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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 27


+ posted by ingwe137 as translation on Dec 26, 2008 20:23 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 27

One Piece vol04 ch027, volume page numbering. This time I'll try to make it like this.
(edit) note: In this and previous chapters (25-27) I use a bit nonstandart line breaking. "\" separates several merged bubbles, and "\\" separates just different bubbles. No indication of panels change. I might correct this later.

第27話 ゛筋゛
Chapter 27: Determination
(yes, it's not literal!)

メリ:お嬢様!\\ となち町のメガネ屋に特注なさって品受け取ってきましたが\\ こちらでよろしいんで?
Merry: Ojousama! \\ the special order from the glasses shop from the town has been delivered. \\ Is it OK to put it here?

カヤ: うん バッチリ!ありがとう\ ごめんね となり町まで走らせて
Kaya: Yes, thank you! This is perfect! \ I am sorry to have sent you all the way to the town.

メリ: いえいえ いつても何なりと!\\ プレゼントでね\\ 喜びますよ クラハドールさん
Merry: No, no, it was no problem at all! \\ This is a present, isn't it..? \\ Kurahadol-san will be very glad.

カヤ:うん! 明日はね クラハドールがこの屋敷に来てちょうど3年目なの\\ 彼にはいつもお世話になってるから!
Kaya: Yes! Tomorrow will be the 3rd year anniversary of Kurahadol's coming to this mansion. \\ And all this time he's been taking care of me...

ウソップ: みんな ちゃんと 話を聞いてくれよ!!\\ 本当に 明日の朝!! \\ 海賊が攻めてくるんだ!!!
Usopp: Please, listen to what I'm saying! \\ Tomorrow morning \\ the pirates are attacking, it's true!

村人: お前の話をいちいち真に受けてたら\ おれ達や何百回村を逃げ出さなきゃならねェんだ!!
villagers: If we took your tales for truth every time, how many hundreds of times we would've had to leave the village?!

ウソップ: 今度こそ本当なんだ!!!
Usopp: THIS time it is really the truth!!

村人: 今度こそとっ捕まえてやる!!
villagers: THIS time I'll get you for sure!!

ウソップ: 。。。。。。。 くそ!!
Usopp: ................ damn!

村人: くそォ!! \\ 速いっ!!
villagers: Damn! \\ He's fast!


子: えーーーっ!!!\\ カヤさんが殺される!?\\ 村も襲われるって本当なの!?麦わらの新兄ちゃん!!
kids: Whaaaaaaat??? \\ Kaya-san is gonna be murdered?? The village is gonna be attacked?? Is it true, Mugiwara-no-niichan?!
tn: mugiwara=strawhat; niisan=older brother, also used to address young people elder than yourself. -chan changes the normally neutral form into a familiar one.

ルフィ: ああ\\ そう言ってた\\ 間違いねェ!!
Luffy: Yes. \\ So they said. \\ No mistake.

ゾロ: 。。。それで 何でお前がここで寝てたんだよ
Zoro: So, and why were you sleeping here of all places?

ルフィ: それがなー おれは崖の上にいたと思うんだよなー
Luffy: This is... Well, I remember I was on top of the cliff...

子: やっぱりあの羊悪党だったんだっ!!\\ どーりで感じ悪いハズだっ!!\\ 催眠術師もグルだったんだ!!
kids: As we thought, this butler was a villain! \\ No wonder he was so creepy! \\ The hypnotist was a bad guy too!

ナミ: そうか。。。 それであんた達のキャプテン\\ あんなすごい形相で走ってったのね村の方へ\\ よかったじゃない 先に情報が入ってさ\ 逃げれば済むもの\ 敵もマヌケよね!
Nami: So, that's why your captain \\ ran to the village with that strange expression.\\ Isn't it lucky that the truth's been leaked out? \ Now all they have to do is escape in time. \ And the enemies are such idiots...

子: そうか! それもそうだ!じゃ おれ達も早く逃げなきゃ!!\\ そうだ!!大事なもの全部整理して!!\\ 。。。貯金箱とおやつと。。。!!船の模型とそれから。。。!!\\
kids: Yeah! You're right! We should hurry and escape too! \\ Yeah! And take all the treasures with us!\\ The money-box, the ship model, and also...\\ Hurry up!

ルフィ: やばいっ!!
Luffy: Ah, that's bad!

ゾロ: どうした
Zoro: What's up?

ルフィ: 食糧早く買い込まねェと\\ 肉屋も逃げちゃまう!!
Luffy: If we don't hurry up and stock the food, the butcher will run away too!

ウソップ: ハア。。。ハア。。。\\ハア。。。ハア。。。!!
Usopp: Haa... haa... \\ Haa... haa... (breathing hard)

SFX: *バンバンバンバン*
sfx: *bam bam bam bam*

カヤ: ウソップさん!! \ よかった!もう来てくれないのかと。。。
Kaya: Usopp-san! \ I'm so glad, I thought you wouldn't come any...

ウソップ: 逃げるんだカヤ!!\ 殺されるぞ!!!
Usopp: Kaya, run away! \ you'll be killed!!!

カヤ: え? どうしたの?
Kaya: Eh? What happened?

ウソップ: お前はダマされてたんだ!!!\\ あの執事は海賊だったんだ!!!
Usopp: You've been deceived!!! \\ That butler was a pirate!!!

カヤ: ちょ。。。ちょっと待って\\ なんの冗談!? クラハドールがどうしたの。。。!?
Kaya: W... wait a minute, \\ What kind of joke is this? What is wrong with Kurahadol !?

ウソップ: 冗談じゃない ちゃんとこの耳で聞いたんだ\\ あいつが海岸で仲間とおちあって話してたことを!!\\ あの執事はこの屋敷の財産を狙って忍び込んだ海賊だったんだ!!!\\ 3年前からずっと執事のふりをしてお前の財産を狙ってた!!!
Usopp: It's not a joke. I've heard him with my own ears, \\ talking at the coast with his friends!! \\ This person is a pirate, he crept into this mansion, aiming for your wealth! \\ For 3 years he was playing a butler, but in truth he is going after your fortune!!

カヤ: 。。。。。。。!!?\\ 何言ってるのウソップさん。。。。!?
Kaya: ..........!!? What are you talking about, Usopp-san......!?

ウソップ: そして明日の夜明けに仲間の海賊達がおしよせて\ お前を殺すと言ってた!!!
Usopp: And tomorrow at dawn his fellow pirates are going to attack! \ They said they'll kill you!

ウソップ: あいつはとんでもねェ悪党だったんだ!!\\ 早く逃げろ!!!
Usopp: That guy is an atrocious villain! \\ You must escape!!!

カヤ: いいはげんにして下さいっ!!\\ 見損なったわウソップさん!!!
Kaya: Would you STOP it immediately!! \\ I misjudged you, Usopp-san!

ウソップ: な。。。
Usopp: Wh...

ガード1: おい中庭がさわ騒がしくないか?
quard1(thick): Hey, isn't it too lively inside?
ガード2: 。。。。。\\ あ!!あのガキだ!!またもぐり込んでやがる
guard2(thin): .............. \\ Ah! It's that brat!! He slipped there again!

カヤ: そんな仕返しはやめて。。。!!
Kaya: You'd better stop this revenge!!

ウソップ: !?
Usopp: !?

カヤ: さっきのあなたのお父さんの件なら\\ かれも言いすぎたと言ってました。。。!! 私もそ思う。。。!!
Kaya: He admitted he said too much that time, \\ about your father. And I think so too...

カヤ: だからって今度はそんなウソで彼に仕返しするの!!?\\ あなたはそんな人じゃと思ってた!!\\
Kaya: But to think you would make such a lie just to make yourself even with him!! \\ I didn't think you were such a person!!

ウソップ: 。。。。。。!!
Usopp: .........!!

カヤ: あなたのウソにはいつでも夢があってバカバカしくて\\ 本当に楽しいから\\ 私あなたのカヤ: あなたのウソにはいつでも夢があってバカバカしくて\\ 本当に楽しいから\\ 私あなたのつくウソが大好きだったのに!!\\ どうしてそんな事言うの!!?ひどいよウソップさん!!!
Kaya: There were always dreams in your lies, so even though they were stupid, \\ It was fun, and... \\ I really loved your lies! \\ Why do you say such things now?? You are cruel, Usopp-san!

ウソップ: ち。。。。。!!!\\ 違う!!
Usopp: N..no, \ you don't...

カヤ: 最低よ!!
Kaya: You are the worst!!

ウソップ: !!\\ 。。。違うんだ\\ おれは別にあの執事に仕返ししようなんて。。。
Usopp: You're wrong! \\ It's not like I'm trying to make even with him...

メリ: お嬢様ようかなさいましたか!?
Merry: Has anything happened, ojou-sama!?

ガード: ご心配なくネズミは外に放り出しておきます
guard1: Please do not worry, we will throw the rat out.

ウソップ: うわ!!おい やめろ 離せまだ話が済んでねェ!!\\ 。。。。。。!!くっ!!\\ 離せ畜生オ!!!
Usopp: Waaah! Hey, stop it! Let go! I haven't finished talking yet! \\ Damn!! Gu...!! \\ LET GO DAMN YOU!!!

SFX: ガブ!!
sfx: GABU!! (bites)

ガード2: ぎやああ!!!
guard2: Gyaaaaa!!!

ガード1: こいつっ!!
guard1: This brat...

SFX: *ざっ*\\ *ギリッ。。。*
sfx: *sa* // *giri* (this seems to be the sound of Usopp's slingshot's string being stretched)

ガード1: 止まれ!!
guard1: Freeze!

ウソップ: うるせェ 邪魔するな!!
Usopp: Shut up! Don't get in the way!

ガード1: ぐお!!!
guard1: Guo! (sound of being hit)

ガード2: 貴様っ!!
guard2: You bastard...

SFX: *ギリリゥ。。。!!*
sfx: *giriri...* (string stretched)

カヤ: やめてウソップさん!!
Kaya: Stop it, Usopp-san!!

SFX: *ヒュツ*
sfx: *byu* (string released)

ガード2: おう!!!
guard2: Aww!!!

メリ: ああ何てことだ門番を二人とも。。。。。!!
Merry: Aah! Unbelievable... both of the guards are...

ウソップ: カヤとにかきょれを信じろ!!\\ この村から逃げるんだ!!!\ あの執事が帰ってくる前に!!!
Usopp: Kaya, please, believe me! \\ Escape from this village! \ Before the butler comes back!!!

カヤ: どうしたの。。。!? ウソップさんじゃないみたい。。。!!
Kaya: What is this?.. As if you are not Usopp-san..!!

村人: いたぞウソップだ!!\\ 屋敷の中にもぐり込んでやがったか
villagers: It's Usopp! There he is! \\ Did he hide in the mansion?

ウソップ: しまった!村のみんなだ!\\ こうなったら力ずくでも連れてくそ
Usopp: This is bad! The villagers are here! \\ Since it's become like that, I'll have to take you along by force...

カヤ: あ!!\\ やめて離して!!
Kaya: a!! \\ Wait, let me go!!

ウソップ: 明日になれば全部真実かわかる!!とにかく今は逃げろ!!!\\ 言うことを聞いてくれ!!!
Usopp: Tomorrow you'll see I tell you the truth! Anyway, for now you have to run! \\ Listen to what I'm saying, please!!!

村人: 逃がさんぞウソップーーーっ!!!
villagers: You won't escape!!!

カヤ: とんでもない悪党は。。。\\ あなたじゃないっ!!!
Kaya: The villain... \\ is YOU!!!

メリ: お嬢様から離れろォーーっ!!!
Merry: Get away from ojousama!

カヤ: だめっ!!!
Kaya: No!!

カヤ: 当たったらどうするの!!
Kaya: What if you hit him?

メリ: 。。。しかし。。。!!あいつはお嬢様を。。。
Merry: But he... he assailed you!..

村人: ウソップが逃げた!!\\ この野郎待てーっ!!
villagers: Usopp ran away! \\ That bastard! Wait!!!

ウソップ: くそ。。。!!左手にくらった!!!!!
Usopp: Damn..! I got shot in my left hand!

ウソップ:  。。。。。!!何で誰も信じねェんだ。。。!!!
Usopp: .........!! Why noone would believe me?!

メリ: みなさん奴を捕まってくださいっ!!\ 奴は暴行犯だっ!!!
Merry: Gentlemen! Please catch that person!! \\ He is violent!!!

村人: 暴行だと。。!!\\ そこまでおちたかウソップ!!
villagers: Violent!!? \\ You've fallen that low, Usopp!!

メリ: お。。。お嬢様しっかり!!
Merry: Ojousama! Hold out!


ウソップ〉〉 明日の朝だジャンゴ。。。 \\ 夜明けとともに村を襲え
Usopp>> Tomorrow morning, at dawn,.. \\ Jango will attack the village...

ウソップ: 。。。。。。。!!! \\ ひぐ。。。。。。。。。。!!!
Usopp: ..................!!! \\ Sniff.......... !!!

子: あ!!キャプテン!!!
kids: Ah! Captain!

ウソップ: 。。。よお!!お前らか!\\ けっ!! おまえっ!!生きてたのか!!
Usopp: Yo! It's you... \\ Bwah!.. \\ You are alive!!

ルフィ: 生きてた?\\ ああ さっき起きたんだ
Luffy: Alive? \\ Eeh... I just woke up.

子(ピーマン): ずっと寝てましたこの人\\ そんな事よりキャプテン!! 話は聞きましたよ!!\\ 海賊達のこと 早くみんなに話さなきゃ!!
kids: He's been sleeping all this time. \\ But more importantly, captain! We've heard everything \\ We must tell everyone about the pirates!!

ウソップ: 。。。。。。みんなに。。。。。。!!
Usopp: ...... everyone..........!!

カヤ(flashback)〉〉  とんでもない悪党は。。。あなたじゃないっ!!!
Kaya (flashback)〉〉 The villain... is you!!!

村人(flashback)〉〉 暴行だと!!そこまでおちたかウソップ!!
villagers (flachback)>> He is violent!? You've fallen that low, Usopp!!

ウソップ(今): はっはっはっはっはっはっはっはっはっは!!
Usopp: Hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha!!

子: ?
kids: ?


ウソップ: いつものウソに決まってんだろ!!\\ あのしつじのやろうムカついたんて\ 海賊にしたててやろうと思ったんだ
Usopp: Of course, that was a lie as usual! \\ I was just irritated by that bastard butler, \\ so I thought of portraying him as a pirate!

ルフィ: ん?
Luffy: ?

ナミ&ゾロ: 。。。。。。。
Zoro&Nami: ........................

子:えーーっ!!ウソだったんでか!?\\ なーんだ せっかく大事件だと思ったのに\\ くっそー 麦わらの兄ちゃんもキャプテンのさしがねか!!
kids: Heeeh?? So it was just a lie?? \\ And I thought there was a big case at last! \\ Damn... to think that you were his accomplice too, Mugiwara-no-niichan!!

ルフィ: え?
Luffy: Eh?

kids (Ninjin): ..... But I am disappointed in our captain...

子(ピーマン): おれもけいべつする!!
Peeman: Me too

子(たまねぎ): ぼくもだ!\\ いくらあの執事がやな奴でも\ キャプテンは人を傷つけるようなウソ絶対つかない男だと思ってた。。。!
Tamanegi: Me too! \\ However creepy that butler is, \\ I thought our captain was a man who would never make a lie that could hurt other people!

子: 帰ろうぜ!\\ うん 晩はごはんの時間だ!\\ おかずは何かなー
kids: I'm going home! \\ Yeah, it's time for dinner! \\ What is the side dish, I wonder?..

ウソップ: おれはウソつきだからよ\\ ハナっから信じてもらえるわけなかったんだ おれが甘かったんだ!!
Usopp: You see, I am a liar. \\ There's no way they could believe me... I was too naive!!

ナミ(?): 甘かったって 言っても 事実は事実\ 海賊は本当に来ちゃうんでしょう?
Nami: Even if you say so, the truth is the truth. The pirates are actually coming, aren't they?

ウソップ: ああ 間違いなくやってくる\\ でもみんなはウソだと思ってる!!\
Usopp: Yeah. They are coming, no doubt in that. \\ But everyone thinks that it's lie! \ They think tomorrow will be just another peaceful day.............!!

ウソップ: だから おれはこの海岸で海賊どもを迎え撃ち!!!\ この一件をウソになる!!!\\ それはウソつきとして!!\\ おれの通すべき筋ってもんだ!!!
Usopp: Therefore, I will meet the pirates at this coast!!! \ And I, the liar, will make everything into a lie!!! \\ This is what I'm determined to do!!!

ウソップ: 。。。。。。。。! 腕に銃弾ブチ込まれようともよ。。。\\ ホウキ持って追いかけ回されようともよ。。。!! ここは おれの 育った村だ!!
Usopp: ..........!! I've been shot in my left arm... \\ I've been chased around with brooms... But still this is the village where I was brought up!

ウソップ: おれはこの村が大好きだ!!!\\ みんなを守りたい。。。。!!!\\ こんな。。。わけもわからねェうちに。。。!!\\ みんなを殺されてたまるかよ。。。。!!!
Usopp: I love this village! \\ I want to protect everyone!! \\ I can't stand everyone being killed \\ because of such a stupid reason!!!

ゾロ: とんだお人好しだぜ 子分まで つき離して一人出陣とは。。。!!
Zoro: You're really soft-hearted. Dismissing your followers and going to the front alone...!!

ルフィ: よし おれ達も加勢する
Luffy: Okey! We'll lend you a hand!

ナミ: 言っとくけど宝は全部私の物よ!
Nami: Just mind you, all the treasure is mine!

ウソップ: え。。。
Usopp: Eh...

End of ch 27.

Sadly, but I give up on translating (more or less) properly all of those sfx's.
Consulted Stephen's translation on some lines on pp 10 and 26, which I coudn't understand.
Thanks to NJT for his help with explaining these lines and other difficulties.

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Approved by njt

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looking good :3
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Thanks :)

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