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    Miscellaneous Question: do i need to buy RAW Manga if ever i will scanlate?

    ahmm... how about the ?? does this site doesn't allow anyone to use their chinese Edited Manga to use into another Edited Manga(different language), eventhough the Edited Manga group will give credits to them? ahm.. i can't read their site:( because i can't understand...
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    Typesetting Typesetting [Help]

    wow! that is a really nice Tutorials :) Thank you Sir/ Maam for sharing your knowledge about Typesetting.. it is really a Help for me , as a beginner. I will always keep that into my mind :) Thank you again & God bless
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    Typesetting Typesetting [Help]

    I am beginner i just don't know how to make a texts to be like these? can anyone teach me how? i am using photoshop... please.. somebody please.. teach me how.. to make those text into black while having a white background...
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    Typesetting Font Identification and Recommendations

    Re: I'm looking for a font for the typesetting uhmm.. but, the file has been deleted ?? where can i download that font style?
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    Discussion Photoshop - Questions and Discussion

    where can i find the Cloning icon? i am new here.... and not familiar with the icons of the adobe photoshop, where can i find the cloning tools? i need it in order to edit the phrases outside the text bubbles which is near the character drawing like this one i want to edit the above...
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    Shoujo Gakuen Alice by Higuchi Tachibana

    Re: Gakuen Alice Downloads uhmm.. how about Japanese RAWs of Gakuen Alice? where can we find it?
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    Miscellaneous Question: do i need to buy RAW Manga if ever i will scanlate?

    hi! i am just new here.. i am planning also to scanlate a certain manga ^^ i just have these few questions in my mind and makes me worried.. 1. do i need to buy the RAW manga in order to scanlate? 2. i just get these RAW manga online from a site, will they accused me from stealing it? or i...
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    The Choco_Vanilla Thread!!

    so.. *reading the older post of this thread* this is choco_vanilla-sama's get to know her thread eh? so far i just thi few questions in my mind... 1. is my understanding correct? that you're a mother? because i thought your single ^^ but then i am glad. how did you manage your time? don't...