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One Piece 29 (0 comments)
One Piece vol04 ch029, volume page numbering.
This time sbs is included.
I use underlines like "_一億人_" in order to denote the dots to the right of the kanji in the original (meant to emphasise the word, and might be indicated in the translation by italics).

第29話 ゛坂道゛
Chapter 29: The sloped pass
tn: alternative title - "Hill road", whichever you like more.

ウソップ~:な。。。何だ おれが一番のりか。。。!!\\ (どーん)あいつ おれより先につっ走ってったハズなのに。。。!!
Usopp: W... why am I the first to come!?.. \\ (do--n) He surely was running before... Read More " "
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One Piece 28 (0 comments)
One Piece vol04 ch028, volume page numbering.
Now line break (real, not just "//") signifies panel change.

第28話 ゛三日月゛
Chapter 28: Crescent Moon

ウソップ: お前ら。。。。。\\ 一緒に戦ってくれるのか?。。。。。!? \ な。。。何で。。。
Usopp: Guys... \\ Would you fight with me?... \ W... why?..

ルフィ:だって 敵は 大勢いるんだろう? 
Luffy: There are many enemies, right?

ゾロ:怖ェって 顔に書いてあるぜ
Zoro: It's written on you face that you're... Read More " "
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One Piece 27 (2 comments)
One Piece vol04 ch027, volume page numbering. This time I'll try to make it like this.
(edit) note: In this and previous chapters (25-27) I use a bit nonstandart line breaking. "\" separates several merged bubbles, and "\\" separates just different bubbles. No indication of panels change. I might correct this later.

第27話 ゛筋゛
Chapter 27: Determination
(yes, it's not literal!)

メリ:お嬢様!\\ となち町のメガネ屋に特注なさって品受け取ってきましたが\\ こちらでよろしいんで?
Merry: Ojousama! \\ the special order from the glasses shop from the town has been delivered. \\ Is it OK to put it... Read More " "
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One Piece 26 (0 comments)
One Piece vol03 ch026, volume page numbering.
Chapter 26: "The plan of Captain Kuro"

Kuro: Don't use the word "assasination", Jango. It sounds evil.
Jango: Oh, right... It was "accident"!.. Yes, accident... // "captain Kuro"
Kuro: "Captain Kuro"... I've discarded this name 3 years ago. / Stop calling me that either. // Besides, you are the captain now, are you not?
Luffy&Usopp: ..........
Luffy: Hey, what are they talking about?
Usopp: I'd like to know that myself... / But wait!.. "Captain Kuro"! I know this name!

Usopp: He was a pirate, famous for his repeated well-planned plunderings... // But... I heard that 3 years ago he... Read More " "
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One Piece 25 (2 comments)
One Piece volume 03, page 157
Chapter 25: "Full of lies"

kids: Captain ......!!
Usopp: ..........!
Kuro: Pirate... "a brave warrior of the sea"?// What an outrageously twisted wording. // But!.. Your savage self is the best proof... // You always brag // and whenever displeased, you resort to violence!..

Kuro: And on top of it all, you get close to ojousama for the sake of her money!
Usopp: What did you say!? I...
Kuro: Whether or not you have ulterior motives... // Just the fact that your father is a pirate is proof enough!
Usopp: You're still saying that!!!
Kaya: Stop it, Usopp-san! // Please, don't resort to violence again!..

Usopp: ................!!
Kaya: Kurahadol...... Read More " "
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