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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Mx0 18

Mx0 Chp. 18

+ posted by fireburst as translation on Feb 20, 2007 22:49 | Go to Mx0

-> RTS Page for Mx0 18

It’s a random chapter! Let me know about any mistakes. Thanks.

Page 01)
Sidetext: The number one magic teacher, Hiiragi. The one who knows Kuzumi the best(?)!?
M:18 M0 Plate

Page 02)
Hiiragi: Is that so?
Hiiragi: You already had to use the M0 plate?
Sidetext: The secret of the M0 plate is...!?
Hanasaki: That was unexpectedly quick, wasn’t it?
Hiiragi: Indeed. I didn’t expect such a situation to arise for another 2 or 3 months...
Hanasaki: But if that’s the case, we’ll need to explain it, won’t we.
Hanasaki: By the way, if I promote* this pawn...
*When a piece reached the far rank of the board in shogi (the far 3 rows) it can be promoted.
Hiiragi: It’s no good. That is the third time.
Hiiragi: Somehow, that piece...
Kuzumi: GA~!!! Stop playing and give me an explanation~!!!
Kuzumi: You don’t understand the circumstances!
Hiiragi: H-Hey!!

Page 03)
Hiiragi: That’s correct...
Hiiragi: As you have seen first-hand,
Hiiragi: the M0 plate contains the power to dissipate magic.
Hiiragi: Learning to unlock its power in a pinch is the key.
Kuzumi: So it did nullify the magic afterall.
Hiiragi: To be exact, it voids the effects of the magic.
Hiiragi: Let me explain the basics first.
Hiiragi: The reason we can use magic at Seinagi High School is because it lies in a special area that emits a magical magnetic field.
Hiiragi: The M0 plate can manipulate those fields in such a way that it invalidates the magic.
Hiiragi: Magic is rendered useless anywhere within a given circumference of the holder of the plate.

Page 04)
Hiiragi: The basis of controlling magic is being able to regulate one's power.
Hiiragi: That is why the M0 plate is the concept on which all other plates are built on.
Hiiragi: In exchange for its lack of magic installation ability, the plate can become stronger depending on how it is used.
Kuzumi: That’s a really awesome plate!
Kuzumi: Please hurry up and tell me how to use it properly...
Hiiragi: It’s not quite that easy.
Hiiragi: You still don’t have any power yet.
Hiiragi: In order to nullify magic, a set number of Magic Points are required.
Hiiragi: Of course, the quantity of points directly affects the quantity of magic that can be nullified.
Hiiragi: For example...
Hiiragi: If I temporarily zero the plate, then store 80 Points on it.

Page 05)
Hiiragi: Call upon the M0 plate!
Hiiragi: Let’s start off with a 50 Point magic attack.
Kuzumi: Da~~!!! M0!! M0~~!!
Hiiragi: You can nullify the attack by expending 50 Magic Points.

Page 06)
Hiiragi: Now there are only 30 points remaining.
Hiiragi: If I use the same spell again!
Hiiragi: There will be 20 points of magic that aren’t nullified.
Kuzumi: DAH!
Hiiragi: In other words, you can’t use the plate if there aren’t any points on it.
Kuzumi: ...You don’t have to demonstrate everything, I get it already!!
Hanasaki: I can’t stress enough that the points expended are normally used to make plate level up.

Page 07)
Hanasaki: Of course, if you rely on the power of the M0 plate too much, you will never be able to attain a higher level plate.
Hanasaki: Please fully take into consideration the proper usage of the plate.
Hanasaki: If you never level up, you will be stuck with the M0 plate forever.
Hanasaki: ...The choice is yours.
Hiiragi: Speaking of decisions, how about you decide to admit defeat?
Hanasaki: No, no. I am still thinking.
Kuzumi: ...
Kuzumi: Chieh. I thought I had a useful power at my disposal.
Kuzumi: But looks like I really shouldn’t use it.

Page 08)
Kuzumi: My objective is to level up to a Gold Plate.
Hiiragi: I heard about your run-in with Ise. It seems you managed to take advantage of the M0’s ability.
Hiiragi: How you decide to use it is at your own discretion.
Kuzumi: How to use it...
Kuzumi: What if I just accumulate those...
Kuzumi: And then... (Hiiragi...)
Aika: Kuzumi-kun!!

Page 09)
Aika: A...hahaha Kuzumi-kun...
Aika: Can we talk for a bit?
Aika: We haven’t been talking much lately...
Kuzumi: Is that OK?
Aika: Yeah! Let’s go, let’s go!
Kuzumi: What is going on here?
Kuzumi: I haven’t been around Hiiragi lately but...
Kuzumi: Her face gives the impression she’s thinking about something...
Kuzumi: Could she be feeling lonely and...
Ise: DOAH?...

Page 10)
Ise: Thank goodness you’re here, Kuzumi.
Ise: Do something about her!
Kuzumi: ...Huh?
Aika: Achya-
Micchon: Kuzumi-kun.

Page 11)
Kuzumi: What’s going on here...
Aika: Uhhh... Micchon installed some new magic.
Aika: But it didn’t go as we thought...
Aika: I thought if you saw it, you would be able to do something since you are on the Executive Committee.
Kuzumi: What? That’s all she wanted?...
Micchon: I’m a one coin player.
Micchon: With this manipulation system magic, the input of the controller is used to make people fight with martial arts.
Mikuni: Unless I lose, the magic can’t be called back.
Mikuni: Please do something Kuzumi~
Kuzumi: It isn’t over until she gets a game over?
Kuzumi: All these people challenged her...

Page 12)
Kuzumi: Well... it should still be ok if I screw up and lose.
Micchon: If you screw up, I can’t call back the magic.
Micchon: If you don’t take this seriously...
Aika: Micchon is really good at this kinda stuff.
Aika: Since elementary school, she has been the champion at tournaments held at big gaming centers.
Kuzumi: What a troublesome talent.
Micchon: I may have settled down a bit, but I don’t feel like losing to anyone right now.
Kuzumi: Her personality seems completely flipped!!
Kuzumi: All the guys that have fought you so far have lost.
Kuzumi: But, if I say there is a way to save them...
Kuzumi: So it had to be like this afterall!!?
Mikuni: Truthfully, I wanted to try to fight you at least once.
Mikuni: If possible, a fight without magic.
Kuzumi: ...Hey hey...

Page 13)
Mikuni: GAME ON!!!
Kuzumi: W-Wait!
Mikuni: Fight me seriously!
Kuzumi: Can I do that against a female opponent...

Page 14)
Mikuni: If you worry over whether you are fighting a male or female, you’ll never be able to cancel the magic!
Mikuni: I’ll take you down in a flash!
Mikuni: I’m telling you~
Kuzumi: Shit!
Kuzumi: Noah...

Page 15)
Micchon: Not bad, but your defense was full of holes.
Kuzumi: Shut the hell up-!!!
Kuzumi: But, I don’t think this is her limit.
Kuzumi: If I used the M0 now...
Kuzumi: N-no. If I use it every time I’m in a pinch, it will never level up to a Gold...
Kuzumi: I’ll have to do something without the plate...
Kuzumi: !!!
Kuzumi: Chih...

Page 16)
Kuzumi: M0!!!
Mikuni: !!!?

Page 17)
Mikuni: Uuh..
Kuzumi: ...Uh oh.
Kuzumi: I... went and did it...
Kuzumi: Upon closer inspection... that girl has a lot of bruises.
Kuzumi: More importantly, she landed with her legs together...
Kuzumi: Well, you can say this was special...
Kuzumi: !!? (Hauh..)
Kuzumi: Wa- It’s not like that-
Text: At this rate, it is uncertain whether Kuzumi will be able to accumulate any points.

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#1. by Calootoo ()
Posted on Feb 21, 2007
Thanks again man!! That was a nice translation.

So, will you continue to translate this series? Well, i hope so, i'll be waiting for the next one :)
#2. by fireburst ()
Posted on Feb 21, 2007
of course i'll continue. glad to see another person that reads the series. :whoo
#3. by manu ()
Posted on Feb 21, 2007
And I'm on it ^^

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