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    Chapter 368 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 368 Predictions [Naruto] here's how i want it to turn out: I want to see the progress in naruto and co's search for itachi, perhaps catching up with team hebi outside that shrine - hiding place, w/e. And i'm keen to see the battle between jiriaya and PAIN. Would love to see how'd jiriaya...
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    Chapter Volume 33 (Chapters 287-296) Discussion

    Re: Berserk 288 Discussion Wrong. Back then there were no cannons, if there was, then the battle of thermopylae wouldn't be as famous as it is now... My assumption is that the time is around 200-400 years ago. I can't be sure though, cause they seem to have cannons but not single-shot...
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    Chapter 366 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 366 Predictions [Naruto] This whole "where the hell is Sai?" issue is quite interesting, so i got the facts straight. Sai was in the group and he got 2 of the dogs with him. He appearned in chap. 363 along with others and noticed the "D-bomb" explosion but he didn't joined the rest of the...
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    Chapter Volume 33 (Chapters 287-296) Discussion

    Re: Berserk 288 Discussion Lol, I think Mura is a fan of the POTC series, the pirate lord looks quite like jack sparrows father in the third instalment. Anyhow - I don't know, i think i'm losing patience with Mura but it's like a dilemma, I want to know the ending, how things will get sorted...
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    Chapter 363 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 363 Predictions [Naruto] Actually that observation is dead on. So i completely agree with all of that, but i don't see how that may elevate the chance of Tobi rescuing Sasuke using MS, from none to slim. Anyway, i know it was a joke, lol. Btw, the latest spoiler is most likely fake. Because...
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    Chapter 363 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 363 Predictions [Naruto] Tobi saves Sasuke? I read some crazy stuff like Suigetsu saving Sasuke or Zetsu eating Deidara, but i gotta admit, Tobi saving Sasuke using MS should definitely be nominated for whackiest idea of all time Oscars.
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    Movie Naruto Shippūden: The Movie - SUB OUT!

    Re: Naruto: Shippūden the Movie Naruto Movie Franchise: Movie one: simply awesome Movie 2: mediocre at best Movie 3: HORRIBLE(I want that 15 minutes that i forced myself to watch it back!) Movie 4: Here's the good thing about this one, I know i'm gonna like it cause my expectations...
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    Chapter 363 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 363 Predictions [Naruto] Clearly you didn't read my post right, I said Kakashi might of transported him into another dimention using MS seconds PRIOR to the explosion. So yes, the explosion does take place, but not where Sasuke, Tobi and the rest of them are, somewhere far away...
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    Chapter Volume 33 (Chapters 287-296) Discussion

    Re: Berserk 287 Discussion Bah... I didn't like it, I didn't like the past chapters actually. And Guts looked pathetic, i mean real bad... What was up with his face and whole buddy? Was that because he was electrified? Because that's not what you'd look like when you're electrified. I quess...
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    Chapter 363 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 363 Predictions [Naruto] I predict a fitting end to Deidara, as he deserves. The thing is though that i just don't know how Kishimoto is going to pull this one off, with Sasuke surviving the blast. If the blast radius was 1km then it'd be pausible - still not probable - but with a blast...
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    Discussion Naruto Popularity Poll # 7 Results Discussion!

    Re: Naruto Popularity Poll # 7 Predictions! 1.Hidan 2.Sasuke 3.Shikamaru 4.Deidara 5.Naruto 6.Kakashi 7.Asuma 8.Kakuzu 9.Orochimaru 10.Itachi 11.Tobi