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  1. Discussion What was the system like before Asauchi were created?

    In particular I'm wondering what SS did with hollows. Did they rely on Quincy since the Asauchi weren't around? Did they just destroy them? And how did the Soul King perform his duties, without the Shinigami's Asauchi to rely on? Since the shinigami acted as balancers and keep the worlds in...
  2. Lee.J.Baxter

    Theory Nimaiya's Basis for Asauchi & Zanpakutou Manifestation

    Recently it's been stated that Nimaiya invented the Asauchi, which is used by Shinigami to manifest their Zanpakutou. So the question is, how exactly did Nimiaya come up with its construction? I'll also explain my theory on how this relates to Hollow Zanpakutou! The first thing I'll look at...
  3. Zeta42

    Why does Ichigo need an Asauchi-based zanpakuto?

    Of course, storywise it's a means of repairing his bankai, or at least giving it a more or less adequate shape, akin to how Mayuri "modified" his own broken bankai. There's also been a lot of exposition. We've learnt where zanpakuto come from (and even an answer to how Kenpachi got one), and...