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City Hunter 32

Ryo-chan's Love Lesson

+ posted by kangxi as translation on Dec 14, 2008 16:46 | Go to City Hunter

-> RTS Page for City Hunter 32

R: Ryo
K: Kaori
Y: Yuki
T: Thug

Mokkori (モッコリ) is a Japanese sound symbol word (gitaigo) that essentially represents the "sound" of something sticking out in a flat surface, or the sound of something rising very quickly. A popular term with fans of 80s Japanese animation, it was popularized in the manga and anime City Hunter by Tsukasa Hojo. Ryo Saeba, the main character of City Hunter, took jobs to help people in need, always on the lookout for a "mokkori chance" (in the context of the series, a chance to do something perverted with a pretty woman). The term basically represents the sound or concept of a penile erection rising.

Chapter 32
Title: Ryo-chan's Love Lesson

Y: -a date?
-with you, ryo-san?

R: -yes.
-you're free tomorrow, right?

Y: -yes, but...
R: -there's nothing to think about. it's just a date

Y: -i understand, let's go on a date then!
R: -ok! see you there then!!
-ah! she quickly accepts

R: -eh?
R: -oh? what, what!?
Y: -Ryo-san? the conversation hasn't ended...

K: -ryo!! what's the big idea!?
R: -i-i only want to take her on a date...

K: -your job is to protect yuki from danger! not to go out with her
R: -no, you got it all wrong...
K: -wrong in what way!?

R: -...you're wrong!!

R: -she's like a precious flower that her father raised in a greenhouse...
K: -w-what are you saying?

R: -i mean... can a person who has been taught nothing of love or society
make it out there in the real world?

R: -we've got to tear down those greenhouse walls while we can,
-so that the flower can grow even stronger!!

background: -teaching her these things is the way to truly protect yuki...
-she needs to have the tools to protect herself!!

R: -that's why, when the time comes i'll start teaching her all about love

K: -don't try to convince me with your twisted logic! Masa say something!

T: -i...i agree with what ryo is saying, i'm not against her dating...
K: -masa!?

background: -wouldn't it be more dangerous with ryo as her love coach...
-w-what do are you saying!!

T: -well, ryo, how do you treat the girls you date?

R: -heh
K: -...like that

T: -we mustn't let poor yuki-chan see that thing...
background: -see what thing?

K: -eh?

K: -waah!!

Y: -is there something wrong?
K: -he,he no! n-nothing's wrong right!?

background: -i wanted ask something about our date tomorrow...

Y: -well...

Y: -what is a date?

R: -hmmm...since it's like that, i'll cast all doubt aside...
-i must mokkori...no...raise to the challenge of being her coach

T: -oh no...ryo's going to be her biggest danger
K: -we better think of something for tomorrow's date...
All: -hmmm...(2x)

background: -kaori, under the circumstances we have to be on the same side
-you're right... but do you have any good ideas masa?
R: -snore...

background: -yeah. that's to stop his mokkori before his date...
R: -snore

K:-got it...

T: -won't he wake up?
K: -no, if there's no murderous intent, he won't wake up...
R: -snore

T: -sorry, ryo, it's just for one day

Background: -oh gyaaaaaaaah!!
-what is this thing!!?

K: -he fell down the stairs...

background: -k-kaori!!

R: -...kaori

K: -pff...
R: -where did the iron brief came from!? are you the one behind this!!
K: -pffff!!

K: -it fits you well, ryo
R: -what are you laughing about! what is this thing!!

K: -one look says it's a chastity belt!!

R: -outrageous!! i was in horrible pain when i woke up!! take this off me!!
-do woman have any idea about the pain!?
K: i can't help you, only masa knows the code

background: -masa used a female chastity-belt and modified it for male use
it's secured so you won't be able to mokkori your way out

K: -please have a mokkori-free normal date with her today!

R: -i'd...
-been had...
R: -that she-devil, kaori, me without mokkori
-furthermore, it hurts so bad that even walking looks weird

Y: Ryo-san!?
R: -y-yes!?

Y: -why are you walking so slowly?

R: -ah... at dates couples should walk slowly together...
SFX: -gatchak
Y: -...is that so...

Y: -i'm sorry. this is my first date after all, i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do...

R: -look around. just do what the other couples are doing
Y: -yes, i guess so

Y: -let's see, put this here...
-and do this...
R: -yes, that's right

Y: -and...this!

R: -oh...

R: -(this feels good)
-(she has a large bust...)

R: -uh...!!

background: -s...shit
-i forgot i had the belt of chastity on... hahaha...

Y: -ryo-san, are you feeling unwell?
R: -it's...it's nothing..let's just rest here for awhile

K: -idiot!! serves you right...
T: -i'm sorry ryo, please bear it
-only men know that kind of suffering
R: -sigh
Y: -oh my

R: -what's the matter, yuki-chan
Y: -that's strange, what's that?

Y: -the woman is wearing such few clothes!!
R: -ki...ki...
Y: -oh my

R: -y-yes?
Y: -ah...ryo look

background: -there's one too

Y: -wow, the streets filled with posters full of naked women!!
-Ryo-san, why is it like this?
R: -(is she doing it intentionally?)

Y: -that's strange.
R: -kaka...ka

Background: -ugh...we shouldn't have set our rendezvous here...
R: -haha..

Y: -ryo-san your face is all blue!!
R: -hahaha...i don't feel so good...

R: -i should feel better after going somewhere else, can you lead the way?
Y: -away from here...but where should we go...

background: -right! i should just imitate the couples then!

background: -that couple look so pleased after coming out of there...
-i think there must be something cheerful inside!

Y: -ryo-san, this way
-that place seems to make people happy
R: -i feel terrible

R: -...a place that makes people happy...

sign: -hotel opal

Y: -come, let's hurry

R: -the place that makes people happy...is this...

SFX: -gyaaaaaah!!

Y: -ryo-san!! ryo-san!!
T: -poor ryo-san...

R: -ha...
-we should...be fine...here

Y: -kyaah...ryo-san!!

Y: -yaah, ryo-san!
-this drinking fountain is broken!!

background: -a girl with such a delightful smile is a rare sight...
-having not yet learn right away the things of this world...

R: -because of your smiling face...
-i was able to control my mokkori

Y: -kyah!!

R: -oh!?

R: -ooohh!!
background: -keke(snicker)...the chastity belt...
-has finally broken down by the stress applied...

Y: -ehyaah, ryo-san!!

R: -yaha

Y: -you're sick all this time!?
R: -eh?

Y: -you held out until your crotch had swelled to this point!! quickly to the hospital!!
R: -no! no! this is not a disease, it's..uh..

K: -...unbelievable...
background: -fu

K: -alright...hahahaha...

background: -hihi

K: -see! no matter how strong that thing is...that's what
-happens if you broken through the iron chastity belt

R: -...how long are you going to continue laughing...
K: -s-sorry sorry...

K: -look

K: -ah.hahahaha!!
R: -if i got killed
K: -that's the lesson the love coach gets for teaching yuki weird things!!
-looks like your weapon's out...

R: -...aahh
background: -right? kukuku...

R: -i understand i must use a different approach in teaching yuki
K: -right, right...

K: -Ryo haven't you learned anything from your pain!?
R: -you guys were the one responsible for my suffering!! it doesn't mean i'd failed!!

K: -...i had enough!
R: -anyway, this time i'll start from the basics of love and slowly teach her!

R: -i know it's my responsibility!! to arouse the feelings of love in yuki and to have her get use to being with men!! so by the time she makes her way to society, she can find her way to love!!
R: -take a look at this
-in order for her to learn theory, i have prepared these texts on the steps of love

K: -what...science text! why didn't i heard of that, so you can learn love by reading books...

R: -...what's wrong? kaori

K: -that's the so-called steps to love!? imbecile!!
R: -i-it isn't?

K: -with love, you start by developing her feelings, before starting on the physical side of the relationship!! @men are all alike@
R: -is that so?

R: -is it...is that our situation now?
K: -...it would be better to find someone to teach him about love...
background: -...then how should i proceed?

Y: -Kaori-san, welcome!!

K: -everytime i see you, you're cheerful
-it's not so good... @i got alot of things on my mind@...
Y: -yes! Kaori-san your face seems troubled

Background: -that's right--it would be a pity if she doesn't know about love
-futhermore, this child is inlove with ryo. ryo is teaching her so it's fine...but...

K: -pf...

K: -ha(sigh)
Y: -ah..welcome!!

background: -(ryo!?)

background: -ryo saeba's love course, lesson 1!!
R: -fu...

background: -the man you are starting to like shows you a different aspect
thereby stimulating your feelings of love
R: -hey, yuki-chan
SFX: -sparkling

Y: -ah...

background: -looks like it's working
-her feelings were awaken...

R: -yuki-chan, you seem surprised, you can't even say anything, hehe...
-you didn't expected me to have this elegant side huh

Y: -..ah..i'm...

R: -what is it, yuki-chan...

Y: -i'm sorry mr, but who are you?
-have we met before?

K: -what are you saying? this is ryo, you know?
R: -right. that's right.
Y: -eh!?

Y: -ah. it is you!
-i'm not used to men's faces, change your hairstyle and i don't recognize you

R: -but i look cool, right? it makes your heart throb i bet
-w-what's with this girl...
Y: -uumm

Y: -it's strange somehow, because it's just not you
-you look more like ryo in your old clothes, with your hair tousled

R: -...i'll try something else...
-and i was confident at that too
Y: -ryo-san!?

Y: -what's wrong with him?
K: -i think he was trying to look nice for you

-i think he looks his best when he's being himself

K: -so the normal ryo makes your heart race?
Y: -makes my heart race?

K: -never mind...
Y: -as in a heart attack?

background: -yes...yuki-chan, ryo-san's here
K: -back again
background: -love course, lesson 2--jealousy strategem
-making your partner jealous, thereby causing her to realize her love for you
R: -hehe

Y: -ryo-san...

R: -sorry about bringing you here, akemi
Akemi: -it's alright, but remember to visit me at my store
-i'll give you this kind of special service

background: -that's what lovers do when they're on a date...
-that's strange...my heart's suddenly feeling really wierd--
Y: -grab...

background: -it looks like it's working. just a little more
R: -ha

background: -hey, what's this namby-pamby behavior?
R: -eh?

R: -wah, kaori!
K: -what are you thinking bringing a lady here!?

R: -you dummy! what are you doing getting jealous?
K: -who are you calling jealous?! stop kidding me!!

R: -all right, just get away from me! it's hard when i'm this close already...

K:-you don't even realize what you're saying you sex fiend!!
R: -wah!!
Y: -Ryo-san are you alright?
R: -i..i'm fine

background: -but, it's strange...
-why did my feelings return back to normal after ryo-san's hurt like this...?

background: -damn...that idiot Kaori
-did i failed again...

background: -Ryo, are you giving up?
-w-what are you saying! i'd already gone this far, how can i go back!?
R: -this time i'm confident!
-this is called the sick patient strategy!!

R: -what do you think. i look like i'm heavily injured right
-then, i'll go call yuki-chan and tell her my injuries have gotten worse

background: -that way, yuki-chan will come and visit me!!
-that time, the caretaker and the patient will begin to form an attraction to one another...

Y: -i feel the same way, ryo-san
R: -you're so gentle to me, i like you, yuki-chan

SFX: -smootch
R: -hey, it's a great plan right?

K: -you keep on thinking about schemes...are you really seriously thinking about that child?
R: -what's with that look?

R: -but of course!!
-i will serve as the stepping stone to yuki's future path to love!!
K:-(it's hard to convince him if he has such a serious attitude)

background: -yuki-chan, telephone
-yes, thanks

Y: -yes, i understand
-h-how's ryo-san doing?

Y: -the injuries have gotten worse!?

girl: -what's wrong, yuki-chan?
background: -the injuries have gotten worse!?...it's my fault!!
-after seeing ryo-san injured, my feelings have gotten better, this must be my punishment!!

Y: -ryo-san!!
background: -ah, yuki!?

background: -ryo-san i'm coming...
-i wonder if it's serious

Y: -ah, sorry
background: -hey!

thugs: -so you're just gonna bump and run away without greeting us
-hehe,you're cute...why don't you accompany us.

Y: -sorry, i'm in a hurry
thugs -as compensation, why don't we take a drive on the car!
Y: -please let me go! there's someone injured waiting for me!!
-if i don't hurry and see him, he will die!!

background: -she won't pay attention to it!!
-please let go!! ryo-san...ryo-san!!

R: -yuki will come quickly

K: -sigh. you think she will be that easily fooled...

background: -ryoo!!

K: -yuki's in trouble!!
R: -why are you so work up? @what someone encounter a sex fiend?@

background: -yuki!!
K: -ryo, hurry take the stairs
R: -will that be enough time!!

background: -ryo!?

K: -i-idiot, it's six stories up here!!

SFX: -fugii!!

Y: -i can't go drive with you while someone's injured! please let go of me
Thug: -you still won't give up huh
SFX: -uwah!!
-what happened!?

R: -ah...

Y: -ryo-san!!

background: -w-who are you? where did you fell down from!!
-even the roof's crashed!
R: -haha

R: -sorry! i'm here to see that child
-can you let her go?

Thug: -bastard! funny eh!!
Thug: -aahh...
R: -punching a plaster cast hurts you know

R: -i won't tell, let her go now...

Thug: -get him!!
-take care of that handicap!

R: -sigh, no choice then

R: -take this plaster kick

Y: -ryo-san!!
Thug: -wawah!!
-here it comes...

R: -gotcha ya
Thug: -paf

R: -you really came!!

K: -yuki, are you hurt!?
Y: -ah...i'm fine...
R: -aren't you worried about me?

Y: -but what about ryo-san's injuries...
R: - eh...my injuries? seems to be better after some exercise...

background: -ah...ah...ah...i'd failed again
R: -haha

R: -can't stand it...i thought i was going to succeed...

K: -what wrong, yuki-chan?
Y: -i..i'm feeling strange...
-i must been feeling ill

Y: -...after seeing ryo-san...i don't know why my heart started beating so fast...
-i can't even look ryo-san in the face

background: -alright...it would seem that ryo has really succeed in letting this child fall in love with him!!

K: -...but, i won't tell ryo that
-@our goal is already accomplish@
Y: -oh no, i must be feeling feverish...

R: -tch--must be impossible for me...

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