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  1. Vandred

    Art Ishida's Poems

    As some of you may know, Sui Ishida posts quite a lot of his own original artworks on his Twitter account sotonami or his Tumblr page sui-zakki. To some of these, as well as inside the manga's volumes, he sometimes associates a poem written by himself relating to the characters depicted. With...
  2. Spirit

    Art Tokyo Ghoul Fanart Gallery

    Tokyo Ghoul, like any other series, spawns a whole tonne of fanart made by some amazing people. I've made this thread so that people can post their personal favourite pieces from around the wide web :gent My favourite character is Juuzou Suzuya, so here's some of my favourite artworks of him...
  3. Battou

    Magic the gathering artwork

    I've played Magic the gathering over the years, and encounter beautiful artwork in the process, i though i could share some of it to those that like this kind of images ^_^.
  4. Spirit

    Art Tokyo Ghoul :RESOUND Discussion

    So I was hunting on Tumblr when I found this fantastic orginal short story/manga by an independent artist. It's Kishou Arima's story told from his perspective and it's emotional and heart breaking at the same time. You can read the full release here, but here's a preview :)...
  5. Josef

    Art The Art of Tokyo Ghoul

    Discuss Tokyo Ghouls art and artistic aspects.