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  1. Sky

    Anime Awards 2017: The Winners

    Ladies and gentleman! The Anime Awards 2017 have concluded! You can check out the winners here. This event would not have been possible without you, our dear users. So to enhance the fun with events like this, we want your opinion. This year we chose to change the modus operandi of the...
  2. MangaHelpers

    Fairy Tail Awards 2016 - Coming soon

    Ever wonder which Fairy Tail character is the most popular? Who has the best magical powers? Which fights were the most epic? This upcoming contest will be your opportunity to determine the true MVPs of Fairy Tail! The event will begin on the 16th of September, 2016. We hope to see you all in...
  3. MangaHelpers

    Manga Awards 2015- Results

    Ladies and Gentlemen, The 2015 Manga Awards have been concluded and the results are out! Fairy Tail and Tokyo Ghoul were the biggest winners, with both combining to take half of the categories with 5 winners each. Magi came right behind with winners in 4 categories. Check out the full...
  4. MangaHelpers

    Manga Awards 2015 - Final Voting Round

    The final round of the Manga Awards starts today and will end next Tuesday. We hope that all of you will vote to decide the winner. ~ MangaHelpers Staff Continue reading...
  5. MangaHelpers

    Manga Award 2015 Voting is Now On!!!

    Hi Everyone, Thank you for your active nomination for the past 2 weeks. We are delighted to commence the First Voting Round for Manga Award 2015 starting today! Vote your favourites like best manga/manhua/manhwa, best mangaka, best male and female characters, best couples, best villain and...