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Aug 23, 2013
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Genres: Action, School Life, Magic
Story: Kagami Takaya, (who also does Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign and did Legend of the Legendary Heroes))
Art: Katou Yuuki (BlazBlue)

V1 - Nov 2013 | ENG (full text) (March 2014)
V2 - March 2013

--- Now, let's kill the girl and save the world!

The world has been shattered. As a result of the most dreadful of diseases that afflicts only girls --- the 《Labyrinth Disease》. That's why the students are taking lessons. Lessons for the purpose of killing the girl. Learning magic, figuring out the map of the labyrinth, forming teams, and studying the weakness of the girl...... The time limit is 6 hours. If the girl isn't killed within that time, then the world gets destroyed.

"I have no interest in the world at all so please spare me. Frankly, it's really suffocating." Together with the one who said these words, the most horrible protagonist in history, enter the world of whizzing magic and surging youth.

A school fantasy in labyrinth raiding, begins here!

Major Characters
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