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MangaHelpers Winter Art Contest - Short Stories

Hello and welcome to the last seasonal art contest of 2017. Here we have the Short Stories Category with the Winter theme. Your task is to create and submit a story about the coldest season of the year.

Category: Short Stories
Theme: Winter

What do I need to know before submission?

  • All members are welcome to join the contest. There is no minimum post or user status you need to have to participate.
  • Entries for the contest must be posted in this thread.
  • Each participant can only submit ONE ENTRY and it must be a new piece. So don’t try to be smart and enter a piece used in past contests.
  • Submissions not following the weeks theme will result in disqualification. If you have any question about the contest, you can ask it here.
  • Maximum text length is 50 lines or 3000 characters (with space).
  • No excessive, suggestive, spoiler, or porn-related imagery in the contest.
  • Plagiarizing will result in immediate disqualification from this contest and possibly future contests also. Leadership point deductions, loss of artist status and badges, and/or account bans may also occur.
  • Submission is open until December 3rd, 2017, at 23:00 (GMT)

How do I upload and submit my entry?
  • Post your full text here in this thread. Choose a title for your entry, and post it in the format specified below.

Special event rules:
  • Each group necessarily needs 3 members.
  • During the Winter Art Contest, 3 Category threads will be up: one for Short Stories, one for Photography and one for Sets (avatar & signature).
  • A person in each group will be participating in the Short Stories category, another in the Photography category and the last one in the Sets category.
  • The 3 Contests will run simultaneously, from Nov 19th to Dec 3rd.
  • At the end of the period, the Voting phase will run from Dec 3rd to Dec 17th.
  • All the votes for the individual artists will count for their groups.
  • The winner group will be the one with the biggest amount of votes, summing all of the ones that its members recieved.
  • All the three winner artists will be awarded with the 2017 Winter Badge.
  • The groups compositions must be informed here, at any point between Nov 12nd and Dec 3rd.

Post Format:
"Theme Name" - "Work Title" by "Artist Name"

"Full text here"



Voting Details:
  • Voting will commence after submission period is over, that is December 3rd, 2017 at 23:00 (GMT).
  • Announcement of winners, next contest dates and theme will be done soon after the voting period is over.

Good Luck, Everyone!
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Winter Short Story Contest - "What is Hidden in the Snow" by Organizized

Fresh snowflakes fell from the sky, slowly making their descent toward the ground; unworried, unaware of the people rushing through the festive streets below. Soon the world would be clad in a thick, white sheet, hidden away.
 The young man stood in the open doorway for a moment, taking in the scene. The chill of the winter breeze swept past him into the room, blowing out the candles on the table. It was set for two, but only one plate showed any signs of being touched, the other still filled with a luxurious New Year’s dinner. There were rose petals spread all around the room, now being whisked around by the wind, gathering in heaps in the corners.
 The man unhooked the red coat from the hanger beside him. He put on the hat, and then he grabbed the big sack lying on the floor. It took most of his strength to lift it, but he had a fairly short walk ahead of him. With a last, sorrowful glance back at the now spoiled romantic scenery of the room, he closed the door and walked into the frosty night.

 It was a small town, this one where he lived. He had lived here since he was born, and had grown up hating it. Born the adventurous type, he had always sworn he would one day get out; pack a bag and just hitch a ride out of there. And so, after graduation, he had. Walked right out of town and stuck his thumb out for the first car he met. It had stopped.
She had been driving.
 It was on that very road he was now walking, cursing himself for losing the winter boots she had bought him. For having to wear a stupid costume, which was certainly not as warm and cozy and ’jolly’ as it looked. For not getting out of this cold, god-forsaken town when he had had the chance.
 He had hated the cold, the winter, the snow, all of it. He had said so, too, that first night in the car when she had picked him up. She had stepped on the brakes, and told him to take it back or get out of the car.
 ”No one rants about lady winter in my presence”. Simple as that. He had apologized, and sat silently the rest of the way as she sang along to Christmas songs at the top of her lungs. The plan had been for him to hop off at the next city and take a train from there.
 He had never gotten out of the car.
 The sack on his back was now taking its toll on him as he neared the town center. He met a few people on their way to some New Year’s party somewhere. They did not bother him much. A shout of ”hey Santa, running a bit late aren’t we?”, followed by that familiar drunken laughter of intoxicated youths everywhere, a forced smile from him, and then they were gone. Idiots, he thought to himself.
 He had always hated the people, too. Every last one, except her.
 The snow was coming down heavier now as he passed the place where he had proposed: her favorite spot in town, the movie theater. He had felt unromantic as hell as he did it, right in the middle of the previews, but she had reacted as if they were right on top of Mount Everest. She had sat giggling with giddiness throughout the whole holiday flick they were there to see, to the expressed annoyance of the other movie-goers. They had simply gotten the same look as he had, that first night in the car: ”You don’t like it, get out."
 He stopped in his tracks. This was the last place they had spoken, right in front of the church. They had argued, loudly and wildly. He hardly remembered about what. In the end, she had left him standing there outside the church gates, feeling abandoned by the world and by God. By her.
 The last thing he remembered was running after her, his forceful hands reaching out for her back, pushing in blinded rage. The next moment he was on the ground holding her, crying and calling out for help, as her head bled out on the icy street, cracked open from the fall.
 It had been labeled a ’fall accident’. There had been a lot of questioning from the authorities, of course, but in the end he had been let go, viewed as just another victim in this terrible tragedy.
 He had never gotten the chance to tell her he was sorry. Never got to make it up to her with a romantic, candlelit dinner, then spending the night with his arms wrapped around her. Of all the regrets he had, that had been the biggest.

 Now, standing by her gravestone, he took her out of the sack and placed her as gently as he could in the grave he had dug up the night before. The young man stood by the open grave for a moment, taking in the scene. There was one less regret to live with. There had been a proper last goodbye.
 Fresh snowflakes fell from the sky, slowly making their descent to the ground; unworried, unaware of the man shoveling dirt onto a casket below. Soon the world would be clad in a thick white sheet. Hidden away.

"What is hidden in snow, comes up in thaw". It's a Swedish proverb, which basically means that ‘sooner or later, the truth will come out’.

I'm sure most of us who live in a snowy part of the world (in the winter) know that feeling when the first real snowfall hits; as if the world itself is being hidden away. It is transformed into this quiet, almost secretive place. Beautiful and peaceful, but you know the real world with its harsh reality is still somewhere underneath. It makes you doubt if the proverb is really true. If the whole world is so easily buried and hidden away, there must be countless lies which are forever ‘hidden in snow’.

Plenty of secrets are taken to the grave.
The idea of a guy carrying a sack with his dead girlfriend inside is something I came up with for a Short Story contest in school back when I was about 15. (I got 2nd place!) This one borrows that concept, but has a whole other theme, and a deeper meaning. Or so I feel, at least. :sweat It’s all written by me, in any case.


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"Winter Short Story" - "A Unique Place, Annapurna" by me

"I must get there" That was what Mingma Ringjing used to declare everyday in her late life, her family understood where that place should be, below the hands of the Goddess, which the only valid reason to step on that place is to help others, that philosophy is one of the pillars of buddhism, which Mingma and her family professed. So used to high altitudes they are, that most of their lifes used to climb such mountains, they were Sherpas and thanks to the kindness given, a retribution was almost always in their hands after the shared journey.

Mingma was different, through her life, she used to humble and politely lend her help to everyone who asked and was particularly delighted to climb Annapurna, she thought that it was the place of the most expected retribution to a human being, reincarnate, so she for one moment in her life, at summer, thought that a quick death was pleasant... that moment was when she started to be different to other Sherpas, it was the time when a debris collided her head, fell and got hit in her spine and leave her paraplegic for the rest of her life.

No one thinks in defying the mountains at winter, such idea is so daredevil that only fools that don't appreciate life take... for instance, Mingma kept quiet for that season, and nowadays you couldn't listen to her, the blizzard was for months striking their place near the Conservation Area, until one night at -20°C degrees, full of sounds of snorings and the dreadful wind, Mingma heard a weak howling, she knew to what animal could belong, and stated once again: "I must get there". She started to crawl from the couch to the furry clothes place, as she could do, she wore her equipment and crawled to the door to exit her house with the greatest smile only compared to the ones when she reached summits, what she faced once she get out was the most remoted idea of hell, because she immediately losed her senses, but kept hearing the howling nonetheless, she crawled as she could do, felt pain no more, and simply continued for the sake of helping, leaving bits... spots... branches of red above the snow as she continued, long story short, she reached a field full of white drained Millets where the howling stopped, and there was two Snow Leopard cubs looking a blackened body full of injuries with one arm smiling to them, the cubs came closer to her, and Mingma tried to talk uselessly, time passed, and she could hear once again, the cubs were eating her and those noises of chewing her flesh was what she heard... the mother of the cubs appeared from a wooden covered path aside the field, she got closer and saw her cubs inside Mingma's body, still smiling raised her arm to the Leopard and she started eating it, then it grabbed her neck and drag her towards the path.

The family in the morning saw that Mingma wasn't there nor her stuff, they cried a little, sobbing and smiling continue their dailywork, and one last howling could be heard from the distance... a chorus howling.

Guys! Were the team conformed with @LighteningLord and @Barrier Hope you like our combined work ;)


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Winter - "The First Day of Snow" by riki
Team members of @Darky and @goldb, and me. Full version of the story is available HERE.
After a hearty breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and hash browns, we prepared to head out. We bundled ourselves in heavy coats, hats, scarves, gloves, and winter boots; we were so snug in our winter gear like we were mummies. “Ready?” Jason asked. His hand was on the doorknob as if he anticipated our kids' response.

“Ready!” they shouted. He opened the door, and the children rushed out the house and ran in the backyard. A wave of powdery snow trailed behind them. Jason and I watched them for a moment before we followed them. The annual Mitchell family tradition has begun.

As I walked outside, I looked around the whiteout world to marvel at the sight. The glittery snow sparkled in the sunlight, which it made me believe I was in a snow globe. The cedar trees were covered with the powdery snow that one shake would cause its soft blanket to fall. While the crisp air bites, the sun gave out a warm light to even out the chill. It is a winter wonderland, I thought to myself.

“Mommy! Joey and I are making snow angels!” Melody's squeal brought me back to reality. I turned to see she and her younger brother plopped on the ground as they moved their arms and legs back and forth. Meanwhile, my husband and Bridget were busy making a snowman family. It didn't take long for the others to join them.

As I shuffled over to help them, I watched as Jacob taught the two youngest how to roll a snowball until it was the right size before we stacked them. Once we finished, we searched around the yard for nuts and berries to make the faces. After a futile search, Joey stomped his feet and waved his arms in frustration. “Help me, mommy!”

“All right.” I held his hand as we continued our search. Crunch! Crunch! The snow crunched underneath our boots with every step we took. After an extensive search, we got enough materials to finish our snowman family. We all oohed and ahhed at our handiworks.

That didn’t last long. Smack! I felt something wet struck my arm and discovered smashed up snow on my coat. Startled, I looked up to see Jacob smirking at me; a snowball was in his hand. “Boys versus girls!” my husband declared as he pelted me with another snowball.

I glowered at him. “Oh, you’re going down!” I told him as I gathered a handful of snow and threw it at him. The children also threw snowballs at each other and us. Laughter filled the air as we battled for supremacy.

A short time later, we called a truce when our fingers became numb from the cold. We then trudged back inside the house to warm ourselves. “Who wants hot chocolate?” I inquired after we took off our drenched clothes to dry.

“Me! I do! I do!” the children exclaimed as they followed me into the kitchen. I smiled since I know this was their favorite part.

We set off to work at once. Jacob grabbed the pint of heavy cream from the fridge while I retrieved the Belgian dark chocolate bar from the pantry. Meanwhile, the children grabbed the pot and cups before they waited for further instructions. “Bridget, help Joey pour the heavy cream into the pot,” I directed. She nodded and helped him lift the pint as he poured. When the pot was full, Jacob turned on the stove to let it simmer.

While we waited, I got a serrated knife and cutting board and cut the chocolate into tiny pieces. From the corner of my eyes, I caught my husband and children eyeing the chocolate pieces; I pretended not to notice when a few pieces went missing. “The milk is ready!” Melody, who was keeping an eye on the pot, announced.

Grabbing the cutting board, I then slid the chocolate shavings into the hot cream while Jacob stirred. Once the chocolate and cream blended together, I got a teaspoon and took a sip. Hmm… not bad. It only needs sugar. I got a small scoop and added to the frothy mixture before I tasted it again. Perfect!

I got a ladle from the drawer and scooped up the decadent drink into five cups. “Anyone wants marshmallows?” my husband wondered, holding up the bag of marshmallows. Not surprising, the children did, and he put a handful in their cups. I followed behind him and put a dollop of whipped cream on top. Bridget then gave each cup a candy cane to use as a stirrer.

“Hot chocolate is now ready!” I proclaimed. Everyone grabbed their cups and headed to the family room to relax. We now warmed ourselves in front of the heater as we enjoyed our time together before we head out once more to play in the snow.


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Winter Short Story Contest - „White Christmas“ by Zirconium
Do you know this feeling? The moment when everything and everyone around you suddenly stand still? It is as if someone is using some kind of powerful magic to freeze the time for a few seconds, a spell that encloses your existence and draws you in into a different world...
Nevertheless, there is nothing that lasts forever because the flow of time is unstoppable, racing towards you like a train at full speed. No matter how much you struggle against it, you can‘t turn it back nor can you change its past to recall your actions. That has always been the cruel reality.

In a sinister winter night amidst a busy road, there was a young man who was surrounded by a crowd of people that miraculously stopped to move. The cold sting invaded into every single fiber of his body and took his breath away until he started to shiver. Little white-shimmering flakes calmly fluttered down from the dark sky and softly covered the stone-hard pavement like a blanket.
„I always loved this season.“, a voice whispered that mercilessly ripped the young man out of his world of thought. His eyes hastily began to wander through the different human shapes to search for the person from where the voice came from until his gaze finally meets the familiar hazel eyes of a woman. She wore a creme-white summer dress that was unusual for this kind of weather.
„Yuki! Hello, my dear!“ she greeted, with such a charisma that was simply overwhelming him, so much that he didn’t know what to tell her at first. And so, just for a short moment there was this tensed silence between the two of them, amidst the snowfall…until he finally took heart and broke it at least.
„I...I miss you!“, he shouted in confusion. That’s...not what he wanted to say. But why was it so difficult for him to give tongue to the other three words? It seemed her angelic presence has stolen a few colours from his palette of expressions away.
„Stop dwelling on the past and move on! For me! Please!“, she begged him with a melancholic smile on her face. Immediately afterwards, her body was suddenly lined with cracks until she started to smoulder and brittle into ashes.
„No, wait…!“, he yelled. In the blink of an eye, the mass of humans around him abruptly began to move, obscuring his view. He hectically ran through the faceless individuals and stretched out his hand, trying to reach her before she —

„Papa, Papa, wake up!“, a childish voice aroused him from his sleep. It was just a dream, Yuki thought to himself. A bit tired, he glanced up and saw the wide eyes of Chifuyu, his daugther who regarded him with curiosity.
„I’m starving“, she said. At this comment Yuki promptly grabbed the picnic basket and fetched a sandwich. With greed, the little girl instantly snatched it away from him and hungrily took a bite of it. In the meantime the young man got up and looked at the skyline of Tokyo that presented itself in front of him.
He still couldn‘t believe it that Chifuyu convinced him to come here, on this very day of December. Yuki was never fond of this season to begin with. It always made him sleepy since the days became shorter and the nights longer. Furthermore, winter left him depressed because this time of the year always had the fewest colours on its canvas. More than anything at the moment he wished for a lively and warm splash of colours to get over these winter blues.
Frustrated from this frame of mind he finally burst out and desperately declared: „How long do you want to stay here? We’ve already been here for many hours and it’s already late afternoon. It hasn’t snowed once this winter and it won’t snow today. Even the weather forecast didn’t announce anything of this sort.“
„It will! It’s Christmas Eve! And it’s Mama‘s favourite day!“, the girl spoke in confidence with her mouth full.
Mama‘s favourite day, this notion hit him like a blow in the face. He wished that she would be here with him. But he will never see her again. Nor will he ever touch her again. And he will never kiss her again. The more he longs for her, the more his lust for life decreases. All he is doing at present is nothing but vegetating, living with the tiny glimmer of hope that everything will get better eventually. What’s even more painful is that Chifuyu resembles her mother. Everytime he sees the little girl, he has to think about his beloved wife. That was the reason why the little kid always managed to give him the runaround. However, this time he won’t lose. He will win. With his last strength he tried to persuade his daugther to give up on this naïve nonsense.
„But just because it’s Christmas Eve today, it doesn’t mean that it will snow.“, he countered. Insulted from this comment, she began to sulk and gave him a hangdog look. What could he do against such an unbeatable argument? He simply had no chance.
So finally resigned, he sighed: „Alright, fine. We’ll stay here a little bit longer until night falls. If it doesn’t snow until then, we’ll go home. Are you okay with that?“ The girl happily answered with a nod. For some reason, it always made him smile when he sees her so joyful like this. Maybe because his daugther is the only vital spark in his life. That’s right. He might have lost her but he still has another precious treasure in this world. And that is Chifuyu.

More hours passed since then. But nothing happened. It became darker and the first lights in Tokyo started to glow in the distance. That was the sign for them to surrender. It hurt him to see her little girl so gloomy like that, but sooner or later she has to learn that miracles will never exist in this world.
„Chifuyu, sweetheart, look! I know it’s hard to believe it.“, he encouraged her. „But it won’t snow. So come now and — “
At this instant he noticed a few small crystals glistening around him. He didn’t want to believe it at first. To assure himself he looked up to the sky and suddenly felt a light kiss on his forehead. More of them gracefully came down and delightfully danced around him. It was an imposing spectacle that played before his sceptical eyes. But a look at Tokyo wiped all his doubts away. How come he never realized it before? At night the city shone with all its multi-faceted colours that put everything around it in the shade. And with all the glittering white flakes that waltzed in midair it was simply a perfect view. Tears started to run down his cheeks.
„You were right, Chifuyu! It did snow! Merry Christmas, sweetheart! Merry Christmas!“, he cried cheerfully. However, all he got as a response from her was a quiet sobbing. „Chifuyu?“, he looked down to her.
„Papa?“, Chifuyu stared at him with her eyes full of tears. „I...I miss…Mama!“
„I miss her, too!“, Yuki weeped while hugging her. It was odd. He never believed in anything supernatural. And despite of that miracle he will probably never like winter. But this night will be unforgettable for him. It was like he and his daugther were guarded by an angel who watched over them from afar.

All too fast, many of us lose sight of the small things in life. They are taken for granted. We forget and don‘t treasure them at all. However, even all those trifles make life worth living. And winter is one of them.
Whether it‘s the surrounding that is iced by a white sugar coating of snow, the building of a snowman, the warming mulled wine, the sweet fragrance of cinnamon from a christmas market that fills the air or little gestures from strangers who wish you a „Merry Christmas“.
Of course, they are no remedies that can heal your wounds. But if you ever find yourself in such a situation, be it just for a tiny split second, then take a look at yourself, leave your sorrows aside for a while and enjoy this moment, Yuki.

Team Members: @MarmaladeSky and @Emperor Spriggan

Summary: A short story about a single father who is waiting with his daugther for the first snowfall of the year on Christmas Eve, while he is still in the process of digesting the death of his wife.

side note: Yuki and Chifuyu are Japanese names and they could mean snow (Yuki) and thousand winters (Chifuyu).

The song White Christmas
The anime Clannad (After Story)


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Winter Art Contest category Short Story - "The Queen of Winter" by Linali
The high, lonely mountain, nothing but snow around. She took a deep breath. She didn’t even have to take a look at the compass to know. This is it. This is the right place.

The sudden gust of cold wind made her shiver. She rubbed her frozen hands. A snowstorm was coming. She needed to hurry.

Standing at the foot of the mountain, she raised her head in an attempt to see what awaits her at the top, but fog covered it completely. She let out a resigned sigh and started climbing. Ascending higher and higher she couldn’t help but recall her last moments in her home village – the crowd of frozen men, sad women and starving children; armed guards standing near the gate ready to catch and tie her down if she tried to run; the elders wearing ceremonial clothes. And this speech… Even now, a few days later, the memory of what she heard made her want to burst with bitter, maniacal laughter.

“Today is a glorious day!”

Glorious? For whom? Not for me anyway.

“You were honored with a mission of great value not only for our village, but for the whole world.”

Honored, my ass. If it’s such an honor, then why didn’t you come yourself? And the only reason why I was chosen is because there’s no one left to care or miss me.

“Your name and your noble deed shall not be forgotten neither by us, nor our children and grandchildren.”

Sweet bullshit is still bullshit. Do you even know my name to begin with?

Her foot slipped on the icy rock and she screamed in panic. Her fingers clenched on the rock shelf, her body was hanging hopelessly hundreds meters above the ground. She felt the first stings of tears. No, she won’t cry. That’s one of the promises she made to herself many years ago and probably the only one she can keep. She found a safe base for her feet and continued climbing. There was still long way to go. She needed to stay focused.

She reached the top frozen, tired and breathless. A few minutes passed before she was able to raise her head and take a look around. The only thing in sight was the intricately carved glass throne with a skeleton of a woman sitting on it. Snow-white long hair and shreds of white robes fluttered to the wind. Beautiful crown made of ice rested on its head.

She slowly rose to her feet and approached the throne.

“Got tired of being the Queen of Winter, ha?” she asked with a hoarse voice.

She touched the hand of the skeleton and watched in awe as the bones and the robes changed into the snow, then rose and floated in the wind. Only the crown was left. She reached her hands for it.

“I wish to know, who you were” she said. “I wish to know, what life did you live. But I don’t even know your name. I guess it was forgotten.” She slowly put a crown on her head. “And so will be mine”.

~ ・~ ・~ ・~
And then, the Spring has come. First time in years.

The inspiration for this short story was a game "Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove", where player has to solve the mystery of what happened with 4 students, who spent a night in the abandoned hotel.
Centuries ago, 4 men used a young woman as human sacrifice in order to close the gate between the world of mortals and the underworld and stop the eternal winter; she comes back later as Banshee, vengeful spirit, and posseses 4 students to make them free her
Huge thanks for @Brandish for proofreading :chu
I hope you enjoyed my short story. This is my first competition ever, so please don't be too hard on me :worship


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A Love in the Snow by Arjuna

"Hurry up idiot Thomas,we need to get out of this village quick or we will be caught in the snow" The village headman screamed at Tom.Tom is an orphan boy of seventeen.He doesn't know who his parents are,but whenever he thinks about them he feels an intense pain in his heart.He was taken by the headman but in return he has to do all menial works of the house.

They live in a village among the cedar forest in the country of Alfheim.It is Christmas time and the whole area is covered with snow.Naturally they will celebrate this occasion,but instead the villagers are escaping from it.The village has been haunted by the Snow Spirit.A beautiful black haired girl in white kimono moved during night and killing everyone within her sight.It is said she is the spirit of a maiden who lived long ago in this village.Her lover went to war and didn't came back.She died of grief and and her spirit now searches for her lover.

The headman's family was the last to leave.They had a carriage ready.But snowfall had increased so much that it was difficult to move after evening.So they hurries.But the carriage id full,so they ask Tom to wait for the night and next morning they will take him.Tom can only curse them in anger.

He waits in the house but he realised that waiting is suicidal so he leaves in the snow.It is snowing heavily and the visibility is poor.But still he needs to get out of this village.

As he starts drudging through the snow,he catches a while glint in the distance.He hurries towards it but to his shock he realises that it the spirit herself.But instead of horror,his heart was full with nostalgia. It seems to Tom that she is someone close to him.

"Who are you?" Tom asks her"."It's me Tom,I am Catherine your beloved".

These words makes Tom feel a pain in his head.It seems that everything is white.He feels Catherine is someone from his past.

The girl embraces Tom and kisses him."Tom I was waiting for centuries for you to come back.Let's go for our never ending journey".

This makes Tom remember his previous life .He was Thomas the warrior who loved Catherine. Even though hundred's of year passed their love is still intact.

Tom can only reply filled with tears,"Let's go".

The village is no more haunted now.Villagers have returned.But they couldn't find Tom anymore.They declared that he was probably dead and fell from the cliff outside the village during the snowy night.

Only the old woman in the corner of the village says that during every night she can see Tom and the Girl in Kimono walking together holding hands in the snow.

But most people dismisses it as her delusions.

I got the idea of this story from Erinyes's Avatar and Sig so I tried to create a story similar to her work as we are a team.I am grateful to Erin chan and Gryffindor for giving me the chance to participate in this contest.

Hope you all like it.
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