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  1. McNuss

    Theory Kenpachi a perfect Vasto Lorde Arrancar?

    This theory assumes that Yachiru really is Kenpachi's Zanpakuto spirit. If she is, this would link Kenpachi to Coyote Starrk. Stark split into two beings through natural Shinigamification. We also know that all Arrancar were deemed imperfect. My theory is that Kenpachi used to be a Vasto Lorde...
  2. Lee.J.Baxter

    Theory Nimaiya's Basis for Asauchi & Zanpakutou Manifestation

    Recently it's been stated that Nimaiya invented the Asauchi, which is used by Shinigami to manifest their Zanpakutou. So the question is, how exactly did Nimiaya come up with its construction? I'll also explain my theory on how this relates to Hollow Zanpakutou! The first thing I'll look at...
  3. Lee.J.Baxter

    Theory Theory of Bleach - Origin of the Species

    Hi folks, I've started this thread to go into detail about the theory that I have about the variety of "species" that we've seen in Bleach. This is by no means completely accurate or supported by evidence. The Original Soul Lifecycle - Humans and Pluses The original soul life cycle...
  4. thornofcarrion

    [FEATURED] Vandenreich - Mega Convo Thread

    Most probably, we are going to see a lot about members of Vandenreich in days to come. A mysterious faction appearing out of nowhere, seemingly has very powerful members. All the general discussion related to Vandenreich can be directed here. I have several questions regarding...