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Tales of Symphonia 5 (3 comments)
OMG it's done!

ToS Chapter 5 Extra Load: Siblings

Page 1
???: Last generation’s chosen one committed suicide—?
Sfx: raining
It seems Lady Mylene is still living in the secluded mansion.
I wonder if they live together…
And to think the father passed away on top of that.
Are you ready, Zelos—?

Page 2
: Siblings

Page 3
Zelos: Ah, look over there. That person.
They seem like an onlooker (一般参列?).
But they even brought a child…
it’s shameless—
Sebastian: --Zelos-sama

Page 4
You mustn’t catch a cold. Quickly, this way.
Zelos: … Sebastian.
That lady and baby…
Sebastian: Zelos-sama, it is better if you don’t concern yourself.
Now, come this way. ... Read More " "
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Over Drive 12 (2 comments)
OverDrive Ch. 12
Little wings fly high

Page 134
Mikoto: I haven’t lost.
Yamato: Wait… wait a second.
You and I had a match.
The one where you ambushed me outside my house and rode to school.
Then you finished 2:15 behind me…
Mikoto: Well, that is true
Yamato: … I’m busy. You completely lost…
Mikoto: As expected, but what about it, huh?
Yamato: What?
Mitkoto: At first glance it appears that I lost.
← Bear

Page 135
Sfx: KUaaagh
Mikoto: As far as my feelings go, they haven’t beaten at all!!!
Doesn’t count!!! It was a draw.
five minutes pass
Mikoto: Since then Yamato-kun hasn’t talked to me.

Page 136
Because of that, I’ve been... Read More " "
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Over Drive 11 (5 comments)
OverDrive ch. 11
Know your enemy as well as yourself

Page 111
Birds: Chirp Chirp

Page 112
Yuki: Kya
Mikoto: Yes! Morning really is great, isn’t it!?
sfx: click click
Mikoto: But, then morning breezes have their own uniqueness..!
It’s great to ride at night too, but morning is an exception!
*Kind of makes you want to ride huh?

Page 113

Page 114

Page 115
Yamato: When did you notice?
Mikoto: …hm…
I think I knew from the beginning.
I thought you sort of had the same scent as Yousuke-san….

Page 116
Race me!

Page 117
Mikoto: Why didn’t you say anything?
Were you deceiving me?
Why didn’t you join the bicycle... Read More " "
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Over Drive 10 (5 comments)
Ch. 10: Jam Tomorrow

Page 90
Mikoto: It… It’s him…!!

It has to be! It’s the guy from before who said he was faster than Yousuke!
sfx: tatan tan

Page 91
Sfx: DON!! (dramatization)
Yousuke: You, faster than me?
Say some pretty interesting things, don’t ya?

Page 92
Mikoto: Ah— If I try I could do it too--!
Yuki: As I thought.
How old are you?
You look younger than I thought.
Couldn’t be younger… maybe not?...
sfx: zuza- (quick recoiling motion)

Page 93
Sfx: Do Don!!
sfx: puku (swelling)
sfx: piki (twitch)
Yousuke: Pe-
Terao: Ya---
He’s not losing yet…
Yuki: By the way, what’s with the hair?
It should be more…
Sfx: peta peta
sfx: chaga (rattle,... Read More " "
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Over Drive 9 (1 comments)
Chapter 9: I was not born yesterday

Page 70
Yamato: “Fukazawa Yousuke, huh? Not so impressive now…”
Sfx: smack - pashi
Some Guy: Yo- You tryin’ to be funny!? Why are you catching in Volleyball!?
Mikoto: Ah-.. No… I just zoned out a little…
SG: Liar!
You were looking at the girls!
Think we wouldn’t know loser!
Mikoto: aw owow…
Sfx: mukuri= sitting up

Page 71
Yamato: You okay…?
Mikoto: Huh!!
Oh, no, sorry, I just…
Yamato-kun is talking to me!
Umm, you always watch others play, don’t you!?
You never participate in PE do you? What do you think about- about bicycles?
AH aaa sorry, never mind, that didn’t make any sense.
In a club, making... Read More " "
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Over Drive 8 (3 comments)
OverDrive Chapter 8: Hunger is the Best

Page 50
Mikoto: This is the day
That I’m definitely going to ride the bike!!
Muscle training, Swimming! I’m at the limit of my patience!! No matter what Terao-san says, it’s already decided!
Terao: Okay, it’s fine.
Mikoto: No nonono! It’s no use! Even if you say it, today is the day….
Terao: By the way, what’s with the outfit? *top secret assassination?
Mikoto: Uhh…uhhh… Fukazawa-san said it was a man’s battle outfit…

Page 51
Fukazawa Ridge..!
Sfx: De-------n (I don’t think this is a specific sound)

Page 52
Mikoto: This slope… is incredible.
Wait! Isn’t this a mountain!?
Yo..Yousuke-san, do you... Read More " "
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Tales of Symphonia 4 (1 comments)
Tales of Symphonia
Extra Load 4: Best Friend

Page 2
Altessa: … the Ozette Cold.
Lloyd: The Ozette Cold?
Altessa: An epidemic spreading through this area.
Colette: Is the Professor going to be all right?
Altessa: There might be a prolonged fever, but nothing life-threatening.
She just needs to rest.
Raine: Sorry, Everyone…
Right when we have to hurry to get to Sylverant…

Paage 3
Lloyd: It’s fine, don’t worry about it.
Colette: That’s right. For now just rest.
Genis: Sis…
Mithos: Genis.
Genis: What is it Mithos?
Mithos: Do you have a moment?
It’s about the Ozette Cold.
It’s a troublesome illness that’s hard to cure.
At this point, Raine-san probably won’t be... Read More " "
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Tales of Symphonia 3 (3 comments)
Tales of Symphonia by Cylph
Extra Load ch.3: Love

Page 2
Genis: Y…Yo…You’re Pre-Pre-Pre-
Pretty, Presea.
Presea: Really?
Thank you very much.
Genis: Uh, no, Presea-
I actually…

Page 3
Lloyd: What’s the matter, Genis? I heard you sigh.
Genis: Lloyd…
Insensitive guys like you can’t understand love’s troubles…
Lloyd: What did he say!?
Genis: Presea is what you would call “Cool” I guess. She wouldn’t go gaga over something I say.
Lloyd: I may not understand, but If words don’t work, try something else.
Genis: Something else? Like what?
Lloyd: Li-ke, well.
*A letter maybe?
Zelos: A Present!
A simple thing that will make the girls... Read More " "
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Tales of Symphonia 2 (4 comments)
EX- Load Chapter 2

Page 1

Voice: Priestess!
Priestess! (Note: or chosen one for “神子さま” I guess. It just sounded funny.)
Congratulations on your twelfth birthday.
Come, let us go to the chapel. (聖堂= saintly hall?~)
The followers are waiting.
Collette: -- Yes.
-- birthdays…

Page 2(a ^-^) Extra Load: Gift

Collette: I always thought
It was okay if they didn't come.
Hey, Grandmother.
Granny: What is it?
Collette: Um... Would it be okay if Lloyd and everyone came to today's ceremony...?
Granny: Hmmm... this is a religious festival, so...
the general public can't participate.

Page 2
Voice: But, hey, after the village gathering your friends will come too,... Read More " "
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Tales of Symphonia 18 (3 comments)
Load: 18 Maneuver
Page 2
Altessa: …ugh…
Raine: Altessa-san…
Altessa: Tabatha!
Collette: Lloyd, are you okay?
Lloyd: …yeah.
But Kratos…
Yuan: Don’t bother.
Yuan: Yggdrasil took him back with him… Kratos is fine.
Lloyd: …Yuan.
What about you?
Yuan: Yes. Our plan fell apart, but…
Lloyd: Just what exactly did you hope to accomplish?
Going so far as trying to kill Kratos.

Page 3
Lloyd: What is “Origin’s seal” exactly?
Did you think, “Oh, let’s make a pact with Origin and use the Eternal Sword”?
Yuan: …Yeah.
If we destroyed that threatening tower,

The thousand year established kingdom would end, and there would be a great ripening anew.
That was... Read More " "
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Tales of Symphonia 17 (2 comments)
Tales of Symphonia Chapter 17
Wow~ big chapter. Enjoy.

Load: 17 True Form

Page 1
Ifrit: …. You pass.
My name is Ifrit, the Spirit of Fire.
Ifrit: I grant my power to you, contractor Sheena.
Ifrit: umu
Sheena: -- Thank you, Ifrit!
[in corner] Raine: So this time it’s a garnet…!
Lloyd: uhh—Somehow we got that pact made.

Page 2
Raine: The water spirit Undine, wind spirit Sylph,
light spirits Luna and Aska.
And now fire spirit Ifrit. With this, that probably is all the spirits in Sylverant taken care of.
Then, we were able to make a pact with Volt on Tethe’alla, so…
Genis: Just three left, right? The problem is getting to Tethe’alla…
Oh! If... Read More " "
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Tales of Symphonia 17 (4 comments)
Load:16 War
Sorry, got ahead of myself, this is CHAPTER 16^ not 17 >.<
Page 2
Genus: Thanks to Raine’s “fast aide” everything was healed back to normal.
Raine: Still, I put medicine on the serious injuries.
Please rest for the time being.
Mithos: …. Th
Ank you…
Genus: Thank goodness it was nothing serious.
Lloyd: Yeah… but
Page 3
Lloyd: Cruxis is unforgivable.
Why Ozette…
Altesta(アルテスタ?): That’s probably my fault.
Lloyd: Altesta-san.
Lloyd: What do you mean?
Altesta: ---I’ve mentioned I was involved with Cruxis a long time ago, right?
Page 4
Altesta: Having fled Cruxis, I soon found myself hiding in Ozette.
: And that was retribution meant... Read More " "
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Tales of Symphonia 15 (4 comments)
Chapter 15-Departure
<Cover_6> (pg 1)-extra
Mithos: Sis! The food is ready!
Girl: Already?
Mithos: Today’s meal is steak.
Girl: That’s wonderful. It looks really good.
sfx= Dobaaan!
Mithos: And I used magic to make Yuan’s meal look like eggs over rice.
Girl: Wow! You’re right!
Yuan: Not exactly, it looks normal.
Insert text[only Yuan’s was made without it]

<Cover_7> (pg 2)
[in Ozette]
Mithos: Have Lloyd and his group come here.
Henchmen: Sir.
Mithos: For now, I’ll take this form.
Henchman: But…
Mithos: It’s fine. Whatever happens, I won’t get upset.
Henchman: Well, then…
sfx=*heart pounding * -Rock Throw-
sfx= bish-
Mithos: That hurt!
... Read More " "
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Bleach 213 (0 comments)
This script is from Djudge at Bleachforums.



Ikkaku whips the sword over Keigo's head.



Scene changes to the Urahara Shoten.

Inside a room, Tessai administers aid to Ururu while Urahara supervises.

Ururu: ...Ki...Kisuke-san...Kisuke-san...

Urahara: It's okay, Ururu.

Outside the room, Jinta worryingly takes a seat.

The scene changes again to Ichigo.

Ichigo and Renji watch as Orihime applies medical care to Rukia.

Orihime watches Ichigo look at Rukia from the corner of her eye.
She looks away and begins to close her eyes.


Bleach c213 -... Read More " "
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