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    • Series I have planned:
      • Asuka Hybrid chapters 11-33 (series art style)
      • Rebirth vol. 23-26 (cover art for previous volumes)
      • The chapters don't start at 1 because other groups already did them a long time ago then dropped them because they didn't have the raws. I have all the raws now. Hence my group's name "Resurrected Scans".
    Resurrected Scans is recruiting translators and translation proofreaders! If you're looking for a cute gender-bender series with mild ecchi you've come to the right place. (This is the body-swapping kind, not the cross-dressing-trap kind). This group isn't specifically devoted to gender-bender, that just happens to be the type of series I've chosen as my first project.

    If you don't like overly cute art then "Rebirth" might be more for you. It has nothing to do with gender-bending and it's an action series involving (what I think is) vampires the way they should be... did I just date myself by saying that?

    The original group that worked on Asuka Hybrid (Masked Llama Productions) dropped the series years ago because they didn't have raws. I commented on his blog saying I now have the raws but haven't gotten a response in a month. So I'm picking up the series.
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