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Nov 7, 2013
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I know this is going to be an early speculation, a little too early might I add, but since the Gaijin is introduced in the way one may speculate that BLUE is coming around the corner. We're barring out TEAM JAPAN because since we already have Tootsuki as its major captain, if not anybody else what is either equal or surpass the prestigious group already. We're discussing the Tootsuki's rivals since we have the debut of the "Dark side" of the chef community named "Le Cuisine Noir", indicating Team France may be lurking somewhere. Lets begin, shall we?

  1. TEAM FRANCE-With the introduction of the new villainous group who misunderstood the concept of Shokugeki itself, this team may playing an antagonistic role against Tootsuki and/or Team Japan in general. Adding the fact that France is/was where Shinomiya worked at as well as this Gaijin's debut, this might even occur regardless .
  2. TEAM USA-A team comprises with American Elites who are excel in every cooking style, courtesy to the travelling chefs who are also champion in their respective styles.The elites are said in dominating the American Cuisine and even rivals with Team France.
  3. TEAM ASEAN-Comprises with elite chefs from the South East Asian Region who are extremely talented but remained low, making them as an underdog among the international teams. Known as the Teguh 6 due to their respective cooking style prowess, which also representing the respective counties in ASEAN: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.
  4. TEAM INDIA-Comprises a group of master chefs who are . Speculated that they're from the slums who yearn to compete for the prize money for their slum's improvements. Speculated to have some history with Hayama for some reason...
  5. TEAM CHINA-Comprises with a group of chefs who are master of their craft of various cuisine in
  6. TEAM LOS-AMARICANOS DE SUR-Comprises with elite chefs from the South American region. Much like Team ASEAN, the team also comprises with various chef from South American countries: Peru, Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana.
  7. UKNOWN -(To be added...)
So what do you think about Tootsuki's potential rivals?