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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Bleach 262

Bleach - Chapter 262

+ posted by fireburst as translation on Feb 8, 2007 07:36 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 262

first translation at MH. ^_^ kinda rushed through it, but i hope you enjoy. corrections/suggestions always welcome.

Page 01)
Sidetext: Shock... the power gap is clear!

Page 02)
Noitora: ...Chih
Noitora: See.
Noitora: You really are weak after all.

Page 04)
Ichigo: Chad...!?
Rukia: ...Just now he couldn’t have...
Renji: ......
Renji: Was he killed...!
Pesshe: What!? What’s wrong, Uryuu!?
Nell: What...
Nell: What’s the matter, Ichi...
Nell: ...go...

Page 05)
Ichigo: Chad was killed...!? There’s no way that could happen!!
Ichigo: I believe in him...! Didn’t we swear to come back alive...!
Ichigo: I have to believe in him....
Ichigo: now-
Ichigo: that’s all I can do...!
Sidetext: Forwards- just, forwards...
Bleach 262. Unblendable

Page 06)
Ulquiorra: I’m entering.

Page 07)
Ulquiorra: It seems you’ve noticed.
Ulquiorra: It appears that fool Noitora
Ulquiorra: went off on his own despite strict orders to wait in solitude...
Inoue: Sado-kun hasn’t died.

Page 08)
Inoue: He hasn’t died.
Ulquiorra: Enter.
Ulquiorra: Your meal.
Ulquiorra: Eat.
Inoue: ......
Inoue: ...I don’t want to.

Page 09)
Ulquiorra: Until Aizen-sama asks for you, it is your duty to stay alive.
Ulquiorra: Eat.
Ulquiorra: Must I use force to get this food inside of you?
Ulquiorra: Or would you rather I tie you down and inject the nutrients into you?
Inoue: ...Sado-kun hasn’t died...
Ulquiorra: You sure are persistant.
Ulquiorra: Either way is fine.
Ulquiorra: What do you want me to say?
Ulquiorra: “Don’t worry, he is surely alive,” sound good?

Page 10)
Ulquiorra: Give me a break.
Ulquiorra: I didn’t come here to humor you.
Ulquiorra: I don’t understand.
Ulquiorra: Why do you concern yourself so much over who lives and dies?
Ulquiorra: Either way, your friends will end up destroyed very soon.
Ulquiorra: What would you say if one were to go before then?

Page 11)
Ulquiorra: I expect that they were able to predict this from the beginning
Inoue: ...Cut it out...
Ulquiorra: If they weren’t able to, then the fault lies in their stupidity.
Ulquiorra: Sneering at those fools would be fine.
Ulquiorra: Why can’t you do that?
Ulquiorra: If it were me,
Ulquiorra: I wouldn't be able to stand the stupidity
Ulquiorra: of those who entered Hueco Mundo without knowing their own ability.

Page 12)
Inoue: Hah... hah... hah...

Page 13)
Ulquiorra: I’ll be back in an hour.
Ulquiorra: If you don’t eat by then-
Ulquiorra: I WILL tie you up and force the food in you.
Ulquiorra: I am not kidding.

Page 14)
Inoue: ...Uh... uh... uh... uuh... ...u...

Page 15)
Rukia: Sado’s reiatsu is disappearing...!
Rukia: He can’t be much farther from here! I have to hurry...
Rukia: ...
Rukia: This...!
Rukia: What is this...!? A blue sky...!?
Rukia: Why is the sky there... the wall is missing...!?
Rukia: More importantly...

Page 16)
?: Shall I explain it for you?
Rukia: !

Page 17)
?: Follow me.
Rukia: Wait!!
?: ...Fuu.
?: I can calm down in here.

Page 18)
?: Sorry.
?: Since back then, I,
?: have been weak in the “sun’s rays.”
?: The sun can’t make it in here.
?: I’ll introduce myself without my mask.
?: My name is Aaroniiro.

Page 19)
?: Noveno Espada
?: Aaroniiro Arurueri
Sidetext: Nostalgia and regret... the face that encompasses both is... “Kaien”!!

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#1. by manu ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2007
I must say this is a good translation for a first timer. I guess it must be kinda hard to give a character a "voice" without knowing there personality. Your Kaien is much different from pocketmofo's but there's nothing wrong with that. Just something I noticed ^^. Keep posting :tossu
#2. by Silhouette ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2007
I love it, great translation thanks a lot :)
#3. by BigBadBuu ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2007

Yeah, thanks for the translation mang-- keep 'em coming and welcome to MH!

#4. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2007
the more the merrier :p

Thanks for providing this- great job :ossu
#5. by Acalia ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2007
Welcome to Mangahelpers ^^!!!
Very good translation :)
I hope that you will post here more Bleach translations!
Anyway, great job!
#6. by pocketmofo ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2007
Nice work, Fireburst!

Great to see another Bleach translator at Mangahelpers!

#7. by destinator ()
Posted on Feb 9, 2007
YEAH! Another bleach translator. Thats always awesome <3

Just one thing I would like to know if have something against people using your translation for scanlations. Not that people do stuff with your translation that you dont want. =)
#8. by fireburst ()
Posted on Feb 9, 2007
Quote by des :

Just one thing I would like to know if have something against people using your translation for scanlations. Not that people do stuff with your translation that you dont want. =)

nah, i don't mind. i probably won't do bleach EVERY week since there are already translators doing a great job on it. for now, i'm gonna mostly concentrate on Mx0 and see if i can catch up to the current chapter, and pop in a bleach translation if the other translators are unavailable or the chapter interests me like this one did . :p

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