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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Mx0 17

Mx0 Chp. 17

+ posted by fireburst as translation on Feb 18, 2007 06:57 | Go to Mx0

-> RTS Page for Mx0 17

The truth comes out about Rocky! Lots of talking in this chapter, but sounds like we are building up for some more interesting chapters. If you see any parts that don’t make sense or seem wrong, let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it.

Page 01)
Sidetext: Looking in the distance. Is there a Gold Plate ahead? Or could it be?
M:17 The Makeshift Compromise

Page 02)
Kuzumi: H... He did it!
Kuzumi: I can’t evade it~!!
Sidetext: What will he do in a pinch!?
Kuzumi: There is a point available on this plate.
Kuzumi: Should I use it?
Kuzumi: Should I use it?
Kuzumi: Hah?
Kuzumi: What...
Kuzumi: What’s going on?
Kuzumi: I don’t get it but.
Kuzumi: Use it!! Use ittttt!!!

Page 04)
Kuzumi: ...?
Kuzumi: What just happened!?
Ise: He... was able to nullify my magic!?

Page 05)
Nagai: That Kuzumi... such magic power...
Kuzumi: As... as one would expect from the holder of a Gold Plate.
Kuzumi: Uh oh!
Kuzumi: If they see me act surprised, it would be trouble!!!
Kuzumi: Hahaha- Oh shucks...
Kuzumi: I went and used my magic.
Kuzumi: Even though I said I wouldn’t use it.
Kuzumi: How not cool-
Ise: If you can agree to that-
Ise: Why did you sandbag on purpose?

Page 06)
Kuzumi: That... That’s right. If I had shown you, there would be no point in you coming.
Kuzumi: You wouldn’t want me to beat you again, would you?
Kuzumi: I have to watch my mouth while that bastard retracts his magic.
Kuzumi: I am seriously having trouble standing up.
Kuzumi: Can’t you calm down a bit and listen to what the Branch Chief has to say?
Kuzumi: I’ve heard the explanation of why things are the way they are between you two.
Kuzumi: It would be better if you heard each other out before you fight.

Page 07)
Ise: Chih.
Ise: That’s what you’ve been thinking?
Ise: Now that you’ve nullified my magic, there’s no way I can fight anyways.
Ise: But you know, I can’t stomach talking to a bastard who looks down on people.
Ise: It’s a waste of my time.
Nagai: WAIT!!
Nagai: I... don’t look down on you.
Nagai: Even now... I still consider you a close friend.

Page 08)
Ise: Aah? Which mouth did those words come from?
Nagai: If you took Rocky’s words seriously, I apologize.
Nagai: The truth is, Rocky...
Nagai: doesn’t... project my true feelings.
Kuzumi: IH?
Nagai: Rocky... has his own distinct ego.
Nagai: His outbursts are actually responses to the emotions of the wearer.
Nagai: He does not speak my true feelings.
Kuzumi: ...Is that so?
Nagai: Yeah...
Nagai: All it can do is given a short evil response for those who can’t.

Page 09)
Nagai: I am bad at conversing with people by nature...
Nagai: Since coming here, the only one I’ve been able to talk at ease with...
Nagai: was Ise...
Nagai: For me... to become the Branch Chief of the vigilant Executive Committee.
Nagai: I doubted I could live up to that role...
Nagai: Around the time I assumed the responsibility of Branch Chief... I found the spell for Rocky.
Nagai: His commanding manner of speaking was... ideal for the role of Branch Chief.
Nagai: Occasionally he would say things on his own.
Nagai: Though the real problem was with his bad mouthing...
Nagai: But, it turned out his bad mouthing was good for bluffing.
Nagai: And I let his talk pass as my true feelings.

Page 10)
Nagai: But... that was really a mistake.
Nagai: If I keep relying on him...
Nagai: I... will never be able to mature...
Nagai: It was because of him that our current misunderstanding came about.
Uwai: What, so that’s how it was?
Uwai: You completely deceived us.
Uwai: I’m glad you’re not a hateful self-centered Branch Chief-
Nagai: Why are you guys here...
Uwai: We got a report that there was a fuss on the rooftop.
Uwai: I didn’t think the Branch Chief would be here.

Page 11)
Uwai: ISE.
Uwai: Don’t you think the Branch Chief harbors no bad thoughts against you?
Uwai: Isn’t that proof that you are still a member of the Executive Committee?
Nagai: ...Well
Nagai: You never submitted your resignation to the committee.
Nagai: After you stopped showing up to the meetings,
Nagai: There was talk among the Executive Committee to revoke your membership.
Uwai: When your request for a break reached us... eventually the talks died down.

Page 12)
Kuzumi: Oh yah, they said that there are six members of the committee, not including me.
Kuzumi: The one I didn’t get to see was Ise.
Ise: ...
Ise: Are you saying my actions served no purpose?
Nagai: ISE!!
Ise: ...That’s enough.
Ise: I’m not in the mood anymore.
Ise: I have wasted enough of my time.
Kuzumi: ...Oi!

Page 13)
Uwai: Well, at least he wasn’t a docile person originally, so he can’t suddenly return to his old self.
Nagai: That’s... true.
Nagai: Kuzumi... I’m sorry.
Nagai: You got it the worst even though it was our quarrel.
Kuzumi: ...Not at all.
Kuzumi: ...Nothing could be more true.
Kuzumi: Although, I was able to clear up their misunderstanding a bit.
Kuzumi: Well, that makes it worth it in the end.
Kuzumi: But I wanna hear this guy talk on his own.

Page 14)
Kuzumi: The cause of all this mess is you, eh?
Nagai: Oi, there’s still a bit of magic power in...
Kuzumi: He really does have a bad mouth~
Uwai: Hold up. I was willing to take it before because it was the Branch Chief.
Uwai: But this is different now.

Page 15)
Kuzumi: Wah~ Hold on!!
Kuzumi: I don’t have anything to do with this-!!
Kuzumi: Daha~h!
Nagai: Ku... Kuzumi!! Are you OK...?
Nagai: Hang in there!!

Page 16)
Kuzumi: Seriously...
Kuzumi: Tsua~
Kuzumi: I am completely worn out.
Ise: Kuzumi...
Kuzumi: GA~!!?
Ise: Don’t jump to conclusions. I’m not looking for a rematch.
Ise: I don’t understand your thinking at all.
Ise: You wear yourself out getting involved with other people’s quarrels.
Ise: M Bastard?
Ise: In any case-
Ise: Let Nagai know that-
Ise: I do not intend to return to the Executive Committee.
Ise: To make up for it, I won’t use magic as an instrument for settling quarrels.
Ise: However-

Page 17)
Ise: The situation with you is different.
Ise: I still haven’t been able to see all of your true power.
Ise: We have to settle this properly.
Kuzumi: Hah... we are attending a school of magic, so don’t you think it would be better to use magic for more interesting things?
Kuzumi: Don’t say anything stupid. Agree with him, then apologize.
Ise: When that time comes
Ise: I will truly enjoy it.
Kuzumi: Ah- that surprised me...
Kuzumi: If he were looking for a rematch, I seriously would have died.
Kuzumi: That’s right. At that time-
Kuzumi: What really ended up happening?
Kuzumi: Could it have been the power of this plate afterall...?
Sidetext: A peaceful resolution! But the puzzle behind the M0 plate intensifies...!?

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#1. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Feb 18, 2007
Doesn't seem like this manga is getting much love... Anyways, thanks Fireburst :ossu :)
#2. by manu ()
Posted on Feb 18, 2007
I'll scanlate it again, I like the manga at least.
#3. by Calootoo ()
Posted on Feb 19, 2007
Thanks for the trans!! I really like this manga and Sekirei too but no one seems to be really translating them, so please continue :)

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