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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 29

The sloped pass

+ posted by ingwe137 as translation on Jan 11, 2009 14:12 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 29

One Piece vol04 ch029, volume page numbering.
This time sbs is included.
I use underlines like "_一億人_" in order to denote the dots to the right of the kanji in the original (meant to emphasise the word, and might be indicated in the translation by italics).

第29話 ゛坂道゛
Chapter 29: The sloped pass
tn: alternative title - "Hill road", whichever you like more.

ウソップ~:な。。。何だ おれが一番のりか。。。!!\\ (どーん)あいつ おれより先につっ走ってったハズなのに。。。!!
Usopp: W... why am I the first to come!?.. \\ (do--n) He surely was running before me!..

ジャんゴ: てめェは _あの時_。。。\\ 計画を盗み聞きしてた小僧だな 何のつもりだ?
Jango: You are the brat... \\ that overheard us that time... What do you want?

ウソップ: 。。。。忠告だ!!!今の内に引き替えさねェと\\_一億人_のおれの部下どもが お前らを つぶすことになる!!!
Usopp: ... I warn you! If you don't retreat right now, my 100 million men will smash you to bits!

海賊: 。。。。\ガキ以下のウソだ。。。
pirates: ........\ A baby could make a better lie...

ジャンゴ: 何ィ!!?一億人!!?\\す。。。すげェ
Jango: WHAT!!? 100 million men!!? \\ Cooooool!

pirates: It's an obvious lie, captain, can't you see? \\ He believes people so easily!!

ウソップ: げっ!!ばれたっ!!!
Usopp: Ge!.. They found out!!!

pirates: That guy must've been serious in trying to trick us too...

ジャンゴ:てめェ よくも\\この おれを ダマしたな。。。
Jango: You brat...\\ How dare you deceive me...

海賊: ジャンゴ船長 大変です!!
a pirate: Captain Jango! It's awful!!

ジャンゴ: そうか!!まずいな!!
Jango: Is that so!? That's really bad!!

海賊: いえ マズくはありません!!
pirate: No, it's not in the bad sense!

海賊: あの妙な船で宝が見つかれました!!\すげェ額です 4百。。。いや 5百万ベリーはありそうです!!
pirate: We found a treasure on those strange boats!! \ And a large one! It seems to be worth about 4... no, 5 million beli!!!

ジャンゴ: 何ィ!!?
Jango: Whaaaat!!?

ウソップ: 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。ご!!\\ 5百万ベリー。。。!!?。。。何であいつらの船にそんな大金が。。。!!
Usopp: ......................go!! 5 million beli?!!... Why's there such an enormous sum of money on their boat?!..

Usopp: That is my treasure!!! \\ But!! I'll give it to you! !!

pirates: Whaat!? \ He gives us the treasure!!?

ウソップ: そうだ!!!\\その宝に免じてここはひとつ!!!引き替えしてください!!!
Usopp: Yeah!!! \\ I'll give it to you, at only one condition!!! Please retreat!!!

pirates: Wh...... \ Is he trying to bribe us now?!.... \\ What a disgrace!!

ジャンゴ: 。。。。。 バカか。。。
Jango: ........ Fool...

ジャンゴ: この宝は当然いただくが\\それでおれ達が引き替えす理由はない!!
Jango: Of course we'll take the money... \ but then there's no reason for us to retreat!!

ウソップ: !\\ !!。。。。そ 。。。。。。それは もっともだ!!
Usopp" ! \\ !!...... He ........ he's right!!

ジャンゴ: わかったら ワン・ツー・ジャンゴで゛道を開けろ゛\\ワン。。。
Jango: Since you inderstand, on "One, two, Jango!", you'll let us pass. \\ One...

ジャンゴ: ツー。。。
Jango: Twoo...

ウソップ: !!\\ これは。。。! あの時の飛び道具!?
Usopp: !! \\ That's... ! The flying weapon from that time!?

ジャンゴ: ジャンゴ
Jango: Jango!

ナミ: バカなこと言ってんじゃないわよ!!!
Nami: Don't say STUPID things!

海賊: !!?。。。何だあの女は!!?\\船長!!道を開けてる 場合じゃ ないでしょう!!
pirates: !!? ... What's with that woman!!? \\ Captain! This way the path is still blocked!!

ナミ: その船の宝は私のよ!!!\\1ベリーたりとも あげないわ!!\しっかり持ってなさい 今取り替えしてやるから!!!
Nami: The treasure on that boat is mine!!! \\ And I am not giving you a single beli!! \ You just keep it safe, 'cause I'll get it back right now!!!

ナミ: あんた何勝手にあげてんのよ 私の宝を!!
Nami: And whose treasure do you think you are giving away as you please?!!

ウソップ:痛ェな そんなこと口で言やあいいだろうが!!
Usopp: That hurt!.. You could say that with words, could you!!

ナミ: 何言ってんの 助けて あげたのに
Nami: What are talking about? And that's after I saved you...

ウソップ: 何!?
Usopp: What?!

ナミ: 言い忘れたけど あいつのリングを最後まで見ちゃダメ\\あいつは催眠術師なの!
Nami: I forgot to tell you, but you must not look into his ring no matter what. \\ He is a hypnotyst!

ウソップ: さ。。。催眠。。。!?
Usopp: Hy... hypnotyst!?..

ナミ: で?ルフィは?\一番に走ってったでしょう!?
Nami: So? Where's Luffy? \ He was surely the first one to run here!?

ウソップ: さァな\\おじけづいたか 道にでも迷ってんのか。。。
Usopp: Beats me \\ Maybe he got scared or lost or something...

ナミ: じゃ 道に 迷ったのね\っとにも!!こんな肝心な時に
Nami: So, he's got himself lost... \ Jeez!! And at such a critical moment!..

ウソップ: よし。。。ブチのめせ!!\おれが援護する!!
Usopp: Okey... You get them! \ I'll back you up!

ナミ: な。。。?何で私が!!
Nami: Wha....? Why me?!

ナミ:あんた大軍相手にできるわけないでしょ 私は 弱いのよ!!
Nami: I can't possibly take on this many enemies! I am weak, can't you see?!

ウソップ: 男だからって ナメんなよ!! おれなんか ビビっちまって足ガクガクなんだぞ!!\\ほら!!
Usopp: Don't make light of me just because I'm a man!! I'm so scared my knees are shaking! \\ See?!!
tn: he means not to underestimate his _weakness_! ))))

ナミ:ほら みて 私 なみだぐんでる
Nami: You look yourself, I'm almost crying!

ウソップ: ぜんぜん カラカラ じゃねェか
Usopp: Your eyes are dry!

Jango: We don't have the time to bother with them...

ジャンゴ:踏み潰して 村へ進め 野郎どもォ!!!
pirates: Trample them down and proceed to the village!!!

pirates: Wuooooooo!!!

ナミ: きたーーーーっ!!!
Nami: They're coming!!!

ウソップ: そうだっまきびしっ
Usopp: Ah, caltrop!..

ナミ: なんだっ!!いいもの 持ってるじゃんない かして かしてっ
Nami: So, you've got some good stuff! Gimme too, me too!

海賊:どけ どけ てめェらァ!!!
pirates: Out 'a the waaay!!!

ナミ: これでも くらえっ!!
Nami: Here, eat this!!!

ウソップ: まきびし地獄っ!!!
Usopp: Caltrop hell!!!

ゾロ: う。。。
Zoro: U...

ゾロ:ハア!!ハア。。。!!\\ゼエ。。。!!ゼエ。。。!!\\ 畜生オ ナミのやろー 許さねエ。。。!!
Zoro: Haa!! Haa...!! \\ Zee... !! Zee...!! \\ Damn that Nami!!! Unforgivable!!!

Zoro: Haa... \\ That's just an oiled slope!..

Zoro: Uwoooooooo

ゾロ: おっしゃ 抜けたァ!!!
Zoro: Good, I made it!!!

ゾロ:。。。。。。。!! 北の海岸ってのはどっちだ!!!
Zoro: ...............!! Where's that northern coast?!!

ルフィ: 北へまっすぐ\\北へまっすぐ
Luffy: Straight north! \\ Straight north!..

ルフィ:北って どっちらだァ!!!
Luffy: Where's this north?!!

pirates: It hurts!!! \\ Ugyaaaaa!! \\ Ataaa

ナミ:よし!! かかった!!
Nami: Good!! It works!!!

ウソップ: 今だ必殺!!゛鉛星゛っ!!!
Usopp: And now! Certain kill! "Lead star"!!!

海賊: うご!!!
a pirate: Ugo!!!

石の斧の紙賊: 野郎ォ
the pirate with stone axe: You brats...

ナミ: やるじゃない!!その調子で頑張って!!\\私はひとまず休戦するから
Nami: Very good!! Just go on like that!! \\ And I'll take a break for a while

SFX: キャプテン ファト!
sfx: "Captain, fight!" (Keep up the good job, captain!)
tn: 「ファト!」 is what people shout when cheering for their team at i.e. school competitions... ))

ウソップ: まだ戦ってもいねェのにか!!?
Usopp: Even though you haven't fought yet at all?!!

Nami: Ah!!

ウソップ: どうした!!
Usopp: What's the matter?!

ナミ: まぎびしが後ろにもっ!!
Nami: The caltrop's behind us too!..

ウソップ: あほか!!お前!まいたんだろ!!
Usopp: Idiot! Isn't it your doing!??

石の斧の紙賊: てめェら邪魔だァ\\ そこをどけェ!!!
the pirate with stone axe: You two are in the way!! \\ Just get lost!!!

海賊: へっ!! おれ達を本気で くい止められると思ってんのか!?\\行くぜ みんな キャプテン・クロが待ってる!!\\おお!!
pirates: Heh!.. He seriously thought he could hold us back?! \\ Come on, everyone! Captain Kuro is waiting!! \\ Yeah!!!

the pirate with stone axe: Huh?

同じ:な。。。何だ こいつ!!
same: Wh... What's wrong with him?!

同じ:手を話せ この野郎ォ!!!
same: Let go of me, you bastard!!!

ウソップ: 。。。。。。。。。。!!\。。。。。。。。。この。。。!! この坂道!!!
Usopp: ...........!! \ ................ By... this slope....

ウソップ:お前らを通す訳にはいかねェ。。。!!!おれは いつも通りウソをついただけなんだから!!!\\村ではいつも通りの一日が始まるだけなんだから
Usopp: I can't let you pass!!! Because I've just made a usual lie!!! Because, in the village, just another usual day is gonna begin!!!

海賊: クソガキ黙れ!!!
a pirate: You shitty brat, shut up!!!

a pirate: That woman!!!

ナミ: あウっ!!!
Nami: Aww!!!

ナミ: い。。。たァ。。。。。。。。。!!!
Nami: Th... that hurt...........!!!

ウソップ: 。。。。。。。お前。。。。。
Usopp: .........you........

石の斧の紙賊: こいつら ブッ殺してやる。。。
pirate with a stone axe: I'll beat them to death!...

ジャンゴ: チッ
Jango: Ch...

ジャンゴ:おい てめェら!!! そんな奴らに 構ってねェで さっさと村を襲え!!!!\\ これはキャプテン・クロの計画だという事を忘れたか!!あの男の計画を乱す様な事があったら
Jango: Oi, you fellows!!! Just don't mind them, and go to the village!!! \\ Did you forget that this is captain Kuro's plan!? If it turns out looking like we've disrupted his plan...

ジャンゴ: おれ達は全員殺されちまうぞ!!!\\ わかってんのか バカヤロウどもっ!!!!
Jango: ...we'll ALL be killed!!! \\ Do you get it, you imbeciles?!!!!

海賊:急げ 村へ!!!
pirates: Hurry! To the village!!!

ウソップ: 畜生 待て。。。!!!!!
Usopp: Dammit!!! Wait...!!!!!!!

Usopp: Wait!!! Don't go there!!!

海賊: うるせェ 邪魔だァ!!!
a pirate: Shut up! Get lost!!!

pirates: Ooooooooo

ウソップ: やめてくれ 頼むからっ!!!\\みんなを殺さないでくれェえ!!!
Usopp: Please stop! I beg you!!! \\ Please don't kill everyone!!!

海賊: うっがああああああ
pirates: Ugyaaaaaa

ナミ: やっと来た
Nami: At last...

海賊: 何なんですか ジャンゴ船長。。。!!\\この村に あんなのがいるなんて。。。!!聞いてません!!!
pirates: What's that, captain Jango?! \\ We weren't told there was someone like that in this village!!!

ゾロ: 何だ今の手ごたえのねェのは
Zoro: What's with this weak resistance?!

ルフィ: 知るか! これじゃ気が晴れねェ!!
Luffy: Like I know! Can't even work off my temper (like this)...

ゾロ: ナミ てめェ!!! よくも おれを足蹴にしやがったな!!!
Zoro: Nami, damn you!!! How dare you tread on my head!!!

ルフィ:ウソップこの野郎!!!\\北って どっちらか ちゃんと言っとけぇ!!!
Luffy: Usopp you bastard!!! \\ You have to explain properly where this north is!!!

ジャンゴ: 。。。。。。何だ あいつら。。。。。。
Jango: What's with those guys?....


D: ルフィはどうしてあんなに「緊張感」というものがないんですか?
D: Why doesn't Luffy give any impression of "mental strain" at all?

O: それはきっとやつがばかだからでしょう。ふふふ
O: That must be because he is an idiot! Hehehe

D: ルフィの宝物が麦わらぼうし。じゃあ、先生も 宝物が麦わらぼうしなのですか?ちがうのだったらおしえて~~~!!
D: Luffy's treasure is his strawhat. So, is Oda sensei's treasure a strawhat too? If I'm wrong, then what is it, please~~~!!!

O: 僕の宝物?ああそれもちろん きみたち読者です。
O: My treasure? Aah, this is of course you, my readers.

D: モージのかみのけは なぜあんなに なっているのですか?
D: Why has Moji's fur hair become llike this?

O: 俺は生まれつきああなんです。_あの_2か所だけのびやすいんですね。ほっといたらうさぎみたいになるらしいですよ。
O: From birth, I was like _this_. THOSE two spots are the only places that grow well. So, if I left my hair to grow freely, I'd look like a rabbit.

scribble on the picture:
Now i'm in school \ What? -> And now? \ Somewhat like "pyon"? (sounds like a rabbit) -> And like this? \ Now it's "GAO" (grrr)

D: 私、ルフィの新しい技を考えました。
D: I've invented a new technique for Luffy.
1) First, he expands his stomach with "Gomu Gomu no Fuusen"(baloon)
2) Second, with his "Gomu Gomu no Pistol" (Zoro's sword will do too), make a hole in his stomach
3) and BOOM!! The technique could be also called "Gomu Gomu no Baku" (explosion)

O: 考えてくれてありがとう。 でもルフィ死ぬじゃん。それ。
O: Thanks for giving it a thought. But Luffy isn't going to die. So.

end of chapter 29

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