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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

City Hunter 34

First Love

+ posted by kangxi as translation on Dec 30, 2008 14:01 | Go to City Hunter

-> RTS Page for City Hunter 34

R: -Ryo Saeba
K: -Kaori Makimura
Y: -Yuki Minagawa
T: -Thug
T2: -Thugs
F: -father of Yuki
M: -mother of Yuki

Title -First Love

Background: -ah! tomorrow's yuki-chan's last day on the job
-a month passed by so quickly...this place will soon lose it's cheerfulness

Y: -please don't say that! everyone please patronize our store
Manager: -you're joking
T: -idiot!! saying that won't change anything!
T2: -hey, can't you extend your work?

T2: -but, how do you plan to use your earnings?
-it must be clothes or some other stuff, right?
Y: -well...maybe

Y: -no...i...

Y: -i want to give a special present
-to the man most important to me!!

K: -most important

T: -man!?

Y: -smile

background: -a-are you saying--
-the most important man is...!!

R: -eh?

T: -ha...we have guess it earlier
T2: -it's him alright

T2: -you lucky guy
-you you!!
-you shameless seducer!
R: -eh yeah

T2: -what's that noise?
-i-is it

SFX: -heh!?

R: expected...
F: -yu..

Y: -F-Father!!

F: expected you started working for this man...

F: -you!
Y: -father!!

background: -it's always the same gag...

T2: -what a noisy old geezer!
T: -how is it possible yuki-chan's born from him?
Y: -i'm sorry...

R: -the most important man huh...tomorrow should be interesting!

background: -then, your job is finish...right!? ryo
R: -eh--aah..
K: -what? that answer lacks conviction

K: -you've served as a stepping stone to her next experience in love
-and as of tomorrow, your duty is complete!!

R: -not quite. i have yet to apply the finishing touch...
K: -what!? you have already done more than enough!!

R: -no...i have yet to teach her about the next step in love...

K: -next step?

R: -that would be carnal love!
R: -mokkori
K: -is there a need for it!? are you really thinking about yuki's sake!?
R: -ah...ha...about that

R: -i seem to have fallen in love with that girl

K: -do what you want!! it's non of my business!!

K: -h-he's mocking me!!
-saying he's fallen in love for her!he must have planned it from the start!

K: -after yuki-chan's important man confession, he'll get more conceited!!

R: -my oh my
Y: -eh!? father, you're coming to the--

Y: -but why all the sudden?
F: -ah...i'll be coming after you finished your job
-why are you asking that...

F: -i have something to say concerning you and saeba! you understand?!
Y: -ah...

F: -sleep earlier, tomorrow we have to leave early
Y: -yes, then goodnight

F: -grr...

M: -darling, are you serious?
-you're going to make them get engaged?

F: -do i have a choice!? it's for her happiness!
-not another word from you. you're coming tomorrow!!
M: -but...

F: -yuki said he was important to her... she worked to save money for him.
-that's how much she loves him. how can i drive them apart?

F: -why does she have to choose that good-for-nothing. huhuhu
-how pitiful, what have i done to deserve this...

Y: -so tomorrow's the end...
-many things have happen, but i was happy...

All: -yuki-chan, thanks for your hard work!
-don't forget get us!
K: -it's starting
girl: -hey, hey master
Master: -it's finally over...

Y: -thank you, everyone, for doing this farewell party for me.

Y: -at first i was planning on buying gifts for everyone as a token of my appreciation, but my salary is lacking
T: -there's no need! knowing your intentions is good enough!

sign: are they really yakuza?
T2: -why didn't you increase her salary!
Manager: -hii---

T: -so that's the present?
Y: -yes
T2: -damn, how lucky...

T: -that lucky man sure is late

Y: -ah..he's here!!
-eh!? really!?
-okay! everyone get ready!
T: -hey! come here
T2: -yahoo
-you lucky man!

T: -ah...

T: -it's that old guy from the ceiling!
-yuki-chan's present is not for you

F: -i..i seem to have arrived early...
-...i'll come again later

background: -father

Y: really came, didn't you?
F: -..ah..

Y: -here, father, for you
F: -huh!?

Y: -it's a birthday present from me!

T: -ah!?

F: -bir..

F: -birthday?
-no, that's not it
Y: -my goodness, did you forget your own birthday?

F: -you mean, you got this job
-to buy a present for me?

Y: -of course! i got this job for that reason
-sorry for not telling you, but if i had, you would have stopped me
F: -then...then...why didn't you tell me! i would have...

Y: -after all i'm eighteen, i wanted to buy my father a present
-with money i earned myself

Y: -here...father

F: -uu..

F: -uwaaah

F: -yuki
-n-now i see, i see

Y: -...father!!
M: -darling...

F: -do you think...
-i did a bad job of raising yuki?

M: -no, not at all... it's just you're a little extreme in how you express your love

F: -you still think of them as children
-when before you know it they've become adults...

Y: -ryo's really late. why is that?

T: -have you heard anything, kaori?

-i'm sorry. it's really hard to tell you this

K: -actually last night, ryo had to leave japan on sudden business
T: -eh!?

K: -he said he'll be gone for a year or two...
-he couldn't make it by to see you, but he said to wish you good luck...

Y: -is...
-that so?

T: -sigh...she's gone...

F: -it's too bad, yuki...
-come on, a year or two will pass quickly...

F: -yu..yuki...

F: -you...

Y: -...what's happened to me?
-when i think about not seeing ryo anymore i start feeling...

M: -because this was your first love...

Y:-first love...?

background: -ryo-san...

K: -...i did what you asked me to
-but, is this that alright? didn't you feel relunctant to part, ryo!!
-it was best to part without meeting

R: -this will be my last lesson to her
-she'll realize next time she falls in love

R: -this was her first love...
-and i'll remain in her heart as a memory of...that would be enough

R: -eh?

R: -what are you doing?!
K: -haha... your face is so serious that i wonder, if you're full of mokkori regret...
K: -...there's no reaction...

R: -hey! i can be serious too sometimes!

K: -really? not because something's wrong with your body, that you can't mokkori?

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#1. by dk08 (Registered User)
Posted on May 9, 2009
Damn big thx i love the manga city hunter and the anime

big thx i hope that you are still tranlating this grate manga ^^

greetz from germany

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