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City Hunter XYZ

+ posted by kangxi as translation on Feb 18, 2010 13:30 | Go to

Hojo Tsukasa's Short Stories

City hunter XYZ
background: -my name is saeba ryo

background: -i work as a sweeper, in short an assassin for hire

background: -in my line of work people call me [city hunter] a little
reputation i'd earned for myself
-thanks to the signs of the times, business is starting to pick up

background: -if you have a job for me, please go to shijuku station.
and write at the message board there...

background: -"xyz"
background: -my beautiful assistant(?) will then get in touch with you--

ryo: -oh...
sfx: -slip

background: -Outskirts of LA --King's Shooting Range

sfx: -thud!
background: -who!? left the bullets in the walkway!?

ryo: -...geez, this is below standard!
background: -colt python 357 magnum
-is critical in a close gun fight!

background: -because the damage is minimal from small caliber guns.
when faced with an opponent with greater firepower, those in this room
will already be dead!

background: -hmph....
-that old man from the gunshop, only knows how to drive up prices and
doesn't bother test firing his guns
ryo: -but, it's power and accuracy is uncomparable

mitsuko: -hold it!
background: -cock

ryo: -h-uh? what can i do for you?
mitsuko: -my face is filled with gunpowder smoke
-don't come near me, if you're gonna use that gun! please trade places.

ryo: -my apologies
-but i'll have to wait until my time's up to change the targets...

mitsuko: -ok, but until then, you don't get to practice!
ryo: -you alone?
-i'm here to relax, just finished a job
-i just come here to have fun. what about you?
-don't tell me you came here to practice?

background: -S&W 38 chief special
-i advice you to stop using that toy, the handling's not easy, also...

mitsuko: -would you shut up!

background: -for me it's light and easy to use
-then that empty target is yours?

background: -doesn't look like it...

ryo: -not with all these empty bullets...
-i told you to shut up, are you listening!
ryo: -at this place, pointing a gun on someone would get you kick out!

background: -jerk!

ryo: -hey, your gun
mitsuko: -it's worthless, keep it!

ryo: -thanks alot!
mitsuko: -shut up!

ryo: -what a fierce woman...
background: -my oh my, bull's eye

sign: -tokyo shinjuku station...

background: -poor guy...
-being back and working so soon---
background: -ryo!

kaori: -wake up! there's work to be done!

ryo: -work
kaori, help me cure my jet lag!
kaori: -right, wake up already!

kaori: -you force my hand!

ryo: -you're still not use to it?
kaori: -who'll get used to it!
background: -you better get serious
-it's a bodyguard job!
ryo: -what's the work? i'm not feeling good, this better pay good!

ryo: -body guard?
-my luck's that bad?
sfx: -scratch

ryo: -you know i'm an sweeper, this type of work...
kaori: -that work fits you perfectly
-look at you eat
-because she's a beauty

ryo: -what!
-you're joking! a beauty!?

ryo: -you should have told me earlier!
-i like nothing better than protecting beauties at bed

kaori: -this guy
-you should have your brain examined once
-@eye for hysterics!!
kaori: -the client is the only daughter of an american biologist researcher-
--Dr Shimizu
-and she's also the doctor's assistant, Shimizu Mitsuko

Ryo: -Dr. Shimizu, the one who committed suicide last month, is in-charge of
DNA research...
-what are you babbling about...
kaori: -There's hope for you yet! so that perverted mind does know something

kaori: -first thing is to meet up. i help you set up tomorrow's date at that
old place...
-ah...this is her pic
ryo: -what a bother this work turn out to be

kaori: -huh? the picture? where is it?
ryo: -hey hey

ryo: -what kind of an assistant are you? better quit while you're ahead

ryo: -better pick up the newspaper and start looking

ryo: -wah...don't cry, kaori...i'm just joking
kaori: -ah, idiot!
-i left it in my skirt pocket

background: -haha...
-i'm tired...

ryo: -wah---
-she's just my type!
note: -who is she...

background: -hi. lovebirds how are you!
dude: -ah, camera..

ryo! when did you arrive?
ryo: -3 days ago
girl: -what brought you here?
ryo: -a date

background: -did you hit the target?

mitsuko: -ah! it's you
ryo: -what a coincidence, when did you arrive?

mitsuko: -i'm waiting for someone
-can you please change your seat?
ryo: -oh my

ryo: -the same with me, can you guess who i'm waiting for?
mitsuko: -hey

ryo: -hey, let's go on a date!
mitsuko: -aren't you waiting for someone?
ryo: -i've decided! i'll wait for you instead!
sfx: -kochi...

mitsuko: -stop screwing with me!

ryo: -quite vicious of her...

ryo: -hey, listen to me...

mitsuko: -hmp hmp...
thug: -my my, you better stay quiet...
mitsuko: -hmp...

thug: -wah!

thug: -aah...

thug: -ugh
thug 2: -bastard, a busybody huh
ryo: -sorry sorry. i'm doing my aerobics

thug: -you can stop pretend...
thug 2: -wha...

ryo: -you guys must be gentle, if you want a date!

thug 3: -don't move!
-no matter where you come from, you dare to interfere...

ryo: -a world of pain is waiting for idiots like you
thug 3: -what!
ryo: -you should remember them if you're planning on being pro!
-even if you point a gun on someone, the odds can still be turned against you
thug 3: -uwah

thug 3: -argh

thug 3: -y-you remember this
ryo: -better remember what i taught you earlier
background: -looks like you're the one i'm waiting for
sfx: flick

ryo: -what did i tell you? miss mitsuko

mitsuko: -my father
-while working for T Pharmaceuticals he was researching a potent drug on

ryo: -potent drugs! those poor animals
mitsuko: -under our research, we finally succeeded in breeding bacteria
capable of stopping the reproductive abilities of animals.
ryo: -a new bacteria created from DNA?

mitsuko: -that's right...too bad cultivating this bacteria is our biggest

mitsuko: -because it is highly contagious. It affects not only animals, but even
humans as well.
ryo: -ah...

ryo: -what
-my willy!
mitsuko: -when news of the research got out, they got interested

ryo: -...of course, with that one can get rid of a country from inside...
-not just a country...but mankind as well
-the threat to earth really plenty

mitsuko: -...father refuse to cooperate with them, instead committed
mitsuko: -everything with the research was burn down, except...what's inside
my mind
ryo: -i see

ryo: -those people...wants the details inside your brain?
mitsuko: -i think so...the reason i trained with guns is for my own

ryo: -i have two questions!

ryo: -one, why didn't you told the police?
mitsuko: -police? if japan where to found out about this, who knows what move
they'll take!
ryo: -two
-why do you trust me? i could betray you, you know

mitsuko: -the truth is, i don't trust anyone!'s just before he died my father told me
-that there's this sweeper called [city hunter] in japan...
ryo: -calling akikage

ryo: -i don't do body guard work

mitsuko: -i know... i need an assassin

mitsuko: -in case i get capture before finishing the vaccine
-please kill me!!
ryo: -ok, i'll accept it
ryo: -you lived in such a high class hotel?
-and brought all this equipment inside!
background: - it's used for researching the vaccine

ryo: -okay
-the room's not bad

ryo: -this way there's no problem living together
mitsuko: -huh?

ryo: -what's that expression
-i'm coming to live with you
mitsuko: -you!
-you're joking!
-living together!
-me and you?

ryo: -don't forget i'm your bodyguard! this is essential to my work
-you can relax

ryo: -you don't need to take care of me
-concentrate researching the vaccine
-why isn't it night yet
-hurry up and change

background: -shameless!

mitsuko: -do as you wish
ryo: -understood
ryo: -it's a 5 star hotel alright, you can even watch a free show while
having dinner

mitsuko: -geez, nice move
ryo: -huh? you said something?
mitsuko: -nothing

ryo: -ah?
mitsuko: -i said nothing

clerk: -excuse me, mr saeba?
-there's someone looking for you

ryo: -huh?

ryo: -wait for me here will ya!

ryo: -kaori
kaori: -hi!

kaori: -i brought that thing you need
ryo: -thanks
background: -i have made reservations here and also prepared the magnum rifle

kaori: -what is it? ryo?

kaori: -ryo!

mitsuko: -wha-what?
ryo: -ah...i thought
ryo: -i heard a gun being cocked in this location
mitsuko: -eh!?

mitsuko: -how...
-how did you heard it in such a loud place?

mitsuko: -i...

background: -scare me half to death!

mitsuko: -who told you to leave me alone, i could have been targeted

-carrying a handgun was just a precaution!
-do you really have a conscience?
ryo: -i got it, i got it!
mitsuko: -but, really
-thanks for been vigilant...

ryo: -...nothing to it, i shouldn't have left you alone...

Mitsuko: -huh? where are you sleeping?
-there's only one bed!

Ryo: -that's good!
-one bed for both of us then

mitsuko: -geez! i'm a respectable lady
Ryo: -haha...sleepee sleepee. do the ET walk

Ryo: -be careful you might catch a cold
-come here, mitsuko
mitsuko: -since you're that kind of person, no thanks!
ryo: -i won't do anything

mitsuko: -who'll believe you

ryo: -ah, i got it, you're a virgin

sfx: -ton...

background: -.30-.338 rifle bullet,it's magazine houses 8.5 x 7.62mm
-it's no ordinary bullet
ryo: -incase you have been captured, then i will get to employ it

ryo: -at that time please stand near a window...
-then i will be able to snipe at you for at least a kilometer

background: -you won't be hearing any gunshots

background: -because at that moment

background: -it has already...
-exited your skull...

mitsuko: -if possible, i don't want to use it!
ryo: -believe me...
-i will protect you. but you must learn to trust first, before
i can put my all

mitsuko: -you promise not to do any funny?

ryo: -work is work!

background: -kyaaah

mitsuko: -idiot! idiot! idiot!
-you didn't even wear your underwear...

mitsuko: -where's your good faith
-idiot! savage! molester! pretending to be amenable!

ryo: -i've always slept like this...

ryo: -so you have never seen it!

mitsuko: -cut the crap and dress up!
ryo: -yes...

background: -hold it don't you come near me!
-r-remove your hand
ryo: -hmm

background: -who is it--
-your breakfast sir

ryo: -ah...i see!

ryo: -yawn

background: -just leave it there

ryo: -huh?
mitsuko: -ryo!

background: -stupid, there's a shadow behind the door

boss: -to think you're in this business...

background: -hmph
-you right...
kaori: -ryo...ryo!

kaori: -ryo!
ryo: -that's .44 caliber for you...even with my bulletproof vest, it still
managed to broke my ribs...

ryo: -mitsuko's been kidnapped, i got to catch them!
kaori: -catch them? how...

ryo: -there's a tracking device on her hairpin
-better hurry!

background: -huh?
-what's that sound?

mitsuko: -huh?
mitusko: -ah!
boss: -finally you're awake...

background: -look outside and you'll understand!

background: -a ship!?
-heading to america

boss: -we have lot's of time now,
-to listen to your explanation
background: -it's that ship...

kaori: -what are you doing here? aren't you gonna rescue her?
ryo: -my opponent is a pro, i can't handle him at my present condition

ryo: -getting to them will be disadvantageous!
-because i have no strength left in my whole body!

kaori: -ryo, don't tell me you're planning on...
ryo: -this is our agreement!

kaori: -no, i don't believe you're gonna do it
-you're such a womanizer...
ryo: -i must...
-complete my work!

background: -the distance here to the ship is about a kilometer...
-i promise to end her life, before any gunshot is heard

background: -tell me everything you know now!
boss: -your choice, i do have ways to make you talk
mitsuko: -in your dreams!

background: -amobarbital. a barbiturate derivative, this white crystalline

background: -when the time comes, stand near a window--
-you wouldn't be able to hear the gunshot--

mitsuko: -do what you have to! so i can bear to leave japan...
boss: -hmph! you understand at last, ok...
background: -if you can take aim, then please do so...

background: -i was very happy even if we have known each other for
such a short time...
-it will be comforting to die in your hands

background: -do it---

ryo: -she's smiling...she must be determined to die
kaori: -ryo!
nothing to translate

background: -gun shot?

background: -targeting from such a small opening...
ryo: -i miss my shot all because of you
-what you doing with that hammer?
kaori: -huh?

ryo: -mitsuko
mitsuko: -ryo!

mitsuko: -catch me!
ryo: -w-what?
sfx: -wha

ryo: -my! look at how reckless you are!
mitsuko: -ryo!

mitsuko: -how about i stop researching the vaccine?
ryo: -huh..?

ryo: -then...wouldn't i have to guard you for life?

background: -you're unwilling?
-well...the cost will be high...

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