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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

City Hunter: Double Edge

+ posted by kangxi as translation on Feb 18, 2010 13:40 | Go to

Hojo Tsukasa's Short Stories

City Hunter: Double Edge
note: -hey...can you hear it?
-the audience clamouring for an encore, their incessant clapping
-too bad, the curtains won't be raised again, with both of your eyes closed
-rest in peace...the nightmare's finished
-you who love the stage, at last finally forgotten your own existence..
-now you only left that tranquil smile, to that one who love you deeply

Kaori: -ryo!

Kaori: -ryo!
-oi, wake up, it's time to work!

Ryo: -keiko~baby
sfx: -kiss

Kaori: -jeez
note: -sorry, for disturbing your sweet dream!
sfx: -boing
sfx: -clap clap
Kaori: -wow it works!
Ryo: -that's not funny, kaori!

K: -what!
Ryo: -ah nothing
note: -my name is saeba ryo

background: -also known outside as [cityhunter] a professional sweeper
background: -oh! it happen again!

Kaori: -what?
note: -inother words i'm an assassin for hire--
Ryo: -that night jackal, this is his 4th one
-all of them women, what a waste!

note: -this girl is my assistant kaori, now she thinks she's my manager...
Kaori: -oh! a boiled egg

Kaori: -huh? what are you going to do with so many?
sfx: -tok
Ryo: -those are fresh eggs!
Ryo: -for breakfast naturally!
Kaori: -they're all do you eat them?

background: -simple...

Ryo: -like this...

Ryo: -swallow

Ryo: -gulped

Kaori: -is he a snake in the past life?
Ryo: -what's wrong kaori?
-what a cute tush

Ryo: -morning sickness is it? i should have worn protection...
background: -who's in that relationship with you? this is a shounen manga,
behave yourself!
Kaori: -where did the double edge poster came from?
Ryo: -it's everywhere, infront of the station
sfx: -chew chew

background: -it's stolen!?
-yes, i'm a fan of the show's heroine ohara keiko!

Kaori: -and it's not an ordinary infatuation either...

Ryo: -ok, who's the client this time?
-that's the important thing right?
sfx: -chew

Kaori: -hehehe...
background: -what's with that sinister smile?!

background: -it's her...
-ohara keiko

Ryo: -wh!
background: -be serious...
-so what's this play all about?

kaori: -you didn't know? it's the hottest theatre production now!
-it's like a modern version of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde

background: -Main leads on stage are Shinichi Kanamori and Keiko
who will be playing lovers.
Shin will portray a split personality who attacks beautiful woman at night,
one who transforms into a psychotic killer.

background: -it must be nice, playing keiko's lover
-lucky bastard
-Well under police fire Shinichi dies under his girlfriend Keiko's

ryo: -wah bosoms huh...
kaori: -right, the actors managed to capture the feelings, making it a moving

ryo: -i'm also willing to die in under her ample bosoms...
Ryo: -this is the real keiko
-wah amazing--
-may i take a sit?

keiko: -i'm not looking for comedians!

Ryo: -pardon..
-please explain the situation

Ryo: -whether or not you believe me, is your choice...
keiko: -i...
-i want you to...
-kill my boyfriend...

Ryo: -boyfriend?
-who is he?

keiko: -the male lead in double edge...
-Shinichi Kanamori---

Ryo: -amazing!
-what a scandal!!

Ryo: -i should quit being a sweeper and be a reporter instead!
-tell me what's the real reason you wanted to kill him...
sfx: -lick

keiko: -stop following me! i won't be needing your services
ryo: -well i haven't yet decided on taking your job!
-that's because you haven't told me your motive

keiko: -there's no need to tell you!
-i'll do the job myself

background: -can you do it on your own lover?
-for shinichi's sake, i'll do it!

ryo: -for his sake?
-this is no joke, you're out to kill him!
keiko: -he's becoming more and more like his leading character in double edge
-that of a psychotic killer!

background: -that means...the rumored jackal of the night is actually
Shinichi Kanamori!

background: -Shin being this play's protagonist and director
-So he was in a slump---
-wanted a successful performance, since starting Shin has been worrying...

background: -with him being unable to grasp a killer's expression...

background: -so those past incidents he has really been killing people
Ryo: -this will a scandal if word gets out...

background: -while on stage, Shin portrays a believable psychotic killer
-that successful performance is due to Shin's hardwork

ryo: -of course, he's the real mccoy

keiko: -the happenings up stage, was suddenly continued outside...
ryo: -if he's allowed to change completely, he won't stopping killing...

ryo: -since you found out about it, why didn't you told the police?

keiko: -i can't bear it, with Shin being serious about his acting...
-as well as being marked as a psychotic killer by the everyone...

keiko: -i don't want to destroy Shin's sacrifice for his art
-that's why...i rather let him die finishing his portrayal...
shinichi: -oh, keiko?

Keiko: -the king of late is early for a change!
-Shin! what a surprise!
Shinichi: -huh? this is...

ryo: -hello...
-i'm a reporter...also a fan
@love rival

Shinichi: -this is for the interview right? hi, I'm Kanamori. have you seen

the play yet?
-you're very welcome! tomorrow's the last show!
ryo: -saeba...unfortunately not yet, but i'm planning to watch it tomorrow
shinichi: -keiko, before the starting i want to discuss the 2nd act...
keiko: -ok, i'll catch up later

background: -shin---
shinichi: -i got to work hard today also!

ryo: -i'll take this job!

keiko: -eh, but!
ryo: -judging from that look you give to Shin...
-you can't possibly kill him

ryo: -oh,
-there's something important i almost forgot to tell you

keiko: -huh?
ryo: -can you write a few words for me?

ryo: -sign your autograph here...
-for me...
background: -well?

ryo: -she added a slap as well

kaori: -jeez--well did you accept it?
ryo: -basically i did...

kaori: -what do you mean by basically?
ryo: -there are still things i don't understand

kaori: -come on, what does motivation have to do with it!
ryo: -his eyes aren't those of a killer

kaori: -huh?

background: -Shin's eyes doesn't have killing intent...
kaori: -then what does an assassin's eyes look like?
ryo: -dumbass, it not just that!

ryo: -something like this!

kaori: -ku kukuku

kaori: -hey, what we're doing here?
ryo: -it's not that i doubt keiko's words...i just want to confirm something

ryo: -we're baiting that night jackal

kaori: -with that face!
-where are you going to bait him?
background: -it's written here! on the script!
@is that you kaori?
background: -the script of double edge?
-i'm beginning to understand it after reading through it

ryo: -the circumstances of those previous 4 victims are the same to those
from the script
there are 5 victims according to script, and the last one will be on...

kaori: -you mean...
ryo: -right, here, the same place as describe by the script...

kaori: -huh...
-then that means...
-you'll disguise your self as woman to lure him out? ha, haha...

ryo: -of course!'ll do it!

kaori: -i knew it...

background: -bu-but! he's not certain to come today
-he will, because tomorrow's the last day of the show

ryo: -yes, don't worry...
kaori: -you're following me right?

kaori: -why else would he offer to take me out?
-like hell he will!
-letting a weak girl do this're just a playboy!

background: -hey, cut it out!
kaori: -got it--

kaori: ryo

kaori: -hey! say something!

sfx: -klang
kaori: -so...
-sorry, ryo...

kaori: -i...

kaori: -i better make a break for it

kaori: -haa, haa, haa, haa
-ah, at last some lights

kaori: -kyaah

kaori: -aw
kaori: -k...

mask: -ugh!

kaori: -ryo!
ryo: -that gaze!
-the same as me!

kaori: -ryo! he's getting away!
-stop him!
kaori: -ryo, why you waste your chance and didn't kill him?

ryo: -didn't the script says?

kaori: -huh?

ryo: -that final curtain--the cops arrived after receiving a call from her...
-the gunfire ends the killer's life---
sfx: -twist...
keiko: -mr saeba!

keiko: -why are you here?
ryo: -i wanted to greet you before your performance

ryo: -i've decided to carry out the task...

ryo: -you must be prepared
ryo: -shin...
-do you still love him?

keiko: -...yes!

ryo: -...that's good then...

sfx: -chak

shinichi: -keiko! we are about to start...

shinichi: -ya

ryo: -i've come here to catch your performance!
shinichi: -that's excellent! thank you
ryo: -it's my pleasure

ryo:-what's wrong with your hand?
shinichi: -must have bump it somewhere...

-today's going to be the best performance yet!
ryo: -good luck to your play

keiko: -mr saeba!
keiko: -it's nothing...

shinichi: saeba...

background: -he's really a superb, director!

background: -the shimmering edge of this knife
-the allure of blood
-is calling out for me
shinichi: -to becoming a killing demon

keiko: -stop, stop spilling blood already!

keiko: -i beg you

ryo: -she's not acting, but really serious in wanting to stop Shin's
-at stage, both of them have transcended performance already

background: -now at the final curtain--
-with police laying in ambush at the woman's house, now's the
keiko: -no...

keiko: -don't come near...
-i've already told the police everything!

shinichi: -it doesn't matter...
-i know

keiko: -you're life now is in peril!
keiko: -get away! shin!
-or you'll lose your life!

shinichi: -this is all for the best
shinichi: -keiko...

keiko: -shin
nothing to translate
background: -hey... why did it had to happen on stage....

ryo: -to die in one's beloved stage, is an actor's wish...
-and i think he's an actor worth my involvement
-Shin has perfected his role, even if it's different from his real life...

kaori: -being an actor giving his best performance up to the last moment

ryo: -my supporting role
background: -maybe...under his direction i've played a role all along--

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