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Hello, fellow art lovers!

We are delighted to announce a new and improved Artist Request & Provide area; where all works of art displayed around the sub sections of the Art Category can be kept organized and easy to access. Posting a new thread for reacurring requests and issues can get very messy and the majority of times get overlooked. Therefore, the new threads you'll find in this section are designed to aid you all in resolving specific issues and finding other members to cater for your requests.

The more contributions you make, the easier it will be for others to continue supporting the cause which will hopefully in turn enrich the discussions for the long term. Like many forms of art, one can get inspired in a variety of ways so this is our chance to show, share and shine together! From complimentary comments to full-on individual and group projects; you'll be able to navigate much more freely around here.

If you are looking for a specific type of artwork to be completed and need the help of an artist. This is the place to find one. If you are looking for a manga writer to form a team with you, this is the place to make it happen! If you are simply looking for a cool, new set to wear then you'll be spoilt for choice in here!

To put it simply, the main aim is maintaing the process of requesting and providing artwork. This is driven by everyone's contributions and to share anything related to the category of this thread. It doesn't always have to be a major contrbution but even the smallest of helpful suggestions could really make a members goal easier to achieve. ^-^

Below you'll find the main objectives of these new threads:- Provide a place where members can display their works that they are willing to share and welcome others to make direct requests to them. This also covers members that are looking for a specific type of artist.

- To give members more space to distribute their new/current pieces that they created and willing to offer them to others to use. (For example: As an avatar & signature set, a desktop wallpaper, a background of some kind, inspiration for stories and character designs) If this is the case then be sure to please let the artist know prior to your intentions when using his/her material.

- A place to share newly learned and acquired techniques (be it mixed media, photoshop-based, etc).

- To offer support and advice on specific techniques or problem solving. (E.g. If a member is asking for a bit of help in Photoshop when achieving a certain effect or looking for a particular brush effects package)

- A base where members can leave feedback and critique, which should be done in a respectful and encouraging manner; with the goal of providing artist recognition across the site.

- Promote exchangeable knowledge using the points mentioned above, in order to gather more members and expand upon this.

Note: You don't need the Artist Group Status to be considered an artist!

The table below consists of a list of artists and their recent works. This has been created so that members can identify particular artists and to give artists themselves a better outlook around the forum. Anyone is most welcome to join the list, you don't necessarily have to be an official Artist of MH. No status is needed. The only basic requirement is that you display at least one of your artworks/text material here. Please contact an Art Moderator via PM or express your interest in this thread. This list will be reviewed periodically so that its information is up to date.

Any members interested in a specific piece or artist can contact them directly through this list as well.

- - aMt - (PM)

- aldrichcrescent (PM)

- Giilshark (PM)

- Gintara (PM)

- Googlez_kun (PM)

- kira09kj (PM)

- Krasimir (PM)

- nanaDmari (PM)

- neile (PM)

- NJung (PM)

- Mangatellers (PM)

- MonarchTheLegend (PM)

- PhoenixRoy (PM)

- sakura-aneki (PM)

- Sal88 (PM)

- SelenitSaturn (PM)

- thelastpierrot (PM)

Let's create a good environment for members to discuss [Drawing and Coloring] related topics with an open mind that encourages improvement and upholds respect for all those involved. Remember to show, share and shine together!
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Um Hello... Is this a place for art request? I would like to ask someone to draw a cover page for me. :3

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