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Translations: Gintama 687 (2) , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Bleach 263

Bleach Chp. 263

+ posted by fireburst as translation on Feb 17, 2007 04:02 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 263

Alrighty, here's my translation of chapter 263. Corrections/suggestions are welcome. :amuse

Page 01)
Rukia: ...It...
Rukia: It can’t be...
Rukia: ...Ka....
Sidetext: The unexpected encounter... the swaying of the heart-

Page 02)
Rukia: Kaien-dono...!
Text: Why!? Who!!?
Bleach263. Unexpected

Page 03)
Tesla: ...Noitora-sama.
Noitora: ...Tesla?

Page 04)
Tesla: Yes.
Tesla: You aren’t gonna do it are you...
Tesla: Deliver the final blow.
Noitora: Of course.

Page 05)
Noitora: After I have killed off 1000 weaklings,
Noitora: who will recognize my strength?
Noitora: I have no interest in weaklings.
Noitora: Though I do have interest in...
Noitora: Chih.
Tesla: Is something wrong?
Noitora: The nearest reiatsu was taken in by that bastard Aaroniiro.
Noitora: ...Let's go.
Tesla: Which way?
Noitora: I found the reiatsu of a big guy.
Noitora: I'll smash him.
Chad: ...Wa...
Chad: ...it...

Page 06)
Chad: I...
Chad: can’t let you leave...

Page 07)
Noitora: Heh,
Noitora: you can still move?

Page 08)
Tesla: In your current condition,
Tesla: your fist can never reach Noitora-sama...!
Chad: ...Damn...
Chad: ...it...

Page 09)
Tesla: ...Now then
Tesla: let’s go, Noitora-sama-
Noitora: ...Who said you could intervene?
Tesla: My deepest apologies...
Tesla: but that last attack from the enemy was fired with the remaining strength of his soul.
Tesla: I was concerned for yo-

Page 10)
Noitora: There was-
Noitora: no need for that.
Noitora: Not one soul in this universe
Noitora: can break my body.
Noitora: Don't forget.
Noitora: I AM

Page 11)
Rukia: ...Kaien-dono...!
Rukia: Answer me...
Rukia: please answer me, Kaien-dono...
Rukia: Are you really...
Rukia: Are you really Kaien-dono...?
Rukia: WAIT!
Rukia: What am I saying...!?
Rukia: Kaien-dono is dead!!
Rukia: That night...
Rukia: That night, I...
Rukia: by my own hands he died...
Aaroniiro: Aah.

Page 12)
Aaroniiro: It's been a while.
Aaroniiro: You look well...
Aaroniiro: ...Kuchiki.

Page 13)
Rukia: ...Kaien...
Aaroniiro: I can’t really move around in these clothes afterall.
Rukia: ...dono...
Aaroniiro: Hey
Aaroniiro: What's with that face?
Aaroniiro: It's me!
Aaroniiro: The one everybody loved! Aren't you happy that I'm alive?!
Aaroniiro: ...Come on
Aaroniiro: Dig a little deeper.
Aaroniiro: If you don't shed some tears for me, I'll look like a fool...
Rukia: -It is Kaien-dono...

Page 14)
Rukia: His warmth is like the embrace of the sunlight-
Rukia: This is the feeling Kaien-dono gives off...
Aaroniiro: ...Looks like I finally convinced you somehow...
Aaroniiro: Ummm....
Aaroniiro: If I remember correctly...
Aaroniiro: Found it!
Aaroniiro: Sit!
Aaroniiro: There's a ton of things I want to talk to you about!

Page 15)
Aaroniiro: ...That night,
Aaroniiro: right after the battle, my reitai* began to disintegrate.
*Soul Body
Aaroniiro: After you went to the Shiba house to inform them of my death, my reitai shattered.
Aaroniiro: And then
Aaroniiro: I was sucked into Hueco Mundo.
Aaroniiro: That hollow was Aizen's experiment.
Aaroniiro: It would disintegrate, then return to Hueco Mundo and reconstruct itself.
Aaroniiro: That trick appeared to work well.
Aaroniiro: However, when the hollow fused with my reitai, it reconstructed with my appearance.
Aaroniiro: Up until now, everything was going as they thought it would.
Aaroniiro: But
Aaroniiro: the one controlling that reitai
Aaroniiro: was me...

Page 16)
Aaroniiro: Well,
Aaroniiro: With my steel emotional strength,
Aaroniiro: I completely dumbfounded them!
Rukia: Ka...
Rukia: Kaien-dono!!
Rukia: You aren’t being serious are you!?
Aaroniiro: That may be so but...
Aaroniiro: You always look so gloomy...
Rukia: We should be talking with straight faces!!
Aaroniiro: I get it! You don’t have to get pissed...
Aaroniiro: -Anyways,
Aaroniiro: I regained control of my body
Aaroniiro: And
Aaroniiro: I replaced a member of the Espada
Aaroniiro: so I could get an opportunity for revenge on Aizen...
Aaroniiro: ...Outside
Aaroniiro: The sky was blue, right?

Page 17)
Aaroniiro: Aizen created that blue sky in the dome of Los Noches.
Aaroniiro: The light of that blue sky allows Aizen to observe all.
Rukia: -Wha...
Aaroniiro: You came shortly after.
Aaroniiro: I’m glad it was you, Kuchiki...
Aaroniiro: The plan I am about to tell you
Aaroniiro: can probably only be carried out by you.
Aaroniiro: We should get going.
Aaroniiro: Come here, Kuchiki.
Rukia: OK!

Page 18)
Aaroniiro: ...It seems
Aaroniiro: ...Your skills have improved.
Aaroniiro: Kuchiki.
*Both bubbles read Kuchiki, probably two souls speaking.
Sidetext: The heart is split by the assassin! As expected... an enemy!?

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#1. by Silhouette ()
Posted on Feb 17, 2007
thanks a lot for the traslation
#2. by rayywang ()
Posted on Feb 17, 2007
Wah-sai! Arigato gozaimasu!!!
#3. by destinator ()
Posted on Feb 17, 2007
YEAH you're my man <33
Thanks so much for the translation...you made my day <3

Ah on page 16

Aaroniiro: -Anways, <- guess it should be a anyways? typos :D
#4. by fireburst ()
Posted on Feb 17, 2007
haha whoops, fixed it. looks like i still need to slow down a little. oh well, one less typo than last time :darn
#5. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Feb 17, 2007
thanks for this- great job :thumbs.

typo-- page 17
Aaroniiro: can probably only be carried out by you.
#6. by fireburst ()
Posted on Feb 17, 2007
thank you for the feedback. corrected it.
#7. by DawnStar ()
Posted on Feb 17, 2007
Thank you for the translation. :)
#8. by Tamerlane (=D)
Posted on Feb 17, 2007
Thank you very much for the translation it is really appreciated.

#9. by coby0 ()
Posted on Feb 17, 2007
thanx for the trans
#10. by Makoto ()
Posted on Feb 18, 2007
He says "Aren't you happy that I'm alive?!" instead of "The vice-captain Kaien that lived happily!?"
#11. by fireburst ()
Posted on Feb 18, 2007
Thank ya. You are absolutely correct.
#12. by Goji ()
Posted on Feb 18, 2007
Thanks fireburst! You're great! :amuse
#13. by xholyangel07x ()
Posted on Feb 18, 2007
Thanks for the translation, Fireburst!

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