bit easy on this chapter.
Seems I am getting more relaxed even while working.
I guess it is true a job will be easier to do as one works on it.
From next chapter, the point will be back on the test.
The point will be dived into 3 parts, so it would be complex.
I am still working on how to clean them.
Can't confirm I will succeed, though;;
Baam and Rachel's honey moon...
Well... it is peaceful. Yet;;
[some ranting about Jo Yong Phil, a legendary singer]
One line summary.
Goblins are bad, Parakewl is bad too.
Who is the person showing up in the last scene.
Not even me, the author, can guess because it is so mysterious!
The lady has come.
She is very slow.
To speak a little about Ren's identity a bit, the 'Enforcement Division' is infamous even among the Zahard Family.
First, the enemy they face are all people who were 'once in the Zahard Family', so even they are all Zahards, they don't feel too good about them.
It's kinda like the feelings between the military police and an official.

So, the Enforcement Division has independent ranks and command hierarchy.
The only person the Enforcement Division serves is Zahard.
But it isn't like the division is loyal, or anything, because most of the members come in to fill their need for murder and battling.
There are a lot of difference in the individuals loyalty among the division.
The only thing they have in common is that they are all in awe of the power of Zahard.
The ones with the highest loyalty are the Royal Guards and the bodyguards.
There are some people who became psychos when the loyalty goes overboard.
I'll say more about that later in the other blog posts.

The comparison is like that, but the military police in the Zahard army is not the RED.
The most important part of Test have been revealed, but it seems nothing important was shown.
But I liked going back to drawing Regulars.
Personally I like Regulars more than Yuri's gang.
I swore a lot as I drew the animals living in the area, though.
I guess everyone knows I started me2day...
Okay, I really meant to do it just for a day but too many people started it for me...
I can't stop... it's not my official me2, but I'll just say hello now and then.
I'm a bit late.
I was finishing something I was making...
The first story that I finished while forming the season 1 of ToG is the first and last test.
Of course, the other tests are important, too, but you should consider how the first test leads to the last test.

Yuri has very strong physical strength even among the Rankers.
The Ha Family is very strong genetically and because of the contract with the Guardian, they are the family with the strongest body strengthening ability.
Because Yuri got that blood very strongly...
her finger flick goes out like a freaking K9.
They should have Yuri in Yeonpyoungdo...
[Yeonpyongdo: An island that got bombed by North Korea last year.]
Yu Hang Sung is a typical 'Chairman'
What I mean is..
Instead of fighting and conquering what he wants,
He fights by letting others fight between themselves, gaining in the process.
It is similar to Khun.
But if Khun is a person grown by 'His birth and background'
Yu Hang Sung is someone who grew to get past disadvantages of bad background.
Back story of Yu Hang Sung will be told very ~~ Long after. So please check it out very ~~ long after.
Yu Hang Sung is an important character in whole story of Tower of God.
Even though not appearing often, he is close to important main stuff.
Now it is time for our forgotten main character to return.
It will be quite impact for Baam, so please anticipate it.
P.s Strawberries are expensive.
Hwa Ryun's beauty is foreshadowing.
Now it really is time for Baam to show up.
From next chapter and on it will be beginning of Baam becoming main character.
What was Baam so far?
A... good-looking guy?
Hm.. Nothing much to write.
Dots were hard to draw?
Well now it is coming end to Season 1.
I thought I would feel happy after finishing it,
But now I am being torn.
This is hard..
My mind is getting complex feeling, yet I am holding on to pen and keep drawing.
It feels stupid… It also feels surprising..
Rachel's miraculous standing up.
Many suspected Rachel would be more then she seems by her name alone(1).
That is really great foretelling.
After finishing this week's work, I wondered whether take rest for a week or not.
Then I decided to.
Not because I felt sick or was tired.
(Next chapter is almost done, by the way.)
I wanted many people as possible to see this chapter before posting next one.
Taking a risk at sounding like a arrogant person. ^^;
I would say I want readers to read my comic 'throughout and carefully.
Personally I didn't want to take a break before finishing Season 1.
So I didn't feel much good at resting. Pity.
Epilogue would take about 4 chapters.
It will be mostly about this test and Rachel's backstory.
See you 2 weeks later.
Thank you. ^^
It was chapter 75 where the main character switch happened... huh?
I must go up in a mountain in order to work, only coming down to society to deliver the script to the director. Haha;
I already gave up on the stars† and the views. I can just receive less money...
Just don't get me fired... Please please. Honestly, because ToG has gotten more popularity then I anticipated,
it is true that I pondered about changing the direction of this piece...
But, I want to draw ToG as I first planned. If I do not, I'll blame myself for the rest of my life.

This epilogue is the chapter where the switch from Part I to Part II occurs.
It's also the chapter where Rachel and Baam's destiny gets separated.
Now Rachel's reason for pushing Baam will appear soon.
So, please stay tuned for the next chapter. ^^

†Translators note: Here, the "stars" refer to the manhwa's ratings. 10 Stars = Awesomeness, 1 star = Fail... and so forth
This chapter would be better when you compare it to Chapter 1 as you read.
You may notice something like Rachel's eyes in Chapter 1…
If Baam is a 'typical heroic person.
Rachel would be 'typical normal person.
In Season 1 Baam thinks he is following behind Rachel,
But in reality she does not get far and gets caught up by him.
And becomes put behind.
I think most people are like this.
So I wanted to make somewhat awkward situation where people would be angry at Rachel yet feel more related to Rachel than Baam.
But it is true my skills are not enough to make such emotional scene.
It was hard.
Flashback continues until next week.
Thank you.
Writing after post for work I did 2 weeks ago feels strange...
Well I am glad this year passed well.

After reading prologue chapters(Headon's floor) many have asked why does this comic look So Shounen

..What about Shounen.
Is there something wrong about this comic being Shonen?
Baam being 'Shounen main character' in Headon's floor is intended to some degree.
Because Rachel is someone who cannot be so…
I wanted to put them in contraction by showing Rachel watching Baam in Epilogue.
Hm.. I am not sure whether I really succeeded or not.
Intentions only can't make a work, that is true.
Directing is very important. And I lack it very much..
I am still learning.
If Baam is 'Typical Main Character'
Rachel would be 'Anti Main Character'
Perhaps this comic will be Shounen yet not Shounen thanks to Rachel.
Rachel and Baam's relation is more complex then what is shown.
That will be told as story goes on.
I finally finished it.. Or is it already.
First thanks to me for doing so well. Haha.
Of course thanks to everyone who has been reading so far.
Full afterwords will be posted with Season 2 trailer as chapter, so I won't write long here.
I am not sure about how long I will take break.
Had lots to worry while drawing, and felt difference between what readers want and I want to draw.
I had to find and come to a compromise and move forward.
So I will have to decide carefully.
Thank you.^^
Thank you for participating in the Q & A.
For those who's question we haven't answered.
I wanted to answer all the questions.
But, please understand that this was not possible.

In fact, I wanted to stay longer.
I give my thanks to Naver and you, for your support.
After the two week break I will upload two chapters.

We will post addition information on the blog occasionally even during the absence.
I'm screaming sometimes on Me Today.
If you are interested, you can visit.
SIU's Me Today Account (Not in use anymore)

I'll be back soon
In Part 2, I will try to come back more better than before.

Thank you.
Season 1 review.
So it's begun. I'm more nervous than the time I started Part I.
I had a lot of worries about Part II,
But I'm hoping that everything will turn out to be good.

Part II will be divided into multiple episodes.
The first of those will start next week.
I might take a small break after each episode,
But nothing is set.

Officially, Zahard has no prince.
[TN: I interpret “Officially” to mean “On record” or “Widely-known”]

Part II will be a bit lighter than Part I.
I think...

Anyways, overall, I think Part II will be pretty fun, haha.


5 years in the Tower is not long at all,
But it's enough to change a person. Lol
#80 Season 2 prologue.
Ja Wangnan backwards is "I Am Prince".
...That's some genius wordplay, AMIRITE


Unlike Part 1, instead of having one main character,
Part 2 will tell the story of many different characters,
So please stop asking me who the main character is -_-;;

So everyone thought Wangnan was going to be super strong when he came out
...but come on, that's not how these things go.

People are asking me if characters from Part 1 will appear again.

Yes, they will appear.
In fact, one already appeared, right?
This is Chapter 2.
I guess you could say this is the chapter for introducing the characters of this episode.
The focus is less about progressing the story and more about introducing characters.
It's the commonly used technique of using up a chapter in manhwa, haha.

If the characters in Part I generally represented the upper-class members of the Tower,
Then this episode's characters will be representing the middle-class members.
Still...compared to Part I, their pure combat prowess will be better.
Of course, you still can't compare them to Androssi's strength or Koon's brains ^^;

Truthfully, when I started Part II, I wanted to show a more experienced and composed self,
But I'm still lacking and worrying alot.

So please love the characters of Part II,
And thanks again for reading Tower of God (and visiting me in the blogs). ^^
Is his hair glued to his forehead?
Mm... a lobster has appeared.
I really like seafood.
Probably because I live in the inlands...
But seafood is delicious!
A bit expensive though...

Part II’s first episode pays a lot of homage to classic Shōnen manhwa.
Since I don’t really have a set genre for Tower of God,
It may feel like different genres at times.
I plan on changing themes with each new episode.

So is this episode going to be like Shōnen?
Actually no,
You can probably tell, but the problems presented are more associated with people in their 20s and not 10s.
That’s why the Floor is also the 20th.
But I still want kids in their 10s to enjoy.
So I’ll try to limit the presentation of age differences.

Next chapter will have more characters,
And it looks like we’ll officially start our story.
So please look forward to next week.
Thank you, ^^

P.s. – Visitors to the blog surpassed one million, yaay.
Looks like Ms. Arsonist appears again.
I may throw away male characters easily, but not female characters.
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I'm joking.

I'm sure it's the same for black-and-white manhwa, but even more for colour manhwa,
It gets a lot harder as the number of characters increases.
In ToG, there are a lot of characters appearing, and they're also changed quite often,
So it gets a bit hard during work.

My tablet broke during the drawing of this chapter.
I suffered quite a bit T.T
I ended up spending two nights in a row to finish; it was hard.
Man, I keep going on and on about difficulties.
Hu... sad...

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Most of you might have noticed, but this test is an idea borrowed from Dragon Ball's Tenchibukai test.
Truthfully, it's a common concept that appears quite often in shōnen manhwa,
But I thought it'd be fun, and I always wanted to draw a scene like this,
So I chose this test.
(In reality, Lero-Ro's Shinsoo Wall test was also a shōnen staple ^^;;
You can take this test as a similar one.)

Lately, I've been loaded with work, and preparing for the next part's completion is taking a toll on my health.
I didn't get to go out once this week... ah... I want to see the sun...
And so, for the next few chapters, there won't be a sudden increase in content.
It's regrettable, but it's better to have a consistent level of content, so please don't get angry with me ^^

Ah, and it seemed like many people were curious about the names of the characters in Part II.
Silver Hair - Hon Akraptor
Teddy Bear - Kang Horyang
Schoolgirl - Yeo Miseng
Glasses Girl - Yeo Goseng
Delivery Kid - Nya Nia
Other characters' names will be revealed throughout the chapters.

Thank you!
And the power game stops now.
After drawing nothing but complicated tests,
It was nice having such a simple test for once, lol.
It's like I'm a kid again.

The biggest difference between Part I and Part II is, of course, Koon.
If a genius scammer like Koon appears, then the games get complicated, lol.

About the name Viole
The name Viole is from the colour violet,
And the full name is Jyu Viole Grace.
More details will be revealed next week.

Hwa Jeop Gong Pa Sul is one of the striking styles that use Shinsoo.
Basically, it involves transferring the shock of Shinsoo from one's body to the target object.
It's a pretty dangerous skill.
(I'm currently preparing a file on Shinsoo usage. Once I'm done, I'll put it on the blog.)

As for Yeon,
She seems like a character roughly similar to Androssi (pretty, feminine, good stats).
However, there's a degree of difference.
You'll see what I mean.

Next week,
We'll begin the story of Wangnan
Which you won't be able to read without crying, lol.
Please look forward to it.
#87 it is, without fail, Tower of God.
Chicken Love's model is the baseball player, Ryu Hyun-Jin.
However, it is not that kind of chicken.
Please don't mistake them.

This chapter's contents were a bit long, right?
I know I said no sudden increase in length a few weeks ago,
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When you make a comic that's over 100 panels...
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I literally ate rice wrapped in dried seaweed (with nothing else).

Never doing this again...
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This chapter would be about the backstories of various characters.
Akraptor’s Princess Maker
Yeon’s klutz series
Wangnan’s dramatic past..
It became long because many stories were put in,
So I was worried that it would have been boring to read.
It seems non-action scenes are losing their meanings.
A hard problem to solve.
Wangnan’s survival seems to be the biggest thing in Season 2.
Will he make it? Or will he die? Stay tuned!

Sorry, Wangnan.
Thanks to Ha Il Gwon-nim who let me use his character from God of Bath.
and congratulations on your marriage!
...Why does everyone seem to be getting married.
The test is called "A Trustworty Room".
The exact rules will be revealed next chapter.
So, please look forward to it, T.T

The game Wangnan and co. were playing is similar to Korea's Gostop.
One who collects all the cards and lives the longest wins.
I don't even know the exact rules.
It's just a game.

Hmm... starting next chapter, the volume of content will decrease.
Except the pacing of the story will be quicker, so I don't think the ratings will go down.

Ah, nevermind. I'm gonna go watch soccer.
Thank you, ^^
First, a word of thanks to the Webtoon staff who uploaded my alternate version I sent on Sunday.

As you may have figured out from reading now,

The main structure of today’s chapter is focused on

How Baam and Wangnan act differently

In the same situation.

Quite different from how the end of Season 1 went.

That time the twist was making people see a bit from Rachel’s point of view.

I will talk more about this later on.

About the rules of the tests,

I wanted to figure out how to explain it simply, but it was hard. :(

I had to go through lots of redoes on this chapter.

But I still wasn’t satisfied.

Guess I will have to learn more.
This is Season 2, Chapter 12.
Thanks to Viole's Fast Skip,
Looks like we're going to put off Prince vs. Viole for now, T.T
Actually, I didn't really feel like drawing it anyway.

We get to see a humane side of Akraptor.
Lots of people are making theories that Miseng might be Akraptor's real daughter.
This is not true.
But it seems like it's true that Akraptor has (had) a daughter is true.

I've had a lot of things to do, and working on heavy volumes of content wasn't good for my body and mind.
I feel like it's time to control my conditions.
It pains me to say this but the content volume won't rise for some time, T.T
(Of course, that's not to say it's a small amount, haha)
Actually, I wanted to take a week's break before starting this game, ^^;
Even now, I'm continuously fixing and reworking the story.
Don't know if it's because I've gotten old, but every time I plan out a game, it hurts my brain.

Anyways, please look forward to next week ^^
(And fans who are in school, good luck on your tests ^^)
Thank you.
Akraptor was a man with great paternal love.
...Is this really true? I don't know.

This chapter had Miseng and Akraptor's dialogue as the centre.
Miseng's parents sent Miseng into the Tower for her future, even though she is so young.
Akraptor lost his daughter and entered the Tower, and he was able to understand the helplessness Miseng's parents felt.
...probably. I don't know, ^^;
I don't have a daughter -_-;

I just want this chapter to show that both Miseng and Akraptor are filling the emptiness that they both have. Haha.
I hope I was able to convey that well.
On top of other things, I'm pretty bad when it comes to sentimental scenes;;

Hmm... lately, several readers have been wanting for my manhwa to become "Viole and Company"
But Tower of God isn't that kind of manhwa...
So I can't do that.
Sorry, ^^;
But I'm confident I can still make it enjoyable.

Lastly, I want to thank Mr. Crazy for helping me out.

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I wonder who writes the story of EPL.
I'm very jealous of that talent.
Looks like what's needed for a fun soccer game isn't a good player or an awesome scene, but drama.
Likewise, what's needed in a fun manhwa is drama above action or comedy.
Looks like I delivered (more so than soccer).

Anyways, the mood of the manhwa will turn around a bit starting this chapter.
It's time to reap the harvest of the plot points scattered here and there,
And it's time for Viole and Wangnan's story to start coming out,
and it's time for people to betray each other left and right.
Something like that.

The one who killed Rapdevil...
The answer's already out there.
If you read the chapters carefully, you'll be able to figure it out ^^;
It's not that hard.

I have my training preparation next week, so the content will be a lot less.
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Love is a Wonsulsa.

The Won in Wonsul means "Circle",
It is a Shinsoo Control Technique that involves rotating the Shinsoo in a perfect circle.
When Shinsoo is spun in a circle, it gains greater strength while retaining the same surface and size.

A Wonsulsa may use Shinsoo as booby traps,
Or, like Love, may throw the Shinsoo as balls or attack with a spinning reinforced body.

Because it takes testing at Gustang's Research Association to receive certification,
there are few people who can perform the Wonsulsa Position.

Also about Love's "Iron Man" Contract.
It is the Contract of the Mule Family (Love's Family).
When one reaches the limits of their body, the contract restores the body.
Simply, it is a Contract that regenerates stamina.
Such a Contract with the Guardian can be earned by a Family's Ranker through a special test.
(TN: It seems that Families can have a special contract with Guardians that give specific bonuses.)

A little disclaimer:
To Viole's Fans, this is the one who attacked Viole.
Not me.
I was just doing some army preparation when this guy hit Viole.
Rapdevil Revival!!
Oooor not... He was playing dead.
Quite contrary to his appearance...

I wanted to put some superhero music ("Fly Superboard") in the background where Love uses Blue Oar, but couldn't do to copyright issues...
I really wanted to do it, at least once
(TN: Korean Webtoons sometimes have music embedded within the manhwa, so it actually starts playing when you get to a certain panel/point in the chapter. It's very prominent in another manhwa, Dr. Frost. It's really cool...)

Looks like Yeon is getting bullied again.
Actually, just going by the Regular's power levels, excluding Viole,
she's peerless.
In comparison to part 1, she'd be like Androssi.

Getting used at every corner.
That's why mental state is important folks.

The prince...............

Viole turned out to be a talented genius, as expected.
But the fact that he has to get hit once is a bone hurting fact.
(TN: "bone hurting" is an idiom... but also might be referring to something else, *wink* *wink*)

Why doesn't the Buddha come to me?
I want to take a break on Monday...
Buddha come on!
(In case people are mistaken, my mother is Buddhist)
(TN: It was Buddha's birthday)

The fact that Rapdevil is alive could've been caught by those with keen understanding of the rules.
"A room must have at least one teammate inside."
That part.
The time that Webtoon goes up was pulled back a bit.
I'm more comfortable with putting it up by 12...
But I'm not sure how the readers feel about it.

Nia's betrayal had a lot of foreshadowing
So I'm sure a lot of people saw it coming.
I wanted the readers to focus on the drama surrounding the character of Nia
Rather than the foreshadowing or the twists...
so I intentionally put in a considerable amount of foreshadowing.

Honestly, after drawing a chapter like this, I get a lot strain both physically and mentally.
Of course, the large number of cuts (pages) also play a role
But having to spend a week in a chaos of emotions makes me feel like I'm going crazy.
I'm normally the type to read over and think about what I drew before leaving work,
but I couldn't even look at this chapter.

Although I want to maintain a sense of objectiveness when creating the characters and story,
I too am a human being and get shaken up during emotional scenes.

Anyways, starting with this chapter there's been a few changes to the story.
This game has about 3 chapters left.

After, we'll see the hidden story behind Viole and this test,
along with the connection between the story from Part 1.
Even though this test seems like it's very trivial,
within the ToG World, this is pretty huge incident ^^;;
After this, the Part 1 Characters will start to make their appearances,
and the scale of the story will start to increase.

So please enjoy the remainder of the story.
And take care not to catch a cold (I caught one ; ;)
And have a good week ^^
...due to an extended "Netcan" session (drawing with people over the internet),
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but under duress by a certain someone,
I'll be writing this and heading to bed.
It's an avid reader who's controlling the author.
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It's the 100th chapter.

Though it is something I said to the manager over email as well,
I really couldn't even fathom reaching 100 chapters before.
I thought it was merely a number before,
but now that I've completed 100 chapters, I feel great at the thought that I've accomplished something.

Compared to other authors, it's a small number, so it's a bit iffy to say it out loud,
but I would like to sincerely thank the readers who have followed me all the way through.
Despite my inadequate skills, so many people have loved this comic and took an interest in it.
So, I apologize for my lack of skill, feel a heavy burden and am also grateful.

This chapter's main focus was Nia and Wangnan from the beginning.
Of course, Viole's story was in there too,
and while Viole is the "key" of this incident, he isn't at the centre of the plot.

With the beginning of the 2nd part, the question of “who is the protagonist” has been prominent,
but the protagonist isn't strictly set.

Of course, overall, the one that will lead the story will be Baam.
But, Baam isn't necessarily always the protagonist.
I would be grateful if everyone waited patiently for the story of Baam and the Tower. ^^

Truthfully, I tried to do something for the 100th chapter, but due to a cold... ;;
I tried to at least increase the quantity, but since the next chapter is the climax,
I decided to give it my best next week.

Because, in Tower of God, if this week was short, the next week is long,
and if the next week is also short, the next next week is freaking long -- killing the author.
If the chapter is short, something big might happen soon...

Well, you can think of it as something like that. ^^

To those who sent 100th chapter congratulatory fan art,
thank you very much to all of you.
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They will soon be compiled and put up on the blog.
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From the start, this chapter was created around the concept of pairs.

Wangnan - Nia
Arkraptor - Mising
Horyang - Prince
Viole - Yeon

Like that.
It might seem like there's someone missing,
But that's just in your head.
I don't know if you noticed, but the pairings are actually similar to that of an adult and child.

Perhaps a link between the generations...
maybe I wanted that type of a story ^^;
Dreams, Challenges, Failures, Life,
Parents, Relationships, Family.
Whichever one of those it was.

Viole and Yeon is a slightly different type of pairing.
Because Viole alone is just too full of melancholy,
a character that acted like cooling medicine was created,
and that character was Yeon.
Although she's strong, she's shaken up wherever she turns...
That kind of concept.

I don't know about films or novels,
but I think manhwa definitely needs a character like that.
And in some ways, it's only a character that works in a manhwa.
I like it.

So I said before we're steadily going to connect this part with Part 1.
The game will end in the next chapter
(It will be a hard-to-foresee ending ^^;)
And afterwards will be the Test Epilogue and connection to Part 1.

We've gotten close with the Part 2 characters,
the Part 1 characters
and each Family's and FUG's characters will start to come out...

Please don't expect too much!

I also plan on resting after the epilogue.
For about one week.

Webtoon came out early, so the review must be coming out early too!
That's your mistake.

After seeing the comments on the last chapter, I felt like I was receiving lots of love,
so it gave me lot of strength even as I worked all night.
I always felt meeting the deadline was a lonely work, but it looks like I was wrong, and you readers were there with me all along.

Of course I'm human too so sometimes I'll make mistakes...
and the thought that one day the love you've shown me will be replaced by criticism weighs heavily on my mind...
but I'll try my best to produce a great manhwa for you all.
Thank you.
My pen feels unusually heavy today.

I won't talk about this week's chapter because the explanations will be found in next week's chapter. ^^

There's a limit on Neighbours (서로이웃, Suhroiut; GoDai: Some sort of cafe networking thing SIU uses) so I'm planning to reveal my Neighbours information on the cafe.
Some of the info will still go around amongst Neighbours.
If I keep blocking I feel like I'll draw a line between me and the readers, so I think I'll decide which information to reveal then transfer right away.

I'll talk about some of the general information concerning Season 2 in next week's afterword.

Thank you. I'm posting this because people seem to have misunderstood my intentions.
When Wangnan says that he would forgive Lurker in this chapter,
it's not because Lurker is a good guy or anything.
Many people think I'm forgiving Lurker by beautifying him;
whatever his past was, I had no plans to beautify his actions in any way.
The reason why Wangnan could not kill Lurker is that in the current situation where people must step on each other to climb up,
Lurker, who killed Nia "because he had to climb the Tower",
is a more "righteous" human being compared to Wangnan, who was trying to kill Lurker for "moral reasons".
That's why Wangnan couldn't him,
it doesn't mean he forgave Lurker because he's a good person ^^;
Even then Wangnan says he'll "forgive" him because Wangnan's trying desperately to keep morality alive in this utterly amoral reality.
Lurker has already abandoned hope in those morals and that's why he says "You can't forgive me" to Wangnan.
In the end, Wangnan says that if that's the case, he'll change the Tower himself.

Although this is information that will be briefly discussed in the next chapter, it is a part that many people are misunderstanding,
so I have written this on my blog in the fear that I may be sending the wrong message to young readers.

Every time I draw manhwa, there are many times when I feel the limits of my own skills of presentation.
I will try harder to send a more proper message, even if just a little more.

Thank you.
The resting period is one week.
My comment wasn't properly posted,
but since I sent the person in charge a text, it'll be changed soon.

And my least favourite character came out.
It's difficult to draw him and the plot gets complicated whenever he's in it.
Ao (frustration), I hate you.
Well, [Koon], if some kind of merchandise comes out,
I think you'll sell out the most, so I love you.

'Gusgus being a FUG member has been decided from the beginning.
Mm... it was actually planned to be foreshadowed when Love reports in,
thinking that [Viole] is a girl is a girl but 'Gusgus refers to him as a guy in his reply;
however, I thought that would have made it too obvious so I decreased the foreshadowing.
In fact, I'm tired of dragging out time using foreshadowing so..;

Well... in a case such as this test,
Wangnan Team formed + FUG conspiracy is the core content.

I'll take a week break, and the plot will begin to really connect with Part 1 starting from next chapter.
I think the plot will flow towards a direction none of you have expected, haha.

The reason for this hiatus being [only] one week is because after this arc and the next arc,
there is a pretty long arc, so I plan to take another break before then. ^^

In a way, I think it'll be the best arc so far out of both Part 1 and Part 2,
so even I want to see it soon.

Then everyone, see you after two weeks~!

I was thinking of writing this but it seems I actually didn't do it.
The reason Yeon could join Wangnan's team is because Prince and Yeon were originally one team.
They formed a team after Viole left, and if you play close attention,
Prince says that they are "on the same team" when he hands over the soft drink to her.
That is also the reason why Yeon could leave her room. ^^

To be more concise, in a situation where Yeon-Prince-Rapdevil formed one team,
after Horyang eliminated Rapdevil and got Yeon-Prince to join his side,
Tin's room was stolen using Wangnan's connector, so they won the test.
In this chapter's case, I reduced the explanation of the game to the absolute minimum and put all my focus into emphasizing the feelings of the characters,
so you have to read into the details to discover what is being foreshadowed by the game. ^^
Koon came out. It's been a while.
Rachel appeared in one scene too, haha.

The story will really begin in next week's chapter...

well... you'll know when you see it...
I have a near-complete original copy that I really want to show you.
Despite that, I hope you can wait a week.
I'm a pro so I can't show you unless you give me money.
Not the skill of a pro, but the mind of a pro!!

Anyway, after this episode, gradually you'll get the feeling of:
"Ah, so the manhwa will flow in that direction."
If not, never mind.

What's for sure is that it'll get better and better.
I think this is the most important thing.
Where is this manhwa flowing to?
What is the genre of this manhwa...


I'm not sure either.
I thought this chapter was Love and War.

Many people think the current time is 5 years after the end of Part 1 because of the prologue,
but it's actually 6 years later.

Also, 6 years is not a long time in the Tower.
To us it's about 1-2 years?
There are fewer days in the year and people live longer, so time feels different.
As people become Rankers, the difference in their perception of time gets even bigger.

There is a post about time
(I think I posted it about a year ago;),
but there's a slight spoiler in it so it isn't revealed.
Only I can see it.
I'll reveal it later.

The Koon arc and the next arc actually have more reveals about Part 1 than battle scenes.
I guess that's good news for people who like story reveals.

I already told you that once the next two arcs are done there'll be one big arc.
Haha, I think the stuff you've been expecting are all mostly there.

Looks like it'll be fun.

.................if you won an electric fan, please send me a mail...
#104 This chapter states that 6 years in the tower is baout 1-2 for us.
Knot of Wool has ended.
I pondered on how to draw this chapter a lot.
Above all else, I had to draw so that even young readers could understand the relationships between Koon and Rachel, and Baam as well,
and that was a difficult problem...
I think I often run into my limits when I try to solve you readers' problems 'easily'.

Koon Eduan's name was finally mentioned in this chapter,
and I think the day when we'll see the faces of the 10 Family Heads isn't that far away.
However, that doesn't mean they'll all appear at once and go "We are the 10 Heads!! Tadah!!" or anything like that.

Next arc, stories about FUG will come out and Viole will appear again...
next chapter isn't that long either.
This arc had few action scenes, so even if it's just for fun,
I plan to increase the importance of action scenes in the next arc.

It's the Olympics these days so I often tune in to the games when I'm working.
And then I get too focused on them so I can't work(...)
And then thanks to those damned monkeymagic referees I can't work even more(...)
So I have decided to not watch and just check the results.... T-T T-T

However, I am always cheering them on in my heart.
National athletes hwaiting~!
Hwa Ryun came out.

Because I haven't drawn [her] for a month, drawing the Wangnan team, I struggled(...)

This arc is planned to proceed in the format of Present + Reflection on the past.
Of course I can't tell you what will happen,
but it seems information on FUG and Viole's past will be revealed sooner than you all think.

But actually, my thoughts on story progression speed differ greatly from what you readers think,
so I can't guarantee anything ^^;;

Personally, I find it difficult to get into the minds of characters like Yihwa,
maybe because of that, there is a slight awkwardness to her dialogue and actions.
It could be my limits as a male artist...
I will try but it seems it is not an easy problem to solve.

The weather is hot in Korea so watch your health.
See you next week ^^
Just kidding.

Actually, my condition was the worst while drawing this chapter--
I had headaches due to the heat and I was low on energy.
I was working on the plot but I couldn't think of anything as my mind blanked out.
After I grabbed my notepad and got a grip on my mind, it was already 3 days to the deadline kekekekeke.

In the end, I couldn't sleep and had two nosebleeds...
it was truly the worst experience.

To Mr. Global Warming, who gave me this experience,
I want to send a Siberian mountain-sized fuck-you. ^^
I was considering taking a week's break for the sake of work,
but it hadn't been very long since I took a week's break(...)

So I ended up drawing the rough copy like a company worker who had to write his yearly report at a bad time haha.

I'll end my personal ranting there.

(One day I shall get sick and take a break.)

In this chapter, I revealed the reason why FUG approached Baam,
although it's something you would've noticed if you read carefully.
In shorter words,

"Due to a contract with the Guardians, Zahard cannot be killed unless you are an Irregular".

Ha Jinsung, who appeared in this chapter, is from the Ha Family.
In terms of the family tree, he is waaaaaaaay above Yuri.
As expected form a Ha Family member, he is good at martial arts and is very strong. Haha.

Actually, besides Regulars, only people with permits can enter the Regulars' district.
Hwa Ryun was only able to enter and bring Ha Jinsung along because she is a special Guide;
Rankers and High Rankers are actually forbidden from associating with Regulars.
Of course, FUG is a random bunch so they don't care about the rules. ^^

Actually, I was going to throw all the past events in the next chapter,
but it looked like most of you readers wanted a speedy advance in plot so it looks like I'll include just a little bit of reflection on the past and focus on the Wangnan team.
In fact my condition is bad these days so the length of chapters may decrease.

Then, please read and love the chapter next week too, and I must go to sleep. ㅠㅠ
The FUG arc ended.
Actually, I was planning to continue this into the next test in this arc,
but I thought the arc would be too long.
(I thought it would be difficult to get some length out of this.)
So I divided it into two arcs. I think this next test will go short and powerfully(...) ^^
I’m expecting about 6-7 chapters, but I’m not sure.

Although I’m sure you have realized if you read this arc,
the story of Tower of God actually revolves around the 10 Families and Zahard’s past ^^;
Why FUG is trying to kill Zahard,
how Zahard became the King of the Tower,
why Mirchea Luslec wanted to make Baam a Slayer,
all of these will be revealed one by one (as well as stuff about Zahard’s Princesses).
I’m thinking these will be explained over a long period of time in Parts III and IV ^^

Karaka made an appearance (although that was just a silhouette).
Karaka is a character that will appear often in Part II.
Of course, by often, I mean often for a Ranker ^^;;

Next test, a pretty interesting character will appear.
It’s fine to anticipate that character, since I’m expecting many readers to take an interest in the character.
Honestly, this test is nothing but ground bait for the next arc. Haha.
I think you’re feeling the scale grow bigger and bigger.
And the bigger the scale gets, the more I die(...)

I must complete the story before I die TT TT

Character Guide
I opened the post on Mirchea Luslec to the public.
If you’re curious, please take a read.
I don't have much to say,
and anything I say will probably end up as a spoiler...

I get a lot of questions about Part I and Part II characters,
but as I've been telling you since a long time ago,
Tower of God is a manhwa that switches the main characters every arc.
It has a slightly different plot style from most other sohnyun (shōnen) battle themed comics,
so please understand, even if it's a little uncomfortable.

By the same principle,
Wangnan's team members from Part II aren't completely the main characters either.
It takes a long time to climb the Tower,
and no one knows what might happen on the way ^^;
Actually, the chances of a Regular becoming a Ranker are smaller than the chances of winning a lottery.
Many Regulars fall, but someone always goes up.

the character who appeared at the end of the chapter...
I can't tell you much yet,
but he's an idiot among idiots.
If you want to see that guy’s face,
you’re gonna have a tough time, haha.

In this chapter, we briefly saw some techniques that utilize Lighthouses;
Actually, those were originally planned to appear in the first battle scene with Viole.
They were left out for story flow, but as I told you in the beginning of Part II,
the characters in Part II are all Regulars who’ve climbed up to the 20th Floor or higher,
so their skills aren’t that useless.
If you look at their average skill levels, the Part II characters are obviously better ^^.

As the story develops, battles that utilize positions,
such as combinations like Light Bearer-Spear Bearer and Scout-Fisherman will come out one by one,
so I think for those of you who are anticipating battle scenes,
it’d be more fun if you read while focusing on these parts ^^.

I think that many of you will correctly guess the identity of the Pink Pig that appeared in this episode.

Starting from this arc, the centre of the story will begin to move from Wangnan to Viole.
Also, I think the story will begin to move into the central plot at the same time.

Many readers seem to think that I have no greed for money, possibly due to the thing with the Audio Drama last time,
but I actually have a huge greed for money, and I have a lot of thoughts about making money with Tower of God.
However, I’m only going to make money when the method and the deal are right.
I’m extremely selfish and dogmatic when it comes to copyright.
I also believe this is an obvious attitude for any artist.

(The work for the book is only getting delayed,
and I’ve already made the contract. ^^)

P.S. 2
Also, I’m hoping that no more bad talk about the Audio Drama will come out.
Although I did end up posting an article like that because it turned out this way,
I have no plans to disturb those people’s futures, and I instead want to encourage them.
Of course there was a mistake in terms of how it was done, but it’s alright as long as they don’t do it again.
Of course, I would be thankful if the rest of you Voice Story people be careful and give some thought into this as well.
Then, I also hope that you’ll all encourage and listen to VS’ next Audio Drama.
I will no longer post on this matter,
and I hope no more talk about this will show up on the café or anywhere else.
Thank You.
Hello, this is SIU.
I think many readers will expect an afterword, so I'm posting this.
A close friend passed away so I think it'll be difficult for me to write an afterword. I've always tried to draw manhwa and greet you guys with a smile on my face, even if personal things happened, but today that's not so easy for me. Sorry.
I'll return with a brighter appearance after I sort out my feelings. ^^
Thank you for always cheering me on.
I had planned out for the chapter to be longer at first, but a lot of things had happened so we couldn’t finish in time. I’m very disappointed as well. Apologies.
Hmm... the hip-hop boy that recently came out had good response although I was wondering if it was okay to send out such a guy... haha.
The character is revealed more in the later chapters, so just don’t mind this chapter too much and just please accept him as he is. ^^
Because of hip-hop boy(...)I got a lot of questions about the 10 gaju, and one of them is coming out on the next episode.
Please look forward to it... and you’ll be disappointed so let’s not do that.
As I’ve informed you, this chapter is not very Long. But because of this we might have a very
long chapter soon.
I heard the typhoon was coming, so please achieve that day off from school... jk.
Take care of your homes, and I hope that it won’t be too much of a trouble on you.
Thank You.^^

Right now, Zygaena’s flipped his body again.
You can tell if you look at Mazino’s position from when he first appeared ~hehe
Hip-hop boy is the most searched word...



I really can't understand your tastes.
Do you love nipples or something.

Well anyway, this chapter was actually a compressed form of 1.5 chapters,
so I deeply regretted my decision of not taking a break last week crying tears of blood...

I actually thought about extending it to 2 chapters,
but that would make the story waaay too slow, so I just went ahead with this.
Besides, even if I make the battle scene longer, all we would get is the hip-hop boy doing windmills...
So I just worked on the verge of becoming a zombie...

My assistant Sweet Pea, who helped me a bit with colouring last chapter,
helped me greatly by colouring most of this chapter.
Of course, we're all people obsessed with pay and beef,
but I would like to thank Sweet Pea once again for taking on work even in the most difficult of times.
Please cheer on ^^

Although we do work by taking parts like this, basic colouring is just literally filling the page up with colour,
so it doesn't affect the style of the drawing, or the end result. ^^
Rather, it gives me more time to work on the main thing and increases the chances of the end result being better,
so you don't need to worry about that.

Starting from next chapter, we'll be wrapping up this arc, and then I'll take a short break.
After that, we'll slowly cross over onto the much-anticipated BIG arc.
Please anticipate it, and have a nice week ^^

Although some of you may have noticed,
Urek is a bluff addict.
It's terminal.
On top of that, he's actually super strong, so there's no way to fix it, either...
I wonder if you're having a nice Chuseok.
After a tour of the main house (house of the eldest son of the family) and greeting guests, I went straight back to work...
holidays are very brutal days for Webtoon artists. This is the first time I've disliked longer holidays (...)

Well... anyway,
This chapter is a seriousness + comedy chapter.
From the beginning, the Part II characters' concepts were "Ordinary but charming after a while",
so I strongly encourage you readers to find a kind of charm in characters that look like vegetable salesmen.

Who knows. They might give you lettuce or radishes once in a while...
Besides that, it seems Baam is popular wherever he goes.
Yeon's cooking... gets burned before you can decide whether it's good or bad.
Very crispy.

Then please enjoy what's left of your holiday, and I hope you eat a lot of Chuseok food too ^^
Finally, the first storyline of Season 2 has ended.
As previewed, the second season is divided into few large storylines and within them, smaller arcs.

The next story will be based on the Workshop. Simply put, it's a gathering of the engineers who make items. Because it is in the middle area, the next story will slowly reveal the middle area as well ^^.
Because the flow of time is so long in Tower of God, 1 or 2 years might seem as if it's nothing, and that's true.
To Regulars, 1 or 2 years isn't that great of a time period. Actually after they have become E-rank Regulars, there are plenty of those who hippity hop play around 3-40 years until they take the test again.

Karaka was originally set to not appear with a mask but ^^;
Since there has been so many new faces these days, I've decided
"Hey, you should be mysterious", so he came out as one who was "pissed at Ha Jinsung and wore a mask..."
So I edited the scene in which he appears in the previous chapter. The face will eventually be shown as intended, so don't worry too much. Hehe.
Because of this chapter ,I'm sure many people will start saying, "Isn't Wangnan's ring a novelty toy?", "Isn't Karaka's ring a novelty toy?" But... well, if you watch a bit longer, you'll find out. ^^

Actually, after finishing this chapter, I planned to take a break, but after talking to Naver, making some in-between stories before taking a break would make more sense, so I've decided to do so.
So, 2 in-between chapters, break → Main story. I think I'll do it like that^^
I plan to make the in-between stories more relaxed, but I'll also be trying to give the chapters that all of you want, so please enjoy them. ^^
Then, see you next week~

Leesoo changed clothes. If you look closely, there is a subtle difference. I did what I could for Leesoo.
I thought about the many things that I could do with this chapter,
and I decided that I wanted to show more of the relationship between FUG and Viole; so, I chose to draw Viole's past for this extra chapter.
I hope I explained things that I didn't adequately explain in the main series.

I become very annoyed whenever I draw a character whom I haven't drawn for a long time;
but interestingly, I don't feel that way when I draw Baam. Perhaps it's because he's the character whom I'm most used to drawing.

There's something that many readers misunderstand.
Baam's talent is definitely amazing, but it's not 'matchless'. He has weaknesses as well ^^
FUG didn't capture Baam because of his talent, but rather due to his Irregular title.
This means that they chose the side with the slightest possibility.

I think the Workshop Battle will maintain a bright mood, so I talked about a darker (...) story before it.
My heart aches to put the main character through so much suffering.

I tried planning out concepts for things like four-cell cartoons, short anecdotes, and parody scens;
however, I felt that it's not what most readers want, so I decided to put them aside.

I'll reveal them later when I feel more free.

Next week, a comedy with the characters who played comic relief roles in Part I will take off.
Though, I'm just calling it a comedy, and it probably won't be that funny (...)
I hope you enjoy it^^
"I'll return after 2 years'.. I mean 2 weeks' break. ^^
Thank you for always cheering me on."

I was actually planning to introduce them later in the story, but they ended up appearing in the first story.
In fact, this extra chapter was planned in a rush due to a myriad of reasons ^^;;
It was an extra unlike usual extras. Haha

During the crossover from Part I to Part II, as well as during the end of Completing Fences,
I didn' t get much rest because I was busy planning for the following arcs, so I was thinking that I'd take a few months break,
work on some other stuff, do a lot of preparations, and above all, rest as much as I needed and come back...

...but somehow I ended up with only a 2 weeks break.
Actually, I agreed with the editor that the 2 extra chapters would be filler, but filler my ass.


Seems even fillers are for people who have experience with fillers (...)

Where is my dreamlike break...


Anyway, see you soon.

If, by any chance, there are those of you who are curious of my daily life during the 2 weeks, just come to my Twitter or Me2day.

Thank you~
It's been a while since I wrote an afterword.

Um... I thought about many things as I composed the story this time.
I don't think I should tell you much when you've only seen the prologue,
but in any case, I contemplated many things, and I haven't concluded anything yet. ^^;

Right now, I think I'm going through some 'growing pains' as an artist.
But I think that these pains are proof of the fact that I'm taking my work seriously, so in a way I'm happy as well.

I've become used to social networks by consistently using Me2day and using Twitter here and there,
(although from today on, I think it'll be difficult for me to use them often)
and I tried to integrate my feelings from my social networking experience into my work.
You've probably already noticed that 'chatting' will play an extremely important role in this arc.

I just began, but the rating is so low haha. I'll take it as an encouragement for me to work harder.
But I really like this chapter T_T

Then please enjoy the upcoming story ^^

See you next week~^
It's just because he got a little gloomier (...) in Part II,
but by the original plot, Koon is very mischievous, adventurous and curious...
if there's something like that, he just tries it out...
that's his style.
It's just because he doesn't have anyone to do these things with in Part II.

Emile, as a system, is essentially an evolved version of the "SimSimi" app.
It's a system that asks and answers,
but Emile also has the amazing ability to analyse and absorb information ^^
The truth behind Emile will probably be revealed at the latter half of the arc.

As shown in this chapter, Dan is the fastest member of Koon's team.
(However, Ran has greater mobility in battle ^^;)
As you guessed, Ran is from the Koon Family.
I get a lot of questions asking if Novick is from the Ha Family, but he's not.
He's from a Family that split off from the Ha Family.

This arc is relatively long, so it'll be better if you read it with a relaxed attitude as opposed to a hasty one.
There are many issues to be resolved in this arc,
so instead of messing it up hastily, I plan to do this slowly and properly, haha.

Please look forward to next week as well~
Thank you~
This chapter looks like it doesn't have much plot, right?
Correct. Not much plot.

A few readers told me that after coming into Part II,
the story unravelling quickly and the scale of events getting bigger does make it fun,
but also makes it complicated and difficult to follow,
so you can see this chapter as an attempt to control the rate of plot development.
Thanks to that, it seems to have become a chapter with a traditional pattern and fun.
Two new characters were introduced, so there's a need to get used to them as well haha.
Well... the story will fly in a direction you'd have never expected next week(...)
So I think it's okay to take a rest this week.

Quaetro Blitz, who was introduced in this chapter, is from the same family as Quant (Blitz Family).
Many people misunderstand due to Quant's reputation,
but the Blitz family is famous for producing Hwayeomsa.
The downside is that there are many retards...

You could say that Chang Blarode is an A-Rank Fisherman amongst the correct E-Rank Regulars.
These two characters will have recurring roles.
(Quaetro's gender will be revealed later. Haha)

This arc will be strongly focused around battles between Regulars, so those of you who like Regulars will happily enjoy the read.
Then, please look forward to next week.
I'm gonna go eat some chicken.

Because you have more baangs doesn't necessarily mean you're stronger ^^
This is Season 2, Chapter 41 of Tower of God.
Well... some of you may be wondering why the plot is suddenly going off on a tangent, but in fact,
the story of the Devil of the Right Arm links to the Workshop Battle.
Of course, Horyang is also a character that is related to the Workshop.

Starting next chapter, the story of the Devil of the Right Arm will begin,
and I think it'll flow naturally to the Workshop Battle. ^^

Well, I can't say anything big because we're beginning,
but I guess this is the beginning of the meeting of the Regular Teams, perhaps?
Ah, this arc is related to the thing inside Viole's body, to some degree haha.

Starting next week, the manhwa will probably proceed with a focus on the story instead of battles for a few chapters,
but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do a good job.
In fact, it's also what I want to be the best at,
and I think it's the thing that a manhwa artist must be best at.
I want to keep challenging new things even if I have to fail a little.

Also, the weather is cold, so stay healthy. See you next week ~
The Devil of the Right Arm arc has begun.
I don't think this arc will be very long.
It leads to the Workshop Battle anyway;;

Horyang's earlier reaction to the lobster and his way of talking
implies that he knows more about it than others...
for those of you who read more carefully, it may have been a predictable storyline, haha.

Ignition Weapons (especially the Thirteen Months) play a big role later on,
so I think I'll explain them to some degree in the Workshop Battle and move on.
Of course, it's a little early for them to make their appearance ^^

Instead of thinking that all Ignition Weapons have souls,
it's probably more accurate to say that they're created using a special kind of Shinsoo.
As for the creation process, that'll come as the story develops... haha.

If the final content of Part I was the portrayal of the Tower's already existing powers
and of how one has no choice but to obey the laws of the Tower,
Part II as a whole is planned to portray becoming independent of those laws and powers,
so I would appreciate it if you read with a focus on that aspect. ^^

I heard it's exam period, so students, please have strength,
and I hope you all get good results.

Thank you~
See you next week~
Now I feel like the team assembly is almost done
and the real story of the Regulars will begin. Haha.

About Baam's power-up (...) at the end of Part I,
it seems that many readers thought it was
a natural result of Baam's talent and ingenuity
so they didn't find it suspicious.
It seems you underestimated me...

If Horyang takes out the Devil, he's incredibly strong.
Among the Regulars, there are not many
who can beat Horyang in that state in terms of raw power.
Of course, there are few problems, too. Haha.

When I just begun Part II,
I had to start all over so it was very tough
and I know many readers also felt very uncomfortable,
but now the story is becoming focused and more than anything,
the characters have found their places so I think
I'll be able to truly progress the story of the Regulars ^^
I hope the hardship I underwent was worth it.

Please be careful with the cold going around~
See you next week~
So Horyang and Ran met.
Actually, I was considering complicating the plot to make it unclear whether they would run into each other or not, but I just decided that it was unnecessary and just went ahead with it.
Because I wanted to focus team Wangnan on a family-like mood from the beginning, you may feel that this has a different feeling from 'teams' seen in the typical sonyun (shōnen) manhwa. Rather than gathering to fight, growing closer to each other after travelling together ...;
On top of that, it's a team with a great variety of age and gender. The reason for team Wangnan team seeming to be 'lacking' is probably that although they feel like a family, they are still hiding their pasts and affiliations from each other.
Compared to that, team Koon is a little different. In a way, they are the standard 'team' you see in Sonyeon manhwa. Haha.
expect that no matter in what way the two teams meet, they'll have good synergy. Haha. Now that I look at it, tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Everyone, please enjoy a Merry Christmas with your friends and family ^^
It's busy now that it's the end of the year. T_T
Now that I've had plenty to play, I think that if I don't focus and work,
something terrible will happen. Hehe.

I had a bit of difficulty with the length of this chapter because of mixed orders.
I tried to make it a bit longer, but accidentally blew one of the files in the middle ^^;;
In the end, I resorted to a shorter chapter in order to deliver.

To meet the new year, I've also changed the thumbnail ---
Actually, with the new arc, I thought of changing it ---
But somehow only got to change it now. ^^
I'll probably change the thumbnail here and there during the 2nd volume.
You see, I like changing these things.

From the next chapter, story development will be on fire.
Then with the closing of the New Year ^^
See you next year~

P.S. I'll be sure to upload the gossip next year. Hehe.
I trusted Google Translate, but I'm not sure about how it turned out.
I tried to use the shortest sentence,
so I tested a bunch of things and that's what I got.
Putting the grammar and what-not beside, I hope I successfully delivered the message of "You fell into my trap" correctly.
I asked a friend overseas, and they can easily understand what it means.
A foreigner got it too, so I'm sure it'll be fine...

Actually, as I was drawing this chapter,
I felt that many elements may become ignored or criticized for being pointless because many people focus on 'Baam and Koon's reunion',
but I think I ended up adding far fewer of those than expected.
...but still, the focus of this arc is Horyang and Cassano... T_T
Please give them some attention too.

Anyway, Cassano made his appearance,
and The Devil of the Right Arm arc is entering it's latter half.
As I've been saying for a while now,
this arc is like an opening for the Workshop Battle arc,
(You'll probably see why I've been saying this at the end of this arc)
but I've also prepared things that will bring many changes to the story ^^
So I hope you enjoy it as much as possible.

Thank you-
See you next week~!
Since the first scene where Cassano appears,
it seems that I'm unable to breath with my nose...


Actually, I've been so confused about Cassano and Horyang's lefts and rights since Cassano came out that I keep drawing and checking and fixing;;
It seems I wasn't educated properly in kindergarten.;;;

The Maschenny-style Lightning Spear technique that Ran uses is a Lightning Style technique invented by Maschenny Zahard,
who made an appearance a while ago.
It's a technique that turns Shinsoo into a spear,
so it grants the advantage of being able to take the Spear Bearer position without being armed with spears.
(Compared to ordinary shinsoo manipulation techniques,
Lightning Spear techniques are much faster and have higher accuracy.)
As it allows one to participate in both short and long-range battles,
it is considered to be one of the 'ultimate spear techniques'.

The Maschenny-style Lightning Spear technique is only passed down in Maschenny's branch of the Koon Family,
(in Ran's case, due to the Lightning Spear technique,
his ranking as a Spear Bearer is higher than his ranking as a Fisherman.)
However, after becoming a Ranker,
it is very difficult to take on the role of a professional Spear Bearer with the Lightening Spear technique alone.
(Because the level of other Spear Bearers become that much higher)
So later on, they're used more as a support role in close-range battles...
In Maschenny Zahard's case, her lightning Spear technique is faaaaar stronger than a usual High Ranker's spear technique.
In other words, if you have Maschenny on your team,
it's the same thing as having another High Ranker-level Spear Bearer on your Team.
Of course, the only person who can use the Maschenny-style Lightning Spear technique so proficiently is Maschenny Zahard herself ^^;

It's been a long time since I talked so much about the setting.
Please look forward to next week as well ^^

P.S. 1
Ran's technique has a letter missing.
It's "Espada".
I couldn't check because it was sideways.
I'll fix it tomorrow

P.S. 2
Koon's Armour Inventory is an item that has a 'level limit' on it.
It can only be used in places above a certain level.
I had to think a lot about appearances in this chapter.
I put Koon's search side-by-side with Horyang's battle to intensify Koon's situation,
but it was really difficult because I wasn't used to it.
I've come to respect film editors.
It feels like the more I draw chapters,
the more scary and difficult it becomes to try new things.
I'm wondering if the moment that an artist gives up on trying new things is the moment how the style of an artist is established, haha.

Because of the sudden twist in the plot after Cassano's appearance,
I'm worried that the content may have gotten shoddy.
So I also added a long battle scene in the middle.
Of course, they'll all be resolved later,
but I'm also wondering if there was a better way to do this.
Every time I ponder these things, I feel that I still lack experience.

I received a big award this week.
I actually wasn't expecting it;; So I hadn't given it much thought,
but I was informed by many that I had been awarded.
When I first heard the news, I was more taken aback and bewildered than happy,
so I wasn't sure what to say...
I think I received the award not because I'm a great artist,
but because you guys are award-worthy readers.
I'll try hard to one day become an artist who isn't embarrassed of receiving so much attention and love.

Thank you.^^

I think my comment caused confusion this chapter.
Apple is capable of being both a Scout and Light Bearer.
Ran is on the Fisherman Position,
but he's also capable of taking on the role of Spear Bearer,
and Prince carries around Fisherman equipment;
one is not limited to one Position.
We've seen Apple actually use a Lighthouse,
and I think some readers may have been confused as I hadn't put this information in the chapters.
I sometimes think that I put in some content that I may have not explained before,
and I guess this chapter was one of those times ^^
I'll fix the comment so that there's no confusion.
[QC Note: We incorporated SIU's comment that he mentions here into a TL note in the chapter.]
I'll be careful next week~!
This is Volume 2, Chapter 49 where Novick's Hayeol Style
has been corrected to Crimson Bell Technique instead of
what was miswritten as Crimson Soul Technique
(tC Note: this is a translation of SIU's words! Not a comment by us.)
Novick's image... is a bit like that. Strong and powerful.

As you found while reading this chapter,
a Light Bearer + Wave Controller makes a very good combo.
If you just control the Lighthouses well, it increases the number and
amount of shinsoo, and more than anything, becomes an
opponent without a blind spot.

Koon's name comes from the football
player Sergio Leonel "Kun" Agüero del Castillo, so the Koon's Family's
hair and colour, as well as mask colour, follows the scheme
of Argentina's flag (blue), with the blue base. And so the Koon's Family's
skills were also set in Spanish, but... because I don't know anyone who
speaks Spanish I ended up working with Google Translator for it (...)

If there's anyone who can speak Spanish well, I would appreciate an email. Hehehe

As a forenote, there isn't much to write-

Though I say it often, this chapter is a bridge to the next chapter,
so instead of expecting everything to be solved in this chapter,
I hope you think of it as the beginning of something.

Thank you-

tC Note: We knew it was "Kun" and not Koon for some time now,
but for consistency's sake, we keep the double O version.
Do you think we should adapt to "Kun"? This also enters a bit of a
slippery slope as we know the actual spelling of many characters.
But there's a fair chance many of you will rage at some of the actual names,
as some of them are borderline offensive to native
English speakers and/or odd to pronounce...
It was difficult to write the dialogue for this chapter.
The conversation between Koon and Baam was everything for this chapter...
I had to keep their characteristics alive while still allowing the reader to feel their changed situations...
I needed that feeling, but it was difficult...
Even though I am still only learning, I feel that I am very lacking in emotional parts.
Do I have to get older... well I think things like that too.

Xia Xia was this story's dark horse. She's on a rampage.
Just in case you get the wrong idea,
I don't even have a LoL ID hahaha I've only borrowed my friend's ID and played a couple of games with bots.
But it was too fun. So I couldn't make an ID.
I'll make an account when I'm on a break...

I get a lot of questions about the gossip that I began with a good spirit,
but there's been so much change in the story that these days that it's a little risky to write gossip;
I'll continue after the situation clears up to some degree.
And gossip is something I write when I feel like it and not an obligation in any way.
(I think you guys know what this is, kind readers have been posting translations on the forums. The most recent gossip involved Urek appearing on SNSD's "I Got A Boy" album cover, of course.)
The fact this chapter came out on Lunar New Year is completely coincidental...
this is why I wanted to do a special chapter...

Actually, I don't think working on Lunar New Year is very difficult.
I don't have my own household and I work at home,
so I don't have to move around much on this holiday.
However, there are many other manhwa artists who need a big rest,
so I hope releasing chapters doesn't become a huge burden for them.

Starting from this chapter, the courses of characters will gradually change.
I've said this once before,
but I have no intention of starting the Workshop Battle arc with a dark mood.
I think that won't happen, probably. Haha.

Then please enjoy the rest of your holiday,
and I'll see you again when I'm fatter. ^^

There's a popularity contest proceeding on the fan cafe.
Please participate~

P.S. 2
Please refrain from spamming comments on other webtoons.
If you look in the previous chapter, you can see Viole's Pocket flying off.
Although Lighthouses can be used as Pockets in emergencies,
they don't have the same level of simultaneous translation functionalities that Pockets have.
It is more a symbolism problem than a function problem.
A Pocket, in a way, is a kind of 'license' that confirms one's status as a Regular.

Actually, last chapter and this chapter where both due Lunar New Year holidays.
I spread< them out out so I would be avoid taking a break,
so I hope you to understand ^^
I'm thinking that I'll be returning to be the normal chapter length next week.

The Workshop Battle story will properly begin next week,
and within one or two months, all the Regulars will have gathered for the Workshop Battle.
Right now, although I'm painstakingly preparing the games that will be in the Workshop Battle,
I'm actually getting some good ideas,
so even I'm anticipating it ^^

Also, there's a Character Popularity Vote taking place on Fan's Cafe,
so I hope many of you participate.

Now that the seasons are changing,
please be careful not catching a cold.

See you next week
I had some business yesterday, so the afterword is late.
It did take me a long time, but Part I characters have finally returned.
I think you'll have to wait a bit,
longer to see them in active, but hope you still look forward nonetheless.

The reason why Rak got split up from Koon will be explored later on.
Koon started acting like an adult ever since he was a little kid.
This in turn leads him to bear an inner desire to return to chilhood.
Koon is an ironic character in that way.
As an artist, I meticulously draw parts where this is portrayed.
We'll be exploring Koon more deeply in the Koon Family arc which will come latter on,
so I think it'll be fine to just enjoy him as he is for now.

According to my original plans, most of the Part I members were changed,
but because so many of you showed attachment,
I changed the setting to include as many of the original members as possible ^^;
In fact, Tower of God was initially planned to be a manhwa with an extremely hardcore setting,
but as I released it on Naver,
I'm toning such hardcore parts down.
Shall I say it reduces the mental breakdowns? Haha.

Then please look forward to next week,
and stay healthy over the week.
Thank you-
SIU's comment on Naver
Memories of you~ Our past love~
(tC Notes: These are lyrics from the song
"Thorn" by Buzz, a Korean artist duo.
This is also how I know "gasi" refers to "thorn")

SIU's Blogspot on Naver
Become Thorns~ That piece~ Into me~
(tC Notes: The above is a continuation of Buzz's song, "Thorn")

In this chapter, Koon and Wangnan shook hands.
(tC Notes: In Korean "hold hands" also usually directly refers to "team up")

In fact, there wasn't much content but it was a chapter
that was impossible(...) to draw briefly,
it may have been a boring chapter for those too lazy to read...;;
But I think when I'm coming up with the story or releasing the chapter,
these chapters are the most difficult.

It seems that the teams participating in the
Workshop Battle have pretty much been decided,
and it looks like Koon will have to work quite hard.
Will Team Wangnan be able to take on so many other teams
teeming with über-strong characters(...)
Please look forward to it.

Then, to the students who are facing the doom
of the beginning of another school year and
to the workers who are facing Monday,
I will once again run toward my deadline.

See you next week~
This was Volume 2 Chapter 55
For the past few weeks,
I had been drawing chapters to link the two arcs,
but I think I concluded it today.

Tower of God is one of those manhwa that has a very low occurrence of pattern repetition.
On every floor a new background, a new game, and a new story are introduced,
and human relationships (teams) change fluidly.
Although these chapters slow down the plot progression,
I think they're necessary in Tower of God's case.

So I think the story will really start moving along next chapter.
Of course, the Workshop Battle will be an arc full of different characters (haha)
so I'm wondering how I should split up the chapters.

Actually, my wrist hasn't been so well so I'm considering taking a break,
but I think I'll just keep going for now.

Then please look forward to next chapter too~

I hope you spend a fun week.

Thank you.
The traveller has finally made an appearance.
You could say that he's the character who holds the key to this arc.
I checked the comments and saw people mentioning Bleach,
but as I've said before, I don't read Bleach;;;

Although the story focused around Koon and Team Wangnan up to last chapter,
the Workshop Battle story has actually been planned to resolve around Team Viole.
I kinda felt like the story recently got a little out of focus
because I tried to progress so many things at once;
For now, I plan to take the story step by step,
even if that means slowing down the progression.
Well, I'll have to accelerate the progression at some point anyway ^^;

Then please look forward to next week's as well,
Thank you


There's a lot of talk around,
so I'll include an image of Traveller's sword, a nipper.

Rather than piercing,
it is used to grab a target and shock it using Shinsoo.
That's why the top and bottom colours are different.
In the Tower of God setting,
there aren't many characters carrying around gigantic 'swords'.
I searched up some stuff about Bleach,
but I don't think there are that many similarities besides the colour, haha.
I guess they look similar from a distance,
but please don't be mistaken.
So the game begins.

Compared to the tests up until now, which were more like rough tests for survival,
the Workshop Battle will be composed of more casual games.
Of course, they're still for survival...
well, the concept itself are games that friends could play together,
although a mistake could kill you (...)

Every time I plan a new game, I think that this is simply not for human beings.
As expected, I have fun every time I do something new...
although I'm a bit afraid of how people react to changes, I also look forward to them.
It was surprisingly difficult to gather data for the gun in this chapter.
If by any chance some of you own a good replica gun, please contact me.

Yes, Hatsu is carrying Laure.
Laure is too tall, so he carries him upside-down.
I'm not sure, but I think he said he found a way to prevent blood from rushing down to his head
and therefore enjoy a peaceful sleep by utilizing the flow of Shinsoo or something.

Then, please look forward to the game that will begin next chapter,
and have a nice week.

Thank you~
It's April Fools, so I was going to say that I was taking a break,
but I was afraid that no-one would believe me when I actually go on break later,
so I couldn't.

Well... as I work, I think of Part I a lot of these days.

If you think about it in terms of storyline,
Part II has a lot of the battle manhwa elements portraying Viole as an über character,
so it's not difficult to get good ratings and not very difficult to create the plot either,
but I remember gruelling over writing the plot for Part I, and every day was like hell (...)

But that hell has returned.
Koon and Leesoo have returned hand in hand.

I feel like I'm back in Part I, haha.
It's difficult, but I guess I could say the nervousness is good for me...
I kinda felt that if I finish this arc successfully,
I'll truly know what kind of manhwa I am meant to draw.
Thinking that it'll be a good experience even if I fail slightly,
I still continue to draw.

The story hasn't proceeded much,
so it'll be find if you read patiently. Haha.

The weather's getting nicer,
so have a nice weekend and please look forward to next week.

Thank you~

Right now, Anak is equipped with Spear Bearer equipment.
As for the spear she's holding, most E-rank Regulars find it difficult to raise,
even with two hands.
If you don't show up on time for your date, you get shot.

A word of consolation to those of you who expected a battle in this chapter.
Personally, I believe Tower of God is a work that goes Story>Game>Battle in order of importance.
Well, that doesn't mean I plan to be lacking in any of those,
of course ^^;

In terms of story, the earlier part of the Workshop Battle is completely different from the later part,
so I think I'll move on once I'm done refining the relationships between characters in the beginning.
It seems that the main story will begin to develop once this game is over.
I'm looking forward to the material, so I hope it turns out to be fun.
One of the strongest enemies will make an appearance, too. Haha.

I think I'll be taking a one-week break once this game is over.
I think there's no choice because my wrist is in fairly bad shape,
so even at this very moment I'm drawing with much difficulty...
once I've decided, I'll let you know then.

Then please look forward to the next chapter,
and have a nice week~
A wild Hatsu appeared!

Seeing recent events,
it seems that Androssi would make tremors as she walks on the ground. Haha
Although this doesn't fully apply to Androssi because she's not from one of the 10 Families,
it is common to see a Princess who has the blood of one of the 10 Families
and the power of Zahard to have basic physical capabilities that exceed those of a Ranker.
A notable case is Yuri Zahard (the Ha Family is known to have strong bodies).
However, they do get stronger when they become a Ranker due to experience,
contracts with Guardians and Shinsoo renforcements. ^^

One of the biggest differences between a Ranker and a Regular
are the contracts with the Guardians.
This is going to be discussed in detail
when we take a look at the balance of power later in the story.

Well, for now, just remember that among Regulars,
Androssi is unmatched in terms of physical ability.

These days, I've been unfolding the story in several directions,
so I've been putting a lot of time into distributing the length of chapters to each part of the story accordingly.
I think I've redone the outline two or three times now.
I'm trying my best to make the content as organized and fun as possible. ^^

Although those of you who have been reading up until now would noticed already,
in this game, the gun is one blow that destroys the balance,
nothing more, nothing less.
Of course, that's the important part.~

We'll be seeing a large number of battle scenes,
so it looks like I'll have to work extra hard, haha.
We haven't had many battles recently,
but it looks like we'll see a lot more very soon.

Then please look forward to next week's chapter and have a nice week ^^

Thank you~
My wrist is bad these days.
I thought a human hand would have a sturdy wrist.

Looks like Hatsu has brought a rose knife.
(tC Notes: That's a running gag on the Korean Internet;
these rose-patterned kitchen knives are said to be cut metal pipes)
Hatsu has hardened his swords to the limit by reinforcing them with shinsoo,
so contrary to what he said, a few things have changed. Haha.

Ran vs. Anak is the 'messy match' amongst E-rank Regulars.
Although Ran is slightly taller, the difference is not too great.
Ran and Koon are from the same family,
so they refer to each other by given name;
it seems Ran just calls Koon, "AA".
Although Koon is a little older than Ran,
the difference in their age is not noticeably great either.

The blog has been quiet these days,
but I'm planning for an update in the setting section.
It's not going to be related to this arc;
I think I'll be adding info for FUG, and specifically the profiles of Slayers.

Then have a nice week,
I heard it's exam season for students,
and I hope you prepare well.
See you next week.

Thank you ^^
You gotta be like Viole to get levels faster.

The prodigal Viole has returned.
I considered dragging Anak and Ran's fight longer...
(It's fundamental for such a fight to take up two or more chapters in most sonyun manhwa.)
However, as expected, I decided to stay loyal to the game rather than the battle.
On top of that,
I kinda feel like I keep forgetting the true style of my manhwa...

The technique Ran used in this chapter can only be used in small
and somewhat enclosed spaces due to its range and specificity.
Of course, if used by a Ranker with excellent shinsoo management capabilities,
it can summon natural disasters like hurricanes ^^;;
That requires a contract with the Guardian,
so it seems Ran stil has a long way to go haha.

This chapter was somewhat short,
but it will be like this for the next few weeks.
After that, I'll be on break~
I'll be returning when I've improved my condition a bit.
Although I've been recommended to get a wrist surgery,
it seems I'll need a few more examinations before I get the full details ^^;
I have a lot of things I need to do during the break, as well...
But as expected, I want to finish this arc without any long breaks in between.

Also, for those of you who're students,
I hope you get great results on your exams,
and I wish you a good week.

Thank you ^^
Maybe this is a comedy manhwa.

The events of this chapter were actually going to be included in last chapter,
but I wasn’t confident in my ability to handle all that work,
so I divided it into two.
Thanks to that, the plot progression seems to have slowed down.
If this was past me,
I would have been determined to pull all-nighter to finish it huhuh.
Although you guys probably feel the same way,
I get frustrated when my body doesn’t listen to me while drawing.
I’ve realised the importance of taking care of my body these days.
I think I’ve gotten better recently after regularly visit the hospital,
I hope I can return in good shape soon ^^.

Today was Children’s Day, and I hope you guys enjoyed it.
It’s on Sunday, so I actually feel it may have lost its meaning keke.
I hope you had a nice day.

I'm planning to change the neighbour-exclusive< materials on the blog to public view very soon.
As for the Slayer candidates profile,
I’ll be organising and posting them over the break.

Then please enjoy this week, too.
Please look forward to next week.

Thank you ^^.


This game (arc) has about 2 chapters left.
Honey is sorry.

Viole is fighting well alone against many enemies.
Story-wise, it's inevitable but the plot has been quite frustrating^^;;
So I reduced the psychological presentation and emphasized the action side.
When drawing scenes like this, the artist works with feelings similar those of readers,
so the drawing is actually more difficult haha.

The length may seem shorter because there's so many battle scenes,
but the length is actually not that short.

The technique "Reina", used by Verdi in this chapter,
comes with a myriad of limits.
Viole only fell to it because Leesoo's team went all-in on this plan.

Also, this item has no effect on Regulars above a certain level,
and has no effect on Rankers at all.
(As I mentioned before, Items have level requirements.)

Now there's a bit of this game left,
and the plot progression is about to get a move on as well,
so please look forward to it and see you next week!
I have decided to take a 2-week break due to a bad wrist.
I'll try my best to return in a healthy condition.

I don't know if you noticed,
but the progression of this game was focused on the meeting of Part I and Part II characters and their relationships.
On top of that, most of the important plot events are concentrated in the second half of this arc ^^;
starting next chapter, the mood will shift significantly,
as I've already told you.

What I am focusing on the most as I draw the Workshop Battle is the utilisation of many characters.
I have to express each character's charms as possible,
and rather than extra characters that are just for making the protagonist look good
or cliché characters that die at the hands of the boss character,
I want to draw then to be individual characters,
each with their own history.
That's why next goal is to make the readers think "Fun" and "Get into character" no matter what character is the main character.

Now, most of the relationships between characters have been established,
and the real fun begins nest chapter,
but unfortunately I have been forced to take a 2-week break.

Although it's difficult for me to exactly say what´s with my wrist,
more than anything it's to the point of greatly affecting my work,
so I had no choice but to make this decision.
Please understand TT TT.

Although I will sadly be taking 2-week break,
I will keep you updated and I will organize and post materials that I couldn't post before,
so please don´t be disappointed,
and I will appreciate it if you wait a little longer for the next chapter.

Thank You!

I also thank Naver Webtoons,
who advised me to take 2-week break.
Summer should be spent cooly.

I always feel this way after a break,
but 2 weeks sure go by fast.
Time flies like when on vacation.

First of all, after getting my wrist checked up in detail,
it seems that a surgery will be difficult to avoid,
so I think I may have to take a long-term break after this arc.
I hope I'll be able to complete this arc without overdoing it. ^^

Now all that's left to do is to organize the stories introduced since the beginning of Part II
and present them to you in an enjoyable way,
but that's not easy to do haha.
Drawing manhwa is hard.

The setting for this chapter was the cool atmosphere of a swimming pool,
but because it revolved so much around Androssi,
it kinda felt like an Androssi swimsuit special...

this was actually the first time I drew a bikini.
It's hard.
Guys are easier.

The host duo introduced in the beginning is indeed a Daft Punk parody.
Of course, everything besides the concept is original.
They released a new album and they kinda fit, so I put them in.
They look really evil.

I'm working very hard on the information regarding Slayers,
but I have more work than expected, so it's being delayed.
I'll reveal them as soon as I finish typing them up.

Well then, it's getting hotter and hotter, so beware of heatstroke,
and see you again next week.

Thank you~
So Rak and Koon finally met.
Although it's not a huge shift in terms of storyline,
its indeed a chapter with important changes in the emotions,
so I spared some length.
Then again, I'm not sure if I distribute it across the chapter well, haha.
It's very difficult to draw slides with only talking.
Difficult to draw on the entertainment side, too.<br /
Because I tend to fit the story of Tower of God to the frame of a sonyun manhwa,
I sometimes worry when I draw parts like this,
and think things like "I do want to draw it, but will it be okay?" as well.
However, I actually haven't decided on one genre to draw according to,
so I plan to try everything I want to try the way I want.
Who cares

There's a limit on Neighbour Reveals as well

P.S. - 1
Although I revealed information about FUG Slayers,
I still left it only revealed to Neighbours.
Although there's a lot of talk about Neighbour Reveals,
what I worry about the most is that readers who don't want to see it may see it when I reveal it to the public.
Because the information on Neighbours are spoilers to some degree,
I think that if readers came onto the blog and accidentally read such information,
it might not be the most pleasant thing.
For this reason, I've left it only revealed to Neighbour request,
but because I only recently learned that Naver blogs have a limit on the number of Neighbours you can have,
I'm in a difficult situation now.
So I'm not stopping people from taking the information on Neighbours
so that people who want to see the information will be able to search it up
(although it's difficult to completely allow it due to copyright matters,
I'm not stopping you).
On top of that, in spite of all this,
the reason that I brought up the idea of making the post public
is because I've become too stressed about this matter.
Each day, I received several pages of hate mails and notes,
and bad opinions about the problem started to arise all over the place.
(Someone even said that I only accepted requests from people I was close with)
Of course, it's also my fault that things ended up this way π π,
so I'm not saying that I'm falsely accused.
In conclusion, I do not want this info to become public.
This is not because I don't want to show you the information,
but rather to only reveal it to those who want to see it.
I don't want all of my readers to read my manhwa thinking,
'based on the given information on the blog'.
As expected, the best way would be to run a separate blog for this background information,
but I really don't have that time π π
I think it'd be best to receive someone's help.
I'll try to solve it as soon as possible, so until then,
I'll appreciate it if you found the information by just using wiki or searching it up.

P.S. - 2
It seems the mobile version was uploaded in an uncorrected state;;
The PC version is correct.
I'll send the message for it to be fixed tomorrow

I've decided to put it on a separate background section on the fan cafe.
For now, I've decided that rather than revealing it publically,
it'd be best to put it on a separate space because that would be clean and less burdensome for me,
so I've discussed it with the cafe staff and decided to put it on the cafe.
From now on, you can check the revealed information at the fan cafe.
To the cafe staff who are helping me out in this busy time,
I give my thanks ^^
Well... in a way,
you could say this chapter is the true beginning of the story of Emile.
To focus on the games and battles that will follow,
I intentionally dragged the earlier parts for a long time.
I feel that those of you who were looking forward to the tournament,
it may have been too long of a wait.
Somewhat felt if I added things here and there in between,
the later parts would become too loose ^^;;
In return, I think more emphasis will go into the battle parts.

Lero-Ro appeared for a moment at the end.
I originally planned for Lero-Ro to be the security guard who opens the door for Androssi,
but I pushed his appearance a bit back because I feared that his appearance was too rushed and would be too chaotic.
To make Emile look a little important ^^;;

Everything about Emile's identity will be revealed later on,
but for now, I plan to focus on resolving the relationships between the Regulars.

Then please look forward to the next week, as well.
Have a nice week!
Our little girl changed so much.

I heard it's been 3 years since I released my first chapter.
I'm not the type to place such big importance on things like this ^^;
Regardless, to think that I've been releasing a Webtoon on a big internet portal like Naver for 3 years,
it does make me very proud of myself haha.

Both the betting game and the battle is based around the team tournament,
so the individual matches will end a little quickly.
I think the tournament itself will also be a little different from normal tournaments.

The weather is hot these days,
and with exams on top of that, you must be quite stressed.
I hope you enjoy the Webtoons and get a boost in spirits.

Thanks for congratulating me on my 3rd anniversary.
See you next week.~~
Hello, I'm a rapid growth artist.
Ah... yes...
I accidentally drew Wangnan without the Plug again.
It was definitely in the original copy;;;;
I keep messing it up;
I'll fix it.

Although Prince is a rapid-growth character,
the other characters develop so fast that he unfortunately doesn't seems to be...
I actually don't want to make him very strong.
Strong and cool characters are good,
but I also like human characters who break easily,
so I want to draw both kinds in an attractive way.

This chapter was a little long,
and after my hand got bad, my colouring has changed significantly.
The lines are more prominent and colouring is easier,
so I think for the time being, I'll probably keep drawing like this.

As for the names of Regulars, besides a few characters,
I honestly make them up without meaning.
I don't think you need to put much thought into them haha.

Next chapter the Mad Dog will make an appearance
and the approximate direction of the tournament will become apparent.
I hope you enyou it ^^

Thank you~!
The popular protagonist

Everyone came to the Workshop Battle to meet Baam.
He's a protagonist who is popular in many ways.
The problem is that many of them came to kill him...

I think that the Workshop Battle could be the first time that Viole will do a proper battle.
Until now, he has faced opponents that were either impossible to beat or too easy to beat,
or has fought according to the rules of games.
This will probably be the fist time, I think.

As I've said before,
this arc will contain the most prominent battle elements this far.
Although it depends on preference,
because this is not a story structure that I enjoy using,
I often experience a block while putting the story together.
Some parts where I thought "Is this really good?"
are surprisingly well-accepted by readers,
while other parts where I thought "Great!" aren't taken so well ^^;;
Sometimes, when I think I progressed slowly, people tell me it's fast,
so I want to master it with a learning attitude.
Of course, I should also progress the story with care.
It seems that once the individual matches are finished, the real story will begin ^^
(However, as always,
the thing about action scenes is that even if there's a lot of length,
you read through it faster kekeke)

Well for now it's a peaceful (?) story.
Next week, I think our popular protagonist will participate shortly.
Then please look forward to next week as well ^^
Have a nice week!

Thank you for the fan art for my 3rd anniversary ^^
When I have the time, I'll organize and post them.
The sharp eyes of the Lizard.
I had to leave, but now I'm finally back to write this afterword.
I actually met the deadline on Thursday,
so I'm writing the afterword three days after finishing...
the feeling is always a bit strange.

I wish there was an app like Emile.
Of course, you might end up getting kidnapped by bad people, haha.

For Viole's block,
I thought about it a lot.
What should be the theme?
That sort of thing...

Personally, I don't think Viole is that gentle.
He is kind, but umm... rather then a sense of justice,
it's more like he acts according to he himself thinks and believes.
That's one side of him.
It was planned to be like that from the beginning.

Now, the goal of finding Rachel has become diluted,
so that side of him couldn't be expressed as well,
but I think he was able to show it in this chapter.
In terms of expression, I was going to include more violent scenes,
but that way the story would'have dragged too much,
so I made it a bit sudden ^^;

Starting next chapter, the flow of the story will change.
Please look forward to it,
and have a nice week^^

Thank you~!
Just when you've forgotten it, El-Rak-sico makes a return.
I thought they were on break, but looks like they'll be at it again next chapter.

This chapter stated the Life-is-a Bang rule.
I've been working hard these days so this chapter is more of a break,
and doesn't have much content in it.

A bonus of 300,000 is a great opportunity,
but if you think about it in the other way around,
if 4 or more Gamblers fail after going all in,
you can advance to the next game even if you have a simple point left.

If you consider the fact that the chances of winning the bet are not very high,
it may actually be better to not all in haha.

Well probability is a very untrustworthy thing ^^
The plot from this point on will head in a very unpredictable direction~

This chapter also serves as the midpoint of the Workshop Battle.
Slowly, the battles between characters, the organization of relationships,
the story of Emile, and other things will unravel, so I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you ^^
If you spike your hair up, you get stronger.
Not sure why, but everyone says that.
Although in Ran's case, it's electricity flowing through his body that made it stand up haha.

This Ran-Anak will be a little different from the fights between Regulars so far.
They were different from each the other at birth;;
It's difficult to draw, as well.
Let's take it easy, guys...

After this battle, the individual matches will be wrapped up,
and hidden stories will unravel one by one.

Then please look forward to it,
and I hope to see you next week.
Thank you~!
They say kids grow up as they fight.
But if they fight like that...

The reason why Ran smiled when Anak used shinsoo is that
physical reinforcement become drastically weaker the moment you form a baang.
Performing other physical reinforcement and
baang management is harder than you think ^^;
I actually sent in an edited version that included an explanation about that,
but it wasn't changed.
I'm not sure if it was omitted in between or if it was just my mistake.
I didn't include an explanation at first
because I thought that'd kill the speed of the fighting scene.
I think I need to think about it a little more before I decide
whether it needs to be fixed or not haha.

Although Anak does have a higher baang count than Ran,
you could say that Ran has the upper hand in terms of efficiency.
By the same logic,
it cannot be said that Anak is a better Wave Controller than the Laure of Part 1 ^^
(Out of all Regulars seen so far,
Laure has the best shinsoo management abilities)

Soon, the individual matches will end and a new story will begin to unfold.
Then please look forward to next week ^^
It's really hot, so please stay healthy.
Thank you!
12***: Hyung—nims, please help me at least buy breakfast.
I won't do this stuff next time. 1264—12356—123211
Ko****: Ah, the bets are looking good today. If you send me money,
I'll pay you back tenfold. 21334—21122—3112

I was in bad condition last night,
so I fell asleep without checking if it uploaded;;
well, I'm not terribly ill or anything,
so I don't think you need to worry too much.

Although the contents of this chapter were decided from the beginning,
I hadn't exactly decided on how I would get there,
so it's true that I had some difficulty about the length and story.
Eventually, I decided that instead of progressing it like a basic battle manhwa,
I would finish it in one chapter- like a faster movie—like progression,
and this is the chapter that was completed that way.
Although I am disapointed about a few parts,
I'm expecting to continue the structure of Ran and Anak's rivalry.
So I'll appreciate it if you look forward to the contents coming up ^^

I think there was a lot of talk about what Emile was revealed to have said at the end.
First of all, it seems that many of you are misunderstanding something about Emile.
So I'll organize it briefly for you to understand.

Emile is not a 'machine that tells the truth'.
It's a 'machine that learns from one person and uses it to answer another's question'.
Therefore, until someone tells Emile that "the prize of this Workshop Battle is Viole",
it is impossible to get such an answer from Emile.
Therefore, the fact that other Regulars have not yet heard that
"the prize of this Workshop Battle is Viole" from Emile,
it is not something that could lead to a plot error. ^^
(Also, if someone answers "No, that's not true" to Emile,
Emile may immediately change that answer.)

As you already saw in Emile's conversations,
Emile shows a different reaction depending on the conversation partner.
Hence, it may answer differently depending on whom she's talking to.
If Beta taught Emile to answer that "the prize of this Workshop Battle is Viole" only on his phone,
Emile can function that way.
Other pieces of information also work the same way.

In conclusion,
Emile is not a machine that tells the truth
nor a machine that provides the same answers to everyone.
It can easily be manipulated in various ways. ^^

Next chapter will deal with things about Emile to some degree,
so I'll discuss further in next week's afterword.

I think the central story is finally beginning,
so I'll try to make it as entertaining as possible to make up for the long wait.

Thank you~!

Blog Post Add-on


So Emile was a player.

I feel that some people are even more confused by the afterword.
I wrote it trying to help people understand the Webtoon,
but I needlessly increased the confusion.
Currently, in terms of progressing the Webtoon's plot,
I think it would be good to accept Emile's last words as truth while reading.
(GoDai: What SIU would mean is that in the aftenword for chapter 2.76,
he mentioned that Emile answers based on what she has been told,
and can even say different things to different people.
Some people started saying that Viole might not be the prize for the Workshop Battle,
and that Beta tricked him.
What SIU is saying is that it'd be much better to see that what Emile said is true.)

I drew a Webtoon for advertising a film.
It's a movie called Shadow Hunters but even I haven't seen in yet;;
(GoDai: Shadow Hunters is the title for the Mortal Instruments series in Korea)
I think it'll be good, because the protagonist is very beautiful.
Thanks to Yujin, who helped me with background work,
and to Sweet Pea, who helped with colouring.

It's been a while since we saw Hatsu,
and Lero-Ro also made an appearance.

To be honest, adding emotion to Hatsu's battle scenes is a little difficult.
In fact, Ran and Koon are easier to do in comparison.
So in Hatsu's battle scenes,
I feel like I'm working harder for some reason.;;;

I think there could be some awkwardness due to the plot of this
chapter being completely unrelated to what happened last chapter,
but I decided that it would be good to divide the story here in terms of time flow,
so I tried dividing it.
Because I chose to go with a speedy progression
rather than directly connecting the separate plots,
I think you'll somewhat understand why the story was revealed in this order next week.
I think the Party story will begin next week.

After the party, the Workshop Battle will be entering the second half.
Then please look forward to it,
and see you next week~

Thank you

I make up Hatsu's techniques on the spot.

P.S. 2
In Hatsu's related searches, there's a girl.
Who is this?

P.S. 3
The Patrol Gugua Crab was based on the coconut crab.
Although it's not very powerful for its level,
it has good defence and has a self-destruct function.
I actually increased its level to make Hatsu look good.
The party has begun.
I was not planning on formal clothes, just plain clothes, since it is a deck party,
but public opinion seemed to be party=suit and dresses.
Since this wouldn’t change things much, I decided to do it that way.
And it was easier to draw, too.
This chapter is...
Think of it as a stepping stone for the next chapters.
It will be time for setting up the story before the tournaments.
Also, the complex relations between the teams will become clearer in the VS modes.
For example, the forgotten Mad Dog VS Viole.
Hopefully, it will be interesting.
Please stay healthy until next week~
Thank you~
This protagonist knows when to make an appearance.

So the Gator met Viole.
I don't know how long it's been haha.
I think starting next chapter,
the story will pick up some speed.
After all, I did put in a lot of material into the latter half of this are.
Although I do say latter half, there's still quite a lot left to enjoy, haha.

I think the rules of the development tournament will follow the likes of
Tournament + Traditional RPG + AOS (Like LoL or DotA) + Pokemon.
Should I say that it's a combination of mainstream games,
traditional tournament format and RPG rules?
You proceed as you collect teammates and items haha.
I'm preparing that sort of game.

Items like Bon Bon and the Blood Tamara will act as variables during the Tournament,
so I think it'll also be enjoyable to guess who has which items haha.
Then please look forward to it,
and see you next week~
Nice weather for a tournament.

Drawing manhwa is really difficult.
I felt that as I drew this chapter,
but drawing manhwa is always difficult regardless.

Drawing everything I think and want
doesn't mean that I get a 100% copy of what I wanted,
so I always feel that drawing it all out within a week is really difficult.

I realized that my manhwa has come to fit the moulding of a 'shōnen manha' or a 'popular manhwa' at some point,
so I think it's also true that when I draw things that don't fit that description,
I become very careful.
Especially in a chapter where the emotional portrayal becomes the main subject,
controlling the length is very difficult, as well.
Of course, I didn't intend it to be that way^^;;

Anyway, it's very difficult.
It's even harder to express human emotions and such...
I hope I'll be able to continue to develop my skills.

I wrote that before putting some thought into it beforehand.
I only hope that you all felt content after your week of waiting ^^
Next week, we'll begin the tournament.
I hope you enjoy it. ^^

Then please enjoy your Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) holiday,
and let's come back to see each other a little fatter haha

Thank you ^^
To think that the Chuseok holiday overlapped with the deadline.

So the Team Tournament has begun.

You could say that this chapter was for explanation of rules and preparations,
and starting next chapter, the story will probably cross over to FUG and Mad Dog.

Although you could tell from the tournament rules,
unlike those of usual tournaments,
these rules have many active parts to them.

To be honest,
what I worry about whenever I make these rules
is that many readers dislike such rules.
Responses like "We don't care about rule so show us some fighting" are quite numerous.

However, I think Tower of God
is a Webtoon that emphasizes strategy based on rules,
not just simple fighting.
Even if such elements pose a 'high hurdle’ for many,
I do wish to maintain the unique traits of my Webtoon.
In fact, the chapters that set the rules are the most
worrisome and difficult to draw, for me.

I am trying my best to set and explain the rules as simply as possible,
and if you read them slowly and carefully now,
they could help you enjoy later chapters,
so I hope you do read them, even if they're bothersome.

I have a lot of regrets about this chapter because I worked on it over Chuseok.
I barely rested, but yeah. Haha.

Now the holiday is over, but carry on!
I hope you have a good day tomorrow.

Thank you^^
I am very sorry.
I will try to be less greedy and recover my condition gradually.
Thank you again.

Was a bit late. I apologize.
As an author and a person, I feel as if the past week was the hardest week.
It was also probably the week I visited the hospital more than ever before within a week. hehe

To be honest, I'm not in a condition to continue the work,
but knowing that taking a lengthy break in the middle of the Workshop Battle isn't the best.
So even if the pace is bit too fast,
I have decided to take a break after ending the current episode.

Now the last (and main) part of the story will slowly begin
and even though teams are a bit complicated right now,
by at least 2 chapters in,
the teams will be much more organised and the story will become clearer.
So, as a story and a game, I think it will be much more entertaining.
So I wish that you all read it with joyous mind.

As announced within the Webtoon, I will be partaking in Frankfurt challenge.
I worry for both artistic quality and health by taking biweekly breaks,
but as a representative of many Webtoon artists, I will try my best and return.

Then, see you all again on the 21st.
Thank you.^^

Recruitment of Regulars who failed are still within the set of Regulars who passed the Plug game.
Germany was fun.

Long time no see, everyone ^^
After coming back from Germany, I was under a tight deadline;;
To be honest, I have a lot of regrets about this chapter.

For now, I’m still in the process of organizing many plotlines,
so I think the real game will begin after the story has progressed a bit more
and the two separate matches have become one.

To be honest, I don't like Koon with his mask on,
so I really want to get it off him soon.
I think he'll return to his former self in a few chapters.

The point prices of the characters are assigned rather simply.
They don't necessarily represent their skills in battle or their strategic management.
In fact, there are some that I just decide on whim to some degree.

The Mad Dog is playing an important role but is not making many appearances.
Um... well... you'll learn more about him soon haha

Then please look forward to next week,
and have an enjoyable week.
Thank you ^^
Should I change his name to "the protagonist that gets stronger every time he falls"...?

Seems I managed to write this afterword a bit late.
Apologies T-T

I think there may be a few more occurrences of these in the future so,
I think I'll have to make an apology in advance.

This chapter's contents weren't simple
and because it may have been difficult to understand for those who weren't completely familiar with the last chapter...
I originally intended to take more time to plan it out but due to many reasons,
the initial parts of the tournament was shortened.
The story had some change as well ^^;

Many people may have had a hard time understanding the story,
and for that I feel sorry.
I think many which have an original building of the world share this problem,
so I think I'll need to study harder at it.

The next chapter, I plan to go more safely and slowly.
And cover some stories that this chapter didn't cover.

As a note, if you read Season 2 Chapter 43 along with this chapter,
it may be easier to understand ^^

The weather is getting cold,
so please be sure to take care not to get a cold.

Thank you for always cheering me on.

Have a happy week ^^
The war begins now

I’m a quite a bit late. T^T
Next week, I’ll try harder to post earlier.

These days, I get dizzy when look at the monitor or smartphone screen.
Besides when I’m working, I tend not to look at the monitor.
I used to be proud about being quite durable but these days I’m broken...
Haha I’ve been replacing the script planning and sketching after deadlines with manual work.
Still, I’ve been talking walks more often these days, and feel like I’m getting better.
Of course, I will have to work very hard to keep drawing chapters
during the last round of military reserve training
which is coming up soon Hehe.

This chapter was originally planned to have a lot of battle scene in the beginning...
but I eventually replaced it with Vespa-chan’s explanation...
I have regrets because I feel that as I reduce the length of chapters
and only include what is necessary,
many of you may not get the fun parts that you wanted to see.
You could call them parts that would be okay to include
in a long-running manhwa like this...
well, honestly Boondawan is not that important of a character.
Of course, his earlier battle scene was indeed a foreshadowing Haha.

The scholastic aptitude test is coming up soon.
I’m not sure if I’ll able to draw an exam gift for you this time as well,
but to all those of you taking the test, I will wish for you success.
Good luck and fight on ^^
If you summon five, you will be addicted.

Seem I’m a bit late today as well.
I feel like writing this in the morning like this will be more frequent.

After I finished this chapter, I felt that the development was a bit fast.
Due to training next week,
time constraints are putting the pressure on me and leaving me wistful.
Though I also thought of increasing pace on story as well ^^;
I’m not sure how the readers feel about this.
I wish it was possible for me read my comic as a reader rather than the author for at least one day.
The working in the eyes of the author seems to be a mystery and much improve.

Koon finally removed his hair dye.
There are probably people who felt that Koon is easier draw with a mask,
but that’s completely untrue.
It was hard. Hehe

The stories about the Workshop and Emile is still left besides the tournament,
so please be sure to look forward to that.
I also hope you look forward to our protagonist,
and expert in being lonely.

Then have a happy week.
Thank you ^^
Snow began to fall,
and I went to my first military reserve training.
I actually need to go again tomorrow and the day after,
so it's quite hectic right now. haha

This chapter was... umm...
Rak got bigger.
The Guardian has the rights to organism compression,
so with the permission of a Guardian,
a creature who is too big can control its own size.
~It works something like that.

Weather's cold, so please stay healthy,
and whether or not I'll be releasing a chapter by next week is a bit unclear,
but I'll try me best.

Thank You ^^
This chapter is a little short
because I was away at military reserve training.
I'm very late T_T

I was a bit busy until today.
I just got back, and I'm writing this afterword late at night.
I couldn't work on this chapter very much due to military reserve training.
However, I had completed quite a bit of work prior to leaving,
so I tried my best to keep the length of the chapter to the usual.

Looks like Rak was the star of this chapter ^^.
Rak is a character that is very convenient to utilize,
he doesn't use his head or hide feeling inside;
so I don't need think to much about his character when I'm planning.
Of course, he's is difficult to draw when he gets big. Hehe

Personally, I enjoy giving life to characters personalities and auras,
so I try to find roles and styles to match the individuals personalities.
Of course, this is a especially true for our protagonist.
Even though he did not make an appearance in this chapter, soon.

Then please enjoy this week as well,
and I would be grateful if you enjoy nest week's chapter as well.

Thank You.
I was able to write the afterword a little early today.

To be honest, this chapter is more like a bridge to the next chapter,
so although it may look like there's a lot of content;
there isn't much. Haha

Rather than using a "versus" plot structure,
I've decided to progress the story with a emphasis on the summoning rule of the game.
At the same time, I pondered about how I could show off Beta's power.
It's not easy, Haha.

Tower of God is a story in which the main character endure,
get caught up in fights, and win or lose on a board set up by absolute being;
so in parts like these, I carefully try my best to not lose balance.

Now, the hidden parts of the story are starting to get revealed
and it seems that the view on the story will return to its main point.
Now that we've come this far, I'll put even more effort into drawing it, Keke.

Also, there will additional explanation on Koon's judgement of Wangnan later,
but rather than objectively commenting on his abilities,
Koon is commenting on his character and potential.
You could say it's a kind of leadership different from what Koon has...

Then please look forward to next week as well,
and see you next week.
(Yes, one period is all he wrote)

The identity of Yuto is revealed.
Even though, it seem a few already had a hunch^^;
actually the Yuto character exists separately.
I wonder if she'll appear later.

Due to my illness, my afterword is always a bit late.
I've got almost no work done over the weekend and I have to visit the hospital today as well,
so I worry a bit for the next chapter.

I always thought I was a quite healthy.
I feel like lack of a good rest or exercise during my serialization has come back like this.
I also wonder if I was too greedy, Hehe.
In the next serialization, I will look after my health too.

The Blue Titan in this chapter also had an appearance in the One Shot, One Opportunity game as well.
Though, it's a bit small version,
you might find entertaining to look it up.

I think it's approaching the climax of the story.
Though, there are several issues to deal with,
but please enjoy the story.

Thank You.
Due to the content of last chapter and next chapter,
it feels like this chapter became a little half-half.

I thought a lot about how I should split it up,
but it seemed that there was no particular solution,
so eventually, it sort of ended up being halfway in length.
It's not like I can just forcefully increase the length either ^^

When you keep drawing a manhwa like this,
things like this happen once in a while.

Because I consider shifts in Viole's mind and emotions to be important,
I want to continue to deal with growth in the psychological side.

Starting next chapter, there will be many battle scenes,
and the plot progression will relatively speedy.
So I hope you look forward to this.

Thank you ^^
Christmas week has suddenly returned.
I'm spending this Christmas with my work,
as expected... it'd be nice if I could spend Christmas with people,

This chapter has very fast story progression,
so I put a lot of thought into it.
I hope it came out well.

In the case of Webtoons that one reads of scrolling,
many readers may miss parts if there's too much content in one chapter,
so I kindly request that you read parts like cut by cut,
thoroughly like a book.

As for patrols,
the fact that there are many patrols does not mean that they are stronger than high levelled patrols.
Of course, they are difficult to face in some ways,
but depending on the terrain and conditions, they can appear in this fashion as well.

Then please look forward to next chapter as well,
and I wish a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Thank you.
Soon the year 2014 and the age 29 will be summoned.

It's the last afterword of 2013.
Though there have been many regrets and mistakes,
being serialized alone in Naver Webtoon for a whole year
makes it a worthwhile and thankful year.

I came to learn that I had so much more to improve and when I didn't know,
things I couldn't see,
pondering about the realities of Webtoon comics,
things I need to do for now on...
perhaps things in life are learned through painful mistakes.

To talk a bit about this chapter,
Laure is Regular who has great ability when it comes to 'knowing and controlling' Shinsoo.
Though of course, because he's sleeping all the time...
doesn't make too much appearance.

To compare to Viole...
through Viole's unmatched talent,
he uses strong skills and methods to plough through the enemies,
whereas Laure is seasoned veteran who will manipulate shinsoo as the situation calls for.

To put in Position terms, to say Viole is a Fisherman
and Laure is a traditional Wave Controller would be fitting.

Then, in hopes that you enjoyed this year's serialization,
I hope you end 2013 well.
I pray everyone will have a happy new year.

Thank you ^^
In 2014, I hope you stay healthy and only experience good things ^^

So that was first chapter of 2014.
I hope you enjoy my work this year, as well. ^^
I actually was very busy due to the holidays and the New Year,
so I overworked and the condition of my wrist has drastically worsened.
These days, I think it'd be nice for Webtoons to take breaks during holidays and the New Year.
Although I know that this is almost impossible due to the Webtoon system,
I think that it could be good for not only the artist,
but also for the art.

Well I'll end and amateur artist's rants here hehe and shall I call this chapter a...
5-minutes chapter.
Although 1 minute would have been enough to read it,
the final scenes were decided right before the deadline.
There are times when I don't specify important parts during planning and leave it to later,
and thus time I left it to the deadline haha...

To be honest, there are many parts I regret even after posting it,
and I feel like I could have done better at any other time.
Well, what can I do.
I have to draw believing that it is the best I can do at the moment.

Next chapter will continue with some battle scenes.
It seems that those of you who found the rules confusing
will able to read a Tower of God that smells strongly of a sonyum (Shōnen) manhwa.

Then please look forward to next week,
and may you be blessed in 2014!

Thank you.

I'm so late. Sorry for those of you who waited T-T

To be honest, my condition these days hasn't been optimal,
so I'm having difficult completing my work.
I feel sorry because I'm lacking in so many ways.
My heart wants to do work while in 100% top condition,
but it's quite sad that, as a human being,
I cannot do that, haha.

The battle scene in this chapter became much shorter than originally planned.
The final match still remains and because Beta was not a plot device that I intended to drag on for long,
I wanted to show as much as I could in one chapter,
but I personally am not proficient at drawing action scenes and when my wrist starts acting up,
I can barely work, so the chapter was too short and there were some areas in which I lacked freedom.

Well, those are all excuses and I'm lacking very much.
I'll try my best to fix these things as I progress. ^^

Hwajeop Gongpasool (Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique) has a quite beautiful meaning when you translate it.
At first, I was thinking of giving it a visual effect of butterfly wings,
but I thought that was too beautiful haha,
so I changed its appearance.

Next week, the long tournament will finally end.
There have been many tiring and tough times,
but thanks to those of you cheering me on and reading my work,
I feel encouraged.
I'll put my all into the work.

Thank you ^^
I was late again T_T T_T
It looks like I'm more used to posting at this time now...;;;

To be honest, this chapter had many complications.
Occasionally during work, there comes along a chapter that makes me ask,
what did I draw in this chapter again?
And this chapter was like that(...)

For the relationship between Beta and Viole,
I was actually more into Beta's emotions.^^;;
Strangely, I have the tendency to get into the character of the antagonist rather than the main character...
this really messes with me during planning.
The main character must win, but the antagonist has a point!
is what I hear;;;

In truth, Viole is right.
There's nothing Beta can get out of hurting Viole,
and even though Viole appears soft, he is, unexpectedly,
quite the stubborn character, haha.
So I think his words would have been quite painful to Beta.

It feels like winter is also nearing its end.
Also, the Workshop Battle will also conclude this portion,
and begin a new portion.
Some of you seem to have been misled by Reflejo's words at the end,
but the overall story of Tower of God has quite a way to go.

Please stay healthy for this week,
and see you next week, haha.
Happy Lunar Year!
he final fight of the Workshop Battle begins.

Afterword (Ch.97 + 98)

In the end, it took one week to write the afterword.
More than anything, I apologize for making many people worry.
It’s all my fault.
Please don’t worry so much. hehe

Trying to write the afterword after so long sure is tough. kuku
It was only a week of break!!

It’s been a while since Urek’s backside as well as Androssi has made an appearance.
Many people say that I only draw favourite characters pretty,
but that’s not true. hehe

It’s just that in important time or entry scene I try a bit more.
It has nothing to do with what characters are more comfortable.

Because of my wrist problems, I haven’t been able to put as much details.
I wonder if that was the source of such complaints...^^;;

There have been many asking about my wrist status.
Perhaps delaying the surgery; it’s not that I’m drawing after recovering,
as it’s at the point where recovery without surgery isn’t possible.;;
I also wish it was possible for it to suddenly heal magically. kuku
More than anything, because of the wrist,
I worry about the things being cut out from the chapters.

Then, I hope you enjoy the next chapter as well,
and thank you for cheering me on.

Thank you very much~!
Looks strong.

This is the afterword for Chapter 99.
I was able to write it in time today, haha.

Actually, many of you have been telling me to take a break to recharge,
and it's something I myself have thought, and continue to think, much about.
A while ago, I also considered a hiatus for similar reasons.
However, the Workshop Battle is coming to an end,
so I'm not planning to take any long breaks.

You could say that the battle scenes are the highlights of this chapter forward.
I actually wanted to dig deeper into Sophia's relationship with the kids,
but since readers seemed to focus less on that topic,
I decided to be less greedy, haha.

If you were to ask me to pick a weapon from the Workshop Battle,
I think I'd pick Bon Bon and the White Heavenly Mirror.
Bon Bon looks like it'd be very convenient,
and the White Heavenly Mirror... is for later, haha.

Many of you asked me about who the heroine is,
but there's still a long way to go, haha.
It's Rak for now...

Well then, have fun watching the Winter Olympics,
and I hope to see you next week.

Thank you ^^
Now Part II is also at chapter 100.
Always thankful ^^

Part II has reached chapter 100.
Thank you.
I never thought I would be able to keep drawing Tower of God for this long,
but all of a sudden, I find myself having drawn it for over three years.
I think having consistently drawn for this long alone is enough to be proud of, haha.

To be honest, I worry a lot about the lengths of chapters these days.
Mm, I think it’s a problem that appears as manhwa goes long-term.
It’s difficult.

I’m receiving a lot of questions about Reflejo’s identity,
but there’s a big difference between the abilities of an E-rank and a B-rank.
As there is a top 5 in E-rank, there are also strong individuals in the D and C-ranks,
and a B-rank is a Regular who has transcended such individuals.
More will be revealed about Reflejo’s abilities next chapter,
so please wait one more week ^^

The Mad Dog’s Blood Tamara is indeed a fairly overpowered item,
but I think it’s best to see as an item that goes well with him.

Bon Bon’s transportation ability is only limited by distance and weight,
and is quite free overall.
The problem is that depending on the enemy Lighthouse’s capabilities,
the destination could be predicted or sealed,
but such Lighthouses are not common among E-ranks.
Also, if the Lighthouse is destroyed before that... ^^

Then please enjoy this week as well,
and see you next week.

Thank you ^^
Shuu- uuu- uu-

Afterword (Chapters 101 & 102)

My blog management is a mess.
Sorry T-T T-T

I feel like I'm always writing not-so-good news
or depressing stories on my blog,
so I've decided to just say "I'll try better next time~" on those days ^^;;

This chapter was split into two parts,
with different content in each.
I suppose that could have made it difficult to understand.

To be honest, when I was drawing Cassano's part,
I found it difficult because he wasn't someone the protagonist had to save or defeat,
but instead entered and left this story arc with completely different thoughts and goals...
He was a different character in the realm of sonyim (shounen) manhwa.
It's a plot device needed for later, but I still wish it was more natural...
or perhaps I should have been more extreme...
I have these regrets.
Emile's power will reappear with an important role later on.

There are about 3~4 chapters remaining in the Workshop Battle.
There's not much left, so I'll try my best, haha.
The winner of the final match,
and the fate of the Rankers observing them will both be decided soon.
Then please look forward to it,
and thank you for reading this week ^^

Congratulations to those of you who have started a new school year.
I also paid school a visit today, and freshmen were everywhere, keke.
The age difference has become so great that it's even awkward to buy them lunch, keke.
For the first time in a while,
I write the Afterword on the day the chapter is released.

These days, the story is progressing at a slightly slow tempo,
but it's hard to suddenly shift gears,
so I decided to keep that speed just until this arc ends.
And I also had some health issues.
This is almost over, so I don't think it'll matter too much;;

I said a while ago that I'd want the White Heavenly Mirror and Bon Bon,
and I think this chapter would've helped you see why, haha.
The WHM was designed to be given to Koon from the start.
The other two abilities will be revealed later on,
so I hope you stay interested in those, as well.

I believe some of you may think that the travel range of Bon Bon is too wide,
but due to the increasing Shinsoo pressure on higher Floors,
this range is gonna be reduced accordingly.
On top of that, it can not be used effectively if there is a good Light Bearer or Wave Controller on the enemy's side.
(Ron Mei's Lighthouse was already broken here.)

I have a medical check-up this week,
so I'm not sure if there'll be a chapter next week.
If there's a break, I'll let everyone know ahead of time...

On last week's afterword, I congratulated you on starting school,
showed up at my old school to meet freshmen and got an amazing response from everyone.
Sorry, I think I've been away from school for too long, keke.

Then please enjoy the upcoming week.
I hope it's a good one.

Thank you~!
I apologize for inevitably taking a break.
Recommended by the doctor, the week was set aside for rest more than treatment,
and to be honest, my heart felt extremely heavy while I wasn't working.
The reason the hiatus alert got up there later then expected
was because I still hadn't decided whether to draw a chapter or not by then.
I apologize once again.

I think there are about 3 chapters left for the Workshop Battle.
Part II won't completely end here though,
since there are quite a few Arcs left after the Workshop Battle. ^^

To tell you about the Thorn,
I want to say that its full function has not been utilized yet,
and that its versatility depends greatly on the user.
I honestly am not a fan of main characters that have deus ex machina roles,
and there is almost no chance for such events to occur in the Tower of God universe,
so I plan to leave the Thorn as a 'growing weapon' as well.
Of course its power will explode when it needs to explode ^^
It is undeniable that the Thorn does possess fairly overpowered capabilities.

The fight between Mad Dog and Androssi has not quite ended.
The current goal is rescue and escape (and date),
so in terms of the story battle scenes such as intense clashes feel slightly awkward.
Of course showing such a side is the virtue of a sonyun (shōnen) manhwa haha.
I think it's a difficult issue in many ways.

Then please look forward to next week,
and I hope you enjoy much of your day in the spring weather.
Thank you. ^^
Run- Run-

You were surprised by the suddenly-blooming cherry blossoms, right?
I was, too, haha.
Weather suddenly got better, so it'd be ideal to get outside.

As the characters of Part II meet those of Part I,
there's a little confusion over Viole(Baam)'s name and what to call him,
but I will try to sort that out afterwards.
If not, then... whatever...

I personally tend to think that if the character Ho from Part I had more power and had grown,
he could have become a character like Reflejo.
From here on, rather than focusing on personal grudge or envy,
I plan to frequently deal with the relationships between those with power and authority,
so I guess... Reflejo is a sort of last boss in this department ('2)... haha.

With regards to Princesses of Zahard,
a Princess who is a direct descendent of one of the 10 House Heads is especially influential and powerful.
As you can probably tell with Androssi at the moment,
being a Princess of Zahard is an incredible position,
and if a Princess is from one of the 10 Families,
she will become the central power of that Family in the future,
so this is even more incredible.

You could say that among Princesses, Androssi is on a fairly warm and human (?) level.
As for Princesses from the 10 Families,
they have clear hierarchical relationships and don't even treat Regulars as human beings if they're not from the 10 Families.
Of course, they're also just that rare,
and there is only one single Princess who is a direct lineal descendent of one of the 10 House Heads.
Even if we count just the number of Princesses from one of the 10 Families,
there are about 3 of them.

Much information about the Princesses will be revealed next arc,
so I will say the rest then.

Then please enjoy this new warm weather to your heart's content,
and have a nice week.
Thank you ^^
This is the afterword for Chapter 106.
It's been a while since I had a sweet scene in this manhwa.
I don't know how it was, but anyway... haha.

This chapter was around 90 cuts long,
and that would not have been considered to be very long a while back,
but it was harder than expected.
I'm concerned about my wrist and all.
I was greedy, and I wanted to increase the length a bit.

As I go on with the story,
sometimes the content can seem to be in conflict
with setting details that have been written already.
For example, the Workshop actually has a security system
that is difficult for outsiders to infiltrate.
This time, there was a spy (?) in the Workshop, which made that possible.
Usually, even a Ranker like Hachuling would not find it so easy to hack.

The word "Teacher" in the chapter refers to the higher-ups of the Workshop.
I guess you could say that the Hosts are their students.
Normally, at least one Great Teacher is commissioned to the Workshop Battle.
The Teacher didn't get tricked or anything;
it's more like they didn't come on purpose.

As for the fight between Lero-Ro and the enemy Ranker,
this is a lower Floor, so the shinsoo resistance is small,
and the fight is much freer than it would be on a higher Floor.

To comment further on Reflejo,
I'll say that unlike the villains of the past,
Reflejo is a case where his personal grudge has led to an obsession with an ideology.
Although what Reflejo did was harmful to Viole,
from Reflejo's perspective, it was a good deed for the Tower,
so that is why he was able to do such things.
You might say that it was an act for the greater good,
but it my also be ironic that it started with his personal grudge.
I think parts like these will need more thought and care as I go on.
Since FUG is a bunch that will continue to be important, and all ^^

Anyway, thank you for reading this chapter,
and hope you enjoy this week.
As for my plans after the Workshop,
I will let you know as soon as I decide.
Although there is the hiatus,
I think there might also be some interesting news for you soon.

Thank you!
Let's think after sleeping.

I was planning to post the afterword a little earlier,
but I couldn't because the Internet suddenly stopped working. T_T T_T

So the Workshop Battle is finally over.
It's an arc that I could say a lot about,
but in terms of story, the important bit is coming up,
so I'll have the discussion after I wrap up the remaining materials.

I was actually going to leave the full reunion of Baam and friends
to the arc after the Workshop Battle arc.
For a couple of reasons, I ended up compressing that into this arc,
and a few problems arose due to that.
In conclusion, the pace of the story has sped up,
and there are pros and cons to that. ^^;;

The line "Welcome, everyone!" near the end of the chapter
was one that I was seriously unsure about including.
No, I really wanted to take it out.
It's too generic and felt out of place,
but I couldn't think of anything else that I could put in there.
On top of that, it's hard to forget a line that you've shoved in there once,
so it's easy to think that it's the right one;;

The part where you see RaKoonBaam sleeping side by side
is one that was decided from the moment that
I decided that they should meet at the Workshop Battle.
This includes the Suspendiship and the background,
but the result did change over time.

Unlike the Floor of the Test, the Workshop Battle had quite a normal ending,
so there were parts where I actually had to be more careful.
However, I strangely wanted to end the Workshop Battle that way. Not sure why. ^^;;

Next arc, we will be returning to the main plotline.
Now that one of the 10 Family Heads has finally shown his face,
I think we will gradually climb to higher Floors, and include the appearances of
D-rank Regulars and important figures, little by little.
Of course, we will have to tell the story of the true Prince of Zahard, haha.

Then please enjoy this week as well,
and I hope to meet you next week.

Thank you
I am praying for a miracle.
As I posted a manhwa during a time when the entire nation is praying,
I felt that I had to be careful.

Although brief, I once walked the path of an educator,
and I can't ignore it, because many young students are reading my manhwa,
and that's really painful to bear.

This chapter included, the epilogue chapters will literally be wrapping up the story.
These include the proposal of the direction of the upcoming stories,
and team compositions.
Of course, new enemies will appear one by one,
but I feel that from now on, new characters will not appear all at once,
unlike the Workshop Battle.
Additions are additions, but several characters will tend to be left behind.
From now on, other members of the 10 Families or Princesses of Zahard,
who have not been expanded on extensively,
will make appearances.
Now that we're getting to higher Floors and all ^^;

Next chapter will be about Ha Jinsung and Karaka,
and a date (?) may be possible, haha.
I think the plot will head in that direction.
A rather important story is waiting,
so I hope you enjoy it.

Please stay healthy this week,
and see you next week~~
#188 Epilogue 1
The weather's a bit chilly these days.
I bought a few T-shirts because they said the summer weather was coming.
What is this...

This chapter was a bit long.
I worked extra hard, but I'm still disappointed with a few things... haha...
I wanted to put more work into the direction and... um...

To be honest, the date is not the main thing in this chapter.
Instead I wanted to portray Baam,
who came into the Tower alone and without proper human relationships,
taking another step on his path to establishing these relationships.
In that process, Androssi was not supposed to lose her characteristic charms,
so it was difficult and I had to be careful.
More importantly, I was pressured to fit it all in one chapter ^^;;

Baam is a popular character in many ways,
so it looks like he'll be popular in the next arc, regardless of who he meets.
This will be hard for Androssi.
Of course, Baam is popular in the 'bad way' too.
This will be hard for Koon.
On top of that, Rachel is gradually surfacing...

Once every while, there are some readers who ask about my health.
After completing this Epilogue, I will take a break.
I don't think the hiatus will be longer than expected,
but the possibility of a long term break is also there.
I will let you know for sure next week.

When the break begins,
I plan to put up gossip-like posts on the blog again.
If there are things the readers want,
then I would appreciate it if you let me know ^^

Then please enjoy this week as well,
and it's chilly, so watch out for the cold.
Thank you ^^~
#189 Epilogue 2
(This post was published at the end of the chapter itself and is not part of SIU's Blog)

Hello, this is SIU.
I'm sorry to say this again despite the recent breaks I've already taken.
I have decided that there will be a hiatus before the next season for health reasons.
Once I've recovered completely, it will return with a new story and a new Floor.
Although we're planning for 6 weeks right now,
I will try to get better and return earlier if I can.
Thank you for being loyal to the series.
I consider myself a truly lucky artist for having this kind of amazing audience.
I will see you again when the next season begins.
Thank you. I love you guys.

Even during the hiatus,
you can still check out the back story of many of the characters.
It’s a shame, but I will rest well and return.
Thank You.


Finally, the long long Workshop Battle and Epilogue are over.
I actually had planned to continue for a bit longer,
but due to several circumstances including my wrist’s condition,
I decided to cut it short slightly sooner.
That why the cuts got all elaborate and the content
and length of chapters became increased at the end ^^.
The stories that were not finished in this Epilogue
will probably be included in the beginning of the next arc as a recollection.
Of course,
I’ll have to get started on the work to know the exact details.

This Afterword is a bit long, so I’ve numbered the points.

The E-rank Workshop Battle is over,
but another Workshop Battle could be include in the story.
After the characters have climbed up quite a bit
and the relationships between them have been established,
it might appear about one more time with special items on the line ^^

The reason that Quant and Hwa Ryum gave different explanations of the Hell Express
will be explained in the next arc.
It is not a miscalculation,
but rather different ways of saying almost the same thing.

For an easy telling of the story,
the rate at which the current Regulars are climbing the Tower
is slightly higher than the original setting.
In terms of the storyline, I must consider the events after their Regulars days,
so I would appreciated it if you kept this in mind as you continue reading.
I can’t completely break the setting either,
so there could be a long timeskip in the later parts of the story.

In this Workshop Battle and its Epilogue,
the Part II characters had less screen time than usual,
but the Part II characters (like Yeon and Prince) will continue to stay with Baam in the next arc,
so I don’t think there’ll be anything to worry about from here.
I think we’ll be seen frequent bickering within the team.
However, it looks like it’ll be difficult to see much of Goseng and Horyang from here.

The next arc, as many of you are expecting,
will be the Hell Express arc.
The game will take place both inside and outside the express train,
and although the scale is smaller than the Workshop Battle,
the travel distance and map is long,
and I think it’ll be faster and have more action and game-like qualities.
One very powerful enemy will also appear.
I’m also considering a match between the Mad Dog and Viole later on.

I’ve also prepared a Zahard Princess arc.
However, I think it might run a little later than expected.

The reason that Beta said Cassano could be stronger than Viole
is because Viole still has room for growth.
Cassano has an almost-complete power.
You can check the power of the complete Cassano next time...

Starting next Monday, I will begin to post gossip.
They say that it’s not possible for me to chat on the café.
I’ll find a different way, haha.

If I remember anything later, I’ll add it ^^

With the regards to the condition of my wrist,
a major hospital recommended that I recovery without surgery so I have decided to do that.
I’ve heard that it can get better if I equip an orthosis for a while.
Of course, it’s a matter that can only can decided after some rest,
but I think that other than being slightly uncomfortable, it turned out great.
Thanks to that, the hiatus has been greatly shortened.

During the running of the series,
I’ve decline all paid offers such a subcontracts and advertisement due to my wrist.
I held on, thinking that I should be responsible for this arc no matter what,
and although it was tough, I personally felt prouder than ever.
I got seriously depressed around the middle,
but it’s all good and I’m very happy now that it’s over.
Indeed, we must keep our bodies strong.

After I get healthy, I shall return with more fun story,
as a complete artist who works hard and makes money.

It’ll be a long time,
but I’d appreciate it if you thought of it as investment for a better work,
and wait for me.

Thank you. ^^

If you’re wondering about something please leave a comment.
I’ll pick a few and answer them during the Hiatus.
#191 Epilogue 3
Comment on Naver
Sorry for returning so late.
I'll do my best. _ _
Afterword on Blog

I wrote a pretty long afterword...
Mm... It's been a while, so I wrote a fairly emotional afterword.
Sorry. This shouldn't have happened.
I think I responded in a very sensitive manner to some of the readers' stories.
I'm sorry.
I finally returned after some time. When I posted that I’d be gone for 6 weeks or more,
I was very worried about when I'd actually get back. In the end, I returned later than
expected... but earlier than what I was worried about. I was prepared for over half a year at most...
I still think that it must have been a very long time for you.
I'm sorry for coming back so late.
To be honest, my wrist hasn’t fully healed.
What I felt during the treatment was that the pain caused by ligament damage or fatigue
accumulation is almost impossible to heal completely. I was warned that if I begin drawing
again, I might experience early arthritis or shoulder pain, so I returned a little late.
The warning of the Almighty Doctor is still effective,
so I might need another break when I'm afraid of overdoing it. ^^;;
Back to talking about the work.
For now, the next few chapters will be peaceful.
It's been a while, so I felt the need to control the pace...
I'll most likely get the engine started next chapter and move into a new arc after 2 weeks. ^^
I'm looking forward to it.
Actually, Chapter 2 of the prologue was quite uneventful, so in a way, I have decided to lean
away from big impacts and continue more slowly, since I've just returned.
This was a somewhat difficult a decision for me to make.
This afterword has gotten too long.
I guess it's because it's been a while ^^;;
I'm nervous about several things... for now, I'm planning to set aside my greed and to slowly
build up from the beginning again.
I'm planning to show a more solid storyline and various battle methods, so I think it'll
provide diverse forms of entertainment, because above everything,
a definite 'enemy' will make an appearance.
Then, please look forward to the next chapter, and I've really wanted to say this:
I hope to see you next week. ^^
(I think one more article about a Slayer will be posted during this week or the next.)
#192 Prologue 1
Naver Endnote[1]

It begins next week.

Blog Post[1]

To be honest, my hand hasn't gotten used to it yet,
so it takes a long time to draw.
I'm also not accustomed to Baam's new look after the haircut,
so it might take a few chapters to do it naturally, haha.
I actually had a lot of complaints about my artwork as I drew this chapter.
I will try to improve over time.

Various storylines did get started,
but I thought quite a bit about whether the prologue should be 3 chapters or 2.
I eventually decided to finish in 2 chapters and quickly get started.
Due to that, various complex emotions were shown and there were many lines spoken.
Actually, Chapter 2 of the prologue progressed quite uneventfully,
so in a way I have decided to lean away from big impact and start more slowly,
since I've just returned.
This was a bit difficult of a decision to make for me.

Next week, the main story begins.
This arc will contain a lot of new things.
If the Workshop Battle was a 'slight' extension of the conflict structure from Part I,
this arc will contain a lot of new material in terms of the relationship structure between Regulars and the story.
I think it could make it more fun to read, keke.
Anyway, please look forward to next week...!

Then I hope to see you next week.

Thank you!
#193 Prologue 2
This is a bit late, but here’s the blog post.
It’s been long time since Yuri last showed up.
Lots of you people wanted to see her.
Yuri is actually supposed to be the main focus for much later on, in the Princess arc.
So only glimpse of her have been shown, and hints about her provided,
without revealing much information.
However, along wih Maschenny, the two princesses will show up much more later.
I was unsure about how to cut this chapter.
The story mood needed to be freshened up,
so I went for Yuri and Repellista.
However, it’s feel empty if it were too long, and unappealing if it were too short.
So after much consideration, I cut off some parts at the end.
Instead of putting in too much at once, I decided to to focus on one thing at a time.
So Yuri now definitely knows that Baam is alive.
Baam and Yuri’s relationship will have important part in this Webtoon.
Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for different story beginning next week.
Thank you. ^^
Naver Endnote[1]
The protagonist will appear next week.
(I deeply apologize for taking a break last week due to personal matters.
This will not happen again. Thank you ^^)
Blog Post
I had to go on hiatus last week due to some personal problems.
I can’t say it in detail, but it was something bad and difficult.
The work was actually basically all done, but I needed to put in the finishing touches.
The management team suggested taking a week off, so I did.
Sorry for making all of you worried. I will try my best so it won’t happen again.
Now the Hell Train arc will begin.
I had many worries about when to cut it off,
but I ended up cutting it off and decided to start properly next week.
Next week I will have some real story going on, along with some battle action.
I’ll need some time to adjust to starting a new arc too.
I will try hard starting from next week. ^^
Thank you!
It's been a while, this is SIU. ^^
Many of you seemed worried that I hadn't been posting things on my blog.
Nothing serious is going on, but I've been quite busy. ㅠㅠ

First of all, I moved.
Much of my surroundings have changed.
I needed some time to get accustomed to my changed body and new situation,
and above all else, I think I wasn't very emotionally stable.
(GoDai: I don't think this is to suggest that he's been emotionally unstable;
the word "안정" just happens to mean "stable, calm, relieved, at rest")

At times like this, it is difficult to work 100%,
and working at all can be a bad thing.
I think I underestimated it too much.
It was quite harder than expected, haha.

Anyway, I think it's a part of becoming an adult.
Regardless of where this is leading,
I'm in a rather comfortable state right now.
It was actually very tiring because it was my first chuseok holiday since becoming independent, though.
Even this week, I was often behind and had to pull all-nighters;;;

Starting next chapter, the central plot of this arc will slowly unravel itself.
Should I say that it's the beginning of the story...
I think I'll be able to actually work with a clear head now.

Then please enjoy the next chapter,
and starting next week, I'll be writing afterwords like before. ^^

Thank you!
Naver Endnote[1]

I cut it off at an awkward point, so the chapter was shorter.
The preparations are over. Next chapter, the Train City arc will begin.
Don't you think Koon will appear soon? Thank you _ _

Blog Post[1]

Until today, preparations were made for the main story.
I feel that since it's a new story,
the preparations may have been a bit long.

I was actually considering diving right into it today,
but I thought that it might be awkward without the material covered today,
so I ended up doing it this way.

Since it's the main story starting next week,
I think that the story will reveal and be more focused.

The Hell Express is a long arc,
so I have no plans to rush it.

I'm planning to steadily increase the emphasis on battle scenes as well,
and as I foreshadow various things,
I think it will be fun for you to spot them.

Thank you for coming in today,
and see you next week ^^
Naver Endnote[1]

I'm back from China.
I think we'll be seeing a few familiar faces next week.
I am always thankful.

Blog Post[2]

Hello, its SIU.
I've been to Ghoungzhou and back again safely.
I was gone for 4 days but since I live in suburban/rural area,
the time spent travelling is closer to 5 days.

It was fascinating to see that people knew me in China,
and since I was going as a cultural representative of Webtoons in general,
I was pretty nervous.
In any case, we successfully concluded the signing event and think that it was a meaningful time overall.

I think that going abroad,
regardless of whether its a temporary hiatus or not,
requires a period of getting re-adjusted.
Almost like you've gone and visited an entirely different world and back.
Due to this, I've tried to squeeze in some drawing while I was in China.
Problems arose when my laptop started malfunctioning
(maybe due to the long distance travelled)
and I had to stay up at night trying to fix it.

As a result, I barely got to do any sight seeing in China.
I have no regrets, however, as the purpose of the trip itself was important.

Sometimes I wonder what I would be like if there was no Tower of God the Webtoon.
I think to myself, "Maybe I would be nothing"
All of a sudden this comic has become this huge presence in my life.
Same goes to you readers as well.
You have my thanks for always cheering me on.
I will return next week with an even greater episode.
Have a nice day! ^^

Hello, it is SIU.

This post is a bit late. Sorry. TT
I had some personal problem last week, and next week is military practice!
Being an adult is hard.

Forced to be totally focused in working now.
These days I am getting a bit distracted.
And new characters and events seem to require long pace for introduction.
But now most of it is settled, so I can use action and story next week.

Tournament is main in Train City but considering later stories I hesitate going straight in.
Next chapter will have Ran's action.
I like him because he is small.
Also he seems strong.

Discounting some wrist problem, seems my schedule seems to be settling down.
Even though I can not grant all readers' wishes,
I always think how to give better comic.
Author finding who he seems to be important,
and I think I am middle of doing that.

Thanks for cheering me up, and see you next week.
]Episode 121 of Part 2.
In hindsight, I realized this was the 200th comic.
But I totally neglected this since I never really put an emphasis on this kind of stuff ㅠ ㅠ
I should pay closer attention.
I'll try to put in work so that there will be an episode 300 or 400 in future...

I had planned to have a lot more combat scenes with Ran...
but due to the other parts taking a lot longer than expected I failed...
ah, the wonders of Webtoon where everything changes as you draw it out...

Finally the "team of interest" has arrived in Train City.
Next week will continue the fight between Ran and the gatekeeper.
Other sides of the story will proceed as well, so please look forward to it.
It's raining quite a bit today so take care of yourselves.
See you next week.
Thank you^^
It's past 12!
(translator's note: SIU is usually ON POINT about uploading the latest issue at midnight so that people can read it as soon as it's Monday)
This issue we saw Ran's.... hard to say action, but some pew pew! fight scenes.
Ran will be a character that will grow quite a bit from his current D-rank so I have great expectations for him.

From the next issue, the game will begin in earnest.
There will also be some light shed on the Entrance and its gatekeeper,
and so begins the story of Train City.

I've been a bit flustered due to a changed work environment but I think I've started to get accustomed to it.
New stories, backgrounds, characters and...

A lot of people are asking about Koon.
Hmm... he'll be figuring prominently lol.
Do not worry.

And so... things are looking to get a lot busier starting next week.
Thank you for reading this week and be careful not to catch a cold.
Post is late due to personal issues.
This week, two important people for this arc showed up.
I saw many theories about them, but most of them are wrong....
One thing I felt unsatisfied about at the start of Season 2 was that I had too little time for
new characters due to spending more time on old characters.
So I plan to have more story focusing on new characters.
Both Yura and Daniel will be important in the Hell Train. Both are strong D-rank regulars.
So please give them some attention.
Of course, old characters will need to show up, and their story will be told when needed.
There is a moment when the chemistry will be just right.
Anyways, character introductions are over, so the story will start now.
And news to tell you all. Hopefully my wrist will get better with time.
Tower of God character merchandise are planned to come out.
Since it’s my first time doing this, I hope it goes well too.
It will be mainly Rak-Koon-Baam
This kind of stuff was pushed aside because I wanted to focus more on work.
But many of you fans seemed to be disappointed by that.
So I decided to spend some time on it.
(It won't be very profitable, more of fan service, to be honest.)
See you next week.
Thank you-!
The game starts now.
It seems the start of the Season [I know it’s the middle of S2, but this is what SIU says] is
getting too confusing to follow.
It is a hard problem.
I will try to make it simpler and more exciting.
Since my body condition isn’t really good,
I have been switching between rest and work lately.
So final touches and editing have been weak.
Those problems will be dealt with.
To all students who finished Seunung (Korean SAT), congratulations.
Bye, and see you later.
Today’s post was easy to make thanks to Naver’s phone-friendly service.
The game starts now.
While Ha Yura is a quite confusing character, this makes her fun to draw.
I’m thinking of changing her clothes often later.
She will be quite important next week and onward.
The train City’s story is mainly about a somewhat awkward Baam versus Rachel,
But I hope you enjoy other stuff too.
Not only Yura, Aka will also have an interesting story shown.
Of course, Baam and the others will have their own time to shine.
Be prepared please.
As for many people who are looking for Koon…
Don’t be angry... It’s not as if I killed him off screen...
I plan to simplify focus for a while starting from the next chapter.
The fun point will be how Baam changed over a year.
There was a design festival with a Webtoon corner. Festival Pictures Webtoon Festival
I was unable to go, but I hope those who did enjoyed it.
We plan for the merchandise shown there to be sold later, so keep an eye out for them.
I regret not being able to participate more.
This new game’s rules are a bit like American football.
The Crazy Mode will spice it up, and I plan to show it next chapter.
I planned this to be a short and simple test.
I thought about balancing the teams with different numbers of tickets and strategies coming from it.
What makes Defender and Keeper different is that Defender can’t grab the ball and must stop the
opposite team’s member, meaning making a person hold it for more than 10 seconds until it goes Crazy.
Keeper, on the other hand, takes it away.
If Defender takes the ball, the mode activates.
Many people dislike me ranting about rules in the Webtoon,
so I try to show it instead of telling.
Next week, some information about Yura and Rachel will be revealed,
and the game will get more extreme.
Please stay tuned for Baam vs Yura.
I made a wish to the first snow of the year.
It feels bittersweet that this will be my last winter in my 20s.
The weather is getting colder every day.
Please take care and watch out against catching a cold.
This game clearly shows the difference between attacking and defending,
so the turn change seems obvious.
For some readers, it might not be their cup of tea.
But I like sports comics, so I kind of like this.
But still, I wish to know what could have been improved and to work on it more.
Yura would be… not really violent, but just uncaring.
I thought that would be someone with too much popularity?
What would someone do after getting one’s wish granted?
Although her specs are good, it isn’t the original Ha style as with Yuri.
More hints about the Family will come out later.
Next chapter, the game vs Yura will be close to ending,
and an important turn of events is awaiting.
It seems I will spend New Year’s day drawing again.
This chapter was... a bit hard.
It was long, and took lots of effort.
Everything requires your body to up to the challenge.
I’m not that old to experience such things yet but…
Well, I guess it came early for me.
Next chapter, there will be many developments.
There’s still a bit left of Yura’s episode...
Truly a season that makes me agonize.
Winter and the end of the year have come. Both happy and sad events have happened.
It feels like I am at an important crossroad in life.
Some try to leave me, while others try to grab me.
Being an adult is hard.
But the important thing is that I have work to continue as long as there are people who trust
in me to do so, and it can’t be done all alone.
A person who can cry with you is more precious than a person who can laugh with you.
I think I am starting to understand what this means.
Ha Yura is not really an elite among the Ha family members.
She is a weirdo, having skills other than her family’s muscle power.
Also, there are some uncommon traits in her blood too.
It might be hard for Baam to fight against her.
Starting from next chapter, Yura’s past will be shown.
Information about the Train will come out.
And many conflicts, both big and small, will be drawn.
Overall, a slower chapter where things are explained.
About Baam’s change…
I absolutely cannot draw a main character who is
completely nice/strong/moral.
I think such characters kill the story.
In a good story, a helper will show the correct path when someone goes astray,
and there will be temptations attempting to prevent that person from going the right way.
Since this particular main character was about innocence, there is a chance of corruption.
The purpose of this arc is Baam and Rachel’s point of intersection.
This will be the focus while other characters show up.
See you next week, and thank you!
This chapter was long I think.
Even though it may not seem to be so...
Next week you’ll be able to see Rachel team’s power.
And the Guardian’s secret.
And what is behind the door.
Many things to prepare.
I hope to show how Baam and rest of members are growing up too.
D-rank Regulars who have been holding Tickets are strong.
It means they have survival skills of their own.
Not everyone has powerful basic special like Ran, but Tower is big.
I am a bit worried about wrist getting worse, but I wish to continue drawing on.
Hopefully I can focus and give my best without regretting later.
Have good time with rest of year and a Happy Christmas!
New year is coming.
A bit early, but everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
As an inexperienced author, it’s shameful to admit this, but deadlines are hard… Very hard…
Especially when one does 80+ panels per week, each week is like a war.
And even to this day, posting a new chapter makes my heart race...
For once, I would like to congratulate myself for one year worth of work!
[Insert clapping sound here]
At the very last, the door opens.
Soon the main story will begin.
[Translator’s note: You have been saying that for freaking forever!]
Because there were many characters in the introduction, it took a long time to set down the
foundation for the big storylines.
But the main character has finally moved too.
About Daniel, he was made to be playful and talks weirdly from the start.
Like calling himself an old man…
Of what he says, you have to make sure what is true and what isn’t.
Hopefully both Tower of God and I can return with a fresh restart and continue on.
Sorry for not being able to give the best of the best every time,
But I hope 2015 will be a year when I keep lots of promises and do not get sick.
Thanks very much again.
Hope you’ll have a great 2015!
Well… The train showed up.
Bigger than people have guessed.
Or not.
This arc has some references/homages to Galaxy Express 999.
[Wiki link for the curious:] [1]
It was a great influence when I was planning Tower of God.
The theme of riding a train to look for someone is definitely from there.
By now, Tower of God seems to have gone very far from that anime.
But tropes such as:
Using various characters’ backgrounds.
Telling the story of the main character’s growth step by step.
The mixture of many worlds.
those are still left.
The mysterious person in this chapter will be shown later…
The next few chapters will focus on the battle against Team Rachel,
and the test part will be shown bit by bit.
It seems a cold has spread widely,
so I went to the hospital to check.
Well, I have caught enteritis…
So that was already the 2nd time this year that I needed medical assistance.
Thankfully I already finished drawing the chapter.
Maybe it’s all because I am in my thirties now…?
I hope none of you get sick!
Enteritis is no problem!
… actually I had to visit the hospital again.
I’ll end up confusing there and home at this rate…
Living alone…

From now on, there will be large parts of action.
I was prepared for sickness and did some chapters in advance,
(It helped a lot this time too)
So I feel like I can read the future!

When I started Season 1, I could work with even more advance and for far longer.
But after few years, weekly work has become hard…
I should have worked out more.
I guess I have to start now.
I often read comments and reactions…
But due to some drawbacks,
I have been ignoring… some.
The candy man and Baam have finally met.
This post will be rather short.
I will have a signing event soon.
I used to think that I wasn’t big enough for such things..
But many have been disappointed by that…
So I think I will do one in Seoul…
It makes me nervous..
I have stomach problems again.
Well… it doesn’t seem to be life-threatening at least.
I was able to finish this week’s work too.
I’m fine now.
A bit tired though.
I slept longer.
I will update the blog with some posts on settings soon.
Aka isn’t female.
His story will come out later, as it has to do with the Train..
Next week will be loud, with many action scenes.
I’m currently cutting some parts, since many didn’t like the side stories,
so they have to be set for later.
Be careful of what you eat, and stay healthy~
This chapter is full of action.
Next chapter will be similar again.
Baam and Daniel both are kind of lightweight, so they fight based on skills rather than weight.
Daniel’s actual skills will be for later…
Baam has grown quite much indeed.
I like him since such steps are very clearly seen.
Old ticketers such as Boro and Aka have their own ways to survive.
Using my head to show such unique points.
The characters that people are asking for will reappear soon.
I hope you’ll be interested in the newer characters too, though.
Thanks, and be happy!
This chapter was more or less dedicated to Boro.
I don’t think many of you would like this,
He is a rather important character…
There is a complex story behind him.
As you saw in this chapter, Boro is very experienced.
His specialty is going against armed people.
So when his opponents are holding any kind of weapons, it is actually an advantage to him.
This is bad news for characters who depend on strong weapons, like Hatsu and Hong.
On the other hand, people who rely on their body or Sinsoo, like Ran, are tough for Boro.
Of course, you can’t say who is going to win until they fight,
but these things can make one better at guessing.
Hong and this new swordman guy are, like many have guessed, from the same village.
The hardcore history behind that place will be told later.
A small hint is, men going crazy over gals.
And obviously, other swords will show up.
The story of the hidden floor is being revealed.
It may become an important story.
Not everything is out of the bag yet, so be patient.
Surprising stuff may occur, like someone returning.
The story’s pace has been adjusted for readers to have more time with the new characters and settings.
The story will soon take a curve, and older characters will come back.
So think of this chapter as a short stop.
The story of Rachel’s team will be revealed slowly.
They are the ‘bad guys’ for now.
Daniel is a liar with a sense of humor.
Angel is, well… a glutton.
The train is ready to move, I think.
I had to work even though it was holidays…
I hope fellow authors didn’t have to work so much.

The Thorn has finally appeared.
The reason it was hidden will be revealed next week.
This week, it was revealed that Emile was interfering with Hwa Ryun’s abilities as a guide, but this isn’t the extent of Emile’s abilities.

The reason why Rachel’s team and Ha Yura are trying to ride the
train is being kept a secret,
but they will be focused on later.

I can say that their individual objectives are different, though.
What ‘Angel’ meant by “you have to follow” will be revealed later too.

Angel’s Shinheuh are very hard and strong.
Also they are special in that they do not require a ‘fish bowl’.
Daniel is kind of a soul hunter. The stronger souls he collects, the stronger powers he can use.
He also has great deal of control over the skill.

See you next week then~.
This morning, there were some problems with Naver’s system.
I guess they are humans who make mistakes too.
Sorry for all the confusion.
I am lucky to have so many readers reading my comic,
but it seems to come with more responsibility.
As always, thanks to everyone.
This week, many old faces showed up.
Though you’ll have to wait a little more for the people you want to see.
I was happy to draw them too, after not seeing them for some time.
Daniel and Boro’s relationship is a rather strange mix of friendship and camaraderie.
I can’t find better words to describe this…
Boro may not look like much, but his battle skills are not to be ignored.
He didn’t survive the Train for nothing.
Of course, he has his own story too.
Daniel… He is a strong Regular.
Next: old faces will be delivering some punches.
Though they are somewhat less popular, please love them too.
Be careful to not catch a cold, and see you next week!
This week was the forgotten characters showing themselves off,
and next week will be like this too.

Miseng’s skills are, as some may have noticed, an improved version of the Gongbang Tournament.
As you saw in this chapter, an Observer’s role is very important.
The Tower isn’t a place where you can survive by pure strength.
Well, there are some overpowered guys who are on their own level,
but then they have to use their position wisely when they fight with each other.

The Mirotic Guardian is… like making copies with Shinsoo.
It’s not really strong, but the mechanism kept reviving it over and over.
And defeating him won’t start the Train anyways…
I had to make some last minute adjustments for the team to win against the Guardian though.
If they weren’t lucky, it would have been a much harder fight.

Aka may look somewhat underpowered,
but in a personal 1 vs 1 fight, Aka is stronger than Beta or Ran.
At least, in theory.

The story may be confusing, but I plan to slow down and make it clearer.

See you all next week~
I seem to focus on back of my character’s heads.
I think I will have to avoid overusing similar scenes from now on.
I recently saw some movies.
Birdman and Whiplash.
They were indeed great as I had heard.
I somewhat envy the movie industry for being able to make works like these which would be
remembered even after a long time has passed.
About blog posts,
I have been giving some thoughts on how to use them.
I will make a more formal announcement later, but the gist of it would be
-Separation of world setting and personal posts.
-News of additional merchandise announcement will be made.
-Overall time being spent on blog cut down.
Koon’s face showed up at last.
Felt kind of awkward as I have not drawn him for so long.
Sometimes I miss the almighty croc.
Because he is simple to draw.

Few days ago, I cut myself while cooking, so now my hand is full of bandages.
Now that I had a reason to look at my hand, it is shaped weird.
My middle finger is quite pushed(?) in.

Wangnan and Yihwa will be on action next chapter.

By the way, got another letter from army for temporary practice, again.

Well, gotta work anyways.
Have a nice day!
The pacing has gotten rather slow.
It will be the same for the next chapter.
For now, I will be greedy and use up precious chapters to set up the mood.

And people have been talking about wanting to see Baam breaking down mentally…
…Well, it does not seem so far away now.

Koon looks like he is in a love triangle.
The problem is, Baam seems to be in the middle.
He may look like a perfect guy, but he too has some faults.

Have a nice week, and enjoy the pretty flowers outside~
It feels like I have not written a blog post for a long time, even though it really isn’t true.
This chapter, well, you’ll have to see it yourself.
Instead of reading explanations.

Rachel sure is important to Baam.
She is the reason he changes.

My wrist feels a bit off again, but hopefully I won’t have to cut down length of chapters..

Goodbye, and please wait for the next chapter~
At last, Baam has crossed the line.
Next chapter, be prepared for him to be in angry mode.
And about other characters like Wangnan, they will get their time to shine later.
This Hell Train is going to be hellish long.
So everyone will have to wait until it is their turn to lead the story.
For now, it is about Baam and Rachel.
And getting on the Hell train.
I’ll be going then, see you next week~.
The relationship between Baam and Rachel is a subject that will be focused on often.
Their back story has yet to be told, so please wait a bit more.
Now that the Train is starting to move, the story will be about what happens inside the train.
There are many stories I have prepared for this.
About Baam… He’ll have to survive the fall, again.
He should be used to it by now.
But it would still hurt, I guess.
Well then, stay healthy and see you next week~
For some reason,
Koon pic often comes with blog post these days..
The Train have finally started moving.
Koon’s White Heavenly Mirror (knife he got in Gongbang Tournament) got into the Train.
Next chapter will explain a bit on why he threw that.
Wrist was in bad condition again, but I managed to survive.
Well then, see you all next week
This Episode(arc) is almost over now.
Baam almost stepped on to a new level,
but I guess he fell before he reached it.
Wangnan and Yihwa are on the train,
and it might be the time for Wangnan to shine at last.
Also some change to Baam will be made.
For first time,
a bit of the Great Families’ story will be revealed.

I want to show you all the Tower, a gigantic, magical space…
But it is rather hard…
And next week, I will tell you bad news and good news.
Well then, see you next week!
The Train City Arc is over, and I’ll take a one-week break.
I originally got a 2-weeks break, but I changed it to one week.
This is mainly due to my wrist condition getting worse again.
To give you some hints about the next arc:

-PK King(?) will apear. [Not sure what he means by this...]
-Baam will change.
-Some members of the 1st Season’s cast will show up.
PS. Last week, I mentioned that there will be bad news and good news…
The bad news is the break.
The good news is that I have a short comic ready to upload.
[Unsure whether this is ToG or TUS related or not.]
I’m not sure whether to call this the chapter that Baam opened his eyes, or closed them.
Tower of God’s 5th anniversary is coming closer.
I’m sorry for not always being able to give my best of the best.
I hope I’ll be able to do better on the 6th anniversary.
Thanks to all of you readers, who have been my best advisors and companions.
[Translator's notes: Some grammar stuff]

About the food that each character likes…
Koon likes ‘western’-type food in small servings.
Baam dislikes both salty food and raw food.
Gator loves meat.
As well as bananas.
And anything sweet, like kids.(as opposed to Koon)
Ha Jinsung appeared after not showing up for a long time.
He met with team Sweet and Sour before, but to Rak and Koon, this is their first meeting.
Also, he is perhaps one of the most dangerous people currently active...
Among those whom Baam has met so far, he is the strongest ‘person’ yet.
(Excluding Yuri and Mazino.)
From the next chapter and onward, I’ll explain more about the Train’s system, Hoaquin’s secrets and Team Rachel’s story.
From now on, I will only list the assistants who helped with a chapter at the end of that chapter.
The new guy looks okay, but he is actually the craziest character in this comic so far…
This chapter was long because I’ve been preparing for it for several weeks, by working on it part by part.
Of course, this will leave me burnt out for a week at the very least…
Today’s puzzle was simple like that because it was the hardest I could come up with…
I’ll ask people who are smarter with math next time.
Thanks to everyone who are cheering me on in the Cafe and on Twitter.
I hope to answer you by making sure to release merchandise you can own as fast as possible, such as the figurines I mentioned before!
This is the 5th anniversary of ToG.
[Translator: Check out the picture of Baam-Koon-Rak made for the anniversary!]
Well if you count the two years I drew as an amateur, it is closer to the 7th…
Anyway, thanks to all of you who made this possible.
I honestly think I have so much to learn and improve on, and I still have a long way to go…
But I’ll try my best to give you a better comic.
Thank you.

Today was Hoaqin’s chapter.
He is a main-ish antagonist, so he needed that… Haha.
As you’ll see, he is different from enemies so far.
Quite a dominant person.
As for the ugly past of Daniel and Hoaquin, I’ll tell you one part at a time.
About settings,
(I believe) that in comics or novels with their own universe, settings need to be revealed.
But if those lead to unfounded theories, it will confuse many readers.
I do like posts that attempt to make predictions, but please try to focus on the main story being told.
Thanks for helping me.
Wangnan and Hoaquin have met.
Then Wangnan got hurt. Again.
Well, his body is sturdy at the very least...
Hang on Wangnan.
You'll get your time to shine in this arc. Later.
Regulars are much more powerful compared to normal people in both mind and body.
And they tend to be very old... so a D-class Regular tends to survive grave dangers.
For example, the injury to Wangnan this chapter could have killed a person from shock alone.
Next chapter... Would be Koon's time to shine.
This was the first chapter in a long time since Koon last got to shine.
If this weren't an area for Regulars, Ha Jinsung would have caught them all...
But then, it's because he is Ha Jinsung that he was able to get away with causing such a mess.
Most Rankers would have been executed right away.
On Lighthouse-to-Lighthouse teleportation...
A hastily done teleport like this is unlikely to work like it did today.
Using it in the middle of a battle would be a very dangerous move that only veterans can pull off.
Of course, there are some very skilled Lighthouse users who can kill using teleportation alone.
Hoaquin is... savage as ever.
Well, he really is in a different league compared to enemies so far (excluding Urek)
Have a nice week, and thank you!
Are you guys having a nice summer?
Personally, I haven't been feeling well these days... ergh...
This chapter was especially long. It may have been a bit too much for me right now.
Well, we saw one of Koon's big brothers (?).
He attacked... well, he stopped the train using electricity.
It was barely within acceptable range. Really damaging the Train would be a big no-no.
Each of the families have their own traits.
The Koon Family’s… they are douchebags.
On the other hand, the Ha Family are machos.
Coming up next, we'll finally have Baam vs Hoaqin.
Black vs White... They form quite the contrast.
Well, be careful not to get sick in this hot summer!
And have a nice week!
Thank you!
Baam is in an actual danger this time.
The ‘squashed rice cake’ is quite strong, after all.
It seems he knows how to counter Flare Wave Explosion
(Translator's note: Hwajupgongoasul - FUG skill)

Hoaquin’s sword is quite different from a normal sword in terms of movement.
It has none of the disadvantages of being a long sword, such as blind spots.
This is more of Hoaqin being special rather then his sword being special.

I will try to protect Baam’s face.
Thank you for reading~
Hmmm. Baam and co got on the Train at last.
And the 2nd Hoaquin showed up too.
Maybe he does some ninjutsu.
Today's chapter may be confusing.
But things will be explained later.
Like said in this chapter,
Hoaquin uses his Sword more like shinsoo rather than an actual sword.
So it does not has physical restraints of an actual sword.
Baam had trouble finding this out.
The thing is,
even with the knowledge it is hard to counter.
Next week, the Hell Train's arc will be explained, and a new 'quest' will show up.
Then see you next week~
There are many of Karaka's underlings showing up.
As you can see, Karaka will remain a main enemy against Baam for a while.
It is too early for Baam to even have a chance fighting against him though.
Hoaquins are rather hard to draw.... Hmph....
Well, seeing as stronger enemies are showing up, Baam has to grow strong soon.
Have a happy week~
Baam's back looks like it is wet from sweat.

Hoaquin looks cute.

The chips look tasty.

You can safely say that Hoaquin 2 is a different person altogether.

All stuff such as voice or personality are different.

But they are both Hoaquin. They are both strong.

Many of you would be busy this, especially now that summer vacation is over.

I hope all of you can stay strong!

I am busy these days too, but I'll try my best to focus on ToG.

Blog would go through some changes too.

Have a happy week, and see you next week!
Looks like Hoaquin is eager to become taller.
But it would mean Baam would get into worse situations…
We had a sword named Silver Moray.
Moray is…. a dangerous, aggressive type of fish.
Baam seems to be ready to build up more.
The Train will be a turning point to him, hopefully.
Hope you are excited for tests that will come soon!
Might hold some events with my blog or fancafe.
Ah, I have too little time yet so much I want to do.
Well, I hope you have a happy week, thank you for reading!
The story behind Hoaquin and Vicente was revealed today.
They are both quite fearsome enemies to face in D-class floors.
United... they will be even worse.
Baam arrived somewhere.
Looking forward how he will proceed from here.
These days I feel quite tired, probably because I am in my thirties now...
In this chapter... A face you guys waited really long to see has finally shown up!
God of Guardian, repeatedly saying 'Revolution', is because Gongbang sees individual
humans as something like a small society and/or a machine.
Actually it is just that my naming sense sucks.
I plan to draw a mini-series on my blog, focusing on characters, that are not shown, but
probably not going to be weekly. I will mention it again later if I am sure how often to do it and
when to post it.
But my wrist pain might get in the way.....
Well, gotta do my best anyways!
See you next week!
Currently going to Busan to see the movie festival. The way is rather slow...

Hope you liked this chapter too.

The 'Fake being' is some 'mind-being' that mixed into Baam as he climbed the Tower and gained powers like Thorn. It was not in Baam originally.

Yuri seems to be searching for Baam real hard.

Well, hope you have a nice week and have a short comic about Ran's journey!
#250 Mentions Blue demon
I actually live in Sejong City
Since this is a new city, it’s hard to find street food, but recently a person selling roasted chestnuts went by my apartment
If anyone lives in Sejong City, please send me some roasted chestnuts….
Anyway, the weather here is cold.
Stay healthy everyone during this changing season.
Actually, I thought about spending some time on a more detailed continuation of the rice cooker story-line,
but I thought you guys might think that the pacing is getting a bit slow.
So, I decided to first get on with the story and add more about the rice cooker story-line later.
Everyone who is curious should check the upcoming chapters..^^;
The 2nd part of Ran’s journey..
I’ll try to post it later next week for those who are interested.
(the problem is that not many people are interested)
Cafe members should have already seen this, but the mobile game test (it’s not out yet) is going to be on the 15th this week.
My heart is pounding.
If it’s confirmed I’ll post a separate notice on the blog^^
It’s on the 15th.
Well, I hope you’re also excited about...the story of our roasted chestnut.
(Translator’s note:it’s a pun: chestnut has the same pronunciation as Baam)
I hope you stay healthy and have a nice week.
See you next week
Thank you~
Yuri learned something pretty shocking today.
I wonder what was going through Pedro’s head when he said all those things haha…
If you stop for a second and think about it, you start to get the impression that FUG
is the only one getting worked up about everything,
however, in the 10 Families, only the Family Heads are truly invincible,
so FUG is an incredibly irritating organisation for members of a Family since it constantly
commits terror acts directed against the 10 Families.
And when they get up to the level of a Slayer, even the Family Heads start to get a bit sensitive.
They(1) also tend to be bizarre and weird characters..
Since in some ways the scariest power is faith…(2)

I came up with several names for the Dallar Show,
but I decided upon this one since I like the way it rolled off my tongue.
The way the dollars are used is different for every game ^^
They look tasty. Since they kinda look like chocolate.
I’m not sure if they still sell it anymore but when I was young there used to be chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil.(3)
The “clacking” noise when it broke had its own charm.
Oh, and the game testing is still going on(4)
It’s even currently being advertised on the webtoon page
it ends on Monday.
Please enjoy it till the last day and it will be a great help if you give lots of feedback.
The tournament starts next week
I hope you’re excited for the next chapter
Have a great week and a wonderful day!
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Translator’s Note:
(1) I believe SIU means the FUG Slayer.
(2) I think the point SIU is trying to get across is that the Slayer acts as a gathering point for people to serve and worship, which causes people to rebel against Jahad.
(3) Pretty sure they’re still sold worldwide.
(4) For readers who missed the last blog post, SIU currently is testing a new mobile app game based on his webtoon.

Supplement - Ran’s Journey II
#252 Translated mini comic about Ran
The frazier(?) is burning merrily it seems.
Kun was raised quite harshly even among the Kun family members.
Although the 10 families seem to have bountiful and happy lives on the surface,
the competition is fierce.. and if you’re male, you also have a low survival rate
(Females have the possibility of becoming a Zahard princess and are thus more valuable)
There wil be a chance later on to talk about the Kun family
so I’ll try to go more in depth then.
I digress,
but now that is it’s winter
I miss fish TT.
Although I can’t eat much of it since it’s expensive...
I’m not just saying this because a silver fish came out.
I’m really not
Anyway I hope everyone eats something delicious ^^
and has a happy, enjoyable week.
Thank you!
See you next week~
This is the beginning of the new game.
This game will probably be a bit... violent.
The game itself isn’t hard.
You must go through the pipe while transporting the sweetfish,
if you want to stop your opponents,
you just have to pool your dollars together and shut the door.
It’s easy, right?
But since Hoaquin’s group has more dollars overall ^^;
you guys will have to wait to see the result.

This time, I think I’m going to give each character a few more individual highlights.
I regretted not doing this in the Workshop Battle
so I think I might advance the storyline more seriously...
well that’s what I’m thinking of doing anyway ^^
Of course main characters like Bam or Khun will be plenty active as well.
In the next chapter, like most of you predicted, will include a story about Yihwa.
Since Yihwa is, in some ways,
a character that represents the 10 Families in Wangnan’s Team,
among members who aren’t part of the 10 Families or
individuals who don’t have birthright advantages,(1)
she is a character that shows a bit more worried and conflicted aspect of herself.
You could say that her personality is a bit different from Khun’s,
who seeks to gain and use the power of the 10 families,

Of course, the greatest source of Yihwa’s inner conflict is
her natural tendency/character trait, Wangnan, and Baam (Viole).

I hope you’re hyped up for next week ^^
Have a great weekend
See you next week~Thank you!

Translator’s Note: (1) the privileges/benefits that members of the 10 families have had since they were born.
I’m temporarily away from home right now
so I’m writing this review outside
Guess where I’m at?
I’m currently in Jeonju haha
Because it’s close to where I live
When I want to get some air or thinking of a new storyline
I come here, although I can’t come often since I’m busy.
This chapter included a story about Yihwa
I think the next chapter will include
a bit more about Yihwa
Soon there’s going to be the CSAT (1)
I’m doing an event on Twitter for those taking the CSAT
For my readers who are taking the CSAT this year,
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Of course, I can’t do this for too many people. Around 10 people or so.
I hope you’re hyped up for next week :)
Have a great weekend
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Translator’s Note: (1) It’s a test similar to the SAT in the United States. Taken once at the end of one’s senior year, your score will decide what kind of school you go to, so many Korean students spend their entire high school years preparing for this one test. It’s an extremely important test, so even airplanes are prevented from landing during the testing period to prevent any noise/distraction during the test. To give you guys an idea of how important this test is, if you get a perfect score, you are practically guaranteed to go to Seoul National University, Korea’s equivalent of Harvard. (2) KaoKaoTalk is basically like iMessages or Facebook Messenger. It’s a standalone app that people use to text each other/send videos/photos/etc.
This chapter is... hmmm...
I wonder why all the enemies love to be stimulated
Yihwa burns fiercely

Yihwa is, even among the 10 Families, comes from a very rare family
That’s the type of family she comes from.
A daughter of the Yeon Family line is born around once every 100 years
so if she gets her power under control, she’ll have an ability that will even put Ran to shame.
Of course, if I say this then I don’t know what will become of the Ran family,
which is filled with men… haha
Anyway, good job everyone who took the CSAT.
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Something that’s a bit easy to draw would have been nice.
My hand hurts and I have to draw fire hahaha
Anyway, Yihwa is demonstrating the scary power of a daughter from the 10 Families
using fire that is not Pepero.
Anyway, it’s probably best to restrict Yihwa’s appearances for the sake of my wrist. haha
There are a lot of fighting scenes so the work and time required whereas considerable
But the paradox is that the reading speed increases when compared to the time required
This time, amount of deaths... is quite large.
This episode is a bit hardcore.. like I told you before(2)
But I will check Naver from time to time and control the level of violence a bit
No scenes will probably be cut... hopefully
The next chapter will be Baam’s chapter I think
In some ways this episode is one that is taking slow, deliberate steps
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Translator’s Note:
(1) Pepero is a type of cookie? common in Korea. They are little bread sticks covered in chocolate. Sometimes the chocolate is embedded with nuts. Other times, the chocolate can be flavored. The best version of chocolate (IMO) is the ones where the breadstick itself is filled with chocolate. :) Yum!
(2) Last week’s blog post mentioned this.
This is the 178th chapter.

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This chapter..
Baam has become stronger
However the enemy’s strength is nothing to be sneezed at
Next chapter you guys will be able to find out for yourselves…

I hope you guys are looking forward to the next chapter
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In the previous chapters, there were many hints to how Hoaquin was abnormally strong
and I’m sure a few people have guessed it by now,
but at long last, Hoaquin’s true identity was finally revealed
In truth, it isn’t so much Hoaquin + Vicente + Anna + other siblings = White
as it is White being an entirely different product/individual
Since the siblings(1) have come this far not through their own strength,
but have achieved their goals from the very beginning in a “fused together”
White’s personality as his own individual is much stronger…
And that’s also why everyone is trying to become one again.
Anyway, if they fuse together and become once more,
you could say that they will be the strongest enemy.
It seems Baam will have to stop them at the start (before it’s too late(2))
Oh yeah! Many people celebrated Khun’s birthday last week
Thank you.
I haven’t even celebrated my own birthday this way before TT
Translator’s Note:
(1) SIU calls them Hoaquin’s in the blog.
(2) The part in parenthesis was added for clarification.
Wangnan is in danger
Currently, you can probably view
Hoaquin and Vicente as incredibly (overwhelming?) strong regulars.
Both are of course incredibly strong,
but since the other versions were asleep when they were White,
Hoaquin has a lot more experience than Vicente
For any ordinary D-class regular, Hoaquin is an impossibly strong opponent.
Since battles are occurring in many places at once,
some of you may be getting frustrated
since some characters aren’t appearing as often
If you keep reading, good? days will come too
so please to read and enjoy :)
For Androssi’s birthday,
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I hope you’re excited for the next chapter
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Wangnan’s whiter, it seems?
Since the next chapters rather important
I will talk about the main story in the next week’s afternotes. ^^
As you can see from Hoaquin and Vicente’s flashback,
Their present selves haven't had that many changes from that state,
And in the case of Vicente, due to him being mostly dormant almost no physical or mental growth has occurred.
Of course, as White there were parts that were developed as they shared something.
Regardless, it is clear that they were stronger than an average Regular before.
Many people sent in 축전 for Androssi’s birthday,
and although it almost entirely overlapped with Koon’s birthday, but despite this a large
amount of art was received.
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Last Chapter of 2015!
I tried to draw my best
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But I didn’t want to take a break before the new year
So I drew with my dying breath...^^;;
Finally Hoaquin is becoming his final form.
He got taller, looks like he’s gotten a bit meaner too
No matter what kind of information comes out next week ㅎㅎ
I hope you enjoy them! ^^
It seems less and less people are reading my afterwords in the blog
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Translator’s Note:
(1) It’s pretty vague, but probably within the webtoon scope.
(2) Added for clarity
... Uh... sorry I'm late
This is the after-notes for chapter 183.
Baam's... becoming more manly, right?
Since he's a main character who's growing
I'm trying make him look good throughout the moments.
He actually feels (lit. smells, non-negative) like a man, it seems.
Since this was my first time drawing Hoaquin since he became bigger, so I had a bit of trouble drawing him.
His previous image was good but I hope he looks more sinister now.
His outfit and sword were changed slightly as well
I hope it gives a sense of "he's stronger!"
But even now he is not as strong as a Ranker/Slayer
The next chapter will probably be focused on Koon and Rachel,
But rather than focusing on the game itself I used it to make character conflicts
So I guess that? kind of feeling will be the mood for the round.
Recently my wrist's been strained so I've taken the day off
Of course there's no easy way out of "skipping" such an important arc
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Translator’s Note:
(1) lit. your comments are read with care
(2) Not a literal translation, but a New year’s greeting.
Koon started playing with his coins
Koon said he’d leave it to luck
But looking at their history neither have that good of a case for luck
So it’s more intriguing who will lose rather than who will win.
Perhaps this should be called a competition to see who has the worse luck..
Next chapter, more focus will go to Baam.
Actually I wanted to put more content into this chapter
But my wrist isn’t doing good recently ㅠㅠ
Battle scenes use more cuts over content, so it was inevitable I had to control them.
But this isn’t that little content, and I am working on the next chapter with some power
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Below are this chapter’s supplementary notes:

Rak’s spear from the Workshop is good for both offence and defense
Ha Yura’s physical abilities are on par with member of the 10 Families
But as a woman of the Ha Family, it’s below par
However her Shinsoo control ability is excellent
When a group with the ‘x3’ dollar uses
Their dollar, it is subtracted from the group total.
When a new member enters their dollar x dollar x dollar
is added to the total.
Hoaquin is now about as tall as a model.
To Koon, Ran is a genius but also someone to protect.
Baam also, although more trustworthy, is the same.
Baam and White, Rachel and Koon, their battles (?) continue
Regardless, the coin has been tossed
And the next chapter will be focused on Koon again.
Since both sides are important I can’t push just one
But I am trying to narrate them both with importance so please have some understanding ^^;;
White’s spell on the train
Is in a way only possible because it’s the train.
Basically he is using the power of dead spirits in the train.
It’s White’s Train-exclusive trick.
But doing so would take a long time and his body wasn’t normal
So even Hoaqin couldn’t board the train and use it immediately
Recently, I wanted to develop more with the execution and technique
So I am trying to show the multiple ways with more improvement
I will work hard to continue showing you good art
My wrists aren’t doing too good
But I take ample brakes so please don’t fear too much..^^;
After drawing Webtoons for six years
I have readers who’ve grown up into college students or societal members (1)
Despite those changes in surrounding, even if it is difficult to keep up
To those who supported me all the time
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To those who must have had it hard supporting me
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Translator’s Note:
(1) Means white collar worker, adults, productive members of society, etc.
This is the afterwords for chapter 186 ^^
This chapter was a bit long.
While I was madly drawing for this chapter I set a new record for longest time spent working on a chapter..
Regardless I just hope you enjoyed this chapter.

Like I said last time, Hoaqin’s blade has no blind spots.
Whether from the back for super-close-combat, the sword will ultimately land..
Arie swordsmanship is special like that, and there’s no good techniques against it.
Either overpower them with sheer force, or just attack them before they are ready..
Boro’s special so he can block his swords. Imperfectly, but still…

Next chapter will start round 3
As the final round I hope you are excited ^^
Baam and Hoaqin, it’s about time for their final battle.
I will draw harder.
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This is the afterwords for chapter 187
This is the last clone.
This looks to be a new female character in a long time.ㅎㅎ
I hope you male readers welcome her haha
(The problem is she’s harder to draw than Hoaqin)
This clone is different from the previous ones.
How so, you should keep reading, but
Judging from Evan’s response it’s something serious.
The third round will be a bit scary.
To portray an interesting progression I am working hard,
So I hope you are excited for it. ^^
Recently many people ask me about my health
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This chapter, hmm...
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But if you’re curious let me know ^^
(The points are + - of the initial with the opponents’ dollars,
regardless of the multiplicities)
If you fall you die, in simple terms;;
The next chapter will be more glamorous.
I will work harder as always.
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Translator’s Note:
1: Sul is the Lunar New Year as celebrated in Korea. It’s this monday this year
3: Unique greeting that can’t be translate, something like “May you be blessed for the new year”, but sounds super awkward in English.
So Hoaqin's past of sorts was revealed.
It's a taunt, but also explains why calls himself "his highness", how his philosophy on king-hood works, why he wears a crown, etc.
Hoaqin's philosophy, I should call it?
It looks like a Machiavellian, medieval, and overall outdated,
but regardless of how one comes to power,
it's a problem that haunts all leaders in my opinion.
Regardless of what's right, I hope you see this as Hoaqin's personal philosophy, or a conflict point of the plot.
What's right is ultimately up to the individual ultimately.
Baam's angry, but he doesn't know how to argue against it.
Regardless, Baam's a very pure being in the tower, and as such react instinctively, "humanly".
Of course he's mad at Hoaqin more than usual partially fur to his own prior history.
It's a dilemma for sure.
It seems that both Baam and Yuri's getting heated, so see you next week.
Ps, I got no valentine chocolate, can I haz some trash ones?
Hmmm, Yuri’s combat scene continues.
Baam and Hoaquin’s conversation…
like I said before, both believe that abnormalities and paradoxes can exist,
the difference is that Baam is a bit more kind/human?
Just because he is the main character does not mean that
I want to make him more rational or more just than his enemy.
I just want to draw the most I can from both Baam’s and Hoaquin’s perspectives.
Next week will be Yuri’s turn.
I wonder if her nuclear experiment will succeed.
Then have a great night.
See you next week ^^
Nuclear Yuri is….
She is physically strong, which befits her since she is from the Ha family.
Her Shinsu tolerance is on the high side as well
So you can be assured that her real skill has not appeared yet.
She controlled her power for even this fight as well.
In truth, the appearance of a High Ranker is a calamity for any regular.
It’s normal for people who manage the Floor to warn regulars if a High Rankers appears.
If a High Ranker causes a disturbance,
it’s customary for the High Ranker that rules that floor to challenge the intruder.
You can think of this scenario like an actual nuclear bomb threat...
(You can only fight nukes with nukes.)
Ah, and Pedro's observer that appeared in this chapter,
normally, a person of Pedro's ability would not be able to use such a weapon,
(he was able to use it because he was the conductor of the train)
In reality, it is an excellent weapon and explorer/observer… but the user was a bit…..
If someone of karaka’s ability had used him, even Yuri might have been in trouble
The next chapter will finally be the showdown between Baam and Hoaquin.
Both have the potential to be powerful even among High Rankers,
so this battle may even affect the future of the tower..?
Anyway, I hope you guys are looking forward to the next chapter!
The seasons are changing soon, so make sure you don’t catch a cold!
I hope you will have a happy and healthy week ^^
Thank you.
This chapter had a lot of twists and turns.
During the revision process, my tablet broke down and my computer experienced technical trouble
multiple times, so I had scrambled to get some tech support and redrew several panels. TT
I actually considered taking a break, but decided not to
since I resolved not to take a break until this episode/arc was finished.
I’ll try to fix it by midnight and finalize everything.
I know it doesn’t seem like much,
but it’s surprisingly difficult to do something week after week ^^
Like what was indicated in the raw, Baam dislikes using Han Sung’s techniques.
He likes to use Love's rather than FUG’s techniques.
Similarly, Baam doesn’t use Jin Sung’s techniques often either,
since most of them are used with the intent to murder the opponent.
As the episodes go on, the amount of times he uses FUG techniques will increase,
but the very fact that he used Han Sung’s techniques will give you
a hint of just how much Baam hates Hoaquin.
Hoaquin is an individual who has grown by devouring both his brothers and other lifeforms,
and he believes that was the only was he could become truly great.
As a result, Hoaquin is the direct opposite of Baam, who tries to save everyone.
In this chapter, the final clone has emerged.
In some ways, you can see it as Baam stealing the power Hoaquin has amassed.
From the very beginning, Hoaquin has been a difficult character for this version of Baam to defeat haha
I think the next chapter will be nearly the last one for this game ^^
The power that Baam has recieved from the clone will be the turning point.
The weather is getting warmer and the seasons are changing, so make sure you stay healthy.
I hope you have a great week!
Thank you ^^
This was a greatly long chapter.
I didn't count but perhaps the longest in Season 2...
Considering all the circumstances... and keeping in touch with the world of webtoons,
I was under pressure if this was pushing it.

But more than what's practical, doing what I wanted as an author...
and the parts I was trying my hardest in:
I felt I needed to fulfill my goals of the parts I needed to learn,
and I had a feeling that that was a responsibility of sorts for me for the readers,
so I tried to contain lots of stuff in this chapter despite it being difficult to maintain.
Now I'm regretting it because I may have overdone it ^^;;
but at least I think I did better than my previous chapters perhaps.
So that's how it is. This battle, it's not so much as that Baam defeated Hoaqin,
but it's the counter strike from all those Hoaqin have sacrificed and gathered. As it is said this chapter,
the last clone is the embodiment of the lost souls' power and Baam merely borrowed it ^^;;
"To have someone's life be sacrificed is sacred,
and those who take it for granted and abuse it will fall from that power"...
That was kinda the message I wanted to convey.
Roen and Daniel's story... Hmm...
Actually many people may have differing opinions on that part,
but between being sacrificed and sacrificing oneself out of free-will in desperate situations,
I wanted to talk about the difference between the two.
But my skills aren't that high up so I'm not sure if that was conveyed well ^^;
The reason Baam could use Hoaqin's skills
was because the last clone is Albelda (Hoaqin's younger sibling) + the spirits.
Since Albelda has the blood of the Arie, the power of the Arie Family could be used ^^.
The old Baam, no matter how well Baam tries to copy it, can't use the Arie-style swordsmanship. Regardless, the Hoaqin chapter isn't quite complete
And the next few weeks we still have more important moments so please keep an eye on that. ^^
Since this will be the prologue of sorts for another big arc, so I am excited for this too.
I drew three doodles because it's White Day
Well, I hope you have a sweet Monday~
Well, everyone have a good week this week,
hop on the Tower of God game every once in a while hehe.
See you all next week!
Thank you ^^!
This is the afterwords for chapter 194.
This chapter is...
perhaps best considered as a stepping stone of sorts for the next chapter.
I was recovering from last chapter still, and I got a cold, so I had difficulties in working.
It might feel lacking but I did my best, so please be understanding.
I am actually blowing my nose repeatedly as I write this.
About Hoaqin's past...
He's cute, hehe, Hoaqin is hehehe...
And it's not a complete introduction, but we also got to see Arie Hon's backside...
I hope that's a lot of content you guys got, and not just my wishful thinking.
At this point Hoaqin hasn't become a Regular yet so he can't exit the Suspended Castle.
Most children of the 10 Families usually live in the Suspended Castles until they are chosen.
And if they're not chosen, they settle down in the Middle Area or help around in their clan's Suspended Castles...
Of course, they are discriminated compared to those who come back as Rankers or Regulars.
The Altar is something that the Middle Area's residents make for the Ruler of the Floor.
It's usually located at the highest point in the region, kinda like the Mayans hehe.
The main Altar for the Arie are much larger than the one shown in the chapter.
Although only 1 or 2 cuts use it, please thank Jukesoon(1) for the 3D modeling as always...
Due to the nature of Tower of God at time it can be very inefficient in regards to time usage ^^;;
The Arie Family will be dealt with more closely like the Koon Family, sometime later.
Please be on the lookout for that.
At this end of this chapter, Evan's question for Yuri.
It's a bit complex what he means by it.
It could be asking her to not go, it could be testing her.
"Guides only reveal paths to those who can walk it" they say, and it's true...
Yuri's choice will be revealed in the next chapter.
Be excited for next week's chapter, and have a good week! ^^
Thank you.
Hello this is SIU.
I'm expecting that a lot of you must be surprised at the hiatus notification,
but since I've been trying to take a break for the last few weeks,
so I thought if I don't take a break now I wouldn't be able to take a hiatus anytime soon.
Two weeks isn't actually ideal for a break, but I can't rest for much longer,
and considering how webtoons are changing nowadays it's gotten troublesome for me to rest at all.
I kinda resented that I had to take a break, but since my wrist needs rest,
I could have contacted Naver to drag the hiatus longer.
But I thought about you guys and the manhwa itself, so I tried my best for it to not interfere.
I hope I can rest up and do better in the future ^^
I actually have a lot I wanna say and it's been a chaotic arc,
but the next episodes,
and for the future in general it was a good experience.
I'll keep in touch over Twitter...
and on Mondays I'll still tell you guys about the upcoming episodes or mini toons about some of the characters...
Hopefully changes will be made around the blog^^ I've really let it grow wild...
I'll do my best to cover stories between Yuri and Baam,
the new stage and the characters you guys so want to see.
Well, I'm gonna go rest. I'll visit the official fan cafe^(Korean forums- t/n) and chat.
I'll chat on the blog as well.
Well, even while I rest I hope you guys have a good week.
I'm thankful for you guys being with me,
and it's because of you readers that I can continue to draw and write this manhwa.
I'll always try harder to create a good manhwa.
Thank you ^^
Hello Everyone this is SIU.
I'm finally posting in my blog again.
I definitely said I wanted to this and that before the break started (...)
But somehow nothing got done. I am sorry. (I'm getting a sense of Déjà vu here)
This chapter has a lot of exposition on Yuri.
I think the next chapter will be the real beginning of the next arc.
Han Sung was shown for one cut but it looks like his funeral picture (...sorry).
It's been a while since I drew him so it was fun.
How long has it been since I drew Yu Han Sung...
Yuri, as explained by Koon... is one of the worst Princesses to bother in the Tower.
And being in her prime right now...
She's the rising true power in the Zahard Family.
High Rankers after a while don't really care about the outside world. Because of all these Princesses, Yihwa is getting more rivals but it's alright because she's still pretty.
Hwa Ryun and Evan...
Well considering it's a chat between the two Guides it gets mysterious.
I've gotten requests to make Hwa Ryun look better so I'll try to draw her in a cuter outfit and everything next time.
Or I might try something chill or "rad". Hoaqin and Rachel...
I think Hoaqin-pushover theory is now becoming accepted again...
Rachel can theoretically get a thorn as well, because she's an irregular as well.
After the break there's been a few changes.
Like the preview service, there's some who like and and some who are worried about spoilers...
Well, the break was going to happen anyway, it's been a year since I had an actual break.
It wasn't because of the preview services...
But I did have to work on the previews while on break so I had a lot of worries...
I didn't get much rest and I already have to keep drawing,
I didn't want to hear that I had taken a break so I can draw the preview chapters...
Feeling sorry I worked on the preview chapters and minimized the break time, only taking two weeks,
but unpredicted calamities happened the first two weeks,
my health worsened, personal hardships... I had to extend the hiatus.

Well, the fact is that the hiatus was extended and I broke my promise so all I can do is apologize.
I am really sorry.

I think this preview service will continue for the future.
And I am actually worried a lot.... I struggled on this...
I hope that you won't make spoilers of share in open environments,
but for the sake of those who are reading it on the main page,
would like to ask you guys once again (to not spoil anything).

So the next week's chapter will be the beginning of the new arc...
I hope you are excited for it and since its been a while I wanted to show myself in a positive light but I'm still worried.
But I'll keep working hard to show you good stuff.
Thank you.
This is the afterwords for Season 2 Chapter 197.
Androssi is back!
It's been a while so I had a bit of trouble drawing her.
I hope she looks good here,
Leesoo is just there as always,
trapped between two princesses as entourage.
(That's his charm).
And Lauroe is sleeping as always.
To explain the convo between Hwaryun and Wangnan here,
Guides are like a human GPS that can tell the best move or make predictions,
but how that comes to be is not known until we get there.
So even if they predicted that someone would die in a month
they cannot give any specific way to avoid it, but they can try their best.
Of course, a prediction a day or an hour ahead can be more detailed,
but you can't avoid it once you end up at the wrong path.
As you can probably tell from this week's chapter,
you can expect Namehunt Station to be the main stage.
Team Leesoo and Team Ran will be more featured than characters from season 2,
but they'll all be together anyway.
But for now, I'll focus on the present.
I've heard that I have too many characters,
but in my opinion I think the diverse cast of people climbing give a sense of life unique
to Tower of God so I plan on sticking to it despite the chaos.
Even if it's a bit hard to draw.
Next chapter, you should look at who's showing up,
who's the main character here, that will be fun.
I'd wager that Androssi will become the main... I'd say...
Over the weekend my keyboard broke,
so I went to buy a new one and I ended up buying a drawing tablet
I always wanted one(which was quite expensive.)
It's been tough for the last few weeks, and it was kind of a "I can do better".
Since the preview services went live last week,
some people like it and some people have been worried;
I repeat myself again, but the hiatus was not for what a lot of you think.
I took a hiatus for end of an arc
but Naver doesn't let/make you take a break for the preview service.
Even without the preview service the hiatus had to be extended,
so on that I am truly sorry.
Just please do not spoil other or illegally share with other people.
There may be legal consequences...
Well that was a long afterword.
Hoping you enjoyed this week's chapter,
I'll come back next week like a zombie! Thank you!
Have a good week!
Ran continues to appear from the last chapter.
Ran is a character I personally enjoy and I think he and Anak are a good pair,
so it's fun in multiple ways.
Since he has Koon Mascenni bloodline, he has the "genius" trope as well.
I think I said this before, but he was inspired by Drangon Ball GT's Goten.
If you can't see it, it's his short arms and legs...
I'll explain more next week. ^^;;
Baam heads back to the rice cooker.
Is he going to come out more cooked, we'll have to see.
Since the last Hoaqin match was super long,
I don't think this Name Hunt will go for long.
Of course, there will be a strong opponent who calls himself Kaiser,
but overall not that long...
But not only that, it's possible that the story might go off in a completely different
I hope you guys are excited ^^;
Since there are people who do use the preview service have read it ahead a few weeks
I get confused whenever I'm writing these afterwords.
I hope those of you who look ahead enjoyed as well.
Please avoid spoilers and please show attention and love to the live chapters^^
I also put in a request for a thumbnail change, a change of mood.
I hope you guys like it.
With that, I hope I'll see you next week our cutie pie Ran!
Thank you ^^
It's chapter 199.
Ran's done a big one this chapter.
I wish I had Gran Wrists or Gran health or something similar.
This chapter we have the main villain Kaiser make an appearance.
Since Hoaqin last time was so powerful,
he might not have as big of a name value,
but Hoaqin's defeat was more self-caused than from battle.
(Leaving out spirit powers and in equalised conditions,
Baam cannot defeat Hoaqin in a 1v1 match.)
This Kaiser is a quite powerful enemy too.
Not to mention his... bloodline...
To add to my last week's exposition,
Mascheni-style electric spears can only be used by Mascheni's children (1).
There are spells that copy it similarly,
but unlike Ran, it doesn't have the same reaction like the electric ball
Since it's forced, it's got a limit unlike that of Ran's.
At first, I said all of the Koon family uses electric attacks,
but I decided to scrap it because our Koon (Koon Aguero Agnis)
would be put in a strange situation.
It's said that although Koon's family normally uses spears,
but spears weren't AA's thing. But he can still throw quite nicely.
He' does lamps because it's cushy,
but even in melee he's top three in Baam's party.
Next chapter will begin the story of the Kaiser and the story at the Name Hunt Station.
It doesn't seem like much,
but it's closer to the main story than you think,
so I hope you pay attention to the next few chapters.
Of course, there will be other side stories as well so that will be fun too.
Thank you!
Translator’s Note:
(1)Descendents of Mascheni - Here, when SIU says Mascheni, she's most likely not the princess Mascheni Zahard, but likely one of Edan Koon's many wives, who eventually had Mascheni the princess that we've seen recently.
Season two, Chapter 200
Feels like it has a rhyme to it.
Season two's already reached chapter 200...
I feel like I've been doing this for such a long time.
This should be one of the longer works on Naver
Personally, today was my birthday so I got a lot of calls and such from around.
Of course, mainly through messenger and I worked on the comic in a cafe all day hehe.
In reality most of my friends are married and I'm the only one in Sejong City
so I don't have a lot of friends around me here.
To those of you who sent me a happy birthday message over SNS or the internet,
thank you ^^
This chapter... Hmm...
Well Hatsu's cool.
For the first time in a while Hatsu's looking cool.
It's probably from his new sword, but shhhhh ㅎㅎ
So the Name Hunt Station...
Rather than a simple station it's more like a fortress that abuses the rules of the station...
Like Boro said earlier stations are places exclusive to Regulars,
so there's a lot of places that are strange when viewed from the outside.
Since Rankers can't reach the area, in someways it's their isolated region...
If you read further you'll probably understand better what's happening.
I've been confusing myself when writing afterwords due to the preview services lately.
When I said in the last afterwords that Koon was top three melee fighter in Baam's team,
it was only in the previews (it's still going to show up later though)ㅜㅜ.
Sorry about the confusion.
Hatsu, in the last cut, looks slightly different from the previews;
I was trying to redraw that panel,
but I realized it shouldn't be too different,
so I just made small adjustments.
Next week it should be a continuation of more stories of characters from season 1.
And be excited for Baam's story too!
Alright, so have a good week
And I hope you enjoy everyday with the spring weather.
Thank you! ^^
This was the first Androssi chapter in a while.
Defeating one of the 10 Bosses Marte in one chapter...
I'm suddenly craving for fermented octopus hwae...(1)
The 10 Bosses are on the stronger side among the D-class Regulars.
But since Team Baam and Androssi got such potential out of the 10 Bosses,
only few are the top of D-class.
Many have asked about the top three in D-class,
but when I say the top three in D-class,
it's more like the three most well-known in each section of the D-class sectors.
Strong D-class Regulars go up to C-class anyway...
Of course, not saying the D-class top three are always weaker than them ^^;;..
And the top three D-class Regulars aren't always stronger than other D-class players.
It's a flexible position. Of course, the Kaiser, Sachi, Siryal and Rhyal are
all extremely skilled among D-class.
The battle between Androssi and Kaiser will be discussed later in detail...
A little teaser would be that Kaiser does not fight like the other enemies until now.
And... Thank you to all those who congratulated me for 200th chapter/birthday.
I'm lacking as an author but since you guys are always so concerned for me I don't even
know what to do/say.
Those of you who sent me your art, gifts, messages.. Thank you, thank you so much.
Next week will focus more on the stories on the train.
It will be a important segment...
Tomorrow (Monday) is Memorial Day.(2)
As we remember those who have sacrificed their lives for the nation,
I hope you all have a meaningful holiday.
Well, have a good week, and I hope you have a good day everyday!
Thank you! ^ ^
Translator's Notes:
1: Korean for Sashimi, it's got unique aspects compared to the more popular Japanese
variety, developed independently in Korea.
2: Korean Memorial Day is indeed on Monday.
this is the afterword of Season 2 Chapter 202~
Team Baam and Team Wangnan parted their ways.
I think I've said this before...
From now Team Wangnan and Team Baam's side will be separated
(Translater's note: Can also mean they'll be on separate sides)
Team Wangnan's story will have a big role in the overall plot, so please wait as the story unfolds.
The Demon of sorts within Baam comes from my desire to show how Baam changes as he experiences the exterior world (the Tower)
(In lore, it was created as the Thorn was activated).
Since Baam is such a pure being I needed a way to cause internal conflict.
If Baam looks for the ideal in front of him, this being coldly speaking of the reality and Baam's power.
Baam's ability may seem similar to Hoaqin's in that they both absorb or unify,
but Baam requires no sacrifice, so it may feel more "royal" in a way.
Baam's party is now at Name Hunt station.
We now have two more dangerous looking people, and now we'll talk more about this mysterious Kaiser.
Like Evan said it's going to require a difficult strategy.
Meeting with Season 1 characters, stories about Androssi. I hope you are excited.
Personally, since I've been doing this for a few years, when things go away from my intent,
when those around me require or greedily ask for things that I can't allow or difficult I feel unable to handle it and tired.
Webtoons themselves are changing in trend and measure of success so I sometimes feel troubled and tired.
But despite my short skills I've received a lot of love and still receiving so I can hope to improve my work bit by bit,
and perhaps problems around me will resolve themselves naturally. ^^
I'm not actually in a hardship compared to some of the other authors, so I always feel blessed.
It's getting hotter and hotter, please stay healthy and have a happy and fun week!
Thank you~!
This is the afterwords for chapter 203.
'Somehow' Baam's now Viole again...
Actually, when I had first sketched out the chapter,
I went to the Fan Cafe meet up and somebody asked me to put on Baam a Viole wig, like an event.
Was I beaten to the idea or something?;;;;
I couldn't spoil anything so I tried to squiggle out of it. ^^;
When I'm... surprised like that I can't react.
Baam and Viole are two sides of a coin,
so as needed sometimes you'll see Baam as Viole.
The reaction of the No-Named in this chapter towards Viole...
A Slayer Candidate is to a normal Regular something even bigger than a High Ranker,
so rather than thinking that Viole himself is going to rescue them,
it's the FUG that they think they'll be rescued by.
That's why the No-Named were moved, it would seem.
The Name Hunt Station should be a look into how the rulers of the Tower intervene
in the spaces of the Regulars,
and how the Regulars behave in the presence of said interventions.
And how the Kaiser will be portrayed between them, I wish to draw out carefully.
And the same goes to the Twin Princesses. ^^
I'm lacking a lot in this and that, but I'm always trying hard to make good chapters,
so I'm hoping the outcomes reflect that.
But I'm always feeling like something is missing, and I can't do anything about it.
I'm also always wishing I had better techniques.
I'm not completely healthy either, I wish I was.
But I can't be perfect so I should always try.
The weather's getting hot nowadays, everyone take care of yourselves,
don't stay outside for too long.
Everyone have a good week, and I'd like to see you next week doing well~!
Thank you!
It's been raining, so the night's gotten cooler.
It's been a series of frustrating and difficult events but the rain's cooled off the stress,
makes a good work environment ^^.
Bong Bong, as an item from the Workshop, is very useful.
Androssi + Bong Bong among Regulars is practically OP...
Like the Blood Tamara that the Mad Dog took, it suits the user well.
If Androssi lost with that, Kaiser must have something up her sleeves hehe.
Next week we'll see Inieta likely...
Actually, Inieta's a name that was changed last minute, so I still confuse myself...
Sometimes I make a contraction between their family name and their personal name.
Recently people have been sharing incorrect lore in the comments.
I do not talk about my work in private places...
My friends aren't in the Manhwa business... and next-to-none of my friends read my work ^^;;
They're spoilers that aren't in the cafe or the blog, but the spoiler shall not be revealed.
I'm sure it was for fun, but if that spreads other readers may become confused so
those who post them and those who share it, I request you guys to stop that.
Recently a lot of Webtoon authors have been on making a presence on TV,
and bringing a lot of controversy due to some issues but I'm not the type to really enjoy
this so I have been careful when I call myself a webtoon author (offline).
But when they do recognise me, I feel good, so... hehe there's an irony there.
I wish the best for everyone being active.
I don't see the others too often, but they all look like nice people...
I think they'll be doing good.
We're half way through 2016.
It was a chaotic half of the year, had a lot of personal hardships...
vv Harder than last year.
I hope the next half of the year will be better, a new start.
Looks like a lot of you student fans have taken tests, (so I threw a little coffee event~)
I wish you good results, and if it falls short it's alright, so I hope you are happy!
Well, have a good week, and I'll see you in the next one!
Thank you ^^
So they say this is the 6th year anniversary of Tower of God.
I usually don't follow any big dates ^^;;
But considering this is like my child I'm keeping them.
I distinctively remember the first chapters being released on a very hot summer.
Middle of University break, then suddenly I was contacted...
I didn't know anything when I started, and it's already been 6 years.
Even now I can't believe it. I'm not always well, but I always try hard.
I lack a lot but I hope for another good year __
So let's wrap it up quickly and talk about this chapter...
This chapter's got some vibes between Koon and Leesoo.
Although they're a pair of teams that are both a rival and ally, but portraying them
clash like this is a bit strange for me. ^^
Some of you are confused from Chapter 200 from what Chigrinski,
but the rule 'You cannot fight in the quarters' was just a lie to get Team Ran off guard.
Fighting in public facilities or hallways is forbidden,
but fights are permitted inside the rooms,
and once you have one of the names of the 10 bosses, you can fight anywhere.
I though that lacked explanation, so I added a bit in the last chapter too.
Next time I'll explain in a more reader-friendly manner. Sorry ;n;
Koon and Leesoo are both characters that use their heads,
but while Koon's specialised towards tricking and improvisation as well as being smart,
Leesoo is totally the academic genius.
In this Viole incident, Leesoo acted more like Koon ^^;; than usual...
Leesoo didn't like this plan that much either.
Regardless, there will definitely be a conflicted pair of sides starting next chapter.
Those of you who've seen from the previews would know,
but this episode/arc has a very compressed? feel to it.
As the multiple sides clash bit by bit, it will all lead up to the Kaiser fight.
Well, I hope you're excited for the next chapter, have a good, happy week ^^
Thank you!
Hehehe they're fighting hard.
Personally, I do enjoy subtle rivalries like Koon and Hatsu.
If you ask me who's stronger...
Well, Koon's got better physicals but Hatsu has the better technique, and Scouts are better at melee than Light Bearers,
so comparing them would be odd.
Hatsu would have a better offence, Koon with a better defence.
If Koon trained in a position that wasn't Light Bearer he may be stronger.
A lot of stories can come out of Team Leesoo and Team Koon's conflict,
but Leesoo had to make that choice for Androssi, and "borrowing" the name Viole means using the power of FUG,
so neither Baam nor Koon would look at it favourably.
After all, this goes against Baam's attempt at setting himself apart from the FUG.
Hatsu has strong faith in friendship so he chose Androssi to help in that regard.
Hatsu is sincere but doesn't emotionally calculate the most complex things before action. ^^;;
It's the opposite of Koon. If that's charming, I suppose it could be.
Inieta is a greatly strong enemy in this arc.
There was a controversy thinking he wasn't real, but he's indeed from the Arie Family hehe. He uses Arie-style swordsmanship as well.
It's not an exact copy of their direct ancestor's, but still talented.
Anyways next chapter will be the continuation of Inieta vs Rak.
Next time on Tower of God... I hope you are excited ^^
Personally, due to work issues I've moved up to Seoul and I'm feeling scatter-brained.
I found a few good restaurants,I found nice cafes to work in, but since I'm alone in a new place, it's hard to get used to.
If you live in Seoul, you might have seen me ^^;; I've been posting details on Twitter.
It's hot nowadays, please watch out for your health, have a happy week, and I hope to see you again next week.
And thank you all those who congratulated the six-year anniversary last week, thank you all so much.
Have a good week!
Thank you ^^
A lot of people were wondering about Hatsu's family...
This is probably not what you asked for, but I drew this.
It's been a while since Hatsu entered the Tower
so those two would have grown up quite a bit.
Since Regulars climb the Tower without their family,
they never get to see their family again,
if they're not a member of the Ten Families.
I think I should take some requests for pictures to accompany afterwords.
(But I'm still a bit cautious due to potential side effects)
This chapter... it was almost entirely combat scenes.
For Inieta, like I said last chapter's afterwords,
is an Arie (although not a direct blood) so he is naturally strong with a blade.
Even without it he would be strong, but if you see an Arie with a blade,
it's the logical thing to run away.
Rak has some sort of power beyond his specs.
Some POWER of wilderness... hmm...
Regardless, Rak's growth (Although pretty grown up as is)
I hope you guys pay attention to it.
The last conversation between Baam and Koon really shows the
difference between their perspectives.
For Baam, who always have been alone, it's difficult to deal with other people,
so hurting or causing misfortune on another is something he's warier than Koon is.
In Baam's case that can cause an emotional explosion,
but for Koon it wouldn't be as big of a problem.
Regardless it was a lot of trouble and a lot of growth in Tower of God.
I hope you enjoy next week too.
I hope you guys have a good week ^^ Don't get Monsoon damage, watch for your health.
I'll work hard in the heat and eventually bring back good news.
Be happy always everyone!
Thank you!
It's really hot nowadays.
Where I live, for Seoul at least, has a lot of greenery so cicadas are loud in the mornings..
I wake up before the alarm because of them..;;;
This chapter..
revealed why this is called a festival. (T/N: Not exact translation, no direct word)
"Festival", in its literal meaning is an event in which one tests the others' skills.. or an event where one becomes an audience member
so many of you may have wondered why it's called a "festival".
It's also a place that Rankers made to control the Regulars, it seems ^^
And... at the end, Mr. Ha Jinsung..
The stage is all set, so it's a full sprint from next week.
By the way, Ha Jinsung looked older in the previews
so I changed his cheekbone area.
Stay strong Old Man Ha...
Since I live alone..
and I work a busy life so I skip meals..
yet I'm getting fatter.. Like I'm swelling..
And... this is a bit of a sensitive issue so I thought about saying something specific,
but regardless of nationality, race, ideology or belief, regardless of all those,
I thank those who read my webtoon..
Some of you might have been offended by one of my assistants' past Social Networking Service messages,
but I don't keep a certain group out and I don't ask people not to look at my work if they don't like it.
Please enjoy my work.
Among all the complex ideologies and accusations,
there is only one reason why there's a triangular relationship between me, you guys, and this webtoon.
(The assistant has her own thoughts,
and her words are being misinterpreted,
so I shall settle the issue with her privately.
I apologise for the worry ㅜㅜ)
(The assistant felt sorry about the issue and is taking it hard
so she stepped down voluntarily and I accepted it.)
..Now that that's out of the way.
I actually had just heard of this today so I wasn't sure what to say.
If my webtoon had a certain ideology or claim I could have something meaning,
but this webtoon just shows a society in a light-hearted (sometimes not so much) manner
through the lens of Adventure-fantasy..
+ love.
I wished to talk about it in a way that related to that.^^
Well.. thank you to all of my readers.
Really, I'm not even that big of a person, why would I be receiving such attention and love...
I'm just thankful for your support..^^
Have a good week,
and I'll come back next week after working hard.
Thank you ^^
It's the last night of July.
I'm not that old,
but I still feel that time sure flies as you get older... ^^;;
When I think about it, there's so much I haven't tried doing in my life.
And since I started this in University, 90% of my post-Uni life has been with Tower of God...
Of course, one might saw who gets to try everything they want in their life,
but I sometimes wonder what I would be doing if I didn't become an author?
Before Tower of God, I liked procrastinating, so I doubt I would have become anyone great.
These last few weeks I got to think about living as an author.
On this week's chapter:
When I actually drew the Waste Man I actually regretted it.
He didn't fit on the panels and drawing the pipes were such a big challenge.
But then I started to get this sense of gratification(?) so I wanted to draw more,
ironically speaking.
But I had to call it quits due to time.
Ha Jinsung, to the outside world,
is a High Ranker who hasn't done much in such a long time
that he's not that famous in the Tower these days.
A villain in the old legends if you will...;;
But his feats were pretty impressive and he continues to do important stuff later chapters
so he'll become more important as we go into the later arcs.
Baam after getting his Thorn been putting melee and ranged combat at a 5:5 ratio.
Since getting his Thorn, his physicals have been continuously reinforced.
Character outfits I decided to change up thing for a bit for fun.
Koon puts a lot of attention to detail.
He's my opposite; during summer it's always a tee, shorts, and slippers.

This arc I'm going to push the narrative a bit more before ending it,
so although the work may get harder, but hard work, although hard, makes fun parts and I want
to deliver the best chapters my body will allow, so I hope you guys have fun reading it.
Of course, being good at it and working hard at it has differences ^^;;;
I'm still young. I can do better.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this week's chapter, and I hope you guys have a good week.
Stay healthy in the hot weather.
Thank you!
This is the afterwords for Tower of God Season 2 Chapter 210 ^^.
Last week people loved Koon's suit so Baam's trying it out. ...
In reality even I can't tie my own tie. It's so hard for people of my line of work.
I personally want to show a lot of costumes for different characters
but since I don't take breaks frequently I can't always show them. :(
But I always wanna do better with fashion and accessories.
The Waste Human... doesn't spit just waste, but spits it through Shinsoo?
The entire Tower is filled with Shinsoo so it is everywhere but there is a difference
between natural Shinsoo and man-controlled Shinsoo.
And there are many cases where one uses their organs to change
the nature of their Shinsoo for tactical use.
This chapter shows Yukan, one of the 10 Bosses, being pretty weak,
but he's strong among the D-rank.
It's just that those on the train are stronger than the other D-rank and
Baam has a lot of good skills for the station.
In Baam's case, his build is favourable over Yukan.
But even without his build Baam or Hoaqin are freakish among the D-rank;;.
And another pair of OP D-rank characters Inieta and Ran are about to fight.
They both have their odd sides ^^;; but they are also similar.
Like their genius trope (Or their height?)
Well, I hope you guys look forward to next week,
stay healthy among the heat this week,
and have a good week! ^^ Thank you!
For the first time in a while, I'm hiring an assistant.
I need someone who will assist me in sketching/colouring backgrounds, editing,
among other works. If you are interested,
Getting Monday off is a bonus, although not for me ㅠ.
I hope you guys have a good extended weekend.
On Ran vs Inieta...
If you guys saw it over the preview chapters you would have noticed,
but I added a few more cuts.
Since I don't have a lot of margin in work between the weeks
I have trouble raising quality naturally,
but I worked on the section of the previews I was disappointed in and added more up it.
Of course, I won't ever be fully satisfied with it ^^;;
Ran's Lightning Pill lasts longer now it feels.
He's still attacking strongly but at the same time more controlled.
This is why being gifted is scary ㅎㅎ
Inieta is not a direct descendant as said, but he's exceptionally talented.
Someone of direct descent from the head of the house's own blood is frequently considered gifted, but direct descendants aren't always better.
In the case of the Arie Family, there is a special blade (t/n: multiple identical blades) only
passed down to the direct descendants.
They are the family with the most stringent rules when it comes to bloodline.
On Koon and Baam's side, Alphine finally opens her mouth.
Next chapter will delve right into Kaiser's story.
Side note, Koon didn't cut his hair, just combed it over. With a lot of hairsprays.
I hope you all look forward to next week ^^
Have a good week everyone
Thank you!
#291 "DD's aren't always better"
I was told that after this week the heatwave would end...
It's hot.
So I drew something cooling for this post's pic.
This chapter revealed Kaiser's hidden back story.
This doesn't justify her, but it does explain how she was chosen as a cog in the
wheel of Name Hunt Station and forced into her position.
Kaiser has a larger amount of guilt for her family than for the Regulars
of the Name Hunt Station, it is rather unusual.
Since this chapter is about the Princess of Zahard the chapter features an exceptional amount of Princesses.
In reality, you will rarely encounter a Princess of Zahard.
If you meet her as an enemy you can consider yourself dead,
and becoming her ally would be very difficult... and complicated...
They're someone hard to approach for sure.
Lilial and Shilial hold the key to one of the two big upcoming story arcs so they appeared ahead of the power curve.
The specifics will be revealed in the later stories.
They both have strange names, but when you say their full names it actually works out.
I personally prefer Shilial over Lilial. She's easier to draw. Lilial's hard. Anyway, neither have shown much of themselves so keep an eye out for them ㅎㅎ
And also their relationship with Androssi.
On the events on Team Baam... what the fox will do is the main concern.
Don't die kids.
Well, I hope you look forward to next week and take care of yourself in the last days of the heatwave.
Have a good week.
Thank you!
The story of Andorssi and Lilial, Shilial and Hatsu's battle.
Team Baam heading to the Kaiser.
This chapter felt like a bridge to the next one.
Since I'm starting to live in Seoul I'm having trouble learning its geography.
There are so many bridges in Seoul ㅠㅠ.
There was a brief explanation on Anima.
Functionally a Bowl and a Lighthouse are functionally similar.
The Inventory, the Pocket, and the Lighthouse (three inventions of the Workshop):
all other items either came from them or they were made from previously existing items that the three inventions picked up from.
In the case of the bowl, it's the latter.
The skill of Anima existed before the 10 Families entered the Tower.
And the Lo Po Bia family acquired that skill so the limits or the exact mechanics
of Anima are not quite known.
It's in some aspects magical, and it relates to contracts with the Administrators, and Name
Hunt Station's rule aren't too far-laying from this.
Not everyone from the Lo Po Bia family are Anima, but they all have the potential.
And a few of Lo Po Bia elites have abilities that are on a whole new level from standard Anima.
Using an entire room as a Bowl is a very specialised situation.
Bowls are usually best when portable and the Shinsoo must be changed regularly
(t/n: like a fish tank) to maintain control over the creature you control.
Even Koon's method, without the Thorn's ability and Koon's skill with the Lighthouse,
would be a hard solution so Name Hunt Station is difficult to befall.
Between Shilial and Lilial, Shilial is the "unni"(older sister, girl subject)
but since they're twins... well it's closer to a pecking order.
Lilial follows Shilial more.
Shilial having learned sword fighting for a moment is true.
But considering her age, our briefly and their briefly is not the same;;;;
The physical durability of the 10 Families is being discussed recently.
Even the 10 Families cannot be compared physically with Zahard's Princesses.
Most Regular Princesses have a lot higher physical durability than average Rankers.
As Quant said in Season 1, Rankers are superior in Shinsoo control and technique so they can be overall more powerful than a Princess, but that gap is caught up rather quickly.
Baam is the opposite of a Princess where he is strengthening his physical to the max as he learns Shinsoo techniques...
Of course, Baam is growing at an OP rate to really say that.
Next week.
Will Alphine open her mouth? Will they meet with Kaiser?
It's on the previews but waiting is a unique fun.
(Of course, I'm thankful when you buy)
(Also this chapter has more combat scenes from the preview version, so you should reread them)
Well I hope you look forward to the next chapter.
Go out and enjoy the good weather, but watch out for the cold in the changing season.
I'm enjoying the weather because it's weather much better to work in.
As always, thank you!
Have a good week, stay happy! ^^
#293 Some info on anima
The Kaiser and Viole finally meet.
Since the Name Hunt Station was unconquered for millennia,
making it fit the both the challenge and the setting was a big consideration of mine.
And even if it seemed a bit untimely I wanted to maximise Viole's dramatic reveal.
Not sure if it worked ^^;;
But since I did my best I will do better next time.
I'm kinda hoping that at the part where Leesoo blows up the escalator
you guys go "Whoa what the", just a little bit.
(The dialogue changed between this and the previews; Reverse Flow-Control is when you stop a
person's Shinsoo through reversing their flow. It can't pause the movement of a Shinsoo bomb)
(When Baam stopped the remote during his battle with Mule Love, he used a complex Shinsoo
control technique, and wouldn't have worked against the Shinsoo bomb at such distance)
Leesoo has a talent at stealing the scene looking cool ^^;
Between Team Leesoo and Team Baam, the relationship is not quite
a unified team like Baam-Koon-Rak, but more of friends/rivals.
In the narrative, Team Baam, Team SnS, Team Leesoo, and Team Ran and others;
they are all allies but they will independently come together and separate as the chapters go on...
Of course, at times they would be enemies.
And Hatsu's got a new sword; what kinda blade shall it be?
Will it be better than the Workshop Battle's pipe?
I personally love Hatsu but since he's too righteous at times I do want to torment him ^^;;
Well, stay tuned for next week!
Weather's slowly getting cold (still hot during the day),
stay healthy and have a good week!
I myself have a bit of a cold so I'm being careful myself ^^
Thank you ^^
This week we had some excellent Hwa Ryun moments..
I wanted to do Hwa Ryun in hanbok but my wrist is not in a good condition
and it's a lot of work for just the afterwords
so I went with Rakoonbaam.
One day I will show Hwa Ryun in hanbok.
Hwa Ryun's abilities, since it was shown from the beginning may not look special
but in Baam's current party, besides Baam, she's the most unusual Regular.
Of course, she's disabled with Team Rachel due to Emily ^^;;
But considering that Hwa Ryun is the only Guide (besides Yuto) who is a Regular (despite having been disqualified on the Second Floor technically)
it'd be a waste of words to describe how rare the likes of Hwa Ryun is.
Guides don't simply guide the way
but they can find things hidden in the Tower or reading fates.
Solving complex puzzles or avoiding traps is easy for them.
However, since those abilities are outside standardisation, very few parties have them.
No matter how strong you are, unless you can shift the fate of the Tower you probably won't get a Guide..
Of course, each Princess of Zahard who becomes a Ranker under contract from Zahard's family get their own Guide(s).
Since Hwa Ryun looks so downcast when she's against Rachel's team ^^;;
This chapter, even though it doesn't have a lot of content,
I wanted to push Hwa Ryun as the main, risking mild controversy.
Since she's not a fighter it's not flashy,
but let's do better next time so everyone's happy... that's the idea.
To tell you what I'm up to personally...
Since Korean Thanksgiving is coming up and everyone's so giddy it was hard to actually work.
It was a particularly intense chapter (preview)
So I barely met the requirements, and I couldn't go home for the holiday. ^^;;
I call home often and I send gifts to make it a less burden of heart on myself.
I haven't even visited my parents for the last few holidays and they miss me.
So next year I hope to save up work so I can go down ㅠㅠ
Well, next week begins the mark of part one of Kaiser vs Viole.
This fight has a lot of scenes I want to try play out so it may be very difficult
but I'm doing all that I can, increasing my workload further.
I hope it comes out good because the experiences this chapter I need to be able to use for the upcoming arcs.
I can't do good all the time, but I can always improve, and one day I might actually become someone actually good at it.
Some of you ask me to talk about the preview chapters so trying not to spoil anything.
I wish I can finally draw it so that Kaiser's Inventory breaks.... hah.
Due to content I won't be able to say much next week ^^
Well, I hope you guys look forward to next week!
Have a good Korean Thanksgiving, have lots of good food, stay healthy and have a good week ^^
See you next week!
#295 Some info on guides.
Fenril is a wolf and Kaiser commands it but as Inieta said it's different from the animals that Anima's use.
It is like a unique ability passed in the family.
In a way the Kaiser was born an Anima.
She doesn't need a Bowl so she can take other positions as well.
It's pretty handy in various aspects.
Of course, this is not an ability unique to the Kaiser.
It's a rarer family trait.
Of course, there will be differences in the animal commanded.
You guys may have a lot of questions about Kaiser's power level:
considering that she's from one of the 10 Families and had enough talent to be picked as a Princess of Zahard + 1000 years of training + OP items + home ground advantage,
she kinda has to be a difficult opponent.
Of course, Baam is also rather talented,
but the Kaiser was undefeated until now for a reason ㅎㅎ
Harvest Moon holiday's over, I wonder how you guys were.
I was working through the holiday do nothing was really different.
But the air around, it's quieted down from the holiday so I am a bit more relaxed ^^:;
So it was hard to keep myself working
But since in both the preview chapters and in the main chapters it's a bad time to fall out so I hope I did good.
Well now it's time for everyone to return to everyday life.
I hope your week is good, and without complications. ^^
I will pick up the pace as well..
Well, I hope you look forward to next week.
And keep guessing how Baam will get out of this problem.
Have a good week!
Thank you! ^^
The battle between Inieta and Ran is over.
I actually wanted to cover everything I could about the relationship between Inieta and Kaiser.
Due to the flow of the plot the 10 Bosses were skimmed over, which I wasn't too happy with.
And why Inieta logically would listen to Kaiser's orders ^^;
The Inieta vs Ran scene I wanted to give as much impact as the main battle
or at least that was the intent.
I hope it wasn't the details but the emotions that stay with you this chapter.
Inieta had talent but due to the way the Arie Family works he was forced to become an outsider.
Of course how much of it was his own and how much of it was the environment we can't say,
but it would have turned out better if he grew up knowing more love.
We're starting to get more information on the Arie Family in the main story.
Arie Swordsmanship is not just of Arie Family.
Normal people can learn the forms of the technique. They're good with swords for a reason.
It's just that they can't use it as a Arie member can;;
Well, the battle between Ran and Inieta is almost a tie.
Ran did win out in the end, but Inieta had no support.
Considering Inieta is a D-class Regular who started much earlier than Ran,
Ran's growth is scarily fast.
And the articles on my blog, since I haven't updated in so long...
There are a lot of settings that have changed in the main story
so I've turned it private for a time.
I am not sure when I'll get to them ㅠㅠ but I hope to fix it up and make it public again.
Next chapter will be back to the fight between Kaiser and Baam.
This chapter's reaching it's climax,
so I hope you guys enjoy it till it's end ^^
Everyone, please take care of yourselves, don't get a cold,
have a good week and I hope you look forward to next week!
Thank you!
Stay happy~!
This week I didn't take any requests because I haven't been feeling good over the week.
Next week, I'll take one of the requests in the reply and draw those.
Sorry to those of you who were waiting.

In fact this week,
I was feeling so terrible and with stress piled up,
I mentally could not work properly.
The hospital said I need to first take emotional stability
so I took a day off to work but the deadline was getting too close
so eventually I spent the night to meet it ^^;;

So it doesn't look like I'm going to get better this weekend.
At least I met the deadline so I'm relieved.
But the next week's chapter is going to be a problem.

This week's chapter had some changes from the preview upload.
I think that had held up work on other chapters.
There weren't any big changes in the content,
but I tried to make the battle and dialogue flow more natural.

The fact that Baam is not only talented but talented in ways never seen before,
we get to see again from Kaiser what's been emphasised since season 1.
Like how he can see the Invisible Inventory (Although it seems visible to us).
Irregulars are wondrous to the average Regular.

Next week we will see the end of this fight.
And we have the name of Hatsu's new sword.
If there's a Suh'hae
(Translator Note: this is a pun: Donghae and Suh'hae each mean Eastern Sea and Western Sea)
Well, I'll think about it...

Overall I tried a lot of new direction,
I hope it's alright.
Here, instead of making Kaiser and Baam fight in total melee,
I had them fight a strategic long range combat before they go in.
I was concerned that it would feel too static.

In the Previews... Hm... It's the beginning of much chaos.
Approaching the climax of Season 2 it seems.

I'll leave it off here.
It went on for pretty long, but half of it was my personal life ^^;;
I don't even know what I just wrote.
Although I rambled on a lot I hope you guys understand ㅠㅠ

I'm gonna go to sleep early and try to regain my stamina.
Stay healthy, dress accordingly to the weather.
Stay happy!
Next week we'll see more motion, I'd think ^^

Have a good week.
Thank you^^
The Kaiser is finally down. ㅠㅠ
When I went over this section in the preview section,
I thought if the Kaiser's battle went for three weeks, it shouldn't be that long,
but since the webtoon went on after the previews some said it felt slower.
Next time I'll try a more dynamic approach.

Before the Kaiser match, I had a lot to say...
If White(Hoaqin) from the last arc was a true pinnacle of evil,
Kaiser is someone who split from that point and fell, and is someone who's somewhere below..
She wanted to climb but one point,
she even lost herself and became part of the system.

When I started the Name Hunt Station I already had this chapter's plotline mostly drawn out.
So the fact that it's a Name Hunt Station,
the name of the Kaiser's mask all came down for this scene...
Although a lot of things happened in the middle. ^^;
When I do an episode like this, I feel a sense of accomplishment when I arrive at the ending I first imagined.
Reaching something always feels good.

I feel better now
but not by much... ^^:;
A fundamental solution will be difficult but I'm seeing doctors..
and I've been thinking that I need to take a break.
Health of body and mind are very important things.
But people always cheer me on,
so I think it's a blessed life.

Preview chapters..
As.. you can see..
kids grow up fighting..

Well, this is the end of the Name Hunt Station.
Next week has some important things coming up..
Well, I hope you are excited for next week ^^

And have a good week!

Thank you ^^
We finally have the Kaiser's face and true name.
My concept for the unmasked Kaiser was a wolf cub.
She's over a thousand years old, but she's a 10 Family,
living in the Inner Tower, so age and appearance don't really correlate.
But most of all I hope that she has a childish purity now that her mask is off ^^;
Definitely hard.
Androssi's true name,
which Baam has currently, shall be revealed one day.
Not today, though. ㅎㅎ
We finally have something on Maria, Koon seems to feel confused.
If you guys aren't sure who Maria is,
you should take a look at Season 1's earlier chapters,
during the test ^^
Next chapter we will start to exit the Name Hunt Station arc and prepare for a new one.
I hope you guys are looking forward to it.
The weather's cooler now, clothes are getting thicker;
stay healthy, and have a good week! ^^
Thank you!

Talking about the webtoon, we finally arrived at the festival.
From the beginning, I wanted to put Kaiser's monologue along the festival,
akin to an epilogue.
At first, I wanted to go with naming it "The Auction" but it felt too literal,
so I changed it to a festival ^^;
Kaiser, instead of repenting for her mistakes focuses on untangling
(T/N: can mean "solving") the relationship between her parents and herself.
Her perspective is above most peoples'.
But I don't want her to be a character who suddenly and forcibly regrets or repents her wrongdoing,
that's just what kinda character the Kaiser was in the first place.
I considered that as Ha Jinsung spoke of the Kaiser as saying she was "saved by a god".
Kaiser was definitely a villain, and that kind of a Regular isn't worth saving through spending 10,000,000,000s.
But since their god chose the saved, that kind of question was unneeded.
I think this shows how well FUG follows their Slayer, regardless of good or evil.
And perhaps Baam is becoming such an entity.
If Baam was perfect justice, would he have saved Kaiser?
I have a feeling that would be a no.
In the auctions, the base units are 10K Points (I requested a correction on that).
Since the Tower is so large each area has their own currency units but among the Regulars and the Rankers, it's Points.
Points are a very loosely defined concept for a currency but can be bought using official regional currencies.
Of course, they can be exchanged as well.
Of course, since each region has their own values for money, so the exchange rate changes,
but in most regions, having 100,000,000 Points would mean you're filthy rich.
Unless you're near the regions where the families are based in (Because currency worth differs)
but still, 100M Points is a huge amount of money in the Tower.
With that kinda money you can ditch the Tests, go into the Middle Tower,
and live out the rest of their days rich.
Of course, Ha Jinsung is extremely wealthy for giving that kinda cash for no particular reason.
By the way, Hwa Ryun's the one who actually asked.
He's kinda also paying for saving Hwa Ryun ^^;
And lastly...
Karaka's back.
In the whole story of Tower of God they are one of the main forces;
although one of the youngest Slayers,
they have a high potential, are quite active, and currently quite skilled.
They are like the rising star of evil ^^;;
In a way, they are in a similar position to Yuri.
(TN: Karaka's gender is unknown..? Curse you SIU for your unspecified genders!)
I don't like drawing them because of their helmet (...)
Regardless, I hope you guys are looking forward to next week, now with Karaka in the mix ㅎㅎ.
I've been feeling a cold since last week, still have a fever.
Everyone watch out for the cold,
keep yourself well and have a good week ^^.
Thank you!
We're wrapping up the Name Hunt station & starting a new one.
It's hard to say whether the Name Hunt station will change,
but wherever it is, the people in power find it hard to put it down.
Actually, when someone puts down their power, someone becomes the new power, which is also ironic.
In Baam and Koon's conversation,
you can see a bit change in Baam's thoughts.
From Rachel to friends to the Station, Baam wants to save more and more people.
Perhaps Baam himself without realising it is becoming something/someone
who everyone wants him to be.
In the end, it seems it's Karaka vs Yuri...
The results will be... ^^;
And Karaka's even caring for your life in the midst of it.
I really hate drawing your helmet.
The previews are... spoilery... hehe
The nation and our society is chaotic and the weather is cold.
Don't lose hope, stay strong, stand firm and brave,
and with hope I wish that you'll face this winter.
Look forward to next week guys!
Thank you!
Have a good week ^^
A disaster is happening in front of Baam's party ;;
I've increased the scale on Yuri/Karaka's battle compared to battles of Rankers in the past.
So to Baam's party, this is more of a natural disaster than a fight. ^^;;
Or that was what I was going for.
Since Evan's a Guide, the amount he will contribute to the fight will be rather small.
It's not that he's weak in battle, but it's his type to be like so.
Yuri enjoys fighting alone as well.
Evan's restoration ability has a limit of how far back it can restore,
so a bridge broken so long ago cannot be fixed.
Koon trying to cross the bridge before the path got destroyed is an obvious choice,
For the Rankers, trying to cross this bridge
may seem rather stupid.
How this situation will be viewed by Rankers and Regulars will differ.
To cross or not to cross. Here Yihwa chose to cross as well.
I would hate to part with a team I was with for so long.
Next week the Yuri vs Karaka fight shall continue...
And Baam crew's plight will only continue.
Please stay on the lookout for that.
The Previews... Hm... next week... may be rather critical...
The weather was so cold recently it felt like middle of winter,
but it's rather warmer today ^^;;
Everyone dress warmly, watch out for your health.
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It's cold.
I'm not sure if it's the weather or society
but cold for sure.
Personally I prefer a cooler weather over a hotter weather
but at times like these
I wish at least the weather was nice.

This chapter's focus was Karaka and Yuri's fight.
Next week will be Yuri vs Karaka fight's finale.
The reason Karaka was able to find Bong Bong
(as it will be revealed next chapter) is because Evan's items' effects were turned off when Kranos was ignited.
And a Ranker like Karaka usually has eyes of an observer.
Very different from Baam's intuition, very trained, physically trained mental ability.
(And Karaka's originally a Scout-Fisherman hybrid, and has a helmet with Observer-like functions.)
In fact, it's amazing that Evan's items were good enough to hide from Karaka so long.

Kranos is very powerful, even among ignition weapons.
Its range is not wide, but excellent as a weapon of precise destruction, and can be used on all Floors.
But it can only be used once a day ^^;
We also see Urek's name here, as we do in many places.

Urek we'll deal with more deeply later
but he broke the ranking of the High Rankers which was frozen for some time. ^^;
High Rankers rarely fight for their lives
so this is a truly rare fight.
As the tension grows... ^^;
I hope you guys look forward to next week!
I hope it's a hopeful warm winter.
Test takers, stay strong!

Thank you!
This chapter,
when I worked on it, it felt really difficult,
but since it was an action scene it actually doesn't have a lot of content.
(Emphasis on how hard I worked on this)
What became of Yihwa, Rak, and the swordsman...
I hope you guys be on the look out for that.

Since Yuri's from the Ha Family her speciality is close combat and physical damage,
but they do have ranged fatality moves like this.
I think this is the first one since the Espada de la Luz.

You see that Karaka's alive in the end.
I'm pretty sure you all predicted it, but^^:
Karaka would not start a full-out fight with Yuri without an insurance.
Karaka has the ability to be 'reborn' from a certain period.
The secrets of this technique will be dealt with more in a future Karaka fight.
It's a very convenient skill over all.

The identity of Karaka's room is curious as well.
How did Karaka get in here...

Karaka said something shocking in the end:
what will Wangnan's fate be! Is Wangnan not a dweeb!
Be on the look out for that. ^^;

The weather outside is getting only colder, but the candlelight are so bright.
There is nothing warmer than relying and trusting one each other.
The news may make life terrible, but I just hope that everyone lives on
with a little more hope.

for those who took that CSAT relax, you've worked hard!
I hope you guys get good results~!

Well. everyone have a happy week,
and thank you for stopping by this week too. ^^

See you next week!
We're finally looking at Wangnan again.
It's like Wangnan's big adventure haha.
Of course, the mood will shift a bit next chapter.
Wangnan is a unique character.
He has the personality of a traditional Shōnen protagonist, but compared to his personality, he's such a weak and useless character by those standards. ^^;;
But thinking idealistically I do want to see those kinds of characters have their big breaks,
so Wangnan's one of those characters.
If you think about it, a lot of the Shōnen genre subliminally reinforce how one's ability is all that matters? Haha.
In that regard Wangnan is a character that's really important for me.
Regardless of how he's received, I want to draw a lot through him.
Being too afraid to draw the things I want to draw is something I settled a long time ago as I drew Tower of God.
Of course, if many love and enjoy it it'd be nice as always.
It's really cold so dress tightly, don't catch a cold.
Will Wangnan be able to awaken Horyang?!
Will Hoaqin unintentionally become a good guy ^^;;
Check in next week!
Personally it's hard when I have to draw a character die.
I don't enjoy it.
I guess since the story bases itself on cold-blooded competition
it can't be avoided, I suppose.
I as an author don't enjoy drawing those scenes or drawing them out.
So when I draw these chapters, I try to be in as much pain as the characters.
It's a respect I have to the characters and those who loved them.
I don't want myself getting numb to it.
Being unable to draw Prince or Raptor is sad.
Raptor's ring may show up later.

Rachel and Wangnan's entanglement starts now.
How Akraptor and Prince's deaths affect the two's relationship will come up as the time goes on.
Since Wangnan has a separate storyline from Baam and Rachel,
their story will be interesting...
And Baam, who lost an ally on a "Journey of Self-Discovery",
pay attention to how he grows.
After this chapter the story will be the rungs of the ladder to the Floor of Death.
How each character deals with pain, I'd like to show...
And fairly important exposition is about to happen, so I hope you guys enjoy it.

I was outside when first snow fell this year, luckily.
I hope this winter won't be too cold, with the occasional soft snow to make people's days.
This winter is one of chaos, but with combined hearts perhaps we can overcome?

Well, have a good week
and see you in the next one.
Thank you ^^
Hm... a lot about Wangnan this chapter.
If Baam and Rachel has a lot of secrets what's outside the Tower,
Wangnan has a lot of stories about inside the Tower.
He called himself a prince quite often ^^ ;;
"Prince of the Red Lantern Street": A lot of you are making various theories about that, but
I'll just say that the story needs more revealed before anyone can reasonably predict the story.
Wangnan is actually very old
(enough to be brothers with Karaka).
I said he got held back a "few" years early on ^^;;[1]
but he didn't sacrifice anyone intentionally.
It's just that he (T/N: Subconsciously?) used selective memory to hide his own pain to guard
himself from tragedy, protecting his sanity.
(Think of how Yihwa's attack killed all the Regulars except himself).
Ja Wangnan as a character has a personality that draws others in, which he likes, but he is also sensitive to deaths and pain that those around him suffer.
I thought someone like him climbing the Tower without dying somehow would be interesting.
Regardless, we'll see a lot more about Wangnan in the future.
And Baam's made a decision.
He doesn't want to be an omniscient and omnipotent god,
but to fulfil a desire to transcend something.
If I become a god, I want to make a Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
And set it so a day in there is a week out there...
Imagine uploading 7 weeks worth of content in a day ^^;;

Well, Baam's story next week and Wangnan's misadventures.
I hope you guys are excited.
I always try to do my best, but I sometimes see mistakes, so I think to myself to do better.
Well, stay warm in the cold winter.
And have another happy and peaceful week ^^
#308 Stuff about Wangnan
This chapter is one of the most important turning points of Season 2.
A small bit of Wangnan's secret was revealed and a hint on one of the plots of the Tower of God...
Considering Rachel knows all of this something has to be behind the scenes ^^; I wonder who...
And Wangnan - Karaka relationship is becoming more curious.
If you've been reading Tower of God, you'd know officially, there is no prince who has Zahard's blood.
Formally, only Princesses who have been injected with his blood exists.
But besides whether Wangnan is really a prince or not,
he has something to do with Zahard for sure ^^;
As they're 'Princes' as stated in the prologue for season 2,[1]
The stories of those with the rings (Wangnan, Karaka, etc.) shall be revealed as we go on.
Baam, instead of going in the Steamer (t/n: My translation for the "Rice Pot" which sounds cooler) has begun training with the god of guardians.
I don't plan on drawing out his training too long so it should end in a moment.
The train is showing sequentially how Baam is becoming stronger
So this kinda thing will continue on until the end.
We have the face of the new character who will be showing up in the next chapter.
As he has a somewhat important role in the Floor of Death arc I hope you guys look forward to that.
This character will be a bit serious ^^;
This chapter has slightly different drawings from the previews and I added a few panels;
since I have a three-week term some chapters I edit before uploading.
Of course, they don't change much.
I hope that those of you who read the previews still read the main, it would be fun.
I don't talk like mentioning what's happening in the previews.
But I think we're picking up the pace in the previews department haha.
But for those of you who don't do preview chapters, I will avoid talking about it.
My head is spinning. I hope I didn't write anything stupid and worrying and eghhh...
I'm heading back to bed. At this rate, my next deadline may be in trouble.
I'll try to recover quickly and come back next week fresh and all.
Well then, everyone, don't get sick, stay warm and have a good week!
Thank you! ^^
#309 Mentions of "Princes"
Since we didn't talk about the new character last time,
here's a new character. His name is Hockney.
His name is from David Hockney, a British artist. There's not meaning to the name,
just that his art is divided, so that reminded me of David Hockney
(I had an art book of his works right by coincidentally ^^;)
He's from the Floor of Death, and he will be a key player on the Floor of Death.
He's a Scout, good with his Observer.
And ultimately Wangnan took Rachel's deal.
Wangnan and Rachel's link was something I've been planning on.
I held it off considerably until the Hell Train where they finally created a link of sorts.
And since this is a very very important moment in the Tower of God overall storyline.
So I had to consider what timing it would happen ^^;
Many of you asked why Zahard would need the key to the next Floor when he's at the top;
by that, I mean the top of the parts that Zahard climbed to.
The fact that there's more beyond is well known, and the ultimate goal of the High Rankers is to climb the Floor(s) that Zahard has not conquered.
There will be more on that later. ^^
Baam is training hard.
The new technique is named Shinwonryu, which will be dealt with heavily going forward.
In the chapter, Baam learned the Divine Circular Flow (T/N: I'm assuming 神圓流[1]).
If I had Baam's ability to learn when I was a student...
Oh wait, does that mean I have to learn by getting hit with textbooks?

Regardless 2016 had lots happening.
Although with problems, the game was released and the preview services was released as well...
A lot of things changed for me personally.

I can't say everything went well, and there were lots of good and bad events, but I'm still drawing my comics, and as long as you guys are reading, that will not change.

If I had to describe 2016 as a flavor

I would say "bitter, after expecting something sweet"..?
But it still feels like I had a piece of candy? ^^
I pray for this year to be filled with sweetness.
(No, such years are impossible for me)

As I get older and become an adult,
I find myself saying lies I don't want to say,
and laughing when I don't want to,
but at least for drawing Tower of God
I will never forget the truthful and hard-working stance.

Well then, happy new year to everyone,
and let's work hard this year.
I hope you enjoy as always.

Thank you^^
This week, we see a bit of Baam using the Divine Whirlpool technique.
I had to think deeply about the visual I wanted for the Divine Whirlpool,
and I, unlike how Shinsoo previously looked, wanted to go for a "light" based, or something primal...
Actually, Shinsoo itself was based on the concept that water is the source of life so it's an extension of the same idea, in a way.
And the Divine Whirlpool is not even in its final form yet, so you'll get to see it developed further.

Endorssi and Koon both developed in some manner, the details to be revealed in the Floor of Death. (Buy the previews..?)
Koon and Endorssi will both go through a lot of changes in the Floor of Death.
Taking the time I'm going to show lots of fun things.

We're finally at the Floor of Death.
Since this is the most important arc in the Hell Train arcs,
I wasn't sure if I should take a break prior, and I may take a break in between if needed.
It won't be a short arc.
The characters and clues needed for the story it feels like i'm throwing only bits at a time.
Unlike Name Hunt or Train City arcs this arc is important to the overall story,
And if the Workshop Battles tied up the first knot of Season 2, this arc ties up the second one.
As such I'm going to proceed somewhat carefully.
I hope you guys are ready for the story of the Irregulars, the Floor of Death, and Baam.
I will work hard, day in and day out.
If I feel inadequate I always want to make it up at least partially through effort... I hope.

In my personal life, I've been enjoying making rice over a cast-iron pot (T/N:instead of the quintessential pressure cooker)
I think I'm enjoying this too much... but it's so good...

Well, I hope you enjoyed this week's chapter,
have a good week, and I'll see you in the next one.

Thank you^^
Regardless, this chapter's story in short:
lore about the Floor of Death.
The Floor of Death came to be known as the Floor of Death because an Irregular named Enryu killed the Floor Guardian there.
In the Tower, Guardians were considered immortal and invincible entities, but Enryu unprecedentedly killed the Guardian of the Floor.
As everything that was before became buried in the corpse of the Guardian, it became known as the Floor of Death.
Many rumours exist, such as "There is no Shinsoo on that Floor", or "Nobody lives on the Floor", but they're just rumours, and the truth will be revealed soon enough.
Ha Yura's hint is also a hint about the story in the future, but to what extant you'll have to see ^^
Towards the end of the last chapter you see Baam using the Divine Whirlpool technique for a bit.
Actually, he's only at the stage where he can only make and throw one Baang, and isn't at applying it yet,
so it's hard to say if the Divine Whirlpool technique is showing its full potential.
But its special property and its innate power is definite.
I mention this time to time, but if I had only studied as hard as Baam...
Over the weekend there was a fan meet up, and I visited for a bit.
I was concerned actually because it's far from my studio, but people
further away had come and I had a feeling everyone was expecting me, so... hahaha
Fortunately, many people greeted me there so I was thankful.
I'm not a Jakka with much to look at, so I have to make it short and quick to keep the mystery image up,
but I failed at that so I had gone to the after-party. Haha...
Actually, I considered the fan forum not to be any special community, but a free space for readers to gather around freely.
However, as time pass, I've realised that I've been gaining affection and good memories about the forum yet it's becoming ever so slightly insular, and that I should always watch that.
So if you are newcomers, I hope you guys contribute and take part of the community.
And I ask the fan forum to remember that the forum is not just for certain people but for all readers.
Of course, we also can't forget about the staff, who manage that space.
They are working diligently despite it being a really hard job.
Regardless, I was really thankful for all of you who showed up.
When I see all these readers in person, I am really thankful, yet I feel I am overwhelmed with responsibility, and yet as I drown in it I find encouragement and power.
So please, take part of the fan forum hehe I've noticed a lot of adults as well.
I managed to get a cold again... ㅠㅠ I'm suffering that.
I felt it coming along right during the meet up... oh dear... well, It's me and the cold this winter it seems.
You guys stay healthy, don't catch it!
Well, you guys have a happy week,
stay healthy,
and see you next week ^^
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This chapter established this:
▪ Shinsoo doesn't always work
▪ They're below the a sea of blood from the Floor Guardian's corpse. They have lots of passage ways around.
▪ Something big is down here.

That should be it. ^^; But this arc should have a quicker intro than usual and we're going to get out of Baam-centric battles to the powers of his allies? Or at least start to, so I hope you enjoy.

Last week I said I had the cold, but I'm doing better this week. I get sick easily, so if you've been following the afterwords regularly you may thing "he gets sick all the time" hehe. I did have to go to the hospital because of the cold once so... But I don't get other diseases as often, so that's a relief.

Whenever I am tired or sick, I always worry about the work's quality. I have to combat myself and whatever life throws at me too, but readers have the highest expectations. But many of you worry for me and cheer me on, so I am strengthened through that. Thank you ^^ and I'll see you next week haha!

In the previews department the main story is about to start, and I need to crank out new stuff for the main release too so I won't have much time to take a break this week ^^

Well, have a good week everyone, and I'll see you in the next one.
Thank you ^^
Since it's only the early part of the Floor of Death, not a lot is shown yet.
Some strange eye-monster thing?
Something of that sort has appeared, wonder what it will be hehe.
Hockney met someone he knew right away like the native he is.
I myself went down home for the holidays and there were barely found anyone I knew,
so that was a shocker...
The giant bugs will continue coming up on the Floor of Death.
Since the Floor of Death is largely composed of a decomposing corpse, and corpses have bugs, so one of the settings is that they have lots of bugs.
Beside Polypod there will be more types of giant bugs ^^
Next week we'll look at Koon's new technique.
Since Koon as a Light Bearer hasn't been in the spotlight in a while and lots of you wanted to see specialisation of the class, so I tried to make a useful Lighthouse technique haha.
I hope you are excited.
Since this is a job that knows no holidays I still work but I did get to see my parents a bit in person and called up my friends for the first time in a while.
Moments like these are when I feel like I wake up from a dream and wake up in the real world hehe.
Things like this make a manhwaga/mangaka a hard job, but it may also be a plus.
Well, now that the new year is in full swing I resolved to work harder on various fronts.
I'm always lacking, but I hope you guys can look over that.
Well, I hope you enjoy the next week's chapter,
may 2017 be filled with blessings for you, and stay happy ^^
I hope you guys enjoy Tower of God this year as well.
Thank you!
Previewers thought Koon too strong, SIU thought koon looked too weak. Everyone getting buff including Hatsu, so Koon gets this. Also there's secrets to this technique, more Lighthouse techniques to come from other characters as well.

The final gatekeeper based on the Four Heavenly Kings you find in Buddhist temples, he likes them, he likes going to religious buildings because good for introspection. After final gatekeeper will be main story, More to be revealed about Hockney.

Enjoy, stay safe, see you next week
Thank you!!
This week we have giant bamboo sp- I mean we have the mystery lady.
Since this was an important moment so I was stressed as I drew it.
And I was getting my nervous indigestion and I couldn't sleep either, so a lot of stress...
I am not sure how you guys will take the upcoming story,
but I will do my best to make this story the most interesting and remembered fondly.
This chapter I tried my best to pace myself in the fight scene.
I wanted to make the fight scene short and powerful, and hopefully not lacking.
Since the story needs to be in the centre for a while I need to pace myself very carefully.
This is nerve-wracking^^;
Recently I haven't been doing so well.
My eyes are not that good, and my neck-shoulder area have been aching..
Since I'm not old I thought I could push myself, but I'm more worried these days.
I need to stay healthy if I want to draw long term I feel like
I perhaps should maintain myself more.
Taking care of my body is important, but it's harder to take care of my mind as well.
I'm constantly receiving feedback, and since I'm uploading content publicly in a competitive field, it gets to me, yes.
Hehe, this is true everywhere though.
Of course what matters more is how you persevere while while drawing your story.
I can't tell the best story, but I wish to be able to tell the story that I want to convey.
Also, there's been things like spoiling the preview chapters or other illegal things.
Bad things over all. I understand how you guys may feel,
but I hope you guys remember not to discourage the content creator like such...
at least I hope.
I have many complaints it seems kekek.
I am sorry. Of course, those of you who read my blog are
usually good about this kind of stuff so I'm preaching to the choir really. ^^;
I speak like this, but I consider myself a lucky author, and I'm getting more love that I
deserve from you readers, so I just wish to catch up and return the favor.
Well, I hope you have a good week,
and I hope you guys are excited for the next week 's story.
Thank you!
A side note, but I attended a small high school of arts away from the Seoul area.
I had a fun high school experience in my own right.
At first, the sunbe-hube(Senpai-hubei) hierarchy was strict, so I had trouble adjusting, but since we're all artistic oddballs,
we all had our quirks and everyone was kind so even if I wasn't adjusting well I still had good memories. If I went back, I would have studied harder though hehe.
I went to an art school, and my older sister when to a science school, so my parents would complain "both our children are strange".
But now we're living well, so that's a relief. Haha.
This isn't exactly the stable life my parents wanted for me, but I don't regret going to an art high school.
So that was all the personal story for today hehe.
This chapter we have Hell Joe.
Hell Jo briefly was mentioned in the last episode, and he's sorta the baddie of this arc ^^;
Actually, Baam's story will take up a considerable amount of the narrative,
so in order to balance Baam/Garam plot there will be more panels (starting this week...)
to please those of you who may get bored with only one plot going on.
The accent of the redhead today...
I'm not too familiar with accents, so if you live outside Seoul,
just know that it's a "strange" accent ㅠ.
When there's more panels to be drawn and more to prepare, there are places where I may make mistakes on, so I'll try to edit them if they come up.
It's really hard to raise quality on a weekly release, and although each week gets blood-curdling, I remain constantly disappointed at my own work.
If I can only do better next week~! That's my desire.
Well, have a good week ^^
Now that school's back in session everyone should be busy,
but hope you adjust well, have a happy and enjoyable week and see you again!
Thank you!
We continued our story of Joe, and we are starting to get Baam's story.
Hell Joe is actually a name I based on a meme, I'll let you guys know which one it is later
(T/N: I'm guessing Hell Joseon, because Korea's harsh social/economic climate)...
He'll be more in the spotlight when Baam's part ends, but Hell Joe is a different villain from the ones past.
He's quite unique, and although I had told myself that the Floor of Death had to be serious,
but Hell Jo had other ideas when he was made ^^; He's fun, but still weighty. That's the idea.
On Baam's segment...
Who Arlene Grace is... wait till next week if you're curious ^^; Probably starting now,
we're going to get a few important stories hehe.
This episode... hm...
A story that's from very very long time ago ^^;;
I actually had a lot of thought over this, since I'm telling stories deep in the lore.
Since I can't make flashbacks involving characters whose faces haven't been revealed yet I had to make Garam give an exposition, so a lot of the artistic direction was limited, yes.
It's mainly text, but I hoped it still was interesting... that's what I was thinking.

I considered cutting the exposition as short as possible, but since so much has been spread around as "official lore" I thought explaining it in the main work would cut a lot of the nonconstructive theories, or predictions that only confuse readers.
Since this is a webtoon, I get a lot of comments predicting what is to come, and from the previously-revealed lore so many esoteric theories were made at times so it broke immersion for some people actually I heard ^^;;
So I thought to cut some of that kind of theories at the cost of increasing the text amount. So instead of being a story, it feels like I'm narrating a book, but considering the genre, which is a longer piece of fantasy, it's something we had to take care of.
It's a genre speciality in other words. Isn't it fun? Hehe?

So this chapter an important tale has taken it by the storm.
Since it's only text based, when the main actors show up later the past can be spoken of in more realistic looking terms.
I really want to serialize the journey of Zahard and the 10 Family Heads sometime in one format or another. ((T/N: ToG sequel NOT confirmed))

(Many of you guessed on the meaning of FUG, and the G here does indeed mean "Grace". The "FU" well... I'll reveal later, but it's nothing big ^^;;)

Anyway, with Tower of God-certified OP Enryu entering the narrative ring in the end so it should be a exotic red crab party next week... or so one hopes hehe.
Pohang has the best red crabs. (What kind of a train of thought is this.)
(T/N: Pohang is a city in south-east Korea, north of Busan)

Hell Joe, who got buried in the exposition will get more kick to his own story next week ^^

Well, weather's warming up, but still be on the look out, cold's about, stay healthy this week, and see you in the next one!

Thank you ^^![1]
This chapter...
Enryu having a feast of red crabs;;
Rather... flashy.
Everyone wanted to see Enryu's face, so I drew in the eyes hehe.
I had trouble portraying the Administrator.
Since the Administrators of every Floor have their unique aspects,
and they all have different forms or personalities,
so there's nothing I set as "Admins are all ___"...
But since this Floor's admin is more aggressive, so I went for a more freakish feel.
Taking multiple forms in attack reminded me of a certain Chinese god.
Regardless, portraying "unbeatable" entities is difficult.
Sometimes I feel the limits of my imagination, and overcoming it is my job as a writer.
Regardless, I hope you enjoy ^^
Continuing from last week is Garam's story and Joe's declaration of war.
I was wondering how much delay (if at all) I needed to put in.
If multiple threads are in an arc at once,
I have to worry about people not understanding what's going on ^^;;
My biggest concern is since there's so much content at the beginning I'll have trouble pacing it at the end hehe.
Well, this week passes with little trouble. Next week we'll see Yuri fight next week.
Well, hope you guys look forward to next week, and have a good week and be happy!
Thank you!
Yuri's fallen into the 1+1 deal. Wonder what will come off of that.
Yuri may look like an older sister figure with lots of authority, but in the beginning she was a naughty troublemaker daring/stupid enough to go down to the lowest Floor, so... ^^; I am glad that we got to see Yuri's real personality for the first time in a while. Yuri is a character that is almost a main character in that she is a big point in which the Tower of God story revolves around, so her enjoying her adventures is fun as a writing, progressing the story along.
Baam is more predictable than Yuri in terms of personality. You know how Baam will behave, at times stubborn and classical? That's Baam's personality.
I was wondering whether to cut this chapter at Yuri or to finish off with Baam's story, but to connect it more to Baam's story, I put Baam heading out in the end. Not sure if that was a good idea ^^; because I do feel like more could have been done. I hope you enjoy it.
Personally, recently my condition has been up and down, so that was difficult to deal with. Time like these, if the conditions around don't support you, it's hard to make good works, so I think. Not everything can always go well. As a person living their lives, they will inevitably face hardships constantly. But you have to work hard at it ^^ It's an author's job to fight it off.
Well, I hope you are excited for next week. It's a bit cold still so dress warmly, stay healthy, and see you next week!
Thank you! ^^
I should talk about this chapter.
So Yuri unwisely took the 1+1 deal... tsk tsk tsk ㅠㅠ. Yuri almost feels like a different person now...
Perhaps it's got something to do with the 13 Months and the souls within... But more on that....
next time! Well, I hope Yuri comes back soon to her senses, but she's not that different from normal Yuri.
Like how she's violent... and how she's violent... (t/n: intentional repetition of violent)
The 13 Months will get more info down the line.

And on Hockney.
I can't see the future, but I too wonder if it's a good thing to be able to see the future.
I guess I can make cash off of stocks keke. But beside the problem of past or future,
I wanted to say that it's better to look at the world as is for happiness.

By the way, David Hockeny, the artist I named our Hockney after, he often took a picture
of the same model during different times or places, and edited them into a unified work of art.
I felt a connection with what I dealt with here, so I named Hockney after him. Hockney has a lot of pins in his hair because a lot of my friends in art school did that... hehe.

We're finally at the Room of Spirit and Time. Who is D'za? Where is the second piece of the Thorn? Find out next time on Tower of God! ... and I'll get back to work. ㅠㅠ Have a good week!!

Thank you~!
So... this was a lot of panels. This arc in general was a lot of chapters, but this one had more...
I was thinking about splitting this chapter for a bit, although it did end up merged.
I was hesitant until I hit send to the editors. I had doubts whether this was a good idea,
thinking perhaps splitting it would give more thinking time ^^;

Since a lot of you read on mobile, if it's too long, people actually feel overwhelmed about the content...
Especially large-scale fantasy webtoons like Tower of God, I have to spend so much time on unfamiliar concepts... I envy those of you who write in the slice of life or school-shōnen genre.
Since those of you on the blog read carefully so may be already thirsting for more hehe but that's overwhelming in a different manner hehe. (But I will have to slow my pace because health concerns ^^;)

Regardless ^^;
This chapter's focus was Baam and Rachel. Baam's changes... they're starting to surface. I hoped that since Garam and Baam's conversation was for this scene Baam's feelings afterwards would be shown well here. And this also brings up the question: where was Baam and Rachel in the past? The plot thickens.

On the relationship between Baam and Rachel, there will be a lot of events, so keep an eye on it ^^.

Hell Joe's become really popular. Everyone wants a piece of him. I guess Hell Joe is arc villain confirmed hehe. Against his looks, Hell Joe is extremely powerful. It's just that he had a joke character image from his introduction ^^;;
He'll seem more villainous as we go. Well, I hope you're excited for what's to come ^^
and have a happy and warm week! Thank you!

See you next week ^^
This week had a lot happen, a lot that I don't want getting overshadowed by his appearance.
Oh what were we talking about? Urek looks more like a perv after so long.

The Room of Souls is not quite done yet. Baam and Rachel's relationship (tn: not necessarily romantic),
D'za and Hockney's relationship... Hockney will have a big role at the end of the arc,
so it will be a story I'll have to resolve.

Urek's out for the first time in a while... Wonder how Karaka will get through this situation...
Karaka's a really strong character, why does he keep getting matched up with stronger characters;;;
I'll show you guys Karaka being strong later... I find myself saying that these days hehe.

This arc centres around other characters from Baam's Team, so many of you don't like it, I hear.
But Tower of God's start itself, instead of being focused on few key characters was meant to be more of a collection of stories about a boy journeying in a vast world.
So all I can say is that season 1 feel is not necessarily the "original" feel, but this more expanded
view is closer to the "original". The concept of a strong main character and his friends clearing enemies is fun, but watching a small main character and his friends looking upon godly enemies is the Tower of God feel. Fun, isn't it? Kekeke. Whether I can handle it is another question keke.

Regardless, the end of this arc and the next arc will be centred around Baam,
so they'll get plenty of screen time. Don't be too disappointed ^^

Regardless, I always should work harder, missing so much. I've been regretting a lot, making effort constantly.
But I'm doing weekly releases so low on time... I wish you guys would know that ^^

This week's afterwords got long, but I hope that all of you stay strong, that I stay strong,
and that we can be all happy. Have fun outdoors of spring, be careful of the dust in the air! Have a good week,
I'll see you in the next one!

Thank you ^^
This week... Urek has strong fingers. Since Urek is such a strong character I can't show everything off, but the Floor of Death Arc will feature a fight between High Rankers.
And after that will be peewee adventures after that for a bit hehe.
If High Rankers fight, it's a disaster-film level catastrophe, so it's a general rule not to fight each other if possible.
Karaka looks pretty pitiful here, but I just want to guys to know that Karaka's not that weak... yeah...

This arc is structured "Baam's Secret", "The Change in Baam and Rachel's Relationship", "Hell Joe Fight et al." and "Aftermatch".
So we're entering the third act of this arc.
Since the first parts were so long I had to stretch some parts and compress other parts...
It has pros and cons it seems ^^;
Well, now it's "Hell Joe Fight et al" act, so I hope you guys look forward to it.

Rachel and Baam holding hands to Hell Joe's castle... a bit extreme you could say ^^;;
But since there's a lot of variables like Hockney's eyes, so this arc should have a lot to see.

Recently, I've felt that for the amount of time I've posted Tower of God, I have done very little to expand to other media.
If I do that I can reach you guys more, and I'm not the only one managing all the content... I'm working hard but I'm keep facing hardships and difficulties it
It's been 7 years, but when I look around it feels a bit empty.

Well, when in doubt, time to reread, amirite? Haha

I'll try to bring good stories next week. Have a good week!

Thank you!
In words, "Baam's in the house!" is the idea, hehe. Baam can kill "immortal" beings we established. On Yuri's side, we already have Garam, and Urek seems to be headed that way too, Since all these stories around are gathering into one in this arc, I hope you guys enjoy the convergence.

This arc is actually out of the balance. Compared to both previous arcs and coming up episodes there's a lot of strong characters and the scope is much bigger. The structure of the power scale of here isn't exactly Dragonball, so I don't worry about power inflation, but if the scale gets too big the smaller, more intricate parts of the story become harder to depict. That's somthing Koon and Baam will be handling,
so be on the lookout for their side.

Hell Jo has his reasons the way he behaves, so I'm trying to be detailed in his depiction. So the end of the story will have more flow centered around the story. Well, for a while it will be fighting and smashing ^^
Hell Joe's true identity... you'll see hehe.

These days when I'm alone I feel depressed, so I take a lot of time for walks in a park or working outside. The weather's nice and it's a good change of pace, but Seoul's pollution problem... it's pretty intense;;; (t/n: Don't visit Korea in the spring, winds from China bring over micro-dust that just clogs your systems. Not too bad in the rural area, but Seoul is hit the worst by it.) I am thinking about going back out to the countryside for my health haha. Prices in Seoul are too expensive too... (tn: We have SEVERAL posts on SIU's income, please use the search function, google it, etc.)

Well I hope you enjoyed this week's chapter, have a good week, stay healthy, and I hope to see you next week!

Thank you ^^
First, Baam and Yuri's reunification?
I had that scene planned out first, and I had to think how that would happen, working backwards.
In this match of sorts, Baam's a incredibly small being, so I had to think how Baam would approach her, would it even be natural for Baam to wake Yuri up again...
I leave it up to you guys to decide how it was, but it was not an easy decision ^^;;
When an author is contemplative, it has both pros and cons.

On Hell Joe's identity, there was a question whether to reveal it up ahead, or to reveal it later.
If I had revealed it first, I would have frontloaded Hell Joe's importance early,
so I decided to make him seem like a gag character and making the big reveal later.

Some of you may have noticed, but this fight is basically the Enryu vs Administrator fight scaled down.
Hell Joe, the owner of an Administrator cub vs Irregulars Baam and Urek.
You can probably see it turning out the same way.
Note that Hell Joe's Red Bari is not really a cub per se, but more of a part of the Administrator that died.
Still incredibly powerful.

Well, sun is shining, air pollution's getting worse, perfect weather for reading webtoons.
I'll be off, hope you enjoyed this week's chapter.
Stay healthy, stay happy, see you next week. Thank you!
We have ourselves a dream team.
This strong of a team won't be seen for sometime after the arc,
but you need it because the enemy is OP on his turf... ^^;;
So we'll see.
Urek's up to something too...

Koon... Hmm...
This part of the story connects to the upcoming arc quite solidly.
So keep an eye on it.

From Garam's story, to D'za's story, to Hell Joe's story.
Now we enter Hell Joe's story, and Hell Joe is strong for even High Ranker standards, so I have to draw it intensively.
I feel like I'll fall short but I'll try to make it look fun as I can ^^

Oh! I almost forgot but May 2nd was our beloved Hatsu's birthday!
Happy belated birthday Hatsu!!
The reason you don't show up these days is because I'm saving you for something good !! TN: uncommitted tone (Has guilty pangs)
Well, I love all my characters, but it's stronger for Season 1 characters, they're like family to me.
Baam and Rachel are basically my babies ;;
And the characters of Season 2 are more realistic for me? Or at least feels like characters of a diverse society.
Really, they're all like my children and I love em all.

I wrote more than I thought I would heheh;;
I always do this and regret it later, being sick and ranting on and on... ^^;

You guys, don't get sick.
Stay healthy and happy this week and see you in the next one. Thank you!
So this chapter was basically:
Blah blah blah Urek's here! ^^;

I am kinda dissapointed about the loss of detail in the middle,
but I tried to get on with it quickly while explaining the situation.
The destination is the same,
but at what tempo it's done splits the demographic, I'd say.

There will be more story on Urek and Garam's relationship in the future,
and there will be another more important event coming up,
so if you're interested in Urek and Garam's relationship, stay tuned.
Rachel and Baam as well...
For main characters, they have their own character arcs that transcend story arcs,
so I'm hoping you guys don't expect too much from a single story arc.

Hockney's Eye (from D'za) doesn't quite see the future,
but it leads Hockney to a certain future.
Getting there is on Hockney and the others,
but it's not the simple pre-cog as it seems to be here.

Well, now that Urek's facing Hell Joe,
You'll hear a lot more on Urek and Hell Joe's past and such ^^;
Urek's high strung and so is Hell Jo,
so it will be rather... impassioned, the dialogue...
But no character can be equal,
and a work's mood can change based on who is the focus,
so I hope you that into consideration, the character's traits.^ ^

The last few years it's been pretty difficult...
Getting scammed, facing failures, having more bad than good happen to me...
Now I feel like I can draw really dark chuuni stuff hehe.
But the work, I want to make more vibrant, more detailed and fun.
Well, like I always say, it's not a matter of how hard you work but whether you're good at it or not... ^^;
I hope I'm doing good.
I want to do good.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this chapter,
have a good week and stay healthy!

Hope to see you in the next one

Thank you!
#330 Hockney's eyes
On to the chapter...
Urek's ankle bracelet has been undone.
That looks suspect, but regardless.

One of the aspects I worried most about was on the Floor of Death was How powerful to set Urek/High Rankers.
I had that problem because:

The Floor of Death is a very dangerous place for even Rankers
But due to the story structure, I can't have High Rankers look weak yet.
Those two were conflicting.
As an author I have to stick to my settings and show a lot,
but I have to also consider the narrative and the longevity of the work.
So that's how Joe came to be.
Joe is currently very powerful but he has a weak side on the level of Regulars,
so he felt like a good fit as the enemy.
And Urek became the enemy,
not because balance or the flow of the battle
but more like how Joe-Urek's story is solved.
I wanted that to be more of a focus, I had thought

Well... hehe...
You'll see plenty of Urek and Joe going boom boom next episode ^^;;
Narrative is hard.

On Hell Joe,
Hell Joe is indeed from Hell Joseon hehe.
Actually, before starting on Floor of Death I asked mysef:
"The Floor of Death is supposed to be a really hellish and dangerous place.
What kind of place would it be like?
A place that looks like there's deadly dangerous everywhere, a lawless place?"
I thought of it but that's too common of a concept,
I haven't lived in such a place,
and I can only get so far without either moving up the webtoon's age ratings or make it tacky.
If I went that too-obvious route, would it be fun...
those were my thoughts.
So I looked around myself to find what would accurately depict the Floor of Death, and...
eventually that led to Hell Joe.

Sounds a bit obvious,
but this is perhaps a different story to the Floor of Death than what you guys were thinking....
Those where my thoughts.
Hell Joe's story will continue next week ^^;
The fight with Urek was a hard draw, but I hope you enjoy.

Well stay happy,
have a good week.
I hope to return next like a zombie from the dead.
Thank you!
So Rachel's finally woke after a shot.... not quite. Hehe.
Let's see, there was the Hell Joe vs Urek's fight... hmm.. When I wrote up this chapter I thought Urek's lines were a bit too cheesy, but that's Urek's thing. And I thought that if Urek went all out it would have been no fun.
So yeah. Sorry about that.
Talking more about Urek... So in Urek Mazino, Urek's from the Korean word for Rockfish, "Uruk"(Ooreok), and Mazino's from the Maginot Line. Why Rockfish? Well, he's grey, and Rockfish are white-fleshed.... so.... yeah...? I wanted him to be like Eminem and be free-spirited, or that was my hope, but in reality... he's that idiot older brother... Since the Ten Clan Heads are so struck up, serious, and authoritative, I wanted to make Urek, who is on their level of influence, much more free-spirted. He's actually quite smart, he's not the idiot brother that everyone thinks he is...
On the fight scene... I always want to do something unique for each fight scenes when I make them hehe. It may be hard to understand, but I keep wanting to always try new things, so I sometimes add redundant imagery... ^^;; Yeah... gonna have to keep working on that. I worked hard on Urek and Hell Joe's fight scene ^^; Well there goes another week. Have a good week, stay healthy, Hope to see you next time.
This chapter...
Poor Red Bari...
Urek's indeed strong.

Like I said last time,
Urek's hard to show off full power,
so I have to balance his power.
"I wanna show so much, but I can only draw so much"
I think that pretty often ^^;
But I'm trying my best to draw it out well.
This chapter was pretty big-scaled,
so I had a bit of trouble.

So the Red Bari...
Hmm... Administrators...
they indeed do have nearly godly powers in their floors but when their power is shattered and unable to completely control the Shinsoo in their domain,
that power can become quite meaningless...
Yeah... Red Bari had emotions which made it made it feel even more incomplete.
A full Administrator in their floor is basically a god.
It is rare that an administrator holds private grudges or expresses anger,
with the exception of Headon.
Being incomplete due to emotions... fits Hell Joe, doesn't it?
Maybe, I'm not so sure.

Well, the Red Bari will have secrets revealed next chapter...
yeah... ^^
Next chapter will wrap a lot of the arc up.
Probably going to focus on D'sa next.
Will Rachel come to her senses after a nice session of acupuncture?
What is Karaka and Hoaqin up to?
Is Wangnan... napping?
Find out next time in the Tower of God!
There's still a lot of important events yet to happen hehe.

These days, I worry a lot.
I feel like I'm happy and living well but I feel sorry about my work.
I'm not a talented artist, or a artist with gumption. So I wonder if I'm hurting my own work.
Am I really doing a good job?
I work hard, but am I approachable?
The most important thing is the desire to make a fun work,
but now that Tower of God is getting older,
I'm having thoughts like "I want to let my kid succeed."
I want good things to happen to my work...
that kinda feeling?
I didn't know how to explain that feeling, but now I can.

Well, I shall work harder.
My job above all else is to show you guys a good work.
Above all else I think my work is still not something I'm satisfied with myself with.
I feel sorry to you guys often.

Well, have a good week,
have a happy week,
don't just die on me because of the weather hehe.
Have fun outside!
Stay healthy,
see you next week! Thank you.
This chapter... a conclusion to the fight between the Red Bari and Urek.

Self-destruction, a major staple move in enemy characters brings another bad end.
Don't self-destruct kids!
This arc I focused more on the scale than detailed combat so I focused on that kind of imagery.
It was fun, and a good exercise of what I would be drawing in the future.
It was a way for me to establish how to draw in the "Tower of God" style (lots of hard work).
Always working hard even with shortcomings.
Of course, combat between Regulars will be more detailed and dense, I wound think.
Also it was a good chance to look into the voice/demon Baam heard since the beginning of the Hell Train Saga.
Keep an eye on that.

So Red Bari got mopped up by Urek, but White, closer to being Baam's arch-enemy is targeting the Room of Souls.
Will White get whiter?
If he gets any paler he's gonna be like flour hehe.
Stay tuned everyone!

We're now entering summer.
2017 is already half through.
There has been some difficulties, but drawing manhwa is still fun.
I always try to greet you guys with the best work I can make.
I hope you guys enjoy each chapter ^^

There's a new claw machine place by my house, so I've given it a shot whenever I passed it by, but I haven't gotten a single one...
perhaps making a claw machine place would give more profits, I daydream.
If you wanna make ToG dolls, let me know... hehe.
I want to make Rak dolls personally.

Well, have a happy week, stay healthy,
and I'll be back next week with Hoaqin.
Thank you ^^
So this week White did something big. Joe and Urek... hmm.... it will not be the standard ending. That was my plan regardless... In some regards Urek and Baam are similar.
They're kind and unassuming despite being so strong. But Urek's nice only to those who he likes. ^^;;

Actually, top Rankers don't care about the lives of Regulars or even lower Rankers.
It's like they live in their own world... they have their own goals,
I mean. But if they haven't reached their goal as the top Rankers they likely have unachievable goals usually. White is in a similar situation. So is Joe... hmm... I at times think that in order to become happy you need to let go of your greed, but also how it's meaningless to live a life without dreams. The world's so confusing hehe. I want to do don much, but can do so little, which only makes life hard for myself haha.


I've been going to therapy over the weekend because my neck and shoulder wasnt feeling well...
They tell me correct posture is important, but you can't draw in the correct posture ㅠㅠ
This chapter is like the calm before the storm, So expect a storm next... chap...ter?
Be on the look out ^^
Everyone stay healthy, stay happy, have a good week, and see you next week^^
Thank you!!
We have the head of one of the Ten Families.
This is Gustang's second appearance since the Workshop Battles. Perhaps we'll get to see a Ten Family head meddle with the story directly... White has terrible luck when it comes to encountering opponents, it seems. He was so happy because he got power hehe. The White you see here is not quite his perfect form. Since the the clone that is the core and source/essence of the power is in the train ^^; So he's still nowhere near as powerful. White's pretty even though he's evil hehe. he's the male char that I have to focus on when drawing. Koon's already so hard to draw, but White's up there too...

When I was drawing the bamboo spear scene this week, I had a struggle. I wanted White to look more... elegant? But also stronger. Having those two thoughts, I decided it to be restrained and "passing" in feel. I'm not sure if that was effective.

Well, we're faced with a head of the Ten Families so it may not matter whether White is strong or not....
It's a mystery ^^; Be on the look out for that.

Hmm... Since next week's break I'm feeling pressured. Every time I take a hiatus I always have to worry about how the readers will take it, how it will impact the work... I have to wrestle with those thoughts every time. I hope everyone will just be patient for one more week, with a good heart...

Well, then see you the week after the next one
Stay happy everyone,
Thank you!
We have a Ten Family Head here.
A bit more story about White's out of the bag as well...
White is an incredibly big yet incredibly small character.
A powerful Slayer fallen to the realm of Regulars.
A High Ranker in the world of Regulars.
I wanted to create such being,
and in order to make him fall in line with the power curve and make the setting not self-contradictory
I gave him the ability to collect souls to become stronger,
and in the process I also gave White/Hoaqin a narrative of a son who despite his extreme power always will feel short of his father.
He's also a character that embodies the Tower's conflicts.

We'll get more stories on the 10 Families and their Slayers.
A lot of you probably already guessed,
but most Slayers have a 10 Family Head/Zahard they target specifically.
Karaka targets Zahard,
White targets Ariye,
and so on and so forth...
I hope you guys enjoy the other Slayers and their conflicts with the 10 Famlies ^^

When Gustang saw Baam and said that
"There's is one who may stand among us yet",
he's not talking about just power.
It could be interpreted as an expression of how there is another one who has opened the gates of the Tower...
Irregulars are special beings.

Gator's back.
Where he is, what stories are to unfold...
keep an eye on that.
What stories will unfold next...
I'll do my best to draw it to the best of my ability!
#337 Slayers have specific targets.
This chapter released a lot of content.
And as the first revealed of the 10 Fam,
he's a character with extreme influence over the entire story.
In the overall narrative,
he's a villain as well...
He's got a lot of personal history,
so be on the look out for that.

The reveal of the second Thorn fragment was something I debated a lot.
I wanted to either elaborate on the story
but I also thought about cutting the lore and going straight to the Thorn Fragment.
I chose the latter and expanding the lore later.
I felt that would be more ToG-esque,
and there are some things better said in the continuing Hidden Floor Arc.
I thought if there were some things missed in the Floor of Death,
I can show in the Hidden Floor.
Annd... there was also idea that too long of arcs hurt the work as a webtoon.

Regardless, the Floor of Death and the Hidden Floor is like a 2 for 1 set of arcs.
They're leading into the thick of the plot perhaps as well...
And this arc you'll get to see more of the characters that didn't get spotlighted in the Floor of Death.

I've been trying to manage my body more lately,
but that's not easy.
So I feel like I'm a really inefficient author... ^^;;
It's good that you get results with quality proportional to effort put in,
but you can't help wishing for a miracle where good results come to you like luck even when you are tired.
This is why you need to keep your body and mind healthy.
Or something like that.
So I'll try to rest up more when I need to.
Of course, that's hard when you are greedy ^^;

Well, stay healthy,
have a good week,
if you are a student, I hope you wrap up your semester well but don't overwork yourself in the heat,
I hope none of you are facing hardships,
I know there has been some areas damaged by floods.

See you all next week.

Thank you for this week so much ^^
#338 Gustang called a "villain" (It's been said this was a mistranslation.)
Hmm... well, the Floor of Death arc has ended. This chapter was basically the wrap up of an arc. ^^.
And setting up anticipation for the next chapter/arc perhaps? I can talk more freely now that the arc is over,
and I can say that Joe's story and the Gran clan's story, all part of the Floor of Death story,
was an arc I wanted to make with the theme of "Spiritual death".

Although all beings in the Floor of death are immortal (tn: lit deathless),
but in exchange for immortality they lack what Urek describes as
"The instinct of all life to head where it is wider, above others". Hockney was a pure individual...
who still had that instinct. For Joe, his once-pure instinct had become corrupted from one incident.
Perhaps Joe's instinct and Hockney's instict may have been different in nature.

I thought that perhaps that we too have the "dead instinct" described here.
I mean, I did name Hell Joe Hell Joe for a reason (tn: Hell Joseon, which is a blanket Korean
meme to point out all social problems in Korea).

I think the reason for the disappearance of human instinct for facing
challenges and adventures is not the fault of an individual but societal and inevitable reasons.
"A society where effort means nothing" or "A society only for the top percent",
or "A society where there is unchecked authoritarian or religion"...
As I know it (for I haven't died yet), a truly dead world/society is one where
a great obstacle or fear killed "instinct and passion".

Well, I said it like it was some big thing, but this is really just a story of the world
from my perspective from my level. I hope you guys take it lightly. It was intentional that neither
Urek nor Baam could save the Floor of Death in this arc,
and Garam wanting the Floor of Death staying as is can put her has a hypocrite,
but I believe that people like Joe and Hockney would come into being in the future.
Of course, if they become corrupted, they might become like Joe,
but instead of an absolute figure cracking the egg,
it should be the society cracking the eggshell from the inside out.
That's what I think at least.

I thought about drawing out the Floor of Death Epilogue
or pushing it aside for later, and I decided later would be better.
So the Floor of Death story isn't quite complete yet ^^;

I guess since this is the end of an arc the afterwords got long ^^;;
I always have a lot of thoughts, "thoughts" being the operative word, hehe.
It's vital that I learn to express it better.
But I always try every week to push through and make different and new stories,
so I hope you guys enjoy that.

Well everyone, stay healthy and happy, and see you next week with a new arc! ^^

Thank you!
This chapter... we have a new arc starting.

Last week, the Preview Edition upload just went straight so it was misprinted as there being a break this week ^^;;
There's no break here. Sorry about the confusion. This arc will be a in-between arc to the next one... yes.
Since the previous chapters were pretty intense, we'll be going at a rate that invokes quiet before the storm.
Since Tower of God has multiple long-term plots proceeding simultaneously due to the nature of the story,
I try to go through the arcs as quickly as possible rather than trying to stretch out the arcs.
Of course, I add more content to detail the story as needed...
I struggle a lot, but perspective from there can be divisive as well...
I do pay attention to the matter.

Well, this arc centers on the attitudes and change in relationships
among the Regulars for the first time in a while,
so we'll see a lot of description on the Regulars we haven't had in a while.
After all, the focus of the webtoon is on the Regulars, not the Rankers ^^;
So characters like Androssi or Rachel will have stories you guys will look forward too, hopefully.

Recently (actually always) I thought about how I can do long term uploads in a stable manner.
Uploading brings competition, and since the market is so volatile, long term works tend to become formulaic...
And to experiment and venture out, I'm getting old and the work ages as well....
it's hard ^^; There's a lot I can do, but I worry if I can do it well. I always hope
that I can always be decisive about it as I was at first. Fantasy after all should be...
beckoning a spirit of adventure, in my opinion.

Next week should show us more waves hitting the story.
Since the next arc is also a fairly important and content-rich story,
I hope you guys are excited about this bridge arc as well.

Well, have a good week, stay healthy, and I'll see you next week.
Thank you^^[
This week... is a continuation of last week in that it establishes the relationships between Rachel,
Baam, and Androssi more. Personally I thought it was something I had to go over,
but it doesn't really fall under any trendy tropes or patterns in the webtoon world ^^;;
I'm not saying if you guys are going to like it right away, but it's the direction I think is correct.
Of course, since I'm doing this for the moment I need to worry about my survival hahaha.
But on what kind of a power Rachel received, and what arises from such, I hope you find it interesting ^^
I think all sorts of things can happen in a long distance event such as this.
And the power given to Rachel is not something to be scoffed at.
I mean, a 10 Family Head, one of the most OP individuals in the Tower, gave it to her.

On the Hidden Floor... since many works delve into virtual worlds it's not an especially novel concept,
but I hope that it will be interesting in the context of the world of Tower of God.
I also hope to deal with content I wanted to get out during the Floor of Death but didn't here.
Regardless, it's an arc I'm preparing diligently for.

In short terms, I hope you are awaiting it with interest! Yeah... hehe.

Hm... as a sidenote, there's a problem arising because more people are reading previews...

I hope that as long as everyone stay within the jurisdiction of the law
and keep what they need to keep, there won't be any extreme or exceptional situations.
As such, when many consider the lawless thing to be the natural order...
I lack abilities to handle those problems as well.
That's a problem that the law and society should punish and manage, not the author.
As such, I hope that we keep rules we have to follow among one other.

Regardless... haha So another week has passed...
I haven't taken a summer vacation yet but I know a lot of you are going.
I hope that all of you have a safe and fun time without incident.
And those of you who've taken their vacations, I hope you work hard.

Well, be happy and see you next week!

Thank you ^^
This week is.. a continuation of the "calm before the storm",
while interrupted with battles within the Train.
Rachel's new power will have a lot of uses in the Hidden Floor,
so if you just wait a bit longer, you'll see what the power truly signifies ^^ I hope.
Baam, Rachel, and the Regulars of the team: their growth is going incredibly slowly,
but like other manhwa the main characters grow a tad faster and a tad more specially.
That's a trope I'm using. Of course,
I want to keep things balanced.

The battle progressing on the train, I haven't drawn actual battles in the train that often, haven't I?
I guess I'll always feel like I could have done better when it comes to expressing the world built.
Like the battle with Hoaqin, or this search of the hidden room...
Thanks to these bold stories important to the narrative, I miss out on being able to talk more about the train itself...
this is the biggest wall and difficulty in the fantasy genre.
And in order to alleviate that feeling, to alleviate the sense of falling short,
I decided to put in bits and bits of combat in the Train.

This genre called fantasy... when it comes to building a world and drawing it out,
it's got a unique charm compared to modern-day genres,
where you can use photos as reference...
It's artisan in a sense... hehe I hope you guys enjoy those aspects a bit more.
I always feel a tad short, but developing through doing various different experiments is a good thing, I believe.

And the scene where Wangnan sees Karaka's ring...
I wondered whether putting it here was a good idea.
Reason being that this is a very important but a very drawn out theme...
It's a narrative clue I've dragged out, thinking I'll talk about it one day.
There's both correct and incorrect aspects to what many of you are predicting, but regardless, the possibility is that Wangnan's climb in the Tower will be a big axis of the story.
Whether Wangnan will go to the Hidden floor, that's also a possibility hehe.
The story of the Ring, along with the story of the Thirteen Months will be a story that I'll be drawing out for a long, long time ^^;
I hope you're excited for it.

Well, thank you for coming to my blog this week too.
I hope you have a happy week, have fun, stay healthy,
and I'll see you next with with Zahard's ring ^^

Thank you!!
Anyway, to talk about this chapter: We have a bit more of our buddy Wangnan's past.
I wrote in the afterwords last week, but Wangnan and the ring is a story that is going to be extremely drawn out.
Later, of course, it will become a main story arc, but right now, I'm still building up to it.

I've been getting a lot of questions on how you get food in the Train,
and to answer that: The Train is a place designed for the training of Zahard and
the Ten Warrior's training, so food, clothing, and quarters are all provided by the train.
Although due to progression and time I couldn't show you all of it,
but all of life essentials can be obtained from the train.
Perhaps I may cover it in a side story ^^ someday, I hope.

Karaka and Yuri seem to be at odds in the train, but skills wise
Yuri obviously is the winner currently. However, Karaka's sorcery has unique aspects and
Karaka holds secrets that make this a fairly even match... yes.

The Train as a whole is a Regulars' Zone, so Karaka or Yuri can't really attack the Regulars,
but this particular room is an exception. This was explained before in Karaka's dialogue to an extent,
so that explains why Karaka was so intent on making Wangnan bring Viole into this room.

Next week marks the beginning of the Hidden Floor. The Hidden Floor... hm...
It's actually a place where I want to tell a few stories I haven't been able to tell until now,
or talk about the Tower's secrets, or the story that the Regulars have...
It's a place where you can meet a diverse set of stories. I hope you guys enjoy ^^

Well, have a good week, stay healthy, and I hope to see you next week.

Thank you!!
Anyway, this chapter did end up fairly long. It wasn't meant to be a chapter this long,
but since I had this desire to give this "brave new world" mood in each arc, so I end up
filling in all sorts of items and descriptions and everything... hahaha.
It's difficult to find the path of a true fantasy webtoon.
I don't think the genre should dictate your writing, but I do want to show off "Yeah,
I'm the type of an author who does this!" at times. It's not easy though.

So that's why this chapter got long, and a lot of different stories are flowing. RaKoon reunion,
the rediscovery of the Instant Coffee Machine incarnate in the Hidden Floor, etc.
This is all in passing towards the more important stories,
but I hope these little stories or narrative elements along the way brighten up your day.

Actually, as weekly uploads go on, I find myself thinking more and more
"Rather than focusing on the overall joy of reading, let's just draw enough
so people are excited for the next issue" at times. I try to find a good compromise in between those.
Ideally it would be "I can't wait for the next chapter, but this chapter was also quite fun" kinda feeling.
It's really hard. Realistically speaking, trying to do both in a weekly release comic
with a linear narrative is rather impossible, I think to myself. But I hope you guys can overlook that haha.

Actually I always speak like I know something, but that's only my intent,
and I think often to myself that I'm not that good, so I feel ashamed at times.
I can't always do good, and I feel like I've done more bad than good in many days.
If you look at just my afterwords I look like a great writer,
but I'm not always that great haha...

Anyway, gotta work hard next week.

What will happen to Baam co. and Maxim Coffee sensei... Will Rak and Koon be able to escape their monster?

Everyone have a good week, and I'll see you in the next one!

Thank you ^^
This week... we're having more exposition about the floor's setting.
For a while it's going to be a Baam and Koon focused narrative. There's a lot to explain,
and I also need to progress the plot. There's multiple stories ready to go in the Floor of Death.
To divide it into stages it's like a game I guess.

This particular arc... It's based on a popular trope of "living inside a video game"
found in many LN and manhwa that swept across Korea and also recently across the sea (TR: Japan).
However, I'm focusing less on game-like aspects but more on the virtual REALITY.
So the characters from this arc are less game characters but more of a virtual organism,
a human composed of data... that's the idea at least. So I'm skipping the usually used concepts such as items,
skills, status effects and the like for this arc for added realism.
If you are asking me what game this arc is based on...
You may find points of homage to classics "Hero Legend Series" or "Ustonicia Story"
(TN: I have no idea what these are.) They're my first RPG games so I guess
I got influenced by them I would think (except for their recent releases).
The influence only points towards my understanding of the genre,
not necessarily their plot points or specific lore.
Although I said this is loosly based on the "video game is reality" genre,
the plot and theme will be much more Cyberpunk in nature.
In addition, there will be a few stories about some characters' pasts or the Ten Families or the Tower itself.
I also think this Nemesis system, while serving a narrative role of "balancing this world",
can also tell a great number of stories. With Viole as a Nemesis confirmed,
I hope you look forward to other characters and their Nemesis. ^^

Well, I hope you enjoyed this week's chapter, and I'll come back next week.
Stay happy, stay healthy, and have a good week.
Thank you !!
Anyway this week...
I think I spoiled this week's contents last week... I think.
But we have the exposition on the Stage(s) (TN: Plural markers are optional in Korean ;n;),
and the Forbidden Fruit. This is just lore for this particular stage,
but I tried to go for maximum polish in a short time.

In webtoons or in manhwas(K for Manga) that deal with fantasy,
they succumb to sacrificing their unique color due to the volume of the work often.
If you try to worldbuild, you have to put in more content and that means a slower pace of work,
so you end up getting yelled at despite the hard work, ㅜㅜ.
I've been doing this for a few years now... ^^;
Well, I just want to give you guys immersion into this other world.
I don't want the pacing to get too loose either...
I have to to blend the two ends well, but that's a difficult problem.
But it'll get better, I think.

The Stage will have parts that go quickly, as well as parts that go on long.
I don't know how many stages will be in the arc, but it will be longer than other arcs.
However, each stage isn't going to be too long, so the pace won't be slow.
Of course, pace is a subjective thing, so it's difficult to say in advance haha.

And the Forbidden Fruit is literally a forbidden fruit.
It's got no particular relationship to the mythos of the Forbidden Fruit
(tn: As in the one found in the Bible, presumably).

Moreover... Baam meets his nemesis...
Since this arc's theme is "meeting of the past and the present"
I think Baam fighting himself has something to do with that I'd imagine.

I recently noticed myself getting heavier, so I'm dieting for my health...
But it's really hard. Battle with yourself is always lonesome and bleak
(tn: SIU used two diff words in Korean that both translate to "lonely", but has different connotations)
I lose to food on a daily basis. Since I work I'm only eating two meals a day...
but that's all turning into fat -_-...
I lose, but Baam's still in the fighting so haha.
I hope you guys look forward to how Baam and Viole's fight will progress.

Well, all of you have a happy week this week too. And see you in the next one!
Thank you ^^
Hmmm... Regardless.
As you can tell if you read this week's chapter,
the setting is based on the fantasy games or novels of old,
so there should be a lot of familiar themes.
Since I was a part of Korea's first generation of (TN: western) fntasy genre consumers,
so this is me showing sentimentality to what I experienced at first.
When I think back,
the fantasy novels back then have more of a sense of adventure and excitement for a new world,
so I've been trying to emphasize that.
Entering another world, the world viewed as a tiny human, monsters...
I have a limit to how much of that I can draw out though hehe.

Of course, the story will follow the main event,
but I'm trying to look for something I can draw happily and make my heart race, regardless of opinions.
I can't have that and the standard of success deviate from each other,
and even if they were different to begin with,
I can't choose not to go the path I must follow ^^;
Hehe, that's a lot of personal chatter.
I just think a lot about the relationship between the work, myself and you guys.

Viole as the nemesis is in some ways a scar on Baam,
and I was hoping that this arc I can resolve the conflict between them a bit.
This isn't something that Baam can just cut down with a "whoosh!!"...
So Baam's nemesis is not as much "strong enemy" but more of this stinging feeling in the corner of your heart.
Definitely that needs a lot of time regardless ^^.

Well, this is the beginning of a new story,
so I hope you guys read this webtoon like I did in the days of old, a small hope.
I need to do my job well for that,
and well... I'll try my best ^^;;

Well, I hope you guys have a good week this week too, and see you guys next week ^^
Thank you ^^
This chapter is.. what should I say.
If everything up to last week's chapter was meant as a guide for this [new] episode,
I thought I'll try starting [that episode] from this chapter on?
But it still felt the same ㅎㅎ I'll start it next chapter instead (mm?)

To be honest, I made a few cuts at the end that deviates from the previews. I changed things up a bit,
so there was more of a feeling that this was the start of the events leading up to the main event.
I had been contemplating whether I should have made these cuts in the preview as well..
but I had been worried about whether I was focusing on the current story enough.

Batis' story was one that I had been thinking about from a long time ago,
so I thought that it might been a good time to get into it.
Same as when Hockney was introduced...
I have recently been trying to continue the story with characters/elements that have no relation to 'combat'.
There was a point where I felt that whatever I drew was connected to
"new skills/techniques" or "has become stronger"...
and I don't think that is what I was aiming for.

Regardless, I think that to make the story one that is enjoyable...
I need to concentrate. I think it's an important skill to have,
to be able to make any story enjoyable.

This week's backgrounds were made to feel completely different when inside and when outside,
and I wonder if you felt that way.

To be honest, I try to keep at least a week's backlog of chapters..
but since (Korean version, check T/N) Thanksgiving day is coming up, I have various worries. Haha.
For a few years I haven't gone home for thanksgiving..
I have been doing this work for a few years,
and I have been trying to make free time but it never seems to appear.
That's not going well. I think, it will be good if I slowly became a more experienced writer.
On that note, I think it would be good if there was a chance to take a long break and create a longer backlog ;

Anyways, thank you all for reading this week as well ^ Well...
there are lots of difficulties,
and unexpected events keep appearing everywhere,
but it's hard to care about those insignificant things when I'm this busy.
Perhaps, this moment when I write the chapter afterword,
is when I can talk about insignificant stuff.

With that, I hope you guys have a good week,
and I'll see you guys next week~!
This week... Baam threw down with Viole...
Can't have a Chuseok without Ssireum (..right?) Anyway,
Koon's team has more bright feeling quests while those on the inside are having darker-feeling battles.
It's as intended, and I like both. Since this is a world made of data,
it has features different from the main Tower of God universe,
so I can be more creative with the stuff I can do.

In regards to Viole, since Baam's data was only taken on the surface,
some of Baam's innate powers are not replicated.
There are some limitations to what the data can replicate from Original Baam in other words.

Yu Han Sung as a Regular is less like Baam,
and more like a classical Wave Controller that supports by altering the flow from the behind,
or countering incoming enemies. Baam is more of a melee focused Wave Controller.

The octopus for this chapter...
Since I haven't been able to draw a lot of monsters as characters in Tower of God recently,
I decided this arc will have a bit more. Even if it may seem a bit out of place,
I hope you enjoy it ^^

Well, next week will be a continuation of the quests,
and lots of battles taking place.
What kind of a jerk Big Breeder is...
you'll fine out next week.

Well, everyone have a happy Chuseok,
and I'll spend a happy week at home in spirit.
Stay healthy as the weather turns cold!
Thank you ^^
This week we have the Big Breeder.
Actually, he's a bit of a thread in the arc,
or holds the a key element,
so I wasn't sure how to portray him...
but I decided to give him a mustache that I've been pushing hehe.
I don't know why I do it but it's fun to draw them.
My first thought was an evil version of Doctor Strange...
A classical and quintiessential mage of evil.
Since I'm bringing in a lot from the classic stuff,
I thought this kinda stuff would fit right in,
so it just came through with little changes.
I had thought that he didn't have to look all that great...
at least in my mind hehe. But like Hell Joe,
he is a crack upon this world.
Since the Hidden Floor Arc has similar themes with the Floor of Death,
a lot of the lore and the central themes will be similar.

On why the quest ended so suddenly,
quickly, we'll get more on that later,
but I wasn't planning on making a lot of quests for the Bard Village in the first place...
Next few stages won't make the quests important either.
Although concepts such as "stages" or "quests" make it sound so big,
but there's a reason for all of this,
so you should stick along with me for a bit.
What I can say is this: although the lore is limitless,
the story is not. But drawing octopus is fun hehe.
I think I may get addicted.

And the Containment Area, although fun to draw is very difficult hehe.
This is something my assistants are working hard for...
I'm kinda dissapointed it went by quickly,
but I do want to draw spaces like this later in more depth.
Closed spaces with many traps...
there's a charm to it.
Of course, whenever we draw it we always have trouble...

Next week will be Baam escaping his containment area,
and Koon meeting the Big Breeder to complete the Grand Quest in a race against time...
or something like that. So please.
Be on the look out for next week hehe.

I hope you had a good week,
and the long holiday I hope you have a safe trip home.
Thank you for checking on me.
I'll see you next week.

Thank you^^
This chapter...
The moment Baam arrives he's in trouble hehe.
It's not that I have fun giving Baam a hard time,
but I don't plan on giving him an easy life.
He's kinda like Cinderella in that he gets thrown around here and there and suddenly he appears.
I think that suits him more.
Well, keep working at it Baam!

Divine Whirpool is kind of become a master key to any puzzle games it seems.
It's a special power, but one Baam is still rough with.

The relationship between Vatis and the Mayor...
I didn't know if I should have said something then proceed,
or just say it this chapter,
but because of the sheer size of Vatis's initial dialogue,
and to focus on the strife between Big Breeder and Vatis,
and the problem of the Freedom to Sing,
I chose to place his relationship with Mayor (Rose) here.
And I hoped it would help amplify the upcoming arc ^^;

The weather's gotten very cold recently,
I hope you guys are staying healthy.
They're offering flu vaccines, so please get those,
and I'm hoping to go myself when I have time,
but... I don't have time ㅠㅠ

Anyway, stay healthy,
and next week I'm come back with Baam heading towards Big Breeder,.
Thank you. Have a good week and see you next week ^^
This week, the demonic statue finally moved after a long anticipation.
Although it died anticlimactically keke. For a speedy narrative,
we now have Baam and Yu Han Sung working with each other surprisingly well.
Since this world is based on data, any lore revealed can be modified at any moment.
Such as size, characters, statues... As Yu Han Sung said,
as this is a world of data, you can't take anything at its face value.
Well, Big Breeder seems to be able to meddle with the world to some extant it seems.
How so remains to be seen.

Because Baam doesn't like using Yu Han Sung's techniques a lot they are rarely used,
but Yu Han Sung often uses amplification techniques.
When you see Yu Han Sung's techniques,
you can see him increase the amount of bangs,
or overlap multiple to amplify them, etc.

If you classify Shinsoo Control style between power and technique,
Yu Han Sung's style is focused on highly skilled techniques.
Although wave controllers who are born into a lot of power don't particularly need to learn them,
but Yu Han Sung the teacher is quite capable,
despite Baam's disdain for him.

Making Baam fly in when he approaches an enemy seems to become a signature thing these days,
so I decided that instead of jumping in,
I made him fly in via explosion.
Well, Big Breeder and Baam finally meet. Took a few weeks hehe.

And the last Nemesis... whose nemesis is he...?
I think you guys have an idea already, but please do stay curious about him ^^

Well, thank you for reading this week, and next week we'll see the fight with Big Breeder,
who seems to get on everyone's nerves for some reason hehe.
Stay healthy in the cooling weather.
I already got a cold so == (TN: is basically =_=)
I'm taking meds regularly... I never get off of the seasonal cold train,
huh? Well, I'll see you guys next week.
Thank you!
This Nemesis, too many people were calling spoilers so I erased a lot of the explanation.
But I'm pretty sure everyone knows hehe. Seems to know Andorssi ^^;
And on the fight between Big Breeder and Team Baam seems to be...
how should I say this... messed up? The quest, the monster that hatched from that egg...
This seems to favour whatever Big Breeder wants.
Maybe something connected to his ability to stop the Divine Whirlpool.

Actually, I added two cuts here from the Preview release, in order to better explain the combat.
I think having it in looks better.
Well, the true nature of this power that stopped Baam's Divine Whirpool,
and how much the Big Breeder will tilt the board...
will Baam survive? Will the Author survive? Please... cheer me on hehe.

Now that the end of the year is approaching,
important tests or events are coming up,
so I hope everyone is prepared for that.
Nowadays at the local cafe everyone is studying hard.
I hope you guys look forward to next week.
Stay healthy, and I hope to recover from adversity with Baam!

See you next week, Thank you! ^^
This chapter...
A sorta not really twist...
we have Big Breeder's real body.
He looks slightly differet heh.
Why so will be revealed next week... probably. ^^;
I was wondering if I wanted to make the figth scene go longer or
if to just use it as a step towards the last scene,
and I guess I chose the latter.
The reason why Baam's Divine Whirpool was blocked,
and why the Big Breeder meddles with the quest will now be revealed step by step.

I did want to start off the Hidden Floor by completely overturning what's established in its first arc,
and in middle of that twist lies Big Breeder, so I hope that this Big Breeder is able,
as a separate body from the data clones of Family Head or Zahard act as Baam's opponent.

I said last week I wasn't feeling well...
and due to the time constraints I didn't get examined this week either,
so I decided to take it next week.
The medication did help a lot, so it's probably not a big problem ^^;
But I've been getting sick often lately,
so I'll have to be careful.

Since I had a lot on my mind recently,
I was working on it by relying on my physical stamina,
but I've realized that stress really does terrible things to your body.
Everything stems from the heart they say...
Even if there's bad in life you have to think good as you go about your daily life.

Well, everyone take care, watch out for the cold,
and I'll come back next week assuming no serious incidents.
Thank you, and have a good week!
Hi, this is SIU.
My body is in very bad shape, and something happened recently
so I had not been able to follow my regular schedule
So I will just write a concise postscript without the request
I am sorry.
Um.. although I do not think that this episode is going to be a turning point
for the Hidden floor arc
It will be a chance to connect closer to ToG's main story.
Upcoming stories might seem unrelated,
but somehow they will all connect back to the main story...

That is what I have in mind right now.
Since the setting is a multiverse, it might have more elements like that.
You might feel unease with the current episode that has a bit driven away from the main story.

The stories about this Hidden Floor
Will eventually become an opportunity to make connections with 10 house heads and stories
That is how I am thinking about it.
Anyhow, the characters that rule ToG's large chunks of stories are very far away from Baam
I am hoping to make more connections and stuff and progressing
the current episode with that kind of thought
With that consideration, maybe others can hold a bit longer..
Still, I try not to feel too much pressure. Haha..;;
ps. About the Batis's song in today's episode,
honestly, I did not have the skill.. (sigh)
The first draft of lyrics just sounded too much like pop music,
so I threw it away and made it more like the old school,
I think lyricists are amazing.

Even though I endlessly tried to show best of my self and am confident that
I had never slacked off At some point when I looked back,
to the point that I cannot handle,
there seems to be a heavy burden of anticipation or resentment that had built up.
I feel little scared..
Even though there are some stuff I could not really take care,
and mistakes I had made As a human being,
my hope for more generous understanding grows.
I guess this is quite difficult, in reality,
webtoon is something that is read and made to enjoy.

I wish there will be more joyful things in future.

I will see you in next week ^^
Have a good week.
And thank you.
This episode is an extension of the last episode,
VR.. The story that alternates between the Hidden Floor and the Hidden Hidden Floor.

About Rachel's avatar, in fact,
I had been thinking about what it would be like if I changed Rachel's appearance?
So I thought, 'this would be a good chance do it.'
That was kind of my intention.
Rachel is someone who has a complex about own appearance..
she's that type of character anyway.
Well, it looks like Rachel's avatar has quite an idealized look.

I had made a quite complicated setting for the hidden quest and how to use the gauge,
But if the story goes through a complicated 'procedure' it will be too much of burden,
so you can think that I simplified the initial settings a lot and put that version into the script.

From now on, I am trying to figure out how to make it more direct,
And I guess it will get to the main plot with these simplified steps.
As the difficulty level of the quests rises, I think there will be more interesting stuff.
For now, look forward to what Rachel's avatar will do when she first encounters with Baam,
And how it will become the wild card for the future plot.

The weather had become quite cold recently, please be careful not to catch a cold.
I heard there had been a lot of damages to Pohang because of the earthquake.
I hope nobody is affected by it and please take care of yourselves.
And Those of you who are preparing for the 1 week delayed college entrance exam, have a good luck ^^
(Good luck for those who are taking the upcoming teacher employment exam as well)

As always, please be happy and healthy this week
I will see you next week
Thank you ^^
So let’s talk about this episode first…
It featured Baam’s story who met Rachel’s clone
And showed him leaving the village after resolving the problem.

Actually, I initially drew the Grand Quest’s rats too cute,
So I had to revise a little by little..
For Yu Hansung’s case, it feels a lot different from when we saw Yu Hansung in the Floor of Test
I wanted to make him bright, yet.
Somehow Androssi’s nemesis joined the team
Well, certainly he is strong, but as a data, the system might have a limit to generate the replica.

This village is finished here, and probably after this,
it will cross and cross to the main episode of this episode
There are probably couple stories along the way, and the quest will be continued as well I think.

Whom had left among the 10 house heads till the last has been revealed
Haha.. It is Mr. ___.. Stories after this
Might as well act as a skirmish for the main story of the house head who will appear later
Of course, the goal of this episode is still Jahad’s data, so let’s have an anticipation about that, too.

I feel many things had happened during the week after the last upload
The entrance exam that was postponed for a week is finally done, it snowed for the first time this year,
and I finally switched my night and day back to normal haha.
I wish everything keeps better and happier.
So please take care of your health during the winter, that has been getting colder,
and be careful not to slip on an icy road.
And be together with puzzled Koon next week haha
Thank you!
Data that looks like the God of Grape? .. has appeared.
Perhaps his name is Koon Eduan..
Anyway.. because this is a younger version it is different from the future version..
But Baam’s party might as well change gradually.
Koon Eduan as data looks like sprite haha.
Well, the reason why he was holding grapes when made the appearance,
is because one of the gods who became an inspiration for Eduan is Dionysus.. so,
Among the 10 house heads, he is the one in charge of dissipation,
hedonism, womanizing, charming look + combat etc etc.

I did not tell you previous stories because of Eduan’s
Rakoonbaam traveling stage together. It has been a long time.
You can probably see this complete trio for a while.
The upcoming Big Breeder and stuff.. Some kind of confrontation
From Yu Hansung and Bamsung’s side.. might be forming as well.
In any case, with data of Koon Eduan’s debut..
Hoping for you to enjoy the Hidden Floor’s episodes and the road to the main story
I will end this postscript here. I guess I have to push myself harder.
So have a good week
Let’s see you next week
Thank you ^^
Hi, this is SIU.
Due to my family issue, it is difficult for me to write a long postscript.
For those of whom were waiting, I am so sorry.
This episode featured the story of team Baam and Eduan.
It looks like there is a possibility where this world’s Eduan have a confrontation with Zahard.
Big Breeder and Eduan’s stories will probably be continued in the next week.
I wonder who’s the new Big Breeder..
I hope you will be exited about what will be the next stories
Also, My dear grandmother, whom had always protected me and helped me
I hope you rest in peace.
I love you.
I will try to come up with an interesting story and postscript
In next week as well
Please take care, and have a nice week
Thank you
Anyway, the world of ToG is still going forward this week.
This week again, I showed the Hidden stage and Baam alternatively
The new guy Asensio looks like is telling everyone 'I am Spear Bearer.'
Up to this point, there were many unconventional characters (Rak, Ran) for the Spear Bearer position
So I wanted to show at least one traditional spear bearer character.
It is highly possible that Asensio will appear in future episodes as well
For Baam's side, whether Koon and Yu Hansung's duo (..) is up to a crucial role...
Either Endorsi's archenemy is a pervert or not..
And what kind of guy is new Big Breeder... There will be many things awaiting for you in the next episode.
Since the story is proceeding with quests it feels a little slow
But for the moment, I want the readers naturally feel like they are joining with the characters' journey.
Now that I have spread all the pieces and the story is coming to the point where it will get some momentum
It is going to be more exciting for you soon I think

That's all for today.
I will return with ToG's world next week again
Take care during cold weathers,
I hope this week was wonderful as well
It is my wish that there will be lots of happy things for you and me.
Thank you ^^
Let’s start with this episode’s story.
The Big Breeder in today’s episode.. unlike Chung,
Looks more decent? Somewhat.
The skills used by Big Breeder are considered omnipotent in the Hidden Floor
So unless you deal with the actual cause, it is pretty difficult to win against
But looks like team Baam handled the crisis very well this time.

Villains have been continuously appearing and disappearing
It actually did not mean much whether the protagonists saved them or
killed them because they are just summoned monsters.
The only difference is that some of them are visually appealing and some of them are not;;

The last character looks like she is related to Koon.
Wonder who she is.. Perhaps Koon’s xxx.
Hope you can be excited for the next week as well.

This week looks like it is the last episode for 2017.
There is next week’s episode, too, but for that one, I have to call it Happy New Year.
Anyway, 2017 is now almost done.
For me, the year 2017 is…
Every year, I always thought about my plans and how I can improve my work for the following year
But for this year, I was very concerned with the lifespan of ToG, whether it can be continued.
The publication rights issue stressed me a lot in the beginning of this year,
and with both my mind and body half gone I had to deal with some very bad situations..
There had been some serious talks about ending ToG as well.
Because of that, the anxiety of "If I stop drawing ToG at some point,
maybe I will never come back to it again, and it will be gone from everyone’s memory.."
was always haunting me.

So for this year, rather than criticizing myself for how many views were there,
how were the responses from people,
I just want to pat myself of 2017 in the back that "You did well and you did a great job."
For me, 2017 was the year of surviving and surviving.
Since I have survived, I believe that the future will be better.

Next year every bad thing will be gone and only good things will happen
So I can continue working, with a bit more time to spare.. I hope ^^
I wish for happiness to both you and ToG.
Let the good fortune and happiness fill your families and lives.
Have a good holiday, week, and day
End the year 2017 with happiness!
Thank you ^^
Koon’s nemesis… has appeared.
She calls him brother, so it looks like she is a member of his family
But, where using a knife is concerened, she seems to be more skillful than Koon ^^

If all things go according to plan, I think I will go into every nook and cranny of the Koon family’s story in the future
But it will be difficult to do it all at once, so there will be little bits of it every now and then
Since the Hidden Floor’s main focus is the past, the main story for regulars, Eduan,
and any other characters, will also be the past as well.

Year 2018… When I first began ToG, I had never expected that I will keep it up for as long as for 2018, but looks like the day actually came
Working on manhwa, feels so good someday, but then on other days, it can feel dreadful
Looking back at it, it all looks like more than what I deserved and just miraculous
Anyway, for now my current goal would be an author who can say “Hi” to you in year 2019 as well

+In the beginning of the next year, the legendary physical edition might…

I will try to come back with a fun webtoon as always in the following week!
Next week, maybe you will learn the fate of Koon who has collapsed..?
I hope everyone is going to have great fortunes and be happy for the new 2018
Thank you^^
About this episode..
Well, Koon somehow survived again
It’s difficult to draw him so how long is he planning to live.. I was joking.
Love you my little ba*tard.
The sworn enemy.. is determined by one’s image of that sworn enemy according to the system
So if someone thinks ’my sworn enemy was better skilled with a knife than I am’
It is safe to assume that it will be exactly reflected on the sworn enemy.
I like Koon’s sworn enemy because she is fun to draw.
It’s kinda like dual personality, too ^^;

There have been several plot foreshadowing?
somewhat But because of the long-term characteristic of the work,
whether the things that were foreshadowed will happen immediately
or will take very long time to happen is hard to say.
But for this episode, I made the world and planned the conflict, climax, and resolution
So in terms of being complete, the episode might be better than previous episodes..
I think about it that way. However, the volume of the episode itself can be quite extended with that kind of process ^^;
I think these long-term episodes are too risky of a gamble
considering the rapidly changing world of the webtoons..
But I still can try.

Also, Zahard’s data, who had been only showing back of his head, has finally started to move
Depending on how you look at it, this can be the beginning of the Hidden Floor’s main story.
There are still many important and interesting stories left, so please look forward to them ^^

So stay happy in 2018 as well, and have lots of fortune.
I, too, had many hardships,
but I will try to find my own way, answer, and happiness.
Thank you.
See you in the next week ^^
The drawing is that someone who had appeared in this week..
Data Jahad… Uhm I had lots of thoughts
I had decided to cover up his face from the very beginning
At first I was planning to just digitize his face.. (because it’s data)
But then there will be a problem with editing..
and it won’t look good, so I changed it to the mask instead.
"It would be nice if the design for the mask is based on
Three Red Eyes and make Jahad wear goggles like Pororo’s-"
That was what was inside of my head.. And it turned into the current design.
I am not sure if you will like it ^^; But I quite like it myself.

For data Jahad, rather than making his first impression overwhelming or something like that
“Huh, actually he feels kinda familiar but in reality he is a great person?”
Maybe that sort of feeling…
Anyway, even though outside Jahad is an overwhelming being himself,
I tried to avoid portraying data Jahad in that way
For current data Jahad, I wanted him to be less of someone who was extraordinary
from the beginning that had entered the tower,
but more of just a traveller called Jahad who used to be full of potentials,
and is now on his way to become someone extraordinary,
and during that process,
you can feel he is having mixed feelings such as confusion or fear
I hope I can draw him that way
However, by no means he was a late boomer.
Jahad and 10 house heads were all geniuses with great talents.

About the shown pasts of the characters,
they might provide clues to future episodes.
Since the characters will grow both inwardly and outwardly as they climb the tower,
Maybe I gave you hints about what will happen in the future, I think that way.

This week’s postscript turned somewhat wordy
I always regret writing wordy things
But I feel like it just ends up long when I am writing;;
I might need to hold myself back
Therefore maybe I am going to write a short one for the next week..

Recently one of my organs was found to be bad so I am getting medical examination.
Lack of exercise is bad in various ways.
I had been quite healthy before^^;;
Anyway, becoming healthy is this year’s goal for me.
Maybe I need to get some personal training..

There had been lots of snow, so please be careful
Those students who are probably having break, I hope you are having wonderful breaks
Have a good week!
This episode..
Maybe it’s because he’s wearing the President Pororo’s mask, data Jahad is indeed strong.
About data Jahad, readers who had read today’s episode probably have noticed,
Gold is his signature color.
Like Arie’s silver white, and Koon’s blue..
It will revealed in the future, but these colors have close relationships to Shinsoo that each Househeads use.
For hair color, the case may or may not apply…

Anyway, despite his playful appearance, Jahad has beat up a kid..
Baam is indeed a bold person, as soon as he meets data Jahad,
he messes with the most delicate part of Jahad.
Well.. as a result he is beat up quite badly in this episode ^^;;
Baam should grow up fast and become someone similar to the 10 Househeads.
It looks like there will be data Eduan in the next episode.
Whether data Eduan becomes team Baam’s savior,
or data Jahad gets to know Baam’s identity,
Hope you can look forward to the next episode.

Take care, and have a good week I will try to be back in the next week looking good as always
See you in the next week ^^
Thank you.
This episode.. looks like the 10 House-heads were overwhelmingly strong since they were young.
Eduan is.. like Ran’s ultimate form ^^;;
There is a saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…”
Eduan is using electricity with no limitations at all,
looks like if you live in Eduan’s country,
you don’t need to worry about the electricity bill during the summer..
Actually, Eduan who became the outside 10 House-head,
did have an instance where he covered the capital with lightning generating storm clouds.

For Jahad.. He seems to be using lots of gold-colored Shinsoo attacks.
The ‘Gold’ in the name of Jahad’s attack,
is similar to the gold in our world but a different metal
You can think of it as a gold that is unbreakable like diamond
Regarding the Shinwonryu in the beginning,
I think I can tell you what it really is some day.

The manuscript was quite long so I was thinking whether
to divide this battle scene into two weeks of episodes, or just get done with one week,
And I chose to get done with one week and proceed with the suesequent content faster.
Since there is a long way to go ^^;
Anyway, looks like data Jahad and Baam’s first encounter is ending.
I wonder when will we get to meet with the outside Jahad haha

Personally, my wrist had suddenly gotten worse during the weekends
(I don’t notice it while working,
and then it often becomes swollen after I am finished with the due date.
This time it’s lasting longer than usual)
I am having lots of concerns because I am in bad shape from the cold as well.
So many ordeals these days I guess haha
This is usual, but since I am in a delicate state,
I will write an announcement right away if there is any change
So everyone, I firmly wish for you to take care
And have a good, fun week.
I will be back together with Baam,
whom I will worry for after this one month has passed
Thank you. ^^
This episode.. it was hard putting them all in one episode..
There were few other ways, but it would’ve disrupted the flow, so I made up my mind;;
Together with the last episode, I decided to do one episode for battle,
and one episode for summing-up.
This episode did not have fighting scenes so the lines got longer..
But I hope you enjoyed it.
The main focus is, of course Zahard and Baam
But Big Breeders are villains of this episode,
and at the same time they are special beings (data) that only exist in this episode..
So I wanted to give them some backstories..
Since it’s an episode that’s happening in the Data world, I thought,
“How about this kind of past-.”
The fact that Yura has a connection to the Hidden Floor has been previously foreshadowed for a moment,
But the first draft was a bit different from now.
It has been changed a little by little and became this story.

Data Zahard, it’s hard to get a grasp on his personality, but,
(As Eduan said,) currently the data is in strange state ha ha
You can see it as the original Zahard’s personality
is mixed with another personality that was altered by something that came from the outside..

In reality, Zahad’s character is far from seriousness or authoritativeness,
but more of a genius adventurer.
Of course, for some reason he changed after becoming the king ^^;;
From the next week, the episodes will be showing Baam’s training and confrontation?
between Koon family and Zahard’s side
I think there will be a high proportion of battles for a while.
Baam needs to upgrade diligently to survive one month after..
Anyway, the weather has gotten cold again,
please take care of your body and be careful not to catch a cold
For those whose schools have started, hope you can adjust well,
Be happy, and have a good week
I will keep working hard for Manhwa.
Thank you
See you in the next week ^^
This episode..
The training has begun.
Baam has been frequently upgraded(?), but ^^;;
In this episode, he is directly compared to the young 10 house-heads
So I think Baam will level up regarding them as rivals..
Since Baam is a special irregular, and his companions are together on his journey
In various way, I do want to show him getting stronger.
However, I feel that the emotional level-ups which appear in many other shonen comics do not really work with the Tower of God..
So I want it to be more systematic(?),
like showing how he improves his skills more thoroughly
Anyway, since Eduan had become his mentor, I suppose he will get much stronger ^^;
Boro and Koon’s children(?) have met with Big Breeder
I think we can get to see Asensio or Maschenny’s power
For now, let’s have hopes for the next week
Last week, I had heard that there was a fan cafe member meeting so I went there
For everyone who had come, it was good to see you.
I hope you all had fun and went back to homes without a hitch
Couple years ago, I was in mood of thinking maybe I can play together
but maybe because I have become old now
It feels like maybe I can watch how these kids play ha ha ^^;
I feel this way every time but everyone is cute ha ha
Now all there is left is for me to work hard ha ha. The burden of duty is heavy
I will always try my best.
The weather has suddenly become cold,
Please take care everyone. I hope you have a wonderful Lunar New Year’s Day
I will be back next week
Thank you ^^
This episode.. Looked like Asensio was the main character but it turned out Maschenny was(..)
Both Asensio and Maschenny are characters who will appear later as well
So perhaps the techniques in this episode will be shown again as their adult versions(?) in the future.
By the way, I want to mention that I personally do not like
Asensio’s Flying Fish spear techniques, due to its difficulty to illustrate
Maschenny is the best, finishing things in one shot.

It looks data Jahad got too lazy to chase them and decided to wait instead.
I originally intended to put some stories with quests in between,
but I have changed my mind thinking I cannot draw themwhen the development is already slow. So I dropped them a lot haha.
Therefore, there will be a lot of progress with the training the next week.

For data Jahad, aside from the fact that he is strong
His ability to analyze situations, and survive and stuff, those skills that are required in adventures,
are all close to the highest possible level
Although he is data from his younger self, he sure does look invincible.
I wonder how is Baam going to be capable of dealing with data Jahad...

Anyway, unlike previous episodes,
I will show you battle scenes of many characters one by one
So it will be more detailed, sorta..
I will try to make you have that kind of feeling

So please look forward to the next week
The season is going to change soon, so please take care
I hope every athlete going into the Olympics will get good results
I am thinking of drawing a character dressed as the Winter Olympics’ mascot,
Soohorang, in the next week’s postscript… Ha ha
Not sure who am I going to draw, but…
Thank you! Have a wonderful week
If I can do some simple talks about this week’s episode,
The training this time..
If the training Baam did in the Rice Pot was a training that was meant only for Baam’s special path,
this time, it’s broader, and regulars get to know about it..
(Of course Baam’s party will learn it a bit faster, at high speed)
Please think of it as a part of that kind of training process.
Though by nature, Tower of God is closer to the systemic growth in strength than the sudden level-ups,
I am considering to focus more on the characters in this training.
How will Baam, Koon, and Rak progress.. I hope you can look forward to it.
For Boro’s side, though it was an obvious route-
They did get to meet with data Jahad. I wonder if Boro’s party can cross there..
and seize the mirror.
Well, first of all, will they be okay or not.. It’s worrisome.
I have important personal business next week, so I am not sure if I can keep up with the work,
But since I did not post a notification for hiatus,
I will try as best as I can to continue the work.
There is still a chance that I will take a hiatus though
It might look like I am keep doing my work with no problem at all,
but in reality, I am living a hard, intense life to keep up with the work. ^^;
Anyway, the season has started to shift, so please take care of yourself
They say there is more fine dust in the air as it gets close to the spring,
so please bring your mask with you when you go out.
See you in the next week!
Thank you ^^
This week..
You can watch the battle between the Jahad and Maschenny + data companions..
And Baam’s proficient (which in reality, he shot it just now) mirrorball control…
I actually had hard time coming up with Jahad vs. Maschenny battle..
For data Mascnenny, she is pretty OP data among regulars
So regarding how close she can approach? get to Jahad,
I had to take sometime to think about that myself..
Jahad’s main weapon is a needle,
but since he thinks Maschnny’s strength is below him,
he does not seem to use it that much.
Data Jahad at this time, feels more like an adolescent boy,
both enthusiastic and defiant.
He was a person who received lots of trust from his comrades.
I wonder how the battle with data Jahad will go.. I start to worry about team Boro.

About Baam’s Orb, after I have finalized the design,
I am trying hard to come up with a plan… skill tree? kind of thing.
What’s certain is that the current Orb is just the basic shape or form,
and what kind of ability it will possess,
or how will it develop later, has infinite possibilities
In many ways, I think Baam suits the image of being focused, or eagerly wanting something
So I want Orb and Shinwonryu to progress in that way
Just based on how much of it has been revealed, it looks pretty broken(…)
Orb.. How can I put it,
it will become the first step to controlling Shinsoo like magic.

If I can add some story about my personal business,
Recently, I am trying to reach harmony(?) both emotionally and physically.
To keep working on Manhwa,
I think physical and mental health should have to come first
Even if I have to spend some time when there is none,
I should start exercising ^^;
Though I have been making that same promise to myself for years now ha ha
I will definitely do it this time.

So hope you have enjoyed reading in this week as well
Please take care of your health, too, everyone. Hope you have a good week.
See you next week
Thanks as always. ^^
This week...
The battle with nemeses has begun.
Nemesis is what is most unique about this episode, so there will be more frequent fights
I wonder if I can tell you each character's story, at least a bit, like the last time... but
This time, I want to focus more on the battles and developments.

Each of them is fighting with their nemeses being swapped,
There aren't really many regulars with the highest level of combat skill other than Baam,
Endorsi, and Sachi in team Baam...
In Khun's case, he becomes OP if he uses Enna Core,
but that should be regarded as an exception
So this time, I thought the story needed some events
that can be the beginning footstep for Khun and Rak to be on the same level,
like having their own abilities.
Anyway, Khun is a character who is pretty good at utilizing or applying his ability once he awakens it.
I will try to make them develop their skills for a long long time.
But of course, personally, if you ask me whether Khun is a Light Bearer or Spear Bearer,
I will say Light Bearer, still ^^;
Regarding that, I think he will find the appropriate arbitration later

Anyway, now we can enjoy Khun's ice spear show (..)
Like the case with Baam' Orb.. and Sachi's vines.. If things like these continue to increase,
As a person who draws them,
sometimes I just want to send them all to the Recycle Bin... Ha ha.
I try to draw them by hand as much as possible,
But I do think about learning special effects as well,
considering the technological advancement.
I don't' have much time.. but, maybe I will use my spare time to study them.

So please everyone, stay positive in this week as well,
I hope I can see you again in the next week, looking good ^^
Thank you as always.
ps. I like cheesecake flavor for Baskin-Robbins.
It looks like Baam’s Orb indeed suits him
You can probably guess from the Orb’s techniques,
although they are the same Shinsoo control techniques from before,
Orb can make them even stronger.
Eduan did not add much explanation since he is OP,
However, by setting, it is rather very difficult to make Orb form with Shinsoo and utilize it.
Like all other Manhwa out there,
there are more and more outstanding characters gathering around as the world building progresses,
So it is not easy to point out such setting with details.
Even Khisea, who looked pretty lethargic in this week,
is pretty high-tier among regulars, and can act as a Fisherman in teams.
Anyway, as a Wave Controller it is very advantageous to use Orb when attacking with Shinsoo
So it will be helpful for Baam to become stronger.
I am considering making more special features and forms for the Orb later.

I had some thoughts about the Khun’s ice spear
Because it does not fit the balance if Khun can suppress Viole as soon as he manifests his ice spear ability
So I thought maybe it would be better if I can make it more like Khun, playing with(..)
Viole using his techniques
To be honest, the ice spear is still at its prototype stage,
and the true form is yet to be revealed
For the true manifestation of each character’s ability,
I think it’s good idea to stick around a little longer ^^
(feat Rak)

It looks like in the following week there will be the final battle between data Maschenny VS data Zahard
I hope you will look forward to that

The fine dust in the air is getting more severe, please take care of your health
I always stay in indoor,
so these days I worry about those who work outdoors and feel thankful for them
Everyone, please wear masks when you go out, and don’t stay outside too long.

So guys, stay positive
And have a good, healthy week
Thank you as always
See you in the next week^^
This chapter.. from the moment I had stated about the nemesis story..
I wanted to make something sensible out of the existence of Viole and the existence of Baam… Something like that.
Although Baam has not completely gotten out of FUG,
it is still true that Baam had tried to erase the fact that he was Viole, and forget about it..
Viole has a strong image of loneliness, so I wanted to show you the feeling he had felt during that time period,
the more humane aspect of him, and how he accepts it.
Of course, part of his growth in strength came from the Orb,
but I think how the internal growth is kept continued is also a part of the Tower of God ^^;

That ‘bro’ was shown at the end of this chapter.
I am not sure what has happened to him, if he’s data or not,
But it feels like he is going to make this episode more chaotic ^^;

About changing the postscript’s format.. I am still thinking.
There were people who said summing up the episode’s story is fine as well, so.. ha ha
Anyway, please look forward to the next week as well
It has gotten a little cold recently,
but hope it will become a good week so that you can enjoy the spring

Thank you ^^
Anyway, let’s keep it short for this week..
-See you next week-
… Sometimes there are episodes like this..
How can I put it, there are episodes where the real beginning starts in the following week.
There are episodes like that yeah yeah.

Still, it had somewhat important stories.
Irure is still left with some unsolved conflicts
And data that is expected to be Mazino’s looks has something he is waiting for..
Khun and Rak are training hard
Yellow and Icarus seemed to have a some kind of conversation
And it seems that Baam got a new power, too..
Anyway, I think it will get interesting ha ha

As for my personal story..
My stress gastritis relapsed during the weekends..
The period in between is getting shorter and shorter.
Maybe this is a quite dangerous sign. TT
Anyway, I will visit the hospital and become healthy again.

So thank you for coming today to read the postscript, and reading my lacking webtoon
I will try to see you again next week with interesting webtoon^^
Take care, and have a good week!
Thank you.
This week..
Continued from the last week,
the episode featured the process of them getting to fight with data Zahard.. Khun seems to be more grown in many ways, and so does Baam.
From the next week, they will finally get to fight with data Zahard.
Tower of God, actually,
is a work that shows the process of main characters meeting with stronger opponents,
And overcoming such challenges,
Thus the main characters always continue to train and work hard,
and look upward to climb higher..
It’s that kind of the work in my mind.
Because of that, they are frequently having a hard time.
I want to see characters getting stronger and stronger, and be more complete.
Of course, at some point, they will become immensely strong,
and it will make them charming in another way.

Anyway, I think Baam will be closer to himself after this.
His battle with data Zahard, of course, has a slim chance of winning
But I hope you will look forward to the process and result.
As the spring comes and goes, many things happen in between
And many thoughts pass by my head as well.
Every week, I try to meet you again with the best of my work,
but sometimes it does not happen as I wish.
Coming up with exciting Manhwa every week,
is my job, goal, and satisfaction.
If the readers are not satisfied by it, I, too, cannot be satisfied
So I spend much more time thinking about interesting Manhwa than others might think of me ^^;
Once my head cools down a bit, I hope that I feel lighter with my body, too
So please look forward to the battle that will be starting next week
And take care of both your physical and mental health when the season is changing
Thank you.
I hope you are happy ^^
Today features data Zahard..

As expected, he is very diligently beating(…) Baam up.
Since there are a lot of battle scenes,
I think it would be better to just read it and understand it,
rather than having me explain it all
I will not talk too much about the story today.
To be honest, roughly half of the chapter was about Baam getting beaten up(..)
Still, he is trying use a new Orb(?) and stuff,
so let’s just stick around see what happens.
Good luck Baam haha
Yellow is trying to break the scale.
Although I have a feeling that this side of the story would not be so popular.. TT
The protagonist can’t be the only one getting the spotlight,
and I have to make some plot progression as well; so, I will try my best.
When a battle begins, it can’t be helped that the plot progression slows down a bit,
compared to the number of panels, due to the amount of the battle scenes
So, please look forward to the next week, everyone. ^^;
As for my personal business..
Although this should be getting tiring to hear since I say it every week (ha ha), I am sick
Even before I was getting fully recovered from gastritis,
I got rhinitis and had to visit a hospital for it.
It’s good that there are many hospitals nearby where I moved to.
The symptoms were getting worse so I had a difficult time with my daily life,
but after taking the medicines, I am feeling better.
But it gets me worried that I am taking too many medications these days.
Is my immunity getting weaker..

Since I was talking about illnesses… There are diseases in the tower, too.
Depending on the house, they have diseases that they are prone to or immune to.
For some houses, there exist some critical diseases that are hereditary..
Yihwa is immune to most of the diseases, but from time to time she gets light cold.
It suits her since she has fire quality.
Additionally, Khun still can catch cold despite having ice quality. What the..
Regardless, 10 houses usually do not become seriously ill.
They do not even need medication.
Oh, by the way, there is no cancer in the tower.
But there are cases like a person develops an allergic reaction to Shinsoo as they get older,
and the cells start to function improperly due to it,
which is quite similar to cancer.
The fact that the chance of one getting it becomes higher
when the person does a poor job in managing their own health is also similar..,
If someone dies of old age in the tower, this is usually the case.

Anyway, please look forward to Baam and data Zahard’s battle,
which will be continued in the next episode
And to our Khun, Rachel, and Urek(?)’s story as well
I heard that many people are having tests,
I hope there are good results to both the ones who still need to take it and the ones who already took it ^^
So have a good week as always,
And stay healthy
Thank you _ _
#379 Disease in the tower
Anyway, finally season 2 reached chapter 300. (clap clap)
This week’s chapter centers more on team Khun than Zahard…
I expect many people to complain about how long the explanation is
In fact, I, too, thought this episode is too heavily relied on the text to explain the situation
I had thought of an alternative, but it would make the explanation even longer
Which would postpone data Zahard and Baam’s battle for two to three episodes..
Because of that, I took the risk and went in this direction.
In short, I still have a long way to go as an author ha ha.
I have to improve myself

Yellow’s story is the essence of the story of the data world.
The distance between data and human,
Yellow who wants to become a human, etc..
Stuff that I wanted to talk about in many ways
Compared to that, data Zahard’s side is closer to the Tower of God’s main story
I think of this episode as an episode that can foreshadow the future Zahard… through data Zahard.
The battle between data Zahard and Baam
can also be seen as the clashing of the past and the present as ^^;Did I go too far

It feels like we have finally gotten close to the Baam’s growth,
that we have been waiting for.
If you look at it,
somehow the hell train itself is related to Baam’s inner and outer growth
So I believe this episode will be the first end of the Baam’s growth phase…
that’s how I think of it

As always, please look forward to the next week
I will work hard to prepare for the week as well
Thank you
Stay happy ^^
Today, I tried to raise the tension in the battle..
It feels like Baam is finally discovering something that is unique to him.
There was always a part of the story portraying Baam’s growth during the Hell Train Arc,
so I think the period to end this all will be beginning now.
I was planning to make him go over his identity crisis
and then after all that time make him stronger the moment he finds the answer
But the way to present or method of doing it was quite difficult..
Establishing the relationship between strength=self-identity was quite harder than I thought
You can say that there is an existing correlation
between the journey to find one’s own self and the combat strength ha ha
Of course, portraying that as naturally as possible was my duty as the director(author)
So I tried to put some foreshadowing here and there and continued making the plot progression,
and here I am now.
Indeed, I still have many areas to work on, but I hoped that you would enjoy this episode ^^;

Now that Baam is awakened(?) with his ability
Maybe he can finally fight even with data Zahard, maybe ha ha
There is still much more stuff to entertain you
So I would hope for you to stay tuned for the next week as well.
There will be new skills and stuff, ha ha.

Although this is unrelated to this week’s episode,
I got food poisoning and had to rest for two days
while I was working on this week’s (preview) chapter ha ha
Anyway, I hope you had fun reading it in this week..
and please look forward to the next week, too
Don’t get sick like me, take care of your health,
And I hope you will have a wonderful week.
Thank you.
Have a good week ^^
The two horns represent Red Thryssa and Blue Thryssa’s power..
You can understand it as Baam turning some of their power into his.
Most of this week’s episode consisted of battle scenes like last week,
so there is not much for me to talk about in the postscript.
Other than Baam is getting super super storng..? Something like that
I sometimes get questioned about how strong Baam is right now..
But I think it is a lot better for others to make a discussion,
like talking about it and sometimes even fighting over it (;;) based on what’s shown
than for the author to define it
Anyway.. aside from Baam’s current abilities,
Baam’s potential is abnormal in the first place,
So I do expect to show more of Baam getting stronger and stronger.
Although it would be far-fetched to say Baam is stronger than 10 Househeads for now..

Who knows, since he keeps growing stronger ha ha,

Like how last week’s episode ended,
this week as well Baam’s strength is being shownas his skills are getting upgraded,
So in that way, maybe some of you will feel this is uniquely interesting.
Personally, among Baam’s skills I want to learn the Blue Oar the most.
I am not even good with those high rides in the amusement park,
but still, sometimes I imagine myself flying over the sky..I think it would be fun if I can have a flying technique.
Of course, in these days, it is quite possible to get shot down as well though ^^;;

So in the following week,
I will be back with Baam who still has hard time controlling his overflowing power
I hope you to be always happy, healthy, and lucky
See you next week~
Thank you ^^
The battle with Zahard is almost reaching its climax.
Baam still does not have a full control over his skills,
But a little by little, he is getting better at it.
The battle between Baam and data Zahard.. how can I put it,
It feels like this episode is Baam fighting a boss that is far above his level,
and farming EXP for it ^^;

For Rachel(Icarus) and Khun’s side..
It was hard to show their side in detail because of Baam’s side..
But, Rachel finally achieved something (clap clap clap?)
Personally, I wanted her expression to show that even if the outside(Icarus) changes,
the inside(Rachel) still remains the same.
Now, it has become difficult to guess what’s going to happen with this side as well ha ha.
Maybe Baam learned only bad things from Hatsu, he did hara-kiri.. ha.. ha..
If Marines have Stimpack and UFC has doping, then Baam has the thorn..
Maybe he will return as the real burnt Baam/chestnut..
Let’s wait for the next week if you want to know the result of doping
Anyway, please take care of your health when the season is shifting
For me, well.. nowadays I sometimes feel lost and get sick
But for the next week as well, I will do my best to return with burnt Baam ^^
There is a part of me wanting to do better,
and another part of me just wanting to get some rest
What’s important are not jealousy and stubbornness but happiness and peace,
but the path to reach that state feels so complicated.
Regardless, I should try to do a good job. Diligently.

Anyway, have a happy, healthy, and nice week guys!
Thank you ^^
This week…
Baam got op, now he is even throwing some burnt coal like stuff;;;
… He still can’t have a full control over it,
and there is a time limit to it as well
(Just to clear up some confusion.. I don’t mean you lose the power if you leave the Hidden Floor ^^;; just in terms of the duration..)
Regardless, it sure is powerful.

There will be more transcendental techniques involving the thorn,
as Baam collects more of them
I wanted to make some apparent changes
And thought it was a good idea to make the each thorn fragment more unique
But, currently, Baam can’t even handle one of them right ha ha
I got questioned about “How come Zahard and Eduan(data)
have no problem flying but Baam can’t-"
Well, technically, Eduan and Zahard(data) aren’t flying either,
but using shinsoo to make their bodies buoyant and retain it.
They are definitely more skilled than Baam though.
Regarding Baam’s Blue Oars’ new form,
I am thinking of making them accelerate or somehow using them for attacks,
rather than merely helping Baam float.

The battle between Baam and data Zahard is finally coming to its end
I wonder what kind of ending is waiting for them…
It might be something unexpected for the readers though, ha ha
Hope you will be looking forward to next week^^.

Please take care your bodies since the weather is getting hotter,
I heard college students are taking exams, good luck to you guys ^^
And I will be working hard as always
Have a good week
And see you next week.

Thank you~!
It looks like the battle with Zahard is done now.
Not so much of "Actually data Zahard is a good guy after all!.."
But more of "Actually data Zahard is an adventure freak!" kind of ish ^^;
Rachel, this time again, was given a role of backstabbing(...)
But compared to the past, she came off as a more bold villain(?)
She had her own reason.. and was more active in her action;;
Whether that's good or not
Clearly, she is changing.
For various reasons,
I assigned a lesser volume of the story to this side than I originally planned to
So it has become more difficult to make the plot progression sometimes
Still, I will try my best to end it well.

The outside Zahard, or rather, the real Zahard.
Made an appearance a little earlier than expected ^^;
How can I put it.. It feels like the final boss has appeared in front of noobs.
To be honest, it's just a part of outside Zahard's power that's been converted into data,
so saying it's "real" isn't so accurate
By the setting, the ten House Heads are in fact tall and bulky
But this time, I drew him even bigger.
I hope you have felt Zahard's threatening power.

Anyway, the Tower of God has been one thing after another, Zahard after data Zahard
Is it Baam's destiny to suffer no matter how strong he gets
Hope you guys will check it out next week.
For me, I will take a better care of myself.. and return ^^
I feel sorry to readers saying that I'm sick every time
Have a happy and healthy week !
See you next week
I'm so thankful for those who continue reading and visiting me.
Thank you
The development in this week actually was about the impact, not the plot(..)
It looks like the outside Zahard is incredibly strong ha ha.. Well, it's nothing surprising
He's on a whole other level from the data based on his regular self.
Since there is still a long path to climb, that much of the difference is pretty much expected.
Since there is a big gap between even a regular and an ordinary ranker ^^;

Yura and Rachel's side of the story is becoming more and more chaotic and hellish..
How it ended, was pretty unfortunate.
Personally, I think Yellow's story best represents the Hidden Floor.

Baam's second thorn did not make a proper debut yet
But it seems that each thorn has a different ability.. or power.
Maybe even the transcendental techniques will evolve.. I hope you look forward to it ^^

The weather is getting hotter, and there are so many mosquitoes coming to my window TT
Why can't the fine dust kill mosquitoes..
Hope you all take good care of your bodies
Have a good week
I will try my best to return next week in good condition
See you next week
Thank you _ _
Whether Baam can make his escape, and keep his promise with Gustang,
are still uncertain to this point though ha ha
This episode was kinda introduction-development-turn-Zahard VS Baam
I had a tough time making the story likeable to all..
and keep the balance and flow under control,
but.. Hope you guys will stay tuned until it’s over

Due to what happened, maybe Baam and Zahard’s relationship has become more ill-fated now.
How can I put this, if it wasn’t for their ill-fate?,
which was planned from the very beginning,
Maybe, Zahard in his boyhood and Baam would have gotten along pretty well.
Just like how Wangnan understood and changed Baam when he was Viole,
Eduan and Zahard are actually working very well together than expected,
since the last week. Ha ha

Regarding Wangnan,
my initial plan was that he was going to meet face to face with Zahard’s alter,
However, that would have disclosed some of the stories that have to be saved for the future
Alternatively, I made him to talk with the weapon(?) first, and seize it.
Since it’s Zahard who’s behind the plan after all,
the story would end up similar either way I think.
In my opinion, liking Wangnan requires you to look at the long-term plan ;
(That doesn’t mean what he seized today is the Excalibur)

Around this time is when things other than the manuscript fill my head
But I’m not so sure, it’s not easy since I’m dealing with several other problems.
In these days, having a rest isn’t easy ha ha
It’s tough making the story public-friendly due to the grand scale;
to be honest, some of the aspects under the webtoon system are getting more difficult to cope with.
I’m having more concerns and trying to find a solution.
Regardless, my goal is constantly making a decent work.
Perfection was never my aim anyway ha ha

I want do a good job. It would have been better if I could stay healthy,
but man, the number of my health concerns os only increasing
Good health is the best.

Hmm hmm. Somehow today’s posting is getting long for no good reason.
Since the World Cup is ongoing, I have been watching the national team’s games
Sometimes it was fun, sometimes it was sad.
Still, from watching the diligent players, I find myself get encouraged
Since in foreign football games there is no particular team that I'm a fan of,
I just watch it like “Wow~”
But with the national team,
I cheer them while watching and get indulged into it.
(Personally, I'm very eager to draw a simple football Manhwa when I'm taking a break,
but Naver does not let me do it.. haha)

So guys, for the hot summer season
I hope you can enjoy the hot World Cup,
Along with the hot Tower of God(a tie-in)
For the next week,
I will return with Wangnan who seems to have grabbed something dangerous!
Have a happy, healthy week
Thank you ^^
Like always, this week is about wrapping up the episode and..
a talk about the new episode
It looks like the power that enabled the casts to exit was from the weapon that Wangnan took. (aka the Excalibur..)
Regarding how the weapon will influence the plot..
you have to stick around a little longer
But Wangnan is somehow getting closer to becoming a key of something ^^;
Slowly riping.. Wangnang is a wine-like man..

Due to the rules,
there will be a few variables in the future episodes after the Hidden Floor.
Since Baam used the key to enter,
he was able to bring items with him(including Hockney’s paintings)
The bracelet(?) Rachel got(?) this time will have a huge influence over the story after the Hell Train arc
You can say that the story line afterwards is caused by this bracelet
Surely there is something about the bracelet if Zahard was that obsessed over it.

And about the word w…. ar… at the end of the episode
W.. well, it feels like the scale will get bigger but, ha ha
Hope you can have the patience to see what’s going to happen. Currently,
there is a lot of foreshadowings and flows of the story right now
So I do feel the need to scale it up to carry out the plot.
Still, it won’t suddenly just increase its size, rather,
I am planning to have a few branches spread out and join together with Baam as the center.
Hm.. it will be actually tough doing that but I’ll do my best.
And if it still does not work out, well, whatever..(huh?)

There is a heavy rain today. Feels like the rainy season is coming soon
Last week was a rough week for various reasons.
I wasn’t so sure if I could finish the episode, due to my personal business..
But it’s towards the end of the episode,
so I felt like I shouldn’t let my personal business to obstruct me from doing the work\^\^;
Anyway, I think I have to prepare for the new start.
There will be a rest soon, but.. I hope I can at least avoid the w.. war. Haha

Then everyone, hope you don’t receive any damage from the rain during the rainy season
Even it’s sunny outside, check the weather cast before going out.
Take an umbrella with you when there is a doubt(;;;)
Whatever it is, take care of your health ^^
Now I’ll get going
Have a happy week, and see you next week
Thank you ^^
This chapter..
The story after the Hidden Floor from the last chapter continued.
Because there is a restriction against talking about the Hidden Floor
I get tedious when working on the characters' lines and feelings.
It looks like the story will be separated into two for a while
A big storyline regarding what's happening in the Tower,
and a small storyline regarding the regulars.^^

I said this before, but,
Personally, I'm afraid that as the world expands and the number of points of view increase,
the readers might feel difficulty in approaching this story..
The weekly webtoon's schedule is a quite burden itself
(Unlike comic magazines, webtoon has no break.
Even if it's only a few weeks, it actually makes up a big difference)
I will try my best to prevent it from happening,
but since the work has progressed to this much
Maybe this is the time for me to try a new change or challenge. ha ha

Still, the main theme of this story is about "regualrs having adventures" in an enormous place called Tower.
Contrary to other comics,
the main characters may not be troubleshooters or take a major role in turning the situation
I wanted to show them keep climbing the Tower despite being swept by big waves and experiencing frustrations
Of course, from time to time,
I try to have them leading the story, like in the Name Hunt Station and the Workshop.

Looking at how the story ended
It looks like Maschenny and Ha Jinsung's story will continue in next week.
It's an unexpected pair..
I hope that there won't be any difficult battle for me to draw, but.. ha ha
Zahard Princess facing one of the influential figures in FUG in this situation,
is far from what you call a peace
The reason why Ha Jinsung's residence is like that although he is a rich guy..
Ha Jinsung has a quite number of houses..
and he seems to be a fan of that kind of natural(?) way of living
He's highly regarded as a danger, too.

Nobody would be curious to know but if I tell what's going on with my personal life
I suddenly gained 2kg this week and am experiencing a mental breakdown for it...
I mean, it was my fault for not doing exercise, but..
I met my mother at my friend's wedding,
which has been a while, and she was sad to see an unmarried bachelor already looking like an uncle.
(I'm sad too, mother)

Ha ha.
So please look forward to next week
And I will work hard in drawing to come back in next week as well
Be careful of natural disasters in raining season,
Stay healthy and have a happy week
Thank you!
This week..
Jinsung bro seems to be surprised by how serious Zahard is.
The relationship between Jinsung and Zahard is like..
“my granny’s close friend is actually a king,” kind of relationship.
It is rare for 10 househeads or Zahard to have a connection with those who are beneath(?) them
So you can say Ha Jinsung is quite close to Zahard,
as they even shared conversations before
You may have noticed from how he delivered his order this time,
but it is a very very rare occasion for househeads to talk with the ones who are beneath them directly.
Anyway, due to the huge scale, a battle between High Rankers is pain in the ass to draw.
It would’ve been easier if they had a more cutesy way of fighting..
Like Jinsung using his lollipop to attack.. Hmm..

About Baam’s side..
As the problem has to do with Khun’s life
Looks like it has lit the fuse of conflict
I wonder how Baam and Rachel’s relationship will change..
Their relationship has been slowly progressing since the Floor of Death,
but maybe this time there will be a more dramatic change.
The two are bound together anyhow
So please look forward to how this change will lead the story.

Ah, by the way, this is the eighth anniversary for Tower of God. ^^
(I already gained eight years of age..)
The fan-cafe is doing an event celebrating this eighth anniversary,
so feel free to check it out
And it maybe also fun to join in
Eight years.. Hmm..
Thank you for those who always cheer me up and work hard for me
I always feel sorry for not being the best author,
but everyday I’m doing as best as I can in my life
There have been painful and tough moments,
but your care and cheer constitute 80% (to match the rhyme with the eighth anniversary)
of the reason why I could hold myself against them.

Anyway, the weather is getting hotter
Take care of your health- and I always wish all of you to have a fun, happy week.^^
I will come back next week with dangerous looking Baam and Rachel.
Thank you!
About this episode, how should I put it..
It will act as a bridge to the next episode,
so I recommend you to pay attention to how the relationships are being settled and changed.
It is true that the Hidden Floor had lots of important characters..
and raised the bar for the audience in many ways
So I’m thinking we should dive into existing characters’
relationships before moving onto the next episode.
For Rachel and Baam’s case, as well as White’s case
As the train episode is getting closer to its finale,
I think there will be an ending and a new beginning.

There are many talks going on about Rachel
Many people sometimes ask me whether I like/hate a certain character,
but the answer is “I like all of them” ha ha
But, just because I like them,
I have no intention of making them siding with good or portraying them positively.
I don’t have a stereotype towards good and evil..
So I think this way is fine.
I’m into neither idealizing the good as heroes,
nor defending villain’s actions or giving them excuses..
I believe that if I progress the plot thinking
“with this kind of past and this kind of personality,
this character will probably do this kind of thing-”
The readers will make judgements themselves.

Meanwhile Maschenny and Ha Jinsung are fighting fiercely.
It would have been better if I could draw them
when I was in a better state(ofc that’s how it always is ha ha)
Even though they are fighting halfheartedly, the scale is still huge ha ha.
Looks like Maschenny has another objective in her mind.

Recently the weather is so so hot,
and it makes me worry about if my readers are taking good care of their health
Don’t stay outside for too long,
and drink lots of water and be careful of what you’re eating so that you don’t get enteritis
I hope you to be always healthy, happy, and enjoy your life.
So I’ll come back next week with angry Baam’s landing scene(..)
Have a good week!!
Thank you ^^
Anyway, this episode was about Baam who is better at showing anger than expected..
and the man in danger, Hansung..
Personally, I think Baam is a character who went through a lot of changes compared to the past
Depending on how you look at it,
he might as well be one of the characters who goes through the most development? I think.
Previously he felt like he was defendant on Rachel, but now that is no longer the case
And it seems like he is finding a reason to fight, and a reason to climb the Tower.

In contrast to him, Rachel is more of a stagnant character.
Rather than trying to improve her strength,
she was disheartened by her circumstances and tried to exploit her surroundings..
Also, somehow, she is currently more possessed by the obsession to climb the tower
than by the reason why she climbs the tower..
I think those kind of things are widening the gap between Baam and her.
However, I do not think these are just Rachel’s problems,
I think if an ordinary person were to be placed in an extreme competition,
anyone can surely act like Rachel.
Regardless of how the story progresses, the opposition,
or the contrast between Baam and Rachel would be the core of Tower of God’s main story.
In my case, in a situation where the competition was fierce,
I was the one who intentionally did not try my best,
to comfort myself into thinking “I was just hiding my power.”
That’s right. I am actually hiding 50% of my power when doing manuscript..
...which would’ve been nice.
I live a hard life doing as best as I can each day (bow bow)

As for Hansung, well..
Goodbye, Hansung.
You were a difficult character to draw.
I promise you won’t go far.
Fu fu.

Everyone, have a healthy and happy week
I wish you to have a week that lets your heart remain chill despite the hot weather
Hansung’s fate will be determined in next week.. Ha ha
Thank you!
As for Yu hansung’s side,
Seems like his lifeline is tougher than it looks ha ha
Although the name of the Floor of Test’s ruler has been mentioned quite frequently ever since the Best Challenge,
the setting has changed a lot from the past.
Sometimes people are mistaken about it,
but all of the settings that I have previously written before are pretty much undetermined
until they actually do appear on the story.
I have made announcements regarding this several times,
but seems like a quite number of people are still unaware of this TT
The same problem kept repeated so now I have turned them all to private, but..
Anyway, they are very different.(and wrong)
Evankhell used to be a man back in the Best Challenge, and even now, well..
it’s kinda hard to say that she’s perfectly female..
that’s the case ha ha
For more details, the plot needs to be progressed further..

Rather than to say that the relationship between Baam and Rachel has changed,
I think what eventually had to turn out like this was being postponed for a long time.
Rachel always acted thinking “Baam will ultimately end up like this-“
And as for Baam, although that wasn’t exactly the case for him,
it’s still true that this is what he has reached to.
I think people who have become too accustomed to being hated in their lives,
come to feel more comfortable when they are being hated, rather than being loved.
Whatever it is, seems like the two will move forward in a certain direction.

I heard that there is a fan-cafe meeting on Saturday, so I went there
Feels like the time when I went there thinking
‘Wow, really? From my Manhwa fan-cafe?’ was only yesterday
But knowing that this is the sixth already,
made me realize the time truly flies by ha ha I still can’t believe it.
It’s probably thanks to the fan-cafe members and those of who love the work,
rather than to me, but, ha ha
I deeply appreciate those who joined.

When I really get to feel readers like this, umm.. well.
I feel really good.
Like, when readers do a cosplay of a character, draw fanart,
or gather at some place to share their likes,
and chat about them – and when I suddenly come to realize that I’m the one who made this.
That feeling, is truly special but also lies heavily on my shoulder.
As the work has gotten quite aged now,
I do feel the saying that “nothing will last for eternity”
But maybe because that’s how it is,
it might be good for me to get touched by each moment like this as I live.
When will moment like this ever come again?
I have to continue working persistently so that I can feel this moment even by a day longer
Of course, sometimes I should take some rest in between ha ha

So please take care of your health during the hot weather
Have a happy, and peaceful week.
Thank you ^^
#393 Info on blogs subject to change until they appear in cannon.
As for this chapter..
Feels like a section has passed and now a new section is coming. ^^;
Like a new enemy and stuff.. Many things were revealed.
About Kalavan.. His underlings seem impressive.
I wonder what kind of guy he will be..
Wonder if he will impose a great danger to Baam and co..
Wonder if he will be a tough character to draw(...) I’m already starting to get worried.
Anyway, since he’s a commander of an army corps.. I get the feeling that the scale will expand.(author’s.. tear)

After Rak’s secret was revealed, the fact that Evankhell is an ancient species was also revealed
As Evankhell was fired even before showing her true power… Her power was barely revealed in this chapter.
Considering her ranking, she truly is strong..
But, a bum will be a bum.

People say that,
thanks to Evankhell handing the Floor of Test over to Yu Hansung,
the Floor of Test could be under proper operation,
And as you can guess from that,
when Evankhell was staying at the Floor of Test the tests were said to be pretty hellish.
It’s something I would like to draw in later times, but for now I will hold onto it
We have to climb the tower first.

About the familiar faces at the end,
I wonder if they can meet Baam without any trouble, or are currently stepping into a wild chaos
Well, it’s good to see them after a long time anyway ha ha drawing these kinds of guys is a joy to me
Recently my shoulders and neck suddenly got worse
So I was trying to take care of them by changing the pillow and stuff,
but still they aren’t really getting any better.
I’m happy that I like the new pillow though. I’m considering to change the bed as well ha ha

Hopefully you all enjoyed reading this week’s chapter,
For me, it’s too bad Yu Hansung didn’t die…
I shall return together with the Tower of God’s new chapter
Have a healthy, and happy week!
Thank you ^^
So for this episode..
Continued from the previous episode, we see the Ship Leesoo's side.
I personally like drawing team Ship Leesoo.
Compared to team Baam, who leads the main story, team Leesoo has a lighter feeling ha ha
There are many comical elements to them
(Of course, the funniest character in this work would be Rak though)
I hope to write more about team Leesoo in later times,
But I'm afraid I might not be able to take care of them as the scale is expanding.

According to the Tower's rule,
Rankers are prohibited to meddle with Regulars' business in the Regular's area,
But as it was shown today,
the strength of Regulars is almost always affected by Rankers,
both directly and indirectly.
Frankly, from the start, if you are born into a reputable family,
you can receive a ton of support when climbing the Tower.
Maybe Rankers interfering with Regulars,
as you saw in this episode, is the way to balance the tilted scale after all
Of course, the side effect will be tremendous as well though ^^

The stronger a Regular is,
they are more likely to be from the 10 Families or team up with them
So it is a rare case for an ace Regular to receive aid from other families, but..
In some special cases, ace Regulars may receive personal aids to climb the Tower.

The man who made the appearance at the end.. is the Pianoman..
I mean no.. is the new enemy Mr. Kalavan.
Considering what Ha Jinsung also said about him..
I think he'll be the most 'militaristic' enemy among the enemies we had seen so far
But the bottle is yet to be opened. We need to unscrew the cap first to see what's inside.
Based on how he's going on about stuff like "Rhapsody,"
I assume he has an overflowing amount of bluffing power, a quality for a boss.

As for my recent personal business..
I have lots of trouble in recent days but am not sure about how to solve them.
Maybe I am just a person who always carries trouble all my life.
Anyway, I'll at least try to solve one or two of them soon ha ha

And from time to time, there are people who do a fanwork after receiving my approval
I can only be grateful for those who cherish,
read, and make interesting things out of Tower of God to enjoy them.
It makes me think about how I am both knowingly and unknowingly loved by many people-,
That said, hope you had fun reading this week's chapter,
And have a happy, healthy week!
See you again next week!

Thank you ^^
Today, as I had to fuss around with my personal business,
and feel like my energy has been drained, I will keep the postscript short. ha ha

Ah.. It was very challenging to draw. So many characters were coming out
And it’s like “Please look forward to the next week!”-ish
That’s the end of the postscript ha ha How simple was that

Just read the next week’s chapter! I.. I mean please read it, since I worked hard to draw it.

Um.. since this is too short, I’ll add some more
When it comes to naming characters, I am pretty a simple guy(…)
Like, I liked the way it reads or how it feels.. There are many occasions where I use the names of footballers, too
And even in that case, how much the character resembles the football player is the least of my concern
I just use the name if I feel it suits the character ha ha
So you don’t need to try to come up with names’ meanings ha ha.
Of course, some characters (like Yu Han Sung), do have some meanings attached to their names though..

It’s already getting a little chilly at night, so please take care of your health
I hope you have a happy, energetic week.
As for me, I will draw an interesting manhwa to bring it on next week ^^
Thank you !
This episode.. feels like a bumpy introduction in many ways
Personally, I’m feeling a bit down these days,
But I try my best to elevate the tempo of the work ha ha..
Which isn’t really an easy task, so I hope one day we can be both on the rise in various ways.

It seems like Hwa Ryun is temporarily in charge of Khun’s role in Baam’s team this time
If Khun is an elite who is good with petty tricks, Hwa Ryun is more like the one who pulls strings from behind and possesses dark secrets ha ha.
Well.. as some of you may already know
Aside from whether they are Rankers or High Rankers, the presence of a Guide has a huge impact on a battlefield
That’s how special the Princesses with the 13 Months getting paired up with Guides means
Just because Evan was shown to be scolded by Yuri on many occasions, he is not someone to be walked over.

Anyway, although White still has a long way to go to be considered as the “completed state”..
He looks pretty strong coming out from the train.
As shockingly as it is, current White with the spell being cast off is ranked as a Regular(..)
Looks like there is a chance that he will wreck the ecosystem just as much as an Irregular.

So I hope you check next week to see what will happen to the White coin on the rise
And please take care of your health since the weather is getting chilly a little ^^

Have a happy,
And fruitful week
Thank you!
his episode began with White’s ordeal
Even though White looked pretty badass in the previous episode,
he has been sent away afar by the frog’s whing whing (he didn’t die though ha ha)
Well.. While it’s true that White is still not perfect,
the frog handled by Frog is a very powerful ancient frog as well.
Frog may have a lower ranking than Yuri, but is still a High Ranker
It’s pretty evident from how Frog managed to stop the train alone,
while three Rankers had to collaborate together to stop it..
Of course, Frog's tier is still far below compared to White's at his prime.
I actually used the infamous fxck… frog internet meme while drawing the frog
But I couldn’t just use the word fxck it is, so changed it to “chicken” instead..

Anyway, ha ha
Since the train has stopped again, the crisis of team Baam will be continued.
It looks like there is no way out, based on what's present

By the way, when Zahard or a Princess with a 13 Month appears on the battlefield,
the Zahard’s army has to kneel before he or she with no exception.
No matter what’s going on, they must get down on their knees.
It’s because they have a faith in Zahard or the Zahard Princess that
he or she will protect them even if something goes wrong
That’s how much the Zahard Princess means to the Zahard’s army.
And well.. the Zahard’s army is strong enough to do something insane like that, so that too.

Anyway, with Yuri’s appearance, the atmosphere has shifted once again
Hope you guys will stay tuned to see whether the team Baam be able to safely enter the station ^^

As for my personal business, recently my neck hasn’t been so well
So I’m thinking of whether “Should I have some posture correction…”
But then, maybe I’m being too greedy to wish to retain a healthy posture for my neck while drawing
Hope you guys will make a habit of having good postures, too ^^

So have a happy and healthy week as always
And I will try to bring the next chapter next week with no hassle
I am thankful for all of you who have come all the way down to my blog, and left me comments

Thank you!
This week… there are many fights.
It feels like the falling White coin has been slowly growing.
I’ve said this before, but dodging an Arie’s sword is virtually impossible.
When getting hit by Arie’s sword, one should be moving forward(note: presumably to counterattack)..
But this is really only viable when the power/skill gap is fairly large.
Usually if you encounter a member of the Arie family who is similar level,
you should avoid them.
The direct line of Arie is small,
so it’s true that a chance to meet one face to face is fairly small.
In general, the ‘movement’ that I want to see the most is Arie’s swordmanship.
Even though it is shown in a battle scene,
portraying the swordmanship on a still-frame has a limited feeling to it.

It feels like Karaka and Yuri have been bumping heads throughout the hell train.
The situation has been set up for them to be rivals.
The truth is even though Karaka has the power/skill to be a slayer,
there are other, more important reasons why he is a slayer.
In the battle scene, it’s evident that Yuri is shown to be stronger.
(lately Yuri’s temper(?) seems to be rising as the days pass)
Well.. even then Karaka is a character with an immense potential.
But that’s true for Yuri as well.
Be strong Karaka.

Because there were so many ranker battles,
it feels the regulars haven’t been taken care of properly.
(Note: SIU is essentially saying he feels he’s neglected the regulars in the chapter in focus on rankers)
From this week on, there will be more focus on the regulars.
I mean… the focus will still be on ‘staying alive’ like this week.
It will probably be a little difficult haha

Hopefully Baam and co’s will not die at Ha Chunhee’s hand
The truth is lately I feel like my lifespan is shortening haha
If it continues this way, who knows, I may pass before my characters do.
Anyways, next week Baam’s fate should be cleared up.
Okay then everyone please have a healthy week.
Next week I will come back to Baam and his fate ^^
Be Happy!
Thank You!
This week..
The destiny between Baam’s team and Rachel’s team is broken
Even though Baam was not thinking about Rachel’s escape in the first place
Originally… if you had heard this plan beforehand,
it would have been hard to implement it

Hwaryun and Androssi have successfully pulled one over Rachel.
(Translator's note:hard to translate.. Means pulling a prank but in a menacing way)
I am still thinking of various ways bong bong can be used
Items made in the workshop, regardless of class, are very rare and special.
I think it would be good if you thought of bong bong in this way.
Inside the station another danger awaits Baam’s party.
It will be hard for Baam’s party to be comfortable for now..

As time goes by, the battle between rankers becomes more fancy and beautiful(tired)
In White’s case, he eats the soul of other people and gains strength
The truth is, his power and form can do nothing but change
Maybe, i don’t know, but his form right now might be close to his final
If you were to compare him to when he was on the floor of death,
I would have to say he is a bit stronger now.

White was very strong in the floor of death, but due to the arrival of Gustang(...)
Maybe because of his personality he is looked down upon by many slayers ^^;;
He looks strong today.
Of course because he is White, you cannot be relieved by this haha

It is Chuseok..
Truth is, I could not go home (cry) I miss my mom haha
There is a lot of traffic… There is no save button (cry)
(Translator's note: No idea what he’s saying here) this holiday has passed as well..
It is okay for 2 years, but to live like this for 7-8 years I guess it is okay for a person to live like this haha
I will try my best to work hard next year to be able to go home
(even though I said something similar last year…)

Okay then everyone please spend the holiday joyfully
Tell alot of fun stories, and eat some good food ^^
I will try to return next week along with the strong White

Thank you!

Be Happy! ^^

This week…
Levi and Baam fight.. And
Last week Zahard’s additional military showed up.
This week it seems people who are capable of helping Baam have showed up.
I don’t know if I should call that weird(massive)?
(translator’s note: not sure) person a person. Haha

Anyways, Levi’s thing is that he utilizes spells.
Whether you are chosen by Zahard,
or you are utilizing a form of medium(note: unclear exactly if this is right),
right now it is only a little taste.
Out of the selected regulars from Zahard, Levi is on the strong side.
The truth is if you don’t have a good understanding of spells it is hard to block them even for strong regulars.
It showed up earlier, but it seems Baam is very strong against spells.
What kind of secret there is, you will find out later. ^^
Though you should not call Levi’s question mark spell a trick, there are some activation conditions.

This chapter, Karaka’s secret is revealed
Because Karaka’s heart cannot be found by most rankers,
you can look at it as a form of immortality.
How karaka came to wear a spell-clad armor might be revealed later
FUG’s slayers are special and clearly differentiate themselves from normal high rankers.
The same is true of Yama, who came out earlier.
There are times when Slayers have armies.. Karaka also has an army.
The truth is because the army is not actives,
it is hard there are situations in which he has to mobilize his army quickly.
(note: not exactly sure if this is correct)
This time, because Evankell is here, it looks like reinforcements have arrived.

Anyways, in terms of the feeling,
maybe from next week it will feel as if the scale is even bigger.
Even though it is something that is crucial to the story,
there are some things I am worried about.
What, I guess I will just say that the second concern is that it’s hard to draw. ^\ ^
Though I hope there will be no difficulty from you guys,
I would like to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion from the scale… well …
when the world gets much bigger than before, I guess it will be a hard problem.
Even though it is hard work,
I will do my best for you all to enjoy reading as you go haha

Okay, thank you all again for reading this week
Next week I will put in effort so that you will read a slightly more fun webtoon!
Please take care of your health and have a happy week
Thank You ^^
On Baam’s side
Baam going to rescue the regulars feels like certain destiny.
It always feels like Hwaryun is scratching(?) against Baam. haha
It’s realistic advice, but it’s too straightforward.
Rather, it will make Baam jump right into the battlefield.
Of course where it was a joke or not nobody knows.
Because Hwaryun thinks of Baam as a god
On some level, she may even believe in him.
Of course this time there is a high chance
Hwaryun wanted Baam to take the safer route.
Well, that kind of look comes from Androssi as well.
Androssi’s situation comes from her rational perspective
being overlooked by her feelings towards Baam.
(TN: not entirely sure about this one)
I believe it is a little different.

Evankhell and Karaka’s army have finally arrived at the battlefield.
Even though Karaka’s army has some strong rankers,
because the nature of the battle is one with a gathering of very and high-up rankers,
the feeling will possibly be different from before when we saw Pedro. Haha
The truth is all of them are either close to or stronger than Pedro in strength.
Also, if you look at it, Karaka is on the fortunate side to have such good followers(...)
In FUG because Karaka is the most active and prosperous slayer even if that’s not true,
for his age he has many followers. (TN: Also unsure if this is exactly correct)
Well, it’s not like Karaka’s personality is bad or he is hostile to his followers.
He may very well even be very popular?

Evankhell’s situation is
Very strong haha just by the ranking.. Is there a need to explain more..
Even though the the ascension to ruler of the floor of test contributes to the ranking
(The truth is there are many people who do not fall into the top 100 solely
because of influence)
There are almost no scenarios where someone with the power of the ancient is this active.
They are very rare, and by their nature are very powerful
This battle just by the nature of having Evankhell there
it will be very fun. haha

Recently, because my health has not been well
I am getting this and that checked out
Because by the end of this week
I will be finished with all the hard tests my breath is coming back haha
After a long pause, I am resuming working out, walking,
and am working on my diet..
My life is already full of medicine so it does feel a bit late but I am working on it ^^
Well, even if it doesn’t work just to rest a little bit I will do it haha.

Then, thank you for this week,
Next week I will come back with a different level of Evankhell and Kalaban’s followers

Be happy this week as well,
And have a healthy week!

Thank You ^^
Since this battle has started, because there have been many hierarchies established
Frequently some readers have said they don’t understand the rankings.
The truth is because I have come from the army this is all common sense to me so I did not realize.
Well of course if you just go on the internet you will find a lot so I will not explain fully separately.
Well.. in general in a country as far as I know
[To be honest I can’t understand the korean words for military positions.
If anyone else wants to translate please do.
It’s not very relevant, just a summary of how regular military positions(in real life go)

So to explain why they move around with so many people/as such a large group
Truth be told the military division's warships are only called airships in one sense of the word, they're more akin to cities.
And to move such a gigantic structure requires a lot of manpower
The more people you command, the stronger/the more power you wield,
with the downside that you're responsible for providing for a lot of people
When you invade or siege someone, having many people under your command is useful
So basically, if you're a high ranker on the level of Evankhell,
completely obliterating a city is no big deal
Of course the bigger the force is, the stronger the ranker in it/ruling the group of people is,
so this is why they (these high rankers) can't wreak havoc willy nilly

In the tower, although Jahad’s army is a little different,
the difference is not huge.
The truth is right now the ranker’s battles are important but
underneath that the details(such as the size of the army) is not that important haha.
Then.. the reason I have caused uncertainty and am now carrying it on..
(note: super confused about this. Might be completely wrong)
The reality is if the army has alot of strength,
controlling it requires the arrival of a leader
In all of the tower, because the army has many strong leaders,
underneath them many strong people gather.
Well rarely there might be scenarios where that is not the case haha
Anyways.. I’m sorry because of the military scenario.
In terms of results, the kids of military leaders or division commanders are very strong/sturdy!(....)
[translator’s note: i feel like this is sarcastic, but honestly not good enough to tell.)
Anyways Miseng have gotten alot scarier.
It seems that when kids enter puberty they get scarier.
She is becoming quite the girl.(hard to translate)
In general right now I have been taking more dangerous medicine and it is a problem that my heartburn is not getting better.
Even though I am doing exercise and diet control I haven’t done previously…
They say it’s because of stress.. Ugh..
if there is anything good for stress please let me know.. (cry)
Okay then, I will come back next week with the “decent opponents” fighting Evankhell…
I will return with Baam’s worried eyes looking over the going-through-puberty Miseng
Then be happy, and have a healthy week!
Thank You ^^
While Evankhell feels like a mighty warrior holding out against many, Ha Chunhee feels more like a strict warrior.

In this chapter.. The truth is because of Evankhell’s fire rampage there was alot to draw this time.

In general rather than focusing on Evankhell vs the army I am trying to show the pure battle ability of rankers within the top 100.

Well.. if you become a high ranker, you are basically equivalent to a disaster/calamity to pretty much all (regulars)rankers/regulars.

I am pretty much on top of everyone(or maybe it’s evankhell) [Translator’s note: no clue exactly what this means, but pretty sure it’s not relevant]

It seems this is the first time someone from the Ari family has appeared.

Though they fight to stop war and they are a family that works to keep the balance,

It is because they are such a strong family that they are able to do this.

Like the character(Sharon) said they are a sibling family along with Arie.

However, unlike the Arie, they don’t use fancy swordsmanship or have fancy swords.

The nature of the tower is that because of shinsoo it is not an ideal battlefield(translator’s note: not sure)

The Ari family normally uses needles, and they have needles that match their person/personality.. That kind of style

From now on, any person from the ari family will have their own needle. haha

Next chapter it seems finally Baam will fight rankers.

I believe you should be excited for what’s going to happen next.

Of course Baam is still like a newborn baby haha it may even be a little dangerous.

Well this is pretty inevitable I guess!

Last week because many people told me to be careful and gave me advice

Well I am taking the advice and I am eating more cabbage haha

I feel like the stomach pain has gone down a little bit.

Because after I finished the chapter I wasn’t feeling too well on the weekends

I thought it would be hard to keep working so I tried to get away from everything for a little bit, so I went to gangwon-do to get some air.

I went to a cafe and was watching the ocean and I figured I would work anyway(...)

Even when I try to rest it seems that I am always thinking of and doing work, I guess it has become a habit. Haha

I feel like I should often just let it go and rest, but it seems that is harder than it appears.

Still the people of Sokcho and the sea were beautiful.

Even if I couldn’t rest very much it was enough to see the rainbow and eat some good food.

Well then I will stop the useless talk here and next time I will come back with Baam, who has entered the tiger’s den. ^^

Well then everyone try to frequently get some air and eat some good food.

Be happy and be safe and have a warm week!

Thank You!
Baam's entered the main stage of sorts for the first time in ages, and he's doing well haha. They're C-class Regulars, so there's that, but they're not exactly 10 Familiy so they're not the best. Still, they have sponsors so they're above average C-class Regulars. Actually, in a air fight like this, there's not too many C-Class regulars who can fight properly hehe.

Yu Han-sung... there's no need to describe how he treats Regulars (...) But it seems that at least he has pride as the Master Proctor to the Floor of Tests, so he lashes out at Ha Chun-hui. Double standards to the max, but he can still look classy while doing it.. We need a Quint for sure. Hehe.

Finally we have Kalavan. For Kalavan.. I personally wanted to give him more of a sense of being an elite military officer as a twist. He knows Ha Jin-sung from before, but there's an age gap. Kalavan is a character who has multiple layers to his true intentions.. He's strong... and perhaps scary...;;

These days I realize more and more how difficult it is to release a fantasy manhwa on a weekly basis haha. Personally, I feel that it's fun on its own right, and I feel like I'm living in a blessed environment. Of course, separate from my personal life, in regards to my work I find that there's a lot I wish I can improve on, and a lot I need to improve on. I wish by section there can be improvements to the system as we move up towards success.

And so, I'll be back next week with battles that keep getting bigger and bigger. I hope you all have a healthy, not-too-cold, happy week.^^

Thank you!
This chapter, we saw a lot of new fight scenes start here and there.

The battle between Kalavan and Ha Jin-sung started..

Evankhell's fight continues,

And now Baam's entered a battle against the odds it seems.

As the scale of the battles get bigger they may seem fractured; I want to make sure you guys enjoy it even if it makes the chapters longer, but it's not an easy problem. But I will work harder to make sure you can savor the fun of each side of the grand battle.

In the Kalavan vs Ha Jin-sung front we see a bit of a backstory. We'll see a bit more of Kalavan's past. He's a scary character for multiple reasons..

He too is based on physical strength, and just from how he looks you can tell he will have a more "explosive" feel to him.

On the Evankhell front and the appearance of the floor ruler, which is something that was obviously going to happen from a lore perspective, but since a floor ruler is an outsider to the battle, yet a force powerful enough to compare to Evankhell, so I wasn't sure when they would intervene. Actually, if you're someone as high up as a floor ruler you end up not wanting to do stuff like fighting(...) Evankhell's being the weird one, but that's because Evankhell hasn't been a FR for long, hehe.

On Baam's front we have big trouble.

Even though we've been having a overflow of Rankers in Tower of God these days, but haha.

Still, from the eyes of Regulars like Baam, Rankers can seem like absolute beings. Of course, Baam isn't a Regular, and had an explosive growth in the Hidden Floor, but how well he'll fight against a Ranker, we'll see.

These days I suffer from the stomach inflammation I thought I was done with qq. This stuff catches you off guard, coming back when stressed or not caring for it. It's a disease of the heart I say, hehe. I guess I gotta go on a diet of cabbages three times a day or something (..)

So these days I worked out whenever I had time, went to a concert(for a girl group, no less), and did other such activities. Cultural participation is the true medicine, it seems.

So everyone, let's win out the Monday-itis with Tower of God. You guys and me! Win-win.

Well then, I'll be back next week with Baam awaiting a fight with a Ranker. Please look forward to the battle, and have a happy, warm, and healthy week.

Well, see you all next week!

Thank you ^^
his week, I front-loaded Rak's fight scene.. Actually, I struggled on where to put Rak's fight scene. Ultimately, this was the only chapter I could put it in due to the flow, even if it made things complicated. The way the story was set up, Rak had to be seen reacting to Evankhell's power. I still hope this fight scene reflected Rak's personality to the fullest. In regards to Rak's mysterious power of sorts, we'll get to have a moment to explore it more specifically.

In Baam's front, he's having trouble with a rather strange technique. Regardless of specs, there's an incredibly big experience and technique gap between Baam and rankers. Since this battle is on-going, please stand by for the next chapter! Various supplemental explanations will be given afterwords in the afterwords then in a careful, organized manner^^.

In personal news, as the peak of the arc nears my body's ailments have been accumulating from work. It's a struggle. I keep telling myself to hold it in, hold it in, and on days like these I think perhaps I should take a break, but for the readers, I don't think it's good to take a break right in the middle of an arc. However, despite the toll on my body I'm working hard while enjoying it too.

And since I've been only doing the afterwords in my blog, I was wondering if this is too much of a difficult-to-approach or inflexible medium these days (debatably), I've been seriously considering changing over to another channel where new readers can come in. Of course, this is an addenda of sorts so I would avoid any changes that would eat up too much time. If you got suggestions I'll look into them (TN: GET ON REDDISCORD SIU UAAAAARG).

Anyway, thank you for reading the chapter and taking your time to come to the blog as well. Please look forward to the continuation of the battle between the Ranker and Baam ^^.

Have a happy and healthy week.

Thank you!!
We have a Baam with Black March for the first time in a long time. It's implied in the story, but the Thirteen Months Series (Black March, Green April) are weapons that have special meanings to them, but not the most powerful weapons in the Tower. They are powerful, but they are a lot more special than powerful. After all, even wielding them is a previlage only a select few have.

Now, the fight between Ha Jinsung and Kalavan is warming up. Kalavan is perhaps not the best opponent for Ha Jinsung to fight. Hardware advantage is an important issue in a fight between martial artists. Of course, Ha Jinsung's combat skills isn't exactly average either, so the battle would have to continue more before we can tell who would win between them.

Personally, I like shots where Baam and Black March are together. Baam is almost always shown with a smaller head compared to others, but since Black March is smaller than normal people overall, this is basically the only time it looks bigger, haha (of course that's not why I like it hehe)

Anyway, "Crazy Baam" with the Black March looks to be dangerous even to Rankers. Since the battle has multiple fronts it's hectic, but I hope you look forward to how all the fronts will progress ^^.

Well then, dress warmly for the chilly weather, stay healthy, and have a happy and warm week. See you next week!

Thank you!
This week's chapter has a lot of fight scenes, it seems. Huff huff.

While Baam's front looks like a chaotic fight, the Ha Jinsung-Kallavan front will feel more classic. A 1:1 fight may be unnatural in some regards, but it's also quite epic.

I know there will be a lot of debate on Baam's power level, and one thing's for sure: if Baam brings up all his strength for a moment to attack, Rankers may feel threatened..? The thing is that fights are not decided by strength alone. However, Baam's potential is starting to be expressed at a horrifyingly powerful level it seems. Of course, there's still a ways to go on that ^^;

On Ha Jinsung's fight: I personally like the Ha clan. They have this sense of "No matter what, charge forward" mentally, and feel more human than the other 10 Families hehe. Of course, their physical capacity is extremely unhuman...

Kallavan, like I said last time, is a counter to the Ha clan. His body is already well-trained, but his source of power isn't simply physical strength either...

Anyway, the fight between Kallavan and Ha Jinsung is a great battle of two High Rankers, to be recorded in the history of the Tower. Mr. Ha Jinsung should first cut smoking hehe. How the process and end will be, I hope you look forward to it next week, ^^

Actually, these days I tell myself not to work harder but to do better, but to do better is not easy. Whenever something doesn't go the way I want it to, when I face hardship, I end up looking for a way to cope even though I know that living more dilligently is more important hehe. Not running away from your problems but still living happily: it's hard work..

Weather is getting cold these days, so please stay healthy, and have a blessed week.

Thank you! ^^
There was no reason why I decided to make him a martial artist with a smoking problem. I needed to give Baam a martial arts teacher, and he needed to look like a middle-aged man. And middle-age men smoke. So it goes (...) At first I wanted him to look like the main protagonist of a noir film, but he just ended up being a gag character with a perm.. So he's become a very strong character who is just a friendly neighborhood old guy for Baam.

Since this week was mostly fight scenes so there's not too much to say in the afterwords, but Baam... how do I say this... takes things in pretty easily ^^; The Thorn, the Black March... But he's not able to control them masterfully yet hehe. He looks strong, but he still has a ways to go...

In Kallavan and Ha Jinsung's fight...I put in a lot of effort but it still felt short. It's not easy ^^; I want to be able to express this better, but I'm trying my best and trying to feel satisfaction over it huhu.

And the last scene...

I guess it's genetic for Koons to backstab (...) This battle's devolving into a chaotic chaos [TN: Korean Meme that doesn't translate well]. Mr. Jinsung..... ㅠ

Well, how this chaotic battle of chaos turns out, stay tuned for next week ^^ The weather is very very cold, so everyone take care of yourselves and dress warmly. See you all next week.

Thank you!
Part II, Chapter
Vol.2 Ch.332: 44F - The Last Station: Kallavan (6)


44F - The Last Station: Kallavan (6)

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-마지막 정거장-
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December 16, 2018
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44F - The Last Station: Kallavan (6): TBA

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Vortex of doom
Yuri vs cheonhee
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Kallavan warship locked down

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Blog Post
Hello everyone, the afterwords have come back for this week ^^

This week's art is Kallavan..

Kallavan, I personally designed him with the concept of a young German soldier (with a goal that he is willing to fulfill blindly).

I wonder how you guys, my readers, are receiving it.

Since last week's chapter was pretty strong, so I wondered if I needed to scale things back this week. However, this arc's ended up with a pretty long tempo anyway, so I decided that it was unnecessary to do so. So I thought it would continue with a strong story progression.

The relationship between Yuri and Ha Cheon-hi is ... hmm... something you can see in most of the 10 families.

It has to do with how the Ten Families are a collection of people obsessed with being gifted, and as such they often have clashing egos.

Active Rankers can be a few hundred till a few thousand years old, but after growing up together in the family, there's not too many opportunities for encountering each other. So past memories from growing up last a long, long time, having an effect when they meet again.

Cheon-hi in this chapter believes that she made an adequate decision between her position as a member of the Ha family and as a division commander in the Zahardian Army, but since Yuri prefers doing what she wants instead of doing what would be adequate, so Yuri ends up being a truly Ha family style Princess. Well, every Princess gets picked for their own reasons, so ^^;

In Baam's fight scene, we can see him using the power of Black March like his own as well. Rankers have to admit that this attack would kill them if they were to be even grazed by it, so...

Of course, it's difficult to say that Baam is effectively using the powers he owns or borrowed. He might get DMCA'd by the original owners of his powers at this rate --;

In the last scene Kallavan himself has made an entrance: since this progression is non-linear, you'll have to see next week how he ended up here. This is probably the climactic threat of this arc. This lengthy arc is finally coming to a close. Please be on the lookout for how the future of the various characters and Baam is shaped!

Since it's winter now, it's gotten very dry. Make sure your lips don't get cracked (Mines are bleeding right now after underestimating the climate haha)

Stay happy and healthy this week I will work hard to see you all next week ^^

Thank you!
Rather then telling you guys anything, it's been moreso a series of fight scenes and fight scenes haha.

I described how Kallavan was able to cross over, but since I mixed the words "teleport" and "warp", which made them ambiguous among each other. So long-distance movement will be Warp, and short distance movement will be Teleport from now on. Or so I promise myself. -_-;;;;

The point is that unless you're a High Ranker with an insanely high durability like Kallavan, you cannot jump into a collapsing warp device to warp (...)

Although the fight between Ha Jinsung and Kallavan is almost over, but purely as a martial artist, Ha Jinsung is above Kallavan. But since Kallavan is just so durable.. and the heavens are shining upon him with Maschenny showing up, it's difficult to predict what would have happened if they continued to the end. Well, Kallavan's much younger than Ha Jinsung, so hehe.

What's happening between Jallavan and Baam is more so punching a wall than a proper fight -_-.;;

if there was a word to describe Kallavan, it would be "Hard". Baam ends up pulling out the second thorn, but it's hard to say if he even mastered the first one haha. But this is probably the first time he's seriously trying to kill someone for Baam.

This arc's battle is quite large, but this will not be a normal battle with a winner and a loser. That's because this battle may become a catalyst for a bigger war afterwards. Who knows?

It's been a long story, but please do follow along and enjoy, I would much appreciate it ^^

Christmas has finally returned.

Tower of God, I always think, holds Christmas in a meaningful regard. I mean, it's the 25th Baam after all hehe. "Although it's hard often times, but I hope by imbueing it with meaning like so, my work would shine brightly today." That's a nice thought to have.

I wish a merry Christmas to my work, to you guys, and to myself. ---

Well then, regardless whether you're single, in a relationship, or married, have a happy and joyful week. T/N: In SKorea, Christmas is less of a family holiday but more so a romantic holiday. "Spend time with your loved ones" is taken more literally in Korea, hehe I will draw hard so I can see you guys next week ^^ Thank you!
I suppose this chapter... absolutely showed off the potential of the developing hero, Baam, without regret. And a chapter that showed the unusually hard-to-kill homeboy Jinsung's survival.


Baam, as shown in his duel with Urek Mazino, has a power that cannot be defined in terms of strong and weak, unable to be rivaled. That's the impression. I mean, Ha Jinsung's expectations on Baam ultimately came from his trust in the potential of said power. It isn't a stretch for Kallavan to be surprised at his growing wound.


In our big brother Jinsung's front, Maschenny may really end up becoming the master of last-hitting... If that happens, image recovery may be difficult haha.

Don't kill me.

Anyway, Baam and Kallavan's match has ended and now we're in the endgame it seems. Huhu. On how it's going to wrap up, please stay tuned.

And so 2018 comes to a close as well. I say this every year, but even more so this year, I would like to thank you especially this year for helping me do that I could upload Tower of God. Well, it's been a year I worked diligently this year, if I do say so myself, but there were a lot of disappointments, difficulties this year. I think to myself "I could do better", but there's always next year, so I would like to end this year believing I can do better. Thank you, thank you so much for being with me for the year of 2018. ---

So wrap up 2018 well, and I wish you a blessed New Year in 2019!! Have a happy and healthy week.

Thank you ^^
Since this week's chapter was led by narration, it took a lot of time and work to edit. There are times when art becomes critical, or the dialogue becomes critical (of course, both are always important), and on those chapters I find myself spending a lot of time in unexpected places. At least now that I have some experience I can anticipate and react to it, but this week I worked with an extra day or two for editing. Anyway...

This chapter I wanted to both show Baam's escape and Kallavan's strength. Kallavan's durability is definitely unmatched. He can face off three skilled fighters and still charge forth.

The reason I pushed Team Leesoo's appearance until now was because I wanted the people Baam had such an emotional attatchment to to show up at the most decisive time. However, it isn't easy for Regulars to enter this battlefield, so to find a good timing to make it look cool... that was in my mind when I introduced Team Leesoo to the scene after much deliberation. I hope my intentions and what you felt matched.

Now will Baam and Team Leesoo escape the battlefield safely, what will become of the future of Ha Jinsung, the one who finally fell? Stay tuned for next week ^^


Now 2019, a new year has started, so I hope all your plans for the year go well, and have a happy and healthy year.

See you next week!
This chapter was Team Baam's grand escape, but on a personal level, it perhaps can be considered as Baam's turning point, as well a turning point for Yuri's life. Yuri from before may have been doing her own thing but never crossing a certain line. However, she seems to have crossed that certain line in this arc. When I was planning out and expanding on the Tower of God lore, I considered having multiple narrative protagonists, and there was a real chance it could have been like that with Yuri as one of the protagonists. Well, it's Baam as the 1 -person protagonist right now, but there's some chance we'll get Yuri-centered arcs later.


Kallavan is still somewhat obsessed with Baam, haha. Since Kallavan was someone who respected Ha Jinsung, his feelings on Baam, someone who Ha Jinsung wanted to protect with his life, are probably mixed, but as a Corp Commander of Zahard's Army, Irregulars are his biggest enemy, no way around it. Well, technically, Urek would be priority number one if you thought about it like that, but.. he too strong... and doesn't care about Zahard... Regardless, to Kallavan, Baam is a target for removal, but a being who cannot be easily removed, strangely enough.


In order for Baam to face off against Kallavan or the military, it looks like it will be important for him to find allies like Evankhell, and more companions.

Well, could Evankhell, the teacher from the firey depths of hell have Baam as a pupil? Please look forward to a heart(?)warming chapter, sure to warm you up in the cold winter coming next week for Tower of God.


These days, now that I have a bit more sparetime, I've been reading the comments iiib the afterwords, and considering other methods of communication. I say the same thing every year it seems, but I have a lot I need to do, a lo I want to do, but time and my age keeps following by ^^ Many things are changing, but I am thankful for all of you guys who unchangingly encourage me, telling me that without change you are reading. Whenever it's hard and think to myself how someone is finding strength through reading this work, it's exhilerating, but at the same time pressuring. Although I lack capacity to grant such big happiness, but if we can exchange happiness and encouragement for just a moment, perhaps that has its own merit, I think. Have a warm and healthy and happy week.

See you next week!

Thank you ^^
The Afterwords are late this week. The main reason it was late was because I fell asleep early hahaha. Since the hiatus notice went up 4 weeks ago by the previews, I'm preparing for the next arc and resting ^^; Actually, the last few weeks I haven't been able to rest due to this and that and the preparations for the next arc, but I'm experiencing for the first time in a while a world without deadlines ^^; More so once next week hits. I feel so free now that the arc is over, but also sad.

I actually had a lot I wanted to say while I was making this arc about this end that a lot, but now that it's over, all I really have to say is "thank you", and "I'll return prepared". This was truly an arc that chugged along quickly, and brought the most amount of changes and events over the span of the few years I uploaded this webtoon.


The Hell Train in particular was especially difficult due to personal reasons and had a couple of close calls that could have stopped me from uploading due to business reasons, and there were a lot of illegal activities and otherwise demoralizing activities happening in the webtoon industry. (TN: SIU's talking about Korean pirates, as well as the Femenazi craze a while back, stuff we already know about). It was hard to get a grip on myself and keep posting. Not only that, but the Hell Train arc itself was quite long ^^; But I'm glad that I am able to end the arc and announce the hiatus all in one piece..?


Anyway, the next arc, compared to the previous arcs, will have Baam declare Zahard's Army (Kallavan's in particular) as the enemy more directly, and behave as such. Originally the next arc was also to be part of Season 2, but since everybody thinks next up is season 3 kekeke. So I may just declare it Season 3. Cuz I can do that hahaha.


Anyway, there was a lot to say, a lot of sorrowful things, but I will leave that buried for the next arc, and I will go forward thinking of only the good things. To those of you who are enjoying this long and perhaps boring story, to those who continue to cheer me on, I offer my thanks.

Thank you.

I will rest up a bit more, and come back ready. Since it's not a long time so still lacking, but I hope you guys welcome me back with wide arms when that time comes. I hope you stay healthy and happy until then.

I debated whether I should come back as S2 or S3. Originally S2 was gonna be really long, but a lot of reasons and advice pointed to making me S3. We'll see higher, more influential people in S3.^^


As I end every hiatus, I feel pressured as time goes on what kind of content do I bring back, what kind of narrative do I show. I think my conclusion is that unlike many long-term works, I want to tell a story that is ready in advance. Slow and not too sensational, but more natural, and fun every once in a while. (is this compacancy who cares.) Just like how Baam is facing this great Tower and enemies, I want to give it a natural progression. And if it don't work out, well... I can always just get Baam to cross dress for a bit and watch the views jump... I wonder if that would actually work kek.


This week's chapter... A lot of frontloaded content from the first chapter. But honestly, considering the last arc kinda got wrapped up in a hurry compared to its size, so I wanted to organize myself by showing the stories of many perspectives before starting. As a result it got big, but some of that will be continued on in coming arcs, so I hope you enjoy them ^^.


I'm uploading again. This time around, I can feel that I am looking at my work from a wider angle. I hope you join me on a new journey with a more relaxed and light heart. Letting go of what was on our shoulders for a few years would help us start a new. Don't take yourself too seriously and let's go. Haha. I was thinking about stopping the Afterwords (T/N: SIU no) But it's been around so long, and I have good memories of here, so I decided to keep it keke.

In the last shot we have Longer-haired Baam. I think we'll keep it here for a bit. Of course if you guys don't like it we'll cut it off hahaha.


I will be back next week ^^ The fine dust is real bad these days, be mindful of your health. Be happy and have a beautiful week.

Thank you!
#418 Season 3
This week, Baam has became a lot cool? I think.

I wondered a lot about this part. Maybe it would be hard going back to personality of Viole at the beginning,

I thought making Baam feel like a stronger character would be ok..

But I thought I would be better to have gaps in between though his cold side also shows.

Of course, internally, Baam has a lot 'kindness' setteled in his mind,

so I don't want to change that kind of basic characteristics.

Anyways, Baam was more able to recognize the enemy with more hostility and fought with more hostility.

He can make orb that big without thorn, so I think his skills got upgraded.

Starting this episode, I wondered a lot about how to shortly solve out many characters' many stories.

Koon's story which would be coming out next week would also be one of the many stories.

Would Koon be able to wake up after half a year of sleep..

To be honest, I'm working outside faraway from my house,

more like since I didn't have rest during hiatus and have more time, I think being able to breathe fresh air outside would be one of the benefits for this job.

Though I also wonder if I should be thankful or not to go outside during weekends haha.

Anyways, I can see night sky very well from here

I would get good spirit from it and draw

So next week, you can look forward to these. Would sleeping(?) Koon be able to get up, and how Baam would continue his journey after becoming so cool.

I hope everyone will have happy week

and have healty week

And let's meet each other again with next episode of tower of god

Thank you!
Anyways, this episode was long...super long...
One of the main thing that I was worried about while making saved versions was
how long this episode should have been.
Of course, previous episodes were long, but wasn't as long as this.
How long should 'waking Koon up' take...
Wake him up after one episode
Or make a lot of things in between and make somthing really detailed
Or simply focus on one thing...anyways,
Personally, I like this kind of structure with episodes,
But when it takes long time,
this kind of structure takes longer time to prepare and it gets to long, so it's tiring.
So I felt like doing this during hiatus..and tried it this way this week.
Well it wasn't something amazing, and it there were a lot of excluded contents
Personally, I achieved the goal of waking Koon up in one episode haha
I hope you enjoy reading this episode.
(It took a long time to draw though TT) Well...Since he woke up He may as well as start working
And at last part The mystery snake guy who attacked Yeon Yihwa appeared.
I hope you watch to see how the episodes will go on as.
The thing that I am thinking about these days are that
I'm not that special but somehow I'm continueing with my piece so long,
so I'm really lucky-
So I think it is better to keep my place than be ambitious about it.
If you read it like yourself, I hope you get excited with next episode of tower of god
Take care and be happy!
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Hello, this is SIU. Sunday's around once more.
It's a Monday Webtoon, but it feels like it's a Sunday webtoon these days haha. (And I think I get more views Sunday than Monday, I speculate.)Actually, Monday Webtoons usually get uploaded in advance on Friday, but sometimes I make changes over the weekend and update it. Some of my colleagues and I argue over this, because while it improves this chapter, it hurts the next one, and basically this kills the free time.... I lost the debate hehe. Now that previews exist all that's moot tho ^^;So The Snake Man got beat up a lot. He's meant to get beaten up, don't worry. If you wanted him to have a fair fight with Baam, I'm sorry, but if there's any C-class Regular that can stand up to Baam right now, it'd be against the lore. So Baam gets to be OP a while, a chip to his shoulder. It looks like Snake Man's real core is his boss. How it will behave... be on the lookout.Looks like on Koon's side, looks like he needs cold meds, he's seeing things.And lastly, we have a new slayer. We dont' see much, but he looks buff haha. I should work out now that it's summer (TN: Boi It's still freezing over in Gangwon)... I've been working out during hiatus, but not currently ㅠㅠ. Since the previous fights were so big, the demand for Slayers has been pretty low, But Yama is older than Karaka, so he's stronger, has more forces and cash. It's only the beginning, so be on the look out for what kind of a person Baylord Yama the Slayer is.
Now that spring's coming, everyone have a safe and healthy week ^^ I will work hard to come back next week.

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This week,

I will hold on to Yama's story, which is going to be the main plot, for a bit

But Baam sneaking into where Deng Deng is at.

Since background is background, mad dog appeared after a while.

Because mad dog was introduced strong in workshop battle,

so I thought it would be good to make Varagarv and Baam having a match.

Even though Varagarv has Blood Tamara and really strong out of Regulars,

Baam you know, he had battles in mountain, sea, sky, and even space(..)

I would be thankful if you wait for their battle a bit.

I was planning to make the story for sneaking in fast,

I think this episode's plot speed could look different if you look at it in different perspective.

If you look at it in Baam's (as regular) perspective, I think this is pretty fast,

but if you set Baam as in equal level as characters that appeared in the last station, I think it might not be that fast.

I was already thinking about this problem since last episode,

I am aware of it and making the story flow.

Though I think it'd be best if you set your perspective at Baam and his companions.

Well, with any story,

If you enjoy it slowly, then after there will be time where there would be fire exploding in plot,

I think if you go throught these little stories,

and wait for important parts.

Deng Deng appeared at the last panel

I don't think it matches with his title powerful rug rat

Anyways he looks very cute.

I would be thankful if you wait and ecpect what will happen next episode.

I hope you have nice week along these Sakura flowers.

Thanks to yall, I could go through this spring still having tower of god continued.

Thank you

Have a happy week!
This week continues the Dang Dang rescue arc. Since this is something we need to complete before we get into Yama's story, I struggled. How the story should progress. Directing the layout for the big main battle, obviously, but the story that sets it up is not an easy thing to come up with. Nothing's easy hehehehe I guess that's why I still have a hard time when I'm making the manuscript hehe.

Anyway, this rescue I wanted it to be big and bold, so the Mad Dog fight got a bit of weight and everything else got skipped, it seems like. I hope you guys are able to enjoy it.

Baam's new skills, since these are being cast without the Thorn, may look like they're on a weaker scale, but unlike the previous training, this isn't an additive power up, but more so a skill/physical development of Baam's capacity of himself. If he used the Thorn here or used the Revolution to bring out his inner powers.. it'd be stronger, but I want to show Baam's improved basic skills and techniques for a while. I hope you look forward to the Mad Dog fight next week.

It's been two months since I'm back. In reflection, there are somethings I felt I fell short on, and I regret that I've let down all the hype you, my beloved reader had. But if you guys could tell me constructively how to improve on the points I'm lacking on and continue to cheer me on when it's fun, it would be great to continue working together, week by week ^

The weather these days is quite nice. I think it's the weather, but a lot of good music's coming out, and it's perfect season to lay down and read some webtoons.. Of course, there's nothing better during spring time than pursuing relationships... but there's nothing harder then that either hehe. Webtoons are beneficial to mankind in that they are accessible easily via touch.

Well then, my beloved readers, I hope you all have a relaxing and healthful week!

Stay happy, ad I will come back with a bluff-full Baam next week.

Thank you! ^
This weeks we have more of Dang Dang's escape continuing from last week. We have Baam outright beat the Mad Dog. Actually, Varagarv could be considered one of the storngest C Tier Regular, but even for him Baam's grown way too powerful.

We also have a new technique for Baam. It's not a new Wave Piercing technique, but rather a version of the basic Wave Piercing technique performed in the state of Zero,. It's weaker than Floral Butterfly Wave Pierce, but it's the version closer to consolidating his basics. Baam was taught all these powerful techniques by force before, but now he's learning from Zero step by step but swiftly from the zero up.


The Regulars of the Ha Family this time are all basically those who cleared all the floors and had earned the right to become a Ranker, but refused to become a Ranker, so it's really iffy to call them a Regular. It's like getting into medical school with top grades, but you suddenly decide you don't wanna (gasp x2). Or getting through Law school, Public Servant license, or International Relations exams to become a public worker and suddenly choosing to become unemployed, despite even having experience (gasp x3) I wouldn't know why they would want to live like that hehe. It is true day they are weaker than those who taught Baam in the past (Yu Hansung, Ha Jinsung, God Of Guardians, Data Eduan, Evankhell), but Evankhell introduced him for a reason, you can infer. Probably because he trained to the fullest as a Regular, perhaps she thought Baam had much to learn from him.


On the scene where Baam and Khun meetL I thought on how happy I should make them look kekeke. Baam and Khun are both very happy, but they already talked over the phone, and there's still a lot that needs to be talked over, and due to how Khun's personality is, he's going to take those things without missing them... Above all else, from Khun's perspective since he's seeing Baam working from the FUG again, which he never liked, it may be hard for him to show his full joy. It may be pointless, but that gave me a bit of trouble during editing. Haha. Khun talking about Baam's hair is in the similar vein as well. Now that I write it down I think that I'm thinking about all sorts of petty stuff, but still, this is a webtoon a lot of you read, and I want to make sure as many people as possible can understand and have fun, so no matter how much I try, I still have many deficiencies. I should work harder.


At the end of this week we suddenly hear that Baam may fight Yama... Did studying under Evankhell finally make him a fighter? Hehe (Of course, knowing Baam's personallity, it would be out of character for him to just hand him over). I hope you look forward to how that goes next week.


I thought the weather was gonna get warm, but since it rained it got chilly at night. There's big temperature fluctuations, so please make sure you don't get sick ^^. Everyone, please have a happy and healthy week, and I will be back with aggressive (?) Baam next week.

Thank you!!
This chapter, we got why I said why Baam and Yama could fight, or the conversation between Baam and Khun. Right now, he's in FUG to avenge his teacher, but if Baam had to pick the one organization he hates the most, that would be FUG. Baam doesn't have a love-hate relationship with FUG, it's just pure hate hehe. In the situation where he is forced to join hands with such an organization, you can see him try to stay true to himself.

Urek once said to Baam "Don't change", and I think that reflects Urek's character in a lot of ways. He experienced many things as he came into the Tower, and met many people, but he's still trying to escape the Tower. In some ways, he's the most faithful to his original reasons for entering the Tower. But to be fair it might be entirely because he was in another class when he came in hehehe.

In the conversation between Yama and Baam, I tried to keep the tension up a little. Yama is human, but more like a wild beast. Less of a fighting dog raised by someone, but a real wild dog raised in the wild like great beast. If Baam's lines sounded like they were teething the line, that's good.

Whether what Baam did today help save Ha Jinsung, but we look forward to seeing Baam acting like himself as he moves forward. That's what makes everything fun ^^;


Even though it's not summer, we already have watermelons at the mart. It's my favorite fruit (I love watermelon juice too). I survive summer on watermelon alone. Watermelon salad watermelon juice, watermelon shaved ice, watermelon slice, watermelon and a spoon watermelon watermelon.

Recently, I've had some difficulties in personal life, but when those come up, to keep myself sane as I work, I tended to be drawn to sweet things. So that's why I'm getting fat again, I think(..) what I eat should show for how I work... I wonder if it is. I'll hold onto my mental health, and keep working at it.

Recently, it got cold again after a bit of a drizzle. Everyone, don't catch any colds, and stay healthy. Eat seasonally appropriate food. I hope you look forward to next week, stay happy, have a good week, and see you next week.

Thank you!
This chapter we have Baam making a bold proposal of a game to Yama. Tower of God has a lot of genres mixed in, but overall, it revolves around continueing the narrative as we go through various games. I think it's the think that keeps things different from other fantasy or shonen manga/manhwa (TL: No Game No Life begs to differ..?), and the Tower itself revolves around tests and games constantly, so it may be a fact of life to have these sorts of games or bets. Well, Baam and Yama's game seems rather unbalanced ^^;; Please look forward to how this gets resolved.

On Ken Zon and Yama's underlings, the concept was "A group who enjoyed fighting and showing off their strength", so At first I was going to make them feel like pro wrestlers ^^;; but I thought that'd be overboard and too cliche, so I toned it down a little and just made them minions who work out a lot hehe. Whether it be race, or just their ability scores, they are specialized for "fighting", but since they are a select group without any outsiders coming in, their talant pool is small. To have an exclusive faction with this many rankers is actually an incredible thing.

Lastly, we have Baam against Akryung. And Khun, who met allies that betrayed him for the first time in a while hehe. On how the story will continue, on how Khun will react, please look forward to what comes next ^^.

These days the weather is becoming a lot warmer, and whether it be the warming air or something else, I've been having a lot of thoughts about this or that, doing a lot of hard thinking. Since I am a pretty sensitive person, sometimes a lot of things can be very complicated and hard to understand. Sometimes, you just need to simplify and take it in slowly. I hope sincerely that all things bring you happyness and joy. Even if you over think it, there's not much more to it.

Then, I hope you enjoyed this week's chapter, and I'll work harder to comeback with another chapter next week! Have a happy and healthy week.

Thank you!
Akryeong uses Shinwonryu. Although the possibility of Akryung being an Irregular came up in S1, but whether he is really an irregular or what... that's to be seen later. Since now that Baam can't fight normal regulars anymore, we'll see more "special" regulars like Akryeong, Princess, or Sorcerers.

Khun finally hits Michael. I was thinking whether to end on that scene. It's an extension of the relationship shown early S2, not a relationship that people non-veteran readers of Tower of God would care about too often, there being a good chance people may have forgotten or not known about this relationship. (Nor is it the main topic for this arc). But since this is a scenic continuation from S2, so I cut it there. He's the mortal enemy of to Gyetang (TN: the yellow chicken guy on Khun's Team from start of S2) who is my favorite, so haha.

When I was on hiatus, it felt like my head was empty, but now that things got busy as I started posting again, I have a lot of thoughts just a few chapters in. All things in this world are like it, but Webtoon changes so quickly in unpredictable directions it seems. Since I've uploaded for a long time now as the author of Tower of God, at this point the most important thing for me has become being able to upload, week by week without issue. Well, posting itself is a series of changes and reservation, but I do try to be an author that tries to constantly improve himself. Although I am still pretty lacking, I will try to improve this year.

Then have a happy and healthy week, and I will come back with Khun on a revengefest. Thank you for reading Tower of God and coming into the Blogs to read the afterwords too ^^ It is because of you that I was able to draw this webtoon.

Now don't get sick from the heating weather, and see you next week!

Thank you ~!
On Khun's end... We have a surprise High Ranker (..) This is like a lion wandering into a cat fight... There were some foreshadowing I threw in that Yama may be one of three brothers. Nothing too direct, but something like how it was mentioned that he had brothers, or how there were three giant model teeth, "Three Fangs" (TN: LINE YOUR TRANSLATIONS SUCK)... Anyway, we have the youngest of the three show up. Now the tables are turning, and this is the moment when I get excited. I think "I hope the reaction is good", "I hope it's well received", something like that. I guess this is something you need a sense of adventure for too. The job of an author is not only taxing on the body, but also on the mind, I would say. I hope you look forward to how things will turn out down the line. ^^


A while back I finally watched the last Avengers movie, which I had been postponing because I was busy (There's gonna be more marvel I know, but this is the last Avengers film, right?) To see a (sic) franchise that started when I was still in university end after my 30s... This was an ending that wasn't only achieved by the movie itself but the history attached to it. When I saw this movie that was able to successfully maintain this long flow till the end, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with a sense of respect and awe. Although nothing to compared to these world class movies, but I have been drawing Tower of God for a long time now, so I hope to continue making Tower of God joyfully with you guys.


That got long. I just wanted to say please be with Tower of God onward too haha. Recently my wrists have been hurting again, so I hope it gets better soon. Since my style of work is one that requires heavy use of hands, so I'm thinking that it can't be helped too. Since I'm getting older, I think sometimes "what if your body doesn't wear down and doesn't age, how great would that be". But when I think about what if I enter the Tower and become a Ranker... I would probably die before getting there..;;


Check in next week for the fate of Khun and the Paul that made his surprise enterence, and please have a happy, joyful, and healthy week.

See you next week!
This week we had a continuation of Baam's fight.. Akryeong seems to know something. He will show up again later. As the Emissary of the Elder's Servants are entering the battle, and while combat becomes more and more complex, Baam's punching power is becoming stronger by the day. He can do this without the Thorn now.. Jorden kept up with the outside news from within the Cage, so he seemed to have high expectations for the Slayer Candidate. Please be on the lookout for how their relationship progresses in this battle.

Khun's side of the battle... Doesn't look like Paul came in with all the information. Paul's movement wasn't really teleportation. There needs to be a vague coordinate set up in the first place, and an animal to behave as a receiver must be there.

And the Michael's laughter at the end (...) personally... I love writing these kinds of characters. If you write them doing something like a psycho, it actually looks plausible (..)

Anyway Khun who just got revived is about to die again... Khun don't do it. You know how hard the other kids worked to try and save you. What will become of Khun's fate....

The weather is becoming hotter these days, which means my energy recovery becomes slower making work harder. I eat this and that while working, but as I lack exercise and sit for long hours ^^; also I get stressed easily both at work or off of work, so it's not easy during the summer. But as my kiddos all risk their lives in the Tower and fight on, I don't think it's right that I live such a comfortable life, or is that not how it works haha. It does concern me, and that can't be helped.

I was working outside and I saw students studying, and they were all working on their projects hard, so that somehow motivated me to work harder too. I know there are hard moments for everyone, but keep fighting!

Everyone stay healthy, and have a happy week. I will come back next week with Khun in trouble. These are days of tribulation for Khun ㅠ

See you next week!

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This chapter.. we get the identity of the Servants of the Elder's Emmisary... Dog People. I realized personally that when you put dog ears on people they somehow get cuter... When I used the word metamorphosis, I wanted the transformation to feel less personal and more animalistic, which is contrary to Shounen sensibilities. Well, it's not like the transformations you see normally, so hehe

Baam shows off his power. Since S3 will have a lot of powerful enemies, if I don't show him off enough it's problematic as well.

We get Isu showing up. Trickery after trickery after trickery... Yep that's how it is hehe.

The upside of drawing a scrolling comic is that in a long vertical shot you can put in a lot of dialogue and squeeze in time. Recently, battles have gotten bigger, but sometimes having smaller battles like this is fun too personally. As the arc grows in scale and gets a lot of shots, I find a balance for those who are picky about it, which can be hard. I try, but this is hard, considering the genre.

Anyway in the last panel, Team Khun has Khun down, but a cute red fish is circling him. How will that turn out... Please be on the look out ^^

Did someone anger the weather? It's getting hotter and cooler and hotter again. Wear appropriate clothes, have a jacket around. I am sensitive to weather, so I always get a cold in this kind of weather. Well everyone, take care of your health, have a happy and healthy week, and I hope to see you in the next one ^^ Thank you for reading this week! See you next week!~


Oh and to those who congratulated me on my birthday

thank you so much.
This week... Jorden looks like a green hot dog (...) actually, I was wondering whether l should use green according to the concept I had for him, because he didn't turn out as I imagined him. But I couldn't have all the characters be similar colors, and I wanted the officers of the Dog People to have a diverse set of colors, so now Jorden gets to be a strong green hot dog... Not too tasty looking but definitely strong. Still, Jorden seems to like Baam, and I think he's quite a likable character.

Looks like Baam's theater is all sorted out, and Khun suddenly got revived too haha. It seems that by being awoken by Yeon Un's powers he gained another power of some sort. Please keep an eye out for how that power exactly works.

At the end, we see Gado submit his resignation when he sees Joe... bruh give it to yama insted man...(...) I suppose it would be scary to submit any kind of papers directly to the boss. It seems Yama's faction seems to have the unity of bean powder. Shock and awe... total mayhem... [tn: dog pun here] Anyway, Gado's rally strong, so if few really defects, Baam might be in trouble.

When I work, I usually do not set aside a rest day and work continuously, but my throat's been hurting the last few days, so today I only worked during morning. It hasn't been too long since my hiatus, but I worked a lot during my hiatus, so it was nice to be able to enjoy my weekend for a moment. Breaks are nice haha. It is troublesome that now I'm older I don't heal as quickly even when I rest in time of illness. This is especially so consisering that it's hard to do good even when I'm working hard. I too wish I was a more skillful author frequently. Maybe it's because I am not very good that my body suffers hehe.

As I continue posting, the hardest thing seems to be that I can't always be new. It's difficult to find fun in what's constant and familiar, but I find that there's meaning behind being able to go forward with these kids I've grown attatched to. I hope you guys are having a fun journey with me without it being overwhelming.

Well then, I will work hard to come next week with more Tower of God

Stay happy, stay healthy, and have a nice week

Thank you! ^^
This week, as it was last week is a stormy cage. As is with any work, there's always trouble where the main characters go. I always thought "Why does it have to be this timing!!" when I read manhwa, but now I understand their thought process hehe. If they don't stir things how are they the main character?

Baam's party is figuring out the situation in the Cage and acting accordingly, and we have the Officers fighting. Their fighting styles and names are meant to be fairly similar. Even if it may be a bit long, I wanted to use less western loanwords for them and more Korean and Hanja based words for them. They're nothing too impressive, but that's what it is haha.

The Cage upon which Yama sleeps is getting louder. On how this will end, stay tuned.

I've been going to the hospital because my neck isn't feeling well [tn: Korea has good healthcare system, dw about SIU's money] but things are getting tense it's an important body part when it comes to drawing. I've been hearing all the time how I should not use it and rest from the hospital, but still ^^;; Still, they've been administering medication to me, some by syringe, I've been excising, reducing workload and keeping care of it. I hope it gets better soon. (If it doesn't work the afterwords will be reduced) [TN: SIU get better soon I want to keep my job]

I started Pilates, which is actually really hard. My body's that of an old man. Now that I think of it I could have done a lot of different things in my life, but there's a lot I haven't done simply because I was too focused on meeting deadlines every week. It sounds like an excuse, but one of those things I neglected is my body, so belatedly I feel sorry to my body and to my parents. However, I still think I would have done the same if I went back. I actually really like this work. I still do ^^;;

I hope you enjoyed this week, and will return next week with the Cage in chaos.

Thank you!
his week is a continuation of the chaos in the Cage. If haven't noticed by now, Paul's minions are all named after Starbucks cup sizes. I can't go to Starbucks anymore usually, but I do visit when I have to work outside for a bit (because of my weak stomach I don't actually get coffee I get something else ...) I pick up random names from real life when I choose names every once in a while.

On Chang at the start, I wanted to show how the power/technique gap between Ranker and Regular actually brings anticlimactic deaths or results. It's sudden and very mono-directional, but this is the realistic version of what happens between Rankers and Regulars in a "fight".


Karaka's becoming more and more of a tsundere by the day. He's become much softer than from the start (And he's been a kind man to his servants) (TN: STOP IT WITH KARAKA IS FEMALE THEORY! THIS IS COLD. HARD. WORD OF GOD. KARAKA MALE). We're going to get more on Karaka's story at some point as it's essential to the plot, so be on the look out for that.


Baam's battle is now waking up Yama. How Baam ended up going to wake up Yama hehe. Life is all about not knowing what happens next.. (Hmm?)

Anyway, Baam's made a nice turn, stopping a target he's not even in contact with, and is headed straight to sleeping Yama. Will he be able to wake up Yama? Will He be able to save Dang Dang? Stay tuned.


As for me, in order to treat my neck, I've been getting shots, I've been getting posture correction, changing out desks and equipment. Maintaining my own body is my job, and I'm only apologetic that I have been failing in that regard. I still have a long ways to become a true professional author. I will work harder.


Thank you for reading the chapter and coming out to my blog like this. Stay happy, stay healthy, have a bountiful week, and I will re-TURN with Baam, because he's good at turning.

See you next week!
This week we have Yama's older brother's Siluette. It's smaller than expected, but ^^;; He should be strong because he's Yama's older brother. Gado tells Dang Dang to die honorably, what a load of dogcrap. People usually don't like dying, no matter how noble. Although Dang Dang looks to be in danger, but Khun's come, so we shall see what happens.

Baam's side... it's like seeing myself back in high school when seeing Yama not wake up. When I was in high school, I had to go pretty far, so I had to wake up early in the morning, which was relaly annoying. I was only late to class once or twice, but still... I understand how Yama feels, who would sleep even if the Tower itself was collapsing. Since I'm working regularly it doesn't happen but I really used to feel it.

Actually, Yama is actually naturally increadibly a lone wolf kind of figure, so he does not like anything he does being interrupted or interfered with. It's not that Yama's bad, but it's like Pandas that are too lazy to even make babies, he was just born that way. I mean, I do see where Baam's coming from when he says he's a bully.

In the end Karaka does show up to help Baam. If you think about it, they have gotten closer, and their (for a lack of a better term) chemistry should be something to look forward to.

Since my neck hurts, I can't work long hours. As such, I'm putting in more break time, but that's only lengthening my work hour total. If I take pills, it doesn't hurt, but since it's too many painkillers I'm trying to reduce it. It does hurt a lot sometimes though. Pinched nerve is no joke haha.... The meds work when I do take them still, so I'll do my best to both get treated and work. (I"m still fine as long as I take it easy ^^)

Now that I write this, I think half of my aftwerwords have something about me being in pain keke (TN: No, more like 70~80%). Surprising to see someone like that still alive haha. Even if I work hard through the pain, making a work that makes you readers happy is still difficult, and is the biggest dilemma in the job. I'm pretty sure everyone that has a job has work-related problems or minor illnesses. Everyone working and studying, Fighting!

Well, I will come back next week with Baam vs Sleeping Yama, Karak, and Khun. Have a happy and healthy week

Thank you!!
This week, it seems that Karaka's feeling the void of his teacher more than it seems. Him taking care of Baam is less so his personal opinion on him but more so for the sake of protecting his master's legacy (despite him wanting to destroy him at one point huhu). Well, Karaka still wants the Thorn, but he still has more to unpack later.

On Dang Dang. Of course the main characters of Tower of God are Baam and his companions, but each arc has their own cast too. In this case, it's Gado and Dang Dang, so we get a lot of backstories. It would be nice if Khun could save Dang Dang, but there seems to be a great difference in firepower, so it looks to be difficult. At least the reawakened officer is helping them out. Khun 's new ability looks tempting. A miracle revival program. If he was born in the modern era, he could have become a conman AND a doctor too (...)

And Evankhell, we see the true big bad of this arc. At first he was going to have a huge, complex helmet, but I realized if I drew that, I would instinctively kill him off after only a few panels, so I went for a more simpler and darker look. Anyway, this is the first of the FUG-end Big Bad, so please keep an eye on him.


Meanwhile, I still battle my neck pains. Stetches, hospital visits, changing up work environment, pilates... I've been paying attention to my health so it has minimal impact on my work, even though I'm not the healthiest individual. Please take care of your bodies!


Thank you for coming in to read the chapter and the blog this week. I will return with our kiddos in the chaotic Cage, and Evankhell, who is getting heated like the weather these days .

Stay healthy in the weather that's heating up, have a happy week, and see you next week!

Thank you!!
This chapter, we see that Baam and Karaka's combo attack... still is a bit awkward haha... They woke Yama up with a stronk attack. Yama to me is like a child who needs a spanking every morning just to get him up. Of course, his body is so strong that's actually a good thing hehe. All of Baam/Viole's Piercing Wave/Resonant Wave techniques were taught by Ha Jinsung, so all of his and Karaka's techniques share the same root. Karaka doesn't use Resonant Wave techniques too many times these days, but he isn't weak in the melee. He simply chooses to maximize survival and minimizes damage intake as part of his style.

Khun's new ability is an amazing support ability. I know many of you want to see him in action right now, but I wanted to give him more abilities that fit his ranged support class. That's why he got Enna Core, the freezing ability. Khun's still a long ways away from fighting Ranker, you know hehe. I hope you look forward to more of Khun's growth

On Dang Dang's death: at first, I wanted more focus on Dang Dang at the beginning of the arc, but as the thing are going currently, I decided to keep the flashback short and reached this chapter and Doom's resurrection. I hope you guys received Dang Dang and Gado's conversation well.

Doom's up. He doesn't look complete, and he does look short hehe. Even if he has been out of commission for a long time, he was an increadibly powerful High Ranking Dog Kin. I hope you look forward to seeing what kind of a story Yama and Doom lead.

I've been writing this every week now, but I've been fighting my neck pains this week to. Sitting with my neck tilted down is strenuous, and I'm not drawing on a display tablet but a flat tablet, so I can't draw too much while standing.... I will try my best but the drawing style may slightly. However, I can still upload, and this is something I have to gradually adjust to in daily life, so I'm trying to upload without straining myself too much. If it seems too much I will let you know of any incoming hiatuses, but it's already feeling better so things are looking optimistic if I do say so myself. Drawing is a daily battle hehe.

Well, Doom's up, Yama's up, Elder's up,this has become a chapter of introductions and returns. I know I am lacking a lot, but if you enjoy my webtoon, that's all I need.

Then I hope you look forward to next week, and have a happy and healthy week.

Thank you!!!


I got archery and figure skating confused... (TN: SIU HOW those things sound nothing alike) Guess I'll have Rak compete in compound bow archery.
This week's chapter had a lot of content. We got Yama's backstory. Yama trying to not let the blood of the Dog People leak out and try to keep it in all had a reasoning behind it, it seems. Of course, to the Dog People who want freedom like Dang Dang, Yama's actions wouldn't be justified.

Doom... oof, right from the start...

Evankhell and the Elder's Fight. Looks like with Elder signing up Evankhell for a rollercoaster ride, the Elder embarks for the Cage.

With Yama and Doom both awakened, and an Elder on the way to the Cage... This is a dogfight, and a big one too. I hope you guys look forward to what's to come ^^

I think I will wrap things up here and rest. I hope you have a happy and healthy and lively week. Thank you. See you next week ^^
This week's chapter... reveals where that spear that hit Doom last week came from. A man named Luel Mon. The base concept behind him is a Dog Person who became an idol otaku because of PTSD from the last war. I am using a lot of key words that relate to mordern day here, which is similar to Lurker and Cash at the beginning of Season 2, but keeping it both approachable without being uncanny is harder than it seems ^^; I hope you guys enjoy these kinds of lines or concepts, but I do understand where people who feel put off by this kind of thing are coming from.


Luel Mon is a Spearbearer-Scout hybrid, which means he can both target and attack on his own. His attack range and accuracy is therefore OP, but his mental fortitude is.... You can start multiclassing once you're about Ranker tier, but cases like Luel Mon multiclassing Spearbearer and Scout almost perfectly is pretty rare. Anyway, the Spear of the Ancient Race shown today will mot likely show up after today, it seems, huh? hehe


Doom was able to survive Luel Mon's Spear is because he performed Metamorphosis partially around the targetted area. If it was a direct hit, even if he put up a guard it probably would have been fatal. Even with that kind of a parry he collapsed from shock and is having his head ringing. This chapter really shows the good side of having a good Spearbearer, which is letting you snipe an otherwise powerful enemy, haha..


As I progress through these chapters, I think that between the Rankers, the Regulars may seem a lot more frustrating or boring in comparison. Considering the lore, they may end up having different roles than the Main characters of other works. But I think that in a battlefield where they're outmatched to this degree, this is the natural consequence. It's simply that as an author, my shortcomings involve making said consequences natural and entertaining. I am always reflective of it, and I will continue to try my best. I would much appreciate it if you saw with me as the Regulars grow in power and develop.


Now we see the Envoy and Yama fight. The Envoy looks a bit gross, and I had a bit of trouble with him too. I thought about making him handsome, but that'd be too obvious, so I made him look unlikable. His mouth actually doesn't smell bad. He told me to tell you guys, just in case you guys get the wrong idea.


Now we can see Yama slowly getting into the same boat Baam and Karaka are on, but will they be able to save the Cage and solidify Yama as an ally? Where is the Elder? What will happen to Doom and those who face him? Please stay tuned.


I am keeping my neck straight up as I draw. The pain isn't soemthing I can help, but I think I will take this opportunity to work out and keep myself healthy, which is something I've been neglecting, so I have been cutting down on work time to walk, exercise and such. Everyone keep healthy during the summer, and please exercise, even if indoors^^.


With that, I will come back with Yama the Cleanmouthed next week. Stay happy, have a healthy week, and I will see you in the next one.


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Anyway this chapter...

This is a fight between Yama and the Envoy, except it's too one-directional to be a fight. It'd take an Elder of another High Ranker for it to be a proper fight, but maybe that thing in the sky made be a variable.

Karaka and Baam arrived where Doom is, and we also see Khun strengthen Verdici using his fire before that. There may be a misconception of what Khun's fire does... But this power up does not mean a "Regular can fight a ranker" tier power up, just a multiplier on your base power. It doesn't actually revive dead people either, only those whose lifeforce is still lit. I put in an explanation because some people were getting worried. It's hard to balance the powers of the main characters due to how this genre works. But I do not want to worry you guys, so I will do the best that I can. _ _(Bows)


Anyway, Karaka offers Doom a challange with a trust in Baam's Power. Doom took him up without knowing anything about Baam....


Baam ends up facing off a ranker in the fight, and whether it be luck or skill, but Baam hits from the get-go. Doom and Paul, who sent in their pitcher expecting a no-hit no-run situation is now surprise because they have a hit. Let's see how the match will go: is Baam finally Ranker tier? Stay tuned folks. (Suddenly baseball)


I've been working out, improving my body condition. Illnesses don't go away overnight, but effort never fails. You should start working out morning and evening times for a bit ^^


Then have a happy and healthy week, and I will come back with Baam at the hitter's box. Stay healthy in the hot weather (TN: Korea is insanely hot rn)


As always thank you!
Today we have a fight scene longer than previous chapters have had so far. I mean, this is one of Baam's fights, and there is a big distinction and the fact that Baam and a ranker went head-to-head. The Elders's Envoy... In the Houndborn (tn: I came up with a cooler name than Dog People or dog folk) Arc, the Houndborn are generally drawn with thick lines to emphasize their power. However the envoy, I wanted to contrast with the houndborn and make him look a bit sly and sneaky. Actually, this arc itself unlike previous arcs has a constantly changing cast of enemies, so I wanted to make sure that he was visually apparent as an exceptionally annoying villain ,^^;; Sometimes when you go through the story, you have characters that outright scream "bad guy", and this is one of those characters. And on Baam's fight, we see Baam make the Ranker kneel. Even if he's a Ranker, there's large variety in power among them, there is the advantages and the disadvantages to consider, and most importantly he hasn't used any metamorphosis techs, so it can't be outright be said that Baam is Ranker-tier, but he can certainly be a threat. With the Thorn activated, even a Houndborn Ranker with Metamorphosis techniques would not be sure of his chances against Baam. His attack for sure at least is reaching new heights. The fight was indeed cut short by Gado, but Baam still had a few cards he could have still played, so the match probably would have gone the same. Anyway, we see at the end Gado and his threatening curls ^^; Please look forward to how Baam will overcome this threat hehe. Baam, now newly in trouble will be coming back next week. Thank you, see you next week!!


When I look back, the first few years I couldn't afford to turn on the air conditioner (the computer and the tablet make a deceptively high amount of heat), but I've now reached a point where I don't need to worry about the electric bill. Because I started posting in the summer, I remember those times every summer. If someone asks me whether I have improved in line with my environment, I wouldn't know what to say in response. It is thanks to all of you guys that support me so generously that I can work in this improved environment.

Thank you. Please enjoy your cool and healthy summertime.

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This chapter... Zon is coming at this moment. I had a long moment on when to put it in. I had it drawn out a fair amount, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to cut it and connect it with this bit or make it an entire flashback like this chapter. Since Webtoons are a lot more free when it comes to editing, I can change up the content like it's a movie or TV show. In the case of Gado, there's more to talk about, but I do try not to have too much of one character, so I try to not overdo anything if I can help it. This kinds of problems are always difficult ^^;

On Khun's "Revival" ability, there seems to be a misconception, but it's fairly limited. It's not so much a true revival, but more of a blowing a dying ember into a new fire. At the last bit, Yama finally escapes the Envoy's Gambit. This is the moment when Yama will start being more active in this arc. I first wanted to say "Leader of the Dogs" instead when it says "King of the Dogs", but the latter sounded a lot more direct. Although King is Zahard's title in respective to all of the Tower, there are kingly figures in certain groups or races or nations that use the word as well like so.

Now that the weather's getting relaxed, I've been working outside a bit. Ever since my neck pains started I avoided outside work, but I've been getting better, and I bought myself tools that help me strain less and installed them hehe. Sometimes working like this helps me change up the mood. Working, but feels like I'm resting. It's the weekend when you think about it haha.

Anyway: Will our King Dog start doing something next week? What will Baam's team do in this chaotic moment? Stay tuned. I feel inadaquate, but I will work hard so I can come back next week. I think to myself "I should do better" quite often these days. Thank you to those supporting me.

Then have a healthy happy week, and see you next week.

Thank you!!
Anyway, we have more lore about the Houndborn. From a certain perspective, this feels a side step from the narrative to come, but having Yama and the Houndborn appear, and the other characters tagging alone gives the story a lot of volume, deceivingly so. When the narrative has less volume, it's easier to take these side steps, but it get's harder to manage at this size.

Khun's fight I went through pretty quickly. It's less so that Khun got the ability of the Firefish, but more like he has to bear it now. I definitely wanted to give the impression that this could be an issue later on this chapter, but since this arc doesn't revolve around Khun, so the story ended up being more about this ability instead.

Going back over to Baam and Doom, we have Baam sneak a peak into Doom's past. Looking at the narrative right now, the Lo Po Bia family looks like it will become enemies to Baam ^^;; But you don't know what will happen in the future until you get there, you know?

In the last scene, we finally see the Elder and Yama stand in one spot. We don't know what will happen, but who wins here most likely will hold the keys to the fate of the cage. That fate shall play out more next week.

The weather is getting cooler at night again. It's not too cold, but I am sensitive whenever the seasons are changing, so I already shiver sometimes ^^;

On a side note: I am now reaching the age of 35, I'm already thinking about how maybe I'm only putting up an image of understanding those younger than me these days. I do have a lot of student readers, you know. I must have improved more from experience from me of the past, but in the process I think I may have become more conservative-minded. Am I gonna become the grumpy old guy like this, I wonder sometimes ^^; I guess because of this, whenever I see those who stand in the heat these days, I feel like cheering them on. A moment to not worry about anything but self-expression... that's something a human life needs. I cheer you all on too.

Well then, I will come back next week with our angry Dog King Yama!

Everyone stay happy and have a healthy week

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This chapter we see the battle of the Three Baylord Brothers. It seems that neither Doom, who might as well be declawed, and Paul can actually stand up against Yama. If Doom was in his prime, Yama may have had trouble, but now's not really the time, so... This is not enough to see Yama's true skills. Although weak in comparison to Yama, Paul and Doom are High Rankers, so they are among the strongest of the Tower.

We saw a sneak peak into Yama's past with Doom. Doom does not look like a very good older brother. Doom seems to have thought of the rest of the Hounborn besides his two brothers as being expendable, and Yama must have opposed it. Of course, does that make Yama a good leader? Well... kekekeke. He could be a hero, but not a leader in this day and age. Of course, due to how the Houndborn operate, a strongman like Yama becoming their leader makes sense.

In the later parts we see Evankhell and Yu Hansung arriving at the cage. Actually, this conversation was drawn up a long time ago, but the editing pushed it back. It was originally supposed to naturally transition as it also explained how Khun's fire worked, but in order to give the scene a more active feeling, I tied it into one.

Cage, which now even has Evankhell on board. How many High Rankers are here now... This Cage is rapidly becoming a dog fight.
The Elder, according to his plan sent Yama and the others elsewhere and went for the Fang with Doom. In the middle, we have a scene where Karaka takes Baam: Initially, I thought about putting in a panel that was about the Elder wanting to take Baam with him and regretting not doing so, but I thought it was too awkward to put in. He would have been awkwardly talking too much in front of Khun too. Doom's Fang keeps getting called a fang, but we don't see where his tooth actually came from hehe. We'll hear more on the Fang.

Evankhell, upon arrival, discovers a Spear of the Ancients, which seems to be a weapon used in battle between members of the Ancient Race. Generally, the word "Ancient" is applied to matters that predate Zahard's Entrence. (PS: That is, when used in it's official sense. When applied to describe a person, or a part of an expression, it is not a literal expression of that time period, but just a common adjective for extremely old. For Maschenny, Ha Jinsung is ancient, for example. Actually, most modern Rankers call Rankers that were active concurrently with the 10 Family Heads as Ancient Rankers, but Ancient Times, to be precise is pre-Zahard)

So Evankhell finally uses a Spear of the Ancients. Khun's judo flip was actually a quite challenging feat. Unlike other positions, the Lightbearer position cannot be covered for by physical power or Shinsoo, so those unfamiliar, be it Rankers or even High Rankers, have trouble performing the Lightbearer Position well. Even a Regular Lightbearer can be a valuable asset.

As the hot weather pass and the weather cools, I can't believe it's already Chuseok (TN: Korean Thanksgiving, look it up) haha. Time really does go faster when you get older. As an adult, I find myself feeling "I just need to make it through another year", and also "what would I do if I could go back to when I was a student?" When I was younger, I heard a lot of "If I could go back to your age, I would study", and I used to think similiarly too hehe. I would work harder and play harder, probably...?

And speaking of studying, as a webtoon author, I have many students read my work, I have to say I feel sorry as a content creator for students who are busy studying. You hear often that even if you study, you make less than a YouTuber, or a celebrity, or a famous author (That's not true, plenty of people study hard to make good money), and while that may sometimes be true, but all of that is only possible because somebody else studies for them. Like the desk I use, or the computer or the tablet that I am using, all were only possible because somebody studied how to make them, and I can only conclude that the reason I am able to work like this is because of somebody else put in the effort for it (of course, studying isn't all there is to it.)

I wasn't actually very good student. I was a weird case where I skipped out on taking the exam for the Visual Arts Education Instructor License in my Visual Arts Education major (To my friends and juniors studying for the exam, you can do it!) but the world has other paths to success outside of study... Like someone once said that being born into money is the best and all this studying for school or for exams is all meaningless, but I say to all the students who are studying hard that as there are many paths besides studying, success based on studies is not boring but something that is valuable and amazing. I too would like to study if I had the time. Of course, that's really hard haha ㅠㅠ

Anyway, too much talk for my meager talent. I am so thankful for all of you who read my afterwords, and with our freshly-awakened ricecake, we'll see the fight with the Elder take off full swing, so please be on the look out for that.

Thank you, and have a happy weak

Thank you! _ _ (Bow)
So today's chapter... um... White's battle continues. I did skip out a bit because I didn't think this fight should be too long, but White has more skill than a Ranker for sure. Sometimes he uses High-Ranker level power willy nilly, but he also goes plop plop and falls on his face too, so... hehe. Actually, having this much power as a Regular is unbelievably overpowered, so having that kind of a weakness seems to balance things out nicely. Still, with Arie Swordsmanship and Soul Absorbtion, he seems to be "growing".

Yu Hansung started fighting the Elder's companion. People were thinking she's a Guide even though it hadn't been officially stated in the comics. Is.. is she? (Looking susp) She looks quite strong, and her techniques are hard to draw. Still, it seems top have come out beautifully, so I'm happy with that. At the last bit, we see the Elder that was fighting Yama and Evankhell bringing out the power of the Ancients. This is going to be probably a true battle of might against might. Although it's going to be mostly fight scene and therefore rather chaotic, I still hope you guys enjoy what's coming up next. ^^

So the Chuseok holidays went by. I saw my parents for the first time in a really long time, and I finally realized what it means when they say "My feet wouldn't move"(TN: Korean idiom). It feels like that I'm realizing quite late how a lot of things change and fade away. I hope my work and my person changes and develops for the better, but that's not easy.

I hope you had a filling and healthful holiday. I will come back next week with the Elder's Ancient. May all who wished upon the Harvest Moon (TN: my personal preferred, more poetic translation for Korean Thanksgiving/Chuseok) have their wish come true! Have a happy week, thank you.
This week, we have a lot of content that we went over during the fight with the Elder, who brought out from himself an Ancient. Gado talked about his relationship with Dang Dang, Louie, and himself. This was actually trimmed from the original plan, mainly because the other battles became more important. But this will still be one of the main storylines that pull this arc along. Rak made way to Baam using the Spear of the Ancients. The Spear still hasn't been ignited. It's already quite powerful, wonder how powerful it will be once it does ignite.

Baam arrives at Doom. I wonder how Doom is breathing right now hahah. Anyway, Gado stops him. Considering how Zon made such a cool entrance, Gado comes in looking like some extra... but he uses quick moments and attacks. Besides the super-high rankers so far, Gado is probably the fastest.

During the battle, we see not Baam but Red Bari going through a metamorphosis. Technically, this isn't a true metamorphosis, but rather more Baam absorbing the Metamorphosis system and applying it [on his own terms]. Since the power of the Red Bari is most familiar, it is expressed outwardly. I'm sorry to those who wanted to see Baam with doggy ears.

In the last bit, we see Zahard's army surrounding someplace. Wonder how the battlefield will flow... I hope you stay tuned.

The weather is getting a lot cooler This is my favorite type of weather. (But this is also cold season hehe) I prefer spring over fall, but... you only get two in a year so... hehe. When I was young air conditioning wasn't a thing yet, so after the hot summer when it was this season, I loved just laying around in the house lazily, but nowadays I'm older and doing more work, I don't get that anymore. I tend to hold a negative opinion on living a too busy of life, or putting work over all else, but if you cut yourself too much slack, you get nothing done hehe. I think to myself how nice it would be to be a genius author that has plenty of time off but still be good at his craft. Since I can't do that, I will work hard haha. I hope you all both achieve both what you want to do and relaxation concurrently ^^

Well then, next week I shall return with Baam and the Red Bari of the Right Arm (haha) Always thank you for watching me and coming over to the blog. Have a happy and healthy week! Thank you!
This chapter has a lot of fight scenes. Baam managed to manifest via metamorphosis the Red Bari, but it seems like it's not enough to do anything about Gado. Honestly, Baam standing up to Gado, as a Regular against a High Ranker, even being able to stand up to him is a huge feat. Of course, he's also getting plot armor, haha. Well, I hope you look forward to seeing how Baam recovers from this mess!

The Ancient's attack begins. As I was drawing it, I had many regrets: WHY DID I CHOOSE A TREE FORM? I thought it would be too boring to go with just a shinsoo blast, but despite a lot of help from my assistants, but from beginning to end... not an easy process. It definitely looks more detailed though ^^; Well, since the Ancient's attack is so wide, it makes the Cage look small in comparison. Well, Evankhell with the power of an Ancient also used a rather big attack too.

Evankhell took the Ancient and Yama took the Elder. Yama ends up using Full Metamorphosis. From what he's saying, this only seems to be the beginning of Full Metamorphosis, and it's definitely shining haha. I wasn't too sure how to make it look, but rather than the Houndborn being animals, they're more a superhuman with animal-based characteristics, so I decided to make it look like a powerful human. Actually, most of the flashback panels are additions from the Preview chapters. Since it was Chuseok at the time and the chapter felt short, so I added a bit more. I hope it reenforces the story a bit.

The weather is getting chilly, but on the flip side, this is a really nice season to be out and about hehe. This is the season with a lot of outdoor events and festivals. Although for webtoon authors this is a forbidden fruit haha. But I still love this weather. I have been thinking a lot about this or that, so I think a lot on how to focus on the webtoon, you guys, and my happiness. The more I age and more I find out about the world the problem only gets more difficult. I consider a world where everyone can equally focus on their work and find happiness through hard work is the best world. I hope this week you all stay happy and healthy. I will be back next week with Yama, who began full metamorphosis. Have a happy week ^^

Thank you!
Yama, having gone through Full Metamorphosis last week is now pushing back on the Elder. It's amazing how this is not even his final form hehe. As it was shown in the chapter, Full Metamorphosis seems to give Yama a considerable amount of pain and burden, so I guess that's why he didn't go through Full Metamorphosis from the start. Like Karaka said, Yama is strong haha. Wonder what the Elder will do next...

Baam can't get a grip because of Gado's strong attacks. Like I said last week, it's already remarkable that a Regular like Baam is able to even survive this long ^^;; Of course, due to various external circumstances Gado can't actually try to kill Baam properly. This is when you need to give plot armor to your main characters. Anyway, just as Baam is about to be overwhelmed by Gado's attacks, we see Evankhell's message. Everyone, this is why you always stay where the wifi works best and make sure you take important calls. Haha... Anyway, we see Baam with the Thorn for the first time in a while. Even with the Thorn, since he's facing a High Ranker this can't be easy, but I hope you look forward to how the story will progress.

Also, the last bit is something I added on the preview version like how I did it last week, but it's only some minor changes in direction, no change in content. This is the last of the rushed chapters, so I had to make corrections, but now the chapters will be uploaded as normal, I hope.

These days, I find that as time goes on by how hard it is for people to live without worrying about something. Even until my early 20s I wasn't the type to really worry about anything hehe. But these days, I worry when even something slightest goes wrong. You know, being an author, I need to be brave always, and although I gave up living a normal and conformative live a long time ago, if I can't come to terms with that, I hope at least for work I would be able to be more brave in my life.

Well, next week I will be back with Baam, now with the thorn on. Everyone, take care of yourself in this cooler weather, and I hope you look forward to what direction the battle of the cage will go next week ^^ Thank you to all of my readers who always cheer me on. Please have a happy and healthy week, filled with courage.

Thank you!
This chapter... Baam cut off Gado's foot. Actually, we see Zon use informal tense at Baam here, which is a tone shift from before, but when I had Zon use formal tense there, it was quite awkward... Zon is internally quite hostile to Baam, almost looking down on him, so the underlying thought process is that his true feelings came out in the heat of the moment. In this particular scene it flowed well, but it may have been awkward in the grand scheme of things. I thought whether I should change it for the main release after it was out for the previews, but I decided against it after trying some edits. (If you guys think otherwise, I do have plans for changing it and reuploading)

Anyway, it's Zon underestimating Baam -> Baam's attack -> a force that puts Zon's estimate to shame. Gado's feet getting cut off feels like it makes Baam OP, but Thorn + Red Bari buff is in play, and looking at the lore face value out looking at their specs, something even more over the top wouldn't have been crazy for these guys, so.... I feel like narratively I have to keep them in check normally and then jump forward on weeks like this. It's hard ^^; Manhwa is hard. In conclusion, Baam is a regular but is also REALLY dangerous...? The fight between Yama and the Elder shaped up to be a normal fight, but it's suddenly going in a completely different direction. To think the fate the Elder saw last week is this... On a side note, the Elder and Sowo's teamwork seems rather brokenly powerful.

Honestly, as an author I wanted to have them start roadrollering them into the ground, but because this arc is a part of the fights yet to come, and Yama's opponent wasn't going to be the Elder but Yasracia we saw at the end, so I used the Elder to send Yama to the 5 Corps. Haha... The fight at the Cage will continue hehe. Now that I think of it, Yams is a slayer that has less than a years worth of panel time, but he's in one day getting involved with the Elder and Baam. Huh. The 5 Corps all of a sudden...

Many of you thought based on Doom's flashback that Yasracia is the family head, but he is not the family head but a Corps Commander from the Lo Po Bia family. I apologize for any misunderstandings. Well... Doom's honestly not someone that's even relevant enough to hold direct grudges against the family head. Anyway. Yasracia. It's a cat. Cat.

Starting this week, the narrative will flow in a different direction. The story of the Cage will continue, of course. Actually it's always hard during this narrative splits, because there's no right answer.

I keep asking if this was the right move or that constantly. Haha. But the best direction to move at the end of the day is forward, I think. That's how we came from the end of the cold season to the start of the cold season. Step by step is how I feel. When I look back, I think to myself I should have done better, I should have done better, but I keep moving forward.

This post got... ridiculously long it seems ^^;; (Adio: You think?) I've been having a lot of different thoughts. My head's too small to even properly focus on Tower of God, but this is big, something regrettable. Living itself is a task, but living with your work is one that's harder.

I hope you all move forwardvas we go to the end of 2019. I will be back best week with another chapter.

Thank you!
This week... This seems to be a wrap on the fight with Gado from last week. Gado, seems to have a rather human side considering that he was essentially the peak Houndborn. Maybe that's why he fell in love with a human, not another Houndborn. Of course, that ended up driving all of the Houndborn kind into danger... I haven't married nor do I have kids, so I don't know what it feels to be a parent yet, but I do understand a parent to whom their child is worth more than the world.

Baam seems to have unraveled the spell rather easily. It may seem awkward that he is able to do something difficult so easily, but Baam doesn't really know much about sorcery in the first place, so... I decided to make it look simple. To add on to the lore as the author, that spell is actually supposed to be incredibly difficult undo;;

Yama's end has its side get divided up somehow, so... (.... Kel Hellam, it's all because of you) Yasrachia seems to have noticed Yama's existance.

We also as a bonus see Kallavan for the first time in a while.

Now we have a framework of the narrative of the story of the Walls of Peace and Harmony. Since we have two whole Corps Commaders (TN: They would be lower-ranking generals), the battles ahead should be rather difficult.

Due to moving the workplace I take the bus sometimes, and on the little TV on the bus (TN: They have TVs in Korea connected to a dedicated public bus channel), they had celebrities talk about whether spring or autumn is better (on TV, that is) I said "of course it's spring" on the inside haha. If you think about it, in spring, you still have autumn to look forward to, but once it's autumn, the spring that year's already gone, so you end up with a bit of a melancholy. Autumn ends up being more lonesome, being a chance to be reflect on the past. I myself felt very pressured and worried this year, but now that it's all past I think maybe it was all for nothing, and perhaps I may have even made things harder on myself, taking unnecessary detours, perhaps I bothered myself with extraneous worries when I could be happier. Those were my thoughts.

I rambled on, must be the weather.

Next week, I will return with that webtoon where they put a dog and cat in the same place!! I should let Baam's side show some strength too. Then I hope all of you readers have a happy and healthy week. As I write these afterwords every week, I truly hope all of your week shines bright.

Thank you!
Yama's gone, but the Battle of the Cage continues. The story of Baam with Dang Dang and Louie is coming to a close. Actually, this was something Baam had to experience at some point. Someone who reaches out first without thinking about it are doomed to experience this at some point. It's a moment of regret. This was one of the stories I wanted to tell in this arc, and I thought this would be a story that would help grow Baam internally, but I thought if things like this happen to the main character, you guys may have trouble with immersion (TN: SIU wat), so I tried to be careful about that as the story progressed.

As for Doom, he's seen many cases like Baam on the battlefield, so he is a bit more weathered and professional, but I want Baam to be a character who wouldn't lose his way and become dull to this kinda stuff.

The Battle with the Elder is slowly coming to a close as well, and Yama, who got airlifted away is seeing his story progress too. Yama seems to only want to return to the cage, and although he is very reckless, he takes his leadership seriously at least. However, he's never held back in his case, so...

We finally see Yasracia, 5th Corps Commander. Is this finally the beginning of the cat-and-dog fight? hehe. The watermelon eyes are actually because I like watermelon haha. Just kidding, it wasn't because of that I wanted Yasracia to have watermelon eyes, but because after choosing the colors, I totally saw the watermelon theme, so that's how it went.

It is certain, as Doom warned, that Yasracia is indeed a dangerous individual.

Well then, stay healthy in the cooling weather, and I will come back next week with the watermelon-eyed cat and Mr.Dog-King. If you stress too much you can get an inflamed stomach, do please stay happy and joyful in life haha.

Have a happy and healthy week.

Thank you!
This chapter, like the last one has the battle happening on two sides. The Cage Front is wrapping up. As you can see from the Elder's words, the Elder wanted to take the Houndborn to the walls, so there is no point in continuing combat now that the Spell on Doom was undone.

It would be hard to say who would have won if the battle continued, but the Elder certainly didn't feel like he was at a disadvantage.

An Elder of FUG faced off Rankers for such a long time, and have plenty of experience, so they tend to look down on people like those currently at the Cage. In a battle with no outside variables and considering only power, it would be hard to say Evankhell or Full Metamorphosis Yama would be behind Kel Hellam, but Kel Helam sees fate, and has a lot of cards or experiences to pull from.

Of course, Evankhell was too busy defending to actually attack, and this isn't FULL Full Metamorphosis from Yama either, so this is still a mystery. (Lore-wise if you ignore everything but power, the Yama-Evankhell combo is not below Kel Hellam).

Anyway, eventually the Elder suggests to Baam that he goes to the Walls, but will Baam actually move to the Walls where Kallavan is...please be on the lookout for that.

On Yama's side, we have Yama fighting the Division Commander (DivCO). This is Yama being strong, not the DivCO being weak. A DivCO would be the star in a movie of Rankers being extras in terms of power. Anyway, Yama may be peluso, but Yasracia may gee a poor match up for him ^^; We see Yama being controlled by Yasracia at the last scene, how will the battle continue...

As we have two sides of the narrative going in, and they're both pacing to each other, so the progression may not feel satisfactory for either side. Despite this, I'm trying to cover as much ground as possible, so please keep that in mind as you read this, that would be much appreciated (bowing bowing) _ _

Now that we've been synchronizing until this week, we'll try to cover more next week. Personally, despite the improved weather, I've been having trouble sleeping. Ever since I started uploading I had a case of insomnia every Sunday night, and these days it's really hard on me hehe. Some say insomnia is an artist's curse, but in this day and age of conversation, this doesn't end at being a personal problem, which makes it rather problematic haha. When I think of it, when I worked alone, my hand hurt more but was under less pressure. Of course if I had to go back to that style of work I wouldn't be able to handle it ^^;;

I don't know about keeping true to my origins, but I would like to at least be balanced as I continue forward [TN: SIU puns here, as "origins" and "balanced" share a stem]. I should try working hard, working hard. Well then, I'll be back next week with Yama, currently Charmed. Good night everyone, stay healthy,

For this week as well, Thank you!
This week's chapter synched up the tempo on both sides, and it looks like Baam and the Houndborn and Kel Hellam are now all in the same boat unintentionally haha. Baam and Dang Dang wrapped up, but this isn't the true end of the People of the Cage.

Actually I was quite worried for the chapter as it was out of the usual tempo and flow, and I still worry, but in the grand scheme of things it should be natural, so I hope you enjoy it ^^

Anyway, all of the Houndborn are taking a field trip. Haha.

Actually, this chapter covered how Yama is lonely but isn't actually alone as the message. It showed how the Houndborn function as a pack, and this serves as a stepping stone for the coming battles if you're looking only at the fights.

Anyway, next chapter will see Yasracia move for real. He's kinda cute, but he's got a scary power, and he seems to have ties with Yama and the Houndborn, so please look out for how the narrative flows.


The Tower of God Tankobon is finally out. Actually I talked about the physical release for a really long time, but due to personal problems it got delayed, I had to change publishers... as this was such a long term project, I think that is the fourth or the fifth cover I drew for this haha. Actually, the Tankobons do not have too much exta to them. Just some of my words and extra doodles are in there as an extra (Book 1 only has the comics) I thought instead of delaying it any longer, I thought I would ease into the releases and inserting extras whenever I can. As a webtoon author I'm not really looking to make even more money off of that, but rather to give my readers another form of merch ^^; I hope it does do well still, so it can stay in print haha. You can buy it online at the online bookstore Yes24, so you can buy it there, and if you ever bring them to me I can sign them for you. A rare item that took a million years to create! Fufufu

The weather is really cold. Please don't catch a cold, and please stay warm.

Please stay happy, have a healthy week, and I'll be back next week.

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This week we had the fight between Yasracia and Yama's party continue. The Cage and the Houndborn made such a grand entrance last week, but this week, the tables have turned. Yasracia seems to be able to control most of the Houndborn. Only the body on Yama, but the other Houndborn seem to be controlled en mass. There does seem to be something happening between Yasracia and the Houndborn ^^:

While the control shifted over to the rest of the Houndborn, Yama goes through Full Metamorphosis...

And then we see Baam's side. Baam's party made it to the Walls where Kallavan is. For the next while we will be continuing the story of the two walls separately. Later when their battles merge, their battle will become massive, so the tale of the split brothers worries me, but I still have 9 years of experience, so I hope you you guys will enjoy it (bows and bows), as we proceed. I hope you enjoy the story of the heroes in the walls, and the other side stories in the walls as well.

This week we had the KSATs. Unlike back in my days, there's many students going for the Early Admissions program, so some of you already know which college you're going to, but the tests are always a scary moment. To those of you test takers who've come so far, you all did good work ^^ Actually, I've always wanted to do an event for those who have completed the KSATs, but I'm shorthanded so haha.... I will do it some time if I can.

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And also my new year's resolution this year was to draw out Season 3 good ^^; whenever it became the end of the year, I always reflect on how much I've fallen short and how I could have done better. Maybe next year I can do... hmm. a bit better hehe.

Now, as the weather gets colder, please be careful of your health!

And I will return next week to Baam's team, who flew over to the walls.

Stay happy, and have a healthy weak.

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Before I go into the rant I'll talk about this week's story. So Hockney and Kaiser (I guess they settled on calling her that) have been looking for the Thorn Fragment. However, with the power of science, they're headed off somewhere else.. hehe

Kallavan's at the walls, and although it seems like waking up the hero won't be as hard as predicted, but once awoken, few would be able to handle her. Kallavan doesn't seem to be too confident in himself when he hears that he somehow needs to convince the hero's sister.

Team Baam also arrived, and... Baam, the ever proud goes "Hey! I'm a Slayer Candidate!", only to be locked up by Delete, in his fairness and wisdom. It seems it's really more of "I don't want any trouble, so all of the get the hell out". Anyway, these walls, unlike the ones by Yama don't seem to be too cooperative with the FUG.

Canne, Younger sister to the Hero almost gets angry from seeing her sister's memorial face criticism following the Intruder(Kallavan)'s enterence, but she reminded herself to be patient and turned back... only for The Intruder (Kallavan), the one behind all of this, appears before them and slaps the locals silly in a flamboyant display of power. Isn't this cheating for a High Ranker to be doing that to a civillian;;; Anyway.

Since it doesn't look like he can use anything but force to convince Canne, Kallavan is using force first and figuring out what to do then.

Will Baam's party be able to stop Kallavan, whose fists are faster than his words! Will the Author still complete his drawing goals despite losing all of his files! I hope you look forward to the future!

So that's the summary of this week's plot hehe.

Any...way... it is not easy to get a hold of yourself after you lose your files. It's not easy to do the same work over and over again, and you also lose time to rest, so haha. Actually these days back ups were rather systemized so it was working well, but this breaks out all of a sudden one day. Well, it's a relief I got most of it recovered, even though it meant saying goodbye to my weekend. Being an author.... it's fun and not too much physical labor, but it is a job that requires a lot of mental fortitude and patience. Well, sitting in the same position for a long period of time does get hard on the body too ^^;; But thinking of my grandparents who were farmers, I am definitely more of a grasshopper than an ant.

Recently there seems to be a lot of tragic events happening. Even if it's not a celebrity, I hope everyone understands that everyone else too hold difficult things they hide from this world. Wouldn't it be better if we could be happy together instead of wishing misfortune upon each other? However, to be happy comes with a lot of things that cause unhappiness, which makes things difficult. Although my goal changed, back in a time that I no longer remember, from finding happiness to just living a good life, but I hope at without any specific desires, I just want small happiness for all of you. I will find my own way to live a good life.

Anyway, next week, I will be back with Kallavan, a man whose words follow his fist, and The Slayer Candidate who went to jail for impersonating himself.

Be happy and have a healthy weak.
This week, since it's just before the battle, we have a lot of dialogue. Something like White and Hatsu's conversation wasn't entirely necessary, but they're both swordsmen, and I wanted to show what kind of a conversation they would have when the two met. Well, they aren't talking too much about the martial art of swords because I'm actually not too well-versed in that department, so it will probably focus entirely on the most fundamental idea of the sword as a tool of combat.

I don't know if you noticed, but there is a shift in White's attitude towards Baam. We don't know if it was after that conversation with Rachel, but whereas before, he treated him like someone he disliked or felt was incompatible with, but now, he seems to be finding similarities between them. He says Baam is overflowing with talent unlike Hatsu, he offers to tell him how to "set a blaze" himself. It's like a workplace senior teaching him how to smoke. What a bad guy hehe. That's how much Baam and white are at the poles with one another. Anyway, I did want to put in White interacting with Baam's party at some point, and that some point became now. This is what happens when you get characters that normally wouldn't interact with each other together, it seems.

Kallavan and Ha Cheonhi's conversation is a foundation for the coming narrative. This arc isn't necessarily to show Kallavan's human side, but it is indeed to show him as a multi-faceted person. That's not to say he's very human, there's more precision to him. I hope you keep an eye on this narrative.

After Sowo's line, we have the beginning of a flashback. It may seem sudden, but it serves a role in the coming battle, and these people can give a hint into the past, so I will be drawing briefly what happened in the past . It won't be a long story, but I hop you look forward to it.

This week's chapter also had a bit of an extra from the Preview Release, and this was following adjustments I made for the next chapter's release. Even for you Preview Readers, I hope you guys enjoy the added content next week as well.

Even though I've been posting here for a long time know, I've been wishing often these days how I wish I can always stay true to where I started. I hope I always have the positive anticipation for new readers, and to create a work that the readers will have that feeling for every chapter, but it's not easy, so as time goes on, I think that thoughts of disappointment can grow. I hear many constructive criticism and compliments, but I often feel I don't meet the standards set by popular expectation or the attention. I don't necessarily wish to craft the a masterpiece, but I do hope that you continue to enjoy the journey.

And with that, next week I will come with the waltz of the flower and the giant snake, as well as Baam being influenced by White the hooligan. I hope you have a healthy and happy week!

Thank you!

PS: Today I Learned that you are not supposed to use the humidifier and the air filter at the same time. My air filter was going crazy...
This chapter... is a continuation of the flashback. Some of the characters in the flashback will appear in the story later, so the flashback may seem sudden, but I hope you enjoy them still hehe.

In the past, we see a lot of names and countries named after Flowers, and it seems many nations were named after flowers in those days. Actually, the Hidden Floor had a similar bit of lore, which may be related.

I thought about making the story about Dowon a bit longer, but it's a bit much to go on for more than a week with a new face, so haha. We finished the short story of the Hidden Flower Garden and come back to the present.

The story of Canne and the People of the Walls. Regardless of the story's theme, the people of the walls could be victims of an ongoing issue. But scapegoating someone while thinking of themselves as weak is something both very natural and very wrong. Of course, I may do something similar if I was in that crowd ^^:

So Baam's team, after hearing about the past goes to stop Kallavan, and Canne goes to awaken Dowon with Kallavan's help.

Now this side of the walls are about to see combat too. This arc is, along with the next arc, is a lay over into the coming arc, so it will have many shorter but packed fights.

This chapter, like the last one has some additional panels. I always have changes I want to make after the chapter goes up, so even if it's extra work I do try to raise the quality of work like this every once in a while. I hope those of you who saw the previews get a more out of it the second read through too ^^

Personally, I've been getting into the habit of getting myself housing appliances, so I bought a cordless vacuum cleaner. When you're working, cleaning, and feeding yourself all at once isn't easy hehe. I am personally very happy about the recent developments in household appliances haha.

Now, the winter is setting in frightfully, but please stay healthy, and I hope you have a safe week without incident.

I will clean, do dishes, meet deadlines until I see you next week, when I will come back with Team Baam on the move, Canne, and Kallavan.

Thank you

Have a happy week!
In this chapter, we saw a continuation of what was going on in the previous chapters. The Chairman and the Wallsguard backstab Baam while pretending to be allied with them. Of course, personally I consider myself a "safety first rationalist", so I don't blindly criticize them, but I would avoid opposing the main character of a cartoon if I can help it haha.

Recently, we have average rankers starting to lose their menace, but Baam's team are still regulars, kids who haven't been able to even try and stand up to Rankers until recently. Of course, they recently saw rapid growth, ganed overpowered abilities and items, and Baam's become unimaginably powerful, but becoming a Ranker is a major goal for someone in the Tower (although there are multiple tiers among Rankers as well.) In other words, Baam and company fighitng a Ranker is an incredible challenge from the underdogs. Of course, you are a betting person, you should generally bet on the main char- (gets gagged)

Anyway, although he's a Ranker in a remote location, Delete is not a weak ranker. I hope you enjoy this fight between Regular and Ranker.

We see Hatsu being amazed at White's sword. They have opposite personalities, but it seems like he respects White as a swordsman. Honestly, it would be pretty hard to not respect him. Aries are an object of envy for Swordsmen, and White was once one of the strongest among them. Of course, ever since the Hell Train he's become very powerful.

In the last scene we see Tonky and Kallavan face off against each other. It seems Tonky and Kallavan has similar pasts. Kallavan respects Tonky, and as such he will beat him up with one arm. Well, I don't know who he's fooling, but the battle will continue next week.

This week and next week's chapter has a slightly different order of events from the previews. I thought this flow made more sense in the grand scheme of things, but there is no change in content ^^; I guess in building up the narrative I have concerns, and I personally want to go more intensely into the detailed progression, but I hope you enjoy what's coming.

And good news: both book 1 and book 2 have been sold out, so we're going into additional printing. Although this is late and this may fall short from your expectations, thank you and thank you so much for these results. _ _ A portion of the proceeds will go to children or those less fortunate, and the rest will go into the Feed SIU Yummy Food Foundation haha. I hope I will get to publish more volumes as I get time, so we can continue printing more. Thank you ㅠㅠ

Then next week, I will come back with Kallavan and Tonki in combat, along with Team Baam, and White with Hatsu.

Although I may come up short, I hope you have a happy healthy, and plentiful week.

Thank you!!
This week, the fight between Kallavan and Tonki began. The fight didn't take up too much of the chapter, but Tonki is still a High Ranker-level individual. It's just that Kallavan is too strong... Those with an eye for references would have gotten it, but [눈치채신 분들은 채셨겠지만 톤키의 이름은 피구왕통키에서 가져온게 맞습니다 +키 (Korean animation Reference here, To be translated and explained later.) ] It was a cartoon I used to really like when I was a kid. Now that I look back though, it was really tragic, people dying and losing their dads over dodgeball. Of course, that happens with cards or spinning tops too haha.

The fight between Baam and Delete marks the beginning of Baam fighting Rankers as a routine hehe. We haven't seen Baam at full power in Season 3 yet, so even though he's facing off a Ranker, he's thinking of it as practice. Of course, for Regulars, Rankers are a big challenge and a mountain to climb.

At the end, we see Kallavan and White facing off as we close. Although in this arc we don't have a fight between two strong people yet, perhaps White the Boastful would live up to his reputation as a (former) Slayer... Of course, even within the Tower, a Corps Commander is a symbol of the unfellable hehe, but Kallavan coincidentally also now gets a shiny (former) in front of his title, so hehe. Looks like this is the beginning of the fight between White and Kallavan.

The weather got cold recently, but today's been an exception. I recently bought an airpod, and although I don't normally use use Apple products due to the price, the Airpod certainly is worth the price (doesn't change the fact that it's expensive though haha.) Sometimes I work outside, and I want to not have to deal with the outside noises: That's when the Airpod really helps. Now that I wrote that down, it feels like I'm paying to write an item review. Anyway, as a house bachelor, along with my humidifier and my dryer, this is in my list of top 3 best purchases.

Also, this week is Christmas. The donation I talked about previously will be done on Christmas in its celebration. It won't be much, but I will donate items people need here and there. Now that I think about it, my life has been one where I received beyond my ability, and yet only now I realize that with this greed and worry that's accumulated in my life over the years, it has become hard to even share the small things. I thank you all readers who have given me this chance to reflect. With your family, with your loved ones, with a Kevin (T/N: SIU wut) and with Tower of God, I wish you all a warm Merry Christmas, with love.

I'll be back next week with White and Kallavan. I always try to show improvement, but it is certainly a difficult task.

Have a happy and healthy week.

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This week: we saw a continuation of Baam and White's battles. On Baam's front, he's fighting like his position again for the first time in a while. Being able to attack and defend against Rankers properly is a sign that Team RaKhunBaam is becoming stronger as a whole. Of course, except for Baam there aren't any Regulars that can face off against a Ranker directly, but Rak and Khun both have abilities not often seen by Rankers. I hope this battle shows that they can be significant variables now.

You may think that the main party has been developing rather slowly, but having this underdogs fighting gigantic enemies is Tower of God's thing, so I hope I can bring that out to the best that I can. Well, Baam is not an underdog in his weight class no more if he uses the Thorn or uses Shinwonryu, but it just looks like it because he is fighting enemies that are much stronger than him it feels that way ^^; Baam is self aware to the point where he treats this as training. He knows his end goal after all.

The battle between White and Kallavan is at a bigger scale than RaKhunBaam's fight, but unlike the battle at the Last Station where they spammed AoE attacks, they're focused solely on killing each other. Well, if they were both at full power this would go from being a battle to a natural disaster...;; It seems that White has pulled out a new sword of sorts that can damage Kallavan. Will White the rash be able to back up his bluff... please stay tuned ^^ Oh, there are extra panels added since the preview release.

This is the last afterwords for 2019. This thought comes back every year, but when I end a year, I can only think "How did I withstand another whole year". That's how hard it is to post year-round. Next year marks 10 years of Tower of God. Haha, I've been doing this hard work for a long time now.

Actually, ever since I started to have neck problems this year, I was worried because I was just coming out of a hiatus and I had a lot of content to go through how I would withstand it. Even now I'm taking prescription painkillers for my neck, back, and wrist pain as I work. And even disregarding being ill, having a lot of regrets in your work is something difficult to withstand.

Personally I took this year as the foundation for season 3 next year as I worked. A webtoon is a living creature in that it doesn't always turn out the way you plan it to be, but I will work hard so next year I can show you something better. Well everyone, enjoy the rest of your 2019, and have a happy, healthy, and warm week.

Good job everyone for a good 2019, I'm forever grateful. I will come back 2020 with a cockier yet White and Kallavan. See you next week. And for all your encouragement, constructive criticism, and love for a work so shortcoming, truly truly I say:

Thank you!
This week's chapter is mostly battle scenes, so I will keep the summary short hehe

We see White and Kallavan's fight continue. We'll see White's sword take multiple forms. Right now, this form is specialized in making precise strikes with an extremely quick blade, and while it did make hits and hurt Kallavan at first, but after Kallavan started using the Essence of the Nothingness in full swing, it doesn't work any more. Kallavan's out of White's class as is rightnow it seems now, hehe.

Looking back, it shows you just how not just Ha Jinsung, who opened up full power Kallavan's belly, but also Baam who dealt some damage to Kallavan. Baam's offensive power is already quite something, but it also works on all tiers of enemies. Of course, you can't say White is weaker than Baam, but Baam's one attack seems more powerful in that it damaged Kallavan.

Anyway, while White is being beaten up like that, Canne ends up releasing the seal, and Dowon is awakened.

Dowon's awakening in particular, I must give my thanks to my assistants. If I was able to do better, it could have turned out better, but this kind of scene is very Tower of God.

With Dowon awakened, will a round 2 begin with Dowon against Kallavan, or will Kallavan be able to convince Dowon to join his side? I hope you look forward to next week hehe.

These days, my back has been hurting when it hadn't been for a while now. I was finally recovering from neck pains from therapy and exercise, and now I have twofold pain. Because drawing is a lot of looking down and bending down, a lot of problems come from there. It's a particuarlly sensitive part once injured, so I will try to manage it well as I upload, and if it doesn't look like it is going to get better, I may take a break. I thought I would at least make it so I would be an author that uploads regularly, but I am sorry to always keep giving you bad news about my health.

Anyway, we have a new year ^^ Let's put all the negatives of the last year in the past, and I hope only good things happen this year, and that everyone stays healthy and happy. I will do my best to stay healthy and happy, bringing you good webtoons as an author. I hope this year's content in particular will be fun.

Well then, I will be back next week with Dowon the awakened! Thank you for stopping by this week ^^

Have a blessed new year!

Thank you _ _
Baam's fight finally ends. Baam used metamorphosis and shinsoo together. It wasn't a bloodmatch, but Baam told Delete that they are stronger, and Delete told Baam that he is stronger. There's a lot of variables at play in this fight, and a Ranker's skills depend on their weapons or abilities, so Baam can't be put on Ranker tier with just this one fight, but this does show with proper support, he can face off against a regular Ranker and surpress them. In terms of balance and the opponents Baam face, it is difficult to have many Baam vs Ranker fights, and due to the time frame at work here, the ends of the two fights had to coincide rougly, so it may have been rough in the middle, so I am sorry to the readers that felt uncomfortable with it. Sometimes, I have to push on stories for the reasons I can't help, and it is hard on me too. Please be more understanding.

In summary, in the fight between Baam and Delete, Baam got the upper hand, and it indeed was accomplished without the power of the Thorn, but this doesn't necessarily put Baam as equal to a Ranker in power. There was a lot of conditions in play such as support from Khun and Rak, among other things I tried to emphasize, but if they felt unnatural, that is my bad. There will be more fights with Rankers however, and although for Regulars Rankers are a wall they cannot overcome (except for Baam, who as an irregular can now consider it perhaps possible), and Baam will definitely face rankers beyond Delete, so Baam will continue to be the underdog and face increasingly more difficult fights.

Dowon, attacks Baam while mentioning a Captain. Looking at the reason for attacking Baam, it seems Kel Hellam and Dowon are quite similar. That captain in the flash back... he's all covered up, but he looks a bit like Wangnan hehe. You've seen that face around often, huh haha. He looks a bit like the Zahard you saw from the hidden floor, so I hope you look forward to his identity.

Now, this is the 9th new year since I started Tower of God, with 10th anniversary this year, but I feel like I have more to say and yet at the same time less to say. A work is ultimately made to be enjoyed, but it becomes are arduous journey when you try to have value beyond it. 10 years may feel long or short depending on the circumstances, but I want to enjoy it a bit more, with readers that enjoy it. I will work... I mean try to enjoy it more, because it's work I like.

Then next week, I will come back with our Irregular main character, who freshly blocked Dowon's attack. Sometimes Baam looks really weak and sometimes insanely strong.. what are you Baam..? Anyway, I will be back with him next week ^^

Then, take care of your throats despite all the fine dust in the air, and have a happy and healthy week. I will be back, healing up and still drawing up chapters

Have a happy week!

Thank you
This chapter continues when Dowon attacked Baam. I think the snake and Hockney crew that came for Dowon.. is the point. The Captain is a mysterious fellow. It seems somehow he knew that Baam was Irregular... How Dowon will decide with that in mind... remains to be seen. We also see the story fro the other walls. In the fight between Yama and Yasracia, Yasracia doesn't seem to like fighting that much. Well, he IS a corps commander, so he would be pretty strong. He makes a bargain between the lives of the Houndborn and Yama's own life. Well, there's not too much credibility to Yasracia's words, so it's hard to believe that he would let the Houndborn live even if Yama did give up his own life haha.]

We also see the story of what's going on in the Walls, and unlike the other wall, this one seems to have people that want to awaken the hero. It looks like things will go differently than it did to Dowon... It looks like the one sealed in here is Cha, as seen in Dowon's flashback.

The awakening of the hero will go faster than it did for Dowon. Probably by the next chapter.

It looks like all the pieces of the battlefield are together, I hope you look forward to what kinda story continues from here ^^

Actually, when I run in to a conundrum during work, I develop insomnia over it, which makes things difficult for me, but after the last few days of feeling dopey on medication, I was able to sleep well .. -_- Now that I'm not taking it anymore... I kinda miss it in a weird way;; I should try harder to sleep normally starting today. Sleep is important ^^;

Now, all of you have a healthy week, and I hope you have happy dreams as you sleep every night. I will come back next week with Yama and Yasracia's Walls. I will work hard for another week.

Have a happy week, I'll see you next week.

Thank you! _ _
This week. We have the story of awakening the hero from the other wall. They call them heroes, but the ones sealed are really more so sacrifices. Kel Hellam perhaps wanted to use the houndborn to protect the walls in order to honor them. Compared to Dowon, this wall had their hero released pretty quickly to, so it may feel ab it rushed. There's also a bit of Cha's own personality to it haha

Actually, this chapter had a lot of files from a while back (This chapter was worked on before Dowon's side). Since we have multiple sides, a couple of these scenes are made in advance when the otherside isn't quite ready yet. which is a big distinction from print manhwa/manga as opposed to webtoons. It seems like a comfortable world we live in. but this comfort can sometimes nag on to a person, making people spend a lot of energy in the editing process. If you organize it by the time period, you see a lot of "oops" moments, and sometimes you get unsatisfactory results, which puts you in a bind. But it is a lot easier to work digitally than analogue. We gotta thank technology. Now if only authors could develop like technology haha.

Anyway. The battle at the wall is over, and the hero is released. Cha seems to have met this "Captain"/"Boss" too. In some regards, The Captain/ The Boss seems to have predicted the same fate. Kel Hellam saw bits and pieces of that fate, so that's how Yama and Yasracia ended up meeting. Cha promises to himself that he will serve Baam, and well... now I'm jealous of Baam, getting someone to serve him without doing anything. We also get the division commanders for the 5th Corps, and now we have a Team Yama vs 5th Corps match being set up. How will the battle flow... I hope you stay tuned ^^

I hope you are all enjoying your Lunar New Year holidays. I as usual stayed home, unable to visit my parents and working. This week ended up really busy haha. But the rest of my team was able to spend their time off, so I'm thinking that perhaps this was a great change for the market. I'm thinking of it positively.

Thanks you all of you, the webtoon market is growing and things are looking good for us, but this still isn't easy work. There's a lot of you that like what we do, but many of you are giving us criticisms of parts we came short on, and I am grateful for that. Of course, the creation of a work is matter of reality, which has many variables, and an author is the one most aware of it, so as an author, instead of saying a lot of words, showing it through action, and being able to maintain the physical and mental health to perform those actions well is the only way for the work to improve. I thank all of you both cheering me on and giving me constructive criticisms. I hope through my work each week gives many of you a bit of happiness.

And the returning segment: The Disease of the Week (how did I get here;;) I still have a throat cold, so I got a stronger medication, but it still isn't going away;; Beacuse of the throat cold medication and the antibiotics, I've been feeling drowsy and powerless (;;;), which is hard, and I'm scared because I'm not healing even though I had medication *shivers*. I want to stop taking antibiotics... I want to get better soon.

That will be it for my afterwords. My readers. I hope you enjoy your Lunar New Year holidays. I will be back next week with the stories from within the walls. How will Dowon's and Cha's story progress with Baam... I hope you look forward to it.

Have a happy and healthy week.

Thank you!!
This chapter has the story of the other wall, unlike last week. We have Dowon's story be the center of the story: personally, I wanted Dowon and Cha's story to be more so about the idea of war, and the conflicts and themes that could develop from war, more so than for Baam's story. Of course, many people have different opinions on this, but for me, the critical reason why Dowon and Cha's path split was because the people who protected the seal had two different mindsets. Cha's seal maintained in order to stop the sacrifices just as Cha wanted and to protect Dowon's will, whereas Dowon's seal was maintained to maintain a life of greed by squandering peace... Dowon who received those memories would be definitely hesitant to fight Zahard's Armies. Personally I would have hated both sides hehe. Anyway, I wanted to express that ultimately, it was the hearts of the two peoples defending the walls that changed the paths of their heroes. Of course, one may say Dowon's values are inconsistent, but this Dowon is one who received a whole host of memories that Dowon before the seal hadn't had, and perhaps the true hope of Dowon, even prior to becoming sealed, may have been living a life free from war or society and nation. As Dowon says herself, Kallavan already has enough power to defeat everyone in the Walls, including the Rankers and Baam's team, so in some regards, Dowon is staying true to her past self and trying to move on into a new life. Of course, the story of Cha and Dowon continues, so I hope you pay attention to them.

Also, Baam finally learns of where Ha Jinsung is being kept, and we have the name of the place. It's called the "Nest", and visually it's quite frightful. Wherever they fight, the snake looks like it's going to be hard to draw (....) it's probably going to be our next battlefield.

And now with the weekly corner for the afterwords: The Disease Update: I still have the throat cold.-_- I changed hospitals and drugs, but this is lasting a whole month hehe. The times are the times so I haven't been going out often, but I am going to the clinic again tomorrow and try to find a surefire cure this time. For me, it's less so a cold but more of throat inflammation, but everyone please watch out for the cold. During times like these especially.

That's all for this week.

We got information about the next battlefield (The Cage), and Dowon took off with Kallavan so I hope you look forward to seeing what kind of trails Baam suffers, and how he overcomes.

Self-management is a skill, so I will try to work hard while trying to come back healthy and without a throat cold. Everyone, please make sure to have a mask when you go out, and stay healthy, please.

All of you have a happy and healthy week.

Thank you!
This chapter..

Ultimately, the battle at the Walls by the Cage ends like this. Well, this battle is not necessarily the beginning but more of a lead into the next battle, so it ended up dragging on more than anticipated. I mean, there are two whole walls. Since a lot of stories were going on at the same time, so things may have gotten confusing, but thank you to those who managed to keep up.

Kel Hellam is about as useful as a corpse in this battle haha. Is he really the one that faced off Evankhell and Yama last time? Actually, if Kel Hellam was able to actually do anything, Yasratcia and the 5th Corps/Army would be at a disadvantage. However, The Great and Mighty King Zahard decided that won't do and hits Kel Hellam with a balance patch. I mean, let's all forget about the fact that Zahard broke the balance to begin with... The MVP of this battle is not Yasracia or the Catborn, but Zahard himself.

Zon's death was planned from the start, but I think a lot of you who have been loving the Houndborn seem to be upset that both Zon and Gado died. This story is in part a story of Yama's growth, so I hope you look forward to how Yama rallies the survivors after his second and third in command died. I don't like killing characters, but the genre is the genre, so I have to do it often ㅠ

Ultimately, since there were a lot of unseen variables suddenly come into play in a manner disadvantageous to Evankhell and Yama, it's hard to say who won between Yama and Yasracia, or the Cage against the 5th Army. Actually, having the entirety of the Houndborn suddenly get mind controlled was such a huge liability. Perhaps the coming battles will help determine who would have won.

As an author, I have a feeling the Nest Arc will become rather too big of a scale for a weekly release work, so I am quite worried. Sometimes I want to find an excuse and take a break but haha. I will try my best.

And as many of you may already know, but the Tower of God Animation has been anounced. Actually, I didn't know that they were really gonna do it until they announced it haha. I did have a few meetings and heard the progress reports every once in a while, but it seemed like it felt so far away.... Getting an anime for a webtoon doesn't happen often like it getting a TV Series or a Movie... There's almost no cases where it actually worked out. Actually, I don't have too many expectations, I am just happy I get to see RaKhunBaam live hehe. 10 years of working on one work, and you suddenly get a whole anime.

Now that I've given you good news, I will go back to working ^^. Also, on the weekly illness report, I'm starting to have doubts this is a throat cold. I'm going to see get seen by internal medicine instead of the ENT.

Now, I, having increased in value thanks to a whole anime being produced (LIES), will come back next week with Yama, who has lost many Houndborn, and Baam. How will Yama and Baam forge through? Stay tuned. I hope you all stay healthy and have a good week. See you next time!

Thank you^^


On the anime production: This anime was picked among a variety of webtoons by investors overseas, made a contract for the copyright, and being produced (may not be exact). I thought it would be aired outside of Korea first, but apparently, it's going to be simultaneously released in US Korea and Japan. They told me it would be overseas first... haha.... At least I hope this anime project gets a good reaction, so that other webtoons get animes as well. I hope that day comes. So please don't look at is as just a Tower of God thing, but as a part of the direction the entire webtoon world is heading, and I hope you support the animated release and get excited for it. Me, the ever so pitiful getting this opportunity is all thanks to you. Thank you _ _ I hope only good things come from now on.
As I've said earlier, I'll try to tone down on talking about the chapter in the previews for a while. It gets long and hard to read, and it takes away from the freedom of interpretation from the work ^^; (Also it takes a long time to write haha)

The story continues after Yasracia killed more than half of the Houndborn. It seems like Yasracia has become the official villain of the 3rd Season thus far. I hope you guys don't get the wrong idea; I am not a cat person or a dog person, because I don't have either(...)

We see Baam's party talk about The Nest. The Nest may be a more esoteric place than one may expect. Hard to draw too (...)

We have Hwaryeon show up for the first time in a while. Prettiest among the S1 Regulars, word of god bois. Haha.

This chapter is... it's all a big ploy to make the fresh idol Baam into a super star, schemed up by Hwaryeon the dark manager and Khun Entertainment HQ (...) or something like that hahaha. I hope next week brings good results.

Actually, I don't like being outside, but last week there were some errands I had to take care of, and there was also a Fan Cafe meet up (TN: SIU WAIIII) so I went outside for a bit. I think I spoke too long there hehe. I got sentimental from all the age haha. I heard a lot of stories, so it was a good time. Thinking back, someone who was a student a few years ago showed up again as an adult, I love that kinda stuff. It's hard to look and love something for such a long time. I am thankful for everyone who loves both my work and all of the work's chracters. To those coming from afar and those cheering me on from the distance, thank you so much, all of you. I hope that this year too I will be able to display in return the good things, and a good webtoon, for all the love you've shown me.

And the quintessential corner of the day, Illness Time! I want to kill the throat inflammation (...)

Some are telling me I have pharyngitis qq I was too busy to go to the hospital this week, but I really do need to see an internal physician because I'm keep feeling unwell qq

Anyway, here's to the author that is becoming the spirit of Mondays ever, the work, and to all of you who are getting older with me, thank you for coming to see me this week too.

Well, I'll be back next week with the hot issue idol of the Regulars Baam. Have a happy, peaceful, and healthy week everyone! See you next week!

Thank you _ _
Hello, this is SIU. Today's doodle is like a campaign poster^^; Since the whole nation is in a state of emergency over the Corona virus, I drew this while worrying about my dear readers. We're seeing that it spread to a lot of people and people have already passed away, which is heartbreaking, but I hope that all of you guys take care of yourselves and stay healthy. Having a healthy body is the best!

This week, we have the fight between Baam and the Test Ranker ending. We had a lot of Rankers being shown lately so you may not feel the full impact, but it is huge in the Tower of God world that a Regular beat a Ranker. The moment that happens, you are essentially proving that you are of another world.

Well, probably from Baam's bravery, we're seeing preparations for battle happening. A lot of content got packed in there, I hope you guys enjoyed that. All that happened and now we have Baam and Hwaryun at the gates.

The walls around The Nest are really really huge... Actually, it's really hard to draw something that fits your initial vision. Since we're working on a weekly release, and we're working very quickly, whenever I'm thinking up of these grand scale scenes, I think to myself "I kinda wanna draw it like this, I'm sure it will all work out haha", then cry tears of blood, and that happens every time (and these days, my assistants cry with me...) I often pray that we can end this arc without collapse from overexertion hehe. Well, every work has different values or direction they go after, but right now, drawing out the lore from my imagination may be difficult but it is my job that I ultimately enjoy, and I do hope that I can maintain that for Tower of God.

Anyway, this battle is at a Army Corps-level battle, so the concept is set around the massive battlefield. The great walls that Baam and Hwaryun face, Zahard's Armies and those who oppose them. I hope you look forward to the battle that is to come.

Today's illness... my Pharyngitis (that is what it apparently is called) is still not going awa, hahaha. I looked it up, and I hear many saying it's normal for it to last this long, and I'm worried about going to the hospital right now, so I've been staving it off for a while now, but even while it's getting better, it comes back whenever I get even a bit stressed qq. If it doesn't go away this week though, I think I'll have to go get seen again.

Well then everyone, like I said earlier, health is the first, second, and third most important thing, so please take good care of it (not that I'm the one to talk), have a happy healthy week, and I will be back next week with Baam, who looks like he's going to fight a war in space. Stay healthy, I will see you next week!

Thank you!!

PS: To all of you self-employed people of Korea, things look tough right now, but stay strong!

Hello, this is SIU.

Today is March 1st, so RaKhunBaam gets to draw the Korean National Flag. Surprisingly, each one of them has their colors in the flag. It's a coincidence, and I'm shook.... well not quite, but it does remind me of those who protected our nation, especially when our nation is going through hard times. Patriotism is not something that is easy to display in times of crisis. I think it's because of those who did manage the herculean feat that our nation is where it is today.

This chapter will be summarized briefly. Baam arrives at the battlefield, and we see a familiar face. Mr. Charlie, not sure if you know him (...) back at the Last Station, people kept calling him by his job title, so people may not remember his name (Well, there weren't exactly any flags set for his return). This guy is actually a quite elite Ranker compared to the Test Ranker. He's like a guy that passes the Civil Service exam in his 20's. It's hard for me to say because I don't know too much about how the Civil Service Exam works and the Tower is much larger that Korea, so a 1 to 1 comparison is not really feasible. There's so many rankers across multiple fields, there's a lot of gaps in the myriad of skills between them.

Anyway, Elite Ranker Charlie vs Baam. Despite being against a Ranker, he fends him off expertly, which surprises the military. It's like seeing a kid genius from a TV show. It's scary to see such unbelievable talent. Hwaryeon's great at making Baam's image in that regard.

And while the vision is turned away, Evankhell and Karaka launch a surprise assault on Zahard's Army, and the Cage following them. Yama declares the battle started at the battlefield before the chapter ends. The ship was renovated a bit, and you'll see why later.

These days, since we have a lot of ships, so we're doing a lot of 3D work, and I must thank my 3D designer and helpers who do their best to reflect the initial design. They fill in a lot of my gaps I have and lets me continue the webtoon. Anyway, This battle will make many suffer, in and out of canon haha. Due to the topic the scale has grown bigger, but the story itself I'll try to keep simple. I think we will mostly keep looking at battles of important characters and the backgrounds.

Each wall will have a different type of battle, but it seems that in the initial phase, we'll have a war of attrition, haha.

And as for the disease of today... It seems that my illness that wasn't going away despite the Pharyngitis medication is getting better finally after taking some meds for esophagitis. Not by much, but at least there's a reaction, so there's hope qq. I'm trying my best to not cough too much and taking care of it.

The physical release proceeds came in last month, so I donated 1 million Korean wons (TN: <10k USD) to the people of Daegu, who are suffering from COV19. Additional funds were donated to other regions as well. Thanks to all of you who bought the books I was able to do something meaningful like this. I bow in thanks _ _ (I'm working on and off on the next book, sorry to keep you all waiting for so long)

Although the times are touch these days, I hope all of you have a happy and healthy week, stay clean, please keep your masks on. I will be back next week with Baam and the dogs of war. Stay healthy and happy. Thank you, see you next week! _ ^ ^

Hello, this is SIU. Today I drew Viole riding a big dog. Actually, I wanted to show a panel from one of the 4 panel extras from the next physical release, but it's not ready yet, so I'll try next week. It's not much so don't get yourself too worried up over it hehe..

This week, we continue the story in front of the Tower. Karaka and Evankhell is fighting hard, but the Cage seem to be unable to come in.

By the way, the 4th Army Corps was able to get in because when receiving allies, the 1st walls move to the side to the four directions, widening the gap. I thought about adding it into the release, but I thought it was TMI, and I thought it was visually apparent, so I cut that.

Anyway, while the Cage is stuck in front the first walls, we see Kel Hellam. He's got maxed stats but useless against Zahard's Army... He lets the Cage through the first wall with a flashback. Actually, I had to be very careful about how I layed this scene out, because it wasn't just someone teleporting but a masdive Cage. Like the walls from last time, it took a lot of hands and needed full cooperation with my assistants, so it took a lot of work. The scene went through many hands, so i hope it came out well.

Thanks to Kel Hellam the Cage makes it within the 1st Wall, and just as we are about to start the main battle, we see a Lo Po Bia Branch Head show up with a giant bird at the end. Looks like we're gonna see them fight next week.

[Phrasing Related Comment that won't make sense in English about the word Branch Head]

And we have a giant bird, and I was asked why we don't have a giant dog for the Houndborn... By someone. Well... It's hard to draw (...) and if Yama rode one it would look like he's some primative bushman, and if you give dogs to people that aren't Anima normally, it's be just a dog that's chilling with Yama hehe. Actually it would be pretty cool if Mr. Kang Hyeong-wuk came out and tried to train the Houndborn. I mean sure, he'd die at a touch, but he is the president of dogs, so perhaps he can be Anima of Dogs too.

Hehe enough with the weird talk. I hope you guys look forward to the continued battle in the Nest, and how they fare against a Branch Family Head and his giant bird ^^

I always fall short of expectations, but when in an arc like this where I have to constantly bring out something from my imagination, I encounter a lot of obstacles beyond what I expect. I wish I could do better. If you guys enjoy reading and cheer me on to improve on my shortfalls, I would be very grateful.

On the Disease of the Week: I stop coughing when I take the medication, but when I stop it comes back. It's hard to fix chronic coughing. Entire, please take care of yourself while you're healthy. Thankfully my symptoms are not corona related.

Anyway, although the nation is caught up with troubles this season, I hope everyone has a happy and healthy week. I will come back next week with Yama and Baam, fighting hard in a hectic battlefield

Thank you!

See you healthy next week!

Hello, this is SIU.

This week, like I said last week, is a cut from one of the 4-cut-strip comics I'm putting into book 4. Since it's one part of four, there's more hehe. I mean, there's not much to them either (...) I'm just making something that you guys can enjoy. So please... look... forward to book 3 and 4...

Keuk... There's been some spoilers I accidentally dropped before I made an edit here qq. I am sorry qq. Pretending that nothing happened (like Men in Black), I'll summerize this chapter. We have an explanation of why Yama brought the Cage here, to launch a giant needle to break the walls. Cha brings a ship to Baam. Phew, it's not easy to rewrite this stuff

This week, Khun and White looked both evil. They're like bleach...

I'll leave off the summary of this week's chapter here!

I should probably slow down with the previews, especially when my health's at the limit... The previews make things hard for people huhu q

On the Disease of the Week...

This chronic cold (which is the new name I'm calling it) isn't going again. It only goes away for a moment while I'm still taking medication. Others are telling me to take a break and exercising makes it easier, but that's the hard part qq. Ever since I started Season 3, I've been having waist and neck pains too, so I guess I'm a full house combo. Heuk.

Anyway, everyone take care, and I'll try my best to keep my body healthy to keep my mind healthy. Actually, even without considering the body, it's hard to keep your mind healthy. I hope that whatever difficulties we face that we can stay happy.

Next week, I will be back with Khun and White the spawn of darkness, and Baam who doesn't know any better.

Stay healthy and have a good week!

And as always, thank you! _ _

신의탑 3부 54화 후기


Hello, this is SIU _ _

For this week's doodle, I drew Paul. Personally, I think the name Baylord Paul is a "green" name (I'm not sure why tho). Since he's the youngest brother, it's very different to see him interacting with others and interacting with his brothers: In front of others he is a scary High Ranker, but when he's with his brothers he's absolutetly harmless and gets scared easily. He's that kind of a character.

With that incident from last week, I decided not to talk about the contents of the chapter in the blog posts, at least for the next few weeks. Actually I've been very busy these days and the uploads are going pretty tight, and now that with the newfangled preview system there is a delay between the main chapter too, so I think rather than make room for mistakes again, I'll just keep the blog short, talking about the work in general, or news or simply how I'm doing. If you were looking for lore, I'm sorry. But because I have a few bits of news incoming, so it won't be boring for you guys either hehe.

Since weekly release is very time consuming, a lot of things end up happening hehe. If you think about it, I don't know how much of the time I spent while uploading this actually for myself... And even if I spend a lot of time, it doesn't always produce the best work. Haha... it can be shortcoming at times. An author doesn't just write or draw, but he also has to be one in charge of managing the studio, contracts, copyright issues, issues that arise with the assistants.. a lot of complex things. All of this problem solving and hard work over the span of the week is what gets passed to you guys, and that is what keeps you guys happy and gives everything value. Not easy though haha.

It's fun to draw High Rankers fighting each other, but that's so much more work. I have to differentiate the types of Shinsoo, the transformations for various characteres... Although the actual lore and the visuals can end up being different, I still want people to be able to get "this is a High Ranker".

And this week, I still suffer Esophagitis that pretends to be pharyngitis heheqq. When I talked to my mother about my health, she told me that father ended up having a major bout of illness after my symptoms. "Why are you taking all the bad things after him"(...) She told me that I need to live without being stressed, but that's not easy. Anyway, a lot of you have been giving me advice on the solution, so I've been trying this and that. Thank you _ _

Anyway, all of you, I hope you guys stay healthy and happy, especially during these times when COVID 19 makes the entire world suffer. I will wrap it up here (I didn't make any mistakes here, right? hehe)

Well, then next week, I will come back next week with Paul on the battlefield and Baam.

See you next week!

Thank you this week too!수정됨_55.jpg?type=w773

Hello this is SIU. As you can see, the doodle this week is.. haha... I've been drawing a lot of 4 panel cartoons these days (Adio: YAAAAS)

Getting an anime itself is an honor and a good thing, but as an author, whenever this kinda stuff is happening, I am half joyed, but also half worried. Exciting either way. But that's for the author, not you guys, so I hope at least you guys are able to be 100% joyful for both the webtoon and the anime ^^. I'm happy to see Season 1 RaKhunBaam running around.

I know everyone's getting cabin fever over the Corona virus. I wanted to go flower seeing this spring, but I'm busy and the times are the times, so I decided against it. At least the apartment has cherry trees, so that's my compensation for my heart hehe. At times like these, working from home feels like a blessing.

I'm not sure if it's because it's getting warmer, or if the medication is working, but it seems my esogophitis and laryngitis is improving. Just that my wrist isn't doing too well again these days qq. I've been using the left handed mouse and keeping the strain minimal, but I need to take better care of it.

Like last week, I will skip talking about what happens in the chapter this week. But on my comment for the chapter, I saw how scary a Company Commander can be when they were at the promotion window... But once he failed, he only was a shell of his former self (...) He used to be full of energy normally so I'm pretty sure he's doing well somewhere.

Anyway, now that spring is here, I hope you guys take walks in uncrowded areas, enjoy some sun. Next week, I will be back with the Invincible Company Commander Promotable Kallavan, and the irregular former service member Baam (see the Army special).

Stay healthy, enjoy your week!

Thank you _ _수정됨_56_(2).jpg?type=w773

Hello, this is SIU. This week's afterword doodle is a couple of diagrams on the recent characters with explanations. Nothing too important, but thought you guys might be curious.

In Kallavan's case, He uses two coats to hide is bound arm. As it says in the picture, "The coat is attached by a pin" to the shoulder so that it won't come off, but if the battle gets going, it really should fall off haha. But it's hard to draw, and with his arm tied down, this looks visually better, so I just like to think of it as a super duper powerful clip when I draw him.

On Lepavuv, her rifle is "modified for sniping" but it isn't just a sniper rifle. Lorewise, if she swaps out the buttstock and the barrel, she can use it for assault. Since the gun was built to be super long, her firing position looks weird, because it ends up so that "she fires while holding on to the buttstock" . "The scope is connected to an Observer": This is not because she's a Scout, but it's an assist item that helps with sniping.

This week's content... I did get some feedback during the previews, and it was difficult to not talk about it, but as you'll see next week, Lepavuv is not a High Ranker that threatens the current balance. Actually, her ability has a lot of conditions that considering her rank. It's like going into an FPS and giving the sniper just two shots in the match. It's like that. Despite her rank, she can't be like Evankhell and utterly dominate the battlefield like Lu Bu (TN: Romance of the Three Kingdoms reference). Somehow this chapter became a very cliff-hangery chapter ^^; as this battle continues next week, please stay tuned.

Last Wednesday we had the first premier of the anime. I hope you enjoyed seeing my kids animated. As an author, the most important thing for me is that all of you enjoy the work. I just hope that this animation will be a great fun gift for all of my dear readers and now watchers too.

Actually, these days a lot of those around me are having trouble with the Corona-virus. I'm normally used to staying home all day, but even I'm starting to get cabin fever too hehe. I hope the day comes when everyone can be outside without worrying about their health like normal one day.

Personally, my laryngitis has been improving, perhaps thanks to the weather, but my wrist has worsened, so I worry and I'm trying to take care of myself too.

I hope you all have a happy and healthy week once again, don't miss the animation premiering this Wednesday, and I will be back next week with the fighters in the Nest.

Stay happy and healthy, see you next week!

Thank you _ _수정됨_57.jpg?type=w773



This week's doodle is muscular form Evankhell. Although it is the case with Rak too, it seems that there's a lot that compress their bodies under the authorization of an Administrator. I wish I could compress all the fat I've been gaining recently hehe.

Continuing from last week, I'm not feeling good today and I have some work left to do, so I'll keep the aftwerwords short. I am truly grateful for all of my readers, including those who cheer me on, tell me good things, and even those who give me bitter words. Next week I'll try to get better so I can meet you in better health haha. I hope that one day I will be able to write that I've never felt better. Won't be easy but I'll try.

In these times, everyone should encourage one another, be each other's strengths. I hope you all have a happy and healthy week. I will be back next week with the muscular warriors of the battlefield.

Thank you

See you next week ^^수정됨_58.jpg?type=w773

Hello, this is SIU.

This week's doodle is a portion of art that will be going into the Line Webtoon app 7 year anniversary. Well, for me, all I can do always is giving my best for the chapters here every week, but I am truly amazed that my work is being serviced around so many countries worldwide with readers all over, and I'm truly grateful for that. I hope more good works come out in the future so that more and more good works can be shared with everyone.

Like I said last week, I am not feeing too good, and I've been busy, so I will just tell you how I'm doing in this week's afterwords like last week. Yesterday I suddenly had intestinal inflammation to the point where I had to get an IV injection, but thanks to the power of the fluids hehe I am now feeling better enough to move around. Well, It's not like I'm seriously ill just because I'm not doing well, it's just the condition of my body not doing too well, so I'm just reducing stressors outside of work. Please don't worry ^^;

But talking about this chapter briefly.

[SIU puns here]


Well then, I'll be back next week Company Commander Kallavan and Baam.

Have a happy, safe, and healthy week, and I hope you enjoy our anime every wednesday.

I will then see you next week!!

And as always, thank you.

Hello, this is SIU. This week's doodle: [Korean meme I can't translate]

... My apologies.

It's already the last week of April. Now that I think of it, it was last year that I started Season 3, and now even Season 3 is a year old. Time sure does fly. It's flying for both me and this work.

Last week, my health was really terrible, but I'm doing better this week. I was doing catch up work last week, skipping meals and having lower quality sleep. I think this is just an occupational hazard of a webtoon writer. I've been eating a lot of healthy foods, and I think "living a long life" is a pretty good life goal too haha.

Writing just a little bit about this week... when I saw Baam's new blue thing, it made me crave soy crab for some reason, but ever since the corona, I haven't been able to eat soy crab. I can order other foods online, but not soy crab. It creates too much trash, and since I live alone, having trash means eating up a lot of inventory space I can't afford to use. Anyway. I want my soy crab. (wat the hell am I talking about)

So the the metamorphosis that Baam uses is actually a bit different from the metamorphosis used by the Houndborn, so it's not really a transformation like it is in the Houndborn, but Baam utilizing the principles of it to use his powers within.

Anyway, our children are fighting hard in the battlefield. Tower of God as the webtoon has a bigger scale for the side characters than for the mane characters, so regardless of how the story progresses and how big a battle they fight, the kids end up looking like kids. I think that's a good thing.

Now that I think of it, I sometimes go "Is it just me that as I get older I also get weaker," but when I also think about whether I've done my best for this work and my kids, I have many regrets on that front too. I should do better.

I'll leave it a wrap here today, and I'll be back next week. Of course, you'll see the kids one more time on Wednesday with the anime. I hope you enjoy the anime, have a happy and healthy week, and Baam will come back next week with his crabshell with me.

See you next week

Thank you!

Hello, this is SIU. Today for my doodle, I drew Khun, who got the biggest spotlight despite everyone else doing the fighting. Khun is a character that is very efficient with his movements it seems.

Sometimes, I get asked if Khun's the smartest among the Regulars, and I remember in my lore that while Khun is good with situational awareness, so he is good at planning moves ahead or using his opponents against themselves, while Ship Isu is much better at studying. Khun's an elite, but Isu seems to have a lot going on for him too.

The weather is getting hot, but I think this time of the year when it gets really hot is the best time for people to be out doors. In Korea, the corona virus seems to have calmed down, but it worries me that it's still in full swing globally. I hope all of you are staying well.

Actually, I had things to do during the holiday, so I was outside for a bit, and suddenly I got a double nosebleed, which hadn't happened ever in my life before (...) This week, my insomnia's gotten pretty bad to the point where I only got a night or two's worth of proper sleep. My body was already exhausted, but it was a mentally taxing week as well. I bought myself a running machine in my house with big money, so I will try to work out more and try to rejuvenate myself. I will leave the afterwords short here today.

These days, (myself included), a lot of people want to be more happy. I hope rather than sadness, people find happiness, joy, and health.

I will be back next week with a now-emboldened White. I hope you enjoy the anime on Wednesday as well.

Thank you

Have a good week.


Hello, this is SIU.

This week's doodle is Kallavan. I drew him because in some regard he is the main character of the Siege of the First Wall.

A stubborn character like Kallavan isn't too good with office politics. In fact, if a non-Great Family member finds themselves in a high position, they rarely receive good treatment normally in the Tower.

Actually these days, my body hasn't been doing too good, so outside of work I've been trying to minimize the time I spend on the computer screen or sitting, so I'll keep the afterwords this week short too.

Actually, since my afterwords have become like a routine so people end up waiting for it, and I do think that it helps me focus myself after uploading a chapter to prepare for the next, so I've been trying to release at least something short for these.

I hope you guys look forward to next week's battle.

Whatever happened this week, I hope you have a good time this week.

Always stay healthy and happy ^^

Have a good week

I'll see you next time.

Thank you _ _

This week's doodle is White. Since I drew him pretty roughly, he looks a bit loose, kinda like he's covered in blood.

My body is still it's usual today, so the afterword will be short. Personally, White's changed since when I first wrote him out. Originally lorewise, White was supposed to look normal but be a psycho on the inside. But as I put him to the drafts, we had young Hoaqin show up, so I gave him a childish narcissistic personality to him, and as a result, he's a psycho both on the inside and the outside. Considering how the Arie family is so restrictive, I thought it would make sense for someone that abandoned the family to have this kinda personality, so I was enjoying it... As he regains his power, he's becoming more reconciled with the original lore I had for him. He's evil but definitely charming.

Since his first post-full-revival fight is against Kallavan, it may be difficult to see how much stronger he's become, but Kallavan is an Army Corps Commander-tier fighter with a colorful resume, so they're both fantastically powerful.

Baam seems to be up to something, wonder what...

These days, I have a lot going on in my mind. It's like a whole bunch of worries I had for a long time are coming up to the surface slowly. I couldn't say I was perfectly happy, but I thought I was getting close. But at times, I feel I'm getting further away, which can discourage me. I'm getting old, although I haven't reached my midlife crisis yet hehehe. Even if you worry a lot, it doesn't actually do you much good.

I hope you guys, my readers don't have any worries and stay happy and healthy this week. I should work hard to help you all with that, but... that's a pretty big task.

Then I'll be back next week with White and Kallavan fighting, and Baam planning something.

See you next week!

Thank You _ _

Hello everyone, I'll just leave a doodle and a few words today as well.

Today's doodle is Viole. These days, I'm drawing him not as burnt dark as Early S2 Viole... kinda like Baam+Viole. Of course, in terms of strength he's the strongest he's ever been, but now unlike before when he was fighting Regulars, now he fights High Rankers, so relative to his opponants, he's about as weak as he's ever been. Of course he's a growing boy that's also a very quick learner, so we don't know how long that will last ^^; Viole, be it Season 1 or now, is centered around the concept of being a quick learner and absorbing things in growing. Of course now, his Shinsoo Manipulation techniques and Floral Butterfly Resonant Pierce Technique he learned from his two teachers is his core. As I go through the chapters, people have been pointing out that Baam's been learning too many things, so I'm trying to be more mindful of that. However, this is a concept that's been innate to him since the beginning, and there are plants to organize and consolidate his powers, so I hope you would be generously understanding as part of the work's fun to a degree.

May is almost over. May is actually special month for me, but considering my mental and physical health, I'm simply hoping that I can just put in a bit more Hwaiting and push through to end each chapter. Hwaiting for everyone hehe. I hope all of you readers also enjoy the remainder of this month and stay healthy ^^ I will come back next week with Archer Baam.
As always, thank you.
See you next week.

Hello, this is SIU. May is already almost over. My birthday was a short while ago, and a lot of you sent me congratulations. Thank you _ _

I always end up being the one having to thank you all, and I can't do too much for you, so I feel so sorry for that.

This chapter... was hard on not just me but for everyone on the team. We wanted to make the flagship blowing up powerful. We thought it would be a panel too difficult to pull off on a weekly release schedule, but I had a layout I had in mind, so I had the panel sketched out for weeks on my own time. Thankfully because of that we were able to finish it with a surprising amount of time.

With Kallavan coming out from the First Wall, this chapter could have been somewhat of a turning point, so I did give it some extra effort, but it seems that I can't please everyone haha. I just hope that what I had planned out gets through.

This is where I will end the afterwords for this week.


This is the part where the spoilers come in, so if you don't want to read it, you shouldn't. Well, there's nothing too big hehe, but that's how it is.

My preview readers: There will be a hiatus. Actually, I found out after starting Season 3 that I have a neck hernia. I got a simple treatment, but because I went back to right away, now I have a back hernia. It's not too hard to the point where I can't work or too painful, but it does hurt if I sit too long or if I move my body, so I had some pressure to take care of it while working at the same time, so we've been talking about when to take the hiatus.

Over the last few months, my bodily condition fell rapidly, and I had trouble staying mentally fit at the same time, so I decided that taking a hiatus to continue the arc in a more relaxed manner with a better condition would be better. That was what I told higher up, and I was granted the hiatus.

A short rest isn't going to make hernias or arthritis go away, but it would indeed help with my overall healthy, physical and mental through relaxation, and my team thought it would be a good chance for us to all take a little rest to raise efficiency.

I didn't set a duration for a hiatus this time because I don't know when I will be good enough to start uploading again, but also because I want to have more chapters saved up so that if I am not doing well all of a sudden again I can take a bit of a break. As such, although it pains me to say this, but I am entering an indefinite hiatus.

In the chapter, there are a lot of people reading, so I wanted to keep the topic exclusively on the hiatus itself. I am sorry I wasn't able to write more there.

Well, the pre-hiatus and post-hiatus won't look too different. Even now, everyone in the team including myself is working hard for Tower of God, and I know that having a 10 year work this successful isn't easy. So that's why the biggest worry is "What if people think the art will improve after the hiatus" haha. Let's not hold overly high expectations on each other hehe.

But I am still an author, so in order to return better than when I left, I will make reserve chapters on a leisurely basis to make sure my hands stay in shape, and I will rest up and come back prepared!

Outside of the previews, the free release is continuing, and the anime is still airing, so I will keep writing on the blog some words or news from me. It won't be as if nothing happened though ^^;;

Anyway, I am sorry to post a hiatus notice like this, but I will still post how I'm doing and will try to get better soon _ _

Well, I will be back next week with a short afterwords. You all know I always hope for your happiness and health, right? Stay happy, stay healthy, have a good week. Thank you _ _

Hello, this is SIU. For this week's afterwords, I will just post a picture without too much extra. Haha...

This chapter in a sense wrapped up the Battle of the First Wall, and served as a transition to the next wall. Although it's only through silhouette, we do see some old faces hehe.

Recently, I've been thinking about writing a bit more. I do want to talk about a few of the characters that aren't being shown currently. Of course, writing it and having it uploaded are two different stories, but if it looks fun, I'll try to share it on the blog.

Recently, I found a spot near my old home to do something to my hearts content (Adio: SIU can you get any more vaguer then that?), but now that I'm used to Seoul, I'm already finding things that are inconvenient. This is the power of living in Seoul.

Well, I will be back next week with the familiar faces next week. I am trying to write the Afterwords or recent updates still, even if short. I hope you have a good week, and I hope tat you all remain happy and healthy.

See you next week. Thank you!

PS: A bit late, but Tower of God Volume 3 and 4 are out now (Adio: In Korean). As before, you can buy it from online bookstores, so I hope those of you who have been waiting go out and buy them, thank you _ _

Hello, this is SIU. Today, I drew Yasracia a bit dryly. Today's Afterwords will be short too.

When I look at Love, it's not that I crave chicken any more, but I do find that as time goes on even though I do still like chicken, just less so. I remembered my parents not liking fried chicken when I was little;; Perhaps I'm taking after them, but I still want to enjoy my fried chicken hahah.

Mule's got a new hat, wonder if anyone noticed that. I did hear that American Major League Baseball is starting soon. I hope that the Coronavirus calms down so it can start up again safely.

In regards to Kallavan and Baam being on the same boat, which I'm sure many of you predicted... Looks like Kallavan's enemy right now is Lybolic. Lybolic is also a Army Corps Commander, so he's extremely powerful as well. I don't think I need to necessarily redeem all the bad guys, but I don't think the bad guys always need to be against the protagonist at all times. I mean, the protagonist is teaming up with FUG already, so good vs evil in this webtoon is... well... hahaha. Well, I do hope you guys look forward to Kallavan vs Lybolic.

I've been writing a little of the stories I mentioned last week. I'm not trying to be greedy, so I'm just writing about various different ideas on the side for fun. I've been writing about characters we don't see too often these days, if I have something worth sharing, I'll try to at least share a little bit. If not, then not haha.

I will be back next week. I hope you have a happy and healthy week.

Thank you!

Hello, this is SIU. Today, the Battle of the Cage continued, and then we see a hiatus notice at the end... oh dear...

Since this was announced in the previews three weeks ago, most of you who come here normally should know about this hiatus, but after this chapter, I will be going on a Tower of God hiatus for a while. I'm not sure if you guys ready the notice I posted three weeks ago, but if you are curious about the details of this hiatus, I would appreciate it if you could read the bottom portion of the post three week ago.

Like I said, I've been in hiatus mode for three weeks now, so I've been working with a bit more time for breaks. Since this is a mid-arc hiatus, it's impossible to not work outright, and since the story's already structured out, I feel as though me continuing to work on it at a reduced pace would be better for the story. I'm not exactly going around or sleeping all day just because it's a hiatus haha. The only difference is that I'm balancing my work time so that my body isn't put under too much stress. Anyway, I'm working while resting. I will be back once I have enough chapters stored up, and my physical and mental health at manageable levels.

And for me, I'm trying to find relaxation in the hiatus by writing out stories both related to and unrelated to Tower of God (TUS Expanded universe confirmed ?!?!?!) . One of those stories is about Wangnan. Wangnan's story has to connect with the main story to some extant, so even though not immediate, I am considering posting it bit by bit instead of the afterword doodles for a bit, before getting it completely organized and creating a new project for it.

So I've been thinking about it, and what I have below are is the rough draft for the intro to a 4 panel manhwa. Since I want to show you guys at least something in middle of this hiatus, I doodled a bit while not pushing myself.

As you can see, I just made this with the idea of "it would be fun if there was this kinda story. This is a storyline that connects to the main storyline, so I would like for it to continue in great detail hehe, but I'll focus on the main story first, and work on this every once in a while if I remember to.

One of the things I've kept in mind were you readers who continue to cheer me on. I feel sorry you guys, whose been with me for 10 years. As many events happening at the same time, I've had a difficult time physically and mentally, but now that I'm taking a break, I hope to set aside the complicated things, and hope to recharge so I can continue Tower of God as a healthier and fitter person.

Then I will hope that even while I'm on break you guys spend the next few weeks happy and healthy. I will upload on the blog if I have any work to show you or news. I will always be hoping you guys have a happy Monday, even if I'm on hiatus.

Then I hope to see you here after the hiatus.
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