Theory Pedro (i.e. the gun guy)


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Feb 15, 2017
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I actually first thought that this guy's name was Pedro way way back when he collapsed talking about John and Lucas. On page 20 of chapter 54 there's a background with the names of all the previous escapees carved on a wall. Those three names seemed grouped together in a trio, so I kinda wondered who Pedro was and if it was that guy- and promptly didn't give it much thought again until this chapter (also an earlier chapter when John was dying and reaching his hand out to Nameless Guy :/).

Here's the page for reference.

On the left wall, the spread of names. These names were most likely written by every inhabitant- John, Lucas, etc.- during their time at the hideout, possibly just after they arrived. This theory backs itself up on two accounts.

Firstly, the handwriting on the wall is slightly different for every name (at least, however much it's possible for a mangaka to mimic different handwriting in a secondary language they're probably not completely fluent in). They all wrote their own names- explaining why some are more childish than others- Abel writes in all capital letters, Dinah has a flourish under her name.

Secondly, only that particular wall is untouched from Nameless Guy's writing after all his friends die. Pretty much every other surface, the ceiling of the bunk-bed, into the nooks and crannies of the other walls- he's written something, carved a date or a mark or a plea for help. But the wall with the names on it remains untouched. There are only the names written upon it, nothing else. A strange kind of sacredness. It's his last 'memento' from his friends, he doesn't touch that wall.

Ergo, this isn't Nameless Guy writing all his friend's names on the wall. This is him with his friends, writing their names together. Which-- means his name is also included.

So with that out of the way, why I think Nameless Guy's name is Pedro.

I did mention this at the beginning, but the emphasis on those three names. John, Lucas, and Pedro. Or rather, how the chapter and the dialogue directs us to 'John' and 'Lucas' who are mentioned by name, and because of the positioning, our eyes land on 'Pedro' as well- completing a visual triangle. Those three names are also at the center of the wall, again indicating importance.

Also; note the handwriting. This is a bit tenterhook-y because the mangaka probably isn't that well versed with different kinds of handwriting in English. However, the 'P' in Pedro looks startlingly similar to the 'P' in 'poachers', also written on the neighbouring wall. Pedro doesn't write in all-capitals, unlike some of his other friends, and neither is 'poachers'. The 'r' as well- the big space between the first swipe down and the second swipe. This is in 'poachers' as well. Aside from the kids writing in all-caps, Walter for example has clearly attempted a different 'r' in his name-- probably-- more reason to think that this is an attempt at foreshadowing, a distinctive writing style that translates to the rest of the wall.

Lastly, because it fits with his character. Pedro is just. Gah. Listen it fits so much more than 'Damian' would, and Damian's the only other contender pretty much. :s Does he look like a Damian to you ;-;. Look at the little swoosh at the end of 'Damian' on the 'n'. No way. Does he look like a /Walter/ (altho tbh okay i could kinda see walter gah). >_> He's Pedro to me.

Potential references: Pedro happens to be a character from a Shakespeare comedy (Much Ado about Nothing), where he basically plays matchmaker- as well as being someone more knowledgeable about events/information. As it happens Pedro is also a form of the name 'Peter', it might be a stretch but the most famous Peter is likely Saint Peter, who was Jesus' biggest disciple and then who denied him three times before Jesus died. Which (at a minor stretch), fits Pedro's character arc (Peter then regrets it and does saintly things for the rest of his life).


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May 5, 2017
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@PaperKnights nice theory. let's call him pedro from now on.