Discussion WGO's Slipping standards and Performance at BLUE


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Nov 7, 2013
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OK, we need to talk. We seriously need to talk. We seriously need about the WGO and BLUE. As Takumi noted from the first gate challenge, the entire BLUE is suspiciously off as the competition comprises with bizarre exams and the judges demands cannot be more rigid than before, figuratively, subtly or even literary. Not only the competitors for the new BLUE could be anybody, especially with the Noir now joining the fray, even their test has become obscure from one Gate to another. Before we even talk this subject, here is a brief history about this group and it's role in the story:

During the RDC between Team Central and Team Rebel, the WGO member Anne and her colleagues were invited as the judges for the Team Shokugeki. When the students-who were Pro Azami at the time-condemned the heroes (especially the Yukihira Genius) for "defying" their "grand leader" Azami, Anne and her fellow bookmen stood up and proclaimed that the WGO will provide a fair judgement onto the cook off with fair and integrity. Everything went according to the WGO standards, until pro-Azami members such as Decora and Courage came along which would've become Team Azami's advantage. Alas, not even they able to shrug off Sorina's capability that beaten even the amazing duo of Eishindou.

Time skip until now, the WGO is hosting the annual BLUE where the big boss attended the competition and wished them luck, although some guy already go on ahead the race because of his shortcut ticket. From a special guests coming from the Noir to Convenient Shop that runs overnight, this competition seems to have a dandy run. It's behind the scenes, however, that shows the problem of the WGO's professionalism in regards of viewing the talents. Not only the boss is too narrow-minded for seeing our hero as the Son of a Middle-Class Chef despite his prestigious status as one of Elite Ten of Tootsuki, First Seat to be precise, as well as the son of the legend, even the green horn Bookmen are belittling our hero for simply because she doesn't like the guy. This already indicating that not even the WGO are invulnerable from their irrational stupidity to the point their standards is falling apart.For all their talk about their critique, all these bookworms need to open they eyes and mind as well as realize that they can't keep on spending their lives on relying "dictionaries" to judge people, especially innovative and creative chef such as the Yukihira Genius.

Anyhow, what do you think about WGO's slipping standards when it comes to BLUE?