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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

One Piece 28

Cresent Moon

+ posted by ingwe137 as translation on Jan 11, 2009 14:06 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 28

One Piece vol04 ch028, volume page numbering.
Now line break (real, not just "//") signifies panel change.

第28話 ゛三日月゛
Chapter 28: Crescent Moon

ウソップ: お前ら。。。。。\\ 一緒に戦ってくれるのか?。。。。。!? \ な。。。何で。。。
Usopp: Guys... \\ Would you fight with me?... \ W... why?..

ルフィ:だって 敵は 大勢いるんだろう? 
Luffy: There are many enemies, right?

ゾロ:怖ェって 顔に書いてあるぜ
Zoro: It's written on you face that you're afraid...

ウソップ: お!! おれが怖がってるだと!? バカいえ!! 大勢だろうと何だろうと おれは平気だ!!!\\ なぜならおれは勇敢なる海の戦士キャプテン・ウソップだからだ!!!
Usopp: I...I am afraid, you say?!! No way! I don't give a damn if they are many or not! \\ And that's because I am (the one who is called) the brave warrior of the sea, captain Usopp!!!

第28話 ゛三日月゛
Chapter 28: Crescent Moon

ウソップ: ! \\ あっ!! \\  。。。!! くく。。。 \\ くそう!!\\くそう!! \\ 見せ物じゃねェぞ!!相手は C(キャプテン)・クロの海賊団 怖ェもんは怖ェんだ!!!それがどうした!!\\ おれは同情なら受ける気はねェ!! てめェら帰れ!! 帰れ帰れ!!
Usopp: ! \\ Aah! \\ Sh... \\ Shit!!! \\ Shit!!! \\ What're you looking at?! The opponents are captain Kuro's pirates! What's scary is scary!!! Got a problem with it?!! \\ I don't need your pity!! Mind your own business! Go away! Away!

Nami: .............

ゾロ: 笑てやしねェだろ?\ 立派だと思うから手を貸すんだ
Zoro: We're not laughing, can't you see? \ We think you're great, that's why we're willing to help.

Luffy: Like I'd put my life on the line just because of pity!

ウソップ: ! \\ !! \ う。。。。!!。。。。。!! \\
Usopp: ! \\ !! \ U........!!..........!! \\ Y... you guys..........!! .................!!!

??: この海岸から 奴らは攻めてくる
??: The attack will start from this shore.

ウソップ: だがここから村へ入るルートは \\ この坂道1本 だけだ\あとは絶壁!!\\ つまり この坂道を死守できれば村が襲われる事はねェ!!
Usopp: But from here there's only one route to the village, -- \\ this slope. \\ Elsewhere there are sheer cliffs. \\ So, if only we can defend this sloped pass, the village won't be attacked!

ルフィ:そうか 簡単だな
Luffy: This is it? Easy...

ウソップ: 口で言うのはな!後は戦力次第。。。\お前ら何ができる?
Usopp: Easy to say! Now everything depends on our war potential... \ What can you guys do?

ゾロ: 斬る
Zoro: Cut!

ルフィ: のびる
Luffy: Stretch!

ナミ: 盗む
Nami: Steal!

ウソップ: 隠れる
Usopp: Hide...

Zoro&Luffy&Nami: You have to fight too!!!

??: お嬢様は?\\もうお休みです\\だいぶお疲れのようで。。。
??: Where's Kaya? \\ Ojousama went to rest. \\ She must be very tired...

クロ: 。。。。。しかし私が_となり町_へ行ってる間にそんな事が。。。\\ あのウソップという若者にも困ったものだ
Kuro: To think that such a thing would happen just when I went to the _town_... \\ This young man, Usopp, is a troublemaker indeed.

メリ: ええ。。よりによって あなたが海賊だと言い出すんですから。。。\考えもないウソですよ
Merry: Yes... To accuse you of being a pirate, of all things... \ That was a very stupid lie.

クロ: 。。。。フフ\\そうですね。。。
Kuro: ......... Ha-ha \\ Truly...

クロ: ん?\これは?
Kuro: Hm? \ What is this?

メリ:ああ。。。それは\\ お嬢様からあなたへのプレゼントのようです\ 何でも明日はあなたがこの屋敷へ来てちょうど3年目になるとかで\\記念日というやつですね
Merry: Aah.. this \\ has to be the present to you, from ojousama... \\ After all, tomorrow will be exactly three years since you came to this house. \\ It is a special day, anniversary, you may say...

クロ:。。。。。\\ くいっ。。。\\記念日。。。
Kuro: ............\\ *Gui* (push)... \\ A special day...

メリ: あなたの今のメガネはよくズレる様なので\\ なんとお嬢様が設計して特注なさった品なんですよ!\\ ほんとにもー よく気のつく優しい方だ。。。
Merry: It seems your current glasses slide down quite often, so \\ this is the pair that ojousama has specially ordered for you beforehand... \\ She is truly... such a kind-hearted person!..

クロ: 記念日というなら\確かに。。。明日は_記念日_だ
Kuro: Special, you say... \ Yes, surely... tomorrow is a special day
メリ: え?
Merry: Eh?

クロ: 今夜は三日月ですね。。。\\ こんな夜は胸が高鳴るというか。。。\血が騒ぐというか。。。
Kuro: It's new moon today... \\ On such a night my heart is beating faster... \ or should I say my blood is running wild?..

メリ: な!!! \\ ! \\ ク。。。!クラハドールさん!?あんた!! お嬢様のプレゼントに何を!!!
Merry: What?! \\ ! \\ Ku... Kurahadol-san?! What have you done to the present from ojousama?!!

クロ: プレゼントなら受け取りますよ\\ だがこんな物でなく。。。\ この屋敷まるごとだ。。。!!
Kuro: Present? Yes, I'll take the present... \\ But not this trifle... \ I'll have the entire mansion!

メリ: !?
Merry: !?

メリ: え。。。。。!!? \\ え。。。。。!!?
Merry: Eh............!!? \\ Eh............!!?

クロ: もう芝居を続ける意味はあるまい\\ あと数時間でどうせ_事故_は起きるのだから\\ 実に長かったよ3年間は。。。
Kuro: No need to continue playing anymore. \\ After all, in a few hours, the _accident_ will come about... \\ But indeed, those 3 years were long...

メリ: 。。。。。。。。。!! お嬢様 逃げ。。。。。。。。。。。。 \\ !!?
Merry: .........!! Ojousama, run awa............. \\ !!?

海賊: ジャンゴ船長!!\\ じきに夜明けです!\\ 起きてください!!\\ あ 船長 おはようこざいます\\ おはようございます
pirates: Captain Jango! \\ It's almost dawn! \\ Wake up, please! \\ Ah! Good morning, captain! \\ Good morning!

ジャンゴ:バカヤロウ ゛おはよう゛ってのは朝日とともに言うのがおれのポリシーだ\\ まだ月も落ちねぇ真夜中だぜ
Jango: Idiots! My policy is to say "good morning" with the rising of the sun! \\ The moon is still up, it's the dead of night!

pirates: We... we are sorry!

ジャンゴ: 野郎ども!! \\ おはよう
Jango: Morning, \\ rascals!

box: 現クロネコ海賊団\\ 船長\\ ゛1・2のジャンゴ゛
box: The current captain of the \\ Kuroneko pirates \\ "One-two" JANGO
tn: Kuroneko pirates = Black Cat pirates

海賊: 出航だア \\ オオオーーーーーーーっ!!!
pirates: Setting out!!! \\ Oooooooooooooooo!!!

みんな: よし完璧だ!!\\ これで奴らはこの坂道を登れない!!\\ ここに敷きつめられた大量の油によってな!
All: Good, now it's perfect! \\ This way they won't be able to climb up this slope, \\ thanks of all the oil we spread out here!

ウソップ: やつらがこの坂でジルジル滑べって もがいてるスキにブチのめす作戦だ\\ とにかく何が何でも この1本の坂道は守りぬく!!
Usopp: While they'll be struggling sliding on the oil, we'll beat them up as we please. \\ But at any rate, we have to defend this sloped pass at all costs!!!

ナミ: 逆に自分達が滑り落ちなきゃいいけどね\ 蟻地獄に飛び込む様なものだもん
Nami: We have to take care not to slip ourselves though... \ Or instead we could end up in a tight place.

ルフィ: お前よくこんなチョコザイな事 思いつくなー
Luffy: Haha, you really think of some tricksy things, Nami...

ウソップ: そりゃそうだ!!! おれはチョコザイさとパチンコの腕にかけては\\ 絶対の自信をもってる!!!
Usopp: Precisely!!! Trickery and playing pachinko are the skills I can rely on with absolulete confidence!

??: 夜明けだ\\ 来るぞ
??: It's dawn... \\ They are coming...

海賊: 海岸についたぞォーーーっ!!!
pirates: Reached the shore!!!

ジャンゴ: 上陸だ野郎どもオ!!\\村を荒して屋敷を目指せ!!!
Jango: Disembark!!! \\ Pillage the village and go for the mansion!!!

うああああーーーっ!!! \\ 船長!妙な船が2隻ありますが
pirates: Waaaaahhhh!!! \\ Captain, there are two strange boats!

ジャンゴ:放っとけ 宝船ねでもあるめェし
Jango: Just let them be, they are not worth much.

ルフィ:来ねェなァ。。。\ 朝なのに。。。。
Luffy: It's morning already... \ Where are they?

ゾロ: 寝坊でもしてんじゃねェのか?
Zoro: Could they have possibly overslept?

ナミ: 。。。。。。。。。\\ あのさ 気のせいかしら\\ 北の方でオーッて声が聞こえるの。。。。。
Nami: ..............\\ Is it my imagination or... \\ do I hear "Ooooooo" from the north?..

pirates: Oooooo!!!

ウソップ: 北!?
Usopp: North?!!

ナミ: うん やっぱり 聞こえるわ!
Nami: Yes, I'm sure I hear it!

ゾロ: おい どうした!?
Zoro: Hey, what's the matter!?

ウソップ: き。。。北にも上陸地点がある。。。!!まさか。。。
Usopp: To the north... there's another landing-place!!! It can't be!..

ルフィ: 海岸間違えたのか!?もしかして!!
Luffy: Could it be... that this is the wrong coast!?

ウソップ: だってよ あいつら この海岸で密会してたから てっきり!!
Usopp: You see, since they were meeting at this coast, I was sure that...

ルフィ: 急こう!! 村に 入っちまうぞ!! どこだそれ!!
Luffy: Hurry up!! They might enter the village!! Where's the place?!

ウソップ: ここからまっすぐ北へ向かって走れば3分でつく\\ 地形はここと ほぼ変わらねェ から坂道で くい止められりゃいいんだが!!
Usopp: If you run from here straight north, you'll get there in 3 minutes. \\ Terrain is almost the same as here, so we should be able to hold them back at the slope!..

ナミ: まずいっ!! 北の海岸ってったら私達の船がある場所だ!!\ 船の宝が取られちゃうっ!!
Nami: Oh bother!!! Our boats are anchored at that very northern coast!!! \ They'll take the treasure!!!

ルフィ: 20秒でそこ行くぞ!!!
Luffy: I'll be there in 20 seconds!!!

ウソップ: ちっきしょお せっかくの油作戦が台なした!!
Usopp: Damn!! All the trouble preparing for the "oil strategy" for nothing!

ナミ: 急がな。。。。。 \\!
Nami: Have to hurry!.. \\ !

ゾロ: おいナミ!! 何やってんだ
Zoro: Oi! Nami!! What're you doing?!!

ナミ: きゃああ\\助けて落ちるっ!!
Nami: Gyaaa! \\ Help, I'm falling!!!

ゾロ: は?\\ うわあああっ!!\ 手ェ離せバカ!!
Zoro: Huh? \\ Uwaaaa!! \\ Let go, you idiot!

ナミ: あ ごめん\\! \\ 。。。!!しめたっ
Nami: Ah, sorry! \\ ! \\ .....!! Got it!

ゾロ: !!。。。。。うががががっ!!
Zoro: !!............. Ugagagaa!!

ナミ: ありがとう ゾロ!!\\
Nami: Thank you, Zoro!!!

ゾロ: うわーーーっ
Zoro: Uwaaaa

ナミ: あ。。。\\ わるいっ!\\宝が危ないの!!
Nami: Ah... \\ Sorry! \\ The treasure is at risk, so...

ナミ: なんとかはい上がって!!
Nami: Just climb up somehow!!

ゾロ:。。。。。。。!!\\ あの女殺す!!
Zoro: .................!! \\ I'll KILL that woman!!!

ウソップ: 村には絶対入らせねェ!! \\ 。。。。。!しかしあいつ足速ェな もう姿が見えねェ
Usopp: They shall not enter the village!!! \\ ........! But that guy is fast... Gone from sight already!..

ルフィ: 北へまっすぐ\\ 北へまっすぐ
Luffy: Straight north, \\ straight north...

ナミ: 私の宝に手ぇ出したら許さないから!!
Nami: You just dare lay hands on my treasure... I won't forgive you!!!

海賊: うおおおおおおお\\ ぎゃーーーっはっはっはっはっは!!!\\暴れてやるせ!!!
pirates: Uooooooooooo \\ Gyaaaaaahahahahaha!!! \\ Now we go on rampage!!!

海賊: !!!\\ うわっ!!\\ぐお\\ 坂の上に誰かいるぞ!!!
pirates: !!!\\ Uwa!! \\ Guo \\ There's someone at the top!!!

ジャンゴ: !! てめぇは。。。。。
Jango: !! You are...

ウソップ: おれの名はキャプテン・ウソップ!!!お前らをず~~~っと ここで待っていた!!!\\ だ。。。戦いの準備は万端だ!!!死にたくなきゃさっさと引き返せ!!!
Usopp: My name is captain Usopp!!! I've been waiting for you all along!!! \\ Preparations for the battle are everything!!! If you want to live, withdraw immideately!!!

ゾロ: くっそーっ\\ どうすりゃいいんだ登れねェ!!!
Zoro: Shit!!! \\ What'd I do?! I can't climb up!!!

ルフィ: あれ!?\ 村に出ちまったぞ!?\ おっかしいなー 北ってゆうから 寒そうな方角に
Luffy: Huh?? \ I've come to the village again?! \ That's strange... He said "to the north", so I ran in the direction that felt colder...

end of chapter 28.

Consulted Stephen's translation at p41.
Edit: changed "hill road" to "sloped pass" after all. Thanks to NJT.

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