What has Nero been doing all this time?


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Oct 25, 2018
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I have been of the opinion that Julius is the mastermind behind much of what happened, just like the word devil, to protect Clover from demons and make society better.
We are just not sure how much time magic he has, as in knowing about the past and the present.

However, there is yet another person we now know that has that knowledge, at least of the past.
That is of course the cute birdy Nero.

So in the last 500 hundred years, Nero has been watching over things.
But certainly she is not just sitting on the First Magic Emperior's head all that time.
So what has she been doing?

Is she flirting with other birds?
Does not seem so or there would be some interesting hybrids.

Is she checking out hot guys?
Does not sound like it as she remained true to the magic emperor.
Wow, a love that lasted 500 years...

I would have thought that she would be communicating with the various magic emperors, or at least some of them after monitoring what type of person they are.
We know she can talk so she could certainly communicate with humans.
Would have thought Julius is one of those, but yet Julius acted surprised by her magic.
Of course, Julius never saw her in her human hottie form so may be he did not recognize her.

If Tabata is tricking us and Nero has been chatting with Julius, then Julius would not need the ability to see the past.
That would make someone dropping off Asta and Yuno even more suspicious.
As far as we know, Nero has no idea when the elves would show back up, or does she????