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    Zoro's Entrance - Ch.599

    For the first tests Zorro is really succeeded. But the lines are really not that good. Take the manga or a better tutorial for lines then the pic looks even better.
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    Robin is back [598]

    I wanted to color a whole page again. I chose the side with Robin. I hope you enjoy it. color and lines by me
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    Law and Bepo

    Bepo... so cute. so I had it colored. hope you like it
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    Impending Doom of E.N.

    nice color composition. looks mystic and minatory. red coat is better, underlines the situation. realy nice :)
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    596 Cover colored [linework D/L included]

    Yeah, nice artwork
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    Eustass Captain Kid

    actually i would color the page total, but it was time-consuming and i don't really fancy doing that. I hope so you like it anyway
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    bartolomew kuma

    Pi-pi... help!! he attacks. His eyes blaze. xD a funny picture :)
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    Rayleigh and Crocus

    thx for your feedback :) @Mugiwara_no_Jack Na ich hoffe doch wohl auch das du bald wieder zeit findest er OP-Bereich ist ja bald wie ausgestorben xD @goldb sorry but It doesn't grab me. but the summer is long and i will see what the future is going to bring :) @Crepusculum yea. soda is...
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    Hrn88 deviantart

    Naruto is off-topic, and your pictures are to big and to much. so I lose track of your works. >.< I think that is one of the reasons way never writes comments :( I like picture 1, 9 and 16. Your color selection is good but a bit to dark.
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    Minato [Chapter 502]

    thx for feedback BAN_KAI :)
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    Minato [Chapter 502]

    one of pictures out of Naruto Chapter 502. I needed change ^^ hope you like it :)
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    Rayleigh and Crocus

    It is time again to colour a picture. Hope you like it.
  13. Dadan


    My version of Dadan without this two mans in background.
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    Dadan Chapter 582

    My version of Dadan without this two mans in background. Hope you like it.
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    Shanks Crew

    Really nice. Colourful. Waht i ever like about your jobs. I think the green smocke is realy mystic but a bit unclean. I love your shading. Especially from Shanks shorts :) Keep it up!