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Tales of Symphonia 17

Tales of Symphonia 17

+ posted by .Cylph as translation on Nov 27, 2007 02:07 | Go to Tales of Symphonia

-> RTS Page for Tales of Symphonia 17

Load:16 War
Sorry, got ahead of myself, this is CHAPTER 16^ not 17 >.<
Page 2
Genus: Thanks to Raine’s “fast aide” everything was healed back to normal.
Raine: Still, I put medicine on the serious injuries.
Please rest for the time being.
Mithos: …. Th
Ank you…
Genus: Thank goodness it was nothing serious.
Lloyd: Yeah… but
Page 3
Lloyd: Cruxis is unforgivable.
Why Ozette…
Altesta(アルテスタ?): That’s probably my fault.
Lloyd: Altesta-san.
Lloyd: What do you mean?
Altesta: ---I’ve mentioned I was involved with Cruxis a long time ago, right?
Page 4
Altesta: Having fled Cruxis, I soon found myself hiding in Ozette.
: And that was retribution meant for me.
In spite of that, you cooperated in Cruxis’ experiment, and I helped. Lord Yggdrasil most likely knows this too.
Lloyd: Hey, Altesta-san

Will you tell us everything you know about Cruxis?
Altesta: Very well…
Page 5
Altesta: Lord Yggdrasil split the world in two—establishing the organization called Cruxis.

First, is better to not talk of the ancient war.
Lloyd: Ancient war?

The “ancient war” and that Hero Mithos?
Altesta: Exactly. The Hero of the ancient war, Mithos--
He was born in the elf village of Heimdall.
Around the time the ancient war began, he was banished from the village as a pitiful
maverick. Then he fought to end the war along with his companions in order to return to
  his village someday.
Page 6
Lloyd…Why was Mithos considered a maverick?
Altesta: … That’s because he was a half-elf.
Lloyd: The Hero Mithos
Was a Half-elf!?
Altesta: … So were Mithos’ companions, except for one human.

While they were considered mavericks, they got through and the fight ended.
But in their hometown, their names were still taboo.
Genus: … Because they were half-elves?
Altesta: -- That’s incorrect. The Hero Mithos was favored by Origin.
That’s how the hero’s name fell.
Page 7
Genus: Fell…?
What do you mean?
Altesta: He used the power of an evil sword given to him by traitor Origin. It was none other than
Mithos and his companions who tore the world apart.
It was namely Mithos and his sister, Martel.
Then there were Yuan and Kratos—
Page 8
Lloyd: ……wha
Hold on…
Yggdrasil of Cruxis is the Hero Mithos?
Altesta: That’s right.
Lloyd: So then his companions were Martel, Yuan, and …… Kratos?

… That’s impossible!
Collete: Kratos-san… was the hero’s companion 4000 years ago?
He couldn’t have a life as long as an elf’s.
Page 9
Altesta: Angels were one of the developments in combat efficiency during the Kharlan War.
When you use internal mana on the body, it is chemically converted, and in about one
Hour the biological clock is practically stopped…
Because of that, angels even outlive elves while hardly aging.
Lloyd: … What is all this? I don’t get any of it.
Zelos: Oh really? Wasn’t something obvious?
He’s saying that the world split due to Origin’s influence.
“Evil Sword” That’s the keyword here.
Raine: …Exactly. We mustn’t lose sight of the point.
Our last goal is supposed to be reuniting the world.
Genus: Yeah, now that you say it.
Page 10
Genus: Hey, Mithos. You have the same name as the Hero Mithos, huh?
Sheena: It’s not rare for boys to have the name “Mithos.”
So everyone one can share the good luck from the name.
Mithos: … I guess.
My parents gave me this name in hopes of me being strong like the Mithos.

But not because he had been a half-elf…
Genus: --Yeah.
Mithos: … Hey, Genus…
Why are you and Rifeel with humans?
Page 11
Humans persecute half-elves.
You can’t really say you’re with humans…?
I… hate humans.
Genus: Mithos…
I… also hate humans.
Lloyd: …Genus
Genus: In Sylvarant we were always discriminated…
But there are also humans like Lloyd. They’re not all bad.
Page 12
Because Lloyd and Collete are my friends!
They aren’t mean or anything.
Mithos: … But other people…?
Lloyd: It’s all right. We’re not those kind of people.
Zelos: Yeah----
Even as a half-elf, that kind of honesty isn’t exactly appreciated.
Lloyd: …Zelos!
Zelos: It can’t be helped, right? Half-elf discrimination is deeply rooted.
It’s been taught for a long time. …Still
Page 13
It seems I see it the same way.
Lloyd: …Why?
Zelos: It’s an undesired life.
Well, I won’t say it’s like I don’t want them along for the trip, so relax.
Sheena: That’s right. Aren’t you two are our friends before being half-elves?
???: I was also an outcast. You could say we’re in the same boat.
Page 14
Zelos: Well, there you have it, lady and gentlemen half-elves.
Still, it’s not that prejudice doesn’t exist.
Genus: Yeah. Thanks. That’s good enough.
Right Mithos! They’re all right.
Genus: Hey Mithos, let’s be friends!
Mithos: um…
Lloyd: If you’re gonna be friends, we’ll all be friends!
Collete: Y-You will, right?
Lloyd: Yeah! Nice to meet ya!
Page 15
Genus: I’ve never had a half-elf friend, so I’m really happy!
Mithos: Friend… Really?
Genus: Of course!
Well, … we’ll meet again.
Altesta-san said it’d be fine for you to stay here. So…

Yep! We’ll be back!
Genus: Then we’ll have lots to talk about!
Mithos: …Yeah!
It’s a promise!
Page 16
Genus: And then Lloyd …
Mithos: Really?
Altesta: --So
What do you all plan on doing now?
Lloyd: I think we’re going to go make pacts with both worlds’ spirits.
That’s why we need the Reiards to be ready. And if we make pacts with all
The spirits, then maybe the world will return to how it was.
Altesta: Is that so…. However
How do you plan to return to Sylverant?
Lloyd: That’s right--!!
Background- What now…..
Sfx- Gaaaaaan
Altesta: Haven’t thought about it….
Page 17
Raine: … In that case I have an idea.
Lloyd: … huh?
Really Teacher!?
Raine: Yes. We should go to the ruins southeast from here.
Lloyd: Ruins?
Raine: Yes… The ruins said to be a door of sorts.
If we use the power of this “door” we should probably be able to return to Sylverant.
Lloyd: … Teacher, how do you know so much about Tethe’alla?
Page 18
Raine: … I remembered.
Coming to Tethe’alla, it gradually came back.
The place I’ve been searching for---


Don’t leave us.
Page 19
??: Goodbye, Raine, Genus.
Sfx: gooooo—
Raine: … While flying and hearing the thunder, this place flashed in my mind, and it’s been bothering me.

I confirmed this theory about these two worlds’ pole being connected.
This is where we were left—
Page 20
Raine: The scenery I’ve been searching for is here…
These are the ruins—

Lloyd: … What are you saying?
You were born in Sylverant, weren’t you?
Raine: No…

Genus: You’re kidding.
But I only have memories of Iselia!
Page 21
Sheena: What do you mean?
That you two were born in Tethe’alla?
Raine: … We were born and raised in the elf village Heimdall. Then later thrown out.
This is the legendary path leading to Sylverant that’s been told about.
Lloyd: Heimdall… the same village as Mithos…?
Raine: --Yes. I don’t know the finer details though.
Page 22
At least I’m certain—
The newborn Genus and I were deserted here…
… And we were swept into Sylverant.
Before long, with a lot happening… Iselia
Genus, you were very small.
… It’s no use if you don’t remember.
Page 23
Genus: That…
Raine: --So, let’s wait for nightfall.
The door appears on the night of the moon.
Today is that day.
Genus: … Sis.
Raine:… What’s the matter Genus?
Genus: Why… were we abandoned by mom?
Page 24
Genus: Being abandoned, did she come to hate us…?
Raine: I don’t know.
Before we were abandoned, she was very nice.
Before she abandoned us I’m sure she loved us.
Genus: Sis…
Raine: Genus.
Page 25
Raine: A long time ago we passed through this door into Sylverant.
I was consumed by despair.
This time it’s different.
I’m not giving up on everything, I’m passing through with hope.
Reuniting the worlds… we’ll make a place for half-elves.
Genus: Yeah.
With Lloyd, Collete, and everyone it will be all right.
Raine: Yes.
Page 26
Raine: Definitely…. And then we’ll search for Mother.
Even if I don’t know if she’s still alive.
Genus: Right!
sfx: KA-
Lloyd: --Teacher!
The door is opening!
Page 27
Sfx: GOO-
Raine: Everyone! Jump into the light source!
Zelos: Is this really all right—
Raine: Just hurry up!!
Lloyd: Get over it! Trust her!
Let’s Go!
Page 28
sfx: shuuuu-
Lloyd: ugh…
Is everyone all right?
Genus: This is…
This mana… It’s increased, but no mistake.
It’s Sylverant—
Page 29
It’s the fire seal’s location, the ancient city of Triete.
Lloyd: …That’s right, we fought here before too.
Genus: It’s the same as クトウグハ(?). He’s weak against cold.
Lloyd: I’ll take care of it!
—That time it was for releasing the seal--

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#1. by Miken-chan ()
Posted on Nov 27, 2007
Thanks so much Cylph~

I'll get right on it!

EDIT: Oh yeah...just wanted point out...

Raine's skill is "First Aid" and "Altesta" is supposed to be "Altessa"

EDIT 2: Sorry for ending the chat so abruptly...my mom knocked out my internet connection because she was setting up a new laptop...
#2. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Nov 27, 2007
thanks!!!! is this ur first trans?? if it is, good work!!! and ask one the mods to change the title.
#3. by .Cylph ()
Posted on Nov 27, 2007
8P Yeah, the names aren't always right on.

^And this actually only my second chapter for translating
#4. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Nov 27, 2007
It's actually Genis in English, not Genus, but anyway~ XD (I go only with Japanese name, though, so it's always Genius for me X3 )

Yeah, your title should have change already. I mean, I got mine change to "translator" on the first translation I posted here, which is of TotA. 8P So . . . it should already change, from what I know. X3


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