Mafia Game Awards: Winners

Here are the results for the Mafia Game Awards. Thank you all for participating

  • Best Team: MG 57 - Tokyo Ghoul Mafia: @Arjuna , @Brandish μ, @Copy Panda, @Goodboy, @Holt , @Lambu
    & MG 82 - Yu-Gi-Oh! Mafia: @digitaldude, @desin24, @Gajeel, @GrySun
  • Best Game of the Year: MG85- Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Best Game of All Time: MG85- Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Best Mechanics: MG71: save lynch from Kingdom Hearts & MG84: Hydra game
  • Best Avatar Set: MG84- MH Hydra by @Farfalla
  • Best Hosts: @Evil3ye
  • Most Memorable Town Victory: MG 71: Kingdom Hearts
  • Most Memorable Non-Town Victory: MG 56: Dragon Ball Z: A New Threat.

  • Most Memorable Game Moment: MG 61: @kira shooting Gry/Vandred early and getting host killed later & MG 76: @Vandred's epic fail! Death of two Mafias (Bel and Vandred) in a single day.
  • Best Role Use: MG 80: @SirSamuel016 as Assassin.


Wow... I was hoping for Game of the Year but...

But I suppose both gives me a nice steep hill to go down. Really get some good sppeeeed before the face-plant at the bottom. :cookiehand

Seriously though, @Gajeel @Hardy @Farfalla were amazing to work with. Gajeel worked hard round the clock, Hardy wasn't really in the thread but he was around helping and planning as much as either one of us (certainly deserving of the award too hint hint), and I'm a Farf avi simp til the end of time, although, judging by where the award went, I don't think I'm the only one :lmao

Many, many thanks for the work and thanks for playing!!!

Now, back to stressing about the current game~
My favorites are the sailor moon and the chill slump. Congratulations to everyone who won. Special congrats to the ones who got multiple awards. Special shout to @GrySun and @Gryffindor (you lurker) and @Vandred.... wait Van.....these new ones match your other one! They are a family! :blush Is this part of the Vanplan?

These awards should’ve been started sooner!

Oh and all the veteran players should be ashamed to let a new player like SirSam get best role use.