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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

City Hunter 33

Not even doctors or hot springs can cure

+ posted by kangxi as translation on Dec 14, 2008 16:49 | Go to City Hunter

-> RTS Page for City Hunter 33

City Hunter Vol 9

R: Ryo
K: Kaori
Y: Yuki
F: Father
M: Mother
T: Thug
T2: audience

Title: not even doctors or hot springs can cure

Y: -what's wrong with me? am i ill?
-my heart's pounding like a drum. can't someone calm it?

Y: -who can...help cure me!!

Y: -who is it?!

background: -who are you?
-have you come to help me with this pounding heart?

Y: -Ryo-san!?

Y: -ah...
-even in my dreams he's there...

F: -what's wrong!? what happened, yuki!?
Y: -...i'm okay... i had a bad dream, that's all...

F: -i-is that so? i thought...
Y: -father...

Y: -am... i ill?

F: -what?
Y: -i've never experienced this before...
my heart flutters, my face feels hot like a fever...

Y: -and it always happens when i'm thinking of ryo or with him!
-father!? what is this illness?
F: -yuki,
-you mean you are...

F: h-how can you be so foolish---
Y: -father!?

SFX: -gyaah!!
M: -my goodness, darling, why did you fall down on the stairs!?

background: -this is bad, she hasn't said a single word...
-she must still be mad at what happen yesterday...?

R: -say,

R: -eh..what's up? why don't you say anything...

SFX: -Kyaaaah
background: -t-this isn't good at all.
-she really hates me. i better keep my distance for a while...

background: -i must be ill after all, just a touch from ryo-san, and this happens...
-looks like it would be better not to see him at this time...

SFX: R: -hahaha
Y: -doki doki(heartbeat)

SFX: -Zawa...

SFX: -silence
T: -Yuki-chan...what's wrong with her?
-her cheerful smile is gone...

T: -like a lantern that has lost it's light
-i wonder...

background: -what happen?

background: -every time i see ryo-san my heart was fluttering so, but with ryo-san gone,
-my heart feels so tight in my chest and it makes me want to see ryo-san all the more!!

background: -but if i see ryo-san, my heart will...

K: -what's up? it's like you guys are keeping watch at a funeral
T: -ah, Kaori!!
T: -yuki, she seems a bit...
K: -eh?

background: -yuki

Y: -ah...kaori-san, welcome
K: -what's up? you don't look happy!?

K: -what's wrong?

Y: -kaori-san...can we talk!?

SFX: -approaching slowly...

R: -are you feeling better now?

K: -so...you want to know if you are ill
Y: -...yes

K: -hmm...

K: -(she must have fallen totally in love with ryo)
-(but, do i have to explain everything to her?)

background: -after telling her, this girl might say she wants to marry ryo...
-things will get pretty serious without any barriers to their love...what's the best way to handle this!?

K: -Ah!! this is the reason i'm against it!! why did Ryo have to go teach her about love!!
Y: -kaori-san?
K: -ah..haha,it's nothing!!

background: -but if i don't tell her, it would seem that i'm jealous of her, damn--

T2: -hear anything, bro?
T: -e-eh...i can't quite tell, but...

T: -but it sounds like yuki is sick and isn't feeling well or something...
-what's more she say's she got it from ryo!!

T2: -she's sick!?

T: -err...

R: -eh, what's that about me?
T: -wah!?

T: -ryo-san!!
R: -why are you running away from me like i'm a germ or something

R: -eh?
T: -ryo-san...i always believe you...
-that's why, i left yuki-chan in your care...but...

R: -ah? what are you talking about?
T: -stop pretending! it's you who took away our angel's smile!!

T: -just what in the heck did you give yuki-chan?!
-c-could you have done something weird to infected her !?
R: -wah?

background: -you better confess everything!!
-idiot!! what did i do!? wah...wah!!

background: -well everything will be up to her to decide!
K: -yuki-san...

Y: -y-yes!!
K: -i'm certain you are ill!!

background: -and it's an illness no medicine can cure

K: -the illness they say no doctor or hot spring can cure
you know, that illness!!
-do you understand!?

sign: -does not understand

K: -but, don't worry. because anybody can get it
sign: -nothing gets through

SFX: -hiiyaaa!!
K: -surprise!?

K: -w-what's with the noise?
T: -hurry say it! what did you infected her with!?
-so you're tough, eh!
R: -like i said earlier, i don't know!!

K: -wait!! w-what are you guys doing?
R: -ah--Kaori, help me

T: -this guy infected yuki with something weird
K: -eh?

K: -I-Idiots!!
-you got it wrong!! hurry and put Ryo down!!
T2: -eh!! she's in love!?

K: -you guys are so implusive---

T2: -then...that's...
-Ryo-san, we're really sorry!! please forgive us!

R: -s-so that's why, yuki, she's...
K: -(...all because i don't want this idiot to know...)

K: -ah, that's right...yuki

K: -just in time, ryo. yuki-san.

K: -yuki-san!?

T: -w-what's wrong?
K: -yuki has gone missing at the backdoor!

K: -t-this is bad! she ran off thinking she has some incurable disease...
-to have gone off like that...could she be contemplating...suicide or...

T: -s-suicide!?
K: -i'm just guessing, but if we don't hurry and tell her the truth, i'm afraid...!!

T: -got it! hurry everyone spreadout and search for her!!
T2: -yes sir!!
K: -ryo, you search too...

R: -i see--
-yuki's in love with me...hehehe

K: -stop that goofy smile there and go find her!!
R: -hee!!
background: -no cure---
-it seems not seeing ryo anymore keeps my illness from worsening...

background: -...i-i won't be able to see ryo anymore

Y: -it's no good!! i must forget him!
-if i can't get over those memories that choke me with emotion,
i'll never get better!!

Y: -...i won't be able to continue working anymore...
-after all that effort i put up to now...

R: -there's no need to give up, isn't it you'll be able to finish it with just some more time?

R: -i thought you'd be here!
-because this park is where we had our date...

Y: -no!!
-stay away, my illness...

R: -that's why i came. i came to heal you!!

Y: -it's no good! kaori said there is no cure

R: -as a matter of fact, there is one, just one it means looking at my face!!

Y: -i can't. just being with you makes my heart race...
-if i look at you, what more will happen to me...!?
R: -are you afraid?
-but this cure will take away your fears but if you don't look then it won't work...come...

R: -what i can do is just stand here...
-it's all up to you now! please be brave and look or would you prefer to stay like this forever?

R: -how do you feel?

Y: -my heart is still racing,

Y: -...i feel very relaxed...
-i feel something wonderful in my heart beat!!

R: -see? soon your heart will stop racing, and only good feelings will remain
if you continue looking at me, okay?

Y: -y-yes!!

Y: -but kaori said even doctors or a hot spring wouldn't cure it
R: -a sickness not even doctors or a hot spring can cure,
that's what love is,so people say, anyway...

R: -in other words, if a carp gets love sick, it won't get better, but a human will

Y: -that's strange!?
R: -hahaha, it seems so...

T: -yuki-chan's smile is cute, huh...
K: -eh...even though i'm a little mad, but that is the best way to get back her smile...

background: -smile that belongs to a face of an angel!!

M: -darling, what are you up to?
F: -shut up!!
-since things have gone this far, it would be best to marry off yuki to the guy!! hmph--

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#1. by njt ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2008
Thanks for the translation and welcome to the site! Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be glad to help ;) (send it via PM though :p)

I hope you enjoy the site :)

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