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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 25

Full of lies

+ posted by ingwe137 as translation on Dec 14, 2008 15:36 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 25

One Piece volume 03, page 157
Chapter 25: "Full of lies"

kids: Captain ......!!
Usopp: ..........!
Kuro: Pirate... "a brave warrior of the sea"?// What an outrageously twisted wording. // But!.. Your savage self is the best proof... // You always brag // and whenever displeased, you resort to violence!..

Kuro: And on top of it all, you get close to ojousama for the sake of her money!
Usopp: What did you say!? I...
Kuro: Whether or not you have ulterior motives... // Just the fact that your father is a pirate is proof enough!
Usopp: You're still saying that!!!
Kaya: Stop it, Usopp-san! // Please, don't resort to violence again!..

Usopp: ................!!
Kaya: Kurahadol... is not really a bad person...// he worries about me,// that's why he is so excessively strict...
Kuro: ................ // Get out of here! // this is not a place for savages like you! // don't you ever dare come near this house again!
Kaya: ......!!

Usopp: So... I see... // You don't have to repeat yourself. // I'll never come back here again!
kids: ...... Captain......!! !
Kaya: Usopp-san...
kids: You bastard! Our captain is not that kind of person! // Right! You... stupid! // Stupid!
Luffy: Stupid!!
Zoro: Why are you so agitated too?
Kuro: .....!
Luffy: You wanna fi...!?
Zoro: Oi, oi!
Kuro: Get out! All of you!

Cough cough...
Cough cough...
Knock knock
Kuro: Your breakfast, ojou-sama.
tl note: "ojou-sama" means "young lady", used to address a daughter of a respected family
Kaya: .......I don't want it. // .......I don't feel like eating... // 'Cause it's not tasty...
Kuro: .........! Don't say such things, the chef will be distressed. // He is trying very hard to make the food that is good for your health.
Kaya: ..........

Kaya: Why did you say that? // I think it is my own fault that... // ... I was meeting with Usopp-san without your consent... // However, you shouldn't have sent him away like that!
Kuro: May I?
Kaya: Please...
Kuro: Three years have passed... // since the day I came to this house. // I shall never forget that day...

Kuro: At that time I worked on a ship, // but because of a small mistake, I was thrown out.// I walked and walked, and in the end I found myself in this village. // Naturally, I had no job, no money, and I was dying of hunger. // It was your father who saved me and took me in. // To me, your late father is the man who saved my lfe... // And you are / his most precious daughter. // I admit that I might be overly intrusive to you,// to the point of interfering in your conversation with friends...

Kuro: However, that young man, Usopp... / He... does not have good reputation. // If, by any chance, anything was to happen to you... // I could never face your father in heaven!! // I know, I certainly said too much this time... // Do you dispise me?
Kaya: No, it's not like that... // I am grateful to you too. / But don't misunderstand, / he is a very good person...
Kuro: THAT doesn't matter in the least!
Kaya: Kurahadol! You are so obstinate!!
Kuro: It's ok. I am fine with being obstinate.

Nami: Hey, where did Luffy go?
Zoro: Must've followed the "captain"... Perhaps...
Ninjin: Ah, our captain... He should be at that place.
Peeman: Yeah, at the coast. / When something bad happens, he goes there.
both kids: Wanna check it out?..
Zoro: No, I'll pass.
Nami: Speaking of which, isn't one of you guys missing?
kids: Ah, you mean Tamanegi?// He always disappears like this.../ Yeah, and then he comes out of nowhere, screaming...

Tamanegi: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! // It's horrible!!
Kids: Ah, Tamanegi!
Tamanegi: AAHH!! We are in real trouble! // There's a man with his face to his back!! // A weird person walking backwards is coming here!
kids (ninjin&peeman): Liar.
Tamanegi: No, it's true! // Look!

Jango: Oi! Who called me a "weird person" here? // I am NOT weird!
box: Jango the hypnotist
Nami: You look weird... Whatever you say...
Jango: That's ridiculous. I am just a passing-by hypnotist.
kids: Hy... hypnotyst? Cool! // Show us something! // Yeah, please!
Jango: What?

Jango: Idiots! Why should I show my true skill to some // suspicios strangers I've just met on the road?.. // So, look at this ring closely!
Zoro: So you do show it!?
Jango: When I say "one, two, Jango!", you'll fall asleep. // Got it? Here I go: ONE... // TWO...
kids: .........
Jango: JANGO!
Zoro: Oi! What the hell was that?..

Luffy: Yo! // So that's where you were...
Usopp: AAH! // Oh, it's you... Don't scare me like that, stupid.
Luffy: Yasopp, isn't it? // Your father's name...
Usopp: ! // ........! // Eh?...

Usopp: How did you know that?
Luffy: I met him when I was a kid.
Usopp: What? Are you serous? You've met my dad!?
Luffy: Yup! // You look very much like him. // I even got a bit nostalgic... // When I recalled him just now...
Usopp: ..... // Where is he now?
Luffy: Don't know.// But he still has to be with the "Red-Haired Shanks", on his ship.// Of the whole crew I like him most of all.
Usopp: Re... really?..

Usopp: So, he is / on the ship of the "Red-Haired" ................. // SHANKS!!?
Luffy: What's the matter? You know Shanks?!
Usopp: Of course I know of him! He is one of the GREAT pirates!! // And my dad is on such a terrific ship!
Luffy: Terrific?.. Well, yes, his shooting skill was terrific. // Never seen him miss the target...
Luffy kid (flashback): Wow! Cool!
Yasopp: That was nothing! I could shoot ants at greater distance...

Yasopp: Know what, Luffy? I have a son... // He's about your age...
Luffy kid: Yup! Heard that many times... Boring!..
Yasopp: It doesn't matter how many times I tell you... you just listen again!
Luffy kid: ouch!
Yasopp: Though it was a sad parting, it couldn't be helped! / The reason is only one! // The pirate flag was calling for me!
Luffy (present): Yasopp was a splendid pirate!
Usopp: ............ // You think so too?

Usopp: Setting off to the wide sea and livng his life to the fullest, not knowing what the future would bring him, / I feel really proud of my father! // Even so, that butler dares to look down on him! / He steps all over my pride!
Luffy: Yeah! // I hate him too! // But... are you really not going to visit that girl again?
Usopp: Don't know... if that butler comes to me and begs... / then I might consider it.
Luffy: Isn't it that butler over there?
Usopp: Yeah, that's him for sure... / Wait a minute, what is he doing here?!

Kuro: Hey, Jango! Didn't I tell you to be careful not to stand out too much in the village? / Yet you were sleeping in the middle of the road!..
Jango: That's ridiculous. I did not attract any attention at all. I am not weird either.
Luffy: He is with some weirdo.
Usopp: Who's that? Never seen him before...
Kuro: So... I suppose the prepatations for the operation are all done?
Jango: Sure. We can start it anytime... // ...the "OJOUSAMA ASSASINATION OPERATION"
Luffy&Usopp: ! // What? Assasination!!?

end of ch25
edit: Removed the alternatve versions of translation of some lines. They seem to confuse people rather than help anyway.

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#1. by kiniro ()
Posted on Dec 17, 2008
Are you going to work with the first chapters from here?
#2. by ingwe137 ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2008
Yes, at least for now. I started from here because of the quality drop at this point of the scanlations I've got on my hands. I am now aware of Stephan's translation of the whole manga, but he doesn't allow them to be used for scanlation...

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