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Tales of Symphonia 17

Tales of Symphonia Chapter 17

+ posted by .Cylph as translation on Dec 5, 2007 02:54 | Go to Tales of Symphonia

-> RTS Page for Tales of Symphonia 17

Tales of Symphonia Chapter 17
Wow~ big chapter. Enjoy.

Load: 17 True Form

Page 1
Ifrit: …. You pass.
My name is Ifrit, the Spirit of Fire.
Ifrit: I grant my power to you, contractor Sheena.
Ifrit: umu
Sheena: -- Thank you, Ifrit!
[in corner] Raine: So this time it’s a garnet…!
Lloyd: uhh—Somehow we got that pact made.

Page 2
Raine: The water spirit Undine, wind spirit Sylph,
light spirits Luna and Aska.
And now fire spirit Ifrit. With this, that probably is all the spirits in Sylverant taken care of.
Then, we were able to make a pact with Volt on Tethe’alla, so…
Genis: Just three left, right? The problem is getting to Tethe’alla…
Oh! If we get to Tethe’alla, I want to go to Altessa’s house!
I promised Mithos. I said we’d meet again.
Lloyd: That’s right.
Altessa-san would probably know the locations of the rest of the xpirits, too.
For now, let’s get out of h—
Zelos: Heeey, Lloyd. You got pretty beat up, huh?
Lloyd: Oh… you’re right.
Zelos: If you don’t heal it right away, it’s gonna be painful later. It’s getting late now~

Page 3
Raine: First Aid!
Lloyd: …Sorry…
…So, Zelos, you can use recovery magic too?
Zelos: Well—That’s a demon swordsman(魔剣士?) for you.
Lloyd: …demon swordsman.
It’s the same
As him—
Zelos: Finally! I can breathe fresh air—

About returning to Tethe’alla…

Page 4
Sheena: ---!?
Collete: AH-
Regal: What’s going on?!
Presea: An earthquake…

Page 5
Tabatha: Another earthquake…
Mithos: It's pretty big.
Sfx: GARA- rocks
Sfx: HA-

Page 6
Mithos: Look out!
Sfx: ZUNN-

Page 7
Sfx: GOGO…
Lloyd: … …it stopped…
Somehow a lot of earthquakes have been happening.
I wonder if it has anything to do with the spirit pacts…
Raine: Lloyd, let’s camp here tonight.
It might be better to reevaluate our circumstances before going to Tethe’alla.
Lloyd: Yeah…
Raine: Is that good with everyone?
Zelos: Whaaat- In this sandy place?
~ Get over it, stupid pansy!!
Lloyd: …. This place

Page 8
Lloyd: It’s the place from that time…
Genis: The curry rice is ready!
Huh? Where’s Lloyd?
He’s always so noisy about it too.
Sheena: Now that you mention it.
He should have returned by now.
- Yeah
Zelos: ….

Page 9
Lloyd:…Last time I came here was when Collete began her angel transformation and grew wings.

… Kratos taught me some swordsmanship.
It feels like ssuch a long time ago.
[it’s impossible that he]
[that he could have been the Hero’s companion---]
Kratos: …Lloyd.

Page 10
Sfx: ZAza-
Lloyd: …. …Kratos!

Page 11
Lloyd: What do you want-
Kratos: It seems you’re making pacts with both worlds’ spirits…
Lloyd: It’s none of your business.
Kratos: At this rate, if you keep making pacts with all the spirits, it won’t end well.
Lloyd: Why!
Kratos: … Stop making pacts.
Lloyd: ----- You’re our enemy.
Like I’m going to listen you!!
You hate me.

Page 12
Kratos: For instance, even making pacts with all the spirits, you still can’t divide the world.
Lloyd: So what are you saying I should do!
There’s no other way—
Lloyd: [splitting the world had something to do with Origin’s power]
Zelos: “demon sword” “That’s the key word here.”
Lloyd: …Origin and the demon sword…?
sfx: ZA.
… it’s the Eternal Sword.

Page 13
Kratos: Lloyd. If you want to carry out your objective, seek the Eternal Sword.
Lloyd: Wha… Hey!
What are you talking about!
…… What the heck.
That guy…-
Genis: Hey
Lloyd, you’re late! You disappeared.

Page 14
Lloyd: S- Sorry.
Genis: Just where did you go! Everyone’s done eating.
Lloyd: Well… you know,
Zelos: Well squirt, it means everyone wants a little alone time.
…Right, Lloyd-kun?
Lloyd: … Yeah, sort of…
[it’s better not to mention]
[That I met Kratos]

Page 15
Some Guy: --- Yuan-sama!
We’ve detected several Reiard vessels!
More approaching.
What do you wish done?
Yuan: … Just shoot them down.

Page 16
Sfx: GOOO-
Lloyd: You’re telling me that you plan to use the energy rising from the base to operate the spatial transfer device in the Reiards?

Is it okay to be doing this!?
Sheena: There’s no other way that I can think of to get to Tethe’alla. It can’t be helped!
It’s better if they don’t spot us though!
Yuan: An interesting opportunity- Let them continue

Track them, find out where they’re headed.

Page 17
Genis: Mithos, what’s with the injury!?
What happened!?
Mithos: Oh … it’s nothing.
Genis: Are you okay!? It cou… couldn’t have been Cruxis…
Tabatha: Mithos-san saved me.
Genis: Saved you?
Tabatha: Because of the earthquake a while back, a rock shook loose…

Page 18
Tabatha: He protected me, and was injured… my apologies…
Mithos: It- it’s okay. I’m fine now.
I’m glad you’re all right.
Lloyd: That was pretty great, huh Mithos!
Genis: That must have taken a lot of courage!
Mithos: Is it okay for you all to be here?
Genis: Yep! So let’s have lots of fun!
Mithos: Really!?
Raine: So earthquakes are happening in both worlds… This can’t be a coincidence.
Lloyd: …Teacher?

Page 19
Regal: That’s right. Simultaneous earthquakes are too strange.
Raine: It started while on our journey for spirit pacts… Most likely this has something to do with world deterioration.
Raine: Whether a good sign or a bad sign, I can’t tell…
*heart pound…
Lloyd: …
Kratos~: [Making pacts with all the spirits, it won’t end well.]
Lloyd: … of course.
I guess I better say it.

Still, they don’t have to know Kratos said it. But
Sfx: GU-

Page 20
Lloyd: I still won’t just believe something he said---

… Come to think of it, why did he say that---?
Zelos: Let’s ponder this tomorrow.

For now let’s eat some food and sleep!! *That is all!!
Zelos: I’m exhausted ~
Lloyd: Zelos! Why you- *let go of me!
Sheena: … But lately we haven’t been busy, so I want to at least take it easy today.
Tabatha: Understood. I will prepare your meal.
Sfx: gobu kibu bashi bashi~
Zelos: Tabatha-chan, I’ll help~
*Lloyd panting in background
Tabatha: … Is that all right? Thank you very much.

Page 21
Tabatha: Will you watch the pot while I go pick kousou?
Zelos: Pot, huh. Oh- stew?
Tabatha: Thank you.
Zelos: Right, right.
Genis: Yeah, delicious!

Page 22
Tabatha: Please eat as much as you like.
Genis: I’ll have seconds!
Lloyd: Oh, me too!
Altessa-san, that stuff about the demon sword, could you tell me more about it?
Altessa: Hmm… I really don’t know much myself, but…

The demon sword is called the “Eternal Sword”

The Eternal Sword also has possession criteria, so I’ve heard.
Lloyd: …Criteria?
Altessa: That’s right. …The Etenal Sword can only be wielded by a half-elf.

Page 23
Raine: That can’t be.

That’s a problem…we can’t use swords.
Altessa: However, I heard a rumor that there is a way for others to possess it, but…
Sorry, that’s all I know.
Lloyd: … No, that’s plenty, thank you…
Lloyd: …..?
Collete: Lloyd? What’s wrong?
Lloyd: …n… I’m fine…
Somehow I’m really sleepy all of the sudden.
Collete: Are you okay?

Page 24
Collete: Are you tired…?
Lloyd:… It’s no use, sleepy…
Sfx: GATA-
Lloyd: Sorry, I’m just… go sleep…
Raine: It’s not good to sleep right after a meal.
Lloyd: Vm~~~
Raine: Lloyd!
For goodness sake!
Lloyd: It’s funny, why am I this sleepy…
… remove sword…
sfx: gunya
gotta get shoes and jacket off…
[no good]

Page 25
Lloyd: Consciousness---
sfx: kata…
Someone’s here…?

Page 26
Sfx: Ha-
Yuan: It’s been a while,
Lloyd Irving.
Lloyd: Yua… n…
Sfx: da
Lloyd: ….!?
Wha… what is this?
I can’t move…

Page 27
Wha… didju do…
Yuan: We’ve done nothing.
Take him.
Henchmen: Sir!
Lloyd: Damn-
Let go …!!
Yuan: Don’t resist.

… if you go quietly, we’ll let you see your father.
Lloyd: Dad…!?
Did you do something to my Dad!?

Page 28
Yuan: … Not that father.
Lloyd: Everyone-
Yuan: Calm down. They’ve only fallen asleep.

Page 29
Yuan: Lloyd, you were our target. You alone.
Yuan: Faster than I expected,
To appear so soon is fortunate.
Kratos: … Yuan, let him go. At this point he still knows nothing.

Page 30
Kratos: Release Lloyd and leave.
Lloyd: …Kratos.
Kratos: Besides, Yuan! Even to say that you were a renegade, you were Cruxis’ top member! What is the meaning of this?
Yuan: … It means we all have circumstances.
Kratos! Release Origin’s seal!
… if you refuse…
In the event your son’s life is worth something, then you’ll as I say.

Page 31-32
Lloyd: … Son?
Kratos: …Yuan.
Yuan: Is this not a good chance
To tell Lloyd?
You and Kratos are father and son.

Page 33
Lloyd: --That can’t be…
Kratos, my father…?
The Kratos who betrayed us, made Collete suffer!
Who even tried to kill us!?
That’s a lie…!!

Page 34
Yuan: So Kratos, how’s it feel to have your own son deny you?
Kratos: …
sfx: GA-
Henchmen: Don’t move!
Lloyd: Grr…
Henchmen: Move and die!
Yuan: If you don’t release Origin, then Lloyd here will die.
So, what’s it going to be?
Kratos: …tch

Page 35
Yuan: …. It doesn’t seem that we’re getting anywhere.
In that case,
sfx: PAKI-
Yuan: I’ll just kill you now!
Kratos: ….
Yuan: … You’ve changed since having a family.
Lloyd: …!

Page 36
Yuan: You’ve grown soft, even 15 years ago, when Anna changed into that monster.

If Anna hadn’t gone with you, she wouldn’t have become like that---
She was a pitiful woman.
Lloyd: … Shut up…
sfx: BUN
Lloyd: SHUT UP!!
… Don’t say things…

Page 37
Lloyd: like you know everything…!!
---- Windbag!
sfx: PATSU

Page 38
Kratos: …. Ugh
Lloyd: ….?
sfx: Clatter

Page 39
Lloyd: …Kratos?
Kratos: …You okay?
Lloyd: …Ah..yeah.
Kratos: good…

Page 40
Sfx: dosa-
Lloyd: ..Kra..tos…
His back
[He protected me…?]
[Why did he save me?]
sfx: doku doku
-Is he really my---

Page 41
Yuan: ---Whatever, just take them!
Henchmen: Sir!
sfx: DOKA!

Page 42
Yuan: …..guh.
What the hell!
sfx: step
Mithos: That’s enough, Yuan.

Page 43
Mithos: Lately, I’ve been wondering what you’ve been secretly up to---
Yuan: W…Why
Are you …-
sfx: Hyu

Page 44
Yuan: Gu…
Why are you here!?

Page 45
Yuan: Yggdrasil!!
Mithos: To think, that all along you were the leader of the renegades opposing Cruxis, Yuan.
Kratos was being supervised by Pronima,
mostly because I thought he was leaking information to Lloyd’s group.
Sfx: GA!
Yuan: Gugh…-

Page 46
Mithos: Both of you really betrayed me, huh?

I really would rather kill you, but---
My sister would have me let you live.
Yuan: ugh…
Mithos: mmph mmph


Page 47
Collete: Is someone there?
Sfx: ki…
Collete: …..!?
What in the world…

Page 48
Collete: Lloyd!!
Lloyd, what happened!?
Hang on, Lloyd!!
Lloyd: Collete… I…
Collete: And Kratos too…
What just happened here!?
Genis: …Mithos…
Page 49
Yuan: guh…
Is that so?.... You hid your real self and approached them, didn’t you?
Genis: … Yggdrasil? Mithos?
You’re kidding… he would look older, right?
Besides, we’re friends…
Mithos: …Friends?

Page 50
Mithos: You really believed me? You were duped, Genis.
sfx: DOGAA
Genis: Altesta-san!!
Tabatha: Altesta-sama!
Altesta: ..ughh..hh

Page 51
Tabatha: Mithos-san
Mithos: He spoke too much for being a workmanship teacher,
Including running away, I just delivered punishment.
Genis: How could you… how could you, Mithos?
Didn’t you get along so well with them!
How can you do such a such a terrible thing!

Page 52
Genis: You even saved Tabatha
And got yourself hurt!
Mithos: About that…
I supposed if I did that, then it would be easier for you all to believe me.
Genis: Mithos!
Tabatha: ---That’s incorrect.
Mithos is a kind person.

Because of your kindness, you saved me that time, didn’t you?
Mithos: --- Shut up!

Page 53
Tabatha: …Mithos.
Mithos: ….h

Page 54
Tabatha: Mi..Thos…sav…ed
Mithos: Shut up… shut up, shut up!
You twisted doll living on as my sister!
You’ve never had a soul!

You so defective, you couldn’t even contain my sister’s soul!

Page 55
Mithos: Even looking, you can tell there’s nothing.
Genis: …Mithos.
come on…
Genis: Mithos!
Raine: Genis!
Yuan: Ga… wa…wait, Yggdrasil…
Genis: Mithos- Wait!

Page 56
Genis: But you’re our friend!
Right, Mithos!
Genis: …h
sfx: ZAA

Page 57
Genis: ….
Lloyd: --- Kratos!
Collete: Lloyd!?
Lloyd: Kra…

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#1. by Miken-chan ()
Posted on Dec 5, 2007
Thanks a lot~

I think this'll be my personal winter break project!!
#2. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 6, 2007
thanks cylph!!!!

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