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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Mx0 19

Mx0 Chp. 19

+ posted by fireburst as translation on Feb 25, 2007 00:55 | Go to Mx0

-> RTS Page for Mx0 19

What a predicament! Which head will Kuzumi decide to think with!? Any corrections are appreciated.

Page 01)
Sidetext: The ordinary at first glance... But take one step and you’ll find yourself in a magic school!
M:19 Magic Exam 1

Page 02)
Kuzumi: Ha?
Kuzumi: Today... is the day of the magic exam? ...You gotta be kidding me!?
Text: A big pinch!!
Ise: Hey, hey quit kidding around.
Ise: Everyone is panicking because of today.
Kuzumi: Today, all the first years look unusually gloomy...
Kuzumi: Is it because...
Kuzumi: Crap! I’ve been really busy with the Executive Committee work.
Kuzumi: This is completely opposite of what I planned.

Page 03)
Guy: Chieh, it’s OK for Kuzumi though.
fireburst note: uh can’t remember who this guy is, so he’s just “guy” for now. XD let me know if you know who it is.
Guy: Because his magic is a completely different level than ours, so he’ll clear these exams easily.
Ise: !!
Ise: It’s just a matter of time now... haha I’m getting impatient.
Text: At Seinagi High School, there is a midterm test on general coursework, as well as a concurrent test of magic power.
Text: The results of these exams play a big role in deciding which students get to level up their plate.
Text: This is especially true for the first year student’s first exam.
Text: That exam is used to judge the presence of magic ability, and to filter out those students who do not meet a certain standard.
Text: This exam is very important for those students.
*Note: Ryo-san from Kochikame is in this frame. :D
Ooki: Those who forget the day of the exam
Ooki: will be made fun of.
Ooki: Do the genius first years not need to worry about the magic exam?

Page 04)
Kuzumi: Ooki-sensei.
Text: Magic teacher Takao Ooki (32).
Kuzumi: Big-sensei, you look even smaller today~
Kuzumi: Are your secret shoes lower today?
Ooki: I... Idiot! I wear nothing of that sort.
Text: Raised bottoms 8 cm
Ooki: The exams are different from your usual coursework, so don’t screw up.
Ooki: I will be very strict in my judge... WHERE ARE YOU LOOKING!!!
Ise: You should stop it...
Kuzumi: Mu... It’s a new type this time.
Ooki: I will be the proctor for your class today.
Ooki: If you continue to waltz around with your usual careless attitude, not even the gold class will get you a passing mark!!
Ooki: Sound good, Kuzumi!!

Page 05)
Kuzumi: ...Huh... does he hate me?
Guy: That seems to be the case.
Guy: You usually cut class, but when you do show up, you never participate.
Guy: You are rated the most troublesome student among the teachers.
Teacher: Give it a try, Kuzumi!!
Kuzumi: Ah- I’ll pass.
Kuzumi: There would be no purpose in me doing it, right?
Kuzumi: Well, what can I do since I’m franticly trying to hide my lack of power.
Kuzumi: But I’m not sure if I can pull that off in an exam...
Kuzumi: I should go see Papa Hiiragi to come up with a plan.
Kuzumi: ...Uh oh.
Kuzumi: He’s not here!!
Kuzumi: Or here-!!
Kuzumi: Papa Hiiragi~!! Where have you gone-
Kuzumi: At a time like this!
Kuzumi: Over there-!!
Kuzumi: !!!

Page 06)
Aika: What are you doing, Kuzumi-kun?
Aika: The exam is about to begin.
Kuzumi: What~!! You’re not Papa Hiiragi!!
Aika: My dad? Today is exams, so he’s been busy since the morning making his rounds.
Kuzumi: I should have done this sooner!
Hiiragi: I’m a pretty busy guy, so I can’t always be around to support you.
Aika: Kuzumi-kun, you may have spare time,
Aika: But teamwork is really important on today’s exam.
Aika: You shouldn’t be so selfish in your actions.
Aika: Wasn’t it you that said we should give it our all?
Kuzumi: So... sorry.
Aika: Oh no! There’s no time.
Kuzumi: ~What should I do!! I haven’t prepared at all yet...

Page 07)
Text: Seinagi High School Magic Practice Area
Text: In the corner of this building, a special space is created,
Text: because high density magic magnetic fields gather there.
Text: Along with being used to hone magic abilities, it is also the location the exams are held.
Mikuni: We have to go last since 7 groups in class C went ahead of us...
Mikuni: I’ve had it~
Mikuni: Ah!! Here they come...
Kuzumi: Hahaha my bad...

Page 08)
Mikuni: If you hadn’t shown up we would have all failed!!
Aika: Well, uh-
Mikuni: If this happens again, I swear, I’ll kill you!!
Ise: We are counting on you, Kuzumi-
Ise: Is it because I have high expectations?
Kuzumi: ...I might have no choice but to use the M0 plate.
Kuzumi: But continuing to use it like this won’t let me store up any magic points.
Ooki: Group 6!! Are all your members here?
Ooki: Now then, your group is up. Come in!!
Ooki: It’s time to start the first exam.

Page 09)
Ooki: However, all of you will be inconvenienced because you are in a group with that irresponsible one.
Ooki: Just because your magic power is a little higher doesn’t justify acting selfishly.
Kuzumi: What did you say- Before you make such a sarcastic remark why don’t you grow a bit taller?
Ooki: Ah~ What was that?
Ooki: That brat~
Ooki: There is no way he’s passing this exam so easily.

Page 10)
Kuzumi: What is this place?
Ooki: Your first exam is,
Ooki: All 5 of you must enter a separate door, and then make it out within the allotted time.
Ooki: The time limit is 10 minutes.
Ooki: There is nothing special to do. Simply enter the door, and then exit.
Ooki: Of course, you can use magic as you please.
Ooki: Inside every room, there is a magic space.
Ooki: If you can exit the room before the 10 minute time limit expires, you will forget everything that occurred in there.
Ooki: But... if you take longer than 10 minutes, those memories will stay with you, even after you exit.
Ooki: You individual results are counted separately.
Ooki: If 3 people out of your group of 5 can clear this exam, your group passes.
Ooki: That’s it!! Was everything clear?
Kuzumi: What the... Such an easy exam.
Kuzumi: Is that really OK?
Kuzumi: Hoh... I could probably clear this without having to use magic.

Page 11)
Aika: Good luck, Kuzumi-kun!!
Kuzumi: Ah, you too.
Ooki: Have you each picked a door?
Ooki: Easy, you say? Fools...
Ooki: Will you be able to defeat the power enemies inside?
Ooki: Alright, everybody, enter!

Page 12)
Kuzumi: Eh?
Kuzumi: Huh...? I’m... in the classroom.
Kuzumi: The classroom was connected to that door?
Kuzumi: ...It’s evening now?
Kuzumi: ~Whatever, I don’t quite understand what’s going on, but I’ll just exit.
Kuzumi: And end this exam.
Kuzumi: If that’s the case.
Kuzumi: Kyan...
Aika: ...Ouch...
Aika: Sorry!
Aika: Were you waiting for me, Kuzumi-kun?

Page 13)
Kuzumi: Hiiragi... You ended up here, too?
Aika: What?
Kuzumi: I mean... the exam...
Aika: Nope- What are you talking about?
Aika: You promised we could walk home together today.
Aika: Did you forget?
Kuzumi: ...
Kuzumi: Huh?
Aika: You did!! I’ve been anticipating this. Let’s talk for a bit.
Kuzumi: ...Uhh my arm is...
Aika: Don’t be so bashful!
Aika: It’s been a month since we got together hasn’t it?
Kuzumi: To... together!
Kuzumi: Time sure flies...!
Kuzumi: I don’t know!!!

Page 14)
Aika: Hey.
Aika: Come here!!
Kuzumi: Hey ♥ Your breathing is pretty heavy!!
Kuzumi: Whwhwh what is going on!? Hiiragi acting like this towards me...
Kuzumi: ...At any rate, I have to get out of here. That will end the exam and I can take it slow with...
Aika: Stop!

Page 15)
Aika: Please don’t leave me.
Aika: Don’t you want it to be just the two of us?
Aika: Right?
Aika: The two of us together here together...
Kuzumi: !!?
Kuzumi: That’s right... Is this how it really is?
Kuzumi: This...
Kuzumi: This Hiiragi is just...
Kuzumi: OOH~!!!
Kuzumi: This is dirty~!!!

Page 16)
Ooki: Fu... That’s right.
Ooki: These are all illusions created in the magic spaces...
Ooki: Once inside, you lose the ability to differentiate what is not real.
Ooki: All who enter will find it’s not so easy to sever yourself from such bliss. That is the trick that prevents your escape.
Ooki: In addition, even though this is all created by magic,
Ooki: Exiting before the time limit expires makes you regret forgetting the bliss you experienced inside.
Ooki: Of course, if you can’t clear it.
Ooki: You wonder if 3 others will clear it for you.
Ooki: You must be the one to judge and decide.

Page 17)
Ooki: This exam measures the determination that is essential for learning magic.
Ise: Ihyah, hya, hya.
Sign: Ise’s Room.
Ise: Uhyo-!!!
Ooki: And Kuzumi, your room has a special interference that is 3 times the normal level.
Ooki: Kukuku. How is it?
Ooki: A bliss you have never experienced in your entire life has materialized before you.
Sidetext: Inescapable!? The trap of bliss!!
Ooki: Just try and clear this exam!! Kuhahaha!
Kuzumi: Nooooo-!!

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#1. by Calootoo ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2007
Wow!! Another one already, you sure are fast! You'll catch up to the last chapter in no time.

Thanks for the trans!

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