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Aug 26, 2009
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Now this may divide the readers as it may appear to be a very subjective interpretation of the observations I have noticed within the recent arcs of One Piece, but there are observations I do believe are worth noting.

Many of you a year ago probably noticed the similarities between the Alabasta arc and the [current] Dressrosa arc, so that got me thinking, what other similarities could there be with the post-timeskip One Piece elements and the pre-timeskip One Piece elements?

I only found out earlier in this week that there is a thread already made that deals with this issue (created in 2012) - Paradise to New World Parallelisms, but since I feel that the parallels extend beyond just the Paradise and New World, I decided to create a new thread.

So let's start. On Issue 39 2010 (Aug. 30) of WSJ, it was announced that Oda will have a 4-week hiatus marking the end of the first half of the series. When One Piece came back Issue 44 (Oct. 4), it had the Lead CP and cover of the mag... The spread Oda made in that issue was this:

Looks familiar, eh? Yeah, it's exactly based on the very first color spread Oda made for the debut serialization of OP.

This was also done in both the covers of Volume 1 and 61 with the titles "Romance Dawn" and "Romance Dawn for the New World" respectively.
After that, I noticed some (a bit more subtle and not really direct) parallelisms in the story that I'll just point out without further elaboration (it's up to you to not really consider it if you like):

Luffy's departures:
Since last year I have been creating a list of similarities the recent arcs of the manga share with earlier arcs (post-timeskip and pre-timeskip), but now with the Dressrosa arc heading towards its concluding phase, I find it an appropriate time to share my observations (which others likely made as well):

Arlong Park/Fishman Island:
  • Fishmen relevant in both arcs;
  • Both deal with the issue surrounding humans and fishmen;
  • Nami relevant in both arcs;
  • The town/country loved the main female character of the arc (Nami/Shirahoshi);
  • The antagonist killed the "mother" of the female character relevant in the arc (Nami - Bell-mère/Shirahoshi - Otohime);
  • The significance of a grave (Bell-mère/Otohime);
  • An important character in the arc initially was against Luffy helping them but accepted it later (Nami [chapter 80|chapter 81]/Jinbe [chapter 629|chapter 634]);
  • The citizens were forced not to rebel - the antagonist group threatened the citizen's lives (Arlong Pirates/New Fishman Pirates);
  • The citizen's came to support the Straw Hat Pirates (Conomi Island residents [chapter 84]/Fishman Island residents [chapter 647]);
  • Declaration of friendship (Nami [chapter 94]/Fishman Island [chapter 644);
  • The Straw Hat Pirates gain an ally (Nami/Jinbe);
  • The Straw Hat Pirates save the town/country (Conomi Island/Fishman Island);
  • Luffy gets a 'target' on his back (The Marines (first bounty) [chapter 94]/Big Mom [chapter 651])

Loguetown Arc/Entrance to the New World:
  • Smoker and Tashigi relevant;
  • Smoker desires to catch Luffy but a 'strange phenomenon' occurs preventing Smoker from achieving that (the "wind" in Loguetown [chapter 99]/the White Strom underwater [chapter 655]);
  • The Straw Hats encounter a problem just before entering the 'next' sea (sailing into the Calm Belt and meeting the Sea Kings just before entering the Grand Line [chapter 101]/getting sucked up by the White Strom [chapter 654]);
  • The Straw Hat Pirates steel their resolve (state their dreams before entering the Grand Line [chapter 100|chapter 100]/restate their intentions before entering the New World [chapter 653])

Reverse Mountain/Entrance to the New World:
  • Island Whales greet the Straw Hat Pirates as they enter the 'new' sea (Laboon at Reverse Mountain [chapter 102]/the school of Island Whales in the New World sea [chapter 654]);
  • The relevance of Laboon (chapter 105/chapter 654)

Whiskey Peak/Punk Hazard:
  • Most of the Straw Hat Pirates fall to the enemies plan (getting drunk over partying at Whiskey Peak [chapter 107]/sleep gas at Punk Hazard [chapter 656]);
  • The Straw Hat Pirates made a pair of allies who were initially against them but who ended up traveling with them (Vivi and Carue/Kin'emon and Momonosuke);
  • An organised criminal syndicate reveals itself (Baroque Works [chapter 111]/Donquixote Pirates [chapter 673]);
  • Deception (Vivi and Igaram join Baroque Works to bring it down/Monet and Vergo - undercover agents)

Little Garden/Punk Hazard:
  • Giants are relevant (Brogy and Dorry/the giantification experiments on the kids);
  • Dangerous/mythical creatures (Dinosaurs on Little Garden [chapter 115]/Dragons on Punk Hazard [chapter 655]);
  • Volcanic eruptions (signalling when Brogy and Dorry's duel begins each time/the erupting volcanoes on the burning side of Punk Hazard);
  • The location is the site of an epic duel (Brogy and Dorry [chapter 116]/Akainu and Aokiji [chapter 658]);
  • Characters in danger of being solidified (Mr.3's Doru Doru no Mi [chapter 121]/Caesar's Shinokuni gas [chapter 676]);
  • The boss of the crime syndicate is revealed (Crocodile/Doflamingo);
  • The boss finds out about the Straw Hat Pirates involvement and orders their termination by his subordinates (Mr.3 [chapter 117]/Monet [chapter 693])

Drum Island/Punk Hazard:
  • Snow (Drum Island - Winter Island/Punk Hazard - half of the island was frozen);
  • Island the Straw Hat Pirates did not use a log pose to get to;
  • Someone in the arc needed medical treatment (Nami [chapter 139]/Mocha + the kids experimented on with NHC10 [chapter 688|chapter 696]);
  • Nami needed saving (from the prehistoric illness she contracted while on Little Garden [chapter 139]/while in Franky's body and kidnapped by the Yeti Cool brothers [chapter 667]);
  • The arc villain was a selfish power-hungry egomaniac (Wapol/Caeser);
  • Luffy gains an ally who is a doctor at the end (Tony Tony Chopper/Trafalgar D. Water Law)

Alabasta Arc/Dressrosa Arc:
  • The destination of the Straw Hats allies (Vivi and Carue/Law, Kin'emon and Momonosuke);
  • Disguises used (chapter 158/chapter 701);
  • Shichibukai the main antagonist (Crocodile/Doflamingo);
  • Shichibukai executed their plans to make the nations despise their king (Crocodile tainting the Neferati name [chapter 172]/Doflamingo tainting the Riku name [chapter 728]);
  • Both antagonist executed their plans to make themselves appear as "heroes" (chapter 155/chapter 728);
  • Illegal substance used by the antagonist (Crocodile with "Dance Powder" [chapter 161]/Doflamingo with "SAD" [chapter 682]);
  • The princess/princesses of the nation in a position where they suffer but still end up fighting to take down the Shichibukai (Vivi [chapter 161]/Rebecca and Viola [chapter 704|chapter 728]);
  • Coordinated Organisation (Baroque Works/Donquixote Pirates);
  • The princess of the nation was part of the antagonist group (Vivi as Ms. Wednesday/Viola as Violet)
  • Deceiving the nation (Mr. 2 acting as the King [chapter 171]/Doflamingo controlling the King to attack the citizens and using Sugar to erase any rebels [chapter 727|chapter 731]);
  • Luffy's brother appears and helps him (Ace [chapter 158]/Sabo [chapter 744]);
  • Ace relevant;
  • Luffy's brother has the Mera Mera no Mi (Ace [chapter 159]/Sabo [chapter 744]);
  • Rebellion led by people associated with the Royal Family(Kohza/Kyros);
  • A darker underside to the nation manufactured by the arc antagonist;
  • The 'twenty kings' are relevant (Neferati Family/Donquixote Family) - chapter 722;
  • Marines involvement;
  • Luffy's brother takes on the main marine (Ace vs Smoker [chapter 158]/Sabo vs Isshou [chapter 750]);
  • The head marine follows his own 'justice' (Smoker [[URL=""]chapter 212[/URL]]/Isshou [chapter 760]);
  • Sanji saves the group (Mr Prince [chapter 175]/Getting Viola to ally with the Straw Hats and preventing Doflamingo from attacking the Thousand Sunny [chapter 712|chapter 723]);
  • Zoro's cutting ability tested (Daz Bones - Steel [chapter 195]/Pica - Stone [chapter 754]);
  • Usopp's bravery tested (against Mr.4 and Miss Merry Christmas [chapter 186|chapter 186]/against Trébol and Sugar [chapter 741|chapter 741]);
  • Similarities in Devil Fruit abilities (Mr. 4/Gladius | Miss Valetine/Machvise | Miss Merry Christmas/Senor Pink)
  • The main antagonist attempts to kill a member who failed him (Mr. 3 [chapter 166]/Bellamy [chapter 759]);
  • Main antagonist attempts to destroy the nation (Crocodile with the bomb [chapter 193]/Doflamingo with Bird Cage [chapter 745]);
  • Main antagonist goal is to attain a "treasure" (Crocodile seeks to attain Pluto [chapter 192]/Doflamingo seeks to attain the "Tenryuubito National Treasure" [chapter 761]);
  • Revelation regarding the Tenryuubito/Ancient Kingdom (Poneglyphs existence revealed [chapter 203]/"Tenryuubito National Treasure" existence revealed [chapter 761]);
  • Knowledge of those revelations can affect the world (the words the Poneglyphs contain can change the world/knowledge of the "Tenryuubito National Treasure" will shake the world to its core [chapter 761]);
  • "The Will of D" brought up (by Robin concerning Luffy [chapter 180]/through Law being a "D" and Risonante telling him of their role as "God's natural enemy" [chapter 764])

As one can see, there are quite a bit of similarities relating to certain elements within the arcs of pre-timeskip One Piece and post-timeskip One Piece. Now some elements seem to be parallel but overall the arcs are different from each other and the new elements introduced each arc are enough to keep the arcs fresh and unique. But if we do continue looking at the parallels between certain arcs, what should end up happening if the Dressrosa Arc does continue to follow the flow of the Alabasta Arc?

Potential Dressrosa Arc developments:
  • Robin will get a proper fight;
  • Doflamingo will be defeated in epic fashion by Luffy (smashed into his SMILE factory?);
  • Freedom will be returned to the Dressrosa citizen's (much like how the rain was returned to Alabasta);
  • Doflamingo will be captured - could be by the Marines, Kaidou, another Yonko or even the CP-0 acting under orders of the Tenryuubito to capture Doflamingo when he is weak and defeated (to keep the knowledge of the "Tenryuubito National Treasure" concealed, also would explain why the CP-0 have remained quiet since their initial appearance this arc);
  • Luffy will ask a close ally to join his crew but they will refuse (Luffy could end up asking Law and be rejected by him);
  • The Straw Hat Pirates will gain an ally (not necessarily a nakama) at the end of the arc, similar to how Robin joined (I have a theory on who it could be, but I am waiting for some more supporting evidence as it is quite baseless at the moment);
  • The primary marine in the arc will let the Straw Hat Pirates go (Isshou)
  • The Straw Hat Pirates bounty will increase
Continuing on:

Jaya Arc/Zo Arc:
  • May begin similar with something falling/being blown away (ship falling from the sky [chapter 218]);
  • The Jinbe cover story could tie in with "something being blown away" (the town of the Sea Cats [chapter 763]);
  • Zo could function much like Jaya did in how it led into an arc that deals with a major "treasure" destination (The Lost City of Gold/The Emerald City - chapter 224);
  • Zo read backwards is Oz, which is where "The Emerald City" from "The Wizard of Oz" is located
The Lost City of Gold/The Emerald City:

>>The Emerald City Theory

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it.

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Dude, seriously, you are awesome.


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Oct 1, 2010
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United States
You are the theory Guru....i shall bow down to you .:verily



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The Straw Hats get involved in hostilities between fishmen and humans, including a focus on Nami and her past - Arlong Park/Fishman Island

Chopper helps solve his new friends’ medical troubles at a snowy location - Drum Island/Punk Hazard

Luffy challenges a tyrant warlord who’s hurting his princess friend - Alabasta/Dressrosa

Luffy kicks Bellamy’s ass - Jaya/Dressrosa

The Straw Hats elevate themselves to a higher plane of existence and stumble upon an ancient civilization with a poneglyph - Skypiea/Zou

Luffy gets challenged and attacked by a conflicted crewmate - Water 7/Whole Cake Island

The Straw Hats take back their friend who was taken away from them - Enies Lobby/Whole Cake Island

The Straw Hats befriend one of Big Mom and Pound’s children - Thriller Bark/Whole Cake Island

Charlos gets his ass kicked - Sabaody Archipelago/Levely

One of Luffy’s brothers becomes the focus of troubling news - Sabaody Archipelago/Levely

Luffy smashes his way through five hectic floors alongside Jinbe - Impel Down/Wano


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Apr 28, 2008
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Galactic Empire
Many of the parallels are probably due to the author running out of the ideas. Think of how many movie sequels just copy the original.

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A crew leave the group to protect them and fight against another member of the group to save them (Nami VS Usopp in Arlong Park, Sanji VS Luffy in Fishman Island).