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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Over Drive 9

Overdrive ch. 9

+ posted by .Cylph as translation on Feb 3, 2008 15:20 | Go to Over Drive

-> RTS Page for Over Drive 9

Chapter 9: I was not born yesterday

Page 70
Yamato: “Fukazawa Yousuke, huh? Not so impressive now…”
Sfx: smack - pashi
Some Guy: Yo- You tryin’ to be funny!? Why are you catching in Volleyball!?
Mikoto: Ah-.. No… I just zoned out a little…
SG: Liar!
You were looking at the girls!
Think we wouldn’t know loser!
Mikoto: aw owow…
Sfx: mukuri= sitting up

Page 71
Yamato: You okay…?
Mikoto: Huh!!
Oh, no, sorry, I just…
Yamato-kun is talking to me!
Umm, you always watch others play, don’t you!?
You never participate in PE do you? What do you think about- about bicycles?
AH aaa sorry, never mind, that didn’t make any sense.
In a club, making friends, I was thinking how it fun it is everyday….

Page 72
Yamato: Yeeeaaahh…
Sfx: kasshu kasshu
Mikoto: Kind of perverted finger movements!!
Sfx: don
Mikoto: Sorry, I lied.
The thing about the friends is a little different.
But I still think of them as comrades.

Page 73
Bu- But isn’t it harder to talk to people older than you?
But they’re not really like that.
Bicycle club is a lot of work.
Everyday there’s morning practice, where we ride for 5, 6 hours. After that I’m so exhausted!

But… I still wonder if it’s time for club yet~~~ !
Yamato: 7 minutes 59 seconds…
12 second difference…
Fukazawa Yousuke, huh?
Not so impressive…

Page 74
I don’t want it ruined.
*Terao: It’s about time you start using cycling shoes—
Mikoto: What are “cycling” shoes?
Yousuke: You’ll do it from now on—
Yuki: Shinozaki, go to the convenience store for me.
Me and… Me and my friends—…!!
They’re relying on me. This is probably the first time…
Everything… I’ve finally found something that I can give it my all!
Yamato: You’ve … changed.
Mikoto: Ohh… sorry, this talk…
Yamato: I still don’t know you very well, but
you’ve changed.

Page 75
Mikoto: Th…thank you.
Yamato: Those obstacles in your way,
Defeat every single one.
Mikoto: Huh?
Yamato: You were thinking that.
Mikoro: yeah…

Page 76
Sfx: gokuri- swallow
Cell phone: piroriro…
Yuki: Ye…
First one out—!
*thank you for the lunch
Ah, miss, another cream anmitsu please!
Maki: Ga~~~~h She won again—
Yuki: Ah, hello! Oh, Yousuke, nice timing.
Huh? Oh—never mind, just talking over here.
Shinozaki disappeared?

Page 77
Terao: That’s right! We haven’t seen him in three days. I tried going to the classroom, but they said they haven’t seen him since after PE the day before yesterday.

Hey- Yuki-chan, do you know anything about it?
Yuki: Know something?
Yousuke: He’s already quit.
Yuki: Maybe?
Oh, well you probably already know.
Sfx: bori bori
Once he gets like that he becomes a “super saiyan” and you don’t know what he might do.
Terao: Anything’s fine! Has he been acting strange lately?
Yuki: He’s always strange.
Terao: Well, what about three nights ago?
[three nights ago]
[someone showed up, right?]
[Then what happened?]
Oh! I got it!

Page 78
Yuki: At that slope by Maki’s place!
Mikoto: Ha----
No good at all…
At the beginning I can climb when putting it in a heavy gear.
But when I lose my momentum, I go slower than walking.
Ha Ha

Page 79
That person will come here--….
Yuki: That’s funny----…
Knowing him, I thought he’d definitely be here.
← To let Yuki ride, the two of them shared a bike
Yousuke ←idiot
Yuki: Speaking of, in this age it’s unbelievable he doesn’t have a cell phone.
Sfx: pura- flop
If we could call him, it’d be a one-shot.
Cell phone: Pirururu—
Yuki: She called…
It’s Maki.
Perfect timing. Let’s listen!

Page 80
Maki: Shinozaki?
I saw him around yesterday
Sfx: zucchiyaya

Yuki: AAh- don’t hang up yet—
Hurry up and tell us how he was!
Was there anything strange!?
Maki: He didn’t seem any…
*let me sing…
*maki: yuki you’re so loud
He was coming and going in front of our house, so
I got a little worried.
He looked pretty tired, but
He was able to climb that slope.
Well, about as fast as walking.

I thought I’d say something while getting home from school, so I got closer
He said something

Page 81
Mikoto: I’m done here.
I’ll try… the next one
Yuki: That idiot--!
*Uwa— What’s up with that…
Maki: Yeah
Couldn’t quite tell though…
Yuki: I got it. Thanks Maki
To the next…

Page 82
The next highest slope—!!!
Yuki: Well?
Not here either!!!
*Seen this person?
Ahh- it’s a different person!!!
What about over there!?
I already looked.
This way.
*gasp gasp
no use
I’m dying
Yuki: He’s been seen, but we’ve looked all over…
Meaning he’s already climbed the slopes around here.

All that’s left….
No way…

Page 83
The highest mountain the area--!

Page 84
Sfx: fura- sway
Mikoto: Yo Yousuke-san… Terao-san…
Terao: He’s severely dehydrated.
He’s hardly drank any water.
Mikoto: Please move… I still have to go.

Page 85
Terao: … Do you know how worried we all were?
It’s not good to ride so recklessly…
You want to ride for a long time yet, right..?
You seriously want to, right?
sfx:jiwa- tears welling
Yousuke: Don’t cry, shrimp!
Terao: Yousuke, go over there!
*Yousuke: Let me hit him!!!!
*Terao: He’s one of us--!!
Yuki: ….He’s not like that.

Page 86
Yuki: Shinozaki is
Not like that.
Yousuke: Eh?
Yuki: He…
Mikoto: A~~~~h don’t say it…
Terao: Continue.
Yuki: Three nights ago, we met a guy saying he was faster than you…
Mikoto: Take it back!
Yousuke-san won’t lose to you!
Take it back!
Shinozaki go!
Yuki: Shinozaki probably thought things would change if everyone knew.
Felt, maybe, things would fall apart.
So… he tried to beat him by himself…

Page 87
Shinozaki, as only he could, tried to protect this “team”…
Terao: ah…
Mikoto: ow!

Page 88
Yousuke: Stupid! That record is two years old.
I’m twice as fast now.
sfx: henya – exhausted
Mikoto: I’m relieved—
Yousuke-san really is amazing!
That guy didn’t come after all, so I can relax a little…
*if he came, what would I…
Yuki: Like I said, you guys are the only ones who come here on bikes!
Ah—The sun’s rising!
You’re kidding
Hey, what time is it!?
Something’s over there…

Page 89
Sfx:bata bata

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#1. by mathi36 ()
Posted on Feb 3, 2008
thank you very much!

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