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ancient weapon

  1. Hannibal Psyche

    Discussion Pandora's Box: One Piece

    Introduction Roger, besides being Pirate King, was well known for the wealth he had accumulated. Prior to his death, he's questioned as to the whereabouts of his wealth⁽¹⁾ where he proceeds to gives a rather cryptic response, and it is this wealth that he accumulated that is the One Piece...
  2. Australopithecus

    Theory The National Treasure Is the Ancient Weapon Uranus

    While Doflamingo was leaving Mock Town, he said that the ‘New Age’ is coming. The ‘new age’ was stressed in the Japanese text. He further added that only the worthy pirates are allowed to ‘exist’ in the ‘New Age’ after its 'wave' completely sweeps away the worthless pirates. Only an...
  3. Discussion Ancient Weapons Predictions and Theories

    Now that two of the three ancient weapons have been named, does anyone have any predictions on how they will be used, by who, when, and why? Does anyone have any predictions about the Uranus, the last of the weapons? I mentioned in the chapter 650 thread but my theory is that the three weapons...