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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Tales of Symphonia 5

TOS Extra ch. 5

+ posted by .Cylph as translation on Jul 8, 2008 20:23 | Go to Tales of Symphonia

-> RTS Page for Tales of Symphonia 5

OMG it's done!

ToS Chapter 5 Extra Load: Siblings

Page 1
???: Last generation’s chosen one committed suicide—?
Sfx: raining
It seems Lady Mylene is still living in the secluded mansion.
I wonder if they live together…
And to think the father passed away on top of that.
Are you ready, Zelos—?

Page 2
: Siblings

Page 3
Zelos: Ah, look over there. That person.
They seem like an onlooker (一般参列?).
But they even brought a child…
it’s shameless—
Sebastian: --Zelos-sama

Page 4
You mustn’t catch a cold. Quickly, this way.
Zelos: … Sebastian.
That lady and baby…
Sebastian: Zelos-sama, it is better if you don’t concern yourself.
Now, come this way. You’ll get a chill.

Page 5
Zelos: Mother!
The weather today is great!
Let’s go out to the garden and play!
Mother is always shut in her room …
The flowers are blooming prettily, and…
Mylene: … please be quiet. My head hurts.
Your voice echoes.
Zelos: ah…
I’m sorry.

Page 6
Mylene: --Sebastian. Take him down, please, so that he doesn’t come near my room.
Zelos: …Does Mother hate me…?
Sebastian: …That is not so.
It just happened that she was not feeling well today.
Zelos: ... But ever since Father passed away she’s been unwell.
Even though it’s been three years already.

Page 7
She never looks my direction.
Almost like I’m not even there—
???: Well… then what about Seles-sama?
???: It looks like she ran away from home, even though they say she has a weak body.
It appears we were contacted by that woman…
Not even able to manage their own daughter—
Zelos: What’s wrong? Did something happen?
???: Ze…Zelos-sama.
It’s nothing.
Are you going to go play in the garden? Take care—

Page 8
Zelos: Who is “Seles”…
Recently everyone’s been whispering a lot…
… just now, something…
Outside, something red…?
sfx: rustle
What was that?
A cat?
Page 9
I’m sure it was here…
Seles: Kya-
Zelos: --Is someone there?
Sfx: surprise
Seles: Ah…
Zelos: Red hair.

Page 10
The same as mine…
Who are you?
Why are you here?
Seles: U…mm
I… I-
Zelos: …huh?
Se… Sebastian!!
Help! This girl—!!

Page 11
Sebastian: This person is Lady Seles.
Zelos: Seles? Is she from this area?
Sebastian: No…
You remember don’t you?
At your father’s funeral… there was a woman with a baby
---Seles-sama has a different mother, but she is your sister.

Page 12
Zelos: This girl is my…
Sebastian: Some time ago we were notified of the search for her. Somehow, she snuck out of the house alone and came here apparently.
Zelos: To be sickly and come this far alone—
Sebastian: Zelos-sama, I will go inform them that Seles is here.
Zelos: Oh, yeah.
Sfx: door slamming

Page 13
This girl is…
This girl and her mother took Father from us—
Seles: …mm…
Where…am I?
Zelos: Oh…
You’re awake? You collapsed in the garden…

Page 14
Seles: …Bro…ther?
Zelos: ---huh?
Seles: You’re my brother, aren’t you?
We have the same red hair… I could tell right away.
My name is Seles.
Nice to meet you!
Zelos: Se…les…
My sister…?
Seles: Yes!

Page 15
Seles: I came to meet Brother!
Brother… and Father!
Zelos: “Father”…
Seles: Here is here, right?
I haven’t met him, so I came to see him.
Zelos: Father isn’t here.
Seles: Wha…?
Tha…that’s right. Mother did say so.
He’s very busy with work…

Page 16
I haven’t been able to meet him again.
Zelos: …Well,
Come again… and next time through the front, okay.
Seles: Yeah…
Zelos: We’re siblings right? Then you can come and play anytime.
Seles: Brother…

Page 17
Zelos: Yep.
Sebastian: Pardon me, Zelos-sama.
Zelos: Sebastian?
Sebastian: Seles-sama’ mother is…
The Mother: I am very sorry.
Even though you said not to get close to the Chosen One…
Sebastian: No, we are relieved nothing happened to Seles-sama.
Zelos: This person… that time… Seles’ mother…

Seles: Mother!
Brother said it was okay to come and play again!
The Mother: “Brother”…?

Page 18
TM: Zelos-sama…?
To say such a thing…
Calling the Chosen One “Brother”…
Pardon us, Chosen One, for being such a nuisance.
Zelos: Oh… not at all.
TM: Now, let’s go. If you don’t drink your medicine…
Seles: Ah…
Zelos: See you later, Seles.

Page 19
Seles: …Yes!
Zelos: …That person
is kind of
[These itty-bitty bubbles are hard to make out, but it looks like the mother is muttering about the circumstances of Zelos and herself/daughter]

Page 20
TM: If only that child were not here…
Regrettable, regrettable, regrettable, regrettable
Seles: …Mother?
What’s wrong?
TM: …Seles.
Our beloved child,
Why weren’t you chosen? I don’t understand.
Seles: …Mother?
TM: Yes…
that’s it.

Page 21
You should become the Chosen One—
Right, Seles…
Zelos: Amazing! It’s completely white!! This is the first time I’ve seen so much snow.
Hey, Mother, we should try going outside!
Mylene: …maybe.

Page 22
I guess it’s good, every now and then.
Zelos: …Really?
Isn’t this great, Mother!
Meltokio is completely white!
Mylene: …Yes… it’s cold, too.
Zelos: That’s right!
I can make a big snowman as a present for Mother!

Page 23
I’m sure she’ll be happy!
sfx: peta peta – pat pat
Zelos: It’s finished!

Page 24
-- Look!

Page 25
----- ugh
---- ah
Red snow…

Page 26

Page 27
Mo… ther…
Mylene: Zelos…
--- Mother-
Mother, you’re bleeding
You’re bleeding a lot…
Why this?
Someone! Someone quick…

Page 28
Mylene: It would have been better if you hadn’t been born…

Page 29
Chosen One
Are you all right?!
… it’s no good.
She’s not breathing…
TM: Let go-
Don’t stop me!
That kid… I’m going to kill Zelos!
: *act like an adult*
Why is he the Chosen One?
If that woman hadn’t got in the way I would have killed him!
My Seles would have been the Chosen One!

Page 30
If not for him…
Zelos: Then
was I born?
???: The culprit was the previous Chosen One’s lover?
I heard she was targeting the Chosen One.
What a horrible thing to… obviously she’ll get the death penalty.


Page 31
Please wait. Where do you plan to go?
Zelos: … To Seles.
Sebastian: Seles-sama…? You can’t.
Right now the Church intends to send her to a Abbey…
Zelos: --Seles did nothing wrong!
Seles didn’t know anything, yet,
Yet why is she being put away in an Abbey!
Sebastian: Zelos-sama…
Sebastian: …Seles is my family, so…
I’m going to see her.

Page 32
Zelos: …Seles.
You know… I told the Church people.

I said, “Seles didn’t do anything so let her go”…. But they said “It’s been decided, so”…
So I’ll try asking again.
Then we can…
Seles: Don’t touch me!
Zelos: Seles…
Seles: Everything… I heard everything.

Page 33
That Father committed suicide…!!

I’m all alone!
Zelos: I’m here, aren’t I?
Aren’t… we siblings?
--- All right.
I’ll leave this with you.

Page 34
Seles: Wh…what do you mean?
This is a charm. I want you to keep it since we’re siblings.
Seles: That’s … the Chosen One’s crystal?
Something that important…
Zelos: Just take it.
Seles: If the Chosen says so…
Zelos: …Yes
Thank you.

Page 35
I’ll come back.
Seles: Brother…
???: Chosen One!
To have your mother pass away too… Are you sure you’re all right?
Being alone in that big mansion would be lonely, wouldn’t it?
Come over anytime to play, won’t you?

Page 36
This time we’ll be hosting a party.
Despite the timing, if it’s possible please come.
Zelos: …thank you very much.
???: Very well, we’ll be going.
Zelos: …Who the hell would go?

Page 37
Seles: --- That’s right. Then mother
Zelos: Voices…
Seles: A long time ago my mother would make new clothes out of the clothes I wore.
She’d make a lot of other things for me too.
If my father was alive I’d like to show him!

Page 38
I was really happy—
And then—
After that, Mother—…
Zelos: I destroyed that happiness.
Seles’ mother, Father and Mother died…
It was my fault.

Because I was born…
Seles: But…
That is from the Chosen Ones’ misfortune.

Page 39
Mother and I took Father away from them… In return for happiness we gave them unhappiness…

That person probably hates us.
I won't call Brother again—

Zelos: If I hadn’t been born this wouldn’t have happened.
Mylene: “If you hadn’t been born—“
Zelos: Ah, that’s it, huh?
Because I make everyone unhappy.
What “Chosen One of Regeneration”?

Page 40
I’m sure
Seles would be happier if I wasn’t around—
Day after day is pretty tiresome.
It’s not easy even for a Chosen.
In the morning I have to attend the church assembly. The afternoon is eating with the popes.
Tch. What a pain. *Is this something related to the church again? (また教会関連か)
It’d be great if I could transfer Chosen status to someone else.

Page 41
---That’s it. There is that option!
If Seles becomes the Chosen One then wouldn’t everything be settled?
Giving Chosen status to Seles…
Pronyma:---That wish
If you cooperate with us, can be granted. Chosen One of Tehthe’alla—
Zelos: W.. Who are you!?
Pronyma: -- I belong to the grand Church [最高機関?] Cruxis and am leader of the five Desian cardinals, Pronyma.

Page 42
---How about it? I’ll release you from being a Chosen One.
Zelos: Cruxis…? What are you saying…?
Zelos: This chance, it sounds good—
… You’ll really release me from Chosen status?
Pronyma: Of course.
Zelos: --Alright.

Page 43
???: We haven’t seen Zelos-sama recently.
--Tokunaga (トクナガ?)
Seles: Recently? More like these past several years. On the other hand, we’ve been receiving more rumors than the actual person.
Enormous spending of money, fooling around with women
… it’s the worst.
Zelos: Thank you for that.

Page 44
That awful brother has come to see you.
Seles: B…Bro…
Chosen One- What, you don’t knock when you enter a lady’s room?
Zelos: But I did knock.
Seles: Do you have some business here?
Zelos: That’s cold, as usual. Though I know I’m hated.
Seles: That-
That’s not it.
What I hate is…
What I hate, actually…
is what you’re doing…

Page 45
But whatever.
Zelos: --Can
I have this back?
It looks like I’ll need it from now on.
I’ll give you this instead.
Seles: What is it?
Aren’t the color and texture like this crystal?

Page 46
Too bad it still isn’t the same though.
Seles: Who would-
Zelos: --well, when this journey is over I’ll give the real one back to you.
Seles: Journey?
Yep… so I won't be able to come here for a while.
Seles: But… so suddenly…!
Be happy.
When this journey ends you might be able to get out of this abbey.
Seles: …Chosen One…?
Zelos: See ya. I have to get back to Meltokio.

Page 47
Seles: Chosen One…
B… Be careful…
Zelos: --Yeah…
Take care.
Seles: …be careful.
Please, be okay.

Page 48
Zelos: I didn’t think Sylverant’s Chosen would come.
For now I’ll look at the circumstances… and use them.
--Just a little more
Just a little more and Seles can be a Chosen.
And then she’ll probably be happy.
“Be careful”

Page 49
--- And that’s all.
Kratos: Please continue as directed.
Zelos: Understood…. Besides that, Cruxis’ Angel
… I heard
That you are Lloyd’s dad.

Page 50
Why are you doing so much for Cruxis? Even betraying your son?
Isn’t it better to take care of it yourself?
Kratos: I’m being supervised.
I cannot interfere, only have the Chosen’s cooperation. I’m counting on you.
Zelos: …Oi
Aren't you being a little selfish?
Are you trying to push all the problems on Lloyd?
Kratos: --It has nothing to do with a Chosen.

Page 51
Zelos: Oh, yeah.
I shouldn’t be thinking about people who get jerked around.
… Really
That angel is really pisses me off—
Lloyd: --s where are…
Zelos: --Lloyd’s voice…?

Page 52
Just as Colette said, he was at the lookout point…
Kratos: Stop Mithos.
Zelos: That jerk!
This time he’s reaching, again selfishly…!
Lloyd: ---Yeah
I’ll stop him.

Page 53
Even then, I’ll still have to fight you.
Zelos:…Jerking kids around for your own problems.
It’s no different. Him and

Page 54
Kid: Mom, quick, come see!
Mom: Yes, yes.
Hey, don’t run. You’ll fall.

Page 55
Lloyd: --Zelos!
Zelos: Lloyd
Lloyd: So you were here. We looked for you.
Zelos: …Hey Lloyd,
What did you think when you learned that angel was your dad?
Up until now he kept quiet and jerked you around. Doesn’t that bother you?
Lloyd: What are talking about, all the sudden
Zelos: Just answer the question.

Page 56
Lloyd: … Well I thought of that. Right now I realize I have been jerked around a lot.
… But I have similar thoughts too.
I have my own ideas too, so I don't exactly feel that way.
This is also my chosen path.
That’s why I’m do everything I can and give it my all!!
Zelos: I see.

Page 57
Is that so… Looking at you makes my troubles seem kind of pathetic.
I admit defeat to the hotheaded idiot.( 粘着質???)
Lloyd: What did you say?
Zelos: Haha…
…That’s right. Someday maybe I’ll tell you about it.
Lloyd: You’re a strange guy.
Zelos: Whatever. Let’s hurry and return to the inn. *I hate the snow
粘着質熱血バカがうつつちまったかな…←Can’t figure it out >.<
…”Your best” huh?
It didn’t seem sarcastic either.
Maybe there is that kind of path.

Page 58
Seles: The weather is nice today…
Since the world has become peaceful the sky also seems calm…
Even though there was the rumor that a Chosen saved the world…
I knew it…
I’m not…
*All right! Hey
* I get it, I get it!!

Page 59
Zelos: Don’t push me!
Ah— It would have been better if I hadn’t told you! *this hotheaded idiot~~~
Lloyd: Don’t say that. Are you regretting it, Zelos?
Seles: …Chosen One
Zelos: …Yo, how’re you?
Seles: Today… there’s quite a crowd.
Zelos: Oh— They’re, um… my servants who helped save the world.
Lloyd: Hello—
Genus: servant…
Page 60
Zelos: --- So, this is my little sister Seles.
Lloyd: … Well Zelos, we’ll wait out here, so good luck!
Zelos: Shut up!
--What? You kept that thing?
Seles: Huh? Oh…

Page 61
Zelos: Look, as promised. Here’s the real crystal.
The Chosen system was abolished, so the Chosen status won’t be transferred anymore.
Seles: What do you mean?
If I died you would become the Chosen One— or so I thought.

Page 62
…Then, I would be free from being a chosen.
I was killing two birds with one stone.
If I did that, everyone would be ha—
sfx: SLAP

Page 63
Seles: You’re such a…-
When did I ever say I wanted to be a Chosen!!
Zelos: Seles…
Seles: Dying and transferring Chosen status to me, that’s…

Page 64
Zelos: …But you… hated me—
Seles: You’re such an idiot!
If Brother died too
I don’t think there’s any anything more miserable…!
Zelos: …Seles
I’m sorry.

Page 65
…I’ve always run away.
From being a Chosen… from facing you.
I was afraid of being refused (拒絶されんのがこわかったからな)
But I’ll quit running now.
That is…
You might still begrudge me, but…

Page 66
Would you still come live with me?
Ah- you can live however you want at the mansion you know!
From now on I’m going on another journey, so
I’ll come home now and then, but it’s not like I’ll be there that much.

Page 67
If you’ll cry more living with me—
Seles: Yes.
I’ll go.

Page 68
Zelos: Yeah
I’ll be going
Seles: … Sebastian
Is that person really coming home today?
Sebastian: That was supposed to be it, but…
Seles: Since it’s Brother, I guss we have to make an allowance as usual.
He said he would finally come home today…
Ah! Making a lady wait, how awful!

Page 69
Zelos: Harsh, as usual—
Your awful brother just came back.
Seles: Brother!
Welcome home.

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#1. by Miken-chan ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2008
Massive Translation is VERY MASSIVE. Gawd, it's clocks in at 16.5 pages long. XD

Thanks so much for translating this, Cylph~ I'll try to get it released sometime within the month. Also, if you want to...maybe you can work on some doujin? But I can totally understand if you don't want to after how much work this chapter has been.
#2. by .Cylph ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2008
After a break I think I could handle some doujin. I really like the tales series. But definitely break first after that crazy long chapter.
#3. by Miken-chan ()
Posted on Jul 9, 2008
Alright~ Then when you've finally recovered from this insane chapter, come visit the AC forums. Man, I'm totally not going to have a fun time typesetting this, not only is it long, but it's mostly pages of text. I really have to thank you so much for pulling through and translating this.

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