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Hello Fairy Tail fans,

This new section will serve to hold all threads about character fights in the manga; both canon and fantasy.

Thread Prefixes
  1. Info
  2. Canon
  3. Fantasy
  4. Team
  5. Conditional

Although we typically ask that when you create a thread that you don't assign the prefix (for the purposes of thread indexing and avoiding mislabeled threads), the prefixes in this section are so simple that once you know their meaning, I can't imagine anyone using them incorrectly.

Info is the one prefix of the five that you likely will never use. This rules thread is an info thread as would be any other thread that would inform you on this section. The threads that you would actually use for discussions would be the other two; so, you can just ignore this thread prefix mostly.

Canon is the prefix you would use for threads involving match-ups that have already occurred in the manga. If the battles have already been fought, then it gets Canon. If you want to discuss what a rematch would be like, it would still get Canon as the prefix, because you have a canonical basis for this fight.

Obviously then, Fantasy is the prefix that you would use for fights between characters who have never fought each other in the manga before. This goes for any thread pertaining to characters who have yet to fight each other. If the subject of the thread becomes a canon battle, the thread prefix will be changed to Canon, but until then, it will be classified as Fantasy.

Team is the prefix you would use for battles where two or more characters are teaming up to fight a foe. Thus, if 2-vs-2, 2-vs-1, 3-vs-1, etc., it would receive the Team prefix. There are quite a team battles that actually occur in the manga, so if you wanted to discuss a team-up battle that occurred in the manga like Natsu & Gajeel vs Laxus, that would still receive the Canon prefix.

Conditional is the prefix you would use for threads that focus on characters under specific restrictions that do not allow for the characters to access their full potential or uses only a specific version of a character. If you have a thread that meets the requirements of being a Team battle and a Conditional battle, use the Team prefix. Conditional is only used for 1-on-1 matches.

Rules and Guidelines
  1. Only vs. threads
  2. Post sane and meaningful opening posts
  3. Go with the General Forum Rules and Etiquette Guidelines
  4. Limit speculation as much as possible and use canonical support
  5. Make meaningful posts
  6. Avoid deus ex machina reasons
  7. Make threads with a circumspect outlook
  8. Avoid threads on the same pairing

Rule #1: Post only vs. threads here. All other discussion belongs on the Fairy Tail mainboard.

Rule #2: To start a new thread in this section you have to provide a meaningful first post. By meaningful, we mean that we ask you to provide (a) a short analysis and introduction of the characters involved and (b) a setting for the fight. This is especially meaningful for Fantasy fights. Also remember to not overdo the scenario as to give your favorite character an unfair advantage (exaggerated example: "Character Y is deadly wounded Character X is at full strength!"). A thread with the content of "It's on! Character X vs. Character Y! Go bake your own Cake!" will be removed on sight and, on repeated offense, will have its consequences like other spam has.

Rule #3: This is something that is expected from you in every section of MH; so this really should go without saying. Please make sure you've read:
Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion; so don't degrade other people's views. Make a compelling counterargument instead.

Rule #4: Please try to keep these based on something fairly tangible in the manga. While it is okay that you feel a certain way based off of a hunch that you have, please don't make a big argument over it. Speculation must have some reasonably sound grounding to it. If you consider it to be a bit of a "stretch," it is best to just not include it in your argument. Don't use non-canon material like movies, video games, or anime material not in the manga as supporting evidence.

Rule #5: This is another rule that really should go without saying since it applies in all MH discussion threads, but don't make worthless posts. Spam posts are worthless posts. Posts with only a couple of words or only one sentence don't add much of anything to the discussion. Posts where you just say that you agree with someone else's posts or posts that are only expressions of gratitude aren't worth being posts. (Just use the "thanks" button at the bottom of the post or PM the person instead.) Also, posts that aren't on the topic of discussion will be deleted.

Rule #6: Please avoid reasons that are based on circumstances outside of the control of the combatants allowing for victory. For example, while the outcomes of some battles may in RL be affected by popularity, don't base victory in a thread here solely on that. (You can obviously mention it in terms of the actual outcomes of the battles in the manga, but this section is to discuss how the characters would fare against each other in a more objective sense.)

Rule #7: This basically goes back to Rule #2. You need to put some well-deserved thought into your thread when it is made as to how the thread will be run. It is best to define certain parameters that you want to be taken into consideration at the outset like how you would define victory and importance of mindest. If you want to place circumstantial parameters in the first post though, we ask that users take those circumstances into consideration, but the main focus is on the characters and not the parameters.

Rule #8: This last rule probably does not really need to be stated, but please try to use threads that exist on match-ups and not create a thread on the same match-up with slightly different circumstances. We would prefer to have these threads based on the characters and not on the parameters. Threads should focus on the characters.

Those are the rules, which we feel are reasonable for everyone to follow.

Obviously, threads and posts created before these rules were posted have ex post facto exemption, but all threads and posts in this section henceforth shall be subject to these rules. (For example, existing threads aren't going to be deleted because they lack a proper first post with an exposition, but we do encourage the existing posts to include such exposition.)

This thread will remain open in case you have any input or questions concerning the rules you would like to ask. As Rule #5 indicates, insubstantial posts in this thread like "good rules" or such will be deleted. Only post here if you have a legitimate question about the rule or a suggestion for new rules. If you have a question, be sure to explain your query. If you have a suggestion, be sure to explain the reasons behind your suggestion.

We hope that you enjoy the new section.
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