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Feb 15, 2017
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I do love the time-travel theory that's going around.​

Bit of a crack theory. Here's my take on it (that I've been mulling over since Musica was introduced a few months back). Norman comes in later, but is the keystone of this theory, alongside the fact that all the imported items from the human world are 30 years old.

So far, we've been given the implied impression that the world of Neverland is a single world. Physically a single world. The earth. Split into two halves. And this, on the surface, makes enough sense we can partway believe it.

I propose the idea that the human world and the demon world are two separate places entirely. Two different worlds. Two lands connected by a timestream. A portal.

So this theory has two main ideas:
  • the two 'worlds' are separate and connected by a timestream
  • norman survived and is william minerva

Please do hear me out.

Part 1: the two worlds are separate
and connected by a timestream

Here's the question: would two halves of the same world really have such different flora and biology. A thousand years isn't enough for evolution biology to take place, not on such a grand scale. It doesn't make sense, it's incomprehensible to us. But there's suspension of disbelief at play, we don't doubt it because everything in Neverland is so fantastical.

Musica and Sung-Joo refer to the 'path' that was cut off a thousand years ago. So what if the 'path' was simply a very thin veil in time and space, one thin enough that people considered the two lands the same world. People could travel freely between the now 'human' world and 'demon' world.

And a thousand years ago this changed. The timestream was forced into a single point, the demons went to one side of the veil and the humans went to the other. The passageway was blocked.

Following on: a thousand years later, time would pass differently in these two realms, now almost wholly separate. So far, this is actually comprehensible.

See I find it odd how Musica and Sung-Joo say these two halves were the same world, but they talk about a 'passage' anyway- a path necessary to traverse to reach the other side. a path that was blocked. That suggests that the two lands were somehow separate anyway.

That and the significance of Peter Pan. To reach 'Neverland' in Peter Pan, you must take the second star to the right, and go straight on till morning. If you think of it in a literal sense, Neverland is in space. You could almost say a different dimension.

( *a little sidenote, but this relates to another small snippet not large enough to be a theory on its own.
neverland, in the original story, is a place where only children can stay. where there are man-eating monsters and pirates and fantastical things. pirates are often theorized to be the children of neverland who grew up (we should note not many grow up).
and here in the manga, we know that children can never become adults- they are farmed until a certain age and eaten. as far as we know there are no adult humans. and in the latest chapter we have a reference to cattle raiders- the same theory as the pirates in peter pan. the children of neverland who grew up, but couldn't find their original world again.
so the 'promised' neverland, i think, is not neverland at all. the children are already there, they only need to get out. )

Part 2: norman

Alright so.

Norman survived. This is the entire premise of this theory.

Norman survived, and went to the human world.

So I said earlier that 'time passed differently' between the two worlds. This is how and why it fits. If Norman went to the human world and returned, it wouldn't be at the same speed he traveled in. Perhaps he'd even lose time. Space and time, after all. It's relative.

So what if 30 years are lost in transit. What if the difference is 30 years. The time between the human and demon world. The time lost inbetween the two. That would explain why the books, the toys, the games-- the most recent of them are still 30 years old. And that's because of the timestream messing around with things. Two worlds separated for 1000 years are bound to now have some spatial and time inconsistencies with each other.

This, I still need to work out the math. But it makes sense (in a crack theory sort of way). Norman returns as William Minerva, Norman as William Minerva has been helping the children all along.

If there's anything I forgot to add, I'll probably add it in later. For now, ayy. Good seeing y'all again!

brief edit: oh and i forgot. the lost boys in neverland? there is Big spacetime timestream weirdness with how they age and deage coming and leaving neverland and going back 'home'. i'll update this when i remember it or when i reread the book xD
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Apr 9, 2016
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This, I still need to work out the math. But it makes sense (in a crack theory sort of way). Norman returns as William Minerva, Norman as William Minerva has been helping the children all along.
What if what Norman saw here was the rift in space-time?


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May 5, 2017
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interesting theory of space and time. i've never thought of it.


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Feb 23, 2015
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In the extra shown on the website, there is a panel showing the lower side of Minervas face. That reminded me a lot of Norman, so I'm into this theory lol