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City Hunter: Double Edge (0 comments)
Hojo Tsukasa's Short Stories

City Hunter: Double Edge
note: -hey...can you hear it?
-the audience clamouring for an encore, their incessant clapping
-too bad, the curtains won't be raised again, with both of your eyes closed
-rest in peace...the nightmare's finished
-you who love the stage, at last finally forgotten your own existence..
-now you only left that tranquil smile, to that one who love you deeply

Kaori: -ryo!

Kaori: -ryo!
-oi, wake up, it's time to work!

Ryo: -keiko~baby
sfx: -kiss

Kaori: -jeez
note: -sorry, for disturbing your sweet dream!
sfx: -boing
sfx: -clap clap
Kaori: -wow it works!
Ryo: -that's not funny, kaori!

K: -what!
Ryo: -ah nothing
note: -my name... Read More " "
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City Hunter XYZ (0 comments)
Hojo Tsukasa's Short Stories

City hunter XYZ
background: -my name is saeba ryo

background: -i work as a sweeper, in short an assassin for hire

background: -in my line of work people call me [city hunter] a little
reputation i'd earned for myself
-thanks to the signs of the times, business is starting to pick up

background: -if you have a job for me, please go to shijuku station.
and write at the message board there...

background: -"xyz"
background: -my beautiful assistant(?) will then get in touch with you--

ryo: -oh...
sfx: -slip

background: -Outskirts of LA --King's Shooting Range

sfx: -thud!
background: -who!? left the bullets in the walkway!?

ryo:... Read More " "
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City Hunter 34 (1 comments)
R: -Ryo Saeba
K: -Kaori Makimura
Y: -Yuki Minagawa
T: -Thug
T2: -Thugs
F: -father of Yuki
M: -mother of Yuki

Title -First Love

Background: -ah! tomorrow's yuki-chan's last day on the job
-a month passed by so quickly...this place will soon lose it's cheerfulness

Y: -please don't say that! everyone please patronize our store
Manager: -you're joking
T: -idiot!! saying that won't change anything!
T2: -hey, can't you extend your work?

T2: -but, how do you plan to use your earnings?
-it must be clothes or some other stuff, right?
Y: -well...maybe

Y: -no...i...

Y: -i want to give a special present
-to the man most important to me!!

K: -most important

T: -man!?

Y: -smile

background: -a-are... Read More " "
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City Hunter 33 (1 comments)
City Hunter Vol 9

R: Ryo
K: Kaori
Y: Yuki
F: Father
M: Mother
T: Thug
T2: audience

Title: not even doctors or hot springs can cure

Y: -what's wrong with me? am i ill?
-my heart's pounding like a drum. can't someone calm it?

Y: -who cure me!!

Y: -who is it?!

background: -who are you?
-have you come to help me with this pounding heart?

Y: -Ryo-san!?

Y: -ah...
-even in my dreams he's there...

F: -what's wrong!? what happened, yuki!?
Y: -...i'm okay... i had a bad dream, that's all...

F: -i-is that so? i thought...
Y: -father...

Y: -am... i ill?

F: -what?
Y: -i've never experienced this before...
my heart flutters, my face feels hot like a fever...

Y: -and it always happens... Read More " "
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City Hunter 32 (0 comments)
R: Ryo
K: Kaori
Y: Yuki
T: Thug

Mokkori (モッコリ) is a Japanese sound symbol word (gitaigo) that essentially represents the "sound" of something sticking out in a flat surface, or the sound of something rising very quickly. A popular term with fans of 80s Japanese animation, it was popularized in the manga and anime City Hunter by Tsukasa Hojo. Ryo Saeba, the main character of City Hunter, took jobs to help people in need, always on the lookout for a "mokkori chance" (in the context of the series, a chance to do something perverted with a pretty woman). The term basically represents the sound or concept of a penile erection rising.

Chapter 32
Title: Ryo-chan's... Read More " "
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