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Mx0 19 (1 comments)
What a predicament! Which head will Kuzumi decide to think with!? Any corrections are appreciated.

Page 01)
Sidetext: The ordinary at first glance... But take one step and you’ll find yourself in a magic school!
M:19 Magic Exam 1

Page 02)
Kuzumi: Ha?
Kuzumi: Today... is the day of the magic exam? ...You gotta be kidding me!?
Text: A big pinch!!
Ise: Hey, hey quit kidding around.
Ise: Everyone is panicking because of today.
Kuzumi: Today, all the first years look unusually gloomy...
Kuzumi: Is it because...
Kuzumi: Crap! I’ve been really busy with the Executive Committee work.
Kuzumi: This is completely opposite of what I planned.

Page 03)
Guy: Chieh, it’s OK for Kuzumi though.
fireburst note: uh... Read More " "
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Mx0 18 (3 comments)
It’s a random chapter! Let me know about any mistakes. Thanks.

Page 01)
Sidetext: The number one magic teacher, Hiiragi. The one who knows Kuzumi the best(?)!?
M:18 M0 Plate

Page 02)
Hiiragi: Is that so?
Hiiragi: You already had to use the M0 plate?
Sidetext: The secret of the M0 plate is...!?
Hanasaki: That was unexpectedly quick, wasn’t it?
Hiiragi: Indeed. I didn’t expect such a situation to arise for another 2 or 3 months...
Hanasaki: But if that’s the case, we’ll need to explain it, won’t we.
Hanasaki: By the way, if I promote* this pawn...
*When a piece reached the far rank of the board in shogi (the far 3 rows) it can be promoted.
Hiiragi: It’s no good. That is the third time.
Hiiragi:... Read More " "
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Mx0 17 (3 comments)
The truth comes out about Rocky! Lots of talking in this chapter, but sounds like we are building up for some more interesting chapters. If you see any parts that don’t make sense or seem wrong, let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it.

Page 01)
Sidetext: Looking in the distance. Is there a Gold Plate ahead? Or could it be?
M:17 The Makeshift Compromise

Page 02)
Kuzumi: H... He did it!
Kuzumi: I can’t evade it~!!
Sidetext: What will he do in a pinch!?
Kuzumi: There is a point available on this plate.
Kuzumi: Should I use it?
Kuzumi: Should I use it?
Kuzumi: Hah?
Kuzumi: What...
Kuzumi: What’s going on?
Kuzumi: I don’t get it but.
Kuzumi: Use it!! Use ittttt!!!

Page 04)
Kuzumi: ...?
Kuzumi: What just... Read More " "
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Bleach 263 (13 comments)
Alrighty, here's my translation of chapter 263. Corrections/suggestions are welcome. :amuse

Page 01)
Rukia: ...It...
Rukia: It can’t be...
Rukia: ...Ka....
Sidetext: The unexpected encounter... the swaying of the heart-

Page 02)
Rukia: Kaien-dono...!
Text: Why!? Who!!?
Bleach263. Unexpected

Page 03)
Tesla: ...Noitora-sama.
Noitora: ...Tesla?

Page 04)
Tesla: Yes.
Tesla: You aren’t gonna do it are you...
Tesla: Deliver the final blow.
Noitora: Of course.

Page 05)
Noitora: After I have killed off 1000 weaklings,
Noitora: who will recognize my strength?
Noitora: I have no interest in weaklings.
Noitora: Though I do have interest in...
Noitora: Chih.
Tesla: Is something wrong?
Noitora: The nearest reiatsu was taken... Read More " "
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Mx0 16 (2 comments)
Welllll, since nobody is translating Mx0 here, I thought I’d give it a go. If you see any parts that don’t make sense or seem wrong, let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it. As a sidenote, I think Japanese SFX are wacky and kinda cool, so I always leave them untranslated. Sorry if that confuses anyone.

Page 01)
Sidetext: The merciless offensive continues! What are the odds of prevailing!?
Kuzumi: If you-
Kuzumi: -really think I can be finished off so easily, then go ahead and try!!!
Kuzumi: Dahhaa~

Page 02)
Text: The magic cast overhead. But before the resolution...!?
M:16 Ise’s Persistence

Page 03)
Nagai: Kuzumi!!
Kuzumi: Haha...
Kuzumi: That attack was completely ineffective.
Kuzumi: Tsa~ He’s... Read More " "
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Bleach 262 (8 comments)
first translation at MH. ^_^ kinda rushed through it, but i hope you enjoy. corrections/suggestions always welcome.

Page 01)
Sidetext: Shock... the power gap is clear!

Page 02)
Noitora: ...Chih
Noitora: See.
Noitora: You really are weak after all.

Page 04)
Ichigo: Chad...!?
Rukia: ...Just now he couldn’t have...
Renji: ......
Renji: Was he killed...!
Pesshe: What!? What’s wrong, Uryuu!?
Nell: What...
Nell: What’s the matter, Ichi...
Nell: ...go...

Page 05)
Ichigo: Chad was killed...!? There’s no way that could happen!!
Ichigo: I believe in him...! Didn’t we swear to come back alive...!
Ichigo: I have to believe in him....
Ichigo: now-
Ichigo: that’s all I can do...!
Sidetext: Forwards- just,... Read More " "
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