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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 26

The plan of Captain Kuro

+ posted by ingwe137 as translation on Dec 22, 2008 14:49 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 26

One Piece vol03 ch026, volume page numbering.
Chapter 26: "The plan of Captain Kuro"

Kuro: Don't use the word "assasination", Jango. It sounds evil.
Jango: Oh, right... It was "accident"!.. Yes, accident... // "captain Kuro"
Kuro: "Captain Kuro"... I've discarded this name 3 years ago. / Stop calling me that either. // Besides, you are the captain now, are you not?
Luffy&Usopp: ..........
Luffy: Hey, what are they talking about?
Usopp: I'd like to know that myself... / But wait!.. "Captain Kuro"! I know this name!

Usopp: He was a pirate, famous for his repeated well-planned plunderings... // But... I heard that 3 years ago he was captured by the marines and executed...
Jango: But, that time // I was really surprised...
Kuro: ...?
Jango: Then you suddenly stated you were quitting piracy, / switched with some poor crewman, as it turned out later,.. // ... and in a while the seemingly authentic captain Kuro was executed! // After that you quietly left the ship and settled in this village, / and now, after three years, I cast anchor here once again...

Jango: Well... following what you say proved to be correct so far... / OK, I guess I'll cooperate, but... // I hope our share is not too modest...
Kuro: No... // If the operation is successful, I'll reward you well.
Jango: Then leave the killing to me!..
Kuro: However, the objective is NOT just to kill Kaya-ojousama! // She HAS to lose her life in an unfortunate accident, without a shade of doubt.

Kuro: It seems you still don't understand the plan properly.
Jango: It's ridiculous. I understand it completely. // To make it short, at your signal we attack the village / and do in your ojou-sama. // Then you inherit all of her fortune.
Kuro: Idiot! Do you use your brains at all? / How can an outsider such as myself inherit Kaya's property?
Jango: Just try your best!
Kuro: Like this gonna work!!! Pay attention now, this is the most important part... // Before you kill, you'll hypnotise her, / and have her write the will! // "I leave all of my possessions to my butler, Kurahadol" !!
Usopp: !

Kuro: This way my coming into possession of that vast fortune will be accomplished... / quite naturally. // I've spent these three years to build a good reputation with the villagers, and they trust me. // The will is the last touch, so that there is absolutely no suspision.
Jango: So that's why you spent three years as a butler... / If I were you, I would attack, take everything and finish with it in one go.
Kuro: If I did that, I would return to being a pirate. As soon as I'd get the money, the government would be after me once again... // I just want to obtain the money without any chasing from the marines. // In other words, I want to become a peaceful civilian.

Jango: Hahahaha! You are surely a peaceful one! // For the sake of your peace you'd kill a whole well-off household?..
Kuro: Hey, what are you talking about? Her parents' death has nothing to do with me. // I didn't plan that.
Jango: Well, whatever... Anyway, / just hurry up and give the signal already. // It's been a week since our ship / has anchored nearby... // The guys are becoming impatient. ............
Luffy&Usopp: .........

Usopp: ......... // That's bad... We've overheard something really bad!..
Luffy: Hey, didn't that sound a bit dangerous?
Usopp: Haven't you listened too all this time? / That's awfully dangerous! They are real pirates!!! // ... so he was after that from the very beginning! / He was aiming for Kaya's money for the last 3 years! // And this butler... he is captain Kuro!!! He was alive after all! // I've punched a very dangerous man! I'll be killed!! // Kaya's gonna be murdered! The village will be attacked! // That's trouble! That's REAL trouble!
Luffy: .........
Usopp: Hey, don't stand up! They'll see you!

Luffy: Hey, you two! // Don't touch that girl!!!
{lit: do not kill ojousama!}
Jango&Kuro: Who's there?
Usopp: ............

Usopp: Idiot! Now they've spotted us! // Quickly hide, or we'll be killed!
Kuro: ........... // I see... Isn't it our dear Usopp-kun here?
Usopp: WAAAAAHH!!! // He's seen me too!!
Kuro: Did you... // Hear anything?
Usopp: N... no, nothing at all! What are you talking about? I just came here, I did not hear a word...
Luffy: Heard the whole thing.
Usopp: HEY!

Kuro: ..........
Jango: So, he's heard us... // Then it can't be helped... Hey! You two! // Look at this ring closely...
Luffy: What's that? // *stare*
Usopp: I...it's dangerous! That's a weapon, we'll be killed!
Jango: When I say "one, two, Jango!", you'll fall asleep. // One... // Two...
Usopp: We'll be killed! Hide quickly!
Luffy: .......
Jango: Jango!

Luffy: *drop*
Kuro: Hey, wake up! You still haven't gotten rid of this habit!
Usopp: Huh!? // Oi, what's wrong?.. / You're falling!!!
Kuro: !
Usopp: !!!

Usopp: Hey! // Are you okey?!..
Jango: Aah.. It wasn't my intention to kill him... // But after falling headlong from this height, he must be dead for sure...
Usopp: Damn! // That bastard! He killed him!
Jango: What should we do with the other one? Kill him too?
Kuro: That is not necessary. // No matter how much he tries to rise a commotion, it'll just be futile.
Usopp: !?

Kuro: Tomorrow morning, Jango,.. / at daybreak, commence the attack on the village. // Ravage it a bit, and then... / Finally, you must stage Kaya-ojousama's accident!
Usopp: ......!!! // Tomorrow ...
Kuro: Just as you heard, Usopp-kun. // But whatever you have heard, it is not going to affect my plan!
Usopp: .........!! // Dam... dammit! // WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!
Jango: Are you sure it's all right?
Kuro: Of course. The plan will work out perfectly.

Usopp: This is bad!.. // This is really bad! // In the village that raised me... Everyone is going to be killed! / And Kaya's gonna be killed too! // Even though I love everyone so much! // I love this village!
Kaya: Who are you?
Usopp: I am Usopp, a brave warrior of the sea! // You seem to be a bit gloomy lately... I'll tell you stories to help you cheer up!
Kaya: I am much obliged! Now go away please! / Or I'll call people!
Usopp: Hey, don't worry. I'm just a little nosy!
(flashback end)

Zoro: Huh? Isn't that?..
kids: Ah! Captain!
Zoro: So Luffy wasn't with him...
Nami: Is he still mad because of the offence to his father?
Zoro: Beats me.
Kids: No! His face just now was different! // Yes! Something must have happened at the coast! That expression... what could've turned up?
Zoro: ........! // Oi! How can I get to that coast?
kids: Doesn't it feel like ... a case? // Yeah. And that hypnotist went in that direction too. // Right! "Usopp pirates", set out!
Zoro: OKAY, I understand already, so how do I get there?

Usopp: It's danger! // Everyone! It's danger! The pirates are coming!!! // Pirates are gonna attack the village tomorrow morning! // Everyone run away!
villagers: That kid windbag again! // Second time today, isn't it? // Let him be, let him be. It's not like pirates could actually be coming... // It's him again? Even at lunch time now... // Lately it's been a little too much.

villagers: Hey, Usopp! Stop it right now!! Today you won't get away with this!
Usopp: No! You're mistaken! This time it's true!
villagers: You are always saying that! // Don't try our patience too much!
Usopp: I was always just joking before, but... // but this tme it's the truth! Please beleive me!
a woman: If you were a trustworthy man, like Kurahadol-san of the mansion, we might believe you...
Kuro (flashback): whatever you have heard, it is not going to affect my plan!
Usopp (present): ............! / Damn... // Please believe me! You have to escape! // Or else... everyone is really gonna be killed!

Kuro: It's been three years since I last saw you rascals. Thanks for coming. / When the operation is successfully completed, you'll get a rich bounty. // Tomorrow morning you can wreck the village to your heart's content!
pirates: Waaaaaaahh! // Captain Kuro banzai!!
tl note: "banzai" is the japanese equivalent of "hooray"
Kaya: Don't you know where is Kurahadol?
Merry: He said he was going to the town nearby.
Kaya: Thank you...

end of ch025
end of vol03

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